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How to Code an Android App in Java

teacher avatar Grant Klimaytys, Software Engineer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to set up Android Studio and Android simulators

    • 3. How to create a new Android project in Android Studio

    • 4. How to configure the main screen of an Android app (activity_main.xml)

    • 5. How to write Java code inside

    • 6. Bonus 1: How to add an alpha animation to an Android button

    • 7. Bonus 2: How to debug an Android app

    • 8. Class Project

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About This Class

*** Create Your First Android app! ***

Ever wanted to make apps but thought they were hard?

Good news, they're not! I will show you just how easy it can be!

No programming experience needed whatsoever!

Well, that's why I created this Android development course! No other course takes you from beginner (with no experience) to a full Android app. I will show you how to:

  • Install Android Studio (and required extras)
  • Setup the graphical look of your app
  • Connect layout elements like buttons and Text Fields to your java code 
  • Code in Java within an Android activity
  • Store items in Android Shared Preferences, making them accessible across app restarts

This course is for you if you:

  • Are a beginner or novice to Android App development
  • Want to understand Android apps in a short period of time
  • Love proceeding at an awesomely brisk pace!

This course is not for you if:

You are an expert or intermediate developer

What software do you need?

Android Studio (free) which runs on PC / Mac / Linux

Do you need experience?

No. I assume you are a complete beginner to apps and development in general


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Grant Klimaytys

Software Engineer


My very first software program was the artificial intelligence brain of an underwater robot in the early 2000's, still the coolest project I have ever worked on!

Since then I have designed and built websites, software and apps using all manner of languages and frameworks. Javascript, Bootstrap, .Net, Python, PHP - you name it, I've probably used it.

These days I focus on building quality cross platform apps using Xamarin studio in C#, Xcode and Swift 2 and Android Studio.

If you're considering becoming a freelance developer then I can honestly say it is the best life in the world. You will have no boss, earn an hourly rate of $60 - $150 and take holiday whenever you want!

Of course you have to learn how to make good apps first, which brings me to my second pa... See full profile

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8. Class Project: Now that you've completed your first Android app in this course, It's time for the class project. There are a couple of tasks I want you to complete that are very similar to everything I've shown you. So first of all, I want you to think of a very simple app. Try not to copy the app that I've shown you how to make. Just think of your own. And then I want that app to use only a single simple screen, just one UI at the front, maybe with one button, one piece of text. Once you've done that, think up some Java code to do a basic task. For example, when you press the button, you can change the text on the screen and then add a simple animation to make it all look good. Finally, I would like you to post a picture in the class project area. Good luck.