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How to Draw Boruto Uzumaki Step by Step - Part 1

teacher avatar Simba Draws, Check My Youtube for more exciting video

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. How to Draw Boruto Uzumaki Step by Step Part 1

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About This Class

Learn how to draw Boruto Uzumaki Step by Step in a simple way! Be sure to check out Part-2 for how to color and ink this drawing!

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Simba Draws

Check My Youtube for more exciting video


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1. How to Draw Boruto Uzumaki Step by Step Part 1: jumble of September. My name is Simba, and welcome to a new drying tutorial on how to draw borough toe. So Boto is as maybe you guys may or may not know. Ah, the main characters of the Nortel Next generations enemy. I'm gonna be showing you a very simple way to draw Bora toe. Now it's gonna be kind of Ah, like a passport. Picture the face and a little bit of the shoulders. So we're going to start off with a circle. I always start off with a circle as the base, my faces, it makes it easy. You'll see your sex. So I start off with a circle a little about the middle, a little above the middle, little above the middle of the page about right there Seems good right now. We're going to draw a line through the middle of this. It's a front view off his face. So what? We're museum straight on. Just straight line through the middle comes below the circle of it. Just like that. Now we're gonna draw the basic shape of the faith, so it's not hard. Go from this side of the circle, you go down slightly slanted in while going down her of it and now almost like another line . Curve it in again, ruminant again and do the same thing on the other side. Go from the side, make a slanted line in words and then curve it in and then around the corner to finish off the chin. And there that's the basic head shape of Bharatha. Now we don't really need to spend too much time on the hair cause I mean, the years cause Bortles hair kind of covers it. His hair comes down kind of like I guess I called the turn it, but you can call it whatever you want, so we could just get into shape. By the years I'd say about right here where the circle meets this slide, that they start the bottom of the ear, slanted down like that and just bring it at a slightly more slanted angle than the side of the face. Bring it up, covered around and about their hold back in. Maybe make that a bit lower there. Now it's about right. Do the same thing on the other side and now we have the years. Now it's going for the eyes for the eyes. What I'm gonna do is, you know, circle we read almost at the bottom of the years to draw lines straight through. See that? Now this not blue. Ruto wears a headband A ninja had been with, you know, like all shinobi and Naruto. What? The hidden leaf look symbol. So this is that wide? Let's And to show some depth, we wanna curve the line of it. Um, it up lead there, just like that. There we are. There we are. All right. So now you wanna put in a line to show the top of the eye, which is just below the line will just put in for the headband drawl. I say that straight straight across and then draw another line, which is slightly above the light of the ear. I'd say about in the middle of the year. That's what you want in the but this line to be there we are now, these these are the guidelines that our eyes are gonna lie it, you know, to make it easier put in two more lines. So it's gonna be a box where the eye lies in. Like that lives there. That's where our I lives on board in the law Ruto style. And mostly what I follow is you want about to know how to space your eyes. You want about about you want about eyes length in the middle so they're on. I would fit in this box right here. That's how much space you want in the middle off both of your eyes. All right, Now for the I just like the I was going to be very similar to the I I drew in The style of how we draw it is gonna be very similar to the I I drew in my previous video Hydro among I It's just, you know, eyes are always in their almond shaped and stuff. An omen. This is kind of a tall and fat allman. So that would be the Allman Shape for this I So start with the curve, curve it up perfect back down again, but doesn't quite goes lowers where this one draw another line to show the eyelash coming out The calm tour of the eyelid. That's how eyes are in the style Massage a key She Moto, the author of now creator of Florida now draw the side of the eye, which it's slime like that and you draw the bottom of the I. It's make Are you lying at the bottom of the box? No, it's put in our Let's put it in our iris on people for that you, sir, are a circle. His eyes are pretty wide open. So there's almost the whole circle for this, like so, like so and well. Since my lamp is here, let's say the highlight. The lights coming in this direction early. Panero there. So for the circle, this is the highlight Lights falling there on the ice. So there's a highlight bubble. Masashi Kishimoto usually has a small bubble, and we have that just like that. And that's no I Right now I'm just going to do the same thing on the other side, for you guys Don't know. Naar naar Ruto is the first enemy slash mang I ever saw or read. So hold special place in my heart enough to say the Norberto is my favorite enemy or manga . Really like it really recommend to watch it. It's pretty good and so far, like in borough toe next generation, so same thing draws side of the eye beefing up the eyelashes, dress out of the I bottom of the I virus. I like falling right there. People. There we are. It's another I done. All right. Now for the I rouse, the eyebrows are very simple. Um, I all right? So I just cleaned up the drawing a little, you know, to make it easier for you guys to see. All right, let's continue now on to the eyebrows. Eyebrows. Very simple. Draw line thrower. The brow furrows dry and signing up taller. Going to the bottom of the headband and draw another line slanting slightly upwards. So you get the idea of NY bro, You don't have to draw the full eyebrow because it gets covered by the head and this part and do the same thing on the other side. Why not? I There we are. All right, now let's move on to who is going to get from now? That's putting the full headband for the headman. We're gonna have a live here, a line here and line about that high up. Everybody had been all right. Now this is the circle we drew this this Sorry. I raced the circle so forgot. But this is the starting circle we drew. The reason that had been comes out of the circle is because the circle think of it as the scalp. It's in the scalp. So and this is all masses of hair. And there's so much hair that the headband can't touch the scalp. So all this space in between the circle and the headband, that's hair. All right. No Nauru in law. Ruutel and, uh, Linda World. They were had bends like this. So? So the headbands there have a metal plate, and the metal plate has welcome from the leaf village. It has this world cool symbol like ouzo. Maki with a triangle. Kind of looks like a leaf and three boats. All right, so we're gonna put that in now. Which again? Just like this safe is circle pickle? No. Why? I call this a circle. Wow. I don't know what it is. A rounded rectangle follows the contour of or had been. And then we draw legal Its symbol. She is just like that. A world squirrel world. Cool. Whatever That. And then we draw Frank Gehry maybe that than three votes. So both there bold. There I'm over there available here. Come over here. I won't. Here. We got that in. We can get to the fun parts. Move on. All right. So, guys, apparently I didn't realize and my camera stopped working, so it stopped recording. And, well, kind of got pretty far by the time I realized, as you can see here. Ah, So I took a new page. I redid everything I'd done so far. Except for one thing. I was being stupid. I knew these bolts. We're gonna get covered by hair. But I do him in any way. So I didn't include those in this drawing. And also, I drew them out because the same thing happened before. And I do the mouth off camera inauguration. We did it. So I decided to do the mouth again to All right, So let's do them out. As you guys may have seen here. It's a big toothy grin. So we're going to start off with a live that almost like a frown, almost like a sad face, slants up like that. You almost sat. But then here it curves up, it curves up. And then you have kindly smile life like that and here just goes like that. Tell you that. And that's our little no, I said normal token Boru toe grin. There we are. Now we're gonna shade that corners in black to kind of shows, um, death in some shadow, the side of his teeth. Now we don't need to draw a whole light across. We're gonna have some canines and just let the line go housing canines and then let the light of God and then we get the effect off. A life's dread did it better than the other one. I tried to recreate it to the best of my abilities. Look, you're not much, but yeah, I think that's close. Kind of close. Maybe. I hope so. Course, they'll be subtle differences. There's no way can we created exactly. But get the idea. There we are. Now we're gonna add in a line for the bottom lip, just like so. And that's basically yeah, that's that. Now this is the fun part. It's the here. So Boris does kind of got, like a turnip head. The reason I caught a turnip head as well you can see here it's got like, a turnip stammer route. Whatever it is. It's got, like, three things, like almost shaped like a turnip or whatever you think it looks like That's yeah. So where does start off with the line, which is about in that center line We draw the beginning to remember. So curve line Describe it across. Let it come and from the I So you can't again the effect it creates illusion of death things in front of each other makes you look better. Also let cover a bit of the year, but not all of it again for the sense of death. And let some of the headband show Don't let a cover all the headband. So you want to go that And from beneath the headband again for death I want to do another curve going away This and I say ends there. That's why now we draw the 2nd 1 of the second luscious locks. I'm not here. Let it cover a bit of the I. It's fine. Go back up and stop about there. And now his third luscious locks, he asked, Three is gonna come down here on this side again. Come to about the same point. Is this one down? Come back up. Let's out that you show this time we'll have a cover all the head being. Why not? And I know that And have that. I think I do this one a little up a little too far up, actually. Not sure how I'm gonna fit in there. Here, I'll see your something out right now. That's that. So you get a better idea. Only your race. All the parts were not going to see cause it's covered by here. And bam! You'll definitely start looking like Morato now. There we are. Reason that all right, now nor little had kind of spiky hair and a lot of spikes in this here he was known for. That borough toe has also are spiking here, but more curved. That's boru toasting. So we're gonna go like this, like, lopsided shark fins. Almost. You look a bit more like a shark fit there. And have another one coming down here. There. I fit it somehow in that neat come down here. But the last one and we're gonna have another one going the other direction this time about right here. Smooth that down already There No one about here. When I gave way too little space over here and one but right here. I think I can do a bit better. I think I could do a bit better the other side of that year. Have this higher up. Maybe about there? Yeah. And there a bit better to my eyes and I put in the neck. I don't think I did that before, and I forgot to switch on the good table lamp last time. So sorry if it was a bit dark, but now I got the lamps. Everything should be fine. And we should be good to go. Alrighty. Then let's continue. So I don't know exactly what to tell you about the placement of the neck. I guess his neck is still a bit been because he's a kid. All right, so he hasn't opened like an open collar jacket. So for that, we're gonna This is one of the colors when our jawline the curves down and curves right back up just like that, and then we're gonna have it come down like this and we're gonna have another line, which this is kind of the metal zipper. So it starts a little below where this tips up and it comes down. It's like So now Teoh have the effect of the clock lying on his body. We're gonna draw another curved arm, arm curved line. I'm back down, like so All right. And for the other color, it's gonna be coming closer to the camera, per se. So what we're gonna do is have the curve more stuff. Subtle, more subtle curve coming up Shames before. But here we change, cause there the trick. You want the zipper to be in front of the clock. So you're gonna draw a rectangle, the bumps out the clock and into the clock use the effect of the zipper being in front. You want Bill curve line, just like so and now here, instead of going in a straight curve like this since it's coming towards as the clock's gonna fold towards the camera. So where there's gonna be a full right there? I want a curve it down. There we are. Shoulders easy. Look at any shoulders in real life, how to get that. And now we're gonna put in kind of the purple stripes on orto jacket, just a lie toe indicate Okay. And he asked like a black undershirt, which has, like, a circle like a circular caller. So we're gonna put that in first, and I over that he has a great shirt, which let me move this up. He has a gray shirt which has kind of like a V neck, almost v neck shape. So we get to shirts, Layup Jupiter, just like that. And there we have it. We finished borough toe.