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How To Start A Successful Travel Blog Fast [FREE Guide Included]

teacher avatar Mike Rush, World Traveler, Author, Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome How To Start A Travel Blog


    • 2.

      Step 1 How to pick out a travel blog name that is amazing and everlasting


    • 3.

      Step 2 How To Set Up Your Blog


    • 4.

      Step 3 Learn How Your Blog Works


    • 5.

      Step 4 How To Make My Website Look Beautiful Instantly


    • 6.

      Step 5 How to Get A Logo


    • 7.

      Step 6 The Essential Plugins


    • 8.

      Step 7 How Can I Make Money Blogging


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      Next Steps and Thank you!


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About This Class

Do you want to start a travel blog quickly and easily?

Do you like blogging and sharing your experiences with others and want to learn how to make some money as well?

This course is designed for beginners that are looking to start a travel blog.

You will learn 7 steps that will help you go from start to finish creating a travel blog.

You will learn how to pick out a name, how to set up your blog, how your blog works, how to make it look beautiful, how to get a logo, the best plugins, and how to make money!

FREE Guide Included in class project resources!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mike Rush

World Traveler, Author, Entrepreneur


Michael Rush is an avid world traveler, loves adventures, building businesses online, meeting a variety of different people, dancing, foodie, and has an overall love for life! Over the last decade, he has traveled to 23+ countries, over 45+ states within the USA (Alaska is on the list), and been on many crazy adventures whether it's shark diving off the coast of South Africa, exploring temples in SE Asia, staying over 3 months in Brazil for the Olympics, or drinking beers with his brother at Oktoberfest in Germany he's always exploring and learning what the world has to offer.

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1. Welcome How To Start A Travel Blog: Hello and welcome to rush Beyonce Course on how to start a travel blogged. The entire purpose of this course really boils down. Teoh, how you can start an amazing travel blawg with ease. So here's what we will cover today. Step one, we're gonna show you how to pick out a travel blawg name that is both amazing and everlasting. Step two, we're gonna show you how to set up your travel blogged, even with no computer skills. Step three, you're gonna learn how your blogged works. Step for Rian. Teach you how to make your website look beautiful. Instantly. Step five, we're gonna teach you how to get a logo. Step six is going to go through the essential plug ins throughout WordPress, Step seven. How you could make money while doing travel, blogging and want to teach you much, much more throughout this presentation and throughout this course hope to give you a ton of value with different experiences, tips, advice all through successes and failures. And if you're willing to stay to the very end, I'm going to give you all the resource is that are utilised throughout this video and at the very, very end there will be a special tip, which has changed travel blogging for me and helped me travel blawg three times faster than I used Teoh. So stick around and let's jump into it. I look forward to working with you, and if you'd like the chance to connect with me directly, you can reach me on instagram at Rush Underscore beyond, or reach out to me of the email at Mike at rush beyond dot com. Thank you so much and look forward to diving in how you can start a travel blogger. 2. Step 1 How to pick out a travel blog name that is amazing and everlasting: step one, how to pick out a travel Blawg name that is amazing and everlasting. Within this step, we're going to explore What does it mean to be everlasting as well as where you should even start? So what does it mean to be everlasting? Well, first of all, you don't want to pick a name that's gonna change over time or B completely short lived. Maybe it's trendy or in the moment. But for example, you wouldn't want to pick something like young tan Mountain climber because odds are you won't always be young. You might not always stay tan and mountain climber, Although that's a niche. It is gonna put you in a very small niche. Another example would be you wouldn't necessarily want The happy travel are our smiley traveler unless you're really gonna base everything upon being happy and smiling. But you might want a little more broad topic on the adjectives and maybe a little more niche focused on the root word that you're using. And you definitely want to pick a name that's gonna be relevant for years to come. So any kind of movie quotes or anything that's very, very small. Niche is something that I would avoid. If I'm you, where should you even start? Well, first and foremost, I would say that you want a website or domain name or branding name that's gonna be 15 characters or less. One. This is for ease of use. Oftentimes, if you get any longer than this, your name becomes a bit of a tongue twister or hard to say also for share ability. If you start adding more characters in that or too many words, it's really hard. Teoh have one person pass out onto another person. One of the biggest reasons for this is because a Twitter handle are your Twitter user name is gonna have to be 15 characters or less, and also for writing any type of posts once it gets into more characters. For example, on Twitter, you only get so many characters. And so if you're using up 25 of those right off the bat, or if you want to use your name twice and you're using 50 characters, that's just simply not going to make sense, so keep it short and succinct, and it will provide a much better user name or websites and something I don't see taught very often, which I'm excited to dive into is you want to see if this user name is going to be Are your domain name or website name is going to be on a variety of different social media platforms . So shortly I'm gonna dive into a website called name check dot com where you're gonna be able to see if your name is widely available. So I'll do a quick walk through on that here shortly, and you want to make sure the website is available. I think if you're thinking a ton of names, this is gonna be one of the very, very first steps. If your websites not available, it's gonna be very hard to brand it. And you want to make sure it's the exact website and that you don't have to add on any kind of prefixes are or anything after the words to make it blend with the website. I'm gonna do a quick walk through on. You can barely see it here in this picture, but there's a way to find a lot of different website names all at once, and I'll go ahead and do that just a little bit here. The last thing I recommend as you're picking out a name for your brand in your website is that you do bounce these ideas off of other people, friends, family, strangers. Whoever is willing to listen, you get a real good sense. If your name is going Teoh work well. People are able to pronounce it. Sometimes it's best to show people the name written down so that when they read it, you realize right away whether it makes sense to them or not. But in general, sometimes what you see as being the best is not necessarily that great of a name. So with this, I do want to jump over to name check and do our quick walk there. So here we are at name check dot com. That's N a M E C h k dot com, and I want to show you a very, very valuable tool that's gonna let you know if the domain name is available for dot com and show you a variety of user names and if they're available. So when you're seeking out your domain name or your branding name, you're gonna want to see whether the Facebook's available the YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram Blogger, Google Plus and the other varieties of different platforms. So you might be marketing on. So you have Pinterest stumble upon again. Here's a ton of different ways, and I encourage you to check out this site, but you might see a lot of different platforms that stick out to you that you want to advertise on. And so again, I came up with Rush beyond dot com for my user name or my domain name, but for this example, just gonna pick some random examples but say I use rush travels and then I have to type in . You have to type in dot com, but say I wanted this domain and user name and you can see right away I hit. Enter the domain Rush travels dot com is unavailable. It's unavailable on Facebook YouTube blogger. So it's definitely missing a couple of the top marketing platforms I would like to use, and ideally, I mean, whatever you're focusing in on is what you want to be green lighted. But I also encourage you to look out for the future, and you'll want as many greenlighted platforms as possible. So let's type in another name. So go ahead and try another user name again. I'm making these up off the top of my head, but we'll try something like Rush Nomad. I want that for a brand in the domains. And there you go. With this, I can see it's wide open. I could go over And by rush nomad dot com, I could easily acquire the Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, instagram and almost all of these are not taken. And I would have a wide range of selection. So what you would do is you go over, you would want to purchase this name and then start registering on all of these different platforms. I really love this tool and think that everyone should use it. The last thing you want to do is come up with that perfect name that you thought was completely original. And then you go, you you're able to find the domain name. But then you started exploring and you realize that you can't market this on any platform because that vanity you are ill is already taken. So definitely check this out. Great tool, Highly recommended. And then from here, I want to show you another tool that I really like. It's with Go Daddy, and it's called their bulk tool registration or bulk registration tool. It's gonna give you an way to really explore a variety of similar names, but find what is available. So let's jump over there. You can easily go to Google. Go Daddy book domain, and you're gonna find godaddy dot com. Backslash domains, backslash book, dash domain dash search and the reason I love this is it gives you a lot of room to just type in whatever you want and really explore if this is gonna work out and if your domain name will in fact be available. So I'm gonna type in a bunch of random names here. And so at this point I plugged in seven different names and, as you'll see again, these air random. But I could go ahead and buy Nomad. The beaches dot com rush nomad dot com is available. Rush nomads dot com is available and search the world dot com is not wander. Travels is not, but you can do this up to 500 different word different domains, so it really, really gives you free range to go ahead and type in all of these different ideas. And once you have your couple words that you want to include within your domain name, you could just change him up a little. Like travels, the world, travel the world. And from there, once you hit enter, it's gonna process whether these air available or not. So I love this. I've also taken different names and words within a spreadsheet and scaled it out and then plugged it in here. And then again, once you hit go, it's going to show you right away and whether those names are available. So there you see it keeps the names that I already had and those two that just typed in are unavailable. So play around with this. But even once you get that domain name, I still recommend name check to find out if the user names are available as well. So that is step one on how to pick out a travel block name that is amazing and ever lasting for a quick bonus, I would also say, if you're really stuck, go out and just Google domain name generators, and a lot of these different tools that you'll find are gonna help you on your way to picking out that domain name. So there you have it. And I hope you're well on your way. If you have any questions, reach out to me. 3. Step 2 How To Set Up Your Blog: Step two. How to set up your blogged even with no computer skills within step to, I'm going to go through the full process and try and be as quick as possible to show you just how quick and easy it is to get set up today. So how can you get set up even if you have no computer skills? Well, follow along. First and foremost, I love blue host dot com. I've used them for all of my websites, and so I have a link here. Rush beyond dot com backslash blue host that you can dive into, and it'll take you over to some great Web hosting, and they have great customer service is well and going to show you how to easily jump into WordPress and get that connected as well. So at this point, rush beyond dot com back slash Blue Host hit Enter. This will take you right over to blue house dot com, where we can get started, so click get started. Now there's a couple different plans. You're gonna want to choose what is best for you. They have a couple different features here. If you want to look through that, I'm here. They have the most recommended. So I'm gonna select that within this course. I'm just going to run with rush nomad dot com. I actually have an account, so I'm just gonna sign in with that. You're going to be asked a variety of different questions, different plans that you might want to pick out. So anywhere from 12 to 60 months and then your credit card information and then go ahead and hit. Submit. So here I'm logged in. You can see rush nomad dot com is available. I can click on that. It's in my cart hit. Next. As you're going to register this domain, it will give you a couple options, such as whether you want to auto renew some different privacy settings that you can set right away. It will ask you to agree to the terms of service, and here I have it in my cart. I'm actually gonna go ahead and buy this and there you have it. I bought this and I will have this for at least a year. And so right here I can assign this domain name. I'm gonna choose Rush Nomad. Add that this will be add on and then assign this domain. So I have quite a few different domain names. But for Rush Nomad right now it's currently unassigned, so it's currently unassigned. I'm going to go find Rush Nomad, and so now we can see that Rush Nomad is an add on. So at this point, go ahead and click on your hosting tab, and then we can easily install WordPress. If you scroll down here just with the click of a button hit, install WordPress right here. Find the domain fine near domain minus rush nomad dot com. You can hire someone to do this for you, but hopefully after I show you, you're going to see exactly what you need to dio so hit next confirm that it's safe. Here's my admin and my password, so I'll go ahead and change this real fast, and we're plugging right along, 45% done here. It's gonna give you a lot of options for different themes, and you can easily buy these. There are a lot of free tools as well, which will cover in a little bit. So at this point now I have rush nomad dot com and then back slash WordPress admin, and this is where I'm going to log in. So you're gonna want to follow along exactly with your website and do This is well, so my user name was my email address and then entering my password. And at this point, this is the very first look at rush nomad dot com. This is a personal website, and we'll dive in here a little bit further, but this will be your dashboard that you're gonna be working out of as you're building your blogged. So it might seem interesting at first and a little bit overwhelming, but will easily go through and make sure you feel comfortable. And so, just like that, you've already jumped in, started your blogged, registered your domain name and set up WordPress within one click. We're well on our way to getting your travel blogged. All set up 4. Step 3 Learn How Your Blog Works: Step three. Learn how your blawg works. Within this step, we're just gonna have some fun. Jump into your blawg and just explore the inner workings of what you're doing with your travel. Blawg. We're going to take a quick look at what your dashboard looks like. A couple of the ins and outs in just a brief overview tour. I want to show you how today you can do your very, very first post and get your block off the ground. And, like I just mentioned, you're gonna get in there, explore and just have a little bit of fun getting familiarized with your travel blog's. So with rush nomad dot com, the very first thing we can do is change that title, and we'll change that to Rush Nomad, the world's best travel bug. It's gonna take you through some initial steps here as we get ready to launch. So are you going to update your site with news or block posts? Yes, right away you have an option between basically a chronological Web page or a static one time. What you see is what you get. Web page. I'll go ahead to make this more of a Blawg style and say most recent news or updates right away. It's urging me to build a contact us page, but I'll skip that for now. You can connect a connection called jetpack just for now will say no. But here we go. Let's launch rush nomad dot com or whatever your website is dot com. Let's get started right away. You can customize your website. This is the very first page you'll see, and right now it's active. Theme is 2017. I have the name of my website, my site identity, different colors, header menus, widgets, home page and some additional coding if I would like so just scrolling down. This is a brief overview of what the websites going toe look like. So we'll come back to this page. But right now I really want to show you how to do your first post. So in order to your first post today, we're going to come to the Post section add new my first travel post, the best post in the world. So here is your header, the link that's gonna pop up and your post that's gonna show Oppa's well you can hit Publish here. You'll see, I can view this post and rush nomad dot com The Worlds the Worlds Travel Log The world's best travel Blawg My first travel post the best posts in the world and you're often running with your first post in a travel. Bolic is ready to go, and like I mentioned, just get in here, have some fun, explore and really dive into different tabs. I could take hours upon hours showing you exactly what you need to do with each and every tab. But for the sake of time and for your convenience, just go in here and click away. There's not too many ways that you can disrupt your website. So if you're fearless and you jump into different tabs, that's going to take you to some different areas where you can scroll around, check out some different themes and really dive into some different plug ins, headers, widgets again. Once you have a better feel for all of this, it will make a lot more sense. And with this, the next chapter is gonna be without themes, so I won't touch this. But that is a better understanding of how your blogged works. So dive in and have some fun 5. Step 4 How To Make My Website Look Beautiful Instantly: Step four is how to make my website look beautiful instantly, and you're gonna do this through some different themes. So we'll jump right into the dashboard and look at some different themes. Can you use free themes? Yes, there's a lot of free themes that are available that work just fine. And what are some of the other best themes that are out there and available. So show you a couple different websites and take a look at what it takes to instantly make that website look great. So jumping right back into rush nomad dot com, we'll take a quick look at some of the different themes. So you come over here to appearance. The first thing right here is themes you'll see right away that the active theme is 2017. We've taken a look at that before, but there are some other great themes that can change our settings in our appearance in a hurry. So here are some of the generic ones 2015 2016 and then you can go to add a new theme as well. And so run away. There's some different featured themes that are going to give you a great layout and really easy to use. So just take a quick look at these. But again right away you can jump into some pretty up to date themes that will give you good navigation and just a good overview of a sigh it real fast. We'll look at some different popular themes that are available, so these shows some of the most popular on WordPress. And if you are willing to spend a little bit of money, come over here to the premium tab and you'll be able to purchase some different high end, multi purpose WordPress themes. A lot of these air very popular and have thousands upon thousands of sales and are a little more adaptable so you can jump in. Look at thes, fairly affordable around 50 60 $70 depending on what you need and again, if you are willing to spend a little bit of money. Theme forest dot net is a great site. It has a bunch of different themes that you can utilize in plugging right away. As some of them have a lot of different responsiveness. You can look at some different themes with whatever is gonna best fit your type of website . And just for a quick overview, so you can go to a different theme. You, literally, once you hit activate. It will make this new theme your active theme throughout your website. It's gonna change everything. You can go ahead and customize it. But now, if you jump into your website, if you go visit your website, you'll see already that it's changed the whole layout. You have different columns, different posts, and then you'll be able to plug and play from here with your posts as well as pictures and take it from there. So themes are the easiest and most popular way to transform your site, looking like this all the way to this, and you can change it to anything in between if you find the right theme that fits your needs, so that is step for on how to make your website look beautiful instantly again. A lot of free resource is out there, which I encourage you to look for, and if you are willing to spend money, it's anywhere between 30 to $70. Anything more expensive than that, and I think you should probably keep looking in try and find something that that is a little bit more affordable. I hope that helps, and we'll continue on 6. Step 5 How to Get A Logo: we are already at step number five, and at this point you already have your website up and running. You've connected it toe WordPress through Blue Host, and you're all the way to the point where you need to find a logo. It's time to get branded, and I want to show you a bunch of different ways. You can go about getting a logo for affordably easily, and it's gonna look great. So, first of all, how can you easily get a logo? And can you get a logo for free? That's a question a lot of people have. So, first of all for getting it free, there is a tool that's called Can Va, and it helps you easily make your own logos. And if you have a little bit of either designer background or just a good eye for what you want, that's easily achievable. And then what services do I recommend? Well, they're two top services that I really recommend, the 1st 1 being fiber dot com that's F i v e r r dot com. I highly recommend this. A lot of people love it, and you are able to really get some good logos for only $5. There's a little bit wider spectrum now than there was when this site first started, so you can do anywhere from $5 up Teoh $100. But you can really set your filters to Onley, have it do a $5 logo and then 99 designs is very popular. They've been around for many years, and they are known for making great logos with professional designers that can help you along the way and really work with you as your logo is being made. So here is a quick look at camba dot com, and I am in no way a professional designer, so I won't give you a full tutorial on this or anything like that. I just want to show you this tool because I've been introduced to it and made a ton of graphics. I still find the logo a little bit challenging, so I like to outsource that. But just for an example, it really allows you to figure out where the center lines are really allying everything. You have access to hundreds of different fonts. Ah, lot of different templates you congee raw from, and then I just love how easily you can copy something. You can change the colors in a hurry and really gives you a lot of liberty. Teoh Just change things instantly. So if you have a great eye for creating logos or a little bit of experience doing that, I recommend coming over the can va. You can really plug in play with a lot of templates that are already created, and then you can easily import, um, add some different pictures from your own database. But this tool is incredible, and I know a lot of people make their locals their logos through this tool, So come check it out. You'll see different elements you can plug in. Ah, lot different free photos, different shapes, uh, charts. Anything you can imagine. And overall, this just keeps it really easy to change things in a hurry. And because I find it's still a little difficult for myself to create logos, the one place I'm going to highly recommend is a service called fiber, and with fiber, you conduce a variety of different tasks or marketing or anything across the spectrum. But I know a lot of people get their logos from this site so if you go ahead, you can search around the site. But if you type in logo right here, a lot of different companies and people are going to show up in regards to making logos, and you'll easily be able to see a lot of reviews as well. So this person has 801 reviews, and they're 4.9 star. And the thing I found is, these logos that they do make are incredible. So again, as I mentioned the price Conflict shoe wait a little bit. It can go anywhere up Teoh. Here I see 2 50 here, 7 50 But what you can do if you really are truly looking for a $5 logo, you can put the price range over here to a maximum of $5. And the nice part is, you will still see a good amount of options to choose from. And all of these people do a lot of good work and so highly recommended. I've used it a lot. I know a lot of professional companies that utilise it, and also the people that work on these logos typically are very responsive and keep on top of it, they will make changes. And if there's something you need to tweak or don't like, they can easily do that. So Fire ER is highly recommended for a logo. And then another very credible website that's been doing logos and marketing forever is a website called 99 designs dot com, and what they're best known for is basically their process of how it works, that you put out your need for a logo. And then a lot of different professional designers are working on it. And so 1st 1st there's a brief than you connect. Then you collaborate with the designers, and from there you get your logo. And obviously this is going to change a lot. But it looks like it's flexible, and at this point in time, it does start at $299. But you're paying for top quality performance. A lot of great designers and again, I know a lot of people that have utilized this and been very happy with their service, so something to consider. So if you need a logo, it is getting easier and easier and more affordable than ever. Here's the recommendations I have for different sites, and I hope this helps you as you're starting your branding and getting your logo completed . 7. Step 6 The Essential Plugins: Step six the essential plug ins for WordPress. So with this, we're gonna look at some of the most essential plug ins for WordPress. I want to talk a little bit about what a plug in is. Do you really need these plug ins and which plug ins I recommend, as well as other professionals out there and what's needed for most Travel Blog's. So let's dive into our dashboard and we'll talk further about plug ins. So looking at the dashboard, you want to come over to this tab here, click on plug ins, and it's going to bring up a variety of different plug ins that you already have active. Which ones you need to update a couple that you must use And it plug ins in general are some easy tools that are going to make your life a lot easier. So, for example, if you want to hook up your analytics instead of being someone that codes and jumps into the code of the website, there's a lot of different Google Analytics plug ins where you'll just take one piece of code and put it in or plug it in, and it's gonna help you throughout your whole site, so there's a lot of variety with plug ins. Some are for different sign up forms, helping you create emails or pages that will help people opt in. If you click, add new plug in, you're gonna be brought to where there's a ton of different options. So, for example, something like Buddy Press is basically gonna let you create your own community with your website. Let people create their own profiles, and you'll just see a ton of different options. So whether it's Facebook or posts or sidebars or widgets, these air What plug ins air all about is being able to make your life a little bit easier without doing a ton of the coating on the backside. And so you might say, Do I really need plug ins? Well, the truth is just about anything you can think of that you might want on your website. There's probably something already made for a plug in. So, for example, if you wanted some social icons, what you can do is come over here, type in social, and then you'll even see right away here that there's different social media, share buttons and social sharing icons. and instead of going into each and every webs Web page that you've created this easy plug in, you literally click install now, and you have the functionality of something that would be a lot harder to code yourself. And so now I'll talk about the top plug ins that I recommend. And again there's 100 some only in a talk about my top plug ins. So not in specific order. But I would say Yost s CEO, it already has a 1,000,000 active installations, and it's something that you could definitely benefit from its going to show you how well written your articles are or your posts are and gives you overall S CEO or search optimization helps you write better content and fully optimize your site. So I highly recommend this and use this on just about every site I've ever used. Jetpack right here is another one. That's a great plug in. What jetpack does is it helps show your stats your related posts. It helps with search engine optimization, social sharing back up and mawr and again, over a 1,000,000 people utilize this and has over four stars contact form. That's something that's very simplistic. Easy to use and over 1,000,000 people utilize this as well. But this is something that if you do need a contact form, you can come here, install it and get started right away. One last plug in that's highly recommended, and a lot of people use is this plugging called wu commerce. And it's a very powerful tool that helps you basically sell any products or services within your website. And I don't want to run through all of these. What I do is encourage you to come through here and anything you can think of that you might want on your website. Always check with plug ins to see if that idea has already been created. So there's different featured ones. Popular ones. There is a recommended tab, a lot of favorites and then premium meaning you have to pay a little bit. So come here. Check this out. If you have any kind of email service or any other services utilize, there's probably a plug in that does help integrate that within your website. So there are your central plug ins or the top plug ins that I recommend, and if you have any that you really, really in particular utilize, please let me know and we'll keep moving on to the end here 8. Step 7 How Can I Make Money Blogging: We're now at Step number seven, the final step of this course, and it's how can I make money? Blogging, oftentimes people's favorite question and what they're very most curious about. So let's jump into it. So, first of all, how can I make money with the travel Blawg? Well, there are a lot of little ways I want to dive into, and I'll show you some brief overviews. But some of the ways are through advertising, affiliate marketing, making your own products and services and really doing this through building out your brand . How much money will I make a question that is very difficult to answer because it all depends on your audience. Thea. Amount of brand loyalty you've built up and everything like that. But I can say for the most part, most travel bloggers. It does take a good 6 to 12 months to start seeing some income. It does take a while to build that trust and that loyalty with your fan base and as you progress. It does have the compound, in effect of selling Mawr and developing more of an audience. So to give you a better idea, some of the top travel bloggers, and I don't have exact stats on this. I just know I've followed a ton of travel bloggers along the way, and I think that the top travel bloggers start to make thousands of dollars per month trickling into a six figure income, and I think maybe 23 400,000 once they become very, very well established. But again, it's like any industry. It's it's how much time and effort and how well you're able to build your business. And then what are the quickest and easiest ways to start making money? That's another huge question that everyone is asking and I can say as faras quickest, There are a lot of ways that you can simply throw up ads on your site, but I don't know if that is that said Easiest. The easiest might be through developing your audience and really starting Teoh connect with people for the long term and having customers instead of one time buyers. So with this, I just want to jump into a couple of the different ways that you can make money with travel blogging that are most popular. So one of the most well known ways is through Google AdSense and AdSense is where you're plugging in different ads throughout your site, and it really wants people click on those ads. You are making either a couple cents or a couple of dollars per click. And so if you come over to google dot com, backslash AdSense, you can get started, sign up and start plugging in different advertisements on your site. Today, another option is affiliate marketing, and one great option for this is Amazon Associates. And so you have to go to Google Amazon Associates and get signed up for an account. But once you do, it will look something like this where if you're in Amazon, you can click on, say, a backpack. And then, if you want to recommend it, you're able to make your own links, your own images, your own texts and images. But if you click on this here again, I have it fully set up and have been utilizing it for several years. But if you click on this, I have my own private code where if I post this and then someone goes ahead and clicks on this and they buy this product or any product that's one of the nice parts about Amazon is once they click through to Amazon and buy basically anything after that, if you're the referring partner, then you're gonna make a cut off of that. So for something like this, $125 you might make anywhere from, ah, a couple dollars to several dollars, depending on your account and how well you're doing at promoting products in one of the last ways is making your own product or service. So, for example, here's a travel blogger that has gone through the process of making his own photography course and has a set up to sell for right around $80 sells hundreds of these per year or even thousands. So that's a great way. Is creating your own brand your own products and really staying after it? And so with that, there's just a couple ways that you can make money, travel, blogging. If you have any questions, reach out to me directly or any ideas and would love to connect with you further again. There are several other ways Just make sure you stay business minded, open minded and continually network with others. So I hope this helps and will move on to the very final tips that I have for you. 9. Next Steps and Thank you!: So you've made it all the way to the end of the course, and now you want to know what the next steps are? Well, I highly encourage you to take time today to go through everything we just talked about and be ready to become an amazing travel blogger. So you have all the tools. All the resource is now you need to take the time and just start today. So again, my conclusions and final thoughts don't wait to build your blogged. Go ahead and diving today. Go back to any video you might need to view, but make it happen. One thing you're going to run into and I can guarantee it is that you're gonna be over critical whenever anyone starts out. They always find little reasons why they need to stop and really focus in or learn mawr and read and read and read. But don't do that. Don't be over critical of your design, your content, your thoughts, your feelings. Just jump in and go for it. Follow your gut and follow the research that's been provided throughout this program and you'll be just fine. So the sooner you start, the better. I'm re emphasizing that because so many people that years go by before they ever start their travel Blawg and they always regret it. So I'm not gonna let you be one of those people. Get out there, get it done. And at the end of the day, make sure you're having fun. All this is is a lot of fun, A great way to connect with friends, family reflect on your experiences, share your travels and ultimately have a very, very fun time. And so with that, I wanted to provide you with one last tip that I have found to help me out a ton. And that is my very final tip that I've utilised over the last couple of years and its technology has gotten better is that you can use voice to text. So as promised, here's my one tip that I don't think a lot of people utilize, but it's using voice to text. I found that you can type anywhere from maybe 30 to 60 words per minute, which isn't a lot. It doesn't go a long ways. And if you use voice to text, which is becoming very, very accurate these days, it's about 150 words or so. So if you're a fast hyper and a mid range speaker, you conduce it at about three times the typing speed, and I can guarantee for some of you out there. You're gonna tell me right away that you've tried this and it's tough. And yes, it is tough. But if you stick with it for a good couple months, you'll find that voice to text will take your block to the next level. And with that, I want to say a big thank you to you and for falling along on this program. I really appreciate your time, and I hope that this really provides a ton of value to you. If you do, go ahead or not. If but when you go ahead and start your travel log, let me know. I'd love to follow along, read up on your adventures and enjoy this process with you. If you have time, please leave a great review and just really appreciate it. And that's all I have for you. So enjoy making your blawg and have safe travels