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How To Use Merch by Amazon To Sell T-Shirts | Beginners Guide

teacher avatar Greg Gottfried

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Me?

    • 3. Why Merch?

    • 4. How To Apply And Get Accepted

    • 5. Account Overview

    • 6. Account Update 1 Week Later

    • 7. Finding Trends

    • 8. Finding Designs

    • 9. Making Designs

    • 10. Designing

    • 11. Save This Template

    • 12. Another Easy Designing App

    • 13. Putting Together The Listing

    • 14. Save This Draft

    • 15. Social Aspect

    • 16. Last Remarks

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About This Class

Create your own t-shirt designs available for sale on Merch by Amazon with internationally recognized digital marketer Greg Gottfried in this 34-minute, straightforward class.

Whether you're looking to create your first t-shirt design, or you're ready to start a t-shirt business on Merch by Amazon, learn how to use Merch by Amazon to create and sell t-shirts. From creating your first t-shirt design, to growing your Merch by Amazon account, Greg walks through his process of setting up a new Merch by Amazon account and adding t-shirt designs. Learn how to:

  • Create your first t-shirt design
  • Create a t-shirt listing
  • Grow your Merch by Amazon account

After taking this class, you'll be able to create your own t-shirt designs and add them to Merch by Amazon so they can be purchased.

Meet Your Teacher

Greg is an internationally recognized digital marketer. His business experience comes from a combination of being venture funded in a startup incubator and the real-world business experience that followed.

He places a high priority on reading and education. His favorite book: The Go-Giver - Bob Burg & John Mann.

He goes above and beyond answering questions and replies promptly to messages and discussion boards.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi and welcome to this course. My name is Greg. And today I'm gonna teach you everything you need to know about merch by Amazon. As I was looking through the other March courses, I was seeing that they either focused on introduction or they focused on advanced. There wasn't a course that focused on everything in between. So that's what this courses one course you could buy. It will teach you intro. It'll teach you advanced and everything along the way. So what I'm gonna cover in this course is how to apply to merch by Amazon properly. So you get accepted quickly. The first time I applied, I didn't hear anything back for two months. So I reapplied with a different technique and got accepted. Within a week, I'm gonna teach you what I did the second time. Why that works so much better. And once you have your account set up over a little bit of basics in the accounts, you know what buttons do what and how to set it up so you can get started. Then once we're in, I'll quickly move on to how to find designs. That cell, where to look on where to get these designs from for free. So you know that you're creating shirts that self quickly on Amazon merch. If your shirts do not sell for 60 days, they remove the listing. So I'm gonna teach you Would shirts will sell in the 60 days and how to keep that going. And then after that, I'm gonna teach you how to create these designs for free. Without using Photoshopped. You'll never have to outsource your design, creating none of that. I'll show you a free software that you can you can get online and design the shirts for madam everything for merch by Amazon. Once we have the shirts designed, I'll show you list them. The fastest merch by Amazon only allows you to post two shirts per day, so I'll show you the expedited quick way to do these postings. And then, once we're this far, I'll show you the advanced techniques to sell more shirts and completely for free. That's the big thing of this video. Everything that's in this video is completely free. You won't have to buy any software you won't have to outsource. You don't have to pay for any ads. None of that So I hope you guys really see the value that I'm putting into this course. It covers everything from start to finish. Really? In all, in one course for merch by Amazon. I hope to see you guys in the course. 2. Why Me?: So why should you guys listen to me? Right. Well, I'll give you a little bit of background. Like I said, my name is Greg and I've been doing online income sources for well over a year now. I've learned what works and what doesn't work and what you really need to know and what mistakes you don't want to make along the way. So what I'm gonna do is just teach you everything I know about merch by Amazon. I'm not gonna hold anything back. I'm not gonna keep any trade secrets to myself. I've done this in the past with the T Spring course. I laid everything on the line and everyone loved it. I saw my personal T spring sales go down because of this because everyone started using my same tactics. But that's all right. I would rather share the information with you guys. Then just make all the money myself. It doesn't seem fair that way. So I'm gonna give you a really high quality course with everything jam packed in it. A lot of secrets that I'm using myself that not many other people are using. So I really hope you guys take this course for what it is. And if if you really like it, I hope you see, in the course 3. Why Merch?: So what is merch by Amazon, and why is it so good? So this is Amazon right here. And if you just search for shirts, this is what you'll find. You'll find a lot of shirts. Some of them are prime. Some of them are not prime. So what Murch is is it allows you to design T shirt designs via Amazon, their own platform. It's really streamlined. It's really efficient. It's got really a lot of really good code in it. So there are any bugs and you just create the designs, and then you pick what types of shirts you want to put it on, and then that's all you do. You select which one. So let's look at this one. For example. You can tell that this one is merch because one its prime and then to um, it's the same type of shirt. This is the premium shirt. I'll explain more about this in the video, and then also because it's showing you the sizing chart. So, um, when you do merge, you can sell womens, mens and kids. But it's completely free to do merch by Amazon. You just create the designs. I'll show you how to make these designs for free. You won't have to outsource. Um, you won't have Teoh pay anyone to do him. You don't need a photo shop. You don't need any experience. Really? I'll show you a really good free software to make all these, um and then? And then that's really it. You just create the design. Amazon posts it. And now it's an Amazon listing prime on all different shirts for men and for women, different sizes and people just come on here. You know how big Amazon is for selling. People come on here every day and they can purchase these shirts at it to their cart by it prime. It's to them in two days than Amazon Prince Prince. It ships it, handles customer service and returns. So all you do is you collect the royalties on these, which is typically about $7 per sale. So if you're making a few sales per day, you're gonna make a pretty good income, and all you have to do is set it and forget it. So once you make these designs, you just sit back and watch the sales happen. And then once a month, you'll collect a direct deposit, you can select how you want to be paid, but if you select direct deposit, you'll just be paid, Um, once a month and you'll get an email about it and it will hit your account, and it's as easy as that. So I'll show you how to find a good designs, ones that are gonna sell, how to create the designs, how to create the whole listening, how to optimize it. So you get the most sales. As you can see, some of these have reviews. Some of them don't. Some are primes or not. I'll show you kind of everything you need to know all in one course. That way you don't have to go by an intro course and then know how to use it. And then you have to go buying advance scores to find out really how to optimize it. I'm gonna put everything into this course so you'll know everything from signing up with merch. You have to apply to be a seller. You can't just sign up and start, so I'll show you. When I applied it, I didn't hear back for two months, so I reapplied and got accepted within the same week. So I'll show you what I did the second time because it was definitely different from what I did the first time and why that helped me get accepted so quickly. So, like I said, everything's gonna be in this one video, so it'll be affordable. It'll be quick. No BS. It goes over everything you need to know for merch by Amazon. So I hope you decide to take the scores and it'll help you a ton. I promise you that. 4. How To Apply And Get Accepted: All right, So the first thing we want to do is come to merch dot amazon dot com. Now, if you already have an account, go ahead and just sign it. If not, come right over here and hit. Request invitation. It's just gonna have you sign into your Amazon account really quickly. Then it will bring you to this request invitation form right here. So the first thing you're gonna want to dio is instead of putting your first and last name here, put a brand that you want to start. So put the the hypothetical brand for your clothing company that you want to start here, take a moment to think about it and then just put something. It could be general as long as it's It's a company name. A brand name and very informal Does not have to be registered with the state or anything like that. Just put a clothing company name that you like here, and then come down. Select small business website. If you already have one. Definitely use it. If you do not, then don't put anything in here. And then this is where the big um, the big the big part comes in, right? So in additional information, what you're gonna do is say hi. My name is such and such. I've been selling T shirts from a printing press out of my house and I have a large following. I'm getting to the point where I need to move this online and outsource it. So that's what Amazon will look for. They don't want to see just small people randomly making some shirts here, and they're spamming Amazon site with random shirts. What? They want to see his people that already have followings, bringing it to Amazon. So they already know that this is gonna be a good seller. But once you do that hit, send request and what you'll be accepted a heck of a lot faster than you would if you would just put in some general information. So that's the first trick right there. 5. Account Overview: all right. Perfect. So once you are accepted, this is what your merch by Amazon dashboard will look like. So right up top. First, it's gonna tell you how many shirts you have live right now. And then it's gonna tell you how many submissions you have remaining for the day. Remember, you're allowed to submissions per day. This is the limit. Spam. So people are uploading hundreds of designs, um, and spamming up Amazon's network. The other thing is, it's gonna just remind you that you can sell 100 different T shirt designs at any one time and keep in mind to it for sure. It's not selling within 60 days. Amazon will remove it. This does not mean that you can't re upload that same shirt after 60 days, it will go live again and you'll have another 60 days to sell it. Recent activity. This is gonna tell you what you've sold in the last seven days. Now I see that these are all zero. Don't be scared by that. I'll explain why they're like that right now. Um, and then down here and I'll show you what shirts you have live right now and on the right and I'll show you just some messages from Amazon. A lot of that's pretty irrelevant. Um, up top here, we'll go to create. This is where you're gonna upload your shirt. Designs it just generically on a gray shirt that's a relevant for now you get to pick the colors. The only thing to keep in mind, though, is artwork. Dimensions for Amazon are specific. It's the dimensions of this, this rectangle here it's smart for Amazon. It keeps everything consistent. So when they go to screen, print these things, there's no mistakes with the shirt, with the designs being way out to the sides, it keeps it consistent and limits the variability. You just have to know how to make the designs this size. I'll show you that in a couple of videos here, you can print on the front and you can print on the back. I tend to stay just with the front, and I'll tell you why in a bit. And then once you upload your design, it saved you hit, save selection and it goes to the build product at details all that. But I'll get into that in a little bit down the road. So the manage. You can see your shirts here. You can see what's live, what's under review, what's in draft. I'll explain these draft. There's a really important as we get into this, it speeds up. Your launching of shirts makes it really quick. I'll show you what I make him go live quickly instead of staying under review. This one just happens to still be under review. But I'll show you what I mean. Then you can go to analyze. Now, let me explain the zeros here. This will show you what you've sold in the last seven days. So a few months almost a year ago now I started with Amazon Merchant. I made something like 10 designs. And then I said it and I forget it. And I didn't do anything since. And I just looked back on a couple of months ago, and I found out that I still had three designs that were live, so three had sold within 60 days for the past months. So they have been consistent and they've been selling this much. That's just three designs. You're allowed up to 100. So the reason the timing on making this video is I'm about toe already made 30 some plus designs. I'm getting back into it right now. When I had started said it, Forget it. I moved on to t spring and saw a ton more success right off the bat with t spring. So that's why I focused on that. For months, I kind of blew that account. But now I'm coming back to merch. I know how it works. I know how to make this thing blow up, so I'm gonna teach you what I'm about to do. So, as you can see, with just three designs, this is what's coming in every month. These air, the royalties. Can you imagine what 30 or 100 designs will do? It would be over $1000 a month, but I'll teach you exactly how that works. And that is why this was zero up top. So resource is you'll have a little bit of generic information in there. You won't really need that. My account is important. I don't want to click. It will show you all my personal information. But do click this. It sets up your address. It sets up what they need to pay you, you'll get direct deposit. I believe that's one of the options you can do a few. I definitely do direct deposit, but definitely make sure you go into my account. Set everything up. That's all the buttons here. That's everything you need to know. And now let's go on to a little bit more detail. 6. Account Update 1 Week Later: Hey, guys, this is just a little update in a couple of days since I made the course. And as you can see him up to 32 products live on merch here and yesterday, two shirts sold alone, making $14. So I just wanted to show you I know when I made this course, I had zero in here and only a few shirts, but I wanted to show you that this does work and just a little bit more proof here. 7. Finding Trends: So now that we know how the account works, what buttons do what? It's time to find some selling designs. So first thing you do is come right on over to Google and type in trends and hit Google trends up here. Now what this is is it analyzes all of Google's searches, and it puts it into trends. It tells you what people are searching where they're searching it and what's trending now in the past 24 hours is what all these will be huge spikes in the last 24 hours. So these this is a good place to find some top selling high trending shirts so you can start typing in things. Um, for example, I've seen that fitness styled shirts sell like crazy so you can type in fitness, and this will show you kind of what the trend is looking like. So this is a pretty good number 73. Um, you can start comparing it right, so you can compare it to upto five terms so you can compare it to work out. Fitness does a lot better than workout. You can compare that to, um obviously right now, Halloween is gonna be huge. There it is right there, taking off every every season. It's gonna peak. Let's even switch this over here every year. Look at that. So you can. You can also see here. This is a good thing to know is you see the spikes for Halloween, but then right after is a spikes for fitness. I think about that. Why would that be? That's for everyone's New Year's resolution. They want to get in shape. So if we're right about here right now, you know it's the end of October. So it's gonna spike for Halloween. But what? Why? It's already too late for Halloween to make shirts. So why don't we start making sure it's for Christmas? And why don't we start making shirts for people getting back in shape? You want to get on these things right before they're about to hit. So Christmas. Look at that. So perfect timing, Christmas and fitness kind of peek at the same time, obviously, with different volumes, but kind of look at these things and you can even target where they're coming from, and then you can see relative search terms. You can see what else people key terms people are putting in that you can put into your shirts that people will find. I usually don't copy. Use anything that's copyrighted, like life fitness or planet fitness. 24 hour fitness. But you can put the some of these key terms, like fitness right into your shirt. So when someone's Googling that it's gonna come up with Amazon because they rank so high and then it's gonna come up with your shirt because you got keywords in it. So this is a great place to start looking at what's trending and time a year. And just analyze some of this information and you will find some really good shirt ideas, just at least some themes to go off of and then launch him at the right times, launching a month or two before it's about to hit. You've got remember, you've got 60 days, so launch it, um, launch it like, you know, 50 or 60 days before the events gonna happen, and then, you know, you're sure it's gonna be live that entire time, and then if no one buys it for some reason, at least you lasted the whole time. Up until the event, so launch you know 10 different designs for that theme, warm or if you can, and just time and outright, and then you'll hit the spike and you'll sell a lot because of that. So that's how you find some good shirts now to go even a little bit further on that. 8. Finding Designs: So now that you've identified what themes are gonna be good now it's time to come back to Google and start typing in these themes with shirts on the end. Christmas shirts go to images. Now here's some of your ideas, so things that are just text generally are a heck of a lot easier to make and sell a lot better than intricate designs. If you got really intricate designs, someone may not like one part of it, so they won't buy the whole shirt. If you've got text just like this, I wouldn't even make. I wouldn't even make the sunglasses on there just just putting the text here. People will know what that means. They will relate to it, and they have no reason not to buy it. So the bite, just plain tech shirts sell really well. So just start looking around on DSI what you like, um, things that catch your eye and look simple enough to design. And that's where you'll find some good shirts. So Christmas shirts and you can you can even throw in keywords like this. So funny ones. Now you go. Just look for text shirts and then you could do the same with work out. You know the same deal and there's a ton of these andan these air your ideas for sure. It's right here. A lot of their funding. A lot of these sell like crazy. So that's number one. How to find which themes are gonna be trending to make sure it's in the number two. Where to get the ideas to make those shirts. 9. Making Designs: Now that we have our shirt design ideas in mind, let's open up a new tab real quick and go back to Google and type in ink escape. Go ahead and use the free the top one right up here. It's completely free. What escape is is similar to photo shop completely free. It's four windows, It's for Mac, and it's safe to download. And it allows you to create your PNG images that you need for merch by Amazon. And it allows you to make the pixel ratio exactly what Amazon's looking for. So it's easy to export, easy to create in here and export and then easy to import right into merch by Amazon, and it accepts it right away. That's what you need. So just go ahead and hit, download, select what you're using and then get that downloaded and in the next video, show you how to use it. 10. Designing: So now I'll show you how to use escape. At first, it's a little bit confusing, but I'll show you what you need. So you're just gonna go ahead and it'll start you on a new one. But if for some reason you're not just hit new gonna bring you here, this is your page right here. So naturally it's gonna be selected on the little mouse cursor. You're gonna come down to text, Just draw a little box now, and here you can start typing your designs. So let's say just just call it test. Um, test. Right? So that's our design. So now let's make this about 100. There we go and we'll center it. And now we can start choosing different text that we want to use. It's just importing all of them right now. There's a ton of them. These are all for you, so you can just pick whatever you like, and then I'll just change it. I'm You can usually change. This is well, and then and then to move it around, Just go ahead and select that mouse again, and you wanna have it kind of in the center of the page. somewhere around here. Leave a gap up top here. Something about this size and I'll show you why? Just about that is good. And then we're going to export over here. If this isn't here right away, do you file export PNG image, Select page. And then here's the big thing. So this is going to keep it in ratio. So the 4500 is what you want for with. But then, height, as you can see, if you try to change that, it changes this up here. So 4500 and then come over here for height and lower this until you're at 5400. Worse, because there's no way to manually change the 5400 without changing the 4500. So here's a little trick as well. So once you get this ready 5400 it's kind of a hassle to do this every time. So once you have this here, go ahead and select this whole number. Copy it. So now if you're making a new one, right, you come over here and this number is up here again. Instead of doing what we just did delete all of this paste it 5400 right? Perfect. So then all you're going to make sure it's on page, and then you're going to hit export. You can change the name to if you want. So each one typically just switch this up a number. So it was that 69 will do it to 70 Export next design once we've switched this and so on so forth. So you have a new file name each time that will be exported right onto your desktop. And another cool thing to know. Um, with thinks Kate is You can't pull the sides in like this. You have to move it with this down here. So that's how you can change the size of this. So typically, when I'm designing these, I've got it about this big. And I've got Google open on the side here so I can see the designs. I could go right in here and make him and then I can set all this export. It shows up right on my desktop. I can go ahead and do the next design, switched the number, make sure the size is right. Make sure it's on page hit export. It's got the next design right next to it this week. New 50 or so designs pretty easily and then put them all into a folder on your desktop. And then you've got all your designs in one place ready to go on to Amazon. So that's all you need to know. Foreign escape. It's very easy to use. And like I said, if you're just doing text, they'll sell. They'll sell very well, and it's very easy to make on here. You don't have to get into any designs or anything like that. It's really unnecessary, and it turns a lot of people off of there, too intricate. So that's how to using skate hope that hope that helped a little bit there for you. 11. Save This Template: so another thing to make the flow a lot easier and faster, more efficient. When you're making these designs is once you're done with the first batch here for the first time before you go ahead and close out and not save anything, what you want to do is file save as. And then what you're gonna do is save it as, um, merch, template or whatever you wanna call this. And that way, every time you open it up, it leaves you right here so you don't have to do any of the formatting or anything like that. Everything's pretty set for you just changing the text and then exporting it. So definitely do that and save that in your merch folder or wherever. Um, you're keeping all your files. 12. Another Easy Designing App: Alright, guys, I'm just coming back to add a little bit more information here. I just found this site here and it's actually pretty cool. It's called merch designer dot com, and you get to basically just design your shirts just right on here so you can see what they look like on different colors. But we'll just use a regular color for this. Then you can add some graphics and they have a couple. Here. You can upload your own PNG files. I try to hand draw some where you can just use some of theirs. It looks like they have a bunch. The load more buttons does. They do not seem to work, but you can switch around. You go into flags different, Um, see, like some of these air completely empty. But you can go in and get some shapes and different things that you can add right onto your shirt. Just click it and it brings it right on here. You could change the size and then you can add some text. Just makes it really easy so you can do with the text. You can do one of two things. You can either switch the font size right here, or you can drag it and make a bigger by hand like that. That's pretty cool. So then, once you do that, all you have to do is download as PNG file. Name it real quick. And then there's your file right here. You can has dragged this right onto your desktop, and it's formatted for merch. So it's just another work around maybe another site that you may want to use. I just wanted to throw it in this course just to get some more options. 13. Putting Together The Listing: Now that our designs are made, it's time to upload these. So I'll show you the quick way of doing this. So back to our dashboard, let's go over to create upload. Now this is a merch folder that I have on my desktop. It's got the template that I just talked about. Plus, it's got a bunch of designs in here, so we'll just select the 1st 1 or whichever one you're gonna start with. Make sure you upload all the ones that you just made and let's do the 1st 1 Jews. She's quick. All the formatting is already done, so it's not gonna reject it all. It doesn't save it real quick and then uploads it right onto the shirt and I'll give you a quick preview of it. Um, there you go just like that, and you see you left that space at the top. That's the reason why so perfect? Everything fits in there. Nothing on the back. Let's just do the front. And as you can see once this is on here, you can't move it because it's set to their dimensions. So if you want to upload a different one hit upload, you could do a different design. But there you go. There's your 1st 1 save selection and continue. So I like to do the standard T shirts. The quality is actually really good. The premium shirts. You can do that as well. I don't really recommend it. Cuts your margin a little bit. So let's stick with the standard T shirt. Now, if you do Men, women, youth, no matter who, how many you're doing, you're gonna get the same margin on it so you can select all of them if you like. If it's kind of irrelevant to Children, I wouldn't select that. Um so let's just do men and women. They've got these really nice nice Heather designs here, So I always select those three. They're just really nice shirts. And then you can just you can select up to five. So whatever you kind of think is a good fit. There's your five right where you can do over here. I like to do these five right here. That's probably my most common. This is also a great color. No, you go. You can set your price. I suggest you just leave it at 1999. It ships prime. So when people are on Amazon, they see 1999 under $20 ships prime for free. Good deal. They just go ahead and buy. You get your royalties right there. So let's say that's what we're doing. Let's go ahead, save selection and continue now. This is where the name comes back in. So the name that you chose in the beginning is what you'll put in here. So it's cool about that is when someone's on Amazon instead of seeing sold by or whatever they put up top there created by Instead of seeing your first and last name, they see a brand name, so it looks a heck of a lot better. So go ahead and put your brand name in here. Um, and then So let's just, for example, this is the one that I'm using here. Live co clothing. Okay, title of your product. Say no to drugs. You can. You can. You could make the name shorter if you want. If it's a really long, but this is fine and yes to pizza. Something from Google that looks like it sells really well. And then here's years, if you putting in key product features. It automatically includes all of these Now. If you put in anything in here, the review time on these shirts will be doubled, tripled or even quadrupled. That could take you a week to get a shirt approved. If you don't put anything in here, which I recommend doing, leave these blank leave this Blanca's well, they don't get approved the same day. So that's a really good thing to know. Latest Little approved the next day. So that's the way to do it. Don't put anything in those. Save selection and continue. And now it's just showing you everything that you've done. Everything looks good. What it's gonna do is whatever color is selling the best. It'll put that color first and show it here so you don't even have to worry about that. It's already automated, and then you're going to sell public on Amazon. Submit product Now. This is if you have your allowed toe. Do two of these a day, so if you've already launched your to, we'll save it as drafts, so I'll go ahead and explain that right now in the next video. But if you have the ability to just go ahead and submit product and then you're done from there 14. Save This Draft: So if you've already hit your limit for the day of two, you're gonna want to save it as a draft and then hit safe product. So what, This is gonna dio check this out so you can do all of the design. You can do 50 of these a day, right? And then they're all going to be right and manage. So let me show you how easy this is. So for that, um say no to drugs and yes to pizza. That was an example. Wearied already did the one the other day. But let's let's just do this one right here. So all you have to do is if it's in draft. As you can see, all of these are all you have to do. Said edit and watch us. It's already loaded. Save selection. Everything's already picked out. All the colors save selection. All this is filled out. This makes it super easy to just continue and hit Submit product just like that successfully published Now that's under review. So what makes that so easy is as I refreshes, that'll show you there's gonna be takes a little bit update. But I'll say now you have one submission remaining for the day. So what's great about that is you do all the hard work on one day. You do that once, you know a week, once a month, and then every day you just come in here and you just add it. Launch. It's that easy from your draft, so you're not going and creating all the stuff over again. It's already pre filled out. So that's definitely the fastest way to launch your two submissions for the day. Let's see. Yep, Now it's updated. You got 10 products that are gonna be live and one submission remaining for the day, So that's the quick way to launch your shirts. 15. Social Aspect: So here's some of the advanced tricks for selling your shirts. So these are the things that I typically wouldn't tell people. But I think it's necessary for this course to give you a really good sense of what works and what some of the trade secrets are. So as you can see here is one of the shirts right here and it shows you right up top. This is that lift clothing. It's a lot better than seeing your name. So some people may say, Okay, well, who is live? Go clothing, Right. So they are nine out of 10 times they're gonna go on Facebook or instagram. So let's go on instagram and type in live CO clothing. You want tohave a good page here. You want to have something that people can see and trust and go. OK, Wow, this is actually a legit company that I'm gonna be ordering from. So that's the trick, right? There is tohave the have a instagram page, have a Facebook page. Just have an online presence with your page, these air really free and simple things to do. It just takes a little bit of time initially, even if you just post 2030 pictures on there. I don't touch it again. That way you've got a good online presence As people in today's society. They see it. They want to find it online. They want to find it on Instagram and Facebook. You've got a presence, your trusted. Now that Come right back. Okay, I believe it. I trust it. Let's go ahead and order it. Its prime. Perfect. 1999. So that's the trick right there. I really suggest you do that free. Easy to dio. 16. Last Remarks: So the reason you don't see other instructors showing you their own personal accounts and what shirts designs they have is because it's so easy just to copy them. Like I said with my other video from T Spring, I showed it just in this format. I showed what designs I had really these air, my designs right here, and you can see him on my instagram page as well. So what happened on T Spring was everyone started copying them the exact same designs and my sales went down drastically. So I do think it's necessary for me to put this information out there and what I'm doing and what works. But out of respect and the kindness of your heart, I just ask you as a thank you to me, Giving this information is to not copy my exact designs. I would really appreciate it, and again, it's completely up to you. It's it's just a moral thing. Trust me, karma is great if you respect it. So there's a ton of designs out there. I've showed you on Google how to find them and trends to find. You could probably find better ones that I've even made But I just wanted to put this little section in there to say like, Hey, I've gone out and showed you my exact stuff. Just please don't copy it exactly, but feel free to use it as a reference. It's all this is here for you to use as a reference. And I hope it helps me showing you what I've done and how it works. So I really hope this courses helped you guys, if you have any questions at all, I definitely feel free to write a message. You should get back to these things the same day with, if not the same couple hours. I'll have a response right back to you. Um, so definitely write me any messages. And I would really appreciate a review on this course. That helps me a ton. That would be a thank you. So, um, any questions? Let me know. And I hope this course helps you guys. Thank you.