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How to Draw Cute Characters (Part 1)

teacher avatar Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Introduction and What You Need


    • 3.

      Make Your Creative Shapes


    • 4.

      Make More Creative Shapes


    • 5.

      Characters Illustration 1


    • 6.

      Characters Illustration 2


    • 7.

      Make Matching Card 1


    • 8.

      Make Matching Cards 2


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      Apply It !


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About This Class


Drawing characters is fun. It is the best channel to express our creativity. This Part 1 class will teach you how to draw cute characters like Uburo or Jabreek only with color pen and micron pen.

Those cute characters are developed from any shape you can make, from common shape like square, oval, triangle to any weird shapes you may have in your creative brain.

Let's go back to our childhood, when there is no so much rules and restrictions burnt to our mind ........ when freedom is everything :).

In this class, you need :

  • Paper (any paper) :
    • but if you choose to use watercolor for creating shapes, then use watercolor paper
    • I use Fabriano sketchbook for my color pen, because it doesn't bleed
  • Color pen 
  • Micron pen (I use 03 or 05 size)

The good thing is after you finish drawing these cute characters, you can give her a name like Tootsie, Dubero, Robo and so on. And then, so what ? 


In this Part 1, I will teach you how to make Matching Card that you can use it to play with your friend or family. 


For further application of your cute character, after join Part 1, you can continue in Part 2. You can apply your cute characters to make Children Storybook Cover, Greeting Cards and Giftware Design using Photoshop in Part 2.


Also, you can sell your giftware design in Redbubble and get some money ! It's nice, isn't ?

I guarantee that both classes will be so fun and release our amazing creativity that you never thought you have it !

I hope you enjoy my class and welcome to any feedback for better next class.

Follow my daily drawing in Instagram @hanny.agustine

Peak my website at

Shop my cute things at

Shop my pattern at

Enjoy the class!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education + Technology + Creativity for children 5-18 years old with in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise and only after developed my latest product for children in 2014, my childhood drawing hobby was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very goo... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Trailer: 2. Introduction and What You Need: Hello again. This is a class how to draw cute characters. Part one. You will drove with me Many characters like Alfie, Ubu, Ro, BB Dickie and saw. It's very fun, cause very easy to follow. And I'm sure you will be so amazed how erratically our print is and how creative our imagination. This is honey Al Kristin. I'm illustrator, designer and founder. Off tickets Start I d. It's a learning center for Children to learn about computer multimedia around 40 electron ICS and also our okay, so in discuss how to draw cute characters first. What you need is very simple. Just a color pen and my grandparents cereal. Tracy five and off course your sketchbook or any paper you can use it. First you will draw the ships with me and he sits you like and then we create characters with my chrome pants. I mean, did you have to throw characters one by one? So don't worry. Let's have fun together and next. Other turn discuss. You can continue to how to drug characters part two, because in this class we can give a name to our characters like this. This this MOOC to pero and get a P and we can create a Children story poop by. This is my drawing and I'll give the title of this book. Why were crossing competition? She'll be 1 40 off these characters to compete each other Are this character I made you borrow because in Internation the jelly is called Goober And then because yes, we're paying them I have an idea to make another A Children story books and I'd give decided you Bureau cannot stop being How have so This is a story about you Boo that it helps to stop for burping So be fun, right? I used to characters years the pink rinse that I called BC and you Guro and also this cute characters you can use to design a few things and you can send it in red bubble. This is the character that I use, my name, it PB And for the mostly sign I at attacks being nice toe everyone. So this is two classes how to draw your character's part one and then part two and I will this you have to make this very cute character. It's one by one, but now you have to move to the next. I should make your credit chips 3. Make Your Creative Shapes: this is our first session. Make your corruptive sips. Let's do it. What unit is only a simple thing if you have color pants like me from wins and U turns or just a common color pan? And, of course, you need Micron pan. I use cereal tree and 05 size to create the detail off the character later on. This is example characters that we will draw in this verse ation, first color pan. I just always I make a circle. Just make sure that all part is completely colored and then I bigger doc orients. You do need to make it very need. You don't need to make it perfect. You were really surprised with the result. Now I make a try and go with my yellow open any shapes you can make. But if you follow this class, you can also make the same thing like me. And then now I may have over with my two pence. I use light ordinance and yellow. I make a kind off three ships I make stop or it's with, You know, sometimes I make this video fast board to save your time, so just enjoy creating your ships and listen to the music before you only draw simple ships . But now you see, our brain is warming up and you tend to draw on ordinary ships and warships. You draw no, you can see the more unordinary shapes you have built. I continue again with the kind of em chips, and then now I use three colors light orange, strong Koreans. And it's fun, isn't it? Sometimes I'm ignition without thinking will try to be very mindfulness on. Don't think. Just follow your hands and suddenly at the end you will have about 27 years. And if you are patient enough, you get time to your brain. 10. The longer time you can create more funny ships for your cute characters, and after this we will continue to the next station and we will make more crafty ships. 4. Make More Creative Shapes: we will continue with more corrective ships. After about 15 years. Now I use a different color pants first I just being one. But ships, you die 12. Okay, now Ah, half circle. And with this timing color pin, you must be very patient because you have to feel all the ships here I used properly A nose gets boob. I like habria. No, because the referee school is no greed and all endure the muse e Follow your mind. Follow your hands. Sometimes you try with the thinking and it's very nice and it's very helpful to release our mind. - You see, at the beginning usually read troll the ships that already in our head from our judge, who would lie square triangle awful and so on. But if you continue, you see, I draw not common ships and that's the time when our brain going so free and so while just follow it. Okay, so after refinished is 27 ships, we will use a micro bent to create characters. And this is the most challenging but exciting session. So let's do it 5. Characters Illustration 1: This is very exciting Session. Cute character illustration. Park one. Sometimes I smile when I see how the ship becomes cure characters like this. So no less star. I use my Graham Penn I 03 or 05 Now I make the eye and then you can add knows here month hair or even antenna whatever you like. And now it's time for leg hand until further dots. And so it looks like a jelly face. And I keep it the Arab bubble when I created this character, Sometimes in my mind, I already have an ideal. And what kind of story that we can make from this character is see a good chi or pinkeye and saw. And for this jelly based on limit you brew so funny. You know, sometimes the story just come up to my head. Oh, when you do this also, you got enjoy like me and and suddenly I create jab, jab, brick and Internation means as someone with a messy hair. Okay, now we continue the draw details again. Just enjoy the muse e release your mind and your medical characters will come up at the end . Okay, Now we have been it's five characters. Let's continue to draw another five cute characters. - I like this cute characters and I name it RGU and let me introduce you to Don't see now beat me ISS bussing around. And this is my new friend, Zubero. We continue. It were more cute characters, and now we have been a spirited characters. That's good. So let's continue to part two, and we will have another 12 cute characters. 6. Characters Illustration 2: Okay. Now we continue with cute character illustration back to in this video you masturbation to follow the way I draw its character. Because I'm issuing a deputy from one character to another character. This is a common ticket. I trolled the head legs and under the beaters, and I named her Tiki. And then now I continue with Orange Square. I give it the tail and the legs. Sometimes I don't know what will I draw? Just continue my hand, my mind, my intonation. And then I draw the head. Had this like a mouse. So later on, we can make a story about boasteam. It's no fun, isn't it? Enjoy my pre deal. Listen to them. Use E and continue drawing characters with me. And then I continue again with the other ships. Actually drawing this character is my favorite. I enjoy so months the woman I make this character alive. I remember dinosaurs. You You also can act air bubbles. I need her purpose your character because yes, Perfect. Let me introduce you. Teoh Can't api this next your character is? I'll be And this is my little funny drinking. It's called Draco. The last one. It's almost like a piece because I like Chris so much. And when I choose the name for her off course, this is very easy. So her name is Creasy. I like decisions so much, I hope you also enjoy like me. And then suddenly we have 27 David characters. You can make animation, you can make a playing car, you can be greeting cards and so on. So, after you learned to draw this cute characters, we will try to apply your cute characters into some que things that small to another session then. 7. Make Matching Card 1: after this part one, you can continue to part two because actually, in part two, I really did you how to apply this cute characters to be greeting cards or Children's storybook covers, or give where decides by using for the shop. So in this part one I only show you what can we do to apply our cute characters? After you have learned with me in this class, we will make mention cuts off course. After you've been needs drawing your cue characters, you can scan it or take a photo with your handful, and then you must added involved OSHA to be separated characters one by one. Here, I only show you a little bit how to do it in for the show. And then, at the end, I assure you, you can make a matching cards. Then you can play with your friends. Or, if you are parents, you can play this betting cards with your Children at home. It will be nice to see your own drawing can be played with your family at home. So now we start with photo show. Please open your skin file and then in photo show to picket Layer and you can rename it, were for a sample or is, you know, closed eyes for the big ground. Now we're working on the original a year. We need to adjust our skin file because sometimes the color and the black mind is not so sure. It's not so nice. So you come in L to adjust levels and then you see on the left and on the right, you can adjust the white pepper with the right button by what I did and for the color you just the button on the left and also in the middle, and you can see the color off your cute characters become so pride and looks better. So play with this adjustment until you're happy and satisfied with the color. And then now we will deliver the white background from the paper. I will use the magic one. You create a wide area, make sure the tolerance 15 and then you see that your character is already choose it. Now copy desk you characters with commence see for copy, and the letter army will pace into the new fire. I make a new file. You can make any size, but I'll just here 2000 pixels. Time 2000 B cells. The resolution I just 300. And because we will bring this on the paper, I use the CME Waikiki color. And then we will copy our cute characters in tow. New file. So after you commence, see for copy, then commence See to pace and then use comme NT to transform. You can make it bigger or smaller, and then now you act. Lay here by click uh below button to at the year and then you read, namely your big graph. Most baker on layer under earlier. One. Give color and then go to color and juice the color for your big ground and then to feel the color. Just I did feel foreground color. Click OK with the dark background. Then you can see that our cute character sometimes have a lot off your like. You see here the blind of buff. We need to clean up the store with the razor, so I click eraser, I clean out the door and then you can also come in our zoom out to see us one. We you need to clean the dirt and make sure the final cute characters will be clean and looks nice. Okay, Now we will cut one by one. Our characters. I start with the red one and sometimes you have to cut on the ads because it will be so much better. We were his polygonal also to to cut off after you just the area that you want to deliver, finest girl and then click Tilly after regarded like this on the life I've done it. And then now I'm doing on the right one. I named the scare that you bring The entire brick loves better if you already satisfied with this character Now it's time to separate this character from the original layer. You start so to to see like your characters we use command X to cut and come in 32 pays And you see that a new layer is created when you face it. So this layer to its fortune brick and you can rename this layer with 123 and so on for its character 8. Make Matching Cards 2: you get continue for other character with the same way. So after a few characters you see here, if I crossed Justices Tiki and the number four, this is for PP number one there is the 1st 1 So if I could go back to your one and then I want to show you again one more time how to separate characters. You use the last of doors, does he lack and then you cut and pace. It will create a new layer. And then you can rename the new layer with numbers or with name off the characters, whatever you like. And then I make a new file. Teoh, prepare our matching guards. I just the big run with a green one and then see like rectangle tools to create white rectangle and then right click and just rest arise layer. And then we need sex. White rectangles. So this were really to duplicate Once I made, uh, rectangles. And then I use coming J for to pick a And then again, I hold safe to juice two rectangles I duplicated akin with Command J. And then I have six rectangles now for six characters who would share to see, like 16 years because I want to put it down. And then one by one, I moved the characters into the force rectangle. This is Chaplain. I put it in the middle. I just commented to transform, Make it bigger or smaller until you said this by and then I give her name job. So I whose deport there and that Jeffrey And then I do the same again. I could do the characters file and then I moved the chicken into the second rectangle. But for the chicken, you see, there is ugly images on the edge. So I want to delete it. I use a polygonal lasso to to see, like the area that I want to do You live And then once I see like I find a circle. And then I clicked the layers and the ugly part now is deleted. And then I find again that the color off this chicken's leg is not so clear. So you can also refine and fix your images. Your character. Now I just color with the same like the original color. And then I used brass. I choose just a common circle. I just a little one and the size is a big seller. Thing is enough because you can see my presses the same size I draw Akin leg for the left one and then I drug in for the right leg. You see, it looks much better now, but there is still the Lego area that I want to delete. So I use again polygonal lasso to just crazy like the area and then click deliver. Now the key is much better here. I just commented to duplicate and then I changed. Her name is Tiki. Now once again real moves the B to the third rectangles I decisive. And here if you assume if you zoom in you can see that my pen is out off the line. I don't like it so again I use polygonal lasso to to see like the area find a circle and then click to live on the right. Also I find there is a little yellow a little orders that I don't like you. So I see like with polygonal lasso tool Then do you live once again? A little bit on the left Deliver That is good. But now you see what? The legs I still need to erase. So I use eraser and then it is a little bit. And now it's perfect for me again Come and j to break it. And then I changed her name to be be be to make your layer in front off others you can see , like command much option for us to break its ok Now I have three characters for three rectangles. My imagine Carl is almost ready but you can continue for the other three rectangle and then if you are a didn't use it asked you back and then you can train on a thick paper. I suggest you bring it on the air force size with 250 grams. So it's nice to hold when you play this match in cart with your family or your friends, you still remember how to play it, right? So flip back all on the tables and then you play with open it one by one find the menting cart and who is the fasters is the winner in the attachment. I also attached duty pick files for you so you can print it on the thick paper and then you can got it one by one, and then you can use it to play matching card. So that's the end off this Asian. And let's continue to see how we apply our cute characters in to kill things and let's do it now. 9. Apply It !: in this session. How to apply our characters. I'm sure you one by one this is Jabri and I make a Children story bull. I draw clouds, earth trees and grasses and I make do characters the mom and the kids and the get said Mommy, I want to fly like a book. This is skewed, right? This is so interesting because you can use your imagination and creativity to continue this story from start to end. And then this is small C. This is a berro and this is get a B. So again, I make Children story, book cover. I'm good clouds and straying and flowers. And then I put Tyto Why we're crossing computation. Look, the key is behind buzzing around and this is you. Boo! I make a Children's storybook offers to because she is perfect and the title is you. Boudreau cannot stop Burbey help! And then we can also make greeting gods like this. I use get API and drove a ball to make do greeting cards. And then for the B. I decided to make a mark and we can sell it in red bubble or other, but an aunt Immense website and how Teoh make this few things. I did you in the next class how to draw que characters Part two And you will need for the shop to design each off them too. Don't forget to go onto the part to class and next we go to assignment because you already done all this censure and with me. And I'm sure now you can draw your cute characters and joy to the world and it must be very amazing. 10. Assignment: Well, now you come up with assignment. I really, really waiting for your project in this cars. And I'm sure after joining this class, you just want to grab your paper and gallop in and regroup in. And then you just make your cues characters. So this is your turn to show up your work to the world. This is another cute character said I mean, sometimes I throw like on anymore, sometimes like people. Sometimes I mix yellow and orange and being, And this time I used the watercolor, greeley and mahogany color. It's very pride dragged and very nice green. I enjoys almost drawing disk you characters. Sometimes I draw on Dana or a draw the eyes but below the body not above. Sometimes you see, this cute character seems like a crap or an elefant off place and hedgehog and dinosaur sometimes, or Robert and I like this cute characters. I name her crappy. Then later on, I used to design a mark for my rep bubble. And this is think Oh, sour. Because I remember stay close hours. So now this is your turn. And this is your assignment. Try your cute characters one or do are many. Then you take picture or scan it submitted in your project here in this class. And then don't forget to pose in your instagram and take me a honey Kristen. And don't forget to continue how to draw cure characters Part two. Because in Part two I will did you one by one how to apply this cute characters to be Children's storybook cover or everything uh or give were Decide that you can design your characters in Mark and you can sell it a red bubble, for example. It will be fun and also exciting too. So don't forget After this cars you can continue my class How to draw a cute characters on part two Thank you for joining this car's Please don't forget to give me like because I draw different things also And then write a review pose in your instagram And don't forget to attack me at handed out Christine and please go to my website and also follow my instagram. Honey, don't Christine. Thank you. Bye