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How to Create a Music Festival Poster Using InDesign's Styles

teacher avatar Rodrigo Moura, Graphic Designer / Rio de Janeiro / BRA

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Make a List


    • 3.

      Get Some References


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      Layout Draft


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      Pick Your Fonts


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      InDesign Workspace


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      Helpful Shortcuts


    • 8.

      Understanding Styles


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      Grid + Logo


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    • 11.

      Other Attractions


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      Find / Change + GREP Styles


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      Text Frames


    • 14.

      Date / Object Styles


    • 15.

      Additional Information


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      Textured Background


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

In this class we'll go step by step to create a music festival poster using Adobe Indesign's styles. You'll learn lots of shortcuts, best practices and how to use this powerful tool creatively. What you will learn: creative ways to use styles tons of useful shortcuts a cool duotone texture technique quick and easy customization tips and much more If you enjoy music, graphic design, typography or just want to improve your InDesign's skills, this class is for you!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rodrigo Moura

Graphic Designer / Rio de Janeiro / BRA


My name is Rod and I work with graphic design since 2008. My background is mainly editorial. I worked four years at, with Mariana Ochs and Mary Jane Fahey, developing projects for worldwide magazines.

After that I spent three and a half years at Bold?. A multidisciplinary design studio from Rio de Janeiro. There I could collaborate in several festival and cultural projects, developing visual identities and promotional materials.

Since last year I decided to work full time as a freelancer, bringing care, organization and attention to every client. And just recently I took courage to try my hand teaching here in Skillshare. I hope we can learn a lot together :-)

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. This class will go step by step to create a music festival poster using a job in design you'll be able to transform. This is that with a single click. My name is Rod, and I am a graphic designer based in Rio. We're almost 10 years I've been working with publications, festivals and cultural events. The idea for this class came from my passion for typography, music and design. Through the scores, you learn creative ways to use styles, tones up useful shortcuts, a cool dude tone, texture, technique, quick and easy customization tips and much more So if you also enjoy music, graphic design, typography or just want to improve your in design skills, this classes for you. Let's start. 2. Make a List: this is going to be fun. I want you to imagine the festival off your dreams, what artists would be playing there, where and when it would happen. What other activities could be happening simultaneously to the concerts we'll use, Finally, a dub in design. We will also do some image treatment inside photo shop, but before that, all you need is a ban on a piece of paper. Let's start by making a list who started a very simple and easy wait. I want you to make a list of your favorite artists. Don't worry about categorization at this moment. Just write down everything you like. Your mind goes blank. Don't panic. Just open your Spotify account or go checker Goudeau and poetry files. Which artists are you listening most At this moment? Which ones are new discoveries? How about that stuff that nobody else? No. Just keep the flow. I make a list with everything you listen to. Don't waste to much that do it for something like 10 minutes. Here is my list. As you can see, it's a very simple step. Now let's separate than into groups. This will help us determine the tax hierarchy for the poster will be creating for our example. Let's imagine that we're having a three day festival. Each they will have our headliners are may interactions and our new discoveries. I also found that would be interesting to create a thing for each day. Mine WAAS Yesterday, today and tomorrow you're free to use your own criteria. Some options you can sort your artists is by General place off origin decade. Anything goes as long as you have different groups to work with for next steps. So you're Simon for this lesson, Mr. Make a list with your favorite artists, then separate than in tow groups using any criteria. When you what coming up next, we'll get references to help us establish the look off her poster. 3. Get Some References: before we jump into in design, it's nice to get some references. Use your favorite sites to get inspiration. Instagram Interest Tumbler Fonsi News Design, Inspiration Dribble It really doesn't matter. I advise you to look for inspiration. Different sources bearing the place where you look will make the results of your research much. Reacher Dribble is great for illustrations and color combination design, inspiration and fonts and use have various examples off good use of type and said interest . You can fight everything from posters to decoration and fashion. Just try to focus. Wire your search. Try to see what you can use from each piece. Is it the hierarchy? The color scheme, the textures the designer used? Try to keep those aspect in mind. Why are gathering references for inspiration? For my example. After collecting material, I set up mood boards with my favorite stuff. Usually I try to find a common link among the group of image. For instance, you can set up him with war for typography, one for color and another one for hierarchy inside in design. For a moment, I want to show you a quick tip for importing multiple images at once. Breskoo Mundy and select oh images you want to bring to in design. Then we're still holding the mouse button. Use your arrow keys to add rows and columns and drag your friend some very useful shortcuts to get used to hard defeating ones. They're helpful to such a content of frame and vice versa. Try them to see which one works best for your situation. Go ahead. Now it's your turn. Research for references and set up. At least one would ward with your favorite findings. In the next video, we'll make our layout draft. 4. Layout Draft: now that we put some references together. We live the computer for a while, grab a pen and paper, and while looking at the materials you had so far, think about the structure of your poster where the men title is going to be at the top in the middle on this side. How many blocks of information will you have? How they will be displayed? Look at your references to get ideas. Don't waste too much time on this desk. Sketch a few options and after that Big one. But your assignment for this last time, look at your list and your references. Make some rough draft and choose the one you thinks the best option. Next, we're going to take a look at the phones will be using. 5. Pick Your Fonts: in this video, we're going to talk about fonts. They're going to be our main graft resorts to share information. They should be beautiful to look at and have good readability. It's also important that they are in line to the concept off the festival. In my case, I'd like them to have a clean urban field as we're going to add more elements in the background later on. There are various sites where you can download phones for free or for very attractive prices. Google phones have an extensive library where you can perform searches according to style with and Thickness. Last type is a collaborative digital type foundry that offers a number off display phones in a pay what you want for. Similar to that there is the leadoff movable type. They present several well made free and open source phones. If you're serious about design and use it for professional purposes, I really recommend you to get into the abbot off purchasing fonts. If you plan ahead, you confined really great deals. Paid phones offer great quality and usually much more resources for you to work with. Here are some of my favorite sites to get great deals the special offers at my faults, where can find everything the design could speech that regularly offers booze with high quality phones for an exceptional price on this sail area, with its gorgeously curated selection at you Work for them. Check those sites regularly to get valuable deals and even for inspiration. I love to see the preview images demonstrating the family phones in years for our project, I recommend you use tree phones that most big one for your logo, one for your heather's and another one for the body cup. Try to find phones that complemented charter with different characteristics. I used one display phone that has this local appeal one block a phone for headliners and highlights and one condensed more Notre form for smaller highlights and general text. Your assignment is to pick Judah Drift wants to use in your poster the next video we'll finally go into in design and set up a optimize workspace for our project. 6. InDesign Workspace: in this video, we'll go over in design work space. We're gonna set up a new document, customized Banos and Change Unit preferences You are the settings were going to use for our poster. Let's go to file new to create a new document you use a true by tree proportion, offset it with 200 by 300 millimeters. Make sure you're facing pages is turn it off and I will use then millimeters for margins for bleed. I like to use five millimeters. It's not necessary for additional document, but I think it makes easier to handle images in the background. Name it and hate create. The main panels we're going to use for this class are the style Spanos. You can find them under the tab window styles. Besides that, we're also going toe work with other based Spano's Let's build this step by step. The quickest way to such our workspace is to change it to the four essentials, resent it and beauty it up from there. Let's start by removing the panels we won't be using. I'll take away CC libraries and color. After that, we're going to add the style Spanos paragraph character and object styles. Then we went line that signer and effects as we were going toe work with type. I suggest you also changed some settings under in design references, units and increments. Set your keyboard increments According to that, this will give you more control while using keyboard shortcuts to set your type. Oh demonstrated better later on in the next videos. Now you can save your workspace preferences on the upper right click on the arrow and then new workspace said the name and hit. OK, now, if you change the workspace for any reason, you can come back to the configuration with just arrange it with South problems. Your assignment is to set up your document customized and save your workspace. The next video. We'll take a look at some very helpful shortcuts to work with type. 7. Helpful Shortcuts: in this video, we'll go through some basic type short codes. We'll take a look on how to change size, leading tracking and Kerney all that stuff with your keyboard. Let's start by setting up a text frame. Type less on six in the first line and when it returned in type in design based shortcuts before using the shortcuts, you always need to select your text first and even for selection. There are some basic tips which are very intuitive with your mouth. For instance, the number of clicks defined the range of your selection. One click position. Chuck licks word three clicks line for a clicks paragraph in five clicks. Story that means all the content inside the frame. I like doing everything I can with the keyboard. So if you are like me, you can use it to make text selection as well. Inside your text friend. If you press common a select Oh, with your left and right arrows, you move one character at a time. If you hold common while using our arrows, you move one word that time. If you hold shift as well, you make a selection using shift plus up and down arrows, you select line. Now let's take a look at some effective shortcuts to work with that hold command shift and period or coma keys to change your type. Sides with your text selected hold option and up or down to the finder leading the same with left and right were changed the tracking as we changed our preferences before. Now we can work with much more accuracy. A few position are cursor between two characters and hold option. Less left or right, you can control the Kerney. The short goods to change their Lyman doctor text are very easy and intuitive to just remember toe hold command shift and then are for right. See for center or L for left. Now let's see some practical ways to navigate the panels with your keyboard. You can jump from your text frame to the character paragraph for munching on top by press increment. Six. To toggle between character and paragraph formatting controls, use command option seven. If you press common option six by mistake, you will hide the controls, just president to bring it back. To navigate through the feuds, use the tab key if you hold the shift. More fire with the tab key, you can go to the previous field. If you're not sure about the value you want to use to change a pyramid, ER, you can apply it by pressing shift to Ritter. This will apply the modification keeping a feud selected this way, you contest multiple values interior, fully satisfied when you're not in the preview mode. That the four for in design is to show our your frame edges even if they aren't selected. I find that is very distracting. So usually I turned frame edges off. The quickest way to do that is to hit common. Return to access the quick apply window. This is one of the most powerful tools inside in design. It allows you to search for basically everything inside the program. We won't go into much detail of this time. We're just gonna type hide from Madge is you see that the command appears almost immediately just hit the return key to apply it. You will notice that now we don't have all those blue lines distracting our view. The only appear when it X frame is selected. Your assignment for this lesson is to practice and get comfortable with those short codes. But don't be too harsh on yourself to memorize they all at once. During the project, any time I used one off them, it will appear at the bottom left of your screen. The next video we'll see. What's the style and how handy it's used can be. 8. Understanding Styles: in this video, you see how styles work and what are the advantages of using them. My style is a set of parameters that defined the look of a text. It can include type, family size, weight caller if it ISS all caps or lower case underlined and so on. When you stiles, who can save the basic appearance off a text to use it again later on? If you want to change something, the future styles allow you to do that in a quick and easy way. Besides that, it's a great to to keep your piece consistent in our poster, you can see that the dates have the same look, as was the name of the artist in each one off the different levels with styles. You can do it once and save a preset to apply it again every time you need to, so let's create our first style. For me, the best way is to set your text the way want First, we're going to use Helvetica regular 12 points for size and laddie, it will be all caps and we we were just tracking with the shortcut with so last less. I think 200 is good for the second line we use Times Boat. Let's increase this size 58 is looking good. We'll use the keyboard to set the laddie. 50 is ice. Let's type the tracking a bit. Here are the settings we used for our line well, and here for line to Now that so set, you just select the first line and go to the paragraph Banner. While holding option are out on PC. Click New Style. It will open a window carrying all the perimeters off the selected text. Make sure apply Styled selection is checked. Just name it and hit. OK, you do this thing for the second line with your style set. Now it's really easy if you want to use the same format again, just like the text applied the style from the paragraph style. Spano. Your assignment is to create your first style just for practice. The next video will define, agreed and create our logo 9. Grid + Logo: agreed, can be very useful when we think about the space each information should take. We'll use our draft to define a basic grid, and then we'll make our festival logo using a couple of color swatches. Start by placing our draft in the document. If you want, you can change the opacity at the facts panel. Let's create a layer for that. We'll call it reference. Then we'll set one layer for the background and another one for the layout to create a great go to layout. Create guides for flexibility. We'll set eight rows and treat columns. We don't need any good, and we will fit our guides to page. Here. We can see our logo occupies to growth. There are another four rules for our main information and two more for anything else. Now that we have our guides, we can draw basic frames and start putting the information in place. Make sure you put your text in the appropriate layer. You won't be too rigid with this grid, but you always service is a basic guide. From now to the end of this class, we're going to style each one off this frames to achieve our desired result. Let's begin with our logo, Frank. Here's the format we're going to use for the first line off the local. We use monotone, regular 74 size and leading oh caps and center align Notice. There's a gap between the top of the frame and the type. Let's fix that. Open the text frame options pressing command be. Then let's go to baseline options and change the offset to kept height. You can see that the gap is gone for the second line. Let's go with Reuben Black, 30 in size and 36 in laddie Oh, caps. And with 110 for tracking as the logo, we will only appear once. You don't need to create styles for them. We'll take a look on callers in more detail later on. For now, let's just clean the such spending and create true color swatches. Besides black and white, pick one brides and one dark color. You're the colors that picked. I choose a dark blue on a light pink. Let's apply, then to our logo. For these less on your assignment is to define a great import your content and create a simple local. In the next video, we'll stylized our headliners 10. Headliners: okay, week over the basics off what's his style and how they work. We defined the grid and created our festival logo. The next step is to stylized our lineup. We're Neymar styles, artist level one, artist level, true. And so on. This way, when this sort land on our paragraph styles window, they will be in hierarchical order. Let's start with our Level one, in my case, I inside to have true headliners for each day. The 1st 2 lines of each call you're deciding is you apply to our artist level one. The phones will be rube IQ black. It's heavyweight will make our headliners stand out from the rest. We'll use 25 points for size and 24 laddie. Oh, caps are lined to center and with a space after off five millimeters and check hyphenate. And for the color, let's pick the dark blue. Let's create a new style and said a shortcut if we went to apply it again using the keyboard. Usually I said command or option pleasant number from the numeric bed. This case, how use command number one. There's more than your eyes can see inside in design. There's a thing called hidden characters. It shows, for example, if at the end of the line you have the end off a paragraph or a forced line break to show our hidden characters, we're gonna use the quick apply again rescue mint return and type show hidden characters and press enter. Now we can see that we have a paragraph break in the end, off each line they are created. When you hit the return key for our headliners style, I want to have our information in the same paragraph. So we're going to delete the end of paragraph and replace it for a plus sign. Then we had to force line breaks one before another. After the sign, we do that pressing shift to return, okay, but with the same color. It's not very clear that we have true artists. Let's change the place. I'm caller. We can select and change it in this watches or choose the light caller, and Micah is pink. But then we got an indication that are paragraph style has an override. To think that we're going to create a character style director. Styles function as small changes inside a paragraph style. We always start with a paragraph styles base and only then apply a character style if we want anything different inside. So let's like what we just changed and go to new character style holding option. Here we can see that the only thing that this character start is changing his collar. It will apply color to our selection but won't change any other characteristic comfort paragraph style. I like the name all my character styles with a symbol before the proper name. This way, I can easily find them through the quick apply window. It's another fast way to apply style. Store your text for this lesson. Your assignment is to sterilize your headliners. The next video. We'll continue to work on the other attractions from our lineup. 11. Other Attractions: Now that we have our headliners looking good, we're going to move to our other attractions for the artist second level that goes from here to here. We're going to make four styles, one for each line. You do that so we can create an automated process later on, using a feature called Next Styles. Let's start with the first line your artist settings were going to use. We'll pick the phone Rubik Black again. This time we'll go with 14 size and 17 ing leading, said the color to Blue. Let's increase the tracking to 20 so it's more readable at that size. Then we'll click the Underline but holding option out on Pacey. This way we can change it settings. Our underline will be three points in weight, zero for offset and we'll change toe are light color. After that, we were the paragraph route. The shortcut is coming up. Jon Jay Contra Out J on PC. Let's check rule above used to points and pick the light color who changed the type to Japanese dots and offset to six. Finally, make sure it's center aligned. That hyphenate is unchecked. All set. Let's create this style for the second line, Real creates a new style making small change. We'll apply the line one style and removed paragraph route, and then we'll create a new style. You see that to do with based on our line one style. The third line, Let's repeat lying to We're just changed the night. And finally, for the fourth and last line of this level, we're going to add a paragraph route to the bottom and some space after. Let's apply Tous settings and then create a new style. Your assignment for this lesson is to apply styles to artists level chew in the next video , we'll finish it style izing our lineup. We'll take a look at fine change, pop up and use a bit off grab styles. 12. Find / Change + GREP Styles: continuing to abuse our lineup. Re Reacher artist level three for this level will need to do a quick tax preparation before applying its style. We need all information to be in the same paragraph as we did for our level. What? But as we have much more names here will do that in a semi automated way. Let's perform a fine change. Command this command. Allow us to create a search criteria until in design, substitute our content that matches this criteria. The shortcut for that is common or control at home. PC. Let's move it out of the way so we can see better. What we're doing will make us election until in designed to find any end of paragraph and replace it for space. Bless, sign and another space. Make sure the search dropped down is set to selection and it changed. All All modifications are done. Now we can start style izing our text. Here are the settings we'll use for our artist Level three. The found will be tackle medium with 15 size and leading all caps, and we'll pick the dark color. Let's make sure our tax, the center and hyphenate is off. Then we'll create a new style to change the color of the plus sign. We will perform a search inside our paragraph style. To do that, we'll go to the tab. Grab Style Rep is a very powerful mechanism that allows you to apply and nested style based on a search parameter. I won't get into much detail for our case. We're going to apply to every plus sign insider style. Let's create a new grab style well telling designed to apply our character style pink. And when it asks to what we're going to type backslash plus sign wrecked language uses some symbols to perform searches. When he used the backslash were saying that we want the plus sign character and not its function inside the code language, click out of the Box and new See that the color has already changed. That's it. Our lineup is complete. Now. We just need to replicate it to the other frames. That's your assignment for this lesson. Finish your lineup styling and try to use. Grab the next video. We're going to apply the same formatting to the other tax frames. You use a future called next styles, and we start looking how objects styles work 13. Text Frames: in this video, we use next styles to apply the same format to the other truth. Tex frames. And so the paragraph bano. There's a feature called Next Styles. It's pretty self explanatory. It allow us to tell which style should be applying next. That's sort our styles by name. We can see there the order. We want this tiles to be applied so we'll go inside the first style on the list and tell it which one should come next? In our case, we'll talk artists level one that the next style should be artists level true Line one, then open line one and said Next, tired to line two. And we will repeat this for our remaining styles until artists level three. Before applying the styles to the other text frames, we need to do some cleaning to our text. This is an important step to recap. We want all the headliners in one paragraph, then in level true, one paragraph for each artist and finally a level three oh, in the same paragraph again by Dan. We should have six paragraphs inside each text frame. Let's do that, using the fine change to help us select the area between the 1st 2 lines. Be careful. Leave the end of paragraph off the second line out off your selection, then open the fine change window. Find end of paragraph and changed to space. The sign. Space Click Change All, then skip the next four lines and make a new selection hit changeable again. Repeat this process for the for text frame. Object styles do the same. Has a paragraph style but two objects instead of text. Besides that, we can include paragraph star settings inside an object style. The hierarchy is like that. The character comes inside a paragraph and the paragraph goes inside on object. So let's create an object style for our text frame. That said, the frame field toe white. Then press acts to go to the stroke mode that's used blue. For that, we'll use a three point stroke. Note how the tax disclosed to the borders off the frame. Let's create an inset to fix that. Make sure your luck zone and use three millimeters for insects, said calls to fix with and the with 2 50 then changed to cap height in the baseline. Options internal out of size height on Lee Let's create a new object style to finish are set up hood option to carry off our settings, then check paragraph styles, said this style toe artist Level one, and turn on the option to apply next styles. There is just one less detail. Let's open our artists level one and set up a grab style for the plus sign, as we did for the level three. Now is the time magic happens with everything said. We just need to select the frame and applied the objects style. Beautiful, right? There's some work you need to do up front. But if your plan I had objects, styles can save you a lot of time. Your assignment for this lesson is to create an object style using next styles. The following video will firm it our date frames using more objects, styles, features 14. Date / Object Styles: in this video, we're going to work with objects styles to create the date frames located just above our main text frames. For the paragraph, styles were going to use those settings. The phones will be rubric boat 11 in size and leading all caps on Let's Edit. Tracking to 100 for the color will pick dark blue. Now let's start working on the frame. These are the objects style settings. Let's see how to do that. Select the frame and let's change its shape through the quick apply command, return or control, return on PC type convert shape and select beveled rectangle. Change the field to pink on the stroke to blue, then said that stroke weight to three points. Press command be to access the text frame option. Change the baseline options to cap height and the auto size to height and width. Checking no line breaks. Let's change the inset to truth. Now go toe objects corner options and said the corners to chew as well. After reset our frame, we're going to open the facts panel to create a shadow. You're are the settings were going to use Double click the objects layer on the effects panel that stern own drop shadow and change the sentence. We use 100 for a pastie change blending mode to normal said True for distance and zero for size and change the caller toe white. Then we will create a new object style. Name it date frame. Let's come back and create our paragraph style, then turn on paragraph styles and said to date inside the date frame objects style. With all set, we can apply to the remaining dates. Your assignment for this video is to create an object style for the dates. In the next video, we'll finish the styling are taxed information. 15. Additional Information: Now it's time to complement our design with any additional information. We use styles already created as a starting point. We had some lines of information on the bottom left. Let's use the date frames as a starting point. We have two levels off information here. Let's apply the date to the 1st 1 Then we'll make some adjustments. We want the paragraph style to be the same, but in a different color. Let's change it, Dwight, and create a new style. Then we'll update the frame. Press shift X to invert stroke and fuel collar. Next, pick White for the stroke and change its weight to one point. Create a new object style turning on in full ever won a sparrow graph style and check. Apply next style. It will be useful later on. Let's use this style just created for the other true frames. Now let's work on the in full a virtue. Start by changing frame color to blue, then open text frame options. Pressing commander be Lockyer insets and set true for top and bottom, then for left and five for right and change their to go alignment to center. Let's change baseline options to kept height, internal out of size, height and width. Pick the top left, Uncle Point said. Minimal height Tau nine and no line breaks this way. We'll keep fixing height, but allow the with toe vary for the text. Let's use tech a medium 15 in size and laddie, and for the color Big White, create a new paragraph style. Name it in full level, chew and then create a style for the frame as well. To align, select both frames. Click one more time in the 1st 1 change, distribute spacing to minus five and click on distribute a result of space and on a line to top edges. Here are the settings we used on info line styles. Now we have some more information on the right. I wanted to be displayed in a different shape. Let's go it in full bloom and start working on that. Change the frame color to blue so we can see what we're doing. The first step is to convert the shape in an ellipse so we can create something like a balloon. Off information. Open quick, apply pressing command return and type convert shape, then big lips. Now there's open tax frame options. Pressing command be change insect to to vertigo, justification to center and baseline options to cap height on outer size will pick height and with check both boxes and set minimal value to 45. Then let's create a pink three point stroke. Now we will create a new style to finish this set up. They're known paragraph style Jews in full ever one and Jack apply next style. We made a mess, but we'll fix that in a moment. Let's open meaningful everyone and set next style to info level. True, then applied the object style again. Let's place our cursor inside info level, truth and center. Then right click on this style name and said to redefine style, this will clean. The override changed the title to Pink, using the character style we created earlier. I like to belong to the lines and we're almost done for a final touch will make a burst using some lines, but before that, let's wrote being shape in the background layer so we can sit better. What we're doing go back to the layout layer and let's draw in form of the first line. It would be three points Japanese dots and white. Let's change the size to 57. Create a new object style and call it birth stroke aligned then, and bring the lips to the front. Now pick this stroke. Make sure the reference point is set to center and go toe object transform, Rotate said. 15 degrees and press copy now press common option for or control out for Come PC to transform sequence again. Repeat and do you have a full lap? I added a little disclaimer at the bottom off the poster. The former is based on name for level Chew with some minor adjustments. Start by aligned the text to the bottom of the frame. Then let's form of that. We will apply in full ago chew, then change to our caps and reduced type size to 13. Then we will nurture tracking until it touches our margins. 15 is looking good. Make sure it's a line to page, and let's create a new style. Weird that your assignment for this video is to finish it. Style. Izing your information. The next lesson will create a texture background. Let's do it 16. Textured Background: to have more interest to our poster. We're going to use, um, fractures on the background. We're going to apply the caller inside and design, so we'll have more flexibility if we want to change it later. But in order to do that, we need to do a quick image treatment inside Photoshopped. First you heard the steps we're going to follow. Start by opening your image and photo shop, then change it to gray scale use levels to increase contrast if you need to. That's all I know. Save s Stiff. Did the full settings air good? Let's go back to in design. We will transform that grayscale image in a duo tone using our swatches. First, I'll place the image on our background layer inside it to covert entire area off our poster . When was select this object? There's the frame and the image inside the white and the black to change the white just like the frame and changed the caller. I'll use our dark blue access the black double, click the frame. You see that the black swatches apply. Let's change it to Pink Press Escape key to release the content, and you're set. Now if you change the sort scholars, it will automatically update the texture. The texture is looking great, but I feel that some areas could be cleaner. Let's create some shapes. Using the bend to Audra were irregular polygonal shapes, trying to achieve a turn paper look. Change the local caller toe white, and we're done. Note that the texture added a certain flair Tour poster in Contras. The shapes help us define better. The information. Higher arc. Your assignment for this lesson is to create a background using textures and shapes. The next video, we'll do our final touches refining our text styles and colors. 17. Refinement: in this lesson, with the final adjustments to text and color looking again now, I think we can improve the spacing between paragraphs and also fix Lang brake issues with some of the artists. Most of the problems are happening in our tree text frames, but as rib ute, everything using styles. We only need to fix it once. Start going toe artists level one. Let's reduce this space after now. Stewart the mouth of the text selection We just changed. Go to the paragraph style panel, right click and redefine style. Then go to the last line off Lego Chew the press common option Jake to access the paragraph roof. That's no job. Our offset and to a few is good. I think three is nice. Redefined the style, too. I think we can add a little more room at the top and at the bottom of her frames. Truth that said one millimeter for insects, basing insider text frame options and update objects style to apply. We're having some line brake issues, an artist level tree. We could fix that using shift to return, but there's a more elegant way to do that. It's going no break. Let's select the text. We want to be together. Then we go to the top right menu and look for the option. No break when you check that you notice on override on the paragraph style that's correct, that create a new character style, as we will be using it several times. I was set a shortcut for that. Now how you have to do is go through your text fixing those issues. You apply anything by mistake. Just elect and go to your character style panel and click none. When I look at our poster, I still find it a little dim. Maybe we can increase the contrast. Let's do that. Changing our searches. I will double quick the blue. That's my darkest color, and I'll change the black to 80 instead of 50. It's a subtle modification, but I think it's better. It's also a good opportunity to check if you let anything pass this version off the poster . I forgot to call her the plus sign. Let's fix that. Apply a character style. Your assignment is to refine your poster, adjusted styles and colors. The next video we'll see how easy you can customize everything 18. Customization: the last lesson we already started to seek. How easy you can change colors and mortar fire styles. Now we look a little bit further. We'll see how it can create a booster. Siri's using color variations on how to change the overall mood off your piece. Very phones and shapes. When dealing with collar, it's better. Create a new document for each color variation. This way you don't need to change anything in your styles, as in design. Uses swatches to handle collars is much easier if you want to change them on later stage. In addition, our styles are linked to the swatches. So when you change a Swatch caller, it is automatically updated on every style that the caller appears as our posters mainly typographical, a straightforward way to shift the overall mood. By changing that counts used, we can go for something more politicized, country or even eighties. The possibilities are endless. You can change every instance off the phone that appears in your document, going to do them a new type. Find fault. Pick the phone. You want to replace and choose the new one. These were immediately substitute. They found everywhere, including the styles where it's contained. Another great approach for customization is by altering the shapes used. We can change the shapes from the background and visible. Haven't instant in back. Try to use ellipsis triangles. Read details to the corners by locking your layer layer. We can experiment with the background without the risk of massing things up. Experiment with callers, phones and shapes, and see if you can create a coup poster. Siri's the next view. I'll show you how to export your image. 19. Final Thoughts: Now it's time to share your amazing work. I'm really excited to see what you come up with To export in in design is very easy. Go to file export and choose BNG RJ bag then posted in your class project. If you have any questions along the way, I'm glad to help. Thank you a lot for taking this glass. I'm a huge fan off in design and it's styles and I hope you learn something. You If you have any comments or suggestions for these or future classes, please drop me a line. Hope to see you soon. Bye.