How to Design & Print Your Own Wrapping Paper (Part 1) | Hanny Agustine | Skillshare

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How to Design & Print Your Own Wrapping Paper (Part 1)

teacher avatar Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Introduction & What Will You Learn


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      Tools & Practice Sheets


    • 4.

      Drawing Practice 1


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      Drawing Practice 2


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      Your Turn Now! Assignment


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About This Class


Do you feel bored with the available wrapping paper design in store ? Why we should buy and not make our own design wrapping paper ? Oh yes, Christmas and New Year are coming shortly, month full of gift giving to your love one. If you can draw with pen, now you can design and print your own Wrapping Paper.

In this topic, I make 2 classes Part 1 and Part 2, so the video in each class will be short to save your learning time.

Joining the 2 classes, you will learn :

  1. Draw pattern with pen (Part 1)
  2. Transfer your hand drawing to Photoshop  (Part 2)
  3. Coloring in Photoshop (Part 2)
  4. Design a simple Repeat Pattern in Photoshop (Part 2)
  5. Print it ! or Sell it ! (Part 2)

This class needs a very basic skill in Photoshop, only coloring and creating a repeat pattern. Everybody can join this class. What you need is only pen, paper and happy face :)

Want to practice drawing a lot with me ? Don't worry, I also provide Drawing Practice 1, 2 and 3 sheets that you can print.  You can use those flower and leaf patterns as a variety of your Wrapping Paper design.




It's easy, right ?

One more thing, this Part 1 Class is about hand drawing the pattern. Then you must enroll Part 2 Class to prepare repeat pattern in Photoshop and be ready to print your Wrapping Paper. 

So, after join this class .... Don't buy wrapping paper in the shop anymore :). You can print your personal hand drawing wrapping paper by yourself now ! 

However, as a Teacher, I really need feedback on my class, so please encourage me to make another useful class for you - my dear students, and I would love to have your support to be in Skillshare's trending page soon by giving your LIKE, WRITE A REVIEW AND SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT SOON. 

Peek my Instagram @hanny.agustine and don't forget to tag me in your post. I will repost your project in my Instagram.

ENROLL NOW and see you inside the class.

Happy Wrapping a Gift,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education + Technology + Creativity for children 5-18 years old with in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise and only after developed my latest product for children in 2014, my childhood drawing hobby was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very goo... See full profile

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1. Trailer: - way . 2. Introduction & What Will You Learn: Hello again. I'm honey Akesson from took after and I'm funder off our track. Tony I d. This is a learning center for Children to learn and create. Martin dies. This is some pictures from the class. They learn with artists techniques to be the maker off Mark Allen there disorder and so on , so to practice, their Enterbrain ownership and also this their self confidence. So I trained eaters in my London center. And my deters is the Children how to draw with Sony and Alana Technique, probably. Or you and middle or Honda Ho style. My teens. I love money so much. Also say we're not, You know, Frito go off course or Mondrian. We also conversation with schools to conduct some excavation for two Children. The show under project and be brought up themselves. So you know now why I love scenes here because I love to deeds in this class. I really did. You have to make your old repping pepper with your friend Troy. So you only need a pen and paper and draw flowers and live like ships. You And then later on, in a part two, you will learn how to transfer your hand rowing to photo show. Then we will cover it. He had a beautiful, different wrapping pepper with different colors and brain as wrapping paper. I hope you enjoy, discuss and let's go to the next session. 3. Tools & Practice Sheets: this systems and practices that you can download, I guess. Micron Sakura, a 0.50 point eight and I used also the sick 11.0 problems. No man, but that Julie, you can use anything you have important thing. You have the thin one and the sick one throwing practice one you can Donald from Cost Project. Usually when we see after artist Roy, we said, Oh, that's easy. I can draw like that, but actually it is not. That's my experience. So that's why you need a drawing practice 12 and three in this class so you can practice one by one until your head is very familiar with four, and then you can drop by yourself before you transfer it toe. Put the shop and designed your ripping back. For and for this class, this is the top secret. I will tell you its title. Close it What I mean with close it. Later on, we will design our gripping pepper in for the shop and cover it. And for two job you have to throw with clothes line, for example, like this. The first arrow you can see there is a whole have to draw again and closed the mine. This is the second example. I throw the stair and you see there is a unfinished line again on the Adam and you have to close it. Just dress me because you will not have a problem in for the show later on. If all your drawings are close line again, this is the third example on the flowers cattle you see again in the arrow there is a hole . Then you have to make sure that you already close it. Why? Because in later on in photo shop, if you make a whole are not close flying like this, you will see that we will face the problem. That same, we will juice the rare and then we use paid back up. And for the perfect lines, the color will be perfect. Do for for unclos lines. You see the color, all the part that we don't want it. So to fix this, you have to good grass and you're just a black alone. I just number one and then arrange the size so it's almost the same like our lines. And then you have your press and make a life's on the whole. So now it's a close line. And then if you go back to Penn backup tools, you gallery, it will be perfect, okay? 4. Drawing Practice 1: Now, this is the fun part We practice to draw flowers you use drawing practice one you can don't look from class. Project I make 1234 flowers and I make the shadow off the floor so you can dress on one by one. And then after you familiar with the form, you can job yourself under right side. Okay? No, After this time now being make a doll. So this is one we make a camp. This is fertile number. Do. Oh, one more. And this is a battle number dream. And then inside each petal, you draw a little waves line, and now you move your head like meet the little whips. Just follow the trace. Okay, Good. Very good. Now, on the right side, you drove by yourself without tracing any more. Does it stand? And then one I don't know, but do and they're all get on the tree and then you move your hand a little bit. You create a little waistline and you will be so expert to travel actus. Good. So now you continue until finesse it for its Robert. You draw for types and you will be so so familiar with form. It's easy, right? Okay. Now you have flowers. Number do. And you have the traced line. I'm using £05 at the time. You make of course, three better words. And then you make another two battles about the three below. And then you make a stand like it's who. It's very C. Come on, you can try again. Yeah. You see, there is a whole Remember? You have to close it. Can you continue until you draw five flowers for its No, I can no flower number three. I have three. I think this is also three pedals Flower that this is number. What? Teoh on number three. Then you add for jack lines you feel in for each one. And also for the flower pots. You also feel in your plan to be applied like mine. Okay, good. So no. Why? For the fourth flower you again trace the line that I made for you and then you continue again until you witness it's very easy, right? And then later on, you can draw in a paper and submit your project with a class. So everybody in the work and see your droid 5. Drawing Practice 2: Hello again. This is drawing practice number Do now we have four leaves. So the working paper that we will decide we'll use this kind of leave. And also from the green wrapping paper as example I point out the lives that we will practice drawing practice to you can don't look from class project It looks so easy. But you trust me it will be fun to practice drawing following my trace. And then on the right side you drought by yourself. This is very nice and very see you just make a stand and then you draw over lives one by one and soon you will be plastered to draw lives like this. Now it's your dirt Draw again Dope In this we live number do is duplicate. You make a start and you make a shop lives And then put a line in the medo. Make sure you close off the line. Remember, you have to close off the lights. Sometimes you make a mistake like me. Just go on. Just continue. This time you make a different thing. You drop small circle on its tail. Just follow the trains and again on the right side. You practice until Feely's for the last practice. It slightly different with the Bush won, just made, like my dress and again throw by yourself until fitness. 6. Your Turn Now! Assignment: good defense. Now with part one breaking the partisan and pray in your hood. The assignment is very easy. Download practice yet one and do practice to draw as much as you like and then drove your repeat pattern on your sketch group or any paper and then take a picture. And she had to project here very soon. I mean, don't win until the sun goes down. Submitted today. Okay, here is my simple I drove the better that we already practice. You can add something more like me and then you make one full pitch furnace take a picture or scan and then submit Do project. I like to dose everywhere. Sometimes in the plane This is from Jakarta to Dubai. Text eight hours and I always bring my pen and my paper to do dio and to draw any things I would like to have your life write a review in this class and then put your project in your instagram because I reposed it when you take me and you can follow to part two which we use Photoshopped to design our ripping pepper from your hand drawing in this class. So I see you in part two. Okay. Thank you. Bye.