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How To Send The Best Dang Cold Emails Of Your Entire Life (Part 3)

teacher avatar NICK SARAEV, Communication, Productivity & Tech

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (1h 36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sourcing Your Email List

    • 3. How To Write Incredibly Concisely

    • 4. How To Send And Receive Signed Contracts Over Email

    • 5. Google Analytics For Cold Emailing (Walkthrough)

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About This Class

The truth: most people absolutely suck at cold emailing.

They use weak headlines.

They send to the wrong people.

And their email content reads like it was written by a twelve year old in English class.

These people - many of them experienced salespeople or founders with dozens of years experience - can not create a simple email campaign to save their life.

But, with this course, you can.

Over the next four hours of videos, I'll give you the secret sauce. I'll show you, word-for-word, how I and many others have made thousands of dollars with incredibly simple emails that take less than a few minutes to write.

And most importantly, I'll show you how I decouple my time from my money using cold emails. It's how I literally close deals and make money... in my pyjamas.

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • How to write red-hot email copy that makes people want to click, call, and convert

  • The best, cheapest, and most efficient cold email software

  • How to easily source your leads - where to go, how to download, how much to pay (and some more.. controversial.. tricks)

  • How to set up your own multi-step drip campaign so you can send thousands of emails on autopilot

  • Why and how to track everything - from button clicks, to email opens, to conversions - even where people are moving their mouse on the page!

  • How to make emails that focus on the customer, not the sender (hint: 90% of emails FAIL because of this strange reason)

  • A simple email strategy to multiply the effectiveness of your cold calls and B2B outreach

  • How to completely automate cold email responses and alerts with software

  • Why most cold emails don't get delivered, and how to maintain reputation so decision makers actually get your mail

  • How tracking pixels work, and an interesting way you can use them to get more sales

  • How (and why) to split test your emails like a data scientist (using simple stats and free online resources)

  • How to send and receive signed contracts over e-mail for free, so you can close deals in your pyjamas!

Like I said, myself and others use these strategies everyday to make thousands of dollars in minutes. For many of us, it's the primary way we grow our business.

And it makes sense. Cold emails are incredibly low cost. They take seconds to send. They're highly scalable and automatable. And they can easily get your foot in the door of million-dollar companies with very little legwork.

You write a few emails once, send them out to thousands of people, and reap the rewards. Not to mention, following up with customers is a lot easier when you already know they're interested in your product!

If you want to learn how to become the top salesperson at your company, if you want to learn how to grow your business - hell, if you want to learn how to make money in your sleep - then this is the course that will do the job.

Meet Your Teacher

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Communication, Productivity & Tech




Hi there,


Welcome to my teaching page. I'm Nick - a productivity & body language coach with a passion for nonverbal communication, productivity, & self improvement. I've been featured on major publications like Popular Mechanics and Apple News, and I run a body language YouTube channel. All in all, I have over thirty thousand students online.


A little bit about me: I'm a body language coach & technology enthusiast with a background in behavioral neuroscience. I love helping people overcome social anxiety and bloss... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Cold emailing is a simple, incredible way to grow business in the modern age. So why does nobody understand how to do it? That's what this class is. Forum. It's a complete top-to-bottom cold email masterclass. And by the end, you guys are going to know everything there is to know but cold emails from tracking to statistics to how to write them effectively. Hey, I'm Nick, I develop software for a living and I also want a successful digital marketing company called conversion box. I've been featured in several major media publications and I teach thousands of people all over the world how to improve their e-mail marketing and their cold email techniques. Cold emailing is one of those things that people usually read about in an article, spend half an hour trying and then when they don't see the results they were looking for, they give up and they say something like, oh, it's just not for me. The reality is cold email is for you. It works across basically every industry, no demand. But there are two or three major tweaks most people need to make to the way they send their cold emails for them to really take off. And that's what this class is going to be all about. Now, this is the third and the final course in a three-part series. And in this class I'm going to teach you guys how to source and email list, how to write incredibly concisely, had a send and receive contracts online, and how to use analytics to verify your campaign is going well after you press the big button. I absolutely love cold e-mail. It's a great opportunity for both small and medium-sized businesses right now, and it is being severely under-utilized. If you guys want to get ahead of the curve and make a lot of money in a short period of time with cold email. Let's dive in and I'll see you in the class. 2. Sourcing Your Email List: What's going on, guys, in this video, we're gonna talk about how to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to email lists . Now these could be called tons of Things that email lists Prospect list lead lists. Really anything. But the general idea is, if you want to send out a bunch of cold emails, you need to have a bunch of cold email addresses. Bonus points of those email addresses come with names, locations, genders and so on. Because the more information you have, the better you can personalize each email, which leads to higher open rates, higher CTR and higher conversion rates. So there really three schools of thought when it comes to email lists. The first is that you buy a list. I'll touch on why this usually isn't a good idea in a minute. The second way is you can pay somebody, usually in another part of the world, so it is cheaper to manually search up and build a list for you. And the third way is to use or create an automatic scraping software that finds emails for you automatically, which I'm sure you can imagine violates the terms and services of a lot of different software platforms before I dive into. These guys are not a lawyer. Please don't take any of this is encouragement or legal advice? Do your own research or four commented conclusion all. I'm here to do a share. My own experience with you guys have taken all of the great assault. I'll run you guys through how to do each where to go and then my own personal thoughts on every one starting from the top, you guys can purchase a list. Now the price of one of these prospect list is entirely up to the company that sells them personally. I've seen rates as low is around five cents for prospect. But as high as a dollar benefits is doing something like this are often times the company has what's called a deliver ability guarantee. All this means is that if the email you sent bounces or the email address you're trying to deliver to you is no longer in service, sometimes these companies luxury refund you the costs. That prospect, which really helps the reason that it helps, is because one of the biggest problems and one of my personal biggest fears every time I buy a analyst. Is that all? Waste my money on a really, really old database. Okay, One where the majority emails don't actually exist anymore. The best sources argue so far at sign exact data and depending on where you're on the world up, lead at sign prices on a monthly model. Glaeser. Mostly good. They offer around 500 emails per month on a $50 subscription, and the emails basically increased linearly with the amount of money you spend. Exact data. On the other hand, prices per lead and the last one up lead is very new in the game but offers very extensive data per person. You learn a lot about the specific person you're emailing, so what they do is they typically price a pearly basis a little higher. Now I've actually purchased lists multiple times and let me tell you, never worked out for me. I've had list were less than 15% of all the addresses in the list actually exist. It's throwing off my game for months. It's cost me a lot more than your surprise. That list, because the opportunity cost the time I could have been emailed some companies. You're cool And that the refund you. But you also need to know that some won't. You need to be very, very careful picking who you go with. Ultimately, though, cold emails, a game of big numbers. If each week is gonna cost you 50 cents and you're trying to email like 20,000 people, well, you just spent $10,000 in advertising cost. You can be a specific as you want. You can handwrite your emails for each individual lied on your list. But at the bottom line, you're eventually gonna have to send out a lot of emails. And that's prior to any sales person, any admin, staff, market or software that you need to buy. So you should be very wary if your company is a small 1 to 2 person outfit, because these costs are mounting very quickly. Another alternative and one that I personally find very preferable to buying a list outright is actually paying for a virtual assistant a V A. To create a list for you. Usually you'll hire somebody in less developed part of the world, since their cost of living is a little bit lower and they usually willing to work for less per hour than somebody in your home country. I personally found DS for his little is $3 to 5 bucks per hour. What you basically need to do here. Just provide them a list of simple criteria for what kind of list you want. Maybe 2 to 3 examples of a completed leaderless. They know exactly the type of format you're looking for, is a finished product and then just hired 2 to 3 for maybe a day until you find the one via that's actually able to get your leads quickly and efficiently. The way there work flow works is usually search on Google or Lincoln for the type of business more consumer that you're looking for. Then they find their website, and then they just search for the emails, the relevant contacts. Then they copy and paste them into a spreadsheet, and they rinse and repeat my best Via is in the past of average around 15 prospects per hour, or about one every four minutes. It comes out to usually around 20 cents per lead, but the reason I'm happy to pay personally that much is because unless you're a is terrible and they screw up massively most the time. These were very high deliver ability, very qualified leads, since at the end of the day, you're only getting leads from the exact websites or industries that give you. The biggest are of I. You're open rates, your seat ers and your conversion rates usually gonna be much higher than otherwise. But there's also a very big downside here. It takes a lot of time only so many hours in the day, right? Even if you're Diego's 40 hours per week, that's still only around 600 leads in that time frame. And since we're usually doing with email campaigns in the thousands or even tens of thousands of people, this could be a real deal breaker for a lot of people who want to send emails now and not later. The way I personally get around it is that he is working constantly around the clock 24 7 in the background before actually started my campaign. When I'm sending or analyzing or, you know, even calling for my campaign, I get my V start collecting leads early for the next one and search. Each campaign takes maybe a month or more I can usually guarantee myself at least a few 1000 leads from via is worst case scenario. Now. The best way to get started with the VA is hiring from either Craigslist fiver or even up work. Simply make a post detail exactly what you're looking for. The proposed price range and start receiving bids for the job, either through email. If you're on Craigslist or through five or up work as a platform, I'll be completely honest, despite the fact that the job is very, very easy. I mean, you're really not asking for much. Finding the right person to do that job is not going to take you five minutes. It's gonna take a lot of time, I personally, but it around 4 to 6 hours every time I need to replace the V A because we need to make sure they're good. You don't want to waste your money on anybody that comes knocking. I also highly recommend interviewing them over Skype or another video chat platform to ensure their cable of answering questions and falling rules in your language, since language difficulties will and can arise if you use this method, the last way to put together a lead list is using software tools. Now, this is by far the fastest and the cheapest method out there. You can usually scraped thousands of leads per hour, and if you have the right source, they can actually be very, very good. I'm personally not gonna name any names, since pretty much every scraper is directly against most websites terms of service. But I will say that Google goes a long way if you're looking for lead scraper or email scraper bought now, one thing that you're not gonna get from this most of the time is secondary contact information, like a name or an address. When buying lists usually include several different contact fields, you can personalize the message a little bit, but most the time. If using a Web scraper, they simply have no way of seeing the person's name unless you're scraping from something like Facebook. Arlington, where it's included. So scraper email lists usually as cold as you can get. I e. No custom name, no location, no nothing. But because the sheer volume that you can hit their usually the best bang for your buck, I'm not gonna go into too much detail just because it's against the terms of service. Like I said. But I view several scrapers in the past have almost always been successful, but your mileage may vary. Okay, guys, So to summarize this video, there are three main ways that people source their lists. The first is by outright buying them their websites, like at sign and up lead that lets you purchase specific industry lists that you can email or even phone call, and you're usually looking at a couple 100 bucks a month for a subscription license. Remember, the disadvantage to buying lists is often times you have very low deliver ability because a lot of the time they're selling list from years ago at very high costs of the advantages, you get a lot of leaders in seconds, so Method number two is hiring somebody to manually compile a less like a V a VOC. Unusually scrape around 15 leads per hour, and they usually very high quality, very high deliver ability. The downside. To be a czar, it takes time right over the course of a month or two. It could start a cost a little bit of money as well. But personally That's my preferred method and the last way way. Number three of sourcing a list is using software scraping tools you can, either by them or you can create them on your own. If you know a little bit of coding huge advantages here. The incredibly low cost per email and the speed at which you could get thousands of entries and the huge disadvantages here. But they usually very much so against any and all terms of service of whatever website you're scraping from and sometimes they're even illegal, so you need to watch out. Deliver ability is also usually pretty good, but it can be bad if you're not scraping from an up to date resource. Alright, guys, that's all for this video. I will see you guys in the next one. 3. How To Write Incredibly Concisely: What's going on, guys, it's Nick here In the last video, we talked a little bit about how to write a good email headline in this video. What I want to do is I want to teach you guys how to write concisely. So let's hop to the computer and see how it's done. All right, so we are now on my Evernote, ever known as a program that allows me to take notes. It's what I used to plan my life. I do my productivity stuff on here. This is also how I take notes down for our course materials. What I want to do here is I want to talk a little bit about writing. This isn't a an English class. I don't have any homework. The purpose of this isn't to grade you at the end of it, but what it is is to make you a better writer. There are two important skills in life. One is writing, the other is speaking. A man or a woman can learn to write and speak and do nothing else. They will be successful because writing and speaking, allowed to communicate and value is in the communication between two people or entities. If a company is very good at communicating, it will do very well. If a schoolteacher is very good at communicating, she will do very well. If ah, copywriters get a communicating, they will do very well. Whatever stage of life you're at, whatever walk of life, whatever career, whatever position, right as it So long as you are an excellent communicator, Whether in written word or in spoken word, you are going to do amazing things. And so what we're gonna do in this video is we're gonna talk a little bit more about how to become an excellent communicator when it comes to your writing skills and why I think a lot of people go about it the wrong way. Now, before I get into that, I'm just gonna go over this brief little formula I have here. Like I said, some people might disagree with me for this formula. But in general copyrighting punch how punchy each individual word is goes something like this the strength of the concept divided by the number of words it takes to explain that concept. You notice how punchy each individual word is in that sense. Okay, so if you have one concept, the concept is the sky is blue You try and explain it in 40,000 words That concept is gonna be a lot less powerful. Every single one of those words gonna be a lot less than if you just said Sky Blue obviously used to be selling to be grammatically correct And we still need to at least make our writing easy to read easy and understand. But the point stance back in the day, any type of copywriters, basically the equivalent of email marketing today was direct mail advertising, right in direct mail advertising. You only had a certain amount of space with which to write your advertisements on maybe in 8.5 by 11 envelope. Your goal was to Philip. As much of that space is humanly possible with concept, it was a little different than today because today we have e mails. We have landing pages. Theoretically, are Texan go on for the rest of your life, Okay, without ending, we're not paying really for space as much as we're paying for the people to send it to. And so things have kind of changed a little bit. There no longer all about filling up every last space with words. It's more so about making sure all the words that you do use our country as possible. So the way that I think about pruning sentences or really just keeping everyone of my paragraphs or senses as punchy as possible and keep on these are just example paragraphs that pulled off the Internet there. I didn't write the's at all these air, really even about copulating whatsoever than about selling a product. I I actually I think one of them is maybe this time shoe company one but the rest of our keep in mind the longer these words are, the longer these paragraphs are, the less powerful. Every individual word of that paragraph is gonna be. The way that I approach pruning is I do multiple passes. At the very beginning. I'll do a quick pass looking to see what words are necessary here. What concepts are already immediately available without having to, you know, say teachers from all those the education process. So I'm gonna do a first pass on every single one of these, and then we're gonna go back up to the very top into a second pass, and then I'm doing one last past. Not necessarily for concepts, but looking for ways that I can switch words the words themselves or simpler punch here. Okay, I'll break this down in a form. At the very end of the next five or 10 minutes, we're gonna start at the top here. Teachers from all levels of the education process, from kindergarten to graduate schools need to take immediate steps to ensure that all students leave school fully prepared to be contributing members of society. No, this is according to Evernote. Sorry. This Ah, paragraph here. I'm actually plug this into a word. And the lapse in concentration there is likewise. It's not showing me the words. I forgot that every note doesn't do that. So this paragraph is 126 words in total. This sentence is 33 words. Okay, we're gonna look at this. This is 33 words to get across the single concept, which is that all teachers should take steps to ensure students leave school prepared. Okay, in general, that is the concept behind this. We're gonna make it pretty, but let's go through this entire sent and see if there's anything really that's unnecessary to contribute teachers from all levels of the education process, what does education process me next? Teachers from all levels of education. What does that mean? All levels of education. Do you just mean all teachers, Max Teachers from all levels? Yeah, let's just rewrite There's all teachers. OK, Perfect. We saved, like seven words from kindergarten to graduate schools. Okay, all teachers kind of already encompasses teachers from kindergarten graduate schools. So let's take that out. Need to take immediate steps to ensure need to take immediate steps to ensure that all students leave school. Well, all teachers need to take immediate steps is the same thing is just saying all teachers need to. I was going through that all teachers need to ensure that all students leave school fully prepared to be contributing members of society. All teachers need to ensure need Thio was just they should All teachers should ensure that students leave school fully prepared to be contributing members of society. What does fully prepared me inversions prepared. But I really think that adds any extra punch of that sentence. Okay, We've just changed a sentence. As with 33 words and we proved it down to 15 words. So we've more than half the number of words in the sentence. Therefore, we doubled how punchy that sentences our sentence used to be teachers from all of the education process from kindergarten Graduate schools need to take immediate steps to ensure that all students leave school fully prepared to be contributing member society. It's turned into all teachers should ensure that students leave school prepared to be contributing members of society. This is significantly more powerful. We must make certain that they graduate, ready to give back to their communities, not just to take from them, that they walk out the doors of our institutions, not just thinking about how to make a buck, but how to make a difference. Interesting. We must make certain that they graduate, ready to give back to their communities, not just to take from them, that they walk out the doors of our institutions, not just thinking about how to make a buck, but how to make a difference. This entire sentence really says nothing different than the first sentence. If I myself was writing a piece of copy that had this sentence or rather, if I was editing a piece of copy that had these two cents and nearly after one another, I would delete that out, right? All teachers should ensure that students leave school prepared to be contributing members of society. Concept students must be taught to be civic minded, to think in terms of not only will benefit them individually, but also in terms of what will benefit society as a whole. Okay, I'm pretty sure that's what being a contributing member of society is. We have to teach them not to be selfish, isolationist, but generous, willing contributors to our communities, contributing members of society, contributing members of our communities. Okay, We just shaved from 141 words down to 15 words. We just saved 126 words of space. By taking this concept which by enlargement, nothing except for a teacher should take steps to ensure that students leave school prepared to be contributing members of society. We took that concept and we trimmed it down to these words How I don't even think we need all here. Teachers should ensure that students leave school prepared to be contributing members of society that's a must. Perfect. All right, that's paragraph number one. In my humble opinion, it should be noted by those promoting San Jose State University. The students to go toe Stosur really very fortunate to be getting an education. It's such a great area where they have access to a lot of super dynamic companies that in service places to get internships and later first jobs in their chosen field of study, especially for Germans field studies related technology in somewhere, Let's go through the senses that exact same thing we did before in my humble opinion, in my humble opinion, that's unnecessary. It should be noted by those promoting Jensen Jose University. The students who go to Stosur really very fortunate. It should be noted by those promoting San Jose State University. Let's just take it should be noted out and say those promoting San Jose Univ. State University should know that the students who go to Stosur really very fortunate, really very fortunate our fortune. It's to be getting an education in such a great area where they have access to a lot of super dynamic companies in such a great area. Well, if you have access to a lot of super dynamic companies. Your area's pretty great. So in an area where they have access to a lot of super inanimate companies that can service places to get into trips and later first jobs in their chosen field of study. Okay, this is a run on sentence. Let's cap it right there. Let's read this. Those promoting San Jose State University should know with students who go to ask us, You are fortunate to be getting an education in an area where they have access to a lot to a lot. Two incredibly dynamic companies that can serve that can serve that serve as places for internships and later careers in their trails in the field of study. This is all right. Let's just do this, particularly in a technology. It would not be wrong to say that this is not at all a minor perk. This entire sentences fluff, it means nothing. It is not at all wrong to say it is not wrong to say that this is not at all a minor perk. Think about that. What is the sentencing? It would not be wrong. It's not wrong to say that this is not at all a minor perk. It's not wrong to say that this is not a minor perk, so it's right to say that this is a big perk. What exactly does that mean? That provides no value at all? So those promoting San Jose State University should know the students to go toe Stosur fortunate to be getting an education in area where they have access to incredibly dynamic companies and service place for internships and later careers in their chosen fields of study, particularly in technology perfect. We just trimmed that down by at least 70%. It's been noted by observers of world events. The Nobel Peace Prize nominations in recent years have been a demonstration that peace can be achieved in unexpected ways and by people who aren't even diplomats were heads of state , it has been noted. Watch this. It has been noted by observers of recent world events of the Nobel Peace Prize nominations . Why would you write something in such a passive voice? Recent Nobel Peace Prize nominations have been a demonstration that peace can be achieved in unexpected ways and by people who aren't even diplomats or heads of state aren't even that peace can be achieved in unexpected ways and by people that aren't diplomats for heads of state. That's good enough for now. For example, in 2000 for the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to one Gara. Mafi, a very impressive woman from Kenya who earned her PhD in vet medicine, became a professor and later chair of her department, but then went on later to become the founder of the Green Belt Movement, which trained African woman who are educated, impoverishing generated bad for society, not for us to grow trees and plant a moment ago. This is what we call a run on sentence. I would probably prove 90% of us, but we're not going to simply for the purposes of demonstration we're gonna for sense. 2000 for the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to watch Arimathea. Very impressive. When Kanye, who earned her PhD invent medicine, she later became a professor, became a professor and chair every department before becoming the founder. So founding the Green Belt movement, which trained African woman who are uneducated, which trained uneducated African impoverished African woman to grow trees and then plant them a K to grow and plant trees by the millions to fight desertification, control erosion, protect people's acts, park alliances and provide a source of food for all to share. Okay, let's re read this recent Nobel Peace Prize nominations about a demonstration that peace can be achieved in unexpected ways and by people who aren't diplomats or heads of state. For example, in 2000 for the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to this lemon, a very impressive woman from Kenya who earned her PhD in vet medicine a very impressive woman. Let's do this was awarded to the impressive Wangari Mathai, a woman from Kenya who earned her PhD in vet medicine. She later became professor and chair of her department before founding the Green Belt Movement, which rain uneducated, impoverished African woman to grow and plant trees by the millions to fight desertification , erosion during and erosion, as well as protect people's access to Parkland in cities and to provide a source of food for all to share. All of this helps prevent conflicts, help prevent conflict over resource is, let's undo conflicts. How let's even go further. All of this helps prevent under your resource conflict. Okay, so again, we have proved this nowhere near as much as the previous few sentences. Just because I wanted to keep this actual wanted to keep this paragraph a little bit. I didn't want to get a complete like the 1st 2 but I'm sure you guys get the point. We go through with initial past looking for areas that are unnecessary words that are superfluous, things that are said twice, just in slightly different ways to try and achieve a word account. And then we remove them. We move words around so that we say the same thing without repeating it over and over and over and over and over again. And we also punctuate. We'll add periods, will add commas, hyphens, dashes, things that we need to add to make it so the sentence doesn't run on, for God knows how long. Let's move on One thing, among many other things that makes the current generation of young people those approximately 10 to 25 years old, truly remarkable and to be admired. So many of them are interested in not just getting in jobs that make a lot of money, but also in finding a sense of persons and really making the world a better place not only for themselves but other people. Whether living in our own country, living abroad, especially what are still called Third World countries, this entire freaking paragraph is a mess. And here's why. One thing among many other things that makes the current generation of young people those approximately 10 in 25 years old. In this entire half sentence, the only area that provides actual information is this. The current generation of young people. One should admire the current generation of young people because they're not just interested in getting jobs for money. One should admire the current generation young people, the current generation. One should admire young people. Is there not just interested in getting jobs for money? Let's say today's young people one should admire today's young because they're not just interested in getting jobs for money. They want a sense of purpose and strive to make the world a better place not only for themselves but for others. Whether living in our own country living abroad, especially in what are still called Third World countries, not only for themselves but for others with special emphasis on those in Third World countries. Okay, great. Let's give us another pass through, See if there's anything that's completely useless. One should admire today's young people because they're not just interested in getting jobs for money. They want a sense of purpose and strive to make the world a better place not only for themselves but for others with special emphasis on those in Third World countries not only for themselves. They want a sense of purpose and strive to make the world a better place for others, with special emphasis providing special emphasis on those in Third World countries. Great one example of this is the Toms Shoe Company, which is created by an idealistic young man named Blake Makovsky who has been a huge success even though he's never aimed for personal access for himself alone but has also aimed to help the less fortunate. He is also kind of amazing as a guy who became a big success in terms of money and fame, even though he never completed a college degree. I see this type of writing all the time. The step of reigning is driven by word count. If they're running a block post for a company, the company will say okay. I want four articles of 600 words each. 519 outwards won't cut it. We need 600 members. Well, let's say the blogger writes a 540 word article. He's like crap. I really need to make up 60 words, but I honestly have nothing left. I am. Nothing left in the tank meant no more fuel. There's no more concepts here. What is he gonna do? Is gonna go back and he's going to start providing unnecessary descriptors. He's going to start putting adjectives before words is going to start calling things really great instead of great. He's just going to start running sentences on and on and on, and, as a result is writing will significantly, ah, weakened. It will be less punchy and will just be worse. So going through this one example of this is the Tom's Company Tom Shoe Company. Let's do this. One example of this is Tom's, a shoe company created created by it Blake Makowski. One example of this one example of this is Taunts, a shoe company created by Black Makowski Blake, who has never once aimed for personal success alone. Blake wants to help the less fortunate. What's out? The less fortunate, and he doesn't think he needs a college degree to do so. An example. This is Tom's a shoe company credit by Blake Mycoskie. Blake, who is never one same for personal success he's never won, seemed for a mere personal success. Wants to help the less fortunate. And he doesn't think he needs a college degree to do so. Hasn't similarly Mohammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize in 06 Dr. Yunus is another professor Achieve great things outside the classroom. Okay, Similarly, Mohammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize in 06 This is great! This is a good sentence. I like this. Congratulations, writer. I mean, you based on this sentence alone, perhaps we could get along. Dr. Yunus is another professor. Achieve great things outside the classroom. Muhammad Yunus. Okay, I'm going to completely eliminate this sentence since that doesn't add anything of value. Mohammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize in 06 He was originally professors of economics in Bangladesh. Yunus was nominated for this prize because he founded Green Grameen Bank. This bank revolutionized banking by offering loans the poorest of the poor. Now this paragraph suffers or something fundamentally different. In the previous paragraphs, there's a lot of the previous paragraphs or unnecessarily wordy. They didn't punctuate this paragraph. Puncture it just a little too much. This paragraph just a little bit cutting dry. It's not necessarily a terrible thing if you're doing copyrighting. This is still a very fine away, too, right? But look at this. Similarly, Mohammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize in 06 He was originally oppressor of economics in Bangladesh, was nominated for this prize because he found it. This the bank revolutionize banged by offering this, regular banks would not offer this. Regular banks want to make much profit Is this so they loan money to people already wealthy ? This is boring. It's boring because basically, every senses the exactly the same length instead of alternating length. Having short sentences then long since that explain a little more that stop that punch right to provide some type of emotion. This is just, um it's good for the first few sentences, but eventually you start getting into that low into that rhythm, and things get very, very boring. Let's change us up a bit. Eunice was nominated for the surprise because he founded Grameen Bank, a revolutionary revolutionary banking model that offered loans to the poorest of people to the poorest to the poorest of people. Okay of the poor, regular banks want to make a much profit as possible. This is fundamentally different than regular banks, who want to make much profit as possible by loaning money to the wealthy. And we can remove because wealthy people are believed to be more likely to pay their loans . You don't have to walk the reader through everything if you do, if you start condescending, Ah, lot of the time the reader will resent you for it. The Grameen Bank is very different. It was not set up to make big profits. It was set up to give very poor people. The resource is they need to climb out of poverty. Ironically, the very poor people, mostly women who borrowed from the greenback, were more reliable than regular borrows at for profit banks. Grameen Bank had an average of 96% repayment. Furthermore, it's bar was started, businesses that made them self sufficient. The Nobel Committee gave the peace prize units because they believe that we will never have world peace until the masses of poor people, the bottom of society, can rise to be self supporting. We'll never have world peace until the poorest until the poor can rise to be self support, say the poor can support themselves. The community decided that Grameen Bank showed that even the poorest, the pork and work to bring about their own development perfects now the sends read. Similarly, Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize in 06 He was originally a professor of economics in Bangladesh. Yunus is nominated for this prize because he founded was nominated because he founded Grameen Bond, a revolutionary banking model that offers loans. Let's use present tense to the poorest of the poor. This is fundamentally different than regular banks. You want to make much profit as possible through loans to the wealthy. An ultra rich, the Grameen Bank is very different. This is self explanatory, but Grameen tries that's supposed to be bank. Grameen Bank was not set up to make big profits. It was set up to give very poor people. The resource is they need to climb out of poverty. Ironically, the very poor people, mostly women who borrowed from the Grameen Bank were more reliable than regular borrowers of for profit backs. Grameen Bank had an average of 96% repayment. Furthermore, its borrowers started businesses that made them self sufficient. No boat committee give the peace prize units because they believe that we will never have world pieces of the pork and support themselves. Grameen Bank should that even the poorest, the pork and work to bring about their own development. Okay, great. So I'm sure you guys get the point of this A To this point, I'm sure you guys get the point of this point. That right there is a sentence I would prove. But the real purpose of this was to show you guys have somebody that does this for a living , goes through sentences and systematically edits systematically, prunes words out that are unnecessary concepts that repeated over and over and over again. The strongest paragraph out of all of these paragraphs is probably the last one again. The last one suffered from a fundamentally different problem in the previous five, and that this one was actually a little to punch tree. It was a little too simple, right? The majority of sentences suffer from the problem that the author is trying to make them too complex as result to make them too complex, Readers typically get bored. They lose out, and then you're not making money off a reader that's not reading your stuff. This paragraph, however, was super. What's the word I'm looking for? The paragraph is relatively monotonous, and so really, what you want is you want an alternation of short and long sentences because a short and the long produces a rhythm, that rhythm, it's constantly changing. And it's not something that people can really latch on to going in sequence. This paragraph here, I think, went from some like 150 words down to 15 or 20. This one went from around 100 and 50 words to about 40 50. This one went. Maybe we shaved off 20% of us. We shaved off 50 or 60% of this. We shaved off another 20 or 30% of this down here. We should have about maybe 15% but the bottom line altogether. On average, if you really work for it, you can shave off between 20 to 30% of almost every paragraph that comes your way. So if you ever an editing role or hell, if you're even just reading your own emails, be very, very generous with how you trip, because odds are the words that you're using are by and large, unnecessary to get across your point. Always be asking yourself, What's the core concept here that I'm trying to get across to? The other party is that the teachers must ensure students leave school prepared to be contributing members of society. If so, don't write something like this. You don't need to. The cool thing about email marketing is there usually unless you work for somebody else isn't a word count. And even if there is a word count, you're better off putting new concepts, concepts that matter, concepts to provide a different spin on things. Then you are just rehashing the exact same thing over and over and over again. Alright, guys, I hope you enjoyed this video and the next few we're gonna go over a little bit about how to actually get started sending these emails. I'm gonna teach you guys the ins and outs of a few very popular email clients Today. I will see you there 4. How To Send And Receive Signed Contracts Over Email: What's going on, guys? It's Nick here. In the last video, I showed you guys how to sell over the phone. What I want to do in this video is actually show you guys how to send a contract using a very effective tool called Hello, Sign. Since the majority of the deals that you guys are gonna be signing aren't gonna be in the same geographical a proximity to you a lot of the time, you're gonna have to send a contract over email in order to get things taken care of. So I'm gonna walk you guys through exactly how to do. So let's hop in the computer and I'll show you how it's done. All right, now we're online. We're right on Hello. Signs website and guys. I'm stoked to tell you all about it. Hello. Sign is like God's gift to earth. Okay, The way that it works is you send your contract over email, you put the fields that you want filled out. You put little boxes by them. The person on the other end gets your contract for whatever the service might be. B two b d dd whatever they get through email, they fill it out, They send it back. Boom! You're good to go. You don't have to get off your couch. You don't have to ring them up constantly asking them. Hey, let's set up a time when we can get that contract filled out together. No, 100% done online. It was somebody that's very lazy. Somebody that spends a majority my time on the couch eating Cheetos. Uh, I'm sure you guys can imagine This is very, very good for me was really cool. The hell assign is they offer a program where you can actually send three documents every month, 100% free. You don't have to spend a cent. You don't have Teoh. You know, blow $50 a month just to send three little contracts. And for many of you three contracts going to more than enough, I know. Personally, I signed medium to high ticket B two b sales contracts and I only really do about 2 to 3 a month on average anyway, So as it right now, hello, Sign has really never, ever been a barrier to be growing my business and getting it to where I wanted to get and I've been able to do this all in their free plan. So I cannot say enough amazing things about Alesana highly recommend you guys sign up even just for the free plan. You guys wanna upgrade? I think it's something like 15 bucks a month for the small plant. 40 bucks a month for their a business plan, which is still incredibly affordable, considering this the only thing out there that actually makes you money but to get started . Guys, here's what you do. This is the dashboard for hello. Sign in three options. You can go just me, B and others and just others. For now, I'm gonna say me and others, right? I need to sign this. Other people need to sign this. The way that it works is let's go. Hey, I got a couple of emails here. I'm gonna send this to a man, Shaun Perry, whose emails apparently Nick Wells at gmail dot com. And I'll send this to my wonderful fake Alice here, John work. So, in order for this to work, you got Teoh. Add your contract. I'm just using an example Contract. I got here off the Internet. I edited a tiny bit, but it's really nothing big. Just two pages. You upload it, you write down who need to signs or John Barack here, Sean Perry here. Then you have to click Prepare doc for signing most just gonna add? Well, title here. Example. Contract. Hello, Sean. Please fill out the attached contract s A p. Thanks, Nick. Beautiful. Let's prepare this doctor signing, All right? And we see what pops up its little interactive feature here. So this year is my pdf pdf the contract we see it's a neat little thing. It's only two pages, but we have several fields here which I can't click, right? I mean, I can't fill that out unless I do something. So what do I do? I do this. Click on the page and you can actually make, like, a little check box slash text area here. Hello. Sign will automatically insert that for you, and then you're good to go. So who wants Phyllis such John Perry? So it's a disagreement, and actually, it's sorry, guys, we don't actually, this is a contract here. We could just get rid of it. Delete we need is a text box. My bad. There a number of different features up top. There's a signature feature initials, text box check box, sign dates and a couple of things as well. But for this case, we're just putting names here. All we need is some text, so I'm actually to fill this out right now. Font family at's really care about that stuff. All we need to do for this is, let's say this agreement is made between Nick Wells. Actually want Sam the contractor, Nick Wells here and, let's say, Shaun Perry, my wonderful friend with a principal place of business at Fiqh address. Did you guys see this incredibly simple and Nick Wells with a principal place of business at definitely not fake address. Perfect. All right, so so far, I think that took us, what, 15 seconds, 30 seconds. We got literally the first of three text fields done as you got to see. This is super intuitive. I'm just gonna continue working through this entire form here because I think it's important for you guys to see how to use all of these various futures. Let's see, Contractor agrees to perform the following services. Just a little text. Bach here. Let's say digital marketing. Maybe that's what I'm doing in consideration for the service to be performed. A contractor client agrees to a contract in the falling rates, Let's say $2400 per month. Contractor shall be paid a reasonable time after they submit an invoice. Yada, yada, yada. Okay, great. Clients will reimburse contractor for the following expenses that are attributable directly to work. Performs. It's a $600 USD. Elements. Awesome. I hope you guys have seen just how simple this is and how quickly you can get a fully functioning contract up and running. And now out of the check box section here. Do you wanna have an area where people can you check box You discussed right over to check box click. Who fills this out? Let's say I do right now. Okay, great. One to three for five. Six. Hey, I can count seven. Okay. Awesome. Perfect. Religious. And just checking all the stuff in Awesome client owner printed name. All you do is you make a little text box here. My personal recommendation. Anytime you're filling out any one of these contracts, make it as easy as possible for the other person to fill it out, do all of the work for them or rather, as much of the work for them as you can. So in my case, I'm gonna make sure every single thing in this contract is filled out. Except for the one thing that I need from them, which is a signature. Everything else is gonna be 100%. I'll even put in a date, you know, 19 august 4th, 2000 and 19. You know, maybe my taxpayer I d number and even know what this is. Awesome is the benefit of being Canadian. And let's just fill the rest of us out here. August 4th, 2019 Signature time. I do not have any safe signatures. So at this point, if you want to create your own signature, you know a couple things you can either use your smartphone and take a picture of your signature. You can upload an image of your signature. You can type it in which I personally recommend doing, or you can draw drying. It is usually the simplest thing to do. So let's say my signature was this which it isn't. For those of you that cannot read amazing handwriting, it's a B C e d. Okay, perfect. What's I insert that boom? Look at that. It almost even looks like I actually signed the document. This is 100% legal interpretation of my signature, by the way. So what I'll do here for Sean Perry is I'll just say this is where Shaun Perry feels on. This is the only part Mr Shaun Perry needs to fill out in order. Teoh, complete the signature. Everything else is good. All right, so make sure Double check all these. Fielder. Fine. Amazing. Great. Continue. Now everything is fine. You're gonna sign a sign or order so you could say one guy need to sign before the other guy. I personally do not do that. Never really been a problem for me. And you just click. Request signature. Enter your name. Who should receive signed documents is an email attachment after they've signed it. Who receives them as an email attachment? Let's just say only me for now and click. Continue. Awesome, Beautiful. And just because I just made this account, you know, it says my documents saved is a draft that didn't get fully sent. But you guys were going to presumably have already verified or email address. Everything is gonna be completely fine. So that was just a quick tutorial. And I get started with Hello. Sign. Now, Alice, sign is way, way more in depth in that you can create your own templates. If you send something like once a month, let's say all you do is you create a template uploaded over the contract is filling out the forms and stuff like that already. And then you're good to go ends. If we just go back to this dashboard, you can also, um, you have your documents are you can also upload a team. So just to clarify your documents is showing you the contracts that are sent out on a hold which ones air declined. Completed which one? They're template ID. Which ones were drafted? Mother drafted. Right now we go over to team here. You can actually have team members on board as well, which allows you to scale your business very, very quickly. Now, as you see, I only have one of one team seats because I'm on the free program. But I mean, if you guys spend a little bit of money on this which I highly recommend. You guys do if you need to. Um you can have as many as I think. Like 20 people on your team or something like that. Lastly, the really cool feature about hell assigned is it integrates with basically everything. Okay, we have hub spot here. Slack Dropbox is a peer. Hello? Signed for Salesforce. This is an integration specifically for salesforce crm, Google Drive, Google docks. How even Gmail. This is amazing. I'm gonna be talking with you guys in the next video about Zapp here. It's something that's honestly one of the most amazing applications of the planet. It lets me scale significantly faster than a business just even 10 years ago was able to do because I don't have to hire anybody to do monotonous administrative tasks. I just let a robot do it for me, but integrations with the name of the game. What you can do is you can set it up so that let's have a workflow down once you get a yes , either verbally or over the over the email. What you do is you literally press a button. That button sends out another email being like, hey, really glad we had an awesome shat. Um, attached is a brief Hello. Sign contract, please. Limiting a fill it out of you is gonna be great, then. Hello. Sign lets you know when it gets filled out when it gets filled out. Uses a peer to automatically upload that to a Google drive. That Google drive has all the payment details, everything like that that automatically gets put into whatever use for payment, whether it's quickbooks or another thing automatically suspended invoice you guys and seriously completely automate your businesses using stuff like that. So I highly recommend it. And like I said, guys, I cannot speak good enough things about Hello, sign. So I highly recommend you guys check this out. I hope this is informative. Excited to talk about a few more programs in the next few videos? 5. Google Analytics For Cold Emailing (Walkthrough): Hey, guys. In the last few videos, we talked about email platforms in this video. What I want to do is I want to dive into Google Analytics, show you how to use it for your business. Let's hop on their platform and I'll show you how it's done, all right? And we are now on the Google Analytics dashboard here. This video is gonna be awesome, especially if you guys have no idea how Google Analytics works or you've never used it before. Google Analytics is by far the most in depth reporting platform out there. It will tell you everything you need to know about your website. The only thing I'm not gonna show you in this video is how to set up Google analytics or how to get going because Google has more than enough resource is out there showing you guys how to do it. You know how to create an account, a link, all of your resources and your assets and stuff like that. All you need to do is just top this button and you're well on your way. But without further ado, let's dive right into Google Analytics. Now I have this thing fully set up on one of my really old blog's actually shut this block down, I think, like, two or three weeks ago. So it shouldn't have collected anymore traffic. But we're gonna use Google Analytics to find out. I'm just gonna set all these tabs here to last 90 days because I haven't gone more or less any trafficking. Wow. And I'm gonna run you through every single one of these tabs, literally every single one and probably about 50 to 60% of what's over here on the left hand side. You guys don't need to know everything about Google Analytics, but you certainly need to have a strong understanding of what it tells you. I'll define all the terms. I'll make it so that you guys understand, Um, how to optimize your email campaigns using this stuff. Okay, so let's just start right at the top left hand corner. This is your dashboard. And this here is was called an audience overview. Google Analytics is split into several different sections on the left hand side of a real time. That stuff that's happening right now audience So who the people are that are seeing your stuff, how many of them. There are so on and so forth acquisition how people make it to your cage behavior, which is what they do once they're on their page and conversions, which is a little more complicated because you typically have to set these up in advance. But this is where the money is made, so it's important that we understand that as well. It's the audience overview here shows the A couple of things you see the number of users that have made it in your specified time span. In my case, 90 days, the number of sessions on your page. You'll notice that sessions a little higher than users just because some users visit more than once in this case, sessions three or six uses to 84. So, you know, out of the 300 ish people that visited my page, probably like 15 or so visited twice. Or maybe one guy just visited other 20 times. You just love my blog's that much. You also have bounce right over here just to reiterate about what bounce rate is Mount ST works like this. If somebody lands on your website, they look around the read What's on the first page, and then they go to the top right hand corner and click out, and they don't click anything while they're on your page. Then they've effectively bounced. Bounce just means somebody doesn't interact with your content. They don't engage with it. They don't take the next step with your stuff. And so if you have a high bounce rate, it typically means that the content that you have on your website either isn't very engaging. Either it's boring or you just haven't done your due diligence. You haven't written the links that you need to write to allow people to navigate inside of your website, right? It could also mean And this is one thing that I'm. Some of my clients are extra strong with a little while ago. It could also mean that your pages loads really slowly, like I'm talking super slow. If your website loads in over three ish seconds, something like 3.5 seconds, the average bounce straight for that site becomes around 70 to 80%. So, like mine, for example, is super high because I haven't optimized that I don't have very good content, right? This is a very old blogged project that I had, and I closed it down. The very being in September, you see my bounce rate for a website that hasn't gotten any work on it is even lower than the bounce rate that would that it would be if my website took 3 to 4 seconds to load. My website took maybe, like 2.5 seconds. So it's up there, but, you know, not entirely up there. It is very important optimized for load speed any time you have a website that you're trying to either run paid traffic to or even to organic, because now Google ranks you based off your load speed, your landing page experience and a number of other futures. Suffice to say, though, that's landing page experience. And that's very important to your visitors. Yes, of session duration. Self explanatory. How long the average visitor spends in your sight. For me, it was about 54 seconds, which means the majority of people spend very little time. But there's probably a few people that spend 15 to 20 minutes that bring the average up. That's audience overview. Here's active users. If my website were significantly more popular and probably have way more people on it. And who knows, somebody might be on it right now. If that were the case, this would goto one. You have a page views for her minutes bar over here, showing you the people that are on the page at that moment. In time, you wouldn't see their names or anything like that. You'd see that there were people from different parts of the world. This is called the Insights Tab. This is a little more qualitative. It's not necessarily numbers anymore. It provides actionable insights based off those numbers. So, for example, here it says, my site performs below average for resolutions that are 13 66 by 7 68 I don't really care about this, but it's interesting to know that the average bounce rate for my website is about 75% all across the board. But the bounce rate for 13 66 by 7 68 is a little bit higher. This could tell me that on these displays, specifically, the formatting looks really weird. Or, you know, the button isn't appearing properly or something like that. So you can imagine how, if I was a website developer. I would specifically go in with that resolution, looking for the problems that were there to try and bring that bounce rate at least to the average, but probably a little better down here is a little bit more about your acquisition. This is where people are coming from, so you can see. In my case, the majority of people are coming from referral traffic or direct traffic referrals, or when somebody clicks a link and then gets routed over to you. Direct is when they typically type your website right into the search bar. So in my case, my websites nick wells dot com would be nick wells dot com. A B referral. Direct, Rather. But if somebody were on social media, or rather, if somebody were on a blogger and they clicked me, that would be referral. If somebody run social media like Facebook or Instagram and they clicked a link that would be social. Do you see the majority of my traffic here is, um, is either organic search or direct these dark blue and the lighter blue right. But I also have a tiny bit of social and other traffic, so I think this is from when I posted my page back on Instagram. You know, three or four months ago, you can see that still has a little steady stream of maybe one or two or three people per day. This is where users are right. In my case, the majority of my users are from U. S. And Canada, which makes sense. I'm I live in Canada personally, and a few my block posts have featured in American publications, Which is why, you know, we have a sizable US portion. It was a little bit of Chinese as well. I'm guessing just because there are a lot of people living in China right there, their population kind of overshadows Ah, lot us. And then you have a report showing all the various demographics. You imagine this would be really, really important if you were trying to optimize things for different languages. I see that there's a huge reader base of mine in China, for example. Well, I'm I think about maybe translating a few my block post a Mandarin or Cantonese probably. Steve Much, much higher Metrics. Open rate, click through rate, much lower bounce rate, much higher engagement rate. All that stuff users. My time of day shows you what time approximately. You're getting most your users so you can see for me. At approximately 1 a.m. On Sunday I had 45 users, so I have no idea where this 45 years came from. But maybe I was featured in the blogged. Or maybe, um, I don't know, some podcast host just happen to say my name during a live stream and a bunch of people went on my website. I don't know if he could even be a meat going on it over and over and over and over again on Sunday, but I don't. But this is good because it allows you to see the highest concentration of visitors at a certain time. So if you know, you see that you get the majority of your traffic between 4 to 6 a.m. Maybe there's something going on a 46 and that makes people more likely to find you. Maybe you're being featured somewhere. Maybe there's a website podcast. YouTube. Who knows? This is now getting into a little bit of behavior. This has seen what pages your users visit. In my case, the majority users visit this page I wrote about two. Anke Anke is this memorizing pneumonic platform kind of that lets you memorize big things in short amounts of times. It's a very cool app. I wrote a little block post about it because the block post is very niche. Any time you look up like best Anke decks, I usually rank first. So this is where the majority my page views come from. They come from Google. You can see they're about equally spread out the arrest of my website and this later on, when you guys were writing content. Or if you know you're trying to funnel your emails to a certain page, you can imagine how having different landing pages for different email campaigns. Very important. You can actually see which pages people tend to like. So if you write something that really resonates with your audience about you know penguins or something, make sure you include penguins in the U. R l. Or at least track. It's that later on, when you're looking your analytics dashboard back Dang my penguin posters really tearing it up over here is active users, So this basically two shows how users trend over time the ones that I'm not necessarily come back But how Your website stay strong over the months and eventually the years The latest green slash blue Here is your one day report, just the people that are there over the course of a day. Your seven day report is kind of a comparative measure. Here. It's that lighter blue one and then the 30 day reports over here. You can see obviously I get significant more people in a month than I do in a day, right? And you can see this change over time. I think I cut off right around here, which is why we see that steep decline. Yeah, I removed some of my posts from Google and, you know, that's why we had this big drop down. This is also very important over here on the right, This is your top devices. So showing me what most people use to view my page. In my case, it's ah, mostly desktop. Just because the majority of my stuff is a longer form, it's not really suited for mobile, and I posted in a few places that you can only get to with a desktop computer. But There's a small mobile segment in the tablet segment. It's about 1/5 of all the people that I'm having go on my website were from these mobile are responsive portions. This is important stuff to know because it tells you you know how to format. Your site tells you where most people are coming from. If you're running an ad campaign or something, you'll know to optimize or at least increase your bids for mobile. Right? There's a lot that you can do with information like this and all the way down here. This is how well you retain users. This basically just report seeing A for all the people that were here during a week. Zero. How many of them came back a week? One. This is kind of an indirect measure of how attractive, how engaging, interactive content. Waas. Because if it's really interactive, somebody comes one week. They're gonna come back the other week, right? Somebody comes back one week, learned something really cool. Well, the next week, when they have free time, looked like damn, I kind of want to see that block again, or I want to go back to that website, see if I can learn anything else. That's cool. In my case, my blawg apparently is not very cool, because the majority of people a visit on week zero only 1.1% of them between august 16th 18th and 24th visited in week one. It's about 3% retention rate, which is abysmally port. You will usually want much, much higher than this. And last but not least, this is kind of your conversion or gold section. I'm gonna dive into that a little bit later. Okay? That was your overview here. This is just the home. Now I want to dive a little bit deeper into all of these sections on a left, And I'm not gonna go into every single tab. Because if I did, we'd probably be here for another three hours. What I'm gonna do is I'll just give you guys a brief overview of each individual one, and I'll show you some information you can't really see on the dashboard. Okay, So first we're here looking at real time reports. Let's say running a news website. Your news website is huge. You have 50,000 hits a day and you're about to publish a really controversial article. It's just about to air on the news and you want to see, like on by on the news. I mean, like on traditional media and used about Teoh air at 5 p.m. Or something on a Saturday. And you want to see the effect that this is gonna have on your real time page views? Well, this is the page that you go to. You might see 5000 Air 43 active use under site. That number would change all the time because it's collecting data straight from Google. Straight from your pixel. Sure, your page views over time. So let's say that Blawg article about published 10 minutes ago, you know, probably low, low and then boom. You'd see this huge spike in traffic and then go up and down and up and down. As more people talk about it, it shows your top referrals. In real times, you can actually see which websites are referring traffic over to you. If you're running a really crazy email campaign, think about it this way and you're being sending it over to, like, you know, 10,000 people or whatever as people enter your website you will literally see from where they are coming. So if you have different referral links or you make every single never emails different. Okay, they're coming from this email link over here than this one. This one, This one. Okay, it looks like emailing number three is getting us the most traffic this moment in time. And then you have social traffic and keywords. Both these air important keywords is more so for Google search engine. Those were sure the cures people are searching to find you in real time. Social traffic will show you more about, like Facebook Instagram where you're coming from and if they're anything like crazy trending features for you guys. Let's have a map down here that allow you to see specifically where people are cropping up . This map gets very, very fun when you know you have 1000 50 story, 1000 to 5000 users on your website because you can actually see in real time all these things light up constantly and go dark and light up. It becomes a lot of fun. If you have a popular person who's website you're managing, I'm not gonna started, go too into depth through all of these because those are basically covered in the over you . But again, location and page views for a minute. You know, traffic sources over here, content is cool shoes, the content they're consuming. So you'll accuracy Which page on your website is being consumed at any given moment in time , events is a little more interesting. Events is usually a custom feature, so in order to see this you use, you have to go create your own event. I'll talk about that in a minute. And very sim similar thing with conversions. I created an example conversion action called Register Online that will walk you guys through in a minute. But that's real time reports. This probably isn't gonna planet most of you, but it's cool. It's fun. I mean, you know, any time I publish a new block posts and I see the influx of traffic, I usually glance at this for the 1st 2 or three minutes cause it makes me feel popular. I'm kidding some of its actionable, useful information. Let's hop over on audience next. Okay, so here, because this is set Teoh about a six day period, you can really see anything. I'm just gonna lengthen this. That's all the way in from July. Let's see if we see a little more traffic here. Yeah, There we go. Okay. So this will give you an overview of the people that have been on your website. What language? They speak their demographics, their country, their city browser OS service provider, operating system service, right and screen resolution. I'm gonna show you all of this, and you guys are gonna seize really cool data. But to start, you got this beautiful graph here showing how you change over time. Now, in my website, I published a block post and you July 14th so accordingly on July 14 think this is the last blind post I published. I had a big spike in traffic. I went from my usual of maybe like 45 users a day. Teoh, 44 officer. So any time you're looking at your progress of the course of, like, months or years, um, if you're doing well, you can usually see spikes. Anytime you have a new content that's engaging and I really, really, uh this is really important when you're marketing through email as well, because you'll literally be able to see spikes corresponding to the time of your email campaign, and you'll also get a graphical view of how those you're doing. You're sending them to a similar amount of people, but your specs are getting bigger. Well, you're probably doing better. Every single degree nose is improving. They're getting smaller. Odds are you got something you gotta work out? Can users view users? Which is the number of people that are new compared Teoh before in the date range. Number of sessions. Right? Number of sessions. A little higher number of users to get number of sessions. You basically multiply the number of sessions per user, which is about 1.7 by the number of users. Because some people view the page more than once in a given time period, you get page views. So on average, people view 1.3 pages on my website. That means that most people view one, but every now and then you know every third or fourth person will click another one, which is nice, and that's kind of a mathematically sound when my bounce rate is about 72% right, which means like three out of every four people do not visit a second page, but one out of every four people do, so it's right around 40.27 an average session duration that we talked about before. Now language is very important any time you're doing an athletics campaign reason being, if you're writing emails in English, but you're getting a lot of use in G B German, I believe, for example, well, that should be a hint to you that maybe you want to start focusing on your German audience . It probably wouldn't hurt to segment all the people in your email list based off language, find the ones that are German speaking, or at least maybe even the ones that have German email addresses or emails from German servers, and then write a customized Germany mail to them. If you're trying to make a sale or, you know, trying to upset them on approx because you're gonna have significantly higher conversion rates, click through rates and open rates. Another thing that's really cool that allows you to really sink mature audiences you can view by country. This is cool anytime you're trying to paint some type of Patriot driven advertising or email. Or if you're trying to do something that seasonal or something, that's holiday base. Like, you know, United States, Fourth of July City is a little creepier, but even better chose the the cities in those countries that I mentioned earlier where people are visiting from. So the majority of them are always gonna be not set just because most people have ad blockers. Most people are blocking the cookies and pixels that track this stuff now, right? But, you know, at the same time about half of our audience isn't as we see here, 22% do the others do not piers. I have a large portion of people in Chicago relative to the rest of the cities, which is interesting because I have really nothing of note in Chicago. I wonder why so many people in Chicago like me, But you know, at the same time, there's also some spam traffic out there. There are a lot of bots out there that just spam through millions of websites, a second just opening them, closing them, opening, closing them, scraping all the information, right, so that could be something like that as well. You're received browser operating system. Most of Windows Service provider. Okay, you, Izzy Microsoft Corp. Amazon Corporate. You have people in different services letters that are visiting. Well, this gives the information on. Maybe you are a competing service provider. I mean, how cool would it be? Toe have this information, right? How could it also be anytime you're trying to make any statements about on the proportion of your viewers that are coming from Or maybe, you know, affiliate with Microsoft products. All this information helps you write better emails. But more importantly, it also issue segment your audience a little better so that later on, you can eventually use that to make more money. Then you can see the percentage breakdown for mobile IOS 59 android, 38% Windows 1% makes sense because very few people have a Windows mobile os. Now it is service provider. Same deal shock communications. Typically the majority of mobile views and the screen resolutions. Majority of my screen resolution views or 3 75 by 667 This is interesting. This is a very small screen resolution. Um, What? I'm pretty sure that's Ah, I'm pretty sure this is a mobile screen resolution in an iPhone, I believe. I think it's a slightly older model for an iPhone, but it makes sense because iPhones where I live or some of the most popular phones and emotive 28% of my total user base is coming from that screen. Rest. All right, guys, that is literally the very first hap. So this gets even freaking cooler. I'm gonna skip over a lot of this stuff just because I don't want to make this video three hour video, but certainly gonna be around half an hour. I was scroll down to a little creepier section called Demographics. Now, Google does not enable this automatically for you. When you first senate for Google analytics, it will explicitly say, Hey, we're not turning on demographic track because they did in the past. And a lot of people, they don't necessarily get pissed, but it's a little creepy. You get to see, you know, the age gender, you get to see their interests. So what other websites have they viewed in the past? Um and what are those websites mostly about? Maybe you have somebody that really likes golfing websites. Well, they'll be Google pixels. They'll be literal little pixels on every single one of those websites. Those pixels will pick up information. Most those pixels will route info to Google, Google. Take that data and say, OK, this guy really likes golf. So his affinity category, or is this market segment might be about golfing or something like that. There's geo as well. This is language location, which already talked about behavior. Do you want to go down to engagement here? You can see how engaging your posts are. You can see the percentage breakdown of people in each bracket. You can see that there was one person that spent my math right over 30 minutes on the website that might have been me. You can disable the tracking yourself, but I haven't done that. The majority of people spend 0 to 10 seconds, which tells me most people are. It's probably a mixture of bots and people that click through the website, but then they just don't like the website. It's not formatted very quick, very nicely or something that they bounce off immediately. Or maybe they click through social media just really wasn't what they were looking for. They left. You can find out what networks they're using, which is always fun to dio leave. This is something we looked at her yet. Could you see Microsoft Corporation, amazon dot com and some other? We haven't taken a look at some things, actually, for any future. Here's how cross device tracking way that it works is your something called a Google signal . Google signals are based off of your email address. If you're logging on the same Gmail through multiple different devices on your phone and your computer and your tablet, well, you are a little Google signals on each of us. Google will track where you're going and what you're using if you log into a cat page mostly on your desktop, for example. But then later on your mobile, you go like a vet paid or some crap Google will know, and they'll be able to correlate that data and, you know, make insights about that data that allow them to drive purchasing decisions. This isn't usually turned on, but I'm gonna activate this right now. Just show you guys how this works. Awesome Just activated Google signals known being trapped. I'm tracking across websites. Sorry, across the platforms. What's really cool is you can actually see people that start off on the phone and then later go onto the computer and then go back on the phone at different steps of the purchasing. So maybe most people find my website through the phone, right? Maybe most of my emails were sent Teoh people that predominately using mobile. So most of my websites Europe on the phone. But then there's a credit card section at the end of the website. You know, it's a big click funnel, and most people aren't comfortable. Give me their credit card information over the phone for some reason. So then you see a big proportion of them go over to desktop. That would allow me to maybe in the mobile version say something like, Dana is 100% secure. Maybe include a bunch of Thor Sorry, authorized credit card logo. Something increased legitimacy. Increase trust and stop people from changing their device because they think that mobile isn't good. One of the big reasons you don't usually like when people change devices, because if they change device, usually they're not coming back. Usually they're doing something else. They're going on another website or something like that or their attention has been taken that we have some custom metrics down here. You can define your custom metrics. However you like these custom variables here not gonna define custom variables is a little bit out of the scope of this video. But suffice to say, it allows you attract things that aren't over here. So demographics interest geo behavior. Well, you can now target something even cooler and really the favor. My favorite parts about this section is something called a benchmarking. Now benchmarking if, like you're driving Ah, Carson like that to benchmark your vehicle just means to see how well your vehicle performs in comparison to the majority of other vehicles from that class. From that model and make website benchmark is basically the same thing so we can head over to industry vertical over here. And let's say I have a marketing log, which I do. I've been in the business and industrial advertising and marketing click marketing. Oh, marketing. That's my industry vertical. Let's say I don't really care where in the world the other websites that I'm gonna draw information from our and let's say I only really care about websites that have daily sessions between 114 99. Because those are my competitors. Let's also stretch this out. This goes all the way back to May. Alright, what we'll see here is this dark blue line down. Here is my website, right? 23452345 Visits every single day. It's not block post that we were talking about before. Where is the average website? In my niche, between 104 109 daily sessions gets maybe 300 sessions a day and you'll notice there's a variation over time. This up and down effect is caused by the weekday effect. This is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday or low because people are busy. They're not really interested in reading about marketing or business or anything like that . But when Monday had spoon wholesome there back to the grind and then Saturday Senate has, like, I really care. Monday, let me see if we can get data on 0 to 99. We can. This means that yes, we can Okay, is a little bit more comparable here to you know, my website, the average website with size in my kind of range here is doing a little bit better than me . They're getting on average 24 sessions a day, whereas I'm only getting five. But you can see how that pronounced up and down, up and down, up and down. There isn't enough data on my website in order for my website toe have those same effects, but you can kind of see it. You kind of see that at the middle of this crust, read the middle of Wednesday. My data shows usually a slightly higher number of Web site visitors. So the more data you collect, the more rounded you typically get. The more popular website is the mortal fall into that same category of ups and downs and ups and downs. And there's also some good data down here that will allow you to compare your sessions across a number of platforms and how they relate to the average. The average number of sessions here might be 3000 or 58 well minus 623 right? So I'm down 83.81% because the majority of money traffic coming from direct is, you know, only 240 years is 1000 foreign, 82 of the average rent. All that stuff is really good for is monitoring how you compared to the average over time. And ideally, what you want to see is you want to see you get closer to that average and eventually overtake it. In my case, I was doing OK and then I start against more ups and downs and I published a big block post and then eventually I cut off completely that see, my competitors actually went up a little. So over the course of the last few weeks, the up and down, up and now curve is actually got not pretty, pronounced Lee. Check that out, right? That's around 38 whereas the average before is around 25. There's a lot of really interesting data we can glean from this, for sure, And the last but not least, from this audience section you have something called user Flow. This lets you see a funnel of visitors based off country advertising behavior, variables all the information could ever possibly want. In my case, I want to filter first my country I want to see Hey, we're American people going and where our Canadian people going coming is human just a little. And I mean, it's a little cluttered right now because there's so much information. There's so much data. But you can see that the majority of Americans, let's say 17.8% of all of my traffic. The people that are Americans go immediately to top 10 Best Anke websites a 29 Anke Dexter 19. You can see that attribution 17.8% of all traffic goes here, and that's all from America. You can see that I have another. A page here is just backsides is my home page. I have 243 of which that makes let's take a look here, 18.5% of total traffic. So this information get kind of abstract at times, I'm not gonna lie. I do not use this on a day to day basis, but at the same time, you can find some useful snippets of info here. Just make sure you don't get lost in the presentation style of a lot of this stuff, right? You can see here majority of not sets go down here, and then a few them go back up here to these various pages, right? You can get kind of overwhelming, but at the same time, more information is always better to have them less information Google is always attempting to make. This is relevant as possible to you. Okay, let's move on. Acquisition now. Acquisition is really cool. This will show you where your traffic is coming from and what you can do about it. In my case, we break down the channels that my traffic is coming from. We find 39.7%. Almost 40% of all my traffic comes through direct. So people literally type my name into the search bar and find me that way. We have a substantial in a referral traffic as well. It's about 7.5%. So this is where people are clicking on links on other websites and finding me a little bit of organic search. So in this case, this is people that are literally googling me for certain keywords like best Anke decks, that kind of thing, and about 20% of a 1/5 of all my traffic is from social media. So either I'm featured on social media or this is just the passive kind of link gathering that I've been doing on social media, of course, last few months where I just put my social. Rather, I put my blawg up on all of my posts and say, You know, check out my bio that kind because your big spike in users 44 right when I posted that blonde post on July 14th So everything checks out. And then I can also break down all of his data by clicking and getting a little bit more information about where these people are going. Majority of people from direct to go to my home page makes sense. They're typing in nick J. Wells dot com. Second, most are going to Top 10 Best Anke Dex of 2019. Let's see this, in contrast with another page here. If I go back to Let's see overview and then I look for organic search instead, let's see what pops up all right. Here we can see a list of the different keywords that people are finally based off the majority. They were not set because again, they don't like it when Google tracks them, so they disable that. But a substantial portion of them are stuff like best Anke decks, Anke decks, Anke Ducks shared best, Anke Deck 10 Best Anke deck, Anke Deck Anke, Dexter, Jerry and Connects Start over right. I have all of this information. Think of the power that that gives me any time. I'm trying to make uneducated marketing decision. I know the best Anke Decks is trending. I know. Well, not necessary trending. But I know that I'm ranking for that keyword. I know that people are finding me from this, So if that's the article that I'm getting the majority of traffic to Well, that's probably the article that I'm gonna wanna update. But the most of my time, make sure that it stays get You also have something called a tree map. This is kind of similar to what I was mentioning before about their just being so much data that some of it really isn't that important or relevant. But this lets you kind of dive into where these people are coming from. It's a direct to 23 organic search 1 95 social referral. Let's they wanna click through organic search, gonna open up another page with all of the kind of subsets from that organic search Show me the 88 are not set 60 or not provided. Eight. Our best Anke next seven are, you know, Anke decks so on and so forth I can click through and actually see even more information about all these various people. Eventually, the tree map ends and you just can't click anymore. The next source in medium referrals as well, right? I can see for source and medium where people search for me up for looks like most of it is director None because again they're blocking. But the second best is duct ago, probably because people that use duct ago are already using browsers that do some of us. Naturally, the one thing that the browsers don't do is block a Google results. So the doctor goes registered as being used, even though it's blocking most other the father. The bounce rate from doctor goes a low way lower than direct reason. Being people that search me up are usually a lot more motivated to read. This stuff I have to put out right just makes sense. My instagram bounced rates even lower because the people that are following me on Instagram or like following me. It's a reason they're following me right there, obviously a little bit more interested in me and stay on the website a little bit longer down. Here's a referral section. So this is gonna show us, um, you know a little bit more about where the traffics coming from. Instagram Facebook being cocksure skill share medium medium's the blogged post, uh, aggregator that I did skill share its online course website, which you