How To Use TIKTOK For Business (Beginner to Advanced) | Scott D Clary | Skillshare

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How To Use TIKTOK For Business (Beginner to Advanced)

teacher avatar Scott D Clary, Teaching sales, marketing & startups

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

36 Lessons (1h 49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Section 1 - TikTok Walkthrough

    • 3. TikTok Overview

    • 4. TikTok Mobile and Desktop App

    • 5. Setting Up Your TikTok Profile

    • 6. Adding TikTok Contacts

    • 7. TikTok Home Screen Controls

    • 8. TikTok Search and Explore

    • 9. Shooting Your Video with TikTok

    • 10. Add Sound To Your Video

    • 11. Effects Element for Videos

    • 12. Add Text to Your Video

    • 13. Add Stickers

    • 14. Add Voiceover

    • 15. Voice Effects

    • 16. Adjust the Clip

    • 17. Video Filters

    • 18. Post Your Video

    • 19. Upload From Your Mobile Device

    • 20. Do A Mobile Screen Capture Video

    • 21. Additional Settings

    • 22. Switching To A Pro Account

    • 23. Recording a Duet Video

    • 24. Uploading From Desktop

    • 25. Section 2 - TikTok Strategy

    • 26. Introduction to TikTok

    • 27. Setting up your Account

    • 28. Types of TikTok Content

    • 29. Creating Content

    • 30. Content Marketing Strategy

    • 31. Building A Following

    • 32. Marketing Strategies on TikTok

    • 33. TikTok Ads

    • 34. Case Studies

    • 35. Analytics

    • 36. Best Practices & Conclusion

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About This Class


  • Desire to use TikTok and social media to promote your business


Effective TikTok marketing to get you more traffic, followers, likes (hearts), shares, sales and conversions so you can grow your business.

The TikTok social media platform has seen explosive growth over the last two years.

It now has 800 million users that are desperate for fun and exciting content and this is a massive opportunity for you to promote your business.

To be successful with TikTok marketing you need to know how the platform works and how the users interact with each other.



By the end of this TikTok marketing course you will be able to promote your business, personal brand, or products on TikTok, and get an increase in growth and engagement. 

TikTok is a powerful, “short & sweet” social broadcasting platform that can play a very significant and positive role in any business’ online marketing strategy.

Advertising on TikTok could be one of the most impactful decisions you make in your business’ online marketing strategy. You will learn TikTok marketing fundamentals and many advanced strategies that professional marketers use to promote their business on TikTok. These strategies will get you more followers, shares, engagement, and people clicking on whatever you are promoting.



If almost no one is clicking on things you post, or you have no idea how to get the most out of TikTok to promote your business, this course is for you. This course is also for long-time TikTok users who want to take their TikTok marketing to a new level. 

After taking the course, you should be comfortable using TikTok to promote your business, and be able to grow your TikTok following and effectively promote your business on TikTok. 



The course first gives you solid TikTok marketing fundamentals. After that, the course discusses various TikTok marketing strategies. 

Learn the in's-and-out's of TikTok.

  • What Is TikTok all about?
  • Signing Up For TikTok
  • TikTok Walkthrough
  • Switching Your TikTok Personal Account Into a TikTok Pro Account
  • Branding Your TikTok Profile For Business
  • Creating Your First TikTok Video
  • Using “Discover” as a Powerful Marketing Tool
  • Creating A Hashtag Challenge
  • Increasing Reach By Cross Promoting Your TikTok Content On Other Social Platforms
  • How Businesses Use TikTok In the Real World
  • Tips For Setting Up A Profitable Influencer Marketing Campaign For TikTok
  • Best TikTok Video Ideas To Boost Your Brand
  • Encouraging TikTok Users To Generate Content For Your Brand
  • Running A Contest or Sweepstakes On TikTok The Right Way
  • Best TikTok Marketing Strategies To Increase Followers
  • TikTok Marketing Do’s And Don’ts
  • TikTok Marketing Premium Tools And Services To Consider
  • TikTok Marketing Success Stories
  • TikTok Marketing Frequently Asked Questions
  • Campaign objectives
  • Ad groups & targeting
  • Campaign setup
  • Campaign editing and optimization
  • TikTok Ads policies & best practices
  • Measurement and analytics
  • Best Practices For Using TikTok




Tools & Services

Additional Informtion

Blog Posts

Forum Chats

Affiliate Products



Case Studies




As a career sales and marketing executive & leader, I've worked with a wide variety of organizations and peers, training thousands of individuals on both the hard and soft skills required to excel in their career.

On a professional level, I've worked within all size companies, and I've sold and marketed (as well as lead teams that have sold and marketed) to some of the most iconic F500 / F100 brands throughout my career.

I'm fortunate to have over 100+ of my thoughts and insights on sales, marketing, technology, business and entrepreneurship published in outlets such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Hackernoon, The Startup and others.

I'm the host of the Success Story Podcast (1m+ downloads), author of the ROI Overload Newsletter (with 30k subs and counting), founder of ROI Overload, a Sales & Marketing Community. (250k Followers) Newsletter, Publication & Startup Resource and a career Sales & Marketing exec.

I talk about sales, marketing, growth and startups on Twitter or LinkedIn @scottdclary

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Scott D Clary

Teaching sales, marketing & startups


Long story short, I'm the host of the Success Story Podcast (1m+ downloads), author of a weekly newsletter (with 30k subs and counting).

I talk about sales, marketing, growth and startups on Twitter or LinkedIn @scottdclary


The Long Version:

As a career sales and marketing executive & leader, I've worked with a wide variety of organizations and peers, training individuals on both the hard and soft skills required to excel in their career.

On a professional level, I've worked within all size companies, and I've sold and marketed (as well as lead teams that have sold and marketed) to some of the most iconic F500 / F100 brands throughout my career.

I'm fortunate to have over 100+ of my thoughts and insights on sales, market... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey there, my name is Scott the Clery. Welcome to my course on tick tock. I'm a career Sales and Marketing Executive. I've worked with the smallest startups all the way through to 4500. I've trained thousands of individuals. Some of my thoughts on sales, marketing growth, scaling have been featured in Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the startup hacker Noon. Over my career, I've run sales and marketing campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world today, this class on tick talk is going to discuss one of the hottest marketing platforms. It's going to be broken down into two major components, each with multiple sections within those components. The first component is going to be a step by step walkthrough of how to use the actual platform as well as some best practices. This'll be the actual practical application on the platform. And then the second part will be more theoretical, discussing how to use various strategies to deliver OCML results, grow a following and essentially unpack the best practices behind using TO talk as a social media platform for either yourself or your brand. There are no real requirements to be in this class except probably to have an interest in using tick tock, tick tock account will help as well, and a passion for learning how to mark it on leading edge social media platforms. This class is designed for any marketers, any creators, any entrepreneurs that just want to understand how to leverage the latest trends in social media. I've structured this class in such a way that there will be components that are good for beginners, just trying to learn the platform as well as some more advanced components that speak about strategy on the platform as well. So feel free to pick and choose what suits you best. The true value prop of this class is that you're going to not only understand the ins and outs of tick tock from beginner to advanced. But you're going to understand the components that drive short videos, social media, we've seen it with various other platforms. Kick talk is one of many platforms. There's many out there. So if you can understand how to optimize content on a platform like TedTalk, you are going to benefit on various other short-form video social media platforms. By the end of this class, your project will be to create a tick tock account and create a piece of content for yourself or your brand that works within the framework of short form video. Obviously, what tiktaalik is all about. I hope you enjoy the class. Let's get started. 2. Section 1 - TikTok Walkthrough: So like I mentioned in the intro, This class is broken down into two components. Right now we're going to start with the practical application. So walking you through step-by-step, how to use the various components of the platform. 3. TikTok Overview: Hello and welcome. You're now looking at tick And tick tock is primarily a visual social media platform. If you scroll through the feed from your web browser on a desktop, you'll be able to see the kind of videos that tick tock displays as representative of its platform. You'll notice on the left-hand side that there are individuals that you are suggested to follow. You'll typically notice on the right-hand side that they're going to be two links available to you. You can get a desktop application which will work apart from your browser. You can also get a mobile application which is most relevant to tick tock. Because as you can see, most of the videos are recorded with a mobile device and they're recorded in a format conducive to mobile. It's possible that you will see a video that has two mobile videos side-by-side. But in most cases, you will see a single mobile video display. In order to create an account, you can click the login button from the desktop area and you can then click signup. You can then either use your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or your email and phone in order to sign up. So we're going to click the login button. We're then going to click the sign-up link. And we're then going to sign up with an email. When you do that, you'll get to this screen. You can then click, sign up with an email. And what you're going to do is you're going to write in your birthday, gonna write in an email, and then you're going to enter a six digit code that you won't remember. What you'll then need to do is to go to your email box in order to check for an email from tick tock. You'll then see your verification code. You're going to copy that code and you're going to head back to tick tock. You're going to paste in your code and then click Next. You're then going to create your username. Once you create it, you're then going to click, sign up. Your profile will then be available on tick tock until we're now ready to get the mobile application as well as any other desktop applications. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 4. TikTok Mobile and Desktop App: Welcome back. We're now going to do is to go to the right-hand corner and click on getting the desktop application from the web browser using a Windows ten computer. We're then going to click install. The desktop application will then be available. And we can now use the desktop application in lieu of the web browser. Which are then going to see in the bottom right-hand corner is an area where you can get them. Mobile application, which you'll see is that the mobile application is available in the iOS app store, the Google Play Store, as well as the Amazon App Store. And you can either go to your app store to download the application, or you can point the QR code scanner from your mobile device to the QR code on your screen. Is what you're going to do is to grab your QR code scanner. And you are then going to open the app in the app store. You're then going to get the application. You're then going to install the application. You're then going to log in to your application. You'll then need to undertake the verification process. Once you do that, then the application will open for you. And your mobile application will then be installed on your mobile device. You'll then be able to choose whether you want to have push notifications sent to you or not. And now that your app is installed, you are now ready to begin using tick tock. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 5. Setting Up Your TikTok Profile: Welcome back. We're now going to open up tick tock. And what you'll notice in the bottom right-hand corner, there's an icon that says me. You're going to tap on that icon. And which you're going to notice is that you have a profile available to you in addition to a bio. We're now going to click edit profile. And one of the first things that you can do is you can change your photo. And so we're going to tap on the change photo and we're going to upload a photo to our profile. We're then going to add our photo. We're then gonna click done. And our photo is then add it. You'll then adjust the cropping and then click Save. Once you do that, you'll note that you have a choice between adding a photo or a video. Or for the sake of this video, we're going to add a photo to our profile. You'll notice here that you can add a bio to your name. What you do here is you can click a bio to your profile. You may find it easier to do. You're typing from the desktop application. Now because this is primarily a mobile application, you will not be able to edit your profile from the desktop application. You will need to use your mobile application. So we're going to add in verbiage to our bio. And we're now going to tab save. And you have now added your bio to your profile. Now, if you are a non-profit or you work with a non-profit and your fundraising for charity. You'll want to edit that here in this area. But you can also do is to remove non-profit altogether. What you can also do is to add in your Instagram account. And so all you need to do is to tap on that link, which will then need to do is to log in with your Instagram account. Once you've logged in with histogram, you'll then connect your account. You can then add YouTube to your profile. And you'll need your Google accounts in order to do it. You'll then need to choose the YouTube account that you want associated with your tick tock account. You'll then allow tick tock to view your account. You'll then open the link in tick tock. And her YouTube channel will then be added. And we have now completed the basics of setting up our profile. Okay, so with that, thanks and I will see you in another video. 6. Adding TikTok Contacts: Welcome back. What you can now do is to use the icon at the very top left in order to add in contacts that you have. What you can do here is you can click that icon and you can invite friends directly by clicking the invite. But and you will be adding these individuals by their mobile device number. If your Instagram account is connected, what you can do is you can use the link in tic tac in order to find your Facebook friends on tick tock. And if you have the Facebook mobile application on your mobile device, you can then sign it. We're now going to click open. You can then save your login information. You will then click continue with your profile. You'll then allow Facebook to open, tick tock. You'll then tap on find her Facebook friends. And what you can then do is to begin to follow your contacts on tick tock based on those that you have in Facebook. What you've completed this process, you can then go back to your profile. And you will have just connected with your first participants on tick tock. Okay, so with that, thanks and I will see you in another video. 7. TikTok Home Screen Controls: Welcome back. Now when you log in to tick tock, what you will see are two tabs. You will see a following Tab and a for you tab. If you tap on the following Tab, you will then see videos of the individuals that you are following and you will see several tools available to you. If you first tap on the circle at the very top right, you'll now see the profile of the tick talker whose video you are watching. You will have the ability to like the video that you are seeing. And so to do that, what you'll do is to tap on the heart button. If you tap on the message button, you will be able to add a comment to the video, and your comment will then be available. You will then be able to share the video that you are seeing. And you'll be able to share the video on the idea of the social platforms that you have available on your mobile device. You will also see a control on the bottom right hand corner. And this control will give you access to the sound that is playing. And what you can do is you can use this sound in a video that you are going to shoot. If you have messages that others have sent you, you will be able to find them in your inbox. And it's here also that tick tock will give you suggested accounts that you can follow. You will also see the Discover tab, and this is where you will see videos associated with specific hashtags. You can search those hash tags in the search box in this discover area. But we're going to do is stop the video here and we're going to pick it up from looking at the Discover portal. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 8. TikTok Search and Explore: Welcome back. Now when you use a keyword in the search area, which you're going to see is that there are five tabs that you can press. In order to explore your keyword. You're going to see the top video for your search term. And typically you are going to see that the term is going to be in the hashtag, or in some cases, it's going to be in the title, the video that has been shot or uploaded. You will also see the top profiles for the term that you are using. And what you can do is you can choose to follow the account for your top search term. You can also sort for users for your search term. And in this case, you're going to see all of the profiles the Tic Tac thinks is relevant for your search term. And what you could do, again is you can access the profile and you can choose to follow the individual that is the owner of the profile. You can look at specific videos for your search term. And in this case, we're going to look at specific videos. And once again, you're going to find that these videos may seem to overlap be top terms as Tic Tac is discovering these videos by its algorithm. And as the case with the top tab, you're going to see that the term is going to appear in some cases in a hashtag. In other cases, it's going to appear in the title of the video. You can also listen to specific sounds to add to your video. And again, you're going to see these sounds sorted according to your keyword. And once more, you can sort for specific hashtags that are relevant to your search term. Tapping on one of the hashtags, you can add that hashtag to your favorites. The camera icon at the bottom just means that you are ready to shoot a specific video. So you can explore specific niche based terms inside of tick tock. And you can sort for the top results, user's videos, sounds, AN hashtags. Okay, so with that, thanks and I will see you in another video. 9. Shooting Your Video with TikTok: Welcome back. Now tick tock does give you controls in order for you to record your videos inside of the application and edit those videos. Also insight of the application. And most of the videos on tick tock are going to be live action videos that you're going to be shooting with your mobile device within the application, that you can shoot your video separately and edit them and upload them. But assuming that you're going to use your mobile device to shoot the video, you're going to start by clicking the button at the bottom. You're then going to give tick tock access to your camera and to your microphone. You're going to first give access to your camera. And you're going to allow it. Once you allow access to the camera, you're then going to need to allow access to the microphone. And you're going to click OK. And basically, you were then going to be ready to begin recording. Now tick tock, live videos can last as long as 60 seconds. So you can start with a video that you are going to shoot for 15 seconds. And to do that, or you're going to do is to press the button, which is the red record button. And then you will be recording using ticked off. And you can shoot the video with your mobile device. When you've completed your video, you can click the red button. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 10. Add Sound To Your Video: Welcome back. Now the live action video that you have just completed your physical shoot for will loop while you were in the editing process. And you'll notice that tick tock gives you plenty of controls in order for you to enhance the video and make it ready for final publishing. Now, one of the controls that you're going to see at the bottom left-hand corner is going to be for you to add sound to your video. So for example, you can tap on the Sound button. You can choose one of the sounds that tick tock makes available to you to add to your video. We're going to do is to tap on top of the sound. What we're then going to do is we're going to tap on added sound. But once we tapped on the added sound, we can adjust the volume. So we're going to tap on volume. And what we can do is we can control the volume of the sound and then arrange it so that it is consistent with the sound that we want given the video that we have already recorded. Once we have the sound the way we want it, we can then tap the screen and then we have completed our sound. 11. Effects Element for Videos: Welcome back. You also have an Effects tab for your live video. And so what you can do is you can tap on the effects on your mobile device. And you have a range of effects that you can add to your video. And you can see those effects at the very bottom of the tab. And you can scroll through them in order to use them. You have visual have effects. You have transitions, you have splits, and then you have time warp effects. So for example, we can use the instructions for this particular effect. And this particular effect says that we can drag the specific effect to any part of the video. And we can do all of that on our mobile device. So we're going to do is we're going to drag our cursor to a specific part of the video. And then we're going to add on the effect by tapping on the effect. Once we've added that effect, we can then click save. We can add other effects. We can click the Effects button. And we can drag the cursor. And then we can add in our effect. Once we have it the way we want it, we can then click save. So you can add different effects to your timeline in order to enhance your video. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 12. Add Text to Your Video: Welcome back. Now if you re-open the tick top app, you're going to notice that your video is still looping while you edit it until you publish. What we're now going to look to is the Text tab. And we type on that tab, you're going to notice that you can type in any kind of text and you can type in several different formats. As you can see, you can use classic typewriter handwriting and various fonts available for you to place on top of your video. You can use different kinds of justification. As you can see, you can left justify, right justify or sensor justify. And you can style your text in different ways by tapping on the letter a on the left-hand side. So in order to add text to your video, you're going to decide on the color. And then you're going to type in the text. And then you can decide on how you want to justify the text. If you want to change the font, you can do that. If you want to change the color background, you can do that. And then if you want to change the style of the text, you can do that. Once you have your texts in the way that you want, you can then click done. And you'll then see your text up here on your video. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 13. Add Stickers: Welcome back. And now you can add in stickers to your video and you're going to see the sticker tab at the very bottom, all the way to the right hand side. We are going to tap on the sticker tab. And basically you're going to see stickers available that you can add to your video. And you can search through the stickers in the top search bar. And once you see the effect that you want to add, you can then tap on that effect. And that effect will then be added to your video. You can adjust the effect by sliding it with your finger on the mobile device. And you can adjust the other effect so that you can make it more visible. You can also add in emojis. And you will see your emojis within the tab. And what you can do is you can add in the emoji that you want. And you can then make that emoji visible where you want it to be. So you can add different elements to your videos by adding them from the sticker screen, deciding whether you want to have stickers, emojis or both. Tick tock has a number of stock stickers. Any emojis that it recommends that you use or that are popular among the users. Once you have completed adding your stickers and emojis, you can tap the screen. The sticker tab goes away, and you are ready then to go to the next step in the editing process. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 14. Add Voiceover: Welcome back. Now you can also add a voiceover to your video. Now, one of the things you want to know about the voiceover is that when you tap on the voiceover button, which you're going to be able to do is you're going to be able to either keep the original sound or get rid of the original sound. And basically what you're going to do is you're going to hold the button down for as long as you want to record your new comments. Now for the sake of this video, we're not going to keep the original sound. We're going to do is we're going to record over this part of the video. And so we're going to hold the button down. We're then going to record our comments. And we're going to allow them to run as long as we want them to be on this video. We're going to release the button. And then that will be our comments. Then our new comments will be available. What you can do is you can go to the Sound area. You can go to the volume, which you'll notice there is that the original sound is now grayed out because we are now using the voice-over for this video. And then we're back to the home screen where we can work with the next effect. Okay, so with that, thanks and I will see you in another video. 15. Voice Effects: Welcome back. Now, up from the voiceover tab, there is a voice Effects tab that we can't tap one. And what you'll see is that there's going to be a menu that opens up to you. And what you can do is you can scroll through the different effects that you can add to your voice in your video. And as you can see, you can use any one of them on your timeline in order to either make your video different or to enhance what it is that you are doing. So what we will do now is walk through some of the voice effects and how they affect the actual video. Now in some cases, it may be a little difficult to hear the actual voice effect and the voice. And of course, what we would do in this case is we would adjust the volume of the music as well as the voice effect in order to make sure that when we upload the final video, we would have what we want. So what we'll do now is to begin to listen to some of the voice of x. Yeah. Hold the button down. Our comments. So you've now seen how the voice affect tab works. And when you complete it, all you'll need to do is to tap on the screen. And that'll bring you back to the home screen where you are editing your video. Okay, so with that, thanks and I will see you in another video. 16. Adjust the Clip: Welcome back. In the upper right-hand corner. And the second icon down there is an adjust clips tab. You can tap on that area. So tick tock will then give you a warning that you are going to be adjusting your clips. And that adjusting these clips will discard any new edit statue have we're going to do now is we're going to click continue. And what you're going to see is that the clip we'll loop and play. But we're going to do is we're going to take our finger and we're going to adjust the size of the video to about eight seconds. And as you know, the video started at 15 seconds. Now when we start this adjustment process, you will no longer hear or see any of the voice effects or anything that we have done. And if you go back to the beginning, which you'll notice is if we tap on sounds and we tap one volume, your original sound is going to be back in a way that you can then adjust the original sound to be exactly what it was. So by adjusting the clips, you will get rid of your effects. You will get rid of your text, and you will get rid of your stickers for your final video. So it's a good idea that if you're going to work with those features, that you start by adjusting your clip first before you do them. So we're going to do now is we're going to tap on adjust clips. We're going to slide the clip back. And we're going to leave it at that point. We're then going to do is to tap the save button. And basically now our video is going to be half the size because we adjusted the size of the clip. What we can do now is to go back through and work with our sounds. We can then work with our effects, our text, our speakers, and our VoiceOver to fit the new video. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 17. Video Filters: Welcome back. Now tip top will give you filters in order to enhance the appearance of your video. And you're going to find the filters in the top right. And you can tap on the filters tab. And you're going to see Portrait filters, landscape filters, Food filters, and then what is called a vibe filter section. And so what you can do is you can tap on the different levels of portrait filters. And then when you find one that you like, you can then implement that filter. What you can do is you can use the controls to then adjust the soldier and slide it back. You can also use landscape folders. You can adjust the filter and then adjusted back. And the same thing is going to be true for each one of the filters. And you'll be able to determine how it's going to look when you've completed your work with that particular filter. Once you've worked with the filter, all you'll need to do then is tapped on the window, forward your video. And then you will have made all of the adjustments that you can make with the tools that you have been given with your video. What you can do now is you can then click on the Next button. You are now ready to post your video. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 18. Post Your Video: Welcome back. Now that you have completed your video, you are now ready to post it. And so what you're going to do is you're going to write in a description for your video. And you're going to tap Ian from your mobile device. Not here, that you are encouraged to use hashtags in order to make your video more findable. So we're going to do here is we're going to press the hashtags button. And we'll see some that are already there. You can click hashtags again and you can continue to write in the relevant hashtags. Once you've written in your hashtags, you can also tag friends that are associated with your video. So if you have particular friend that you want to tag, you can tag that friend in the video. Once you've done that, what you can do is you can determine the privacy level of your video. And you're going to tap on the arrow. And that's going to bring up this screen. And you can determine how you want the video to be displayed. And you have a choice between everyone, the France, which are the followers that value back. And then you can make your video visible only to you. So we're going to start by making this video visible only to us. We can then also allow comments or disallow comments. You can allow a duet figure on your video. And what do you do this your allowing someone else to create a video, rape aside doors into, do a reaction video to your video. You can allow your video to be stitched. And basically what you're doing is you're allowing someone to use five seconds of your video at their request. You can make it so that your video will be saved to your device. When you click post, if you have this ticked, you could then on ticket if you don't want that setting. What you're going to see at the bottom is you have sharing tags. And so basically in order to share these videos, we're going to have to change the privacy settings so that we can share the videos. And when we click the Share tag, you're going to then be able to share your video by SMS. You can also share your video into Instagram. And you can do this automatically. And what we're going to do is we're going to post the video to tick tock privately. Now one thing you can do is to click the drafts button and you can save your video entirely to your device, whether you choose to use the Save to device feature or not. What we're going to do now is click post. And when you come to your profile, if you click the right-hand side, you'll be able to see your post. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 19. Upload From Your Mobile Device: Welcome back. Now one thing that you can do is to upload a video from your mobile device that you have already created. You can upload a video that you shot with your camera. Or you can even upload a video that you screen, record it. So what you can do is to go to the plus button and you will then click the upload button. And what you'll see there are the videos that you have created and are on your mobile device. We're going to select the video that we're going to be uploading to tick tock. We're then going to click Next. Now you'll then see the video as it is going to play. If you want to make changes to that video, you can then make changes to it. For example, if we tap on the first button on the right, we can speed up the video. Or we can slow down the video. And you'll see the timing has slowed down. We can tap on the clock and then it will go away. Can also tap on the other video and you'll see that the video will then be rotated. We can turn the rotation off or rotated back to where it is going to be. You can shorten the video clip, or you can go back and then reselect the video. If you don't like the selection that you made. Which you can then do is once you have made the changes you want to make is to tap on. Next. You can then work with the effects available to you. The sounds, the effects, the text that filters, and then the voice over. Once you've worked with a video, you can then click Next. And your video is then ready to post using all of the items that you use for the other video. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 20. Do A Mobile Screen Capture Video: Welcome back. Now it's possible that you may want to create a video that is not a live action video of something from your camera, whether it is you or something that you were shooting, you may want to actually record your screen and then upload that video to tick tock. To do that, you're going to need a screen recorder for your mobile device and you're looking at an iOS or Apple device. However, the same steps that we're about to take can be taken in an Android device. What you're going to do is to go to your app store. Once you get to the app store, you're going to search for screen recorder. We're going to tap Search. And we're going to type in screen recorder. Now you'll have a number of choices available to you. And you'll want to take the one that's going to be the best for your brand as well as the best for your device. Now, for purposes of this video, the application that we're using has already been downloaded onto the device. Once again, you'll want to choose the one that's going to be best for your device as well as for your brand. We're going to open the recorder to begin recording on your mobile device. What you'll need to do is you'll need to tap the record button. And once you tap the record button, you will be recording everything that will be on your screen. If you want to have your microphone on, you can turn it on. Otherwise, you can just record the screen and you can go back and edit your video later. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 21. Additional Settings: Welcome back. Now tick tock does have settings that you can control inner profile. So we're going to tap on our profile and we're going to go to the ellipsis in the right-hand corner. And you're then going to see that you have controls available to you. For example, you can manage your entire account. That means then that you can control the information that you're going to have in here. You can actually switch to what's called a Pro account in tick tock. And you can delete your entire account. You can also manage your privacy settings. And you can actually make it so that your account does not get suggested to others for connecting. And you can control all the other aspects of your account, including your data as well as blocked accounts. You can control all of your logins and passwords from this area. Now the balance area is where you control your Tiktaalik currency. So if you want to send gifts to individuals based on the content they create, you can recharge your account by making purchases of coins that you can send to others. And when you purchase these coins, typically they are going to be made through your App Store account. Once you have 100 followers or over, you can receive those gifts when you are doing a livestream on tick tock. And as you begin to accumulate coins, which then become diamonds, you will then be able to turn those diamonds into wheel currency that you can withdraw from tick tock. You also have your tic code. I would tick code is your unique code. You can allow people to scan in order to follow you on tick tock by just using their QR code scanner. And so that you can get access to the code. All you need to do is click Save to devise. Your code will then be saved to your photos. And you will see that tick code in your photos. In order to follow someone and you have their tick code, all you need to do is to press the code in the bottom right hand corner that says scan. In order to share your entire profile with individuals to platforms on your mobile device. You can click this Share platform. You can then send your profile to individuals on specific platforms. You can control the push notifications, which are off by default. You can control the language and look of door tick tock application with dark mode and your AP language, you have content preferences. And you can determine which languages do you prefer in terms of the videos that you are going to interact with? And finally, you have more logistical items such as clearing your cache, support with tick tock. And then all of the policies related to operating on tick tock. If you want to add an account that will allow you to switch back and forth between those accounts. You can add that account here in this area. Okay, so with that, thanks and I will see you in another video. 22. Switching To A Pro Account: Welcome back. Now it's likely that you're going to be using tick tock for more than just personal connection. And if that's the case, you are going to want a Pro account so that you'll have access to the analytics tools so you can discern more about your audience as you begin to get more active. And so to do that, you're going to go to your top right settings. You're then going to go to manage your account. You are then going to click on switch to pro account. And you're then going to select an account type. You want to decide on how you primarily want to be known. If you were basically marketing a product or service that you have, or if you were looking to create content and to build a brand. For the sake of this video, we are going to tap on business. You're then going to want to choose a specific category for your business. Once you do that, you'll then click Next. You'll then be able to edit your profile. You will then add in your website. If you need to change your email, you can add that email in. You can then add in your email. You can then decide whether to add non-profit to your profile or to remove it. And your business based profile will then be ready to use. When you go back in your settings, you're going to see a business section. And you're then going to be able to tap on analytics. And you'll be able to get statistics on your videos, as well as your interactions with individuals with the content that you create. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 23. Recording a Duet Video: Welcome back. In this video, we're going to do a duet video. Now most cases, you'll need to find out if the video is available to do a duet, because not all videos are designated as those that you can do a duet video web. We are going to, for the sake of this video, use our own video to do a duet so that you'll understand the process of finding out if a video is available for a duet and then how to do one. So we're going to select our own video from our own library. And what we're going to do is we're going to click on the ellipsis. When we see the ellipsis, we can tell whether the video is available for querying a duet when the duet button is available and not grayed out. So we're going to click on duet. That's going to give us a video side-by-side with our video. And of course, once we've completed the video, we will be able to inter effects on that video in order to enhance it. But what we're going to be able to do here is we're going to be able to react to the video by clicking the record button. If you look at the very top right, you'll see that we can flip the camera around so that you can record yourself. We acting to the video. Once you have the cameras set the way you want, you're going to hit the record button. And you're then going to start recording your reaction to the video as it plays. Which are then going to do when you have completed is to click the stop button. And then you can enter any effects that you want to have in the video to give it some enhancement. Once you've completed the video, you'll then click the complete button. You can then enter additional enhancements and then click next. And then you can post the video as you would any other video with the settings available to you in tick tock. Okay, so with that, thanks and I will see you in another video. 24. Uploading From Desktop: Welcome back. Now you can manage some aspects of your account as well as upload videos from your desktop application. And we're now in the desktop application. In order to upload a video, we would go to this icon and it says upload video. That's going to take you to a specific dialogue and screen. Once you get to this dialog box, you're going to write angular caption. And then you are going to upload your video. And you'll need to make sure that it meets these specifications. Now, in many cases, you may upload a video that may be widescreen for your personal computer that's going to appear differently when an individual is using a mobile device. And you'll see now that this video has now been uploaded. But we're going to do is we're going to make this a private video. And what we're going to do is post the video. And the video is going to upload to tick tock. But we can do then is we can go to our profile and we can wait for the video to appear. Now if we click on top of the video, we're going to see how it's going to appear on the desktop version. And you are going to see your widescreen video. Now when you see the same video on the mobile device, you're going to notice then that the video is going to have the white screen. Yet at the same time, it's also going to have two black strips, one at the top and one at the bottom. And that's going to represent the fact that the video is not truly a mobile style video, even though it is viewable as you had it on your personal computer. And from your desktop, you can manage your notifications. You can also view your analytics. Okay, so with that, thanks, and I will see you in another video. 25. Section 2 - TikTok Strategy: Now that you have a complete walk-through of the platform, lets go on to the second portion of this training where I discussed some of the strategies, some of the insights, some of the tactics that you can use for tech talk. 26. Introduction to TikTok: So let's just go over some of the history of the tick tock social media platforms. So that ticked off social media platform. As you probably know if you're seeing this is seen explosive growth over the past two years. It has over 500 million users and it is a massive opportunity for your business. Now, let's figure out how are we going to be successful with picked OK, so to be successful tech talk, you know how, you have to know how the platform works. You have to know how users interact with each other. You have to know the Titov is geared towards a slightly younger generation. So we're gonna talk about how that fits with what you're doing. Does it does it appeal to you as a business owner? Does it make sense to market on these platforms to spend time figuring out how to create content. So we're gonna get into all of that. And hopefully after you see, you've seen that tutorial on how to use the platform and we're gonna go into some of the strategy. You will feel comfortable using tip talk to market your business successfully. You will find it easy, you'll find it engaging, and you'll find it. You'll find it to me now that where you can find your customers, increase your revenue, increase your sales, and so on and so forth. And you're not going to be only want a lot of businesses are actually getting into tech talk. Not just the influence, are not just people that are using it for personal use. The B2B space is starting to adopt it. And a lot of this is to help you avoid mistakes that a lot of businesses who have tried to get undertake talk, not all of them have been successful. So this is to help you avoid those mistakes and for you to succeed. Now, take talk. Not everybody is on it. I would say that for B2B social media, it's still relatively new. Recently, you probably have seen tech talk in the news for the wrong reasons. And there has been discussion of the type of content that's gone on, tick tock, that's very juvenile. Trump for awhile was trying to get it banned. However, tick tock, regardless of the negative news, has not stopped growing in the first half of 2018, it was the single most downloaded free iOS app. It was the most downloaded app on the Google Play Store in October of 2018. And then overall it was the most downloaded app in the world. In November of 2018, in March 2090, there were over 1 billion installs. A tech talk there, over 1616 million downloads in 2018. In the first quarter of 2019, there are over a 188 million. There are 26.5 million tick tock users. Us. Let's go over some more stats. This sort of double down on why you should be using it. The largest user base of TED talk is actually in India, around 66% of tiktaalik users are less than 30 years old. The average time spent on the tip Doc platform is roughly 52 minutes. There have been an increase in in-app purchases. Good B-to-B sat here on the app of over 275%. So in-app purchases on tick to have increased 275% year over year. 29% of the user base uses his dog every day. So a very loyal audience and challenges. We'll speak about what those are, the challenges. Or almost viral content opportunities. They work very well on the platform as well. So let's talk about the history of tech talks. So history of tick tock accompanying Beijing, China called byte dance develop the Deweyan app in only 200 days, they launched the app for the Chinese market initially, and the company launched tick talk for the international market in 2017 BY dance purchased musical dot li, which was a popular app created by a startup in Shanghai, China, who also had an office in Santa Monica in the US. This helped bite dance to build a larger video community. Tick tock is all about short videos. Users upload videos of around 15 seconds with the previous app Music Elderly, the user-centered to upload videos of themselves lip sinking to the popular music videos. The most talented people turned into very big influencers on the musical dot li platform. So a lot of the same audience, it's possible right now to upload videos on tick tock of up to 60 seconds. However, videos up to 15 seconds are the most popular on the platform. So very short and sweet. It's definitely graduated from a lot of lip sinking singing videos that music cal dot li first, sort of popularized. Now you'll see prank videos, comedy videos, informational videos, marketing videos, educational videos. So there's a wide variety. And of course, like all platforms, not everybody who's on tick tock creates videos. There's a lot of consumers as well. And this is actually why it's such a popular platform because there are more consumers then creators. So that means your organic reach is large. You actually don't even have to be signed up for the platform to watch videos on tick tock. If you searched by a specific keyword or hashtag on the discovery page, you can actually just watch videos that are targeted against that keyword or that hashtag without actually signing up and who are the users on tech talk. While the previous app musical dot lead targeted the Generation Z demographic and the bias was towards females. With this lip sinking tick tock seems to be targeting the same people, but it's really too early to tell. There's older users. There's a wider user base. I don't know right now if the percentage of the gender breakdown and platform is, but I know that the large amount of users are under 30. Ticked off does have international appeal. Like I mentioned, the largest user bases in India, but there's millions in the US as well. And just another data point when Deweyan first launched in China, 50% of the users under the age of 24. So of course, the app is growing, but we do have to realize that the core group that started with the app, they're still using the app. So there's millions and millions and millions of younger individuals from music cal dot li and Deweyan that are using the app. What is the type of content on the app? Well, it's video. So a tit Doc user can upload a video that they have shouted themselves or any other video they have in their gallery. There are features and tick tock that allowed them to slow up, slow down or speed up, excuse me, the videos. They can apply features, filters, taped up. You just can also react, where users can react to another video of another user on the platform. They can also duet where user can create a video with one video next to another one. This is a feature that was actually specifically taken from musical dot li. Very popular, so they decided to keep this. It's also possible for users that upload videos to mark them as either public, private, or friends only. Tedtalk provides for you page, which displays a feed of videos recommended for the user based on which videos a user has viewed before, similar to YouTube, using their algorithm there Artificial Intelligence. And each target user has a saved section in their profile which only vacancy here. They can add video, sounds, filters, hashtags, and refer back to them anytime. And then like one more point on why tick tock grew so quickly or how did they grow so quickly? Well, the platform, honestly, it's taken a lot of people by surprise. It's, there has been a significant amount of growth in a very short period of time. And some may ask why? Well, endorsements from celebrities, if you know anything about social networks and you'll be well aware that celebrities have significant impact. Some celebrities are really big social media platform users. They have huge followings from hundreds of thousands to millions. An endorsement from a celebrity is going to persuade a lot of their followers to jump onto the platform. One of the earliest celebrities embrace your talk with Jimmy Fallon. He presented the app on his show to encourage people to participate in a challenge he'd started remember, challenges are popular on the app and a number of tick tock users grew significantly just from this one action. And now Fallon actually has a partnership with Tech Talk. And also another thing that contributed to the growth is localized content. So despite tick tock being a global app, it has a focus for localized content. You will see a number of local challenges on the platform. And this has resulted in an upturn in the user base. So ticked off as a content that they call 1 million audition, which it runs across different nations. Participants with a bath That's themes receive an award and the content has helped to build the overall user base. Not only that but Titov provide suggestions to users for local topics. And this has resulted in more local videos being created. Again, just getting people involved with things they care about. Geographically targeting videos is something that makes us seem more real and more personal, even when the app is global. And then last but not least, it's grown because it's very easy to use. Users find it extremely easy to use the app. It makes video creation and sharing extremely simple. There is no steep learning curve like there is with some other platforms. The user has to do is to record a video and then instantly posted all the editing features, all the filters, music, everything is right there. It's easy to create. It's easy to find videos that you want to watch, which is the very user friendly, intuitive at all. In all these, all these pieces combined with the fact that people always seem to want this type of short-form video content has really just lead to the perfect conditions for this app to absolutely exploded in popularity. 27. Setting up your Account: Okay, so first I'm going to walk you through the experience when you are downloading and installing and setting up tip talk. And then you will actually see a play by play, a screen capture of this later on in the training. So you have to download the app and install it on your mobile device. Tedtalk is available for Android and iOS devices. One thing that's actually really good about her talk is it's very easy to share other people's content freely elsewhere. Some social media platforms actually prevent this from happening or make it very hard. So once you have a tick Doc account, you others can share your content and users can share your content on other sites. And tip-top, you just can actually download full video and gift versions of your content. But there's a tick tock watermark on this as well as your watermark. This is excellent because it gets the word out about the platform. It spreads word about your brand in a very organic way. Once you've downloaded and installed tick talking to create an account, choose a username and a display name. It's easy to sign up with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail. Whatever you use will create a username for your account. If you just be aware, if you sign up with a phone number, then your username will reflect this phone number. When you use an email address, Titov will provide a more personalized username based on your email address. And it doesn't really matter too much because you can change your name after the factors be aware. As soon as your account is ready to talk will create a feed of videos that it thinks that you would be interested in using its own AI technology. The more you use the platform, the better this feed or this main profile page will be. And then you have to go set up your profile. To access your profile, you tap on an icon that looks like the outline of a person with the word knee underneath on the lower right-hand side of your screen. And you make sure that you write an appealing bio. Your audience will read this. Doc users will read this and needs to be exciting them to want to follow. You said you're describing what you do. You can link through YouTube and your Instagram accounts in your profile. Definitely do that. And then just a, you know, right now when I'm recording this, you can't link your Facebook page, but that would be something that they could hopefully setup for in the future as well as Twitter, takes some time, write a compelling description, a bio, add the most relevant hashtags in your bio as well. It's really important that you create a really, really meaningful description because people will want to follow you. This is like any social media platform. How you present yourself on social is the reason why people will actually care about you. Again, profile picture is just a picture of your face clear. Just, I would say from the shoulders up. Well-lit. Nothing too complicated. And then once your profile set up, you have your description, your bio, your profile picture, start engaging. So find some related videos, start engaging with other tip-top users. You need to get used to navigating around the app is pretty simple, and there's sort of two main feeds in the tape talk at the default feed creates a for you page. It presents videos for your using the EHR technology. It's similar to Instagrams, Explore page. And then when you watch a video on typical notice a series of icons to the right. The first icon will take you to the content creators profile. If you tap on it, heart icon for liking a video, then you have a comments icon, and then there's an arrow pointing to the right which you can use the share tech talks with other social platforms. And then finally there's a spinning record icon has musical notes coming out of it. This tells you about the music that is playing in the current video. When you click on it, you can see the name of the track and the artist, as well as a feed with other videos that use the same music or song. If you find a video that you enjoyed and tap on the heart icon to like it. It's like you would on Instagram or Facebook when you find related videos from users that have a good following and you should leave a comment they'll pick up on. This is very similar to what you should do on other social platforms as well. You can also share the video and other platforms, other social media platforms, if you like it. Next would be following other tick tock users. So I recommend that you start following other users that are usually doing the same type of thing. You'd get the same type of market that you'd want to interact with, scientific person that you want to interact with, same niche. Follow other taped up users. They will be notified. And there's maybe a chance we'll follow you back and they'll, they'll realize you exist and they'll engage with your content. After you've done this, you've pretty much set up your account. So this is where this is where we're going to pause for now. In the next video, I'm going to discuss some best practices and some of the content that you're going to see on the platform. 28. Types of TikTok Content: Okay, so let's speak about some of the types of posts on tech talk to give you some good ideas for content and you can create on TED talk. I'm just going to walk you through some of the types of posts that you're gonna see that you can start thinking about what you want to create. Remember, whatever you have to do. It should be entertaining. So there are types of posts it do well on tech talk. So music videos. Remember, tic-tac-toe is a platform that was built from musical dot li. A lot of the following was brought over from music cal dot li, which is all about link lip sinking the famous song. So it's not going to surprise you to know that many music videos and even music video montages are very popular on Titov. You'll find a number of lip sinking videos, others, others are a bit more creative. For example, we found a number of videos that feature characters in games where the words of the song had a strong connection to the character is that games and they do, they, they rework music videos. They use songs with relevant pop culture videos to create these mismatches. So there's a lot of trends that are music focused on tick tock. Comedy is a ton of videos on tick tock of that are comedy. There are jokes, their skits, they're very short, 15 seconds or less, but they've been well-planned out to give a whole bunch of value in a very short period of time. Making committed videos. They're not necessarily easy to make, but if you can make funny videos, well, those will do very well on the platform. Special effects. There's some green screen effects and filters, face filters. Those do well on the platform because you're using those native features. So if you want to use some of the special effects, again, the content itself, we can talk about that, but just to use those special effects will give your videos a little bit more reach. Do add videos. I spoke about those previously. If you see a particular musical posts that you want to apply to, you can use the duet feature and Ted talk, and then you create your own video side-by-side against the original video using the same music or using the same soundtrack. Even this was very popular music. Cal dot li users loved it, they kept it. And some of the best video are using duets that are almost reactionary. So you can see how somebody feels against the original video, which is obviously, you know, it's meant to be funny. It's not difficult to make a duet style video. And you can use your own videos and react to them if you want. And then there's Challenge videos. These are very popular on tech talk. You know, I remember I mentioned Jimmy Fallon and the tumbleweed challenge. It was an enormous hit then. And in less than a week there was more than 8 thousand videos related to it on tick tock got 10 million engagement's. A challenge video, will basically encourage users to participate by doing something fun. Other successful challenges have included the chipotle lead full Challenge, where the aim was to flip it to pull Ebola by only using the ball. If you can come up with the right challenge, you honestly can get a huge amount of engagement on TED Talk, but it has to go viral. Next, I want to talk about how to create tick tock videos. 29. Creating Content : So creating a tick dog video is actually not that complicated. I always recommend that if you want to post on TedTalk plan something if you're promoting your brand on the platform. Remember, the aim should always be getting engagement from the users. And sometimes spontaneous videos do very well. But if you plan, you have a better chance of succeeding. So plan your content ahead of time. Now the actual, the actual filming and posting is actually quite simple. And if you've ever filmed are posted on Instagram or Snapchat, you're going to find the tools available and tick talk very easy to use a very intuitive, very powerful. The first thing you need to do is tap on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. It will open up a camera on your phone or your devices, your large round red record button, you can record a 15-second, shorter video or up to 60 seconds. It's not necessary for you to use a camera to record something on the fly. There is an upload button that you can use to upload the video you created from a previous point or whatever, whatever you choose. And once the videos uploaded, then you can start using some special effects. Once you have a video prep, you can speed it up, you can slow it down. You can pause it. You can add a timer. You can alternate between your front and back smartphone camera. There's a number of additional effects. If you tap on the effects icon on the left side of the screen, when you have a video in front of you that's recorded or uploaded, you can browse through them. You can have augmented reality, like I said, green screen overlays a variety of different effects. Just funny ones, ones that make you look better. Filters. There's a ton of stuff that you can do with these videos once they're uploaded. So play around with it, have some fun. See what types of filters you can use. Also how tech talk works is when you hold down Record button, you record if you let it go, it pauses for a moment. So you can use this to basically use cut or create cuts in your video so that you don't have to film one complete video without pausing. But you can also set up a timer so that you can record it out holding down that button, which could be useful if you, if you have your content planned out after you've figured out your video, it's a good idea to add some sort of music or some sort of soundtrack to your video. This will increase the reach of the video to add music to the video, it's very simple. You just click on add a sound, which is an icon on the right-hand side of your recording screen. Then you see a menu of all these songs, artists, and just pick whatever one you want. Just so you know, you will never find complete songs on tech talk. You'll find short clips that you can use with your video. You can't edit these clips. But if you do want to use other external audio, then you can just record it as you're recording your video. If these clips aren't good enough, I just be careful that you're not infringing on copyright. Of course, all the clips that are in the tick tock library are, you're allowed to use if you use something external, you may not be allowed to use it. Once you finish recording or video tap on. Next, you'll see a page that looks a lot like the post page for Instagram. On this page, you can create caption for your video. You add relevant hashtags. If you want, you can tag other accounts with account handles using the at sign. And you can change your privacy settings where you can enable or disable duets, turn the comments on or off. You can allow people to download your video to your smartphone. And you can save your own video, right then you click Save to album. If you want to, and you don't wanna post right away, you can hit the Draft button and return to it later. So there's a lot you can do on the platform because of video editing, but it's very simple again, to record these videos and push them out. Next, I want to talk about content marketing on the platform. 30. Content Marketing Strategy: So keep in mind that whenever you are posting content on tick talk, you want to think about engagement and this will play into content marketing on tick tock. Once you start to create entertaining videos at driving engagement, your followers will want more from you. So you have to have a content marketing plan that keeps creating videos and a certain theme, I guess a certain niche or audience. There's gonna be a number of marketers that they start strong on tech talk than they fizzle out. They, they don't keep going like any social media platform for building an audience. You want to maintain that audience. You have to continue to post, you have to continue to create stuff for people to come back to. So this is just good social media habit. Create a schedule for your tech talk posts. You need to hold yourself accountable and you need to commit if you want to be successful on any social media platform. So have a cadence of content that you're gonna post and have an idea to find new content ideas all the time. Once you have that cadence and you'll have an idea of whatever content you're going to create. Use the right hashtags for your Tiktaalik videos. Once you create a tip dog video you're about to post that you put in a short description of what it is. If you put a hashtag and you start spelling out the word, it will automatically populate the most popular hashtags for a certain keyword and the audience that you could have access to by using those hashtags. One of the main reasons why you should be using hashtags is for reach. You're gonna get more likes, your gonna get more exposure. It's going to make it easier for users to find your video to understand what it's about. It's going to help, it's going to persuade them to watch it. You want to target that right audience. You want to target the audience is going to find your content useful, engaging, funny, whatever it may be, cache size, get it to the right eyeballs. So the more engagement you can get through the right hashtags, the better. This will help you drive more engagement, more likes, more following, more comments, and eventually more, more sales. Next, I want to talk about increasing your following on the platform. 31. Building A Following: If you want to increase your following, you have to create content that people want to consume. Now some of the users on tip-top, we'll be looking for specific types of content. They will look at hashtags. It's the best way to determine that type of content, but you must, again, using these relevant hashtags to get your content in front of the right people when they find your content, when they, when they search for hashtag or keyword and they find your content, they love your content. That's when they're going to follow you. So align your content with your posting strategy, with the target audience that's going to increase your following to find those best hashtags. And there's a few methods that you can use to find what actually will get your videos in front of the right audience. So first you have to know what your audiences, you have to define your audience. Your audiences on ticked off, regardless of who they are. If you want to establish yourself as an authority in your niche regardless of social platform and especially on ticked off, you have to know your audience, you have to find who they are. Then you have to find the hashtags that appeal to your audience. Then you can start creating content that fits into that narrative. So just to recap, you have your content. You decide what you want to put out into the world of your target audiences. You're posting that content, you're researching relevant hashtags that will expose your content to your target audience. Your target audience is finding your content and then they're following you. This is, this is basic, but this is really all you have to do. You have to continue to do again and again and again to build out your audience. Consistency plus the basics will yield the results. Certain niches have the chance of going more viral than others. But if you just continuously post against your hashtags and you show up every single day, you will be successful. And an add on strategy could be that once you do have a following, when you post on social media platforms, only a percentage of your total following sees your content. This is actually how most social media platform algorithms work. How they work is when you post a small amount of you're following, sees your content, they engage with it, they like it, they comment, whatever. And if there's a good response in that platform, will show your content to a wider group and so on and so forth. And then that's actually how social media platform decides whether or not your content is good. So once you do have a bit of a following, you can actually create your own hashtags. And if you're following likes your content. And they know that these are the hashtags are used that are sort of created by you, very specific to you. And so for example, you know, I, I use one, actually, not on tech talk, but I use one and other social platforms. And now I'm, you know, thinking about it, I probably could use it on tip-top called Scott's thoughts hashtag, Scott's thoughts. So if I have a good following on a platform and they know that when I post I posted that hashtag and they follow that hashtag, there's a better chance at a wider group of my following. We'll see my content right away. So you can use that once you have an established following. But to get started, use, use hashtags that are more generic in nature. Of course, nobody if you create a hashtag and you know the following, nobody's going to know what it is. But once you do have the following, That's a little strategy to help you sort of tap into a larger group of your, your core audience so that when you post more people who want to see your content will see it. Because again, the social media platform will not show your content to a 100% of your following. Another strategy that works very well as you can emulate what influencers are doing. So look at other influencers in your niche. See what type of content they're posting, see what type of hashtags they're using. And just copy, copy what they're doing. Copy the trends, copy the type of content. Copy the hashtags, copy the format of the video, the style, the look, the feel, look for people that are creating the most successful posts for the hashtag that you want to target and just emulate what they're doing. And also look at the ones that didn't do so well. Look at the post that didn't do so well. So you can avoid the mistakes as well. And then you want to research your competitors. Your competitors are probably going to be targeting the same types of hashtags. Creating content that's supposed to be targeted at the same audiences you, I would say combine what influencers are doing with the, the hashtags and the type of information that competitors are putting out. So you combine influencer strategy with relevant, topical niche content and that will be successful. A few strategies I, IQ speaking about hashtags and how you can use these to grow following. So I would say a few good tools that you should use to find hashtags that can help you target a niche. Seek metrics is one, is a really good one that you can use to find hashtags. You can use a tool to find hazards for your post. There's also an option that you can use comparative metrics that you can measure yourself and your own performance on the platform to very intuitive, very intuitive platform. And no, I have no affiliation with them. There's also a feature where you can type in a hashtag keyword and seek metrics will provide you some suggestions for you, for other hashtags in that niche. You can copy the suggestions and then add them to your tick tock posts. You can use all hashtag. All hashtag is another good hashtag generator. To use a tool you just type in a keyword and I'll Hashtag does the rest. It will recommend good hashtags for your niche and then you can just copy them as well. So those are some of the best practices to really build a core following or strong falling from the get-go. I'm going to pause there and next I want to speak about how in a B2B context or business context or even B2C contexts, you can market your brand on tech talk. 32. Marketing Strategies on TikTok: So there are really three ways that you can effectively market your brand on tech talk. You can create your own branded channel and upload relevant videos for your niece or your industry. You can identify and work with influencers on Tic-Tac-Toe, increase your reach on the platform or you can advertise, so you can actually spend money on ads. And I'll cover that actually in a, in a moment. So a lot of marketers on tick tock use a combination of these things. Businesses use a few of these different types of ways to reach potential audiences to be successful on the platform. So in this chapter, I'm going to be speaking about probably the most successful marketing strategies that brands use on ticked off. So number one would be hashtag challenges. So the tick tock community loves a challenge. A lot of users love to accept challenges on the platform and create videos and upload them in response to a challenge. So if you want to create a challenge on ticked off and you definitely should, and you need to create an exciting, relevant hashtag. It needs to be memorable and easy for users to find. So I spoke about the popular Jimmy Fallon hashtag tumble we challenge. He had the benefit of using the Tonight Show to spread the word about its challenge. Take that out of the equation is still a great challenge because there was more than a thousand videos created, more than 10 million engagements, and only asked Ted Talk users to deal with it, dropped to the ground and then roll like a tumbleweed When they heard a particular piece of music. To create a successful challenge, you need to think about how a tick tock user can interact with your brand in a fun way. Maybe they hold one of your products and they do something fun with it. You also need to think about the difficulty and the creativity of the challenge. I always recommend that you added degree of difficulty into a challenge because well, the Jimmy Jimmy Fallon tumble we challenge was difficult because dropping down on the floor and rolling like a tumbleweed had to be done in public. And those that actually did this, they were really proud that they overcame shyness and they did it. It's always good to allow, adds them, add some challenge ASM difficulty, but allow some flexibility in the end result of the challenge and the challenge you create. So you provide guidelines but you don't tell them exactly what to do and this will get you better results, will allow users to change. It will allow users the chance to put their own spin on things. Guest did this really well. The gene company genes are very, very personal. So guess encouraged users to show off how they like to wear them. And it gave the users to use filters, use different editing options and tech talk and special effects to upload videos of them wearing their genes in different ways. Google also had a successful tick tock challenge for the Google Assistant. If you think about how many things you could ask the Google Assistant, it's almost infinite. So Google invited users to ask any question they wanted to. The Google Assistant, which made the challenge really creative, really popular as a lot of fun. So the second way that marketers are brands can leverage tech talk would be to use duet. So a lot of marketers miss. They really miss the mark with duets. But I'm going to sort of walk you through how to use them properly so you can use, you can even utilize a hashtag campaign with a duet. It's unique, it attracts him engagement. One great example with Deja caled. He's an official Tiktaalik partner who created a very popular hashtag, hashtag guessed the blessings by creating duets where he's looking at himself and praising himself. Users were able to use a duet function to record themselves beside these accounts so that they can react to what he's saying. There's video. So thinking about ways that your users can engage with you, so that you can engage with your audience using the duet function. So here's a couple ideas sink to one another, have a conversation high-five and another, finish each other's sentences. Something that requires a response. There's a ton of possibilities with this. So start thinking because a duet feature is a lot of fun. If you get this right, you will get a ton of engagement for your brand. Third way would be to use influencers. As you would expect. There's a ton of influencers on tech talk as there are with all their social media platforms. The difference is because Ted Talk is fairly new and they're not as many influencers on the platform as there are on Instagram, it's very easy to identify who you should work with. So even though the tip talk platform is new, there are still influencers that have millions of followers and they can really help push your marketing campaign to their audience. When you're choosing an influencer, consider the authenticity, the engagement, everything you have to watch out for with influencers and other platforms. Big brands like Google have used influencers to spread the word about their campaigns to pretty, pretty good effect. There have been a number of successful influencer marketing campaigns using hashtag challenges. For example, it all boils down to selecting the right influencer and allowing them to have creative input. Let them create the best content around your campaign because they know their audience much better than you do. You can also ask an influencer to where a piece of clothing that you sell or use one of your products. Of course, the impulse raspy, comfortable doing this. If they don't like the product of the clothing, it'll never sell. But ticked off is a young person's platform. So if you find the right influencer with the right product and they feel that it's geared towards their audience. It could be a younger audience. It will work very well. The fourth strategy is to use scarcity. Scarcity is always a good marketing tactic and this certainly applies to ticked off. You want to encourage engagement and participation. Having a time constraint or scarcity will push users to get involved. And if you don't use some form of scarcity that people will put off their participation. Probably never end up getting around to it. There won't be that urgency. So if you want to create a challenge but a time limit on it when a tick Doc user knows they only have a few in a few days to participate and will force them to participate. Guess jeans gave users seven days to participate in their challenge is very effective. Participation numbers for very high marketing tool or strategy would be to be authentic. And I know this comes up a lot, but I recommend, I really over recommend that you'd be authentic with your marketing on any social channel. But it's particularly important with ticked off as it is so new and so pure. That platform is not saturated with brands yet like Instagram. It will eventually happen, but you have to be authentic or else the community will really shine you. So don't be sales-oriented. Don't try and push your product on users. Don't try and push your service on users. You need to push community and creativity, US engagement with your brand as a good way for your audience to receive likes and shares from their communities. When you get this right, you will experience a ton of success with marketing on tick tock. Number six, build the community so you're not gonna get very far with ticked off if you just create a single challenge and leverages by using just one influencer, it's essential that you are prepared to build a community on the platform. Of course, you can develop a community around your brand and your products, but you want to create value. So create videos. You want to decide on the tone that you want for your brand and then you create short videos are resonate with this tone. Do you want to be funny, Political, controversial, positive when you create a good community vibe on Tech Talk. Others will join in and support that. Number seven, encouraged user-generated content. The Generation Z crowd wants to be fully immersed. They liked to be active and they're not fans of passive. So tick tock users want to participate, they want to get involved with stuff. So give them the opportunity to get involved with your brand. Your aim here it's encouraged Ted Talk users who liked your brand share videos of themselves using or interacting with your products in some way. When this happens, you're gonna get a lot of engagement. A restaurant in China came up with an idea of having a DIY option on their menu. So people that went for this option, we're able to create their own unique dishes and a lot of them created videos around this. Then they uploaded these videos so that Chinese version of tick Doc, which is do again, what was the result? Well, after only a few customers that had chosen the DIY option uploaded the video to the restaurant. The restaurant experienced a huge increase in traffic. In fact, about 15 thousand people approach a restaurant for the DIY option. And many of these made videos, upload them on TED talk. Over 50 million users, venture Saudis DIY Videos and number eight, promote your videos on other social media channels. Is again, it's best practice just for social, but when you create videos on tip-top, you can use them for promotion on your other social channels as well. Add them to your website, add them to your blog is a great way to get more followers on tick tock as well as other platform. And it brings, you're following in from other platforms on to tick tock. Next, I want to take a moment to speak about tick tock ads. 33. TikTok Ads : So now let's talk about running ads on the platform. When I'm recording this, ads are not available in every country, but they definitely are available in the US. So if you want to go check out, if you can run ads on tick talking your country, go to ads, dot tip anyways. So total started to show short ads in January 2019 and April 2019 took duck launch the beta version of their managed service platform, which created a bistable ad environment. Reps from dare talk, we'll run the ads for you, but this is probably going to change in the future. So we're just going to explain the type of ads that are available on the platform here. And then I'll just chat about sort of best practices and what you have to know. A few things to know about tick tock ads you can only use and in feed and video add. This makes sense for this kind of platform. It's short form video, but within these ads you have three different types of models. You have a cost per click model, CPC, you have cost per thousand impressions or CPM, or you have cost per view, which is calculated as a 6 second view, in terms of audience targeting, you can go for gender, you can go for age. You can geotarget at a state level. Going forward tick tock planets introduce other targeting options, such as behavioral interests and more granular demographics. The moment there is no minimum spend requirement, but ticked off does encourage advertisers to make an investment in ads that will be large enough, of course, to produce results, generate leads, and sales. There is a feature to create custom lists, but you will need to use a physical list for this as CRM integration isn't currently available on tech talk. In time, there'll certainly be self-serve add option and I'm sure more integrations. Now, let's talk about some of the types of ads and you can run. So brand takeover ads if you want, if you want your ad to appear, when a user opens tick tock, then the brand take over AD is probably a good option, will present the ad front and center. With this type of ad, you'll be able to drive tick tock users internally or to an external destination. Only one advertiser can use his brand takeover ad per category per day. And as you can probably guess, this is going to make this kind of AD incredibly expensive. At the top of the screen, the user can elect to skip the ad if it's not interesting for them. With brand takeover ads, you will be able to measure reach through click rates, unique reaches and impressions. These are going to be effective ad types as the ads will be user-friendly and designed to have an impact on the target audience. Another type of that is the hashtag challenge. At the hashtag challenge ad is all about encouraging user-generated content by requesting tip-top users to participate in a challenge that showcases your brand in some way. Challenges are very popular and tip-top, so you get this right, then you can expect some viral result. Hashtag challenges are so successful because they capitalize on the natural tendency of ticked up users to create their own content and upload it to the platform. So when you go for a hashtag challenge, add the representative from tick tock will partner with you for a period of six days, which will be the length of your ad. It's a good idea to find a good influence or partner for your hashtag challenge at, as they will be able to extend your reach considerably. And the right challenge idea will result in a lot of organic engagement on a TED Talk platform, far more than you could just get with ads spent because of virality. Another type of ad is a branded lens ad. If you're familiar with the AR lens offered by Instagram or Snapchat, then you will find this very similar. We've branded lens apps. You can use 3D objects, face filters. The branded lens can provide a very deep level of engagement on territory. When you have the support of a user base, that will be a very good way to get your message out there than there are in feed native ads, if you like, the Instagram story adds in full screen mode, you believe this kind of approach is very for your brand than the in feed native ads from tic talk could be a good choice. You'll be able to add a link to your website in these ads. And of course, as with other ads, the in feed native apps do have a skip feature for users that have no interests. But with this type of ad, there are a number of options available to you when it actually comes into the design, you'll be able to measure engagement who receive with this AD, as well as total views, viewing times, click-throughs and impressions. Your infant native app can be between 515 seconds in length. The video must be in vertical format and will display on the tick tock users for you page. There are some call to action choices, such as visit your website or app downloads. Tick tock ads will improve over time complexity, willing to overtime as will the price. It will go up so that it really is to attract. He was many customers, happy advertisers, happy as possible. It's not at the level of sophistication as Facebook or Instagram ads are yet. But as a platform continues to grow, you can only assume they're going to keep building out this, this add marketplace and make the ads more complex and more robust right now is probably going to be the cheapest you're ever gonna get on tech talk if you want to try it out, maybe now's the time to get that read. As with all ads, you know, play around with them, AB tests, tweet them, iterate. Seeing the same at all times is not really good on social media, especially for your audience that you want to test. You want to test the different types of ads. Cy, some creative will, will perform better than others and so on and so forth. All of your ads will need to blend into the TedTalk platform. Right now, the reps from TED talk will ensure that all ads have to be approved by Ted Talk as well. So focused on fun, entertaining. These are the type of ads that will win. Anything that encourages participation is going to have more appeal. So if you want to use tick tock ads, you need to plan your content. Let that creativity flow. 34. Case Studies : Now we're gonna talk about some case studies. Businesses who have been successful on tick tock, despite the platform being very new. So some of the early adopters have TED Talks includes sports teams, musicians and colleges, as well as some very specific businesses. In a lot of cases, they found particular videos creating more engagement than they do on all their other social platforms. So first case study, the Bally bakery. There'd been a lot of bakery pastry chefs, cake decorators are used hit OK. For the marketing with good results. But this makes sense because baking and making food is highly demonstrated. You can very visual. So you'll find a lot of videos of shafts and cake decorators doing your thing. The music on tick tock. The number of chefs and bakers have a mass followings over a 100 thousand are ticked up, but the Bally bakery really stand out at a time. When I'm recording this, have over 4 million followers. Their videos have received over 90 million hearts or, or likes their videos. Also bakers decorating cakes with music in the background. Sometimes it uses speedup effect as well. So again, takeaway from this is visual, creative and visual. Anthony bar Bhutto, lawyer is another case study. This one will probably surprise you. It seems unlikely that lawyers or do well on tick tock, but there are quite a few that are getting some good results. Some of the law firms use the platform for brand awareness, they have fun with it. The biggest lawyers access stored on TED Talk is Anthony, but Pluto. At the time when I'm recording this, she has 1.8 million followers, is content as over 26 million hearts or likes. Other lawyers share their advice and expertise, have tech talk and some videos get thousands of hearts and comments. But he is a very good use case for educational content and other case study. University of Florida. It's no surprise seeing universities, colleges come with, come up with tip-top accounts. Some are doing better than others, and University of Florida is definitely making their mark. They have over 83 thousand followers and millions of lights for the videos. The University of Florida shares a lot of different experiences, such as behind-the-scenes looks. Behind the scene looks campus accomplishments at various students. Videos, documenting sports hype, dance challenges, just things to do with the culture of the school and the behind the scenes out that people love. Another case study, little, little noise X. So no surprise the musicians are using ticked off. They always adopt new social early on, but little knobs x is a smart rapper. He's used the platform very well to get the word out about as music. Most people have heard the song old town road, and tick tock was a huge, huge player in bringing this song to the masses. So a couple of years ago, low Nozick's was unknown, but he worked out how we could use meme culture and tick tock to appeal to the cool kids on the platform is old town road song went viral, ended up being the longest, number one Billboard Hot 100 Song. How did you do this? Well, he posted a video of him performing a song, a tick tock, which has quickly turned into a mean spread like crazy, produced over 500 million video views and resulted in over 5 million users creating videos around his hashtag, hashtag, old town road. So this success is obviously hard to replicate, but just keep in mind if you create a challenge, you get that hashtag going. The virality can, can literally change, in this case, his career overnight, but really bring your brand to light. Another case study, that lamellae shop, if you owned an e-commerce store, then you need to pay attention to this one. There's a lot of small e-commerce store is using. Tick tock platform to promote their products. They do this by creating that blending videos is show how their products work to background music. The lamellae shop has really done well on Tic-Tac-Toe, created a video showing one of their products for Closet organizing. And this received nearly 2 million Likes and almost 7 thousand comments. So you gotta ask yourself, what can tick tock due for your online store? That's incredible. Organic, organic reach organic impressions. Another case study, Washington Post, this is another use case that may surprise some people. The Washington Post has around a 160 thousand followers and their content has over 4 million likes. The content created by the Washington Post uses the features of tip-top really well. They embrace challenges and the mean culture of the platform. Some of the most popular videos provided behind the scenes look of their new, Their newsrooms use me. In one video. There's a fun exchanged between editor and a reporter that received almost a 100 thousand hearts or likes and a 160 comments. Again, as behind the scenes, it's mean culture, it's creative, it's real. Another case study, the past go County Sheriff's Office, again, strange use case but Cops on tick tock. Yeah, it's happening. So there's a great number of cops, including this entire sheriff's office, presence on tick talk. One of the first of these law enforcement agencies to get into Tiktaalik was the past go County Sheriff's Office. Now they have around 300 thousand followers and their content has over 3 million likes it create, ride along clips with her deputies, behind the scenes clips, really funny videos or their deputies also doing some of the more popular dance challenges on ticked off. And there's a lot of success stories like this. There's a lot of other business success stories. And some of these are more obvious. So the NBA is on the platform. They have over 5.5 million followers. They're content has more than 79 Million Hearts or likes. They post very content ranging from Highlights of basketball matches to fans dancing. Most of the NBA teams have their own tick tock accounts. A good example is Chicago Bulls, who have actually created an account for their mascot, who has a name, Benny the bull. Benny has an Instagram account as well, but way more followers on tech doc. Benny creates collaboration videos with other mascots. One of the most popular one of these videos was with the mascot from the Philadelphia flyers, who has a name gritty. This just shows the various tick tock opportunities for coal marketing as well. I really, really hope that some of these stories inspire you, gave you some ideas go actually you see these people on tick tock, see what they're doing and understand that you can really leverage mean culture Tiktaalik virality create an enormous, an enormous channel and an enormous reach for your brand. And you may be asking what is take talk, right for you, like for my business, for your business, ask yourself the following question. Are your target customers perhaps younger than 35 years old? Does your business target Generation Z and younger and younger millennials? Are your products visually appealing? Are you in the music business, or an artist or somebody that's very creative? Would you say that your brand is fun, casual, trendy? Does your brand have like the cool kid vibe about it? Do you have the resources to capture this stuff? Do you have the creativity? Some of these things you will already have some of these, some of these things. You have to think about it a little bit. But if you check off any of these boxes, you definitely should be on text OK. And even if you don't, this is not exhaustive. So if even if you aren't like we mentioned, shares County mended, a lawyer, a law firm. There's a lot of use cases for tech talk that may not be cookie cutter, but because the organic reach and the opportunity is there, I would suggest, I would suggest putting yourself out there and trying to find something again and your niche, look at your competitors, look at, look at the keywords that you're looking at. You'll find other people that are doing the same business as you that are trying to do something on ticked off, just test the waters to try out a few things. See if the content that you're putting in a resonates with a small tribe or a small audience. Because there's people of all sorts there. Even if you feel like your, your business isn't that sexy. 35. Analytics: Now I want to talk about some analytics and some tools. So whenever you are promoting your business on social media, you do have to make sure that you're checking what you're doing. You should never just be putting content out there and hoping for the best. So you need to know what is working and what isn't. So here's sort of a lowdown on tick tock analytic. So first, you do need a Pro account. What does that mean? Well, recently, tick tock launched their native analytics program, which is only available to pro account holders if you haven't Instagram creator account. And this is very similar. So you can use the analytics dashboard in your tip top to discover insights and tell your audience how your published content is performing. Its very easy to switch to a Pro account. You just go to your profile, you go to your settings, you tap on manage my account, and on the next screen you tap on switch to a Pro account. After this, you have to choose a category for your account and then the setup is to enter your mobile number so you can receive a verification code via SMS. Enter the code, you're good to go. Go back to your settings menu. You will now find analytics. We tap on this, you get your dashboard. You will need to switch your pro camp before anything is recorded and displayed in your dashboard. This is going to take around a week to see anything meaningful. So post as much content as possible during this time, and you'll start to see those analytics come in. There's three categories on your tick tock analytics dashboard, which are your profile overview, your content insights, and your follower insight. You can tap on the tabs at the top of the screen for a deep dive into each of these categories. Now let's talk about each one. So the Profile Overview, you'll use the profile overview to see how well your two top account is performing in general, you'll be able to see your total profile views, your video views, your follower count. Your video views are displayed. First. With this, you can see the total number of times that users have viewed your videos and seven days or in a 20-day period, there is a daily breakdown provider which is useful to identify your peak days and then you will see your profile views again, there's a seven day or 28-day option for this and it's broken down into individual days. And then finally, your follower account again is available for seven-day or 28-day period broken down in today's. All of these metrics are useful to help develop your strategy, your content strategy, you can identify useful partners with your Profile Overview metrics. You can use it to determine the time it takes users from first consuming your content to viewing your profile and then eventually becoming a follower as well. Next we have content inside, so you can get very rich insights from the content tab and tick top analytics. First, there is a top level view where you can see views to each video posts that you created over the last week. This is from newest content to the oldest. It shows you which of your videos has trended on the for you page for the same period as well as a total views for these videos throughout the process. What is really great about the content insights is the ability to look at each individual posts that you made to uncover the richest insights about that particular post, you will get the following matrix for each post. So you will get the total number of hearts or lights for the post. You will get the total number of total comments for the post. Total number of shares, total video play time, total video views. The average watch time, your traffic sources, your audience, territories and audience breakdown. And you can, you can also understand that a lot of these things are how TED Talk measures whether or not your post is good or should be shown to a larger group of individuals to the audience territories metric will tell you which post resonated the best with different audiences is presented at a country level. You can compare this to territory information found in Follower insights and see if your posts are resonating with your followers. And in the follower insights section, you get a top-level view of the demographics or demo, excuse me, of your audience. You will see a split by gender as well as breakdown of your audience numbers expressed in percentages. The territories are broken down to country level. One tool that I suggest you check out is the pentose tick tock analytics tool. The analytics package offer by to talk is good, but you can only use it to examine the performance of your own account. If you want to look at your competitors accounts, you can use third-party tools so that the external tick tock analysis tool available from pentose will enable you to do just that. It's a pentose gathers publicly available tech doc profile data to provide you with insights for accounts that you don't own. You can sign up for a free pandas account, you'll be able to check it out. I think it's three ticked off accounts. If you want to look at more, obtain more detailed metrics, then you have, I think two premium options at 19 bucks or $99 a month. In the pentose dashboard, you can see the following. For each account you are tracking the average engagement rate, total number of likes, total number of video posts, average number of Hearts likes, the average number of comments, the number of other tech talk account that that profile follows. So why would you use this? Like you get a lot out of this, but why do you this? Well, let's say you want to partner with a specific influencer to boost the reach of your content, you can use pentose. You can use pentose and you can see what their average engagement rate is, which will help with your decision-making. See if their audiences legitimate, authentic, and with a premium version of Pandas, you can look at hashtags. For example, there's a hash I challenge that shows you the average hashtag engagement rate, the average number of comments that total views to that hashtag content, the total number of posts that are using that hashtag, and even the average likes for that hashtag or say pentose is really, really good tool to have in your tick tock marketing Armory and just use the free one. Then if you, if you want to upgrade, you can. But knowing the results of other competitors, influencers can really just give you a good 360 of what you're doing, right or not. 36. Best Practices & Conclusion: And in summary, I just want to go over some best practices that we've touched on over the course of this whole video. So although tick tock is fairly new, there are best practices that have emerged through experimentation that I've tried to, other markets have tried. So let's just run through them really quickly. Number one, tick tock has a young user-based, the Generation Z user base that really do enjoy TED talk. They want to be entertained, they want to participate, so you need to give them what they want. And as the platform grows, you may find that the audience broadens in terms of age or interests, but for now you're looking at a younger generation. So always keep this in mind when you're creating content. Number two, always use music. Ok, users expect music with their videos to give it to them. Remember that a lot of the users came from musical dot li, where music was the predominant theme. It will not take you long to add music to some videos. It's one button, one-click, and it's right there. So definitely remember to do this. Number three, use special effects, use features. There are tons of different ways that you can spice up your videos using special effects with intake talk, very little low effort, little effort. I take the time to learn how to use the effects, using as often as you can. You can experiment with different effects, see which ones are the most popular for your audience, but they're all in platform. So it's very easy to use these effect. Number four, use multiple shots in your videos. When you create a video using multiple shots, it makes it a lot more interesting and it has actually breaks a pattern so that when somebody's watching I every time is shot changes. They, they're interested again, there was actually some psychological strategy with this. Don't, you don't have to do is with every video, like don't go crazy with it, but experiment with this in a few videos. See if the watch time increases and see, yeah, your audience reacts. Number Five, challenge your audience. Tick tock. Users love challenges. It's why the hashtag challenged features so popular. Create a relevant, memorable hashtag for your challenge. Make it fun. Have a degree of difficulty making them actual challenge. Set a deadline how that scarcity and encourage creativity. Number six, take a look at your competitors, find out who your competitors are on tick tock, Take a good look at what they're doing. You can get some great ideas for content, for strategy, for hashtags, just inspiration. So remember, don't copy exactly what they're doing, but take their ideas, put your own spin on things. That's a great way to at least get a head start on the platform. Number seven, use analytic, Not everything that you do on tick doc is going to be a runaway success. So you have to know what is working well and what isn't. Tech Talk does provide analytics that will tell you everything you need to know about your posts and your profile. So use those numbers to drive smart decisions for your content and your strategy so that you can be successful and you're not just spinning your wheels. Number eight, plan your content. Sometimes and on the fly, video can work well. And there's no reason why you shouldn't create these from time to time, but it's generally much better to plan your content, create a posting schedule so that you can focus on what's working. Number nine, be consistent. So this definitely plays into the last point, but it's much better to develop a consistent posting schedule than to post a lot of videos at once and leave it for like two weeks, three weeks a month. Your brand can easily be forgotten when there's so much noise out there. So if kicked up users like your videos, building a community, then they will expect more. So get used to a regular posting schedule. That's pretty much the, the sum of what you need to know going into tech talk. If you have watched this entire series and you've paid attention to the entire step-by-step tutorial as well, you will have a very good handle on the platform. Tick tock users at the end of the day are looking for fun, entertaining content. Brands and organizations that use a platform successfully from marketing. They know this and they've posted creative videos that will get people involved in a fun way. So if you wanna succeed at tick tock, take the lessons here, be creative. Do the same. And fourth, yourself to step outside your comfort zone because more and more businesses are starting to realize the power of ticked off. But it's not saturated yet. So this is, this means is really an ideal time for you to test the waters and free to try and take your brand onto the platform. And you know that just watching this video, it's not going to, it's not going to do the steps for you. So take everything you've learned today and actually installed the app, play around with it, create content, and go do. I really hope you found that this was a useful, a useful session and a useful course on tech talk. You learned a little bit about how to actually use the application, as well as some of the best practices for marketing on the platform. And if you did like this course, please leave some feedback. It's always appreciated as a project, as a sign off, what I really want you to do, what I want to challenge you to do is to, if you haven't already download tick tock, install it, obviously, you know, take some notes from this course as well, but then research your industry, research your niche and create a piece of content. Create the first piece of content. That's all it takes. If you've created your, you've downloaded the, if you've downloaded the app, you've created your first piece of content and you posted, you're on the right path. So that's, that's your project. That's my ask of you. Anyways, have a great day and we'll talk again soon. Bye now.