How to Become a YouTuber | Start a YouTube Channel & Grow It! | Megs Hollis | Skillshare

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How to Become a YouTuber | Start a YouTube Channel & Grow It!

teacher avatar Megs Hollis, #DoDigitalBetter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Welcome to my Class!

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. How I Started my Channel

    • 4. Youtube 101

    • 5. Youtube Shorts

    • 6. Choosing Video Topics for your Channel

    • 7. Thumbstopping Thumbnails

    • 8. Choosing your Equipment

    • 9. Camera Considerations

    • 10. Traits you'll Need to Work On

    • 11. Confidence on Camera

    • 12. When to Post & How Frequently

    • 13. Features & Considerations of Youtube

    • 14. SEO on Youtube

    • 15. SEO Best Practise on Youtube

    • 16. Youtube Monetization

    • 17. The metrics that matter

    • 18. Youtube Analytics

    • 19. Pro's and Con's of Youtube

    • 20. Bonus: Behind the Scenes of my Studio

    • 21. Thank you for joining me!

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About This Class

Have you always wanted to start a Youtube Channel but aren't sure how it all works? In this masterclass, I breakdown the basics of becoming a Youtuber. I have been on Youtuber for the past almost two years, and during that time feel I have learnt a lot I would like to share with others who are starting their journey. I hope that this course can help the process feel less overwhelming and more like you got this - because you absolutely do! I structured the course around my most frequently asked questions to ensure I cover the main topics which people are interested in when it comes to Youtube. 


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Megs Hollis



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1. Welcome to my Class!: Hey everyone and welcome to this Skillshare class all about becoming a YouTube that now when you say the word YouTube that there are a lot of weird, wonderful misconceptions that we all have an all minds. But I'll say that being a creator of the last two plus years on the platform has really given me a good understanding of what it takes to grow as it creates a and simultaneously working as a digital marketing strategist and advising around YouTube. So in my previous job, I was a Digital Marketing Manager and YouTube was one of the main channels that I also had to oversee in that role. So it's great to kind of be able to offer both of those perspectives. Whether you coming at it from a creates a standpoint or from a brand kind of curiosity point. What exactly is Youtube going to offer me as either a person or as a brand? So that's really weird today is the Skillshare caused is going to come in, is breaking down those basics around YouTube. What does it mean to us as brands and creators? And how do we really leverage its potential? If we haven't made before, It's an absolute pleasure to meet you. My name is Megan and I am a Skillshare course creates that. I'm a YouTuber and I'm a digital marketing strategist with over 10 years experience. So it's an absolute pleasure being on your learning journey with you. I'm very active with my students. So if you have any questions at all, please do let me know in the forum and I will get back to you asap. And also, please note that this is actually the second version of this U-tube. Cause I was so encouraged by the amazing reviews that I received from my students that I've decided to relaunch the course. So hopefully I can really imbue all that juice, the frequently asked questions that I got from my previous cohort of students and make this the best version yet. But without any further ado, let's jump straight into the course. And what you can expect. 2. Class Project: All right, so in this Skillshare, as in live, the best first place to start is by doing so, our class project, not surprisingly, is going to start your YouTube channel and upload at least one video if you've not yet done so. I will say it with a 100 percent conviction that that first upload is really going to be your hardest. So you'll be folded with self-doubt and self-loathing. But honestly it's not as bad as it sounds. And you kinda fun a refund or like a band-aid. So a lot of people obviously do say that frequency is everything on YouTube with you that e, in terms of consistency or just sheer volume of videos. And I, for one, have created over a 140 YouTube videos which I live on my platform. And I must say that, yes, you absolutely cringe when you look back at the first 50 to a 100, but it's very much part of your learning process. So don't think about it too much when you do hit record on that initial video, make it something that's really just getting your viewers to get to know you and introduce maybe the key topics that you're hoping to chatter bots on your channel. Of course, this is going to be a very iterative process because you'll see what kind of videos are going to perform based and will take quite a data-driven approach when it comes to that. But in the first instance you need that data. So it's okay to make videos that are really just about introducing yourself. So if nothing else, I do want you to complete this task project of creating our very first YouTube video and uploading it. I wouldn't suggest doing too much longer than five minutes just so that it's not overwhelming when it comes to editing. And even from a sitting in front of a camera and chatting it, it's going to be a little bit easier to do a shorter and less ambitious tasks. So definitely don't start planning your script. In terms of a one short form kind of documentary or anything like that, you're going to want to keep it short and snappy and spoiler alert. Those are normally the videos that do the best in any case. So without further ado, I'm going to given to you guys as a task and I know that you can do this. So please do let me know how you get on and please do feel free to upload it in the class projects file. I love seeing how my students have managed. And let's be honest, we all out earn biggest critics. So don't worry too much in terms of you watching it back and saying, Hey, son, my voice, believe you me, those are not the kinds of things that other people are going to come in. People on the whole are pretty friendly and kind on the internet. And those couple of haters, honestly, I always say it's none of my business would people think of me? And that's really the ethos that I love. My YouTube total worth. 3. How I Started my Channel : All right, so before we get into the ferry side of this class, I really do want to share my own personal journey in terms of YouTube and what drew me to the platform. So believe it or not, I am a 100 percent introvert. I do don't enjoy necessarily being in front of the camera. And I actually studied photojournalism at university to hopefully be behind the cameras. So the fact that I find myself 10 years later presenting it to the 3000 plus subscribers on YouTube is honestly something that I wouldn't have believed you had you told me about five years ago. But here we are. It really is something that brings me so much joy and I'm hoping that I can kind of share some of those more anecdotal experience. Well as the theory. So how I got into YouTube, despite being an introvert and despite not necessarily seeking out fame and fortune on the platform, was that I launched an eLearning Academy. And a friend had said to me that was participating in some kind of beaches tasting that I was running on the platform. She said, You'll videos, I'll actually really high production quality. But without getting past that pig age, people are never going to see your passion for teaching your passion for social media marketing, which is what that course was about. And they're unlikely to partner with a credit card details if that is the case. So she was really trying to install this ethos around giving away a lot of value for free, which I've now come to realize is actually essential in almost every business. So very Vanna check famously released a book which was called something like jab jab hook. And the reason behind this boxing analogy was that he was saying You basically have to give out free value consistently before you land that hook. So as a boxer myself, it really did ring true to me because it was saying, if you're consistent with something like a YouTube tunnel and of course, YouTube is not for everyone. There may be some people that would be like to put out a blog post or a tweet, particularly a 38 around something called leadership relates that that's really going to indicate that they are a thought leader in a particular space and an experts in a particular topic. So, yes, YouTube might not be for everyone, but certainly it's one of the ways that you kind of forced into a content schedule of once a week releasing a video that shows something about your passion and my passion just so happens to be social media marketing. So I really had to chew on this friend's feedback and think, okay, maybe I could start a YouTube channel and believe you me, it was like pulling teeth in terms of putting that record button on the camera. But I'm so glad that I did because to, to unleash this avalanche of questions in my mind are on it. It's saying around how to come across better on a camera. Hot to do sound and lights and current key and many, many more facets that even if I never become truly successful as a mainstream YouTube, I'm gonna take into my freelance jobs and give that value to my clients. So if nothing else, it really is going to teach you a lot of new skills, which is something that I absolutely love about it. But regardless, I started my YouTube channel in earnest as a result or reaction to my friends saying, maybe you should give away some of those contain for free. And although the progress was absolutely Rachel, I felt like we're not getting any traction. I started using a variety of different topics like posting on to Quora threads around stuff like what's ethical business, which was one of the key topics that I decided to chat about. And what they noticed was because YouTube is in fact the world's second largest search engine. I started to write insert. And so when one of my initial videos got about 75 thousand views also on WhatsApp for business, I started to realize that it doesn't actually matter that I had so few subscribers. This was really a very useful way of getting people into my marketing funnel. And even if I had yet to monetize that audience, that it was going to be something that was really valuable in the long-term. So over time I've really just been hurting that. I've noticed that I still rank really well for one-sample business. So you'll notice on my YouTube, total induced will make quite a lot of those videos, as well as things that are wrong. Skillshare becoming an online course creates it. And as I said in the beginning, you really do need some of that data to inform whether or not you're going to continue with a particular topic. And if you don't just hit the record button, you're not going to have any of those stats to work with. So I was really encouraged by looking in my YouTube analytics and seeing what for the best-performing topics for me and then carrying on on that road. So I tried to upload consistently and I have been trying for the last 20, so yes. And I just keep to a schedule of once a week. I was working full time up until recently, So it was tough for me to do anything more. Definitely though ever you, Chad, suitable say it's a numbers game in terms of how many videos you have live, the search engine optimization of those videos, and the consistency with which you got blurred. Because you are definitely working with an algorithm and you're trying to get round to Google search as a small YouTube it, those are really the kinds of key considerations that you're going to make. So something like vlogging image Chamberlain seems to do so beautifully and get all these hits and lives. But the reality is most people are not going to be searching for a day in the life of enter your name. Yeah. So what I kind of turned and tactic on its head and I started to think, what are the things that people are switching into YouTube? How to use WhatsApp for business, WhatsApp for business 0101, WhatsApp tips, tricks and hacks. Those are the kinds of videos are going to perform the base for small creates a because you don't yet have that audience and you're really trying to maximize organic search in order to get those people's attention. So that's really a brief overview in terms of why I started it was to help me with my close sales. It's back production quality out there and really prove to people how passionate I was about teaching. And since then I've kind of disregarded the self-hosted causes and I mainly do Skillshare YouTube. So it just goes to show you that maybe your initial wouldn't you inattention. But thankfully now I can offer a huge variety of new skills to my clients, including things like video editing. So it's taunted to be the new coding. And it's definitely something that I'm standing behind in terms of a super useful skill to have in 2021 and beyond. But that is really my journey, I'm sure for ever and it'll be slightly different if you are open to sharing, please do let us know in the comment section below why it is that you're wanting to become a YouTuber. 4. Youtube 101 : All right, let's get into the theory and YouTube one. So as I said in the beginning of this class, there are a lot of misconceptions around YouTube as both a platform, as something that people are creating content on as creators and influences. So this slide deck is really going to help to shed the light on some of those questions. So first of all, most people think of YouTube solely as a popular video hosting service. So this is particularly in a brand instance. Typically what you'll find when you conduct a digital marketing audit, brands is that they literally just dumped all of the videos onto YouTube. They didn't upload in any particular shade. You'll, they aren't eye-catching thumbnails. It's not SEO optimized and it's ready just functioning as a repository. So a lot of what I suggest for width my times is how to move away from that and actually think of it as a platform like a Facebook or an Instagram, where it's something that you're doing consistently and with that level of operational fitness. Similarly, from a creative standpoint, it is going to be something that she need frequency and volumes in order to succeed with. So in terms of stats, the platform has 2.3 billion users worldwide as of 2021. And gaining visibility on this platform. Tough. So I would never sell you guys a story in terms of how easy it is to get ahead, it really is a tricky one. But I have every confidence that if I've managed to amass 3 plus thousand subscribers, but it's something that you guys can absolutely as pi two in doing so, this cost is really going to be aimed at helping creators and brands are like navigate this platform and particularly this one-to-one sanction. So I love with all of my Skillshare classes to do a cheat sheet, which is really that one page that you can always go back to and refer back to as you navigate through this class. In terms of analytics, YouTube has a function called YouTube Studio, which is accessible on birthdays top, your mobile phone. It's actually a standalone app. And it was something that I didn't install up until six months into my YouTube journey. It is incredibly useful as a creative to look at that data. And the way that they've compiled those dashboards is super straightforward. So it's not to say that you have to dig through a Google Analytics version of reams and reams of graphs. It's really going to show you your latest videos performance in comparison to the last 10 videos, for example, things like retention rates and click-through rate. That's really important in terms of how that video all belong to. The second is around advertising and that's Google AdSense. So this is how a YouTuber would get paid. And similarly from a brand perspective, this is how adsorption. So effectively what is happening is that brands opening on inventory and that is going to determine what is shown to who. So they are looking at the tangent, each a marketer skincare products, they fall. It's very likely that they would go into a given cave logo or a skin care tutorial artist and actually placed ads that are very relevant in terms of the product. And so this is ready that auction house that's running all the time when you watch YouTube and you see those pre-roll ads. Because the brand is getting brilliant inventory that matches what they tried to sell and the creator is able to produce more makeup tutorials for argument's sake, because they are actually being paid per 1000 views of that actual ad. So it really is a mutually beneficial relationship between France and creates. But we'll get more into the magnetization in a later part of this training. In terms of training and resources, the Creator Academy is brilliant. So there's a lot of different YouTube tunnels that are specifically designed around helping you achieve those grow. The one that really does pop to mind is Catherine Manning. She helped me enormously when I was getting started on YouTube. But then also you resources like the Creator Academy. In terms of pros of YouTube from a brand standpoint, bear in mind. It's a search engine so people don't necessarily have to be interested in your product in order to happen upon your content. So what I mean by that is appears serving your audience with emigrating content that's not necessarily branded like, for example, how to build a website. The fact that that is sponsored by Wix or Squarespace or whoever it may be israeli, that opportunity product placement that's gonna get you my key as a user to potentially convert and use their software. It's going to use key signals like relevance, engagement, and quality to serve. I mean, the most interesting content for each All useless. They are also a lot of optimization tools which I didn't have any idea about when I started, which I'm going to suggest that you guys do investigate quite soon Intuit YouTube journey. So these include Google owned tools. So for example, the YouTube studios of the world, as well as third party tools. And the three that we rarely do reference within this class is to body fluid, IQ, and Keywords Everywhere. There's also plenty of branding opportunities that I see very many brands or wasting they YouTube collateral by not having branding in the corner, by not using n cards and that kind of thing. And particularly with that. About that as you land on a YouTube tunnel, being sure to implement quite a strong corporate identity across all of your assets on YouTube so that you start to become recognizable. The end card was definitely something which plummets to me upfront. And basically it's an animated picture that suggests another video. And it also shares or avatar which allows people to subscribe to you. So it's helping the creates a, keep the user within that kind of journey. So that after you've watched my initial video about what's up for Business, you can then watch a related video. So it's all about keeping you on the platform for as long as possible. She dealing tools are gonna make your life so much easier when we talk about, see you thinking to solve misled me online at Thursday at 3PM every week ticking, publish. Absolutely not. So it's definitely going to be something that you appreciate dual, which will tell about dates in this class too. Then, in terms of influencer marketing, of course, YouTube plays a huge role in this, and we definitely going to speak about the role of influences as we go along. It's also great for driving web traffic and our ending affiliate income. So many YouTubers when they share their earnings figures, you will notice that a lot of the income actually comes from affiliate marketing. So programs like the Amazon affiliate program are going to allow people like Peter McKinnon, who is a major photography guru, encouraged his audience to order products like cannons or their columns. Kids may be, and then him receive some kind of kickback and no additional fee. So the person ordering. So next we're going to talk about considerations. And definitely the first one is just how competitive YouTube really is. So it may not be something that you appreciate straight away, but certainly as soon as you start to create on the platform, you notice how many competitors you have in the space. People haven't saved production values. And some people even talk about bolding a vote in terms of once you've risen to a certain level as a creator on YouTube, to really create devices in which people can't compete with you. So bolding that merge around your castle in terms of insane production quality and effect brand sponsorships. And it's actually, if anything, a little bit disheartening for near YouTube is because it feels like that is that high barrier to entry. But bear in mind as with any thing that YouTube is very much a business for a lot of people. And so a lot of these big creates us have teams of annotators, color, greatest, and all sorts and even kind of world-class editing suites in order to do the job. So do not feel like that as a reason to put you all feast that is highly competitive and yes, there is high production quality on a lot of videos. But so he, it doesn't mean that there's any space for you and the sunshine. The other thing to bear in mind is always keeping your content is typically quite time consuming as well as expensive to produce. Well, most people will say, get started on your smart phone. Obviously, it is tricky to look at the quality of lives saved my smart phone footage, and wanna put that out there in the world. So even though it is typically perfectly acceptable at a certain point, you're going to want to upgrade to various different softwares and equipments, which we will also chat about. But as with anything that you're really going to stagger that timing so that you don't incur unnecessary expenses a friend, and you really make it manageable for you to kind of scale your YouTube business over time in terms of the features of the platform that isn't audio library for you to get royalty-free music. The importance of those cannot be overstated with. So you need to use music, not kind of plagiarize or copy any major artists. And so you'll need to be very selective in that editing process in terms of making sure you're not infringing anyone's copyrights. As I mentioned, this Egypt creates its channel which is going to help you as resources and insights. There's also tunnel memberships which not many people speak about. You can pay $4.99 a month to follow your favorite creator and have them be monetized and that way. And then also things like super chats and super stickers allow you to donate to your favorite creators and help them do when they do best. They also often have much shelves, which allows him to solve ODEs. And then finally, YouTube shorts is a big growth strategy that a lot of big YouTubers are. Moment where you posting vertical format to the videos that are really in competition with things like Instagram Reels or Facebook stories. So it's really a fun one in order to grow and we're going to share with you exactly how this is possible. Be game-changing slide that I found in one of the Abdul's YouTube videos was around just how long it takes for YouTubers to grow. So if you're feeling, or why am I not going? Well, why is my progress and glacial just caused them ended on this slide? Because it really isn't interesting one, so for people who have 100 to 10 thousand subscribers on average, and based on two buddies stats, they typically have about a 105 YouTube videos. So me with my 3000 subscribers, you can see I'm exactly on pi here. I've got about a 140 videos live, but definitely within that band. So in order for me to then take it to the next, they will get ten to a 100 thousand subscribers. I actually have to have on average 418 videos to get a 100 thousand to a million subscribers have one hundred, one hundred and seventy one videos. And then finally to hit that 1 million mark, you're going to have on average 3,800 videos. So unbelievably slow growth, if you look at just how much love and energy is going to go into each one of your videos. But once he had that wasn't million mark, I'm sure you will look laugh because you'll probably be making that much money. In terms of fun and quick Biostats. It's estimated that 82% of global digital consumer traffic will be video by 2022, according to the Search Engine Journal, note that 70 percent of people actually watching on their phone or not on desktop, which I always find fascinating. And then 65 percent year-on-year growth in the number of channels with more than 1 million subscribers. So differently we reaching that maturity phase with YouTube where more and more people are actually achieving that kind of an miscible lock that be all thought that no one could pass it the gift. See you next time. Let's chat about YouTube shorts. 5. Youtube Shorts : All right, So in terms of YouTube shorts, this is such a fun one. It's YouTube's response to the rise in popularity of short-form video on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Short is a vertical video in a non by 16 aspect ratio that takes up the entire mobile screen and can be up to one minute in length, offering a very different kind of viewing experience for the platforms users. It's great for education creates. It's a Tech Talk and IG Reels. In order for shorts to be published, you're literally going to upload it in the same way as you would a YouTube video and use the hashtag, hashtag shorts. They appear in the same YouTube feed. That isn't a dedicated tab like on Instagram for reals. And you upload a short in the same way as you upload a video. You simply obviously need to make sure that it's the right aspect ratio and use that hashtag. Why Schultz is gaining popularity is the fact that it's actually now backed by a new $100 million fund. So YouTube plants to begin paying shorts creates is based on new matrix of video engagement. And these are a little bit of a departure from YouTube's traditional advertising models. So the company has started to allude to the fact that they may begin running ads within reals, but it won't compensate that creates as based on the commercials that appear on the clips like YouTube does for regular videos. So touch to him and he is the product manager, food for short said that they almost like bolding YouTube again. So it's really a re-imagining of the platform and it's breathing, breathing a lot of life and excite and back into the platform. So in many ways, YouTube is actually going back to its roots because founded in 2005, the sign first took off with brief of viral videos, think Charlie, but by forget and those kind of era videos, over time it struggled to become profitable and became inundated with crummy, clickbait and YouTube ads. Algorithmic is in 2012, YouTube again prioritizing the amount of time that any particular video are engaged in severe. So the longer the Beta. And so we sold longer and longer and longer YouTube. That is, something else It's interesting to note is that when you previously these to upload videos in order for you to run a middle add so those ads in the middle and not just at the end and the beginning, you actually have to have a video over ten minute fears, which has subsequently been changed to eight minutes. So definitely there's a shift back to slightly shorter content, even when you disregard Eugene Schwartz in the years that followed the company Persistence creates us to make the lung of material with higher production value to better compete. And television where most of our advertising dollars off obviously still spent. Eventually most YouTubers central somewhere between ten to 20 minute train. And YouTube grew into fermentable business with the $20 billion in advertising revenue base. Really interesting to see how YouTube shorts that's kind of turning things on its head. And it's definitely going to be a new way in which we all consume and video content bear in mind with video basics. There is whether you're creating a short or a YouTube video, you definitely still need to use what I like to call the HIV framework, which has a hook. And so that is really going to be that initial piece of a video that get someone excited. So maybe a controversial statement or the punchline of the joke, and then do it in an unexpected way in which someone actually continues to watch you. They need your introduction. You then need to give you a value. So make sure that you're compensating the use of full partner with their attention. And then finally, have some kind of in screen pitch or a call to action which indicates what you actually wanting that to use it to do as a result of having watched your video. And as I said that this is true regardless of what kind of video you make. But YouTube is ready to jot down this framework and keep it in the back of your mind when you create. 6. Choosing Video Topics for your Channel : All right, next up, let's talk about how you can actually go about choosing a topic for your YouTube video. So even though you want to sit down and create exactly what it is that you'll hot pleases. If your aim is to rank in the Google search algorithm via YouTube, you're going to be quite strategic in terms of which topics do you actually go off to? So one of my favorite YouTubers, Sarah DT, definitely go and check out her towel. She has the mantra of one and one for me. So she knows that the video is that she wants to create may not be the ones that are based performing. And similarly, her audience may want to see something different from, hey, even if it's not necessarily something that she wants to shoot. So bear in mind that the two might be slightly at odds with one another. So having that combination is going to be the base I believed for success. For me, for example, because I'm making educational videos about digital marketing, the tools that I like to use on Google Trends. So actually seeing what are the platforms that have those breakouts spikes, and seeing where that switch interests is coming from, you get a lot of insight from your analytics. So I'll learn, for example, the bulk of my audience or in India and Indonesia, can really do some research into what is that market looking at to find and stumbled across on YouTube, which is very different from my own point of reference as a creates a living in South Africa. So as far as possible you're going to want to have data at your fingertips in order to make these kinds of decisions. Theme that you'll also use a third party tools. So for example, I love using to Buddy. This is going to give you a really good indication in terms of awaiting. So whether a particular topic is well waited for your platform. And in general, if it's a good search term. So really what they are going to be showing you is whether or not there's a lot of search interests for that search term. Competition is like so. Ideally, of course, you're wanting to find keywords or topics of them have high interests with low competition. That however, is probably the nirvana. We kind of in a place where there's so much content about everything on YouTube. The tutor's going to want to look for a school that is nice midrange. So for me on to Valley, for example, I'll only creates a video if it has a score of over 60 out of a 100. But most of the time I'm looking for a score of 18 class out of a 100. You can use the free version of to Betty and instead of giving you an unweighted score and a weighted score with a way to being the one that's tailored to your platform. It's just going to give you an unweighted score and say all things being equal. It's giving us a good indication that actually in the same way that you get domain authority when it comes to search engine optimization on a particular topic. In the same way, It's like either by videos on WhatsApp for business like under Frank, better than the next president because there is so much history on my platform OF MY referencing that keyword over and over again. So those are two kind of key ways in which I do it. The other options I'm still looking for that IQ, as well as a third platform, which is also really, really helpful and kind of in the same vein, and that's keywords, everything. So those are the three tools that I would really suggest using attempts of third party. And then the first-party stuff is really going to be your YouTube Studio app as one google Trends to I hope that helps you in terms of thinking about topics. Of course, though you can also take a very unscientific approach and just observe. What do you enjoy watching and tried to emulate that. But don't be this hot. And because as I say, you may go off to keywords that are quite competitive and that might be the reason that you'll videos are not doing as well as maybe you had hoped. 7. Thumbstopping Thumbnails: As a YouTuber, one of the most important aspects of your video is actually the thumbnail. Because a thumbnail is that small image that's representing so much. It's representing the entirety of your video and is what is used to entice your viewers to click and to wash your content. So an eye-catching thumbnail can make all the difference in your video getting noticed among the thousands of other people on the platform. It's the difference between one view and 1 million view is in essence, in this section I'm going to be sharing some tips on how you can make your thumb stopping thumbnails that much easier. So first off, you're going to want to start with high-quality images. So this is the absolute first step because if you're using a video stole that's maybe a slightly poorer quality or it might be a little bit blurry or pixelated. It really doesn't make a good first impression. It's going to already on the fact that your video might not be as professional as other videos. The ones that people are clicking on are typically the ones on the clearest and the most visually appealing. I do use Canva to create all of my thumbnails, which I can share a little bit more information about us. But effectively it's going to help you to upload whatever videos you need, overlay whatever stock photos or elements you need. And hey presto, you're also going to want to use vibrant colors. So using more bright and vibrant colors are typically what's going to help you to grab a viewer's attention and using colors or compliment your video content and make your thumbnail pop up are so essential in addition to playing with color, I would also suggest playing with contrast because that is also a key way in order to draw attention to the thumbnails, main subject or main message, you can also add texts. So there's various schools of thought on this. E.g. I know Ali Abdullah advocated for transitioning away from texts. But in some instances, one or two words that are concise and easy to read can help you to stand out and showcase what the video is about, but certainly limited to using fonts and typography. Also a lovely way to add personality to your thumbnail, make it unique and to be honest, just on-brand, but you do want to keep it simple. So remembering to keep your thumbnail simple and uncluttered is just as important. So avoid using too many images, text or colors that could confuse the viewer and make the thumbnail look messy because you want the focus to be on your video's main subject. Therefore, everything about the design that needs to be simple, clear, and pointing attention to that. And then you want a degree of consistency. Consistency is key when it comes to creating thumbnails for a YouTube channel, because you want people to know that it's uniquely. You are using a similar style, color scheme or font across your thumbnails is often what is used to establish a brand and making a channel recognizable. It's actually really important real estate that people take for granted. So you can actually improve the chances of getting clicks and views if people know e.g. it's one of your high-quality videos. And with most things in digital marketing, you're going to want to test and improve. Tasting and improving your thumbnails over time is key. You can always retrospectively change the thumbnail if need be. I have done this many times in my YouTube journey because you might notice that you're not getting the clicks and the views that you want and you may not have 100% happy with that thumbnail. In any case, the changing into something different and seeing how that affects the click-through rate or CTR, can often be a really important educational exercise. So the conclusion it creates an eye-catching thumbnails is a super important part of YouTube video creation. And by using high-quality images, start with the best possible chance. Non side with vibrant colors, add some clear text, but being all the while, they're on consistent branding, you're going to really create thumbnails that stand out and hopefully attract viewers to watch your invaluable content. Hoping that with these tips that you can take her YouTube channel to the next level. And remember, a great thumbnail is the first step to getting a lot of views on your video. 8. Choosing your Equipment : All right. Next let's talk about equipment. Oh my goodness, this is such a headache slash hot egg slash your credit card dying. Kind of a discussion that I think is really important for us to have. So I started with the database. I mentioned that I studied photography, so I started with a super old camera that was really are the designed before photography and videography. And I ran on that for quite some time. I then had to upgrade because I wanted an external microphone. If I can give you one piece of advice is that people will put up with a lot of things, but they will not poor audio quality. So at the very minimum, you need a jack and you'll camera, which allows for an external mic, and then some kind of microphone. So I've tried every different kind. I've tried those webcam ones that actually sit on the table in front of you. And then try to lavalier mike, which other ones that clip onto top. And then the one that I'm currently using Alto, swing it into the shot. So that's actually a Rode video, my Pro, which I found to be my absolute favorite because you can put it on a arm above your table and not have to worry. So whether I'm giving training or speaking on YouTube Skillshare, it's equally easy for me to really set up and I just leave that all sit up in my studio. Then in terms of the camera, let me just circle back. I then upgraded to a video camera with a microphone jack, but still wasn't crazy about it. It was a DSLR. And then I've since subsequently upgraded one more time and to a mirrorless camera, and I'm now using the Canon year is our mirrorless. It's definitely still an entry level camera, but you'll see from my policy it looks pretty crisp. I love it. And the lens that I use in the 50 millimeter Canon lens, which is a fixed lens, which means I can zoom in or out. And it does mean that I am quite far from the camera. So yeah, I mean, you're going to have a great indication of depth, but I'm normally about one or two meters away from my camera when I full with us lanes. And that's really been the base that, uh, for me, it goes back on and it looks pretty and it's really kind of meets the need in terms of what I'm going for. In terms of lighting, I do it will say have a Hailar lights that I literally bought from Chinatown for no money at all. And that served me super well. And then I will sit do you have all your panels which I'll share with you guys, which I'll basically just to kinda help with that occur in what is essentially a tiled roof. So everyone is going to have their own preference like Canvas and they con, it's very much iOS, android and so on and so forth. Then you could go around in circles, but I do not want to spend a lot of money because YouTube at this point is very much a passion project of mine. Even when it comes to the tripod. My Manfrotto tripod, I'm sad to say is actually lying on the floor and I don't use it as bent. And then I have a referral from a man fraught and pixie, which are the small tripods which I put on top of a box. So again, don't spend too much money, it will try and reinvent the wheel. You really just need something that's going to suit your means. But it will come down to a lot of factors including whether you have vlogging. I, for example, don't flog. So the 50 millimeter lens leads me perfectly. But if I needed to get a lot more in or out of focus, I'm going to battle with a fixed lens. So take it or leave it. That's kind of how I've approached by equipment. I've just really tried not to complicate things too much so that it's not overwhelming. Also bear in mind that the more you're going to sit up when you sit down to foam, probably the less likely you are going to fall. So reducing the friction in that process. And then finally, when it comes to it and saying, again, I have tried so many different instances. The first way that I tried was with Camtasia Studio. That's brilliant editing app. If you're starting out as a beginner, I then switch to iMovie. I've done Premier Pro and I'm not individually sheet resolve. So again, so many pros and cons regardless of which one you choose to use. I would say that I'm movie. It was one of my favorites when I was on a MacBook, Apple computer. But I really do enjoy the Vinci Resolve. I've since changed to Dell Computers icon, She's iMovie. I really get a lot of joy out of Da Vinci, but it is a little bit more complicated and save need. You need quite a little bit more YouTube tutorials in terms of kind of work it out. If you're an entry level person, Camtasia is also great because it allows lot of animations and transitions that you probably wouldn't be able to work out in a dementia resolved. But it really depends on how much time you're willing to invest in editing as a whole. Also bear in mind that a lot of YouTubers do Alice will stay the same. So it's not just say that you have to necessarily becomes editing Pro. Well there it is good to have some level of proficiency and edit saying just so you can get it to the point we able to actually all sources. So those are my camera equipment and basics. Please do let me know in the comments again, if you have any specific questions, but it'll typically come down to a lot of googling and watching YouTube reviews of cameras and mix and so forth. 9. Camera Considerations: When it comes to choosing a camera for YouTube, there are several different options which you can consider. These include mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras, and vlog cameras typically, now, each type of camera, of course, has its pros and cons that in today's video, we're going to be discussing the key differences between these various types of cameras, which may be a good fit for you. You of course want to feel like you're making an informed decision because it is often an expensive one. Mirrorless cameras, let's start there. They are becoming increasingly popular among vloggers and YouTubers do today, compact size, as well as more advanced features coupled with high-quality image and video output. So they are similar to DSLR cameras in terms of the image quality, but they are typically smaller and lighter. So mirrorless cameras do use electronic viewfinder, which offers several benefits over optical viewfinders because you can see real-time previews of exposure and white balance. They also have particularly fast auto-focus that can shoot in high resolution video format, which is great. I actually do use a mirrorless camera, which I transitioned into from a DSLR would highly recommend, definitely lighter and more compact. Some of the more popular ones that people do use for vlogging can be the Sony A7 three, the Fujifilm X t4, and the Canon EOS R. I'm using the Canon EOS R P DSLR cameras literally took the world by storm. So they have for the longest time being the go-to choice for photographers and videographers, which is a little bit being offset by the mirrorless trend. So they do offer advanced manual control over their exposure focus, which means you are 100% in control over how your videos come out. And they also do have a wide range of lenses available, which means that it's easy to switch between different focal lengths and different effects effectively do bear in mind though, e.g. I'm using a mirrorless camera with a DSLR lens, in which case you just need an adapter, but it is slightly different in terms of the size of that attachment. So you can't just put them on one versus the other without that attachment. Finally, let's discuss flood cameras. So vlog cameras are designed specifically for flagging and they do offer several features that make them ideal for this purpose. So they typically really small. You can put them in your handbag, very lightweight and they are super easy to use, which is what's going to be so good from a vlogging perspective, critically, you want to flip out screens. So either one that flips out like this or like this. And you need to be able to see yourself by full moon because it's easier to get the perfect shot you want to see if there's something distracting behind you and so forth. So vlogging cameras do typically have built-in microphones, but often people are just using those mini road add-on microphones because otherwise the audio is unlikely to be great, especially if you're in the wind. They do typically have smaller sensors which can restrict the image and video quality, but certainly they're still brilliant. So in conclusion, the type of camera that you're going to be choosing for YouTube is ultimately going to depend on your key needs and preferences. I absolutely loved Motorola's, so that would always be my suggestion. But if you want to go more of logarithms, I would suggest then maybe getting a slightly smaller one. This law grades, but they are a little bit bigger. So if you want more manual control over your videos, but you are willing to carry around a hefty a camera than maybe a DSLR is for you. Ultimately, the most important thing is to match up the kind of content that you're hoping to produce, the camera that you need so that you can produce the best possible output. 10. Traits you'll Need to Work On : All right, next up we're going to talk about traits that you need to work on. So there are a number of different shades that I would recommend working on when it comes to YouTube. But the first is probably just tenacity. Because initially I really felt like who would want to watch me talk about digital marketing? What equips me more than the next person. And the honest onset is nothing, nothing equipped see more than the next person It's ready that will to succeed. And the wolves have become thought of as a thought leader. So I think one of the key traits in addition to tenacity is realizing you're going to have a lot of patients and work on that. So work on understanding it's not a case of getting immediate results, which really is going to be something that she pulled it time and their resilience around that. So just because you will most recent video tanked, it's not to say that you're a terrible YouTube ad. It's almost like some days you wake up in a good mood and some days you wake up in a less good read. So it's really all about whether in that storm and riding some of those tough times. I, for example, don't receive a lot of negative commentary typically on my platform because I do stay away from controversial topics. I'm also known of logos. So you couldn't necessarily criticize my lifestyle or anything like that because I'm quite a private person. I like to keep it to the educational content, but I do, of course get the odd naked some comment that's just turnkey and constructive. So I think the bidder that you're able to acknowledge a negative comment or a troll for what it is, the easier it becomes to be on the platforms. So I'll definitely say that when I first started on the platform and I got one negative comment on telling you that rent my week to the point that I couldn't sit down and form because I just felt so hung up on this particular comment. And now I find myself being a little bit pull sassy, particularly to people who comment on constructive things. For example, someone said to me the other day that my video was overly promotional, hope it wasn't a promotional tool. And I said to have, you know, thanks for the feedback. Like could you clarify in terms of what exactly is so emotional about this piece of video content. And of course, this person wrote back some turkey BE authentic response. And I just thought to myself, I probably shouldn't even give them the time of day in terms of trying to understand what they're trying to say. But in that instance, that did kind of feel good to make the person realize there's a person behind the screen and being unconstructed would read in the comics. It's just yeah, just indicates to someone that clearly has other issues going on in their life. So definitely just pulling out that resilience and keeping into the positive side of the internet. Often talked to my students about curating content diets. So I like to only follow YouTubers who made me feel super up, lifted as super inspired and I unfollowed everyone else. It's kind of unfollowing was trolls as well when it comes to being a creates on the platform. 11. Confidence on Camera: Being on camera can be super intimidating, and this is even the case for experienced professionals, however, believe you meet with practice and the right mindset. Literally anyone can become a confidence speaking on camera. I'm an introvert and look at b. After four years, I really have found my stride. I hope talking to a camera, and I do feel a lot more comfortable and confident when talking on a camera than what I did when I started off. So I'm going to be sharing a few tips. The first of which is practice, practice, practice. The first step of becoming confident on camera is quite literally to sit in your bedroom and hit record that video footage does not need to go any way, but you do need to start by recording yourself speaking to the camera, even if it's just with your smartphone, I would suggest watching the physician may be taking notes on where you think you can improve. I noticed e.g. that I did use to say, I'm an R a lot which made post-production or editing quite tricky, but you'll start to avoid the things that make your life harder down the line, but you can't change your spots over one sitting. So also be kind to yourself. I would also suggest knowing what you want to say to either writing an outline, I like to use Notion for this, or I'll actually write a full script. It's super handy because then you're not starting with cod blinds as you sit down. It's going to really help you to be more confident with the material can reduce the risks of mistakes and therefore you're editing time to then relaxed. It is so easy to feel nervous before filming, but you want to relax as much as possible. Take those deep breaths, stretch, and do whatever you need to do to help you feel more relaxed because that is going to be what helps you to appear confident and natural on the camera. Next step is to make eye contact. So making eye contact with the camera is a super effective way of just seeming super confident, engaging with your audience, and appearing really into what you're saying. So by looking directly into the camera lens as if you're speaking to a person is really going to help, or even just imagining speaking to your best friend. This is going to help you to connect with your audience in the most natural way possible. You also want to be yourself. So one of the biggest mistakes that people can make when they start out on YouTube. It's trying to be someone that they're not trying to radically alter the way that they speak or their accent. Do not try to mimic someone else's style or personality. Feel self and nature, natural personality shine through. I'm South African, I have what I think is quite a strong South African accent. I just embrace it. It's going to help you to connect with your audience. Many fellow Africans will come in on my YouTube channel and pick up on that. But I think it just does make me seem very genuine that I'm leaning into that. The next thing to bear in mind is to use gestures in moderation. But it does typically come across like you're confident and quite engaged. And so it can help you to emphasize your points as well as adding a little bit of energy and possess TO delivery. How do be mindful of using gestures because it can become distracting when someone's talking like this. You also want to practice positive self-talk. So before forming, practice that positive self-talk, audio confidence arises in your bullet journal telling yourself you can do this and you are prepared, visualize yourself speaking confidently on camera and imagining a positive outcome like a brand reaching out. A colleague saying, I really loved your latest video. This is going to be what's going to help you to approach filming with a positive mindset and hopefully reduce that anxiety when you're feeling really, I would suggest getting some feedback from others, particularly boyfriends, partners, BSTs, moms, dads, anyone who is going to be constructive in their feedback. The last thing you want is negative feedback that you can't really do anything with it. You want to take any comments with a pinch of salt, use anything that's constructive to channel yourself in a better direction. Become so obsessed with it that it puts you off entirely. So remember, speaking to a camera does take practice, but you do need the right mindset and you need to go into relaxed and somewhat comfortable because the camera never lies. You can always tell when someone's like a bit fidgety or a bit anxious. So just try your best to imagine that you are your highest self. You're showing up as your highest self. Is that positive self-talk and practice as much as you possibly can in order to build your skills and confidence. If you're wondering how I do it, I do use a teleprompter in some instances where I want to be sure of exactly what I'm saying. Times I'll talk off the cuff and so you can try it or practice a combination of those two approaches and see what works better for you when you start out with the teleprompter, it can seem quite robotic. That takes some time to get over. And similarly speaking off the cuff, you can kind of go down a rabbit hole, seem very rambling if you want a mix of both of those approaches in order to feel natural and come across as genuine as possible. But both approaches would take time and patience. Otherwise, you can jot down in your notes in a notion, have it on your phone, blinds down between texts, but also bear in mind that you can overlay. Maybe you're looking slightly aside to the camera at your computer, e.g. with B-roll. So just because your face on camera doesn't mean you can't cover up the Z is at 0, cover up where your eyes are averted with something like B-roll. When I did MK PhDs course, It's actually something that he does. So I felt very affirmed that this is something that even professional YouTubers do. They're not actually looking at the camera 100 per cent of the time. They're probably looking at it 90% of the time. And if they do glance at a laptop, e.g. it'll be covered by other bits of footage. So I hope that helps as they topped up to. 12. When to Post & How Frequently : Arise when to post and how frequently does this such a great question I love on a string and so it's going to be different for everyone. But as a broad rule of thumb, I would say ideally, you want to be uploading twice a week on the platform at the exact same time? Not even I can get this right. I typically only afterload once a week because as I say, my time is limited at the moment, Tituba, as soon as I'm in a position to obligate from t f my frequency. And what this allows is signaling to your algorithm that you are a frequent, creates a that is reliable, responsible, and generates and content in a way that's very sustainable. So That's really what the YouTube algorithm is looking for. However, bear in mind that when to upload is going to be so vastly different depending on where your audience is and in what time zone they end. So for example, I often look in my analytics is a beautiful heat graph which I will put on the screen, which basically shows you day-to-day when it's going to be best for you. My kind of key time in which to upload is normally around four PM on a Monday and a Wednesday, if I'm not mistaken. So I do try and alternate between those two all there ideally, it would be one on a Monday and one on a Wednesday. So it's all in the data, you just have to know it with look. And that's really going to help you with your growth as one. 13. Features & Considerations of Youtube: All right, Next let's talk about features and considerations on YouTube. So another factor to consider when it comes to uploading is the fact that you don't just have to do stock standard episodes every week. You can use something called YouTube Premier, which basically says that you're going to be online for the 10 relative to that video goes live. So it's almost like simulating the live environment with having something pre-recorded, but still being able to answer Q&A from your fans. And it helps with engagement. Of course, there's obviously mixed schools of thoughts in terms of whether this impacts the longer-term success of your videos. So for example, does a premier actually results in a longer or a bigger reach? And my short answer, I have tried both Premier and normal alkaloids. It makes no difference in terms of reach and gems of lives there. If you go live on YouTube, as is the case with Instagram and Facebook, the algorithm is differently going to reward you. And so they want you to go live on your platform. Although I do understand that for a lot of creators, this is super scary and not something that you necessarily do easily. We're live streaming is ready, obviously taken off social media space by storm and YouTube has jumped on this bandwagon. So YouTube Live is an incredible live streaming feature that enables you to engage customers or consumers in numerous interesting ways. And since it was rolled out in 2011, YouTube's livestream functionality has also changed the way that video content is consumed by people. So people are much more likely actually to watch a live stream on YouTube and I rage video, believe it or not, the inclination of consumers towards live streaming is gradually eroding the consumption levels of regular videos. In fact, consumers spend eight times longer watching live video then video-on-demand. Someone who does this really well if you have not checked him out is Meet Kevin. I love watching him even though I'm not based in the US, that I'm not necessarily particularly financially a faith. He does YouTube really well and he does a lot of lives. So if you want any input, I would suggest looking at that in terms of how this premia actually works, you're actually going to sit and type in your description and your product title when you upload your first video and you're going to see a screen that is the fourth step in your journey called visibility, which allows you different options. So either saving or publishing or scheduling for the future. When you select schedule, you can also click that tick box which says, say does Premier, which is going to dictate that you're going to be live or for those 10 minutes, as I say it, the YouTube video goes live. In terms of YouTube ads. We just want to circle back here for a second. So the dwindling fortunate TV ads has meant that the odds of different TV turned in favor of YouTube ads. And today many brands are investing more money into YouTube. So this is super understandable from a brand perspective because it's less expensive than TV and it can often reach more customers. Other compelling statistics to mention as the consumers primarily watching YouTube on mobile during prime time, 75 percent of adults are watching YouTube at home on their mobile devices and paid YouTube mobile advertising is 84 percent more likely to garner consumer attention than TV ads. So definitely YouTube ads are a big feature of YouTube, which more and more we see that YouTube premium gets pushed in order to stop you from seeing one of those ads in terms of popular content types on YouTube. It's studied by peer research found that 51 percent of people are turning to YouTube looking to learn, while 28% say they've isn't a pass time. With this in mind, using video on YouTube to address five categories all buyers are researching is going to be really handy. So we call this the Big Five. So if you're making videos about costing and pricing, a problem, so it's that thing that you've overcome or something that you can potentially get into, spend someone else overcoming comparisons. So canon versus knock-on, For example, based off of this, like based on cost based practice and so forth. For me on my channel I know is just that any video that has something like tips, tools, tricks and hacks. And the title does really well because it's snappy kind of value packed content. And then finally review. So if you posted or via video and it maybe didn't work for you, it might be a case of just revisiting the Big Five and seeing what are some of the other video content types you can try out. But of course there's so many more than the ones I've just mentioned. There's common tree, there's product reviews, this how-to tutorials, top list, comedy challenge or meme reaction, Q and a and TV docu series, educational music video, narrative, gaming, sports, and something I've recently gotten into ASMR. This is a huge, huge, huge category in YouTube. And for good reason it really is relaxing as it were uncertain, but it is in terms of some of the brand objectives that get made some video when you put your brown cap on. Think of the marketing funnel in the traditional sense, which is basically awareness, consideration down to conversion and someone actually buying from you. So a lot more research has been done in the role of fear and actually how this can play a role at each different stage. So it's no longer just about saying at the very bottom of the funnel, for example, you've already converted and bought and software saying how to use our video afterload or for example, it's no longer just being used for that. It's being used for every stage from prospecting a customer all the way down to customer support. So you can meet objectives like building awareness, expanding products, increasing sales, increase in tropical customer on-boarding. And that'll dictate a lot of what video content you're actually going to shoot. 14. SEO on Youtube: To engine optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing your content to rank higher in search engine results pages or SERP is. Aco can help to get your content discovered by the people that are looking for the kinds of things that you're talking about on YouTube. Seo is super important because it's going to be what's going to result in you getting views and friends of your target audience. So in this video, we're going to be discussing how is here works on YouTube specifically, and how I suggest optimizing your videos to get them to rank higher in the search results. Let's start off with keyword research. The first thing you're gonna wanna do is identify keywords that your target audiences actually searching for. So I would suggest using tools like Google's Keyword Planner, AH, reps or SEM rush. All of these are going to help you to find keywords related to your key topic or niche, your title and description on number two, they are super important factors in order to get you to rank and your YouTube search results. Because YouTube nodes to know what you are trying to push in this video. So it needs to be engaging in order to encourage plex whilst also being informative and including target keywords to also be sure to add relevant hashtags about what the video is about. Your thumbnail is a really important thing that people are going to see when browsing YouTube. So this is also going to help you because once they have searched that search term, still going to appear with a lot of competition. So therefore, your thumbnail is going to be what's going to impact that as click-through rates and therefore ultimately affects your search rankings. Content of your video goes without saying needs to be high-quality, it needs to be engaging and of course informative to YouTube's algorithm is going to consider watch time as a particularly important ranking factor because when someone's clicked, you want them to watch for as long as possible, making sure to include your target keyword in the video content, as well as providing value to your audience throughout all super-important, your engagement metrics also really Critical. So those would include things like likes, dislikes, comments, and shares. And this also goes into one big equation when it comes to ranking your videos, encouraging viewers to engage with your content by asking questions, responding to your comments, and then just generally providing value to them in the comments section can all help with SEO. And you want to make sure your talent as a whole is optimized, making sure that it is branded. It has somewhat of a consistent theme and includes relevant keywords and the channel name and the tunnel description. And you're going to want to make sure you link your website and your social media accounts can audit to improve your overall presence. And finally, YouTube Analytics is a great way to track your progress and make adjustments to your SEO strategy as needed, because you can see which keywords are driving the traffic to your videos and how long people are actually watching those videos form. So which are the ones that are performing the best, which are applying the worst. And then you can optimize your content strategy and your SEO accordingly. So SEO is critical in terms of getting your videos in front of your target audience on YouTube. And so by conducting keyword research, optimizing your title and description, creating engaging thumbnails, providing high-quality content, encouraging engagement and optimizing your channel with the use of analytics are all going to be absolute gold mines when it comes to improving both those search rankings and the growth of your audience in general. 15. SEO Best Practise on Youtube: All right, incentives, the base year guys practice. There's quite a few things to bear in mind when you do athlete a YouTube video. So one of the main things is a high res, high contrast thumbnails. So this is going to dictate whether people click on your video in any instance. And even if your video is amazing quality, if your thumbnail is terrible, It's unlikely that anyone is going to click. So how I like to create my thumbnails is I use a tool called Canva. I D pitch or prop up the background or behind the scenes. And then it's typically be outlined and then a bright color. And there's definitely different schools of thoughts around. So I have copy on those thumbnails or not. I've kinda erred on the side of no coffee more recently and I have noticed that as performing a little bit better, I'll just pop a number on the screen in terms of what is a good performing a thumbnail and what is a bad performing thumbnail in terms of click-through rates, in terms of the benchmarks which I have researched for you guys. So also interesting to note, what is good in terms of industry standards. Then it's also important to kinda comment when a video goes live sick, either your own comment or someone that's saved great video make for example. And hot a comment as well. So this was all signaling THE that your online that even if you've shade yield your video that you very much engaging with that audience, then info cards or what appear in the top right-hand corner. When you might say, I actually have a video about that and then something pops up. That's something that you add when you, after I do a YouTube video. And so definitely that's also going to help engage your audience by directing them in different areas. And something to bear in mind with this, it's quite interesting is if you see, for example, that your attention rage drops off athletes, say 10 percent into a video at the 10 percent mark, you're probably going to want to actually add one of those info cards that allows someone to find a more suitable video if the one that they watching because in something that they are looking for, because that of course keeps them in your ecosystem as opposed to going to a different platform altogether or different person on Egypt. I'm putting it on Facebook, so good indication to YouTube and then adding timestamps. So this is a super straightforward process. You literally just add two timestamps in your description. I will also put that on the screen in terms of what that Timestamp would look like and then how that actually appears on a YouTube video. This is an imperative voice year and instead of being favorite more and more by Google of late. Then the end screen we mentioned is going to be that animates and in cod that says, if fun, I make full content for argument's sake. And this is a rid of inferior to the field. Adding captions is super handy. I, for example, recently uploaded a video. Of course, I had to add captions in English for people that don't understand German. So that's a good one in terms of AC or otherwise, you're basically giving YouTube the free license to kind of use the closed captions, which may or may not be totally accurate. So you can actually offload a file format which allows YouTube to know exactly what you were saying, security if speaking a different language, tagging. So using Mesa tags to tell you what your video is about, YouTube has kind of said that this is normally more misspellings than anything else. So if people typically misspell your name, it might be with adding a bunch of different Meta tags of alternate spellings of rename. Having an SEO optimized title is absolutely everything. I do notice with brand Charles, particularly as they don't necessarily have the brand name in every video. And what then happens is you search for that particular brand and that competitor content will come up or influence. So there's potentially who'd chat about that product like maybe a sheen of all. But then machine's actual official channel isn't actually coming up. So this is a good way of kind of getting around it. If you have any familiarity of SCR, you'll learn that an H1 tag or a hitting tab is really important to a search engine. And in the same way you would title is going to be as important to Google. And then of course, using hashtags as well. I like to use all three hashtags on every video that helped also aid that organic visibility in terms of the timestamps, as I said, this how it looks. And this is a super straightforward description formats or HH, MM is, and that's going to be something that you just pop in your description added hyperlinks. And so if someone wants to skip forward, they easily able to do that. This is where your hashtags but have kids. So for example, you can see how the older ones up, but that one had built about online and Whatsapp bought us hashtags. It also has a clear call to action in terms of a Bitly link wage I want you to go. And particularly because I like creating Skillshare classes, I might want to include, for example, my Skillshare affiliate link at that point as well. So to summarize with how YouTube toolkit, these are, of course, all the different platforms that you are going to be kind of including and you'll optimal and taking with you pass this course to ensure that you always stay up to date with the latest trends as well as during any of your keyword research. On the left, you can see Google trends and how that looks in terms of what people are searching for. And on the right you can see Keywords Everywhere. Keywords Everywhere does require you to buy credits depending on how many search terms you are looking for. So that's why I don't choose that one. But certainly I think Google Trends, it's brilliant. And then this is really going to be the over view in terms of what you're gonna see on even chew buddy orbit IQ. So here I'm comparing WhatsApp for business and services. What is that? And it says the pie weighted score is very good, 79 out of a 100, which would indicate that In video topic that I would then choose to go ahead with. And then some of that leaf, that IQ is doing a very similar thing. I believe they both have freemium options. You don't necessarily have to pay for the paid subscription, but obviously it does limit you a little bit in terms of functionality. This is a high contrast, a thumbnail. I love these examples that you're fired who could not click on that beautiful red thumbnail? It is beautiful. And the average click-through rates, like I mentioned earlier, it's going to be four to 5%. That's a, an average that you really wanted to strive to be kind of on Paul, we're above that. But the click-through rate is going to fluctuate very much so depending on how that thumbnail looks, many creates a very open about the fact as long on the thumbnail is what they do in the video. They have people dedicated just to designing thumbnails and AV taste to maintain high click-through rate. So they'll, for example, have two different thumbnails uploaded into something like to Betty and they'll chase did with an immediate control group of people and then serve the thumbnail that's actually delivering the best results. So there are a lot of tips and tricks that are going on behind the scenes that are not immediately apparent to beginning YouTubers, like your eyes. So hopefully that is shed some light on that. 16. Youtube Monetization : All right guys, the next step, let's talk about G2 magnetization. And this is of course, a very popular topic because many is involved. And so I'm going to be sharing with you some of my favorite creators who speak how to openly on the topic of magnetization, as well as my own experience with monetization. So the first thing to bear in mind is that you need for 1000 hours of watch time and 11000 subscribers in order to even be eligible for monetization. And only then do you become part of the AdSense program. So one of the creators who I do like to watch his videos about monetization is Ali of Dahl. He really is the North Star in terms of how much many YouTube can pay you. And he's also a instruct on the Skillshare platform. So I can also link to DOM balloon for you guys. He's a doctor to YouTube and who makes videos about productivity taken stoicism. And in 2020, he earned over a million pounds over him at $1.3 million. And full, the South African has a magnitude of 20 plus million rand just from YouTube, Skillshare, affiliate marketing or sales and those kinds of Internet streams. So definitely he is making a bank on the platform as is someone like AMK PhD. Mark is broadly, he's amazing if you haven't yet checked him out. Also as Skillshare instructor, and also making a bank on YouTube. So do you take him out further than the 4 thousand hours, than the 1 thousand subscribers you do need to bear in mind that the advertising needs to be advertiser friendly. So you'll content can be something that someone wouldn't want to bid on, sorry, anything political or racially driven or anything contentious of any kind is not going to be good for your advertisers. And you want evergreen content which lost in terms of its long, David sees something like a blog for example. It'll typically the credit quickly, whereas something that's more evergreen is going to be a hub to use one central business is actually going to take you on an upward trajectory. Bear in mind that you achieved Schwartz's not actively monitor lizards and yet there's that program that's just select creates us. But certainly that'll also be something that comes into my fate soon. And content longer than eight minutes can have the mineral ads and so, and you definitely do know just the people push the video into the eighth minute mark in order to have ads in the beginning, the middle, and the end. Bear in mind also that g2 takes 25 percent of your ad revenue and that creates a is in getting 55 percent. But that YouTube has paid over 2 billion years done is to partners in the last five years, according to HootSuite in 2021. And the ways in which YouTubers are of course making many are things like memberships and supers, which we spoke about in the very beginning of this class. So AdSense is not the only way to monetize, as well as all the other platforms like affiliate marketing, where people are making money from promoting particular product. From a brand perspective, they are loads of different ad formats. So it's things like true view, discovery and tribute and stream. There's also a bumper ads with the 6 second ads and then finally non-scalable ads to so depending on an object of, from a brand, they're able to easily find a format that's going to match with it. It's a longer-form videos, shorter form video ad, and so on and so forth. So differently from a brand perspective, there's any amount of video ad formats and this is of course what is paying those creates his goals. 17. The metrics that matter: When it comes to measuring the success of a YouTube tunnel, that they are simple metrics that really do matter. And these are what creates it should be paying their attention too. Not all matrix actually equally important. So sometimes when you're starting out, it's quite challenging to determine which are the ones that matter most. Which one should I be looking at? In this section we're going to be discussing which stats matter most when it comes to the success or failure of a YouTube channel. So first off is views and views as a tricky one because very important, but in the beginning, very hard to get. This metric is of course, showing you how many times someone has watched your video. And it's often a good indication of your channels overall popularity. That being said, it's not the be-all and end-all because views alone are not going to guarantee you success on the platform. So if the videos are not engaging once you've clicked and started watching and they're not that relevant, you might not actually end up seeing the growth that you want, but certainly it's quite a good vanity metric. And if nothing else, the second one which is super-important is the watch time. Once someone's clicked and started watching your video, how much are they actually watching of it? It's a critical metric because it's going to influence how often your videos are suggested two views. The more watch time a video can generate, the more likely they are going to be in order to be recommended to new viewers. Additionally, YouTube rewards at channels that can keep viewers engaged with longer wait times because there's no surprises. They want people on the platform for as long as possible. Third metric is subscribe account. So it is an important metric to track because it's going to help you to understand where you started and where you're going, and how many people have actually decided to follow your channel further than just watch one video actually commit to coming on this journey with you. So whilst subscribers don't always equal views, having a loyal subscriber base is going to help boost your engagement and lead to more views over time. But Ali Abdullah likes to say that between one-third and one fifth of your subscriber base you would hope is watching your videos, but this really does depend on the growth and the size of your channel. Next, let's talk about engagements. Engagement is a super broad term that encompasses a variety of different metrics. So that would include things like likes, comments, and shares. But this metric is pretty critical because it's showing how people are reacting and responding to your contact list of engagement because of course going to help your tunnels visibility, which is why people like grabs Stephan and system saying smash the Like button. And it's going to help to create the community around your brand. Negative engagement, such as dislikes and negative comments could be an indicator that you might need to adjust your content strategy that because that's ever evolving, he's all data points, right? So we need to bear that in mind. Finally, revenue is of course, an important metric because it could Gavin, e.g. whether you outsource your video editing or things like that. It's not the be-all and end-all. Certainly it can show you how effectively you able to monetize your channel. And if you have a good fit with your consumer, but you want to balance out those revenue goals because let me tell you, it's not a money spinner in the beginning, I'm very open with my earnings on YouTube and they pale in comparison to many of my other income streams, but it doesn't mean that I'm going to stop anytime soon. So you do need to balance these metrics, whether it's Views, Subscribers engagement and revenue are some of the most important metrics to track, but we also don't want to be in a state of analysis paralysis. Maybe check them once a week or once a month, but don't get absolutely wrapped up in them. They should help you to indicate what is working and what isn't and what you can tweak and change that by paying attention to these key stats, you're hoping to find areas for improvement and ways in which to continue to grow your channel and hopefully nitrous become de-motivated. 18. Youtube Analytics : All right, finally, let's talk about YouTube Analytics. This is also a favorite topic of mine because it is just so juicy. So in terms of your tunnel analytics, when you log onto the desktop view light into YouTube and going into your studio tab, you're going to see a dashboard which looks like this. It really has five key tags, overview, reach, engagement, audience and revenue. And this is going to share with you exactly how your platform is performing at any given time. At the bottom, you'll see that there's a gray number in terms of how many YouTube videos you actually released. So this was a very erratic manner for me to there and then one subsequent. But typically you'll see little peaks every time we do release a video. It's also giving you information on the overview tab or on views, watch time and hours, or subscriber growth and your estimated revenue which is in rans because I'm in South Africa. When you scroll down inside your overview, you're going to see top videos in this period, as well as real-time statistics and performance on your latest video. And then once you kick into a reach tab, which is that second one, you're going to see a lot more information in terms of impressions, impressions, click-through rates of views and unique PheWAS. So Impressions is not necessarily someone watching your video at someone's seeing you effectively. So it's saying that I'm getting a 134 thousand impressions over that 28 day period. That is an impression click-through rates of 5.4%, which is pretty good. We saw earlier. It's between 4, 5% on average to be considered a good kind of click-through rates. And the views are about 11.5 thousand, which that green tickets indicates it's about the same as usual. It will say if it's going up or going down. And then how many of those views are unique. So all pretty self-explanatory stuff. It's also going to show you that your traffic source types. And as I said, because I am a small YouTube, I do target the search kind of portion of YouTube. How to, or beginner's guide or tips, tricks and hacks, you're going to run quite high E for those sorts of things. Which means the 48% of my traffic is actually coming from YouTube search and 20 percent is coming from suggested videos. So that's incredible. Igc that a lot of my videos have higher view cons and what I actually have subscribers. So clearly it's doing its job. And then you can see it as a marketing funnel which I love, impressions, fees from impressions and then the watch time from those impressions as well. You'll also see your traffic sources outside of YouTube and which Kayla's is driving the most traffic. So planners, It's all ways in which you create cure rates. You would use your tunnels. So unlike videos together, for example, I've, Kayla's like what's that? Well, because it knows which aggregates all of my videos around a particular topic. It also helps him that in COD stage because it means that it knows to suggest other things within the same pins for argument's sake. You'll also see the traffic sources of videos which are suggesting or video and what people are searching in Google in order to get your contents. So people for me are searching, what's that business? Whatsapp for business, What's that business features and so on and so forth. And so it's really worth your while if you, for example, do have one video going viral on WhatsApp for business today and creates a similar videos around what's good for business because you already ranking in Google search for that search term. The third tab is engagements. So engagements going to show you a watch time in hours as well as your average view duration. And engagement is really important because it's understanding way in your videos something is dropped him off. It's typically something like maybe you mumbling over your words on a slide covering your face. So it is quite obvious normally why maybe someone has lost interest. But you could also do, you're in psychoanalysis in terms of why this may be the case, this is where your chapters of your timestamps become really important. If people are losing interests, they can either kick on and in COD or they can click on a timestamp and then fastforward in the video. So oftentimes I will say something like live chat about bots. If you want to hear about the history of bots, stick around. If you don't, and I just want to proceed to the demo, please head over to this timestamp and then people can actually fastforward to the pot they are going to love as opposed to making them sit through everything. You will see, for example, that YouTube also has this functionality. We can see the key moments for audience retention. It does kind of dropped on. But in contrast, something like YouTube, Schwartz has an average percentage viewed of 70 percent because it is such a short clips so that you can see one of my examples is that the average person who was actually doing a full 17 seconds. You also see your playlist to top videos by n screen as well as talk cause the fourth tab is going to share with your audience. So a lot more information about whether they are new versus returning unique and whether they subscribe on subscribers. And in this is that beautiful heatmap revisited in terms of when my viewers on YouTube, what are the top geographies and what is that age and gender demographic breakdown looked like. And then finally, a juicy one is of course the revenue. So sharing with you estimated revenue over that particular timeframe. And then you'll OPM annual cpm. Opm is your revenue per mole. That tells you how much you've earned per 1000 views. And this includes revenue from ads, ICI premium memberships and so forth. And total views are defined as all views, including views that when monetized because off the end is calculated with your share of revenue and includes views the point of monetized eat lower than your Playback Based CPM. Your Playback Based CPM, which you can see on the right-hand side, is a fictive payback cost-based per mole and is how much the advertiser is paying. So that includes YouTube is kept, which as we mentioned as a 45 percent, and then finally, monthly estimated revenues. So you can see that there's David Murphy be some fluctuations month-to-month as well in one of my top and I'm videos. And if you're wondering which one's on top, it's typically things which mentioned PayPal, many and thickness of which advertisers are going to be really willing to bid on. It's also a lot of that educational content because there is that evergreen factor. It's also me, my revenue sources in terms of estimated ad revenue versus YouTube premium revenue, as well as the different ad times that I actually generating it needs that revenue. And then finally, just intensified YouTube studio overview. This is really what it looks like and how simple it is. The analytics and data are totally not your thing than differently. Move on over to YouTube studio app. It's amazing. It's just going to show you the snapshot of your analytics over the last 28 days and the basic video performance. It's also great for community management to allow you to easily respond to people using your yeah, just more valid keypad in terms of quickie typing back comments and being on the run. 19. Pro's and Con's of Youtube: In recent years, YouTube has become a super popular place for people to share their creativity, their opinions, and their knowledge, from beauty and fashion to gaming and cooking, their YouTube channels for almost every single interest event, like any job, of course, being a YouTuber does have its pros and cons. So in this video, we're going to be exploring the pros and the cons of being a YouTuber so that you can decide, is this actually a career path or long-term hobby for you? So let's start with a prayer and depositors. The first is creative freedom to, as a YouTuber, you of course, have a lot of freedom to create content, reflects your personality as well as your interests. And you can choose your own style, your own niche, your own topics, and express yourself in the most unique way possible. So this is going to allow you to tap into your creativity and explore your passions. Secondly, flexibility. So being a full-time YouTuber gives you a lot of flexibility to work on your own schedule. This means you can create content when and where it sits you, whether that's early in the morning or late at night. And this can be particularly beneficial if you have other commitments such as a job or a family. There's also the big benefit of community building. So YouTube is of course, a very social platform. So you do have the opportunity to build and connect with like-minded people who hopefully is shared interests. And you can then by responding to comments and creating a sense of belonging for those followers, there is also a major potential for income that as your channel grows, you have the opportunity to earn more income through everything from AdSense, sponsorships, partnerships, and merchandise sales, which can become a significant source of income over time thanks to compound interests, especially if your channel becomes popular. The cons of being a YouTuber could be that it's incredibly time-consuming. So no one gives. Youtube is enough credit for how time-consuming video editing and video shooting is. You do need to invest a significant amount of time in the forming the editing, as well as the promoting of your videos. But you can take away from other areas of your life. So you do need to be pretty passionate about it. It's also an unpredictable income. So of course, while there is a huge potential for it, can be super unpredictable, whether that's through AdSense fluctuating from month to month, or brands and sponsorships maybe being a little bit fickle, merchandise sales are of course also not guaranteed, which means it can be really difficult to rely on YouTube as their sole source of income and negative comments and criticisms. Youtube can be a particularly harsh place. And as a YouTube, uh, you may receive negative comments and criticisms from a viewers. And this can be difficult to handle, particularly in the beginning because you're not really equipped to having many people who you don't know make hurtful comments. It's also a very competitive environment. So you can feel like comparison is the thief of joy. Do you need to work hard to stand out from other people and you do need to stay in your lane so that you don't get too distracted by people that are maybe doing similar things to you. So whilst YouTube thing is, of course, can be a courier that everyone wants to pick up is of course worth noting some of the more pragmatic considerations whilst on this path is freedom, That's flexibility and lots of potential for income, but there are also quite a lot of negatives the two, however, if you are a passionate content creates a, let me tell you those negatives don't even come close to standing in the way of your passions. So I have really found such a burning desire and a burning passion in video production. And it actually brings me full circle back to what I studied. I did photojournalism. I wasn't sure at the time what I was actually going to be able to use with it. Now it's so obvious to me because it's like no matter where my grid takes me in terms of digital marketing, I can always create videos about it. You can create citing blog posts and I can really leverage those skills in the multimedia space. So I've loved it because it allows you to wear very many hats, whether that's writing or editing something and kept cuts for Photoshopping a thumbnail. There's just so much to need to leverage within yourself. You actually find yourself becoming a lot more self-sufficient than you ever thought you were. 20. Bonus: Behind the Scenes of my Studio : All right guys, so to finish off with Skillshare class all about YouTube, I thought that I would do it in true YouTube vloggers style to share a bonus couple of scenes with you in terms of what exactly goes on behind the scenes behind the camera. Some of the things that are maybe not immediately obvious as you get started on YouTube. And even though I'm not a logger, you guys buoyancy blogs coming from me. I'm just going to do kind of a role and unedited look at what you can expect when you start entering this whole world of YouTube. So the first thing I'm going to show you is actually my setup. I hope that in sharing my equipment, it'll kind of demystify this for you guys because it has been something that has consumed a lot of my time and attention over the last three years of being a YouTube is just which tools to use, how to use it and so forth. So without further ado, let me show you exactly what the setup looks like. All righty. So as you step into the office, you'll see it's not exactly set up in a traditional format. Normally, these desks, I guess, would be in an L shape like that, which is how they are when I'm not forming courses, but when I am forming courses, the teleprompter is sitting on a table and then this is the place where I'm sitting. So the teleprompter is very much a new addition to my equipment which has just want to share with you guys. It's a super quick and easy teleprompter, and that is actually the brand. I got it off the South African e-commerce website will take a lot. And as you can see, it's pretty basic. It's basically like 3D printed frame, which holds your camera. A camera effectively would then go like that. It sits on the top platform as you can. Samantha, I think everything else is plastic. And then there's a bottom section here. So you basically put your phone in here and you put it in mirrored using a teleprompter app. And what that does is then obviously reflects on your beautiful piece of glass. So if you're wondering what this funny-looking handkerchief thing is that goes over the top. It's basically so that you can easily see the copy that then appears on the screen without any glare. If you take it all is just Glee every way. So That's why that is like that. But it's super straightforward and it actually comes as a flat pack, which I'm stoked about because it means that when I travel I can actually take teleprompter with me wherever I go. And then here you can see the mirrorless canon, which I re friends. As I said, I really do love the virulence over the DSLR. It's very compact, It's very dinky. And then you can see the 50 millimeter lens which is on top of it. So that's really the camera center. Then you'll see that there's something plugged into the camera which then is raped like that. And as I mentioned, my video, my PR is what I use. That's over my desk and is easily kind of adjusted depending on how high learned sitting and making sure that I really get good audio. The thing that I love about these Mike's is it's very kind of like one directional. So you don't pick up a lot of background noise, which is amazing. And then in terms of my line saying, here is my header lines which you can just see children over there. Please ignore all the other keyboards and laptop stands and stuff. Of course, the one essential that you will find yourself using loads and loads of these little memory cards. I have eight gigabyte, 164 and I think 32 as well. So differently having multiples of these as well as multiple camera batteries you'll find is pretty useful. One thing which is very not ideal about filming in this room is that there's actually a skylights and even there I've put blinds in this room, had still hasn't made too much of a difference, which was a bit of a baggie. And then in terms of my perspective, will my point of view, this is effectively what I'm looking at. You will also notice that I use a car Adria. These are super handy. So this is the one that I have is my 64 gigabyte card and it's a touchy Brad. And then the other thing that I just wanted to share with you is these audio panels. So I actually bought these or Facebook Marketplace from someone who was packing up their studio. You can see that there's three of them. So what these audio petals are really going to do is just make sure that that occurs a little bit dampened, especially because this is a tiled room. You can imagine that it's not really the best audio at all. But suddenly I have noticed a big difference with these audio panels if you are not a position to buy them, obviously, I've mentioned that I bought them second-hand. Totally fine, or what I would suggest doing. Just towels or Christians or something that's just going to dampen the sound a little bit. Because otherwise you will have difficulty, particularly if you're falling in a towel. Dream life, Maya, and then finally, distant tenser than 50 millimeter lens. What a thin means is that this background is blurred quite nicely. So you'll see even I do have accent pieces. It's all kind of fades into the background. Then you will see I have a box of tricks over here, which looks like chaos, but I'll assure you that it's organized. So things like these mini tripods are super-useful, super handy, and massage ball for your feet. And ignore that. And you'll see I have two of these little mini tripods. And then loads of these kinds of adapters. To be honest with you, I'm not really sure this is a spotter between a microphone and said, I don't necessarily use that, but these are the kinds of things you find yourself needing a great pair of headphones is obviously essential. When it comes to video editing as well. Then you will definitely need a hard drive. So this is called Winnie the Pooh. Believe it or not, is actually then my two hard drives happen together. And who's either of them and so that the independent case and then just depending on the one that I made it saying on a risky thing, just to bear in mind on the line saying is some people will talk about three-point line saying, which just means that you have three different light sources. Other people will talk about, hey, lighting, which actually comes from above and just illuminates here so you don't look as flat. I obviously have the skylight issues, so the headlines not necessarily the problem, but yeah, I really hope that just breaking it down step-by-step and 10 for the equipment that I have and how I use it is really going to be straightforward for you guys to follow. Do not be overwhelmed by the equipment side of things. I'll show you once you've got a setup that works within your budget, you know how to use. It's like that saying about what is the basic camera? It's the camera with a phone that you have in your, in your pocket. So just don't get hung up. A boths. Production quality. It will come with time and there's a lot of factors, obviously things like noisy neighbors or skylights and stuff like that. They awesome things that you just have to minimize. You're not ever going to be able to truly control it. So I hope this was super helpful. 21. Thank you for joining me! : That is really it in terms of our YouTube other one cause I really, really hope it was helpful to you guys. Thank you guys so much for joining for art, how to become a YouTube Skillshare class. It's been such a pleasure having you on board. It's really always brings me so much joy to see other new Yang YouTube is not being discouraged by the kind of innate amount of competition on the platform, but rather acknowledging that they can bring their unique spin to things that they are good at, things that they are interested in and hopefully becoming the next big thing on YouTube. As I said, I'm very active in the comments. If you do have questions, please do. Let me know. Don Butler and I would absolutely lever review and helps me so much here. Minutes of your time, give me a rating. Scale. Stay constant. We can keep on doing that until the end.