How To Use a TelePrompter to Reach The World & Change Your Life - You need to know this stuff! | Stan Hustad | Skillshare

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How To Use a TelePrompter to Reach The World & Change Your Life - You need to know this stuff!

teacher avatar Stan Hustad, What it Takes with Stan Husted

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      The TelePrompter is a tool you must know how to use - Here is why!


    • 2.

      You & The TelPrompter & Going Green!


    • 3.

      Tricks and Tips of The TelePrompter & You!


    • 4.

      The TelePrompter and The Trust is In The Eyes!


    • 5.

      Could A TelePrompter Really Help Change Your Life?


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About This Class

i am sorry if this is a bit scary but your life, career, and business success will often depend on how well you use the video media to communicate with the world.  did you now that now many companies are requiring yu to submit a video resume to even be considered for a postiion or a job opportunity?

And to do a good video it might be helpful unless you are just great at talking naturally to know how to make and use a TelePrompter!  In fact it will be vital.  I this litte program i will teach you want you need to know and begin to do to do videos, do a green screen, purchase or make a TelePrompter and how to use it.

I will point out that the power you get form knowing how to use these tools can change your career, build your business, and may even change your life....

So let's get in the studio and get On The Air!

Stan Hustad

1 April 2017

Meet Your Teacher

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Stan Hustad

What it Takes with Stan Husted


I am a teacher, broadcaster, and mentor and iI delight in helping folks improve thier lives, do work that matters, and become more fully alive ans they serve others.

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1. The TelePrompter is a tool you must know how to use - Here is why!: welcome. My name is Stan, used it and I'm the leader, the teacher for what it takes wit what it takes. And the name of the program today is the teleprompter and you, in effect, how to use a teleprompter to build your business and perhaps even change your life. Now, when we do a wit teaching program, we're not just in the business of hopefully informing you, perhaps giving you some information and giving you some education. All of our experiences are learning. Experiences are designed to first of all, challenge you any challenge you and then perhaps help you actually change the way you do your business and maybe even change your life. Yes, even a course on the teleprompter can help change your life. This class is going to begin with a very rather unique question. What does a $11 can of green paint have to do with you and your business? This $11 can of green paint will be the first thing you need to know in how you are going to become one of the people who learn that in business today in life today, you have to learn the modern media and how to use them to make your mark in the world. And that's what this a little presentation this program is all about. So we hope you'll stay tuned and join us for the teleprompter and you, in effect, how to build your business and perhaps change your life. 2. You & The TelPrompter & Going Green!: Yes. Here it is, the can of green paint. Let me tell you the story behind all of this, and you're seeing the results right here of my can of green paint. Now, today, if you want to be successful in the modern media age in which every business is in the communication business, remember that and every business is an Internet business in some way, shape or form mawr or less, but mostly more. First of all, you're gonna have to learn how to use this. And most of you have one. The other day I was talking to an older businessman about something that he wanted to do to make his mark a particularly at this stage in his life, in business. And I simply said, Well, do you have a smartphone on iPhone? He said, No, I don't need one of those. And I said, You will need one of those. You either need this or something similar to this iPad or tablet, because these are the instruments of modern media and along with your computer and then, of course, your mobile computers, your iPad and your smartphone, you will need those things in order to make your mark in the world today. But here's something else you need. You will need to do just exactly what I am doing. I am commuting computing, and that's not That's not bad. I am commuting. I'm taking my body and my personality and my energy. And from this studio room in the United States, I'm communicating and I'm commuting to people all over the world. And you are gonna have to do the same thing for your message. Your business. You have to do that and you're gonna have to make videos. And what the green screen is is that it allows you tohave an incredible, professional looking wonderful background that you can put in your videos so you don't have sloppy backgrounds. Furniture mess all over. What you do is you do your video programming in front of a green screen, the modern technology that allows you to shoot it recorded in front of the wall that you painted green. Now there are all kinds of letter called green screens, and you can buy these. They're not very expensive. Just go literally on the Internet, and you can find all kinds of ways to do that, and I went out and bought, went It turns out that every time I want to use it, I had to set it up and I had to then get the wrinkles out of it and do all of that. And finally it occurred to me. My wife said to me, Why don't you just paint the wall? I said, Well, you're sure that she says, Who cares? It's a studio. And so what I did is I went down to a hardware store and I bought $11 can of green paint. And here's what I did. I went on the Internet, where literally, you can find the answer to anything, and I put in green screen paint and there I discovered hundreds. And that's not an exaggeration of people either doing you two videos or doing explanations of how you could actually create your own green screen and the formula, the very exact paint formula that you need to create a wonderful green screen that works Justus well as the $100,000 apparatuses that you can buy was available to me. I got the number, went down to the store. The man looked at it and knew exactly what it was what did his thing did his work, shook it all up, gave it to me and said, There you go. And then he said, What are you going to use that color painful? Or? And I explained it to him. He says, Oh, and that's how t That's how they do all that stuff on TV And I said, Exactly un back home. And for my $11 I now have the very thing that is allowing me to communicate and commute with people all over the world. I have a green screen and you need to have one, too. And then the second thing you need to have is you have to have a teleprompter. That's right. You have to have a teleprompter and you have to know how to use it. And that's how and why you're taking this program. That's next, the teleprompter and you 3. Tricks and Tips of The TelePrompter & You!: Well, here I am, back with you, and I'm standing in front of the green screen. But what you're seeing me is in front of a beautiful teaching office that very much characterizes the kind of work I do has a online teacher, ASN online broadcaster. This is where I do my coaching with many people. Of course, it's merely a background that I can put in along with hundreds of thousands of other backgrounds. And when I don't want a office or a exterior or interior background, I can make it so that it really focuses on me. And I simply have a wonderful background that is plain, perhaps simple but elegant, and I can have my logo or other things that enhance the quality of the program. The presentation, indeed, the show that I'm doing now. Of course, many people, when they begin to think about video, they get scared because they say to themselves rightly so. I couldn't do that. In fact, how do they do that? Those people who do the weather report or do the news? Do they memorize that? How do they remember that? We'll, of course, most of you know that that had nothing to do with it. What they had is exactly how this program began. They had one of those machines called a teleprompter, which allow them to ah, do the presentation, Do the program make their spiel make their pitch? But what is happening is that the script is literally going in front of them. And what they have to do is they have to learn how to read the script. Well, pronounce it, perform it, program it to you in such a way that you think that they're just brilliant or that they are really smart. And they can remember all that. Now many of you are going to be a little bit frightened about doing video work. Uh, you know that if you have your notes down there, you're gonna get looking up and down. And you know, that probably isn't gonna work because people don't expect that they you can't memorize it . You say that would be impossible. And you're right. It probably wouldn't be impossible. So what we do is we learn how to use that thing called a teleprompter. Now a teleprompter is as much a way of software and of thinking and of constructing as well as it is a machine. Now you can buy a teleprompter machine and you can spend hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars for one of those fancy teleprompter machines that are really nice. And they can do all kinds of things. They can speed up, they can slow down, they could do a variety of things. On the other hand, you can begin to find that there is a wonderful software now available that you can use on your computer on your iPad, even on your smartphone, that will actually work as a teleprompter for you so that you can look into the camera and they're right next to it. Perhaps as you're going to discover right in front of it the script, the good words, the good message, the things you want to proclaim to people are right there for you. Toe. Pronounce it to say it to speak it. Two, indeed. Performance. Well, yes, you can spend thousands of dollars doing that. However, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Here's one of my first teleprompters. You know what it works. Fine. What it is is I had an old used a laptop. May know, But that happens one that I just kind of put in the closet because I wasn't going to use it anymore and with a new one. And I put that out. Found a TelePrompTer software program of which there are many. Some of them are even free. Others are just incredible value for a small fee. And here's what I did. I went down to a store and I got to picture frames. They were $4 apiece. I got a little hardware, a little tape, put them together, took a wire hanger and made too little stands, snipped them to just the right size. So would sit at a 45 degree angle. And this becomes what is called in teleprompter world. The mirror that I use and four. I can no number my paint $11 and for $10 and using a laptop iPad smartphone. I had a teleprompter so that I could be in the business of, as I say, commuting coming into your world, communicating to you so that you can make your mark in the marketplace. You can go online. You can go to some of my colleagues and you can get the software. You can get the all you need to build your teleprompter, both in terms of the software you need and the hardware that you need and you're on the air ready to make your mark. As I said in the 21st century marketplace, because you know how to use the modern media. Now you get on the Internet and you find what you need to know again. Isn't it wonderful? You will find people who will teach you how to build one. They'll teach you how to is. I said, Do the green paint. They will teach you how you can build one with the software that's available for a great price, or sometimes even free at the same time. You can then learn how to do that. Now that is my contribution to you. The reason why, how it will help you and then how you can begin. But now we're going to go into the key why it is important that you use a teleprompter and why it will make you much more powerful. And then we'll give you some tips on how to do it Well, and like a good program that was a bit of a teaser so you'll come back and find out why the teleprompter is so important to you. And then how to use it toe powerfully. Make your presence in your mark that's coming up. 4. The TelePrompter and The Trust is In The Eyes!: Well, we're back and C, we have another background and, uh, the local for what it takes. Wit. We can have this nice background here. Or perhaps Ah, we could step in to the study. Is this a beautiful study library like that? It really works nicely. Wonderful. I could do that because I bought that can of green paint. Well, let's go back to the studio study, OK? Get yourself a pencil, please. Or a pin Right down. T r u s t t r u S t trust. Nothing happens until people trust you. Now, would you just let that, as I often times would say on late night radio, kind of Let it sit on your head for a while. People won't buy from you, no matter how good your product might be or your service. Maybe if for some reason they don't trust you, people are not necessarily going to work with you unless they feel they can trust you. Nothing happened until trust is there. And so your goal in your marketplace, in your mission, in the ministry or whatever work you're seeking to do, you need people to eventually come to trust you and the more people who trust you, the more people who will follow you and the more people who trust you and follow you them, where people will buy from you and vote for you and care for you and support you and be clients and customers and literally recommend you to others. Now I could do ah sales letter and send it to you. Do you trust me just because you got a sales letter now, I could probably do a screen show on a video. I could do a power point, and what you would do is you would hear my voice and perhaps see the screenshot or see the power point. But here's the issue. Asai kind of raised my glasses back and forth. Trust is in the eyes. It's often times said, that trust is kind of the gateway to the soul. It is when we make eye contact that we begin to build trust, and the best way to build trust when you're on the video or when you're using the video means, is that people see you. They'd only just hear your voice and see your animation and see the work you do. They trust you. It's in the eyes. And the wonderful thing about why you have a teleprompter is you know there's the eye contact. That's why a lot of people who do television forget that many times because there, usedto talking to a group or reaching up and down is they forget that the person they want to reach is not a crowd of people out there is. What they have to do is they have to keep contact with the eyes. Now, if I had somebody over there holding a big script cue card for me, my eyes are not gonna be there. Or perhaps I was looking at a Q reading a note paper here, he notes down here, Okay, And then I would say, just to give you some context. Rico's insurance program was introduced on September 1st 2000. Provide protection to both consumers and registrants. We lose the eye contact, we lose both the emotional and even some cases the intellectual and a relational and spiritually energy. Why you need a teleprompter is it allows you to do a video in which you have great eye contact and trust is in the eyes. That's why that teleprompter is so vitally important because it's in the eyes. Second thing you need to know besides, trust is make sure that when you write a script, you do it in such a way the people talk. Now this is vital. Uh, let me and I did this just at random. This happened just 10 minutes before I stepped into the studio today because I do a lot of voice over work. I do a lot of commercial work. People ask me to voice their commercials or to do a video of their commercials. I do a lot of that all over the world. I just got somebody who asked me. And this, by the way, is the script. This supposedly the script that they sent me. All right, here goes. These numbers are very important for registrants because they highlight common areas of non compliance. If registrants know that they are likely to make these mistakes or emissions, they could be proactive and prevent mistakes from happening. Now no one talks that way. Let me assure you, you write for but people will hear not for what they will read. If I write a script for my teleprompter, write it the way people would talk. And by the way, people when they talked, don't not use the proper grammar. They just kind of talk and let things go and have a meal. Write your script so that it is not stylistically and grammatically an English language. Perfect. In fact, if it is grammatically perfect, if it is stylistic perfectly, it will come across as phony as being red red than as someone naturally speaking the way they would. No, just now, by the weight. This was actually supposedly done by a script writer, a professional, and they didn't do a very good job. Um, this is basically what I would write if every do it, not remember this numbers can be really important. It's important for people to know the numbers because when they do so, it makes it possible for them to make sure that they don't screw up and do things that are called non compliant. So if the people know where they're most likely to, you know, make a mistake here, there, whatever. If they know where that is, then they can kind of, you know, be prepared to do the right thing, rather then get caught on later making mistakes? No, that was the way people would talk, really, the way they might talk as they normally talk, which is usually at 1/6 or seventh grade level, whereas even the script was written at a much higher level. But people don't talk that way. When I was in radio, the oftentimes said you need to learn, Ah, vocabulary, a working vocabulary of 40,000 words, so you can use 4000 of them. Well, make sure you talk in such a way that people think you're talking that it doesn't sound like your memorizing. Nor does it even sound like you're reading. You speak the way people talk, as I often times used to tell my students in radio, is if the English teacher or the language teachers saw a good radio script for a good television script, he or she would fail you. They would say, You have run on sentences. You repeat yourself, you, ah, use and you violate most of the rules of good written grammar. And indeed you will so fundamental. Don't do it the way people right for the I write your script for the teleprompter in such a way that it comes out sounding the way people actually here. That's important. We often say, right for the ear, not for the I different. Then we said before now, With that in mind, however, this is sometimes what people do. Hi, my name is Stan, and today I'm going to talk to you about how you can use the TelePrompTer. And it's very important that you learn how to use a teleprompter and that you look people right in the eye and that you make a trust contact there that didn't work. Get it because I'm staring. And many times when people first start to use the teleprompter, they become stairs. They just freeze up and the teleprompters rolling by. And instead of them communicating and speaking with people there speaking at them now, would you just think about that? You can talk at people. You can talk to people, but it's best when it sounds like and feels like talking with people. That is what you want to do now. Those are the three big things to remember about tips for the teleprompter Trust the way people talk and don't stare. Think about that. Perhaps I would even encourage you to go back and take this little episode in our lesson again and see how you feel and what you've learned from it. I challenge you to do just that. 5. Could A TelePrompter Really Help Change Your Life?: Welcome back for our final episode in the TelePrompTer. How to, ah, do the teleprompter to build your business and perhaps to change your life? Well taken of changes. Uh, I changed. I put a tie on. Now, how do you feel about that? Am I now a little overdressed? Is that right or right? Should I be more casual? Well, that depends now. My own personal style is I'm kind of, ah, guy who likes to dress up a lot. I don't really feel very comfortable in real casual clothes. However, it could be that when I'm teaching, maybe just actually having, you know, the open shirt collar works well. However, I do know that for a certain constituency of people that the fact that I wear a tie now will make me seem more professional and perhaps give me a vision of a little more sophistication or whatever else important to you. Well, that's a decision I make now the fact that you actually see me and you look in my eyes, I have to understand that I need even though it's not part of the teleprompter, it's part of the entire teleprompter experience because now people are seeing me in the eye , and how do I dress for a leadership Now? You've heard the expression, perhaps dress for success. Well, I like to put it a little bit differently. We're trying to be successful, whatever that means. But if we're in a video performance teaching environment, I'm trying to give some leadership so the people will follow or think or do whatever. And so how do I dress for leadership for the particular people I'm trying to reach? So one of the tips you need to do is your TelePrompTer Experience will be far better if your clothes are not distracting to people. In fact, hopefully they're a little bit more attracting. And then sometimes having a nice piece of jewelry or a nice tie helped direct the attention up toward my eyes. Remember, the trust is in the eyes. So that's just another thing to remember about tips for using the teleprompter. Now here's the deal. There's a lot more you can learn, but you know how you will learn it. You'll simply do this. You're gonna find a friend now from time to time, the way that you will get over the staring because that kind of happens is, perhaps you learn to get a friend who will actually be there because a number of you, even with the teleprompter, find it very difficult to talk to a camera. I've often times found that even people in radio they have a terribly hard time just talking to a microphone in that case, But often times I've done, I've actually sat down in front of the camera, obviously not right in front of the camera or right by the microphone, and I've told people to talk to me. And there are people who kind of frees up with the camera where they feel uncomfortable by a microphone, and they don't have their full natural ability to be who they are. But in fact, let me tell you a story. This was a talented woman, an incredibly powerful speaker, and she really built her business by public speaking. But the first time I got her in front of the camera or the microphone, she became just frozen. What I discovered is, however, if I put myself right next to the camera, there's the Teleprompter. There's me. Then I said, Just talk to me while you're reading the script talked to me. It was night and day. So perhaps one of the other tips for TelePrompTer is the same tip I would give for everything in life. Find somebody who would like Toa learn it together, who you'd like to help. They want to get good at the teleprompter to. And so if it's helpful, not only to read the teleprompter, but also kind of be able to specie. You don't want to stare. You want the eyes, but you want your normal body motion. You want wear. How to talk. You don't want to do this. I want to have a natural flow. You want smile. You want to cock your head. Now you don't want to put your neck up too high. And sometimes those people, if you're actually using a teleprompter and a camera on your laptop, the camera. I is there and people. Then look down below or they look up. You need to know there's the teleprompter, but there is. I look into the camera into the lens, so having a friend to help you will make it much easier for you to be more expressive, more personable, to smile more and to be more natural as you read the teleprompter. Now you practice with your friend. Take time to put something on the teleprompter. Put a program on there and just practice. You will then learn what you need to learn, and you'll also begin to discover where you're quite good. Then come to me. Standard stand Houston dot com standard stand Houston dot com I'll be glad to coach you now , some of it. I will just be ableto give you a suggestion or two if you want some extensive time and coaching. Well, uh, that may have a little investment on your part, but we can work on that because I do a lot of personal work with people helping them perform at their best become performers as well as speakers and broadcasters and businessmen and women so we could arrange something like that. On the other hand, though, part of the reason I'm pretty good at it now is because I've done it a lot, and the more you do something, the better you get at it. The more you have a friend who cares for you to give you some ideas, how to help you improve, the better you'll get the way you get good at Being with a teleprompter is you be with a teleprompter, you just do it and you continually ask yourself, How did that go? How can I do it better? How can I do it again? And, uh, when you do something time and time again, what happens is you just get better and better and better. Now there we go. And what's going to happen is your confidence is going to grow. That's need. What's gonna happen is more and more people are going to see you listen to you look for you , believe you. And literally, as I said, the teleprompter could change your life, your influence, your impact yourself, confidence, your freedom to communicate your ability to look people in the eye and gain their trust. As I said, I want this course, this class to be a challenge, and I also wanted to be something that you conduce you to change the way you communicate in the way you do business and doing so. I guarantee you it will change your life. You will be able to speak with such greater confidence and authority that things will go better for you. It's not just a tool for television, the teleprompter and the life that comes out of it. The performance that comes out of that tool is life changing, and I look forward to it. Change in your life, too. Once again, please contact me. I'll be glad to coach help you in any way possible Again. It's stand at stan Houston dot com. Stand at stan Houston dot com All the best and blessings to you and we'll see you again on a another. What it takes program to help you do what it takes to perform at your best and make your mark in the marketplace and in life bye for now.