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How to Create a Wooden Crate with Blender 2. 8

teacher avatar Jackie Fernandes, Inspire ... Guide... Educate...

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      L01 Installing Blender 2


    • 3.

      L02 Blender Basics


    • 4.

      L03 Modeling a Crate


    • 5.

      L04 Unwrapping Crate


    • 6.

      L05 Assign material to the Crate


    • 7.

      L06 Adding detail by using Texture Paint


    • 8.

      L07 Adding light


    • 9.

      L08 Render Final Image


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About This Class

What you’ll learn

  • Create models using basic 3D Objects in Blender 2.8
  • Create Unwrapping the Objects
  • Create basic materials
  • Learn basic Lighting step up to give a wow factor
  • Render Final Image



This course is for absolute beginners. In this course, you will learn to create a wooden crate by using basic 3D objects in Blender. Once the scene is created, you will learn the basic techniques of Unwrapping and assigning materials to the created objects. Finally/ you will also get to know/ how to place lights/ to give the scene/ the WOW! Factor and render the scene.

Hope you like it. Let’s get started


Who this course is for:

Absolute beginners who want to learn Blender 2.8.


Course content:-

How to Create a Wooden Crate with Blender 2.8


  • Lesson 01 - Installing Blender 2.8
  • Lesson 02 - Blender Basics
  • Lesson 03 - Modeling Crate
  • Lesson 04 - Unwrapping Crate
  • Lesson 05 - Assign material to the Crate
  • Lesson 06 - Adding detail by using Texture Paint
  • Lesson 07 - Adding light
  • Lesson 08 - Render Final Image

 Please Download the texture from the below-given links:


Meet Your Teacher

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Jackie Fernandes

Inspire ... Guide... Educate...


Hello, I'm Jackie.

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I believe that a great artist is a person who knows how to inspire and motivate others. After 18 years of working in the CG industry, I want to share my knowledge and inspire young artists!

My mission is to equip and empower creative individuals, by helping them to hone their skills, thus enabling them to pursue the career they love, with confidence and competence.

Over the years, I have worked and managed a wide range of projects, for national and international clients. I am also a graduate of VanArts, Canada.

The following is a list of things I’ve been doing:-

- Game Art And Design

- AR App -Architectural / Educational / Manufacturing / Automobile / Entertainment

- AR Int... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: My name is checking Fernandez, and I'm going to teach you how to create a wooden cream with blender to 20. This course is for absolute bigness. In this course, you will learn to create a wooden cream, but using basic three D objects and blender once the scene is created, you will learn the basic techniques off unwrapping and assigning material toe the created object by Nettie. You'll get also to know hopefully Slate to give the scene the well factor and render Cassie hope you like it. Let's get started. 2. L01 Installing Blender 2: lesson one new stalling blend. Go to your brother Andi. They Glenda. I worked with the blend of sake by clicking on this link and in down low click on the download Blender 2.8 option. Want to keep that? Will you get the dialogue balls? Just you can see and your don't look, will you start once you download, it's finished. Go to the folder with your failed has been down broken So you're in my case. This is local disk New order. Obscene. Given this book, every click on the on package that will take some time. You you can click on the next part since I have installed blender already. So it's giving me this option. In your case, you just have to get the next button until this finish option has come that we can finish then in your local disk that is your c doing kowtow programs blender condition rendered. You wouldn't plane this application. Bender. Gloria, just double click ons and you're ready to go 3. L02 Blender Basics: listen toe Brenda business. So when you open Lendl, this is the people. Seen what means so you'll have a camera acute on a late to select an object. Just right. Click someone to select another this border like so this is how we can select the object. If you won't market on select the ship on glee again, a molding shipped right looks this way. I can select multiple up to No who will work it in the view book this middle click. Hold on and you can book it in the view. Put in all direction you can do next thing to zoom in and out this control. Bless your middle most put on bread so consuming Zuma next year's Repent Auto Pen, but a ship middle more Spartan over, and I you can plan in the view book. Next thing what will lose? Well, just delete these cameras. Select this press The delete key to let the late pressed the delete key really only have a box. First we'll see the confirmation pools, so that is more Who picked and skin. So this is the truth. More for me. I select. Select the books and you can see there are three axis When it said why and x I can move this object on excesses. Why access? Andi said excess Next issue. Rotate to look and locate Object again in all these three accesses notated except the skin . So this will skin the object. So this was using their tools. Nexus Will is here using the properties. So kick on this arrow Yeah, and you get the stun form batter meters a year. Use your location That is your movement, rotation and scale So year you can use the power Remittance values to change the position. So yeah, I'm just clicking and dragging left. Most button was kicking and agency the objective moving on X and now y and that excess. So you're also by giving numerical values I can change the position. Next is the same way I can broke it. Object on Xboxes and skilled object Explain Texas So this was the second way off. Morning locating and skilling an object Next trees the shortcut method. Now let's elect object. But it's g and more So this is how I can move up there and then indeed move wherever you want and take. This is a shortcut for move is you wrote it. Just move my mouse. This is how you can look it up. Next scale. That is s short Curtis s. But assess on Nike. Unskilled option. So you saw you can more the object by using the pools. Eight that these parameters over here or the shortcut keys next year we went to see the edit mode. So go today. Did known Select object object more to let a bit more And they did more. You can see we have worked Robotics, H and faces. So what makes at this point? So you this is poor vortex H Andi, This is the face. So these are three properties. Often object. Next is we'll see the pool so well. So who stole what we're going to see? It's extraordinary. So we select the face and select any face you can screwed. You can see a plus. Sign oil. You just like this food. You can select a peace palace on like it. This will also you can Extraordinary nexus Hegel. Give it You will go to the edge. Select. You can get an ad. How? Maney segments. One who act. I want to click on it. You'll also get a perimeters here. Look cut slate where you can add the number off cuts. Next said your Beverly. So you just stool. I'll goto the edges. Press e evenly. Select all the ages. Click on the Beverley Cole on the parameters will come here. I can give you want you want what they want And then I led the segment over here. So this is only again smoothing mouth? I guess so. These are the basic doors which you need to know in blender. 4. L03 Modeling a Crate: Lesson three creating a Greek. So this is the before blend of C. So you don't have a camera a like on cue to select the camera. This right, the ship again. Breivik on the lake. And I pressed the delete key. I don't need these, uh, objects. No. So we have got left. Is ah que So let the cube on press shipped d duplicate. So in the outline of you can see where you'll get cute. 01 Select the Cube and Wakanda. I option to hide it. Now select the cube 01 But as shook the public it now go to the properties aware and in dimension changed the X Why? And said, Well, you could point for you. So this will make the box lately large. Now go to you. Well put, sheeting. So this will give you a way for him More. Select the inner books. Google object more select edit mode until it fees increases. Select a to individual pieces. And you can bet this really explored all the individual faces And this click here Come out of there Didn't move. Select off it more. Select your shading. You put No, you slipped que 01 and then shipped select Q zero. Now we need to create a bullion aware. So we goto object No coal operators on select difference. So we get abounding books around. Uh, I think next we go to the edit more so leg the peace. But as he just looked all the faces, um, increases select Wrangler creases. This will tangle it all the faces. No, I'll select the age Select These adjusts these. I just I don't want them. Then select them randomly. Select some ages aware. Go to your silly slipped a malevolent this one. Select olio Similar edges What is the delete key and select dissolved ages. So this is all we will remove unwanted ages No mill press e to select all the edges Andi, just select bubble in Beverly parameters over here. I'll increased on then give some segment toe So this will give us muteness product. I just next year will come out of the gate mode Google object on select she smoke So this will give you a smoochy nexus. I'll goto the plainer and on the cube of the Cubists lately small. So let's kill it. Plus it's and skilled slightly. No, we need toe other Dagnall, please. Grueso and to let the cube has ship G has used the motor pool on move the bobs up and skill this box on X and where X is skated on I'll move the so on this Elaine It approximately uncle spoke so yeah, no, in the perimeters over here. I will rotate it on. Why? Exes? Fortified kidneys. I don't want this faces over here. Stop on bottom pieces. I don't want to go to the edit mode. Pieces like the bottom onda up this press delete on select Billy face. So this will remove the faces over here. Begin, Go back to your off. That is. You can use your dimension on XX is then there, Texas increase the dimension. It's now this particular Dagnall balls is shop seven selected God created more plus e onda and each slipped level ages. You have some Victoria on add some segments. Keep it toward Well, this is looking little shop tribal with the object more in object and select. I want this Dagnall from books to be there on all the sites off this great produce a lot was, uh if you're three D cards is not in the center, so we'll do that. Who do? So we go toe view and in the three d cursor x way that make it Siegel. Then the rotation also x zero y zero lived you. So we keep this treaty. Kurt center in the center. Rocca, we'll put No, we'll see. Look. Third diagonal. So you now to rotate it, Um, all the sames we need to change the pure point toe the center Cardoso, select that signal box object Septal region Select region to treat Because this way, your pure point will be in this hand. No, select the Dagnall blocks from objects silicon public it link that is all. And on the Lexus rotated 90 degrees art de that it's just 1 18 agains again or a that excess 170 degrees. This way, we have placed the signal box on all states. Next thing, we will create a clean or you can say ground proposal in ad Mesh it completely, but assess and skill. This plane will come in the center up the real book. So objectors slightly down. So we select no to selective. Do you know I compress ship like on the subject. They're placing ship this bacon select. And I didn't move this. I don't know. Just approximately on top of this, please. So this baby of model the create on the go No, we want to add the mentally corners. Put the creek. Who modeled this metal? Connors Select the open She But it's ship the public. It excite all the objects in the view port by picking on this option in the plane. What do you most select your loop Good to me and I Luke. Julia. Oh, you on ou? Apart from these faces, we don't need any other pieces. So we'll go to the way for a more go to faces. Silly control on select this pieces. Oh, yeah, These races We don't need them. I'm displacing all selecting it Press delete until a crease. So I'm going to delete this Also area similarly, but we're dilated, so I get this shapewear goto the view port shading were so you can print this corner ship over here? No, we went toe Make it a little smaller. These ones, So just school and on your outdoor books. I'll goto each move. Select h Julia, then intellect silly. And you and you can move this slate. Get back. Same big select here. Slipped slipped a blue. We don't talk like this. Slip select blue. Well, it algo Although it's now if you can move this approximately, will. My signal box is that so selected again Repechage. It's like slept loops and loops on or move it slightly. CMB were Cilic It's gonna move its late Yeah, this one won't want to look the h select Select the loops It looked and moved slightly approximately pretty So I get this now I want to give a thickness that push Come out off the Gitmo complete Select your context, Aurea on. Then modify a select solid modify and they give this thickness to minus 0.1 So get this This no selecting this or be duplicated Andi on X axis alot dated 19 eighties into like this are D on X Texas on 1 80 It's like this are a xx this I get to seven. You know, it's like this one or D this time on my excess minus nine against collectors are the and why excess minus one eat left Is these two bonus. It's like this are deep and look taped. It okay that excess 90 in the year select the subject. Are they're Lexis 19. This way we got all the medical comments, but I think 5. L04 Unwrapping Crate: listen cool unwrapping the create now it is under chip. All the objects Julia so under appear to go to the works piece that issue editing. So it click on this You were So you will have you Editor William on the safety of the perspective. Then select first Open Medical Corner. You know, just select a bit more peace Andi e to select all cases in Yui until it smart do you project Click on. OK, so, uh, metal Connors are being under attack Come up to the techno Next you'll selector out box it it mark press e just like all the pieces You we smart you me on click Ok, ca mt off the They did more slip the inner books it more this he you mean smart. We click on OK, no, this inner box. I need these. You ease to the result each this faces matched the 0 to 1 Gordon it google also and select the face and then you is become under up. It's like the piece use quick under. So I repeat the same process All the faces you under select this issue under me down face the way we have been dropped in that box. Amount off the treatment. I was like your signal box. Go to your head. It more press to select all the pieces. You we you read Roget, It was okay. So this way we have unwrapped the Greek next year, Will to see you select the ground plea. I could hear it more and you can see by different. It has been under up so will not touch this. Andi will come off the object mode, so we're under a create on the ground. 6. L05 Assign material to the Crate: listen, play assigning what we do. Pull the creep on the ground. No crossing the material. We have to focus the shading. So get on the seeding option on with a selector in a box By default there will be one material So we will be moved back and pick on this minus scenario next time creating new. So take on this new I had Newmont et no, I need to add texture to addiction would add actually image texture Andi l click on open I goto work 06 Select gold 06 kind of open. I really connect the color. Nor does the base cover. So I click on this without leaving most looking that quick connected to the basic alone. Now I want to change the color of the toward Could do that you can add on border slip Columba just moved the Colliver You can see a yellow I late lane. It's appearing Just leave It will automatically connected in between the color and the principal Shader No real end point Jane This color hard to be the are toe 0.78 Siegel and green toe 0.314 on B 20.60 and then move this position off this toe. 336 Approximate. You can take any color new one. I am picking this color. You can move this position and Iran for the example. Sick. I'm kicking it here. Next thing I ladder off Nazmul. But until, like this picture shipped deep, complicated. Andi, I will goto open image and select my abruptness. Map were elected open image You Jeanne the Gillespie's to non color. Then select the kulum shipped the I don't get it. We'll connect the color So the but the lawyer on this color other toughness this color that will change it. Toe Wait, Move these Slater's lately well on the 1st 1 straightly away so that I can get a different chain on the wood. So this is my material for the inner box. Public it the material pick on new material and select another Outer books were Makita too . They said the signal boxes were material to replicated. So the inner box has material to the altar box has material. You get the notebooks material one out of the box material. True on the diagonal market. Did he so all the things will have a different market day. Now we'll give the material, though out metal corners. Select that. Remove this different material to create a new material over here and add protections Had actually had a picture. Mitch. Victor, open in texture metal. Select this, my little color. Andi, link it to the base so you can see this. Monty will over here I on water. I'm gonna And to let this collateral you Jean discolor Toe our toe zero point toe toe G toe 0.3 War on the feet to zero point or play playing the change these things lately these things you can move according the get this Andi in metallic honey One speculative zero point when toughness, that is by default. Okay, so now we'll say the material to the ground thing Slept with the wrong plane. It must be lonely. Ah, image texture broken This time we'll select paving stones open. Have a connected to the Basic Law. So let this ship to be ticket. Andi, connect here The abruptness Ma changed the Gillespie's who? Moncler connect this likeness or we can keep it toe. Okay, Next is we need to have a normal months. Oh, shoot on. Connect the normal map toe the normal column. Neater. Uh, one worker studies normal to connect the club to the color normally the normal and increased the strength to to Yeah. Yeah, we can change this abruptness thing, toe. Okay. What? So this is a way that should assign montealto, though, create on the ground. 7. L06 Adding detail by using Texture Paint: Lesson six, adding detail by using textual. So we need to act details to the inner balls. That is, we'll create Blank's by painting under the box Some groups between Give us but efecto as the blanks wouldn't blank something. Let's see how so Select the box. Go, go picture pink. No, if you're in the object Mortal William, you can go to the tech shipment more. Andi, you can select the bone. No year. The wood is roughness, so it's a lip color, so the color would has been select. Now what? I wanted one of those growths to beat it. The first thing what I'll do is I'll increase the breast size that is to 20 wave approximately take. So I'm taking 25 now the color If you get your you get color. Used the eyedropper and sell it dark color from the actually and you can make it more dark but pulling it down slightly. Okay, no, in this area really waded into one cool and three. So before that, what we lose will goto the pool's strokes and see that this spoke matter is Lane so we can blow street Lee. I didn't need to come here. Pick it. Me? Yeah, but so you get straight lines. These girls have to be little doctors. So against lip color make a little bit more doctor 18 more, doctor and reduce your radius. Who? 50 and in the center off these lengths again. Dragon, create another Platon and create No, I've been create nothing So the city give you an effective as though they're blanks with Know what your producers image savers A couple so conceived Copy and see what this new See the Okay, So this is how you can act detail and cool on object by using choking up Perceiving the copy off this picture we need toe Assign it back So we goto the shading Select your box over here Andi goto the texture open texture on whatever you have saved that is would new, selective, open and save it So this way we can assign it But 8. L07 Adding light: Listen. Seven adding late. Now we're going to see how to add light. Not to add late. We have to go to the body works piece if you're in the edit mode. Photo object. More nixes I had on in lights. Select some. Well, the sun will come. Some bread? Yeah. So just pull it up. No. After selecting this, go to you. Light object off the cycle. You click on this. Andi, change the late option group area. Yeah, that is color power So increased the power toe. 1000 works Increase the power of $1 works, Jane. The color. No, this color. We can change it. So select our GP. Andi, I'm going to change it. Toe are one G toe 0.36 nine be toe 0.494 just lately. Pinkish color. Next is rotated. This moving here. Onda. We locate this on X Texas minus 45 victories. So, like this coming from mia now we'll go toe the shadows. Ok? Shadows are their friend Nexus Public it. So select the late ship D. I have created one more. Copy more wood on the way excess and we'll rotate it. 45 minutes moved back. Oh yeah, next is the color, so we'll change the color off this late. So are little 0.170 on G 0.4 Sully who they play on blue 21 Well, who won? So it's a good one. So it's something blue and increase the power two toes against like the light to click it. Andi Patient zero Let it be on top. Change the color white that this RGB 111 on the power 2000 words I'll go to my shading more before that But this third later we will activate contact service. Now we'll go to the shading More on the porch eating maybe select seen link Once you select the scene late, the lights work you have given will be visible No yard. We will change the India by default. This will be there so iconic Andi changed toe studio late Whichever you like you can add So I'm giving it this thing. So this is all you can add, like to your seat 9. L08 Render Final Image: Listen eight Orender final Mitch. So now we're going toe. I rendered the kind of image before that we have toe set up the end of settings. So the shading more you can go to the sender so your samples will see that your end of engine is easy. Samples render is 64 samples were imported 16. So we'll change it for 64 activated and winter pollution on change this value for 10 the next to it blue then come down and color management looks silly on medium high confidence. You can sell it. Can you look you want? Then you can adjust the exposure. D'Auria if you go down Dr so slightly a really juicy will You and Goma also slightly Okay, so you can controlled the local were in color match. Next thing is the ground on the ground plane. I want a different ship, not a square one. So to do that, we'll go to modeling. Go to your help you. So you press seven So we're in the top, you know? No. Select the plain and go to the edit mode on select the night. Then we can cut over you so can randomly doe of cutting. So you're sticking year. Onda only kept this particular clean in the land of cutting this thing. Mitchell worship, do you want? You can cooked it so quickly. Finish this very quickly and press enter. Now we'll do your piece. It's like the select tool and select this unwanted faces rested on direct peace. But this is all we can really 30. Next thing is, we give a thickness Put this place so select the plane. Go to your modifiers had more differs solidify and we would thickness off zero point and zero point people. That team who get a different shape for the don't next is Ah, well, let's kill this box and create some copies. So select this. That's come out of the gate would be a more now bless, shipped and consider all the boss objects moving tentacles that everything is selected. Do you from Okay, well, this one this just so we select all the trips. Okay, that scale it down slightly and then place it on the ground. Who it's lately Here. This is however you want to place. You can do that. I'll press ship G on duplicate. So this will create another copy. I moved a copy more. I'm any located Create another duplicate. She could be moved on top. See that your objects are not intersecting with each other. So keep that in mind. Try to zooming on war Move it Police We just placing this thing late So I created some copies off it on placed it Now we'll come back to my shading. Let's see, Are we in the shooting locating chick? Just the best angle to Baker final round So I think so. This is looking good now this is looking good Just that the plane is stinker selected. What? Modeling slipped a plane? I'm more Get it on that Texas 1 80 diseases plane. So go to your shading more. That's fine. No particular in the What do you of you and the airport then that image image Save a copy. We'll say we just final render if you want with the bag along, So in flim If you deactivate this, you get it with the bathroom. So again you you rendered I see it this copy final and zero so you can have a transparent background for the later on. You can add some different BG sport. So this is how we completed our lessons off creating a wooden crate in blender who pointed hope you enjoyed the lessons and hope you learned a lot from this Syrian the next course so