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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Cupcake cute

    • 3. French fries cute

    • 4. Ice cream cute

    • 5. Hamburger cute

    • 6. Bread cute

    • 7. Tea cute

    • 8. Milkshake cute

    • 9. Popsicle cute

    • 10. Egg cute

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About This Class

Want to Draw Cute Chibi Food?

In this course, you will learn How to Draw Cute Cartoon Food. If you are a beginner, this is perfect for you.

You will have the lessons shown to you step by step. You see these adorable drawings online and would love to have the ability to draw chibi things anytime for friends or family. Having the ability to draw these cute characters from your mind is amazing.

This is for a beginner level artist of any age that wants to memorize how to draw these creations. You can be drawing these characters in less than 30 minutes. You will carry this skill for the rest of your life.

You will Learn:

- Learn to Draw a CUTE Cupcake

- Drawing CUTE French Fries

- Drawing CUTE Ice Cream

- Learn to Draw CUTE Burgers

- CUTE Bread

- CUTE Tea Cup

- Drawing a CUTE Milk Shake

- Drawing a Cute Popsicle

- Cute Eggs

This course will baby step you through the process from the very beginning to the end. This WILL be quick and easy to learn, even if you have not drawn before.

At the End of this course, you will be able to draw at least 8 common foods from your imagination. There's no prerequisite to this, you can start, even if you have never drawn in your life.  This is a fast simple lesson that can have you drawing cute chibi food immediately.

This is step-by-step and easy to learn!

You can be drawing these in 5 minutes!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Enrique Plazola

Learn to Draw the Easy Way


I help beginner artists learn to draw as fast as they can. So you can draw that family portrait, or draw any character from your mind. 

I've worked as a fine artist, professional illustrator for book covers, worked at a movie studio as a stereo artist, as a caricature artist at theme parks, and more. I've been in literally hundreds of art shows. 

I've been teaching art for 6 years and I love it. I started to draw at 19. I felt it was a late age. It took me 2 years of training in drawing to start working and making a living from art. I want to teach YOU!





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1. Intro: Hey, how's it going? And this video course, you're going to learn how to draw QX, QY, food. Every lesson is going to be simple. It's going to be direct, and it can be for beginners. If you're a beginner and you never drawn anything in your life, you will be able to do this. This is extremely easy. The other thing is, it's going to be done step by step. So every lesson, I am going to take you all the way through it slowly. Each lesson is relatively short and you're going to have a great result at the end. All right, let's get started on your new skill. 2. Cupcake cute: All righty. Now we're going to draw a cute cupcake, acute cupcake. So first thing to do with an angle out, downward. Angle this way is where the actual cup part of the cupcake. And we're going to draw a zigzag lines, curves here. And we're gonna draw zeros here. So I get 0 on this side and 0 on this side. And for the eyes, crop out the top here and fill down below straight line and curve here for a little smiley. Let's do the top of the cupcake O'Hare suddenly curve, align here. For one bump, another bump, another bump. That edge. Pr or hair. Pulling down. And pulling down again. Line over here, y over a here, kinda connecting that. So it's kind of showing that the swirl of it. Why over here. And I'm going to draw a little squares here. Like if sprinkles. And there we go. I'm going to go over here to the mouth and I'm going to fill in the backside of the mouth there. Circle here for one sheet, the circle for the other. And what I'm gonna do is gonna draw lines down here. So lines down because there is kinda those lines on the cupcake paper. But I'm going to not connect them all the way through. Bees might connect them all the way through. They're going to overwhelm it. So it's gonna be more like that. And then I throw a thicker line on some of the outside edge here. Thinker are in here. Like so. And that's it. And that's a cute cupcake. Very, very direct, very simple. So let's keep moving on with acute foods. I hope you're having a good time. And like I said, you can dedicate these to memory very easily because they're very short, less than e to rewatch it, rewatch the lesson, and it'll help you out. Let's keep moving onto the next food. 3. French fries cute: Okay, Let's go on here and draw some cute french fries. Or draw the box and then the french fries sticking out of that. Okay, So first going to draw a line over here. Small line like a dash. Curve underneath, out, down here. Then here. Dangling on each side. Curve along here, curve along here, and then draw straight across the bottom there. Alright, so we're also going to duplicate this line but lighter. So line right there, curved line right there. See that? That's a design right there. Just begun. Very simplistic design. Let's go over here to the fries. Lined up, out, down, up, down, down. I'm going to keep doing that. It's like I'm adding this rectangle's almost randomly one behind the other. And until it kinda fills up being kinda keep going with that. You can draw as many as you want. But think of them like strips of paper stuck in there. Again, I'm going to go over here and draw a almost like a 0 shape over here, almost like a 0 shape. Cropping out that top here for the highlight. And then I'm going to fill in the bottom to really make it look like that highlight line over here, across one down here. Curved line here. For the kinda of a smile like that. You can see the tongue in there. And I draw a circle right here for the cheek, circle here for the cheek. And that is it. That is some cute french fries, very, very simplistic version of that. You can always draw a little bit more on the design if you wanted, you could draw a little more like see you draw this up here. As far as the design on the box goes, anything goes. But just remember those rectangles, they're just a bunch of those rectangles which equals essentially fries. That's it. Well, let's move on to the next food. Okay. So we can get as many of these we can done. 4. Ice cream cute: Hey, as a gun. All right, hello, Let's start up on the cube of ice cream. Okay? So first I'm going to do is pull across here, and that's going to become the ice cream cone part of the ice-cream curve here, curve here, then here, then her around here. So after we have that part of that kind of top part of the ice cream cone, we're going to pull down into the kind of I don't know what you call it there. The lower portion of a it's kind of like a step-down curve around here. And I'm going to pull a line from here over to here. And the reason I'm doing that, because it's going to have like this little layer there. Okay, so now the code itself, it's gonna be, it's gonna have a texture to it. So I'm going to pull lines across over here collagen net almost get that kind of textured pattern. They're known for. Going to pull up over here for the ice cream portion. Now it's more like maybe yogurt. And then we're gonna pull up right here at the top. Actual cone part. All right. Go and over here, I'm going to draw a circle for one eye over here, kind of like a, like an O shape over here as well. It's a little bit, it's like a long oh, it's kind of like like a 0 shaped curve line here at the top curved line here for the highlight. And I'm going to fill that in. The bottom part, only. Filling that in. Alright. We're gonna go over here, draw a straight line across the center area and alive underneath. So now we have kind of smiling there. And that's smiling. I'm going to put the tongue there and you're gonna see, you know, darken the top so it's going to have that little mouth there. All right? And if you really want, you can draw the circle with this marker for the cute little cheeks. And that's it. And acute ice cream. Well, actually we could do is you can draw a thinner line right here across to show that there's, there's two different flavors in there. And that's the whole thing. That is the ice cream cone. Alright, really good, right, let's move on to the next one. 5. Hamburger cute: Okay, Let's start out by doing the V hamburger, the cute hamburger. All right, like I said, simple, step-by-step, very, very simple. So first thing is there's an arc at the top. Arc for that top, that hamburger curve line, the air. We're going to round it out, right, because it's got that curve over here, on the side, over here on the side. Straight across a line over here, which is the cheese out. And so that basically that triangle represents the cheese, you know, circle here and circle here. So we're gonna make it like, like the pickles inside the hamburger. And right here we're going to put similar shape, but put it down here. I'm just a little bit behind. Like so. Here, line here for the bottom bun, the bottom bonds going to have almost the exact same, look as the, that kind of burger there. But what you can do is you put little dots here to have texture on the hamburger patty to see you can kind of tell the difference. Feel like I'm making a crabby paddy. But right there. So there'll be a separation of that. Let's go over here, make the 0 shape right here for one i 0 shape for the other eye. Curve, curve. Let's fill that in. Fill that in. We draw straight line in the middle and under right there. So it looks like the letter D on its side and collect facing down. That's the way I think about it. And I'm going to draw a little bit right here, just a little bit thicker on that top line right there to show that the mouth is open. And we're gonna do little circles here for the cute little rosy cheeks. And that bond. And that is a cute hamburger. There I go. Simple as that. Awesome, awesome. Let's move on to the next drawing. Okay, so let's push. 6. Bread cute: All righty, So let's go in here and draw a cute bread. Loaf of bread is real easy. So I'll give you a lot of simple shapes as well. So first I'm gonna do is we start with a curve over here on the left side. It's going to move out over here. It's gonna be a little bit more straight to the top down, pulling up out curve. So essentially you want these to be the same, right? But just backwards like married images of themselves. Going straight line down here on this side. Same thing on this side, I'm going to draw a straight line down. Curved line at the bottom sticker around the corner occur around the corner. And then we're going to draw it straight across line over a 10-year down up here, her career. Them. Or it's actually kind of doing the border that the crust of the breadth. Alright, so we have the outer portion of bread. And I draw the eye right here. So it's a little circle, almost like an egg shape over here. Same thing. I'm going to keep a good distance between them. I like doing that. I think it looks cuter when the eyes are, are far apart. I mean, there are different people have different ways of doing it. But I think it looks cuter. And we'd go, it's going to make that a little bit stronger. They're going over a hair curved line here, curve y. And I'm going to be to highlight line over here, my over here. So the straight line across has to be in-between the middle curve for the mouth and eye. There was like a D aimed at downward right curved line over here for the tongue. And I'm going to fill in the back right there to show kind of that cavity there. Yeah. You're gonna give a little bit more line weight here. On the outer edge. A little bit more line weight is going to give it a little more. The better. And that's it. That's a cute loaf of bread. Alright, Suite. If you really want to, you can draw little circles here or you can actually grab a color and for the rosy cheeks. All right, That, that is it. Let's move on to the next one. 7. Tea cute: All right, let's go on and draw a cute tea cup. So go over here, draw the flat part of the top here. Line over here. Curve here, curve here, down, curve y here. So again, we have the actual entire cup shaped. They're pretty simple, right? Very simplistic shape. It's almost like the letter D. If you laid it down flat on its face. Going over here, curve, glory here. Curve. Right. We've got that handle. They're going to have a line down there and you're going to have a tea bag. So we're gonna draw a line over here, out down. Even a little tea. Would he go the label colon t attached to the bag inside line over here for the spoon inside. Linda to mix. And we're going to draw a circle here for one, I circle here for the other eye. Line over here towards the bottom. Curve shape underneath. And we are going to have some, I like a highlight there. We're going to fill in the bottom here what we're doing for a lot of these very similar face. It's usually use proportioned differently. Again, draw a little circle here for the cheek. And we want that T steaming hot. So we're going to draw lines like so I'm gonna kinda make it nearly merge at the top there. That line looks like some hot tea. That is it. Let us move on to the next one, okay. Like Q drawing t. Let's move on to the next week. I hope you're having a good time with these are all meant to be super easy and you can re-watch the lesson over and over and is committed to memory. You can start drawing it anywhere, like start drawing on whiteboards. Start drawing it anywhere you want. All right, Like I said, show me in the project section of new done. I want to see all your creations. Okay, let's move on. 8. Milkshake cute: All righty. Now let's go over how to draw a cute milkshake. Hopefully you're enjoying these. They're all relatively short, so you can kinda commit them to memory. You can watch them over and over again. And after you do, please post them leg and show them to me, post them in the project section. But okay, let's start with a milkshake. We're going to start with a straight line for the top of a cup. And I'm going to have a milkshake spilling over the edge just a bit. Coming up here. I rarely have milkshakes myself actually. So it's kinda funny, I'm doing this. I think sugar and then put the so unbelievably good curve down, curve down here and occur under need to have actual COP part of that milkshake. Well, the handle. So we're going to draw a straight line out and we're going to curve around the edge and curve along the bottom here. Over here, the handle here down in. So we have like again, no sharp edges there, anything like that. I just kind of panel down here at the bottom. We're draw the base of the cup. And we are going to draw the conflict foamy top of the milkshake. Essentially it's just like drawing clouds. It's got spilling along the edges. And we're going to put a straw here. That's like a straw. Alright, now we're gonna draw a 0, a no, there's 0 shape for these two eyes. Cutting off via the top filling in the bottom part. And that is meant to be the eyes, of course, of this cine cubed. The drawing here, draw a line right there, curve down here, and then draw a curved line here for the tongue and then fill in the top. Like so. And one thing I might do is I might draw a line right here. Alexa, stop. Alexis. Alexis, don I don't know. I my Alexa what APA so crazy. Alexa, stop for Alexa, stop. The disconnect that point down here. Down here. And so these lines are there are going to show the actual texture, the actual texture of the cup itself. So and you might be able to draw like a bubble here, bubble here. All righty. And that is it. That's a cute milkshakes. So basically the milkshake in that mug right there. And that is it. Now let's move on. Keep drawing cute food. Luckily, all of these are really short and like I said, they're really easy to commit to memory. So let's keep moving. 9. Popsicle cute: All righty. So let's move into drawing a popsicle. We did do an ice cream cone. Now we're gonna do a popsicle stick. It's a little bit different, right? Of course. So let's go over. First thing we do is we are going to draw kind of a top of the popsicle stick right down here. We're going to put a bite in it because I think that's just a good visual. And down here, curved line here, across, curve, up, down here. Down here are the popsicle, actual stick. Then Qur'an here. So that's, that wouldn't stick. I'm going to put it in a few little thinner zigzaggy lines to show that that's made of wood. Um, I throw some dripping over here. So like let's just say it was chocolate covered popsicle and it's really just going to be, I'm going to varying up this zigzag line here. Very simple. Okay? And next I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to go in here and I'm going to so let me let me fix those lines. I think I got a change markers real quick. So now I doing this, I'm going to draw a 0 shape and a 0 shape on this side. And a crop out a little bit at the top here. Prompt by little the top, and fill in that lower section. Line across the middle here. Just very like just a thin line and was like It's a dash curve underneath. And I'm going to fill in the back part of the mouth there and see that just going to be a little thicker, the line. And a circle and a circle. And that is it. That is a cute popsicle stick. Hopefully you enjoyed that. Like I said, let's keep drawing like so you have all of these committed to memory if you need to go back and rewatch this and do that as well. So let's move on to the next one. Okay, Let's get gone. 10. Egg cute: All right, so let's go over how to draw a cute egg. It's going to be really simple. Okay, so we're gonna go through it together. Super, super, super simple. All right, so we're gonna go through it right now. So first thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to draw the sunny side up portion of the a per line here. Now important is gonna go into the actual egg itself. Down here and here. So it's kind of like wobbling down. And what you could do is go over here and draw it a little bit of dizziness here on the edge. Like the yolk is conscious like more real. But over here the I almost 600 shape over here on this eye to the side. And I'm also get 0, 0 shape as well. Cropping off this top part of the eye, which is the highlight line over here. Her off right there. So have a little mouth. The idea is that I'm putting that in between the two eyes and that makes it look cuter. And I've kinda be that for a lot of these. If you want, you can draw little sizzle lines right here. The wavy, I'm going to put little circles. They're like little crackles so that it just doesn't look like smell line data will crack lines there, crackling. And that's it. Honestly, it's very, very simple. So the fat isn't. That's very simple for the egg. Let's move on to the next one. We are a bunch of these, go through these and do them all. You're going to have all of these in your mind. All right, let's move on to the next one.