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How to Draw Cute Halloween Drawings

teacher avatar Enrique Plazola, Learn to Draw the Easy Way

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Cat pumpkin

    • 3. Bat

    • 4. Ghost

    • 5. Candy corn

    • 6. Ghost hat

    • 7. Spider

    • 8. Skull

    • 9. Candy

    • 10. Coffin

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About This Class

Do you love Halloween? Learn how to draw CUTE Halloween drawings. This is meant to be for beginners. Once you learn these, you will have this skill for the rest of your life. Draw them at parties or for friends. Once you have this skill, you will draw it every Halloween. 

So let's go over what is inside the course:

-Cat Pumpkin

-Cute Bat

-Cute Ghost

-Cute Candy Corn

-Cute Ghost with a Witch Hat

- Cute Spider

- Cute Skull

- Cute Candy

- Coffin

Happy Halloween! Let's Get Started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Enrique Plazola

Learn to Draw the Easy Way


I help beginner artists learn to draw as fast as they can. So you can draw that family portrait, or draw any character from your mind. 

I've worked as a fine artist, professional illustrator for book covers, worked at a movie studio as a stereo artist, as a caricature artist at theme parks, and more. I've been in literally hundreds of art shows. 

I've been teaching art for 6 years and I love it. I started to draw at 19. I felt it was a late age. It took me 2 years of training in drawing to start working and making a living from art. I want to teach YOU!





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1. Intro: Hey, now that gallon, I'm Enrique, artist and illustrator. Today we're going to go over how to draw cute Halloween objects, okay? Everything you can think of. We're going to put it on this little course. It's going to be simple, easy, and this is made for beginners. So if you're a complete beginner, you don't know how to draw at all. This is perfect for you. I'm just using a marker. You can use anything you like. And let's go over a couple of things that are going to be in this course. You know, draw cute Ghost. How to draw a coffin. How to draw cute Ghost with a hat in like a witch's hat. How to draw a cube, pumpkin, how to draw a cat coming out of a pumpkin. Draw bat, cute candy corn. And there's going to be a whole lot more honestly. So I hope you enjoy this. You're really going to love this. And the cool part about this is once you learn how to draw these items, you're going to pretty much have that in your mind for the rest of your life. You know, you'll be able to draw it like parties and events and all this stuff. And there's so much fun to it and it's shockingly easy. You will be shocked at how easy this is to do and memorize. That is pretty much it. If you love hollowing the way I do, definitely watch this lesson. It's relatively short, easy, and it will kinda change your life in a way because you'll be able to do a lot of this stuff now. All right, let's jump into it. 2. Cat pumpkin: All right, let's go over how to draw a cat in a pumpkin. It's a really cool kind of visual for Halloween. And like I said, it's really fun to draw as well. So let's get started. If you go over here and draw a curved line over here for the side of a cat's head first. But they're a little bit thicker than marker. They're going to go over here for the triangle, for the top of the one-year line across. Triangle for the other ear. Curve around here, curve for Paul. Here, curve for the pot. I'm going to put a little line here for obviously on the fingers of the ball right here as well. And I'm going to close it up. Alright? This, I would do the same thing. I'm going to draw a finger of the paw finger, the pot here, close that up. Line across here. Line across here. That would be the top of the pumpkin there. Hey, it's coming out of the pumpkin head. So let's go over here and draw the one of the eyes. It's going to be low on the head. So that's going to be a theme of this whole thing. To make it cute, we're going to make the eyes far apart and low on the head. Generally low and had not super low. Right there. Let's draw an upside down, a tiny upside down triangle. And I want to make it kind of in the middle between those shapes. Right here, I'm going to draw a curve well here for the mouth, career for the sediment. Let's draw a triangle inside the ear. Triangle over here for the inside of this year. I'm actually going to draw, I'm going to fill this area because it's going to be inside the pumpkin. We'll talk about that a second. So let's draw the pumpkin that the cats coming out. Okay? And I'll go over here. Curve for one side of the pumpkin, over here to the far side, curve over here for this far side. And the bottom, I'm going to go like this. It's going to have a little bit of some dips at the bottom because going to, the pumpkins going to have this striation right on the surface of it. So that's going to connect to the bottom here. I'm going to go over here, line, line, over here, a line, line, curve right here, curve here, line over here, line over here. So you can see that inside the pumpkin, right? That pumpkin has like a depth to it, right? Because you're cutting into it. So what you wanna do is you want to fill this part in, fill this part in, and then that part as the surface part of the pumpkin. But another triangle in the center for the nose line across here fill in. I'm gonna draw a curved line underneath. And I'm going to draw a line across here and then I'm going to give it one tooth, right? One squared tooth. And I'm going to connect it like that. Right on. I'm going to draw a little bit of a curved shape here because we're talking about the depth of that pumpkin still. And then I'm going to fill this part in. All right, so now I draw a line here, right here. See that line that's going to be a striation, but it's thin. It's a thinner line. And over here and we draw another thinner line right here as well. But I'm not going to draw them right through the features and it's gonna kinda like so See you are going to connect the dots because you're avoiding the features there. Alright, that's it for that. Let's go into the color really quick. I'm going to use just a regular colored pencil. I like PRISMA color, so I would, I would prefer use that. But these are flat colors really. I'm just kind of pushing down here flatly. See you don't really have to work that hard at it. You don't even really have to like color it if you don't like, it has like a cute kind of look as it is. And just do it to give it some, some flair, right? But it also just like hollowing colors really bring to life a hollowing drawing like nothing else, right? Because the colors are as big a part is Halloween as anything, right? The orange, like the green, the yellow. That kinda stuff really brings to life. Just kinda of a season and the memories and the just kind of the excitement of the season. There's something incredibly fun about Halloween. And I don't know what it is. But for me personally, when I think of Halloween, I think of all these memories I had a trick or treating and all the movies that I seen. And that's personally what I get from it because I'm older. I don't I don't know if you know if you're younger and what do you get from Halloween? Exactly right. Like I'm curious, is it just the fun? Right? These are the movies, I guess it's just the same stuff, pretty much right. All right. I colored that in. And if you really want and you can leave a cat whites or what you could do is, I'm going to grab a pink color in the year. Wait, that doesn't work. Come on. There we go. The ear here pink and the inside of the ear. And it should be a black hat. Let's fill it in black. But very lightly, like I said, just like in the other one, the bat video, I'm going to just shade it in lightly. I don't really want to press hard on it because I want to be able to see the features of the face. And the only way to do that is to lightly colored in, you know, wanted to appear as a black cat. But if I really dig into this, you're not going to go to see the eyes or the mouth there at all. Right? So I'm going to keep it relatively light. So it's almost going to be like a gray cat in a way because I want those features to pop out. All right. Oops, I me, I forgot one thing here. Inside the nose here. I didn't measure color those in. I'm making the color one shape. Anyways, that's it. That's a really good one. I love really doing this one. I had a different events. Like just kinda like I don't draw something on the board or draw something that, you know, I was like, I like drawing this and I think it was really cute and people really love it, so they get so much. Hopefully you have it in your mind. Now, let's move on to the next one. 3. Bat: All righty. Let's go over how to draw a cute Bat. All right, first thing I'll do with the bat is I'm going to start with the ears a little bit. I'm gonna draw a triangle for one ear, or occur over here and triangle for the other ear. All right, let me do that over here. I'm going to pull kind of a wide line over here for one wide the line over here for the other. Pulled down. Pull up here. Looks like a top almost. Let me go over here and draw one wing coming up from the side. Going to be curved up like that over here on this side, curved up, down, down, curve in, and it's going to curve into the body. Same thing over here occurs in and then curve into the body. And then let's draw like the he, he, i's right, it's going to lead your eye right here, like an upside down U-shape. And then let's draw it. A little U-shape in the middle. And that's a bat. What I would do after that is I would take a maybe like I'm going to take a black right now. Let me sharpen it real quick. And I wouldn't color it into darkly. Because what you wanna do with this is you want to, we want the features to show. So I would just kinda go light on it, Right? Just going to make it soft and go light. So it comes up more of a almost like a gray or something. You don't want to do it too dark. You want to be able to see those features get a light color way too dark. You are not going be able to see the features there. So you kinda wanna do that. Kind of like so and make it light enough that you can see the dark features of the face there. Alright, let's move on to the next one. Next one is going to be really, really good. Okay, Let's jump into the next one. 4. Ghost: Hey, how's it going? Let's get started on the Ghost. Joseph is really important. All right then, so we're going to start this up so that what's that gonna do to the top of it goes his head. So I'm gonna go right here. Now like an upside down U-shape on this side over here. And for one of his hands. And we're going to do this on the other hand. I'm going to curve down over here. And then over here on this side I'm going to pull a little bit overlap. You know, it's gonna become a little bit more because we want the tail of the ghost over here. And then we're going to tie this back in. Let's go over here to the eyes. And this is the thing about cute, right in the proportions really important. So the eyes would be pretty bigger than normal and they're gonna be kinda wide. Circle, circle. I'm going to fill them in. And a big thing with Q drawing is the smile is going to be right in the center of this. Like it's a little bit lined up. Straighten this out a little bit over here. Then I'm going to grab a colored pencil. You can grab a pink or red. I'm going to grab a red. And we're going to draw a circle over here on this side. Circle over here on this side. And I'm going to fill that in, fill it in there. And there you go. It's that simple. You have like a cute ghost, right? It's really, really simple. So let's move on to the next one. They're all going to be relatively like this simple hopefully. So let's move on to the next one. 5. Candy corn: Hey, I was gone. Let's move on. Let's go into how to draw candy corn, which is everybody's favorite candy. I don't know, a lot of people don't like it, but I love the taste of candy corn. Let's do a cute candy corn. First thing I'll do is I'm going to draw the top here. It's obviously be a triangle bounded draw kind of a rounded portion on the top. I'm going to pull down over here on this side. And I also put my marker here, my markers a little, a little faded here. So let me use this other marker here. And I go that's better. And pull down the sides here. And I'm going to round out the bottom edge. Round out the bottom edge. Kind of overlap that. So that's basically a triangle, but it's rounded off, right? It's rounded off because you want to be soft, right? People, you want to eat this thing. That's the idea. I'm going to draw the face at the bottom. Remember we always start with the features being lowered and the like. Let's say the eyes lower and far apart and then the mouth kind of along the same line in the middle between those. So right here I'm going to draw a circle on this side. Circle on this side. Fill those in. And I draw a Smiley face in the middle. Okay, so that's the structure, right? But I mean, everything comes from the color, I believe in this one. So I'm going to grab a orange colored pencil and I'm going to draw a line across here. And over here bone that feature. So it's going to have this into thirds kind of thing going on. So I'm going to fill this in, you know, just pretty flat, nothing wild as far as colored pencils go, I use anything you can use crayons by the way as well. It's whatever gets you the color. That's good. Sorry if my hands get a block for a little bit, I'm just going to color this in relatively flat. Hopefully can see that because it's a pretty light color. So like I said, most of this is going to be color because it's going to identity, then the yellow. I don't know if this yellow is going to come out on it, so let me yeah, I'm going to I'm going to use this yellow. It's a very bright yellow enters. The yellows don't come out on camera that well. But hopefully this comes out just enough that you can see it on camera here. A, a candy corns, cute. I like it a lot either. I love the taste of candy, Gabrielle. Yeah, Like I said, it gets a really bad, really bad reputation the last couple of years, people just don't like the taste of it when they, they think it tastes like toothpaste or something, right? What does a lot of people say about it? I love Candy Corn, love the taste of it. I think it's awesome. I am excited to see it again this year. Superman, super, super down for candy corn. I'm really trying to dig that one deepen there. So really comes in on camera. So it actually comes from a camera. Let me fill this one in a little bit more too. Alright. And that is it. That is a cute candy corn. You have that in your memory hopefully, right? It's pretty easy. Forever, hopefully. So remember, let's go review real quick. Soft triangle is a softer on the corners, features a lower on the face, right? These two dots for eyes, they're pretty big eyes but they're down and they're far apart. The mouth, if you were to line it up, it's between the eyes. The mouth usually is down here, a normal face, right? But we've moved it in the center, makes it cuter. Not sure why that is just us. Alright, let's move on to the next lesson. 6. Ghost hat: All righty, let's go over how to draw a ghost with a witch hat. And this one's going to be cute. I mean, they're all cubed, but there's going to be easy as well. Okay, let's get started. First. I'm gonna do, I'm gonna go draw me here. Kind of a wavy shape. Draw over here. Draw over here. Or pull in, right? We're drawn to the brim of the hat first line over here, line over here. So that's kind of a like kind of a I don't know, like a strap across the actual hat. Pulling up angle. Going on here, up right here. Angle. So we have that little angle of a hat. So let's draw that ghost now. Going to draw down, sorry on this side, down as well. Curved line over here. Or the bottom link ghost. And let's go into the ghost face, right? We draw a very big eyes separate, separated, usually low down but not on this one. So let's draw a circle on one side. Circle on the other. Fill in the little Smiley. Cute go straight there. So let's get into the color. I'm going to use a red colored pencil over here. And I'm going to draw a circle right here for a rosy cheek over here as well, little rosy cheeks. I'm going to take the orange over here. And I'm going to color in the little strap across the hat. And then I'm going to color in the hat it with a black. And I'm gonna kinda just this one. I'm going to make it not too dark. If I was gonna make it solid black, I would've just use the marker, but I'm not gonna do that right on over here and do the bottom part of this hat as well. It's going to be flat, but I'm not going to press really hard on it. I'm just going to relatively do it strongly, but I'm not going to push super, super hard on that. And that's it, right? If you really, really want as well, I can throw a like a blue and you can throw a line over here on one side of it. It gives a little bit of dimension. There's either on one side. But that's it. I hope you found that helpful. And let's keep going. 7. Spider: All righty, let's go over how to draw this cued spider. I'm going to start over here with a circle. It's going to go like so. I'm actually going to draw a circle down here and make it relatively bigger than you think it could be. It's gonna be two sets of, a set of eyes right lower down. Gonna draw over here a smile. But I'm going to draw another one, like more like a happy face right there, right. There's a reason for this and I'll tell you in a second, you're going to fill in this outside here with the marker. You could also do this in pencil as well. But I'm going to fill this in. And the only thing that's going to be left is this other area, like so. So then the only thing you can see there is the two eyes and a mouth. All right, that's kind of a key thing with this spider. Going to draw a line going upward. It's gonna be coming down from the web, right, though, pretty much on a thread. And then I'm going to draw a line up, down here, line up, down here, line up over here, down. So it's like an L-shape down line over here, down, line over here down, and then two more down here because a spider has eight legs, like so. And that's it. If you want to draw a web maybe around it, you could do that, but it's not necessary. I'll do another video on, on a web. But that's super, super incredibly simple stuff, right? And you can memorize that relatively easy. So it's just simple shapes, a circle, a bunch of L's and Align and align to circle munch of L's and align on the web here. Anyways. All right, let's move on to the next one. Hopefully you got down, hopefully that one's easy. All of these are like two minutes. They're super-simple. Let's move on to the next. 8. Skull: All righty, let's go over how to draw a cute skull here. So this one, you're not having any, any color. I will still have one colored pencil would be like a black one for shadow, and I'll show you that. So let's get started. Go right here. And I'm going to start over here on the side. See the bottom part of the skull. Pull up and pull for the top side of the head here. So I'm gonna go up, top side of the head, curve down. And I'm going to pull in. I'm going to make the line a little bit thicker on this side of match the other one. Pulling down across, up. So little teeth, they're like again, the theme of Qd is kind of a big eye area and little teeth line, line, little teeth like big eyes, really a comparison to the head. I'm gonna go over here. Circle, circle. Fill that in. Fill in it for the cavity of the eye. I'm going to go over here to the center. And I'm going to draw what kind of a round triangle. And then I'm going to fill that in. And that's mostly it right there. What you can do here is I can grab a black colored pencil and kinda throw some lines over here around the teeth. Maybe on one side of them to make it look like there is a more of a shadow there and it'll give it a little bit more dimension. But you don't have to do that. And it was, I tend to do that. I think it gives a more look. Better look. That is it, see how easy this is extremely easy. You can easily memorize this and draw this anywhere. Okay, let's move on to the next one. This next is really awesome. 9. Candy: Okay, let's move on to candy on this one were to draw candy like a piece of candy with like, uh, like it's wrapped, It's twisted wrapped on the right and the left side. So let's do that real quick. I have a curve over here. I'm gonna draw a straight line across. Curve around the corner here. And pull down. Curve along the bottom here. I'm going to draw straight across as well. I thought I might kind of straighten out the line here a little bit. It seems a little, little bit messy. It's kinda up to you. It's a lot easier with a marker. Do that. I mean, you can easily do this in pencil, but it is easy, easy as well. The marker, I'm going to pull out over here, line over here, line over here, out, same thing over here, out over here. I'm going to draw a curve over here in, straight over here like a slight curve in. And I'm just going to keep doing that. It's going to be like the wrapper on the side of his scrunched up. Gonna go over here as well. You can even draw those radiating lines first. And then after that. See like put these little lines over here at different levels to make it look a little more natural. Gonna go over here to the bottom and I'm going to draw the eyes. Let me fix this line area a little bit and draw the eyes I remember with cute, the cute proportion is we're going to have the eyes pretty separate. So I'm gonna go over here, do a dot over here, do a dot over here. And then the center I'm going to draw a smile. And now I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take like any color, it doesn't matter, blue, red, green. And I'm going to draw like maybe something on the, well, is something on the wrapping here. Maybe you like it's sideways like so. Maybe inward like this one and make it look like some sort of brand, like a rapper brand or something. It's better to do that with. All I'm using a colored pencil. I'm using, I think this is Prismacolor or not Prismacolor, a Crayola brand. Let's get color this on the side here, and you can color it any way you want. But I'm just kinda putting some generic wrapping like right there. You could draw like a line over here in the middle here if you want me, Let's draw a line here. And, you know, kinda do the same thing over here to the middle of that. It's up to you. You can use this blue, green, anything you want. Anyways, that is it for this one. Let's move on to the next lesson. They're all going to be really short, so you're going to have all of these in your mind. All right, so let's keep moving. 10. Coffin: All righty. Let's go over how to draw a coffin. Coffins and other hollowing symbol. Real simple. Let's get started. Okay. If I draw a short line at the top, good. Drew a line down here, then the side. Down to the side here. Pull down line here. Pull down line here, line across. All right, so we've got the coffin shape just the front. I'm going to draw a thinner line right here and it's going to be the exact same stuff. It's just going to be inside and thinner. Right on. You could draw a couple of things on here. You could draw like a whatever, a cross right there. And we could do is draw a line down here at an angle. Draw a line here at an angle, here, at an angle, here at an angle. And then connect these lines. It's going to look more 3D. This is not a key one. It's just like cool to have for Halloween. And there you go. That's a coffin. Really, really simple. All right, let's move on to the next one. You'll be able to draw everything.