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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Trailer: Sell Your Art On Etsy in 2017


    • 2.

      1. Why I chose Etsy


    • 3.

      2. Yes Your Art Is Good Enough


    • 4.

      3. My Story Selling On Etsy


    • 5.

      4. Must Be Handmade, Vintage or Craft Supplies


    • 6.

      5. Applying for Outside Manufacturing + NEW Etsy Manufacturing


    • 7.

      6. Fees For Selling On Etsy


    • 8.

      7. How To Get Paid For Sales On Etsy


    • 9.

      8. Introduction To Art Product Photography


    • 10.

      9. Let's Talk About Cameras


    • 11.

      10. Photo Size and Dimensions


    • 12.

      11. What Lighting Works Best


    • 13.

      12. Framing and Image Continuity


    • 14.

      13. Editing, Cropping and Landscape View


    • 15.

      14. My Display Mistake


    • 16.

      15. Examples Of Art Product Photos


    • 17.

      16. Become An Etsy Seller and Name Your Shop


    • 18.

      17. Add Your First Art Listing


    • 19.

      18. Set Up Your Payment and Billing Information


    • 20.

      19. Set Up Your Info and Appearance


    • 21.

      20. Creating Feature Items For Your Shop


    • 22.

      21. Your Personal Profile


    • 23.

      22. Re-arranging Items In Your Shop


    • 24.

      23. Adding A Printable Listing


    • 25.

      24. Writing Great Art Descriptions


    • 26.

      25. Targeting Your Listings To The Right Audience


    • 27.

      26. Adding Sections To Your Shop


    • 28.

      27. Setting Up Search Tags


    • 29.

      28. Listings Manager Tour


    • 30.

      29. Shipping Profiles


    • 31.

      30. Promoting Within Etsy


    • 32.

      31. Overview Of Navigation Tabs


    • 33.

      32. Favourites, Follows, Lists and Admirers


    • 34.

      33. Packaging Your Art For Shipping


    • 35.

      34. Over Deliver For Your Customers


    • 36.

      35. Mark Orders As Shipped


    • 37.

      36. Automated Message To Buyers


    • 38.

      37. Dashboard Overview


    • 39.

      38. Marketing On Social Media


    • 40.

      39. Etsy Trend Reports


    • 41.

      40. Pattern (Etsy Website)


    • 42.

      41. Tips On Building An Email List For Your Art Fans


    • 43.

      42. Encouragement and Final Challenge


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About This Class


This course is for: Artists, Designers, Illustrators and Hand Letterers.

Are you a visual artist who has always wanted to showcase your art to the world? Have you always dreamed of making money selling your art but not sure where to start? This course is designed to show you how to make your art available on Etsy for people around the world to purchase.

*** This is an updated version of my first Etsy Course! There have been several major updates to how Etsy runs since 2015, so I have decided to bring the course up to date for 2017! 

I am an Etsy seller and want to help other artists establish their shop and begin their Etsy journey. In this course, I will teach you how to set up an effective Etsy shop, build great listings, take beautiful photos of your art, promote your store and much more...

This course is for artists who create 2D artwork, like Painters, Hand Letterers, Graphic Designers, Illustrators...etc. The course is structured into sections to make it easy to navigate the lectures. You can follow along on your own computer and we can build your shop together!

Why try and fumble your way through Etsy on your own? I am here to help you make your Etsy shop, the easy way.

Lets get started.


My Website:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melanie Greenwood

Designer & Founder of Vision City Studio



Welcome to the my newest course: Design a Rock Band T-Shirt: From Sketch to Vector Art

In this class, we are going to create a t-shirt design for a rock band, from sketch to final vector.

You Will Learn:

1. How to use words to create ideas! (Attribute Words)

2. How to research design references.

3. The rough sketching phase - this is an important time or exploration.

4. How to refine your sketch.

5. Tracing your sketch in Adobe Illustrator.

6. Adding color and texture to your design inside Adobe Illustrator.

7. Exporting for AI vector (screen printing) and also PNG for print on demand.

8. How to create a 3D T-shirt mock up. (Bands can use this photo on soci... See full profile

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1. Trailer: Sell Your Art On Etsy in 2017: hi guys. Many of his Melanie Greenwood and I'm the founder and designer here at Vision City Studios . Thank you for checking out my course in this course. I want to walk with you through the process to set up your art for sale on etc dot com. This is my secondary fall up force to my original course. Have to sell your art online with etc. In that horse. I had so many of you respond to me with great feedback and reviews, and I had thousands of people joined that course. Because of that, I decided to do a follow up because there's so many updates that have happened over last year and 1/2 with an etc. But I want to make sure to get you guys all up to date. For those of you who are not even sure what etc is, it's an online community where you can sell your handmade vintage and crap supply items. So say you're an artist, illustrator, a crafter or a maker. This is an amazing platform for you to be able to sell your products of people all over the world. In this course, I'm gonna show you how to sign up, to become a seller on etc. And do it the right way. The first time I'm gonna show you how to set up your profile, your page design your banners, your logo as well as all the other details to set up beautiful listings, including photography item descriptions, tags, shipping profiles and so much more. I want to make your lives easy as you set up your store on etc. Why fumble through it all by yourself when you can have someone like me to help you through the process? I have had such a great experience on etc. That I want to make sure to share that experience with other people were also crafters and makers because of etc. I've had countless sales online. I've sold to people all over the world. I've also had full sale opportunities as well as awesome licensing opportunities. I've also had the opportunity to do craft fairs and shows and also meet other makers all over the world and be inspired by them to I encourage you to take this course because it's not just going to be another etc course. It's gonna be a real personal journey from beginning to end. I'm literally gonna hold your hand and tell you which buttons to press and what things you need to do in order to set up effective beautiful Etsy shop. I want to encourage you guys to take this course because I know that this course is going to help you on your journey with etc. For those of you have never taken my first course. This is a great place to start as well because you are getting in on all the new and improved features that etc has to offer etc. Opened up so many doors for me and I wanted to do the same for you guys. So join me in this course and let's get started. 2. 1. Why I chose Etsy: hi, guys. And welcome to my online course entitled How to Sell Your Art Online on Etsy. I'm so glad you decided to join me. This is gonna be a lot of fun. You're gonna learn a ton and we're just going to get right into it. First things first. Why etc. Why have I decided to choose, Etc. As a platform, Etsy is amazing for many reasons. Most of all, it's an artist community. So it's really about a bunch of artists getting together, helping each other out, learning from each other and also selling directly to the people who want to buy their products. This is all about one of a kind handmade products and people don't always want to go to say the big box stores and things like that. They want to come two etc. And they want to buy from people like you and me who are creating our own art original. Um, you know, one of a kind pieces sometimes or maybe just really limited editions. They want to buy things that are special, that you cannot find it every corner store. So that's why I really love etc. It's all about me as an artist or using artists selling directly to the person, even across the world, who loves your art and that connection. You just can't get anywhere. Um, and it's really all about handmade. It's all about the love that you and I put into creating each of our art pieces. It's all really appreciated by these customers. So that's why I love selling on Etsy a number. Another reason I love selling on Etsy is because it's just so inexpensive to set up. You cannot get a website set up for this cheap. Ah, and that's amazing thing. And some people might say, Oh, well, I'll just, you know, go on and all I'll buy a blawg and I'll set it up and that's fine. And absolutely you can do that. But Etc is such a great community that you can't get community on your own website off in your own section of the Internet. If you're off on your own website, that's amazing. But you have to do all your own promotion within etc. You have a ton of promotion right from the get go right when you list your first item, it's being featured on the new and noteworthy page. You know, these are the things that are really important for artists like you and I, who just want to get our name out there. Want to put our face out there, let people know we're here. And so that's why I really love about it. And that's why I have chosen, etc. As my platform. 3. 2. Yes Your Art Is Good Enough: Hi, guys. I just want to take a second and really encourage you guys even before we could begin. Ah, lot of you might be taking this course And you might have still a bunch of self doubts about even, you know, being sure if you want to put your art up online and you want to go through this process and I want to just stop everything for a moment, encourage you that Yes, your art is absolutely good enough to be featured on etc. And to be listed for sale. Ah, lot of us sometimes right in this kind of a moment, we get a bit nervous and a bit vulnerable and kind of scared. And I just want encourage you. I'm here. If you'd walk with you through this process and you are going to do awesome by listing your stuff on etc. You are going to be opening yourself up to great response. That could be sales that could be licensing deals that could be features that could be a really cool co lab with an awesome artist that you love. I mean by stepping out you, that's when you see results, and by not stepping out, you're pretty much guaranteeing no results. So I really want to commend you and encourage you that your art is absolutely valuable. Your voice as an artist is valuable, so I'm really proud of you for stepping out and joining this course and not just joining it , but following through and let's do this together. 4. 3. My Story Selling On Etsy: hi guys in this section. I really want to tell you a little bit about my story because I think sometimes if you hear other people's stories, it can actually really encourage you to picture yourself being successful in your own way. Um, in my life, what happened was I was working running my own design studio called Vision City, where I was serving clients in music industry. I was working a lot of all the mart band covers, band photography logos, things like that for record labels all over the world. And I really loved it at the same time. I was working as a fashion model in Toronto, so I would kind of model by day and do designed by night. I did that for many years and loved it, but I also came to a point my life, where I really need a change of pace. I want to try something new, and we also happen to move from Toronto to California. Um, so being in a new place, I was ready for a new change, and so I decided to try out, etc. I had heard a ton about it. A lot of friends were trying it. I had a friend who was selling her jewelry line on there and loving it. So I thought, Why not? I'm gonna try it. I'm gonna put up 12 really simple black and white art prints and kind of just try this thing out. And little did I know all the things that we're gonna happen that followed right away. I started to sell on Etsy, not only to, like, just friends and people that want to support, but I started to sell the people that I didn't know right away, which I thought was really rat. I was like, That is so cool. Um, And then after that, I got and somebody else got in touch with me to sell on Fab. Now, if anyone has no fab dot com is it's a huge, obviously online retailer of art and modern design pieces. Um, at the time they were doing flash sales. So I got in on that and somebody invited me to do a sale. So wonder buyers contacted me. And next thing you know, I was doing fab sales, and it was crazy. I interrupting really well on there, too. But nothing would have happened unless I had originally listed on Etsy so as my etc sales continue to grow and to develop, I had other really cool things happen. I also got invited to do a license to deal with the Children's retailer all across America , which was a huge honor. They took some of my art prints and made them into canvases, which I thought was so cool and such an honor. And I never even imagined that that could happen. I got featured on blog's and on different media. Things started to just happen, and I was just kind of like How do people even know I exist? But it was all because I signed up on etc. And they had a place to find me and it wasn't just my web sex. I did have a website to they were not finding me on my website. They were finding me on etc. So I thought that was awesome and I was really encouraged by that. And I just continued to put out more and more arts, Um started is to do a few art shows here and there in l. A and just grow my brand and I've always made etc. My home base since then because it's just been such an awesome place to grow from and to be kind of my home base. I guess I just said because, um, it's got such a huge community and encouragement and they're always updating the software is there's even easier ways for people to buy from you, for people to pay and things like that. So I just really love at sea. I am not being paid by etc. Just you know, this is not like a promotional video or anything for etc. This is just me as an artist trying to encourage other artists. So that's a bit of my story. And I hope it really encourages you because you have your own story and you're just getting started on your etc. Stories I want encourage you that as you get this thing going really cool things, they're going to start to happen. You're gonna maybe meet other artists who are really inspiring to you. They're gonna really edge you on and push you. Um, and you're gonna meet buyers and maybe people even who want to buy your products and bring them to their stores, things like that. So I want to encourage you. This is just the beginning. Your story is just starting on etc. So congratulations for starting and let's go, Let's get going. 5. 4. Must Be Handmade, Vintage or Craft Supplies: now, before we get into setting up your store on etc. It's really important for you to know what are the seller policies within the etc platform . There are rules on etc to abide by. If you want to sell products within this platform now, first things first. If I go to the top of this patient, by the way this pages found out, etc dot com slash legal slash sellers. That's where you can find this Etsy seller policy. If you want to go over it in more detail in this video, I'm going to basically give you a overview and a summary so that you don't have to do too much of the reading on your own now. First things first. You do need to make sure that your products are one of these three things. They must be handmade products are handmade goods, vintage items, which is represents an item that is 20 years or older. It is not me a used item. People, I think, confused, vintage and used so used item might be through a four years old 5 10 years old that is not considered vintage, so vintage is 20 years or older. Um, and then the other option is you get cell craft supplies directly to buyers around the world. So the craft supplies that they're referring to our supplies that will help you then make ah handmade product. So these air, it all goes into the same kind of theme and ethics and circle of etc. Which is really all about selling handmade products that are made by you to people who are looking for handmade products to be purchased. So now if you go a little bit further down the page, I just wanna make highlight an area here. So what can be sold on Etsy? Etsy is a unique marketplace. Fires come toe etc. To purchase items that they mate might not find anywhere else. Everything listed for sale in etc. Must be handmade vintage or a craft supplies. That's what I've just described to you. Handmade items are items that are made by you, the seller, or are designed by you and made with the help of an approved outside manufacturer. Now, in the next video, I'm actually going to show you how to apply for unapproved outside manufacturer. And what that represents is say you're working on a product that you need help creating. So maybe you need a printer or you need someone who can help you physically make the item and it's a manufacturing process of any kind. It has to be an approval process that etc. Will ask you to apply and go through. It's not too much of a big deal as long as you are applying are complying with the etc ethics than it should be fine. I've had to do that. This myself, because I have some of my products are printed with an outside manufacturer, so I will show you in the next video how to apply. You're not allowed to resale anything. So say you find a an item. Even if it's a handmade item in its original form, you're not allowed to then resell it. That's not allowed within the etc platform. You accurately describe every person involved in the making of your items, so this is actually all part of the process that they're going to take you through as well . You are also using your own photographs. This is important as well, because you don't want to use artistic renderings or you don't want to use an illustration of your of your piece or a very graphically illustrated or overly edited image. You have to show the item the hand might item and show exactly what it is. Make it as clear as day is what it is, and I'll go over photography later in this course. But I just wanted to make sure that you are aware of what is allowed to be sold within the etc platform. So again, vintage supply or vintage is must be 20 years or older, and craft supplies are tools, ingredients or materials intended to be used in the creation of a new handmade item. Commercially made materials that are ready to use as finished goods may not be sold as craft supplies on etc. So, for example, things that you can go and buy the dollar store. You can't obviously resell them if they're already finished supplies, or you can go to a craft store and then sell them again. That that doesn't really work like that. You have to have actually created them Now what cannot be sold on Etsy? This is also very important to note. What can't be sold on Etsy are any of the prohibited items, so you can actually go ahead and click on this prohibited items. It's anything that would be, you know, hate materials or things that we violent pornographic. Um, anything that would be against those policies, um, services, items that are used to violate our in textually intellectual property policies. So, you know, I'll go through this really quickly, So prohibited items alcohol, tobacco, drugs, paraphernalia, animal products are, you know, anything kind of gruesome? Basically, uh, dangerous items. Hate items, promoting or glorifying hatred, illegal items, internationally regulated items, pornographic materials or violent items. Um, I mean, people don't really want to think about that, but that's something that is, you know, not allowed to be sold on Etsy. So just be aware of that. Um, you are not allowed to any kind of specific services that are not related, like tailoring, restoring, repairing and item photography. Um, any metaphysical services, things like that, you're not allowed to do that on etc. Etc. Is not an all encompassing selling site. That's what they're trying to say. Here it is a very specific audience. It is on Lee handmade Onley vintage 20 years or older, and Onley handmade crafts supplies Now, let me just confirm I think that that's pretty much it. Everything else on this page, I'm going to be going over in different parts of the course. So there you have it. Those are the rules for selling on Etsy that is thes seller policy. 6. 5. Applying for Outside Manufacturing + NEW Etsy Manufacturing: there are times is an artist where you may require on outside manufacturer to complete the job, to create your products. So this is where you would need to apply toe, etc. To verify the outside manufacturers that you're working with. Now. The reason why they do this obviously, is just to make sure that the manufacturer that you're working with will line up with their policies, etc. Is really strict about, you know, um, environmentalism as well as, um, you know, respecting the work environments of the people that you're working with and things like that just they just exact. They want to basically know who it is you're working with, um, and approved them or not approve them. So obviously, as long as you're working with forthright companies and companies that are respectable, then there shouldn't be any problem. It's a really simple process to apply for outside manufacturing. Um, and all you have to do is go to etc dot com slash manufacturer, and when you go there, you will come to this Page is has working with manufacturers, and you'll be able to read up on exactly what I just mentioned, which is just the different policies on on which etc will allow you to even do this. So getting approved, it's a successful application involves preparation. So basically, you need to know your expectations. Be ready to answer questions, complete the application. So this is the area that I want to draw your attention to complete the application. So when you ah, scroll down to this section, it says if you have an open Etsy shop, you can apply using this form. Simply click on this little button here, and basically you're going to now need Teoh. It says missing shop information just because we haven't filled it and yet So here is where you're going to go ahead and fill in the application. Now, just for the sake of not boring you to death, I'm going Teoh, not fill this in and type in front of you just because that's basically wasted time. But I'm going. This is where you would actually fill in your information, so describe the growth and development of your creative business. So you put that right here and they give you hints right here on the side as to what they really are asking about. Ah detail your pre production design process and upload supporting photos or screenshots. So you're going to use the exact same upload, um, system. You're just going to click on this little button and then find photos and you're gonna fill as many of these little squares as you possibly can, just to give them a smudge. Info is possible on the right side again. Here, you're going to see some more hints as to what exactly? They like you to fill in in this area. So take your time again. I know it's a bit of a process, but it will be really worth it once you have it all set up. And then you just basically click through next, next, next, all the way through the whole process. I can't really click next yet because I haven't felt anything in, but you get the idea. It's sort of a standard, um, application process. So once you apply, etc. Will respond to you. Ah, the really quick responding. So it's usually within, like at the most a day or two. I don't think it's very much longer than that. I actually had to apply myself, and it was really not that big of a deal. Um, they responded with an email and then when I was logged in, then the manufacturers then would show up on my, um on my actual etc listing. So just notify customers that you are not the only one involved in process, but you do have other people involved. So that's it. Um, you just fill in the application and submit it. And once again, the link is the link is etc dot com slash manufacturer. Now, before I go on into the next section, I want to make sure the highlight something within the manufacturing area of etc. Now, if you are an artist or maker creator who has a need for outside manufacturing and you're going through the process of applying for outside manufacturing approval, I want you to know about something old, etc. Manufacturing. What is Etsy manufacturing? It is a system that etc has created for artists like us who have the need for outside manufacturers. But they want etc. To already have approved these manufacturers. So what happens is if a manufacturer would like to work with at sea artists, they actually go through a process of manufacturing on etc. They call it where they can apply to etc to be an approved manufacturer. So it's as though they're being approved in advance to even being connected with artists or makers. So this is perfect for artists like us because we know that these people, these creators, are these manufacturers are already approved within etc. So it actually kind of help skip a step for us. So this is something that you should know about as well. So see, if I wasn't manufacturer and I wanted to go ahead and do this, obviously this course is more for the artists. But just so that you know what a manufacturer would do, they would basically just go to this page manufacturer on etc. This is on the Etsy website and they would click down here on instructions on how to apply so they would actually have to go through an application process similar to what you and I go through when we're applying for outside manufacturing. But they're going through it on a different angle. So this is what they would have to do. They would have to actually go through a process. These are all just questions. Kind of kun A on what happens after they apply, but basically, this is a no overview of the fact that the Etsy manufacturing system is in place for artists like us to take advantage of. So let me just see if you are a manufacturer interested in working with Etsy designers, please visit, etc. Manufacturing. So here we go. That was the right button. So let me click on that one. That's the page I was looking for. Okay, So grow your manufacturing business. So obviously this is not really where we are hanging out because we're not really manufacturers. However, just, you know, this is what they would go through. They would have to then apply the same way we had to apply for outside approvals. Um, same what happened with the manufacturing companies so they would have Teoh comply with all the policies and the ethical policies. Um, and you know, the labor policies and things that etc is very strict on. And so this is a really great thing that's he has done. I think it's really great because they are supporting artists like us in just another wonderful way. So ah, good on Etsy for doing that. So there you go, etc. Manufacturing is another option. Ah that you can also look into a swell so that you can also be connected to manufacturers who are already approved. 7. 6. Fees For Selling On Etsy: but let's discuss the fees for selling on Etsy. First and foremost, etc. Has no monthly fee, which I think is excellent. Toe Liston. Item on Etsy is only 20 cents if you believe that it is so inexpensive and that's in US dollars. Okay, now that listing looks fire after four months. So once that list singing is it about to expire? You will receive an email to the email address that you give to etc. And they will notify you that your you know your listing is about to expire. If you want to renew it, then it's another 20 cents. Now say you sell an item Every time you sell an item, it's 3.5% that you pay two etc. So they get that as a commission. Okay, Now that does not include shipping or taxes. So say your item sells for $20 they would get a 3.5% of the $20 so that does not include the 10 or 12 bucks you might use for shipping, um, or the taxes that you may also apply based on your country. Now, direct check out is amazing. Drug check out is something that allows people to pay with credit or debit, etc. Gift cards, which is something I'll discuss later. Apple pay Integrated papal ideal for never Netherlands So four for Austria and Germany and Google wallet payments. So, in other words, you're giving people a lot of options. Not everybody wants to pay on PayPal, so that's another option. But PayPal is kind of in a way, it's great, but it's in a way it's limiting because people have to go and sign up. So I have really highly recommend selling with direct check out, and you'll be able to apply for that right away when you get signed up. So drug check out is awesome because it gives people options. Basically now the things very by country with drug check out. So you are gonna have to just sign up making sure that they know where you're selling from , and it might be slight adjustments with that, but that's to be discovered as you look into it. There's too many countries to go through in this course, but just basically say where you're selling from, if you're selling from another lens or for selling from the UK or from Australia, basically, you're going to just notify them of that. Um, as you sign up. Okay, Deposit conversions. So if you are selling in a convert in, ah currency other than the bank account that you have to say you're selling from a country other than, for example, the United States. A lot of times people keep Etsy stores in the U. S. Dollars because they think, OK, that's the most commonly known or the most used currency on etc. You can do that. But then you will be also charged a 2.5% to convert to your bank, so that could be you know, they can add up if you're selling a lot. If you want to avoid that, all you got to do is convert your currency on your store to the exact same currency of your home bank that you use in your country. So say for myself. I'm in Canada, so I may want to for that reason to avoid that, I would a change my, uh, currency over two Canadian dollars so that people know they're paying in Canadian dollars and I'm being paid in Canadian dollars and that I would avoid that fee okay, Promoted listings and shipping labels. I'm gonna discuss later because I think it's it doesn't really relate to this exact area. So I'm gonna It's kind of skip over those for now and discuss those later auto renew. This is awesome, because you can have one item that you list for 20 cents, But maybe you have, you know, 10 copies of that item now, as artists, this is very common. So we might have one item that we have will say an art print. And we have 10 copies of that art print. Soto list that item. It's still only 20 cents. But as that item sells, um, you know, the 3.5% is given to Etc. As their commission, and we have an auto renew function that happens in etc. That the other Ault alternative, um nine left over our prints. They would be renewed again for only 20 cents and they would be listed for an additional four months. So it's kind of like you automatically renew your whole listing. So that way you have to go in every time you make a sale and renew the whole listing. It's really convenient, and I love how, as he does that now multiple are multi quantity fee. So this fee applies when more than one quantity is sold. So, for instance, if four items sell during a single transaction, your bill will reflect a 60 60 cents U. S dollar multi quality fee. So say all that to say So you sell for prints, they're $20 each. Um, then, instead of, ah, you having to figure it all out, etc. Does it automatically for you, so it will multiply 20 cents times for their for you'll be charged 80 cents for that sale. And, um, as you can imagine, it's it will go on from there. It's super easy, in other words, etc. Does the thinking for you, which is great. So that are those air the fees for selling on Etsy and let's move on to the next section 8. 7. How To Get Paid For Sales On Etsy: okay, before we begin, another really important thing to know is, after you sell an item, how are you paid for your art? So, first and foremost, um, you'll be notified when you have a sale. So the email address that you give to etc. You will be getting a notification at that email address that it will say etc. Transaction. You have made a sale. Now, how do you get paid? Depending on the payment method, you except in your shop. Your payments will be in your shop payment account on Etsy your PayPal account or it will be mailed her address, depending on how you decided to do it. Also, with direct check out, there's now an option where you can have the, um, the payment sent directly to your bank account. So that's how you get paid on etc. And it's really convenient. It's really smooth and easy. I personally would recommend to do a direct check out because that way people can pay the easiest way and also the funds or sent directly to your account. It's held in ah, your escrow account and at sea just for a short time, Um, and then it's sent over to your bank account, which I think is really convenient. So that's how you get paid 9. 8. Introduction To Art Product Photography: in this section, I'm going to talk all about photography. Now, you've probably realized by now that etc is very much image driven website. So every page is basically covered in images, So the images that you create for your store literally make or break your store. In my opinion, I don't think that a store with crummy images are going to really sell as many uh, art pieces as a store with really beautifully lit, well composed photos. So I'm gonna try and help you to make that happen for your store. The important thing is to make this happen from the beginning. So I'm really glad that I get to have this chat with you before you're even doing your photography. I'm gonna show you some of my mistakes that I made that I wish I hadn't made. Ah, basically just wasted some time. So it gave me, um, some time to really figure out what was going wrong. And as I've researched and as I saw the other stores that was selling well, I discovered that I was doing a few things wrong. So I did make those changes and immediately started seeing results is for a sales. So stick with me here, guys. It's a bit of a intimidating subject photography cause not everyone's a photographer. If you are a photographer, you know how to use a camera. Great. If you don't don't worry. We're gonna do this this simple and most effective way to make it a beautiful website. So please stick with me here, guys, and we're gonna get started. 10. 9. Let's Talk About Cameras: Okay, guys, in this section, we're gonna talk all about cameras. Now, cameras are obviously really important when you're thinking about how you're gonna photograph your products. I have Here are five D mark to Canon. This is my camera that I've had for years and I've really enjoyed it. I'm not promoting this brand or anything, but I'm just showing you what I have. This is a 50 millimeter lens. That's what I would suggest as faras if you're gonna use a lens to get really clean, um, squared on photos of your artwork, you don't want to have things that are too wide angled and you don't want to zoomed in. You want to basically have the camera lens be seeing exactly what you're I would be seeing , which is pretty much 50 millimeter. That's why I'd recommend for that. And you can have just really clean photos taken with something like this. If you don't have this brand or this kind of lens, that's OK. But if you want to shoot with a high end digital SLR, it's great. That's an awesome opportunity. Some people are really comfortable using these kind of cameras, and if you're not that's okay, too, because you can always use your iPhone, your smartphone. This is another option. I use my iPhone sometimes, even though I have this big camera over there. I use this sometimes because I don't always have access to that. My husband uses that camera, sometimes for his projects. So, um, you could definitely use the iPhone. Now is definitely a clean enough image that you can zoom into it in etc. So that's the main component you want to make Sure you cover is when you're zooming into the photo, which people do. Zoom into your artwork so we can't get around that. We want to make sure that when we zoom into your artwork that it's looking really nice and clean. It's not pixelated or dull or off colored, but that it's looking exactly like what it's supposed to look like. They want to see the details of your work, so people want to know exactly what they're going to be getting when they buy something from you. So those the two camera options, really, it really depends on your comfort level. You know, I've been doing photography for years. I used to shoot weddings and shoot rock bands and things like that, and I still do that here and there. But I could just basically recommend either of those what you're comfortable with. Most people, I would say, probably 75% or who knows how many. But a lot of people are probably more comfortable using their iPhone, and also it's just a lot more convenient. You can take a picture and email it to yourself. I do that all the time. If I'm in a hurry, I want to get the photos taken really quickly and easily. That's also an options. He could do that for sure. So the main component or thing to think about when it comes to cameras is quality. You want to make sure that they're not low resolution. So, for example, you're not going to use a phone like a flip phone or like a phone from back in the day, like 89 years ago. You don't want to use those kind of phones, unfortunately, and I'm not disrespecting those phone companies, but or the that phone era. But they just aren't going to be enough quality, so they have to be high enough quality Ah, high quality photo is, um, is at least 300 d p. I. So dp I means dots per inch if you're not familiar with that term. So that means when somebody zooms into the photo, they're not seeing pixels. They're just seeing details. That's what we want at the end of this video. Specifically, I'm going to have a screen come up with some recommended sizes for your final sizes for upload and the reason why I'm doing it that way. I think it's easier to see the numbers and see the dimensions rather than just saying it. And that way you could even take a screen capture of that part of the of the course and then, like, put it somewhere. So you remember exactly the dimensions you want to work with, and those are gonna be the minimums, so you can always go bigger. But it's going to take longer to upload onto etc. So you might as well just stick to around the size that will be up on the screen. 11. 10. Photo Size and Dimensions: as promised in this lecture, I'm going to show you the recommended image, size and dimensions for a image being uploaded for your etc. Listings. So here on this is in the Etsy's website, it says, listing photo dimension requirements. We recommend using an image that is a maximum of 800 to 1000 pixels wide. Using an original image of this size lets shoppers use the zoom button. This is what I was describing earlier. You want to make sure that our customers can zoom in and actually see the artwork in clear detail rather than seeing pixels. So we do not recommend using images that are larger than 1000 pixels square files. This large can be difficult to upload. So again, use this sizing for images. So, in other words, you can actually, this is the width 800 to 1000 pixels is the with. But depending on the image that you are choosing to uploaded, it might be more of a horizontal or vertical image so that the height might may change, obviously, depending on your image. Okay, for your first photo, no listing. Well, they obviously do you recommend, as I mentioned before, using a horizontal or landscape image rather than a vertical picture. You wanna have a photo that goes side to side? It's a horizontal image. And that's just so that in the interface on etc, that you are showing beautifully where they can see the entire picture. I recommend taking a photo of your artwork in horizontal view, and you're obviously gonna have, ah, space on the left and right, for example, if you're taking it centered. But that's better to have its showing in full view rather than cropping into the center of your image so that they can't see the full details. 12. 11. What Lighting Works Best: okay. And this lecture, I'm gonna talk about lighting. The lighting is obviously really important when it comes to photography of anything. But especially when it comes to photographing your artwork, I would suggest a couple different ways of lighting. First and foremost, in my experience, I find the best form of lighting for artwork is actually daylight. Now, not everyone will agree with that, and I realize that. But in my experience, daylight actually captures artwork the best way. And I'm not talking about sun beaming in on artwork. I'm talking about being in a room, having all the window drapes and, um, blinds open and you're still in the shade technically. But the daylight that's filling the room is creating a night a nice, clean atmosphere for taking photos without a flash. I don't think that flash photography actually helps to sell art. I think that natural light works a lot better, and that's just because what our eyes naturally see is not with flash. The flash can sometimes take away details, and it can actually make things look more shiny. Say, for example, in an oil painting or something. I would definitely not use flash because it will totally change the tone and the way that the image looks and especially never, ever, ever used frontal flash. So like, say, if you're taking a photo with the camera that has flash built in, using the flash, that way will literally change the entire look of your image. So I just basically wouldn't recommend it. Let's just not do it. I would definitely recommend natural light for that kind of artwork. The other kind of lighting, obviously you can use is studio lighting, for example. Right now I'm in a room and I've got to studio lights beside me. I've got one on this side that's a bit brighter or here we go on this side, it's a bit brighter and one on this side. This one's a little bit more adult. Ah, but tones down. And that's just to create a nice, even ah, light without being too blown in on both sides. I would suggest this kind of light and could also work. It's a day light light bulbs inside of it, Um, and they're just continuous lights. They're actually called studio cowboy studio lights, so they're not the biggest, fanciest brand at all. They're just continuous lights that have diffusers on them. So they're very simple. There, really inexpensive. You comply Google. It could look look him up on Amazon. Or you can look up a lot of different types of studio lights and Amazon's. It depends on how much you want to do. It's really up to you in that way, but I wouldn't go and get like flash lighting. I would do more continuous lighting because just way daylight is it's continual. It's not gonna change. It's not gonna have too much of a burst of light because that will definitely change the way that your art is looking. So maybe went with other kind of products. So maybe, like, three dimensional products or, um, you know, physical like, say, light fixtures or something like that or something that's more of a physical item, Um, that maybe they wanted it more of a brighter look that could work. But in as far as artwork, I think taking photos of your artwork and a bit more of a continual, um, softer way of looking at it light than that, and that's a lot more of a safer route to take. You can even take your art outdoors, and that sounds like a funny thing to say, but you absolutely can. If it's I got overcast day. It's beautiful. Lighting it's perfect for is actually my favorite kind of lighting in any way. But being outdoors with overcast clouds will actually create a nice diffused light that you can even be under like a garage. Or you can be in some kind of a covering just to make sure that you're not getting rained on. Um, and then you could take your photos of your artwork there. So that's another thing to think about it. That's a bit of ah, lighting intro. I know it's not details about lighting, but this is this whole courses not focused on that. But this is definitely a component you want to think about. And as another thing I could say about lighting is this, I've noticed that on etc. The stores that sell really well they haven't overall lighter look to their images. So, for example, you don't want to make your art look darker, or I mean, it sounds kind of obvious, right? But maybe it isn't as obvious. Um, you don't want to make your heart feel moody or more moodier than it is if it's moody art, awesome. But I'm just saying, if you, the photos are that are doing really well on etc. That I noticed, um, the stores that do really well they have a bit more of a brighter cleaner. Look to actually see the art because you're not selling a photo of your art. You're selling the art itself. So what we want to see is a nice, clean shot depicting what your art looks like. So as as obvious as that sounds, it's not always obvious, so definitely consider that as you're getting your lighting ready. 13. 12. Framing and Image Continuity: in this lecture. I want to talk about the actual framing up and cropping of your images. First and foremost, I find that framed, uh, artwork is actually selling more than unframed artwork. And actually, one of the mistakes that I made and I will show you an example of that is that I actually didn't frame any of my artwork. I am. As a graphic designer, I took some of my poster is actually what you can see here. For example, these black and whites. I took some of these art pieces and I took the designs from Illustrator. This is my mistake. I'm just confessing, Okay? I took them and put them right into etc. As j pegs. I didn't frame them. I didn't photograph them at all. I didn't do anything to them. I just took the art and I put it right into etc. And guess what it did sell. But it did not sell as well as it should have from the beginning or what I was hoping it would, um and then right away, when I did take photos of them framed, I did notice a immediate jump in the sales. So these are the things you want to think about when you are doing your photography. So frames. Let's talk about frames for a moment. If you want to do frames of your images, you don't want to, you know, break the bank and going by, you know, 50 frames or something crazy. You don't have to do that. You can if you want. If you want to go by all different kinds of frames, absolutely have fun with it, but for some of us who may not want to spend an arm and a leg on frames, which I have done that in the past and kind of regretted it later. But they're just so fun, right? You want to frame your images and see how they look. But if you don't want to do that, you can actually, by one or two frames and then just take photo of that of that of an art piece framed in that frame, and then just keep continue to take out the artwork and just use that frame over and over again for several, so you can actually use the same frame over and over again in several images, and that totally works fine. I've seen a lot of stores where they have pretty much the same frame in every picture and in every a listing. And it actually kind of works cool because it creates the idea of continuity as you're looking at the whole store. And that actually brings me to my next thought, which is to think about not just one listing at a time, but to think about the store as a whole. How do you want the entire store? Front toe look, because although we're not a brick and mortar store, we don't have a door. We can walk in. It's still a store. It's an online store. So you want to think about how is my overall store looking? Am I gonna have all gold frames? Am I gonna have all a very would looking background and a really vintage wood frame? Or am I going to use really black and white high contrast, high definition, you know, frames just very black and white. Modern lines. You know, you could do that too. It really depends on the tone that you want to set with your artwork. What's gonna most complement the art that you create? These are things to think about. So frames definitely helped to sell your artwork, and I would really stress it to please. Ah, consider to frame your art as you are photographing it. The other option, if you really didn't want to frame it on the sea or just like that's a pain the but I don't want to do it. You don't have to, but these are things that I've noticed work, Um, or you could even display it in a different way. You can hang your your art pieces from clips. You can have them say, a beautiful hardwood floor so that it looks like the wood is a background. These are things that you can do to just kind of create continuity in the images, whether it's a frame or not, a frame so so you don't want to do framing. And that's totally cool. You don't have to do that so you're not selling, you know, individual pieces. Maybe you're doing like journals. For example, maybe you're selling journals that you've illustrated the the front of, and you've had them screen printed, for example, that somebody could do it. Maybe don't need a frame for that. You can just have it on top of a beautiful fabric. You can basically put a beautiful background behind it of some kind. Maybe it's a crow shade like knit. Awesome thing that somebody you know design and you want to use that it's partier displays . It's all about making it creative and continuous on. I find the stores that have the best continuity also seemed to have the highest number of sales. So this is something I've even trying to do on my store is just bring more continuity to my entire brand. Because although we are artists and we don't want to say the word brand or branding, sometimes you may feel like that's a bit of like a too much of a corporate word. This is kind of what we're doing right. We're actually making our art into a business, Um, and this is kind of part of that step is to think about the overall tone that we want to create in our store 14. 13. Editing, Cropping and Landscape View: Okay, now that we're coming to the end of our section on photography, one of the last things I definitely want to share with you is editing and cropping thes air to things that are really important for your final display in your Etsy shop. Editing is really important because I'm just a slight edit can make a huge difference in your images that you're presenting. If your products so, for example, safe at the end of your photo shoot, you realize these photos are a little bit more dull than the images of then the art actually is. You may want up thesis saturation a little bit or say, if you want Teoh, you know, crop an image, things like that. All you got to do is use a really simple software. You can even use your phone if you've been using your phone to take the images. There's lots of editing APS out there, or you can use Photoshopped. Use light room. You can use I photo depends really what you have available to you. So sometimes just, you know, a slight adjustment. Ah, slight brightening of images, an increase of saturation, increase of contrast can really make a big difference. I wouldn't over at it your images, because you don't want them to not look exactly like your art. You want to get them to look as close to the exact of your art as possible. If it's looking to saturated and then somebody gets your artwork in the mail, and it actually is a lot more dull than the image of presenting, for example, they can complain, and basically they want their money back. So that's really not something you want to have happen. You want to really present to the the people in that are buying from you. You want to present to them exactly what your image is, and furthermore, obviously, as artists, we don't really want to present something that's not exactly what art is right. We want to show what we've created, and we're proud of that. So take a photo and then actually edit the photo using these Softwares. If you don't need to add it, that's fine. But definitely give it a good look. Maybe show it to a friend or family member and have them give you some, maybe thoughts on it. How do they feel like it actually really represents your artwork properly. Sometimes the second set of eyes makes a really big difference. The other thing I want to talk to you about his cropping now cropping is really important because first of all, Etsy's interface, the way it's laid out, the images that are representative of your of your each individual listing is not vertical , so it's not. Ah, vertical listing is actually horizontal, so it's poor ab, not portrait its landscape. So that's a really big deal to know. So you might as well photograph your artwork in a landscape mode rather than turning the camera to be vertical. You might as well shoot it in this way, the regular way of holding a camera like this rather than turning it to make it vertical. This is really important because it will just save you a lot of time and energy later. I would absolutely shoot your images this way just so that you don't do too much cropping. You might still need to crop it later, but if you're shooting it vertically than what's gonna happen is the actual image being shown, uh, in Etc. Is going to cut off the majority of your artwork that makes sense at the end of this video , I'm also gonna do a quick little video to show you the kind of mistake I made when I first listed my art. Um, versus how they look now. And you're gonna see what I'm talking about, that I actually just put in my artwork, which is vertical, and I put it into a small little area that was horizontal, so that didn't help sell my art at all. So shooting with, uh, landscape in mind is really another important key. 15. 14. My Display Mistake : in this video. I want to show you an example of one of the biggest mistakes that I made when setting out my Etsy shop and the display of my prints. Now here is my Etsy store. This is my vision City, paper shop and as you can see here, some my products, my featured products and as I go down, you're going to notice something that kind of jumps out. That looks a little odd. Now, if you are looking what I'm looking at its this one right here in the middle. Let me just zoom in so you can kind of see exactly what I'm talking about. Now, the prints that are around it are framed or they are in a unique, different frames, but they are all visible. They can all be seen clearly. However, the mistake that I made what I wanna encourage you not to make is I literally took my art file. So the file that I created an illustrator Ah, this hand lettered, um, file that I had kind of did you know, digitized and brought into illustrator actually took that file, and I just sort of stuck it into etc. Now it's a really common mistake among artists because we just take our art and we think, Okay, I was going to kind of throw it into, etc. And see if it sells. And what happens is it doesn't sell as well because we're not really showcasing the full piece. As you can see, I have a quote here, the quotas she believes she could, so she did. But you can't even read the whole thing because part of its cropped out. So the only way you can go ahead and fix that would be to actually photographed this in a media frame. Or maybe I'm holding it or there's a variety of different types of frames. Maybe it could be on a table top. You know, it's really up to you how you want to display it. But once you do get a new image, you just go ahead and go into the top section here above the print. In this case, it's a digital download print. But regardless, whether it's digital download or physical piece, um, you can still go ahead and edit it the same way. So you go into the top here listing tools, click, edit and when you go in here, you can go ahead and you can edit the order of the, um of the display images. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and just click on this one over here and drag it over to the first primary spot. They called us the primary spot because the first located photo in your listing when you're actually editing your listing. This this spot's called the primary spot because this is the spot. It's going to be shown as in the gallery when you are actually going through your store. So it's kind of like the front cover of your item listing. You go ahead and then click publish so nothing else is changing about the listing. It's just the front image. So now I've got this new image, which is actually a framed image, and I've created just some kind of fun. The core around it. She believes she could. So she did so in this case, I just really Girl ended up and had fun with, like, makeup items. Um, and this prints done really well for me. So just by setting it up in a bit of a unique way and actually really helped to sell it more. So I want you to go ahead and really think about how you can actually really showcase the personality of your brand and really what you're all about and making sure that you're really showcasing the full view of your piece. So whether it's being framed or not, um is up to you. I do encourage framing, although sometimes I myself even just hold Prince, um, I'll even scroll down. You can see over here, for example, I'm just kind of holding up. I mean, it is a framed piece, but I'm holding one up here. I'm also holding out just a piece of paper and this one just because I thought I did some hand letter pieces and I thought I would be kind of fun to make it feel a bit more tactile , as though I'm just holding the paper. A lot of my papers air recycled. So are all of my papers or recycled, So I basically I like to kind of really highlight that fact. So by showcasing the actual material of the paper for me is a really good thing with my customers. So now if I go back into my actual listing page, um, in my storefront. Guess what? Now? My prints looks a lot more like a professionally presented piece, and it's now a product that I think people can actually really look at and really see when they're looking through my shop. So again, guys, please do not make the mistake that I made. When it comes to presenting your pieces, make sure to show the entire piece in in your image your front image and make sure that if you are doing prints or paper or art related products that maybe you're considering the framing. Ah, or the decor. Or maybe it's home to core pieces. Or maybe it's accessories. Maybe you are holding the pieces in your hands. Maybe you've got really awesome tattoos and you want to showcase Those is part of your personality. I mean, really, making it your own is really important here so you can go ahead and really think about that as you are preparing your imagery for your Etsy shop because it really does matter. Guys, how you present your pieces for every single listing 16. 15. Examples Of Art Product Photos: Hi, guys. So here are some examples of photography. Basically kind of staging and framing. Ah, with different art prints. These are some of the ones that I have in my shop right now. And I just want to show you some examples to get your mind going on what you could do for your own art. Ah, this is a thank Thanksgiving print that I did recently. Um, and it's currently in my shop, so I just kind of I actually, um, found this frame which had a really beautiful rustic texture to it, and I actually used it in a couple different photos. So I, as I mentioned before, you can definitely reuse frames and just kind of stage them in different ways to create different looks. I also use this frame on a very white background on a just a white table and photographed downwards, and it actually completely different. So here's one I actually used a piece of wood that I had is actually another frame underneath there, which is kind of cool. I kind of layered them, and I made it a would background texture. I put this on the floor and I photographed downwards um, with just natural daylight just in my, uh, in my kind. Like my dining room. Actually, Um and this actually works really well. I found these little leaves outside in my garden, and it works really well for a Thanksgiving print. It's kind of muted shades, which I think works well with a black and white. And so that's what I did for that other thing I want to mention before I go any further is when you're using a frame and photographing your artwork. You want to take out the glass. That's something I did not mention before that you should definitely make sure to do otherwise. You're gonna have all kinds of reflection. You're basically going to see yourself in the picture, which is kind of awkward, obviously, So definitely take the glass out. So let's move on to another example. Here's another example of something that I had photographed. This is obviously a greeting card with an envelope I photographed. This is well, I put this on the table, which was sort of like a cream colored desk. It's actually my studio desk, and I just placed it on there and photographed downwards. I think I photographed this with my iPhone. So as you can see, this is still really clean, and it works really well. Okay, next one. Here, this one's actually kind of unusual. As you can see, it's myself. I'm just kind of being silly and laughing, but I'm just holding the print. This is something you can do is well, if you want to do that, make it kinda interactive fun instead of framing, it's still kind of draws attention to the print, so it's not just like a boring picture. Um, but here I am just holding the print, and this one sells really well. I think it's something about just the action or the energy and the picture. It kind of actually works for it. Is that something you can do that's totally out of the box? Okay, you can also show your art together. You can show it with other items you can show it with, you know, a book, a stage it with a lamp. Put on a mantle, you can. This is just an example of that kind of thing. Make it look as though it's already in your home or in a home or in a studio or wherever it's supposed to be. Um, you know, make it look like it's already on the wall. You can even put other prints around it and kind of crop out the other prints that you just see the edges of them. That could be a really cool idea. Seeing, as you know, collage ing and, um, doing gallery walls is really hot right now. Here's another idea. This actually a unusual kind of ah ah frame that it's kind of filled with clips. So instead of being framed in like a traditional frame, it's actually with clips, which is that was really cool. I've had lots of people, actually, Customers asked me where I got this frame at the time I got at, Um uh, was it called the Pottery Barn? No, actually got it at a place called Pier One. Imports, Um, but it's I think it's no longer available. It's been this. This was taken a couple, I think, two years ago. So this is a really cool frame. It's unusual. You can find really cool, unique things like this at, like vintage shops and things like that. So there's no idea for that one and this is even cooler because I have it layered on top of a wall. It's leaning on a wall that's got a unique painting pattern that I did. I did a Chevron wall so you can even do it over top of say, Well, paper over top of really cool pattern you can put fabric hanging behind it, you know, is to create more texture. Here's another example of a, um, card. I actually had these frames, their kind, like many prints, um, and therefore like wedding favors. So you can take your art obviously, and make them into really anything, right? So in this case, I made it into a wedding favor, and I put some fresh flowers around it. I photographed this in California, actually, and I used a, um, like a wicker or a ah weaved top of a basket that I had. I you made that the background. So, as you can see, just slight textures like this can really make a big difference. Adding some flowers, just some softening to it and just a simple modern white frame. Here's an example again of placing a print or an art piece in a photo that actually looks like it's already in a room. This is for a baby nursery. Sweet pea. Um, so I've placed some teddy bear and a little cute sunglasses and a photo album. And like a chalk board print that's obviously not mines. I'm not photographing it entirely because it's not my own heart, but I'm just kind of showing edges of things just so people can picture it. Actually, being in their nursery, this seemed to really help sell these. And the once I started doing this kind of style photography, it definitely picked up in sales and again, ah, using kind of elements that relate to a print or to an art piece. So she believes she could. So she did. So I definitely used, you know, makeup and kind of fun, pretty bright pops of color with makeup in this case, because I think that's something that any girl can relate. Teoh. You know, I shadow eyeliner. He's the kind of things blush, you know, These are things that any girl could just look at and go. That's kind of fun. That's cute. I got a lot of comments and feedback on this. People really liked this display so there you have it. There are some ideas. Obviously, in your case, you're gonna create things that are more specific to your own art pieces. So have fun with it. Um, I encourage you to. Now go ahead and take some photos and then meet me back here once you've completed them. Now I know it might take a bit of time, so don't worry about the time. It's best to take the photos and then meet me backs. And that way we can get right into putting them up on the listings and then moving forward . You can absolutely continue to watch the course from here on in. Ah, but if you have your photos ready, we can start popping them in there and really getting this. Ah, your store built. I also want to encourage you to ask questions if you have any questions for me or if you have any comments. I love to hear from you guys, so definitely let me know how you're doing in the course. If you have any questions or comments for me, I'll be happy to answer them 17. 16. Become An Etsy Seller and Name Your Shop: OK, guys, now, right, A really exciting part of our class because what we're gonna do now is gonna set you up as a seller on etc. Now, what you want to do is go to etc dot com and you're going to click on a little blue button that says sell on Etsy in the top right corner. So go ahead and click on that button. You're gonna come to this bright orange page that says reach millions of buyers in Canada and around the world. Now, it's in Canada here because I'm from Canada. And that's basically I think why it says that now what we're gonna do now is we're gonna open our Etsy shop. So click on this button right here now, because I already have an Etsy shop. It's actually given the option to sign in. But because I want to walk with you guys through this process, I'm gonna go ahead and create a new one just for this time being for the set up phase. Okay, so go ahead and fill in your information. All right, girl, as you're going ahead and filling this in, you're gonna need to fill in your name obviously on you know your sex or if you prefer not to say, you can have your email address. So go ahead and fill that in. Now, By the way, I've just created this email for this time being. So don't spam me. It's kidding. Okay. And go ahead. Okay. And what? We'll just you leave as the user name actually know what? Let's call it. Um, Let's just call it sell art online, Okay, Just for fun. It's kind of a boring name, but that's okay. And I can go ahead and click on this Now, down here, it's asking me if I want to receive etc. Finds an email newsletter of fresh trends and editors. Ah, picks. Now this is not spam. Okay, I know it looks like a regular spam requests, but in the case for etc. I will describe this later in the course, but fashion or not, fashion but fresh trends and editor's picks. This is actually really important for us as sellers because we do want to know what trends are happening in what selling on Etsy. So you could look at it as if it's spam, but I would look at it through the eyes of doing research. So I would say yes, I do want to receive as he finds an email newsletter of fresh trends and editor picks. So go ahead then and register. So you password. Make it easier for yourself that it's gonna take you through this next process where you're going to just fill in necessary information. So shot preferences, Let's get started. Tell us about you in your shop. So what language do you want your shop to be in? For me, it's English now. Ah, shop country. What country are you in? I'm in Canada. Okay, so you're gonna fill in all this information shop Currency is in Canadian dollars. It's fine. Um, now a lot of people like to keep things in American dollars with that, See, because they find that that's a very standard way of doing things. You can do that as well, so I could always go to us dollars. It's fine. It comes up with a message. Are you sure? Using a shop currency that's different from your banks currency may result in currency conversion fees. That is true. So you know what? Maybe I'll stick with Canadian, then it's really up to you? I in my riel live Etsy shop. I do sell in American dollars, and that's just because American dollars. Um, frankly, it makes me a bit more money because the American dollar is worth more than the Katie in dollar. So for business purposes, I do sell it in American dollars and because the majority of my customers are in America. So that's just what I do. No. Which of this best describes you are you selling as my full time job? I sell part time but hope to be full time. I sell part time, and that's how I like it or other. So let's just say I say it's my full time job. Okay? See, even continue. Go ahead and click through. Name your shop. Okay. What should we name our shop? Let's call it. So are online by the worst shop name ever. But that's okay. Check availability. It's available. Yea, so sell art online. So I'm gonna be just pretending. That's me and my shop. Let's go ahead and click through now it's asking me right away to stock my shop, so I'm gonna go ahead and click on this. Add a listing button, and it's a simple as clicking on this plus sign. So go ahead and click on that. So at this phase, I'm going to actually take a pause and go ahead and confirm my emails. I don't bore you guys and then come right back in and we can continue adding a new listing . Okay, so by now you would have gone to your email, and when you checked in your inbox, there would have been an email from Etc. And they will be requesting that you confirm your email address. All you need to do in that case is simply click confirm email address, and then you can come back to this page and join me again, and we could then go from here and start to stock your shop. 18. 17. Add Your First Art Listing: Okay, so now that you have gone ahead and you have confirmed your email address, what you're going to do is add your first listing. So we're going to start by adding a photo right here, it says at a photo. I want to draw your attention to the side here. That says, at at least one photo, used all five photos to show different angles and details. So as you can see, there are five boxes here. This is a really great opportunity for US artists to show five views of the exact same item . So maybe it's different angles. A close up shot, maybe a framed shot, maybe an unframed shot, maybe one being held in your hands and so forth. It's really up to you how you want display your images. Um, but I would I'm actually going to describe more of this later in the course. But for now, let's go ahead and choose one just so I can show you the example of how to go forward with it again. I want to show your attention to this side here that says, Use high quality J peg PNG or G I. F. Files that are at least 570 pixels wide, and it says we recommend 1000 pixels wide. So be aware of that when you're choosing your images, the best photos are natural or diffused lighting. And do not use flash, which I will go over later in the course. And these are thumbnails of your photos, so zoom in to see them in full size. So in other words, we want them to look great as thumbnails is small. But we want it to be able to be great when they are zoomed in to make sure there nice and clear, and they're not blurry. OK, so let's go ahead and choose our photo. Okay, so I've gone to my desktop and I found my picture. So there it is, and I'm going to add it. Say choose. And as it's coming in, what we're going to do now is you'll see something that pops up. This is a just thumb. Now, this is if you want to readjust it. So let's pretend that we do want to do that. We'll click on are just thumbnail, and this is where you can zoom in and then you can use a move tool that shows up and you can move it around. So maybe maybe I want to show it a different way, a bit more to decide. You know, you get the idea, but in my case, I don't. So I'm gonna go back to the original view, and I'm gonna leave like that and say safe. Okay, Then what we're gonna do now is go down to listing details Now, in the listing details, the first thing we need to decide on is the title. So let's go ahead and just call this. My print is actually the prince says she believed she could, so she did. That's my phrase in my print, so I'm gonna call it she believed. Okay, Um, now, one thing I will give you a hint on I will discuss this later on the course is that you want your titles to actually be more like a list. And I know it sounds funny to say that, but you want there to be terms in your title that are going to be the same as your search tags, which I'll describe later in the course, so that overwhelming you too much basically what you want to do is create a list as your title so that people can have a lot of options in in a way to find this listing. So, for example, she believed girl art, woman art, art, print, recycled paper, art, um, girl power, I mean, and the list goes on. So let's say those were my my name's or my, um, titles. It's more like a list of keywords. So it says, for example, here in the small print include keywords that buyers would use to search for your item. So again, this is giving us a hint that it's not just about one title and etc. It's actually about a list so you can go ahead and write a list, and it looks like I've slept 63 characters left, so you've got a long list that you can actually put in there, and then it will just let you know once you've gone over. Okay, now, who made this listing? I would say I made it, so I did. The other option is a member of my shop or another company or person. What is it? It's a finished product, or it could be a supply or tool to make things, but in my case to finished product. When did I make it? I made it between 2017 and 2010. So if I were to go back in time, it was within the last seven years. The other option is made to order, as you can see above. Or you can just list the date or the the year that it was made. Um, anything obviously, um, beyond 1998 would be considered vintage. So in my case, it's between 2000 and 10 and 2017. The category, Um, this is item is handmade, so I am going to write its under art and collectibles. As you can see, there's a variety of lots and lots of different categories You can choose from mine would be art. Okay. What kind of art is it? It is a print. It could be any of these. It could be Clipper dolls. Ah, art, ceramics, glass, You name it. You could see the big list here, but I'm gonna select prints and then I'm going to go ahead and decide on what kind of prints is it? Digital? Is it etchings? That guess Lee, is it letter? Press Lina lithographs. What kind of a print is it in my case, The digital. Okay, No color. This is interesting, because this is actually really knew. Two etc. So in my case, it's really basically black. It's black on white paper, So I'm gonna go with black. Is there Ah, holiday associated with. Now, These are all optional things, but I encourage you to go ahead and use this. A new section with Nazi like, extremely new. In fact, my 2017 chorus was just put out. This course you're taking it was just put out less than a month ago. And this video I'm doing right now is an updated video, because in the last month, they've actually added these. So I'm I'm recording this course right now on March 1st, 2017. Now you can actually select holiday as well. So is there a holiday associated with my prints? You know those April fools? You know, Christmas single DiMaio Ah, Hanukkah, Halloween. I mean, you name it all the different, um, listings of holidays air here. And my case is not really a holiday that goes with it occasion. And now there may be an occasion associated with this print. Ah, in my case, I would probably say a housewarming additional color. Is there any additional colors that I need to make note of? In your case, you may have additional colors. In my case, I don't some actually. That one blank and the heights optional is 14 inches, so I'm gonna go ahead and select inches and the with is 11 inches. See again. This is a new thing within at CES listings, which I really like. Okay, renewal options. Do you want to be renewed manually or automatically? If it's really it automatically after it expires, it will be automatic. You will be automatically charged 20 cents. In my case, I do renew things manually. Now. Some people disagree with that. The reason why I do that is because I really want to be in control and I want a monitor. What is selling and what is not selling? So something's not selling that great. I won't really renew it. Okay, That's the way I do it. Just to kind of save myself money in the long term. Now, what type of product is it? Is it a physical product that could be shipped to buyers? Or is it a digital product that will be downloaded by buyers? In my case, this is a physical product. Now, description. I'm going to go over description later on this course in more detail. However, what you want to do, basically in your description, is to describe what the product is. So, um, she believed she could so lips. So she did our threat, Okay. Printed on ah, 100% recycled paper sighs, just in case they didn't notice it above inches. Okay, um, ships flat, not rolled in a rigid art mailer. And inside of a protective now, I could also underneath the title. I could also say something like, you know, a selling point like, great gift idea for a housewarming. You could go on and actually write, like a paragraph here, but for time, just so I'm not boring you guys while you're learning this. This is a great opportunity. Teoh. Describe the product. Which again I will go over this a bit more in detail later on the course. Um I always say for more info, please visit. And I write my website groups. I do know my name, I swear vision citi dot Biz. Okay, so let's go down now. Okay? Production partners. So if you do have production partners, which again I will describe later on the course. This is actually people who are people who actually make your products for you so say, like an outside manufacturer. Now they are people who are approved by etc in advance. I don't want to overload you right now with information. So let's just skip this area for now and go on into the next area section Um, sections is basically the different kind of categories within your own store. So say you sell prints, he sell cars, you sell T shirts, you sell note pads. I mean, all those different sections can be added here. Now, in this case, let's say I want to add my first section. I would go to out your first section, and I'm gonna call it art prints. Okay, so now I have one section and it's called art prints. Now, if I were gonna add, you know, several different categories of products, I could just add those as I go along, which I will show you more of later on the course as well. Now tags. What I want to do is encourage you right from the get go to go all way. Back up to your title. I want you to copy. So highlight the title command see on the Mac. Or I guess it would be cults or no. What would it be? Control C on the PC as you're gonna copy. And then you're going to ready. Go, Tex. Here we go. You're gonna go ahead and pace thought into your tags. It's a command V or just paste. And then you're gonna click. Add No, As you can see, I still have seven left. So in other words, within every single listing, you can have 13 tags. In other words, I would encourage you to have 13 titles, title of words or search terms. So it just to make it really easy. If yourself I would just use the exact same tags that you use in your title so that you're kind of multiplying your efforts so that you're doing it once and you're hitting both both sections at same time. What it's going to do for those of you are new to the whole idea. of search terms and all that kind of stuff. I don't want to get to geek technology on you guys, but the truth is we want to be found by people who are searching Google or who are searching within etc. So I want to encourage you to really fill these up. So what are the other kind of terms that people might be searching for? That my print might really work for them for? So let's say I also want to say gifts for her, okay? Because my print is all about, you know, she believed she could, so she did. That's the phrase I'm trying to sell or get sold here. So basically, I could say gifts for her. I could say sister gift, you know, and so on. So basically, I want to feel all these up. I still have five left, so I want you to go ahead and fill up every single search term that you can use. OK, so use all 13. You might even want to go into Google and actually test at some of the terms. You might want to go into Etc. And test out some of the terms. That's a great way to really find out which terms are already being searched for, because you don't want to reinvent the wheel in that way. You want to go where everyone's already looking. So say people are already looking for, like, you know, puppy art or they're already looking for feather related arts. Um, you know, that's those are kind of trend in things. Or one thing that's really trending is stones like So, for example, um, gemstones are really, really trending right now in this at this time in history. So say, like in spring 2017 it's a little kind of tip for you guys, is that gemstone seems to be a really trending item. So say if you had, you know, gemstones or gems or rocks or stones within your art, you might want to actually highlight that here. Okay, now, materials for me materials are recycled paper black ink. Now for me, that's it. I don't really have any other materials I'm using. So that's all I would put. However, it says I have a total of 13 that I can add, So go ahead and add those get pricing now inventory and pricing this is a new layout to the way they're laying this out as well. So if you've already taken this course, um and you took it even last month, this has been updated. So that's why I have read on this video for you guys. Because they literally right after I launched my course for 2017 they made changes. So here I am, making an updated, updated, updated video for you guys. Okay, so, um Price, let's just say $20. That's the price of my print quantity. Let's say I have 10 on hand. Now, keep in mind, just because I'm writing 10 does not mean they're gonna charge me 10 times for this listing . They're gonna charge me 20 cents once. Now, when the product renews to say I sell one and they renew the listing automatically, then they'll charge me again for 20 cents. So it's not, um, it's not like they're gonna charge me 20 times, like 20 cents times 10. Okay, Another area that's brand new within the new etc. Is skew. So skew represents a code or a name that you're gonna give this product that will stay the same, whether you are just using if your in house purposes or if you are going to use it for wholesale Iran. It's basically one way of referring to this print or this art piece. So in my case, I'm gonna call it she believed gonna go under school. Underscore, um, print underscore 11 by 14. Well, okay, so now that it's showing up red, that means that maybe it's too long. They don't want me to have to. Long of excuse. Let's just call it, she believed, 11 by 14. And I will know that means in my in house kind of system. So I would choose something that works for you for your own purposes that you will be able to continue. So maybe it's just simple as the name and the size. Like what I did here, totally up to you, how you want to do it. But that's just my suggestion. The next area I want to draw your attention to is variations. Now, variations are really awesome because they create more options at the check out for the person. So say, if somebody is interested in this print taken by it in, say, a variety of colors or maybe it's in variations of size. Or maybe it's in variations of fabric or texture if it's a different kind of ah art item. So in my case, I'm not gonna add any right now. And the reason why is because I miss you how to do this later on the course. But this is just basically where you do that, and I will show you this further on the course. So let's go ahead. Skip that section for now. We're gonna go down to shipping set clearance, realistic shipping expectations for shoppers by providing accurate processing time and shipping rate. I will go over shipping profiles later in the course as well. However, for this section right now, I'm just gonna set up more like for this listing shipping. I will definitely go over shipping and it's own section because shipping is a really big and tedious area that you definitely want to make sure to do properly. So let's go enter fixed costs manually. Now, one thing about etc you should know is they do have calculated shipping. So where they calculated for you based on zip code, However, that's Onley really effective within America. So it for my case. I don't actually live in America. I live in Canada. And so if I live in Canada or any other country around the world and I want to sell on Etsy , it's unfortunately not available to me. So I would have to use fixed manual shipping. Okay, so the origin of the shipping location for me would be Canada, and the processing time would be I go between one, 22 or 123 business days. Let's say 123 for now. Okay. And again, it just gives us a little tip here. Buyers are most likely to purchase items that ship quickly. So I wouldn't really go any further than that, Like the next one down. Be 3 to 5 business days. However, I just think that, you know, great customer service is getting things to them faster, not slower. Plus, you know, because I shipped from Canada, um, you know, basically, like sometimes I can ship from America to, depending on where I am, I can I can kind of do both, but I find when I'm shipping over the border because a lot of my orders come from Canada to America, I find I want to give them the most shipping time, like so that it's coming to them faster. And I just want to get out my door because I know on my side it takes, you know, 5 to 7 business days to get over the border into the states that I'm shipping to so you can go ahead and then put in your price per item. So let's say, within Canada, one print shipping would cost $10. Now, over here is asking for each additional item. So, in other words, to add a second print inside of the same envelope and the same you know, packaging. I'm going to say that's gonna cost $2 now going into the United States, let's up it to 12. Okay, I'm just giving you examples. You have to really figure it out in research it for yourself. But these are just suggestions, and I would say maybe $3 for every second item everywhere else, meaning any other country overseas, into Mexico and to any other part of the world. Let's go and say it's, you know, $14 for example. It's really expensive. Dish it from Canada. It's kind of one of the bombers that I find about living in Canada. Um, but that is the truth. Okay, shipping upgrades. If you want to add a shipping upgrade, you do that here. In other words, add faster options for your buyers at a shipping costs. So in other words, you want to add, like, say, shipping and handling. So say you want to call it, um, shipping upgrade. You want to say quick shipping, for example? And that's going to be made. Maybe, you know, um, that's going to be express or something. You may want to go all the way up to, like, you know, let's say $20. I'm just trying to exaggerate right now, but let's say it's $20 to ship it, basically double doubling their order. But maybe they really want in a hurry. And each additional item, maybe it's $5. Okay, so that's where you do that. Now you can add the weight, which is optional. You got the items size when packaged as wealthy zehr all really important things as well. Um, and you can go ahead and do that here for the sake of time. I'm gonna actually just keep skipping down here because this is kind of, like redundant. You like if you watching me put this in here. This is basically where you'd put that. That's really important. You may want to go to your actual, um, post office and have them measure for you and the measure the weights that you know, the exact measurement of your packaging. For example, if you're sending a lot of the same item like I send a lot of my 11 by 14 prints, I know for a fact that my, um the length of mine envelopes are 15. So I could put that in. Am I with or 12? Okay, so high it supply, but one inch if I actually turn it sideways, um, and actually measure the vertical height of when you look at the thickness. So that's where you would do that and previous shipping costs. So this is going to see what buyers are paying for shipping. So cost a buyer is $12 here. So again, this is where you could do that. You could add destinations to say you want to just kind of test it out for yourself and see what's gonna cost for people you could do that here. Okay? It's this kind, like a summary of your upgrades. And then you go ahead and you press, save and continue, and then we'll go on to the next section, and there you have it. We've got our first listing. Very, very exciting. Okay, now, this is kind of cool. You can actually copy it, or you can delete it right here. Do you copy it? Like, say, you've got a variety of different prints that are all gonna have similar structure. You can actually just go ahead and copy this and then continue on developing, Um, your other, like So you have a whole series of prints related to this item. You could just go ahead, copy and then continue adding more and more and more. Okay. Or you could just go through the whole process it again here by clicking on the adolescent button and going from there 19. 18. Set Up Your Payment and Billing Information: Now, this is another section that is really important. So we need to write down some information for etc. Before they can basically give us an option of being paid, which is always a good thing. So just start. Where is your bank located? It's like the country mines in Canada. Great. Your payment will be in Canadian dollars. C A D Canadian dollars. Where should we pay your funds now? Obviously, I'm not going to write my banking information in front of everyone of you because, like, that would be a really silly idea. Um, not that I don't trust anybody, but hey, you never know these days. So I'm gonna go ahead and feel this all in. I want you to do the same. So filling your banking information, What's the bank name? The full name. On account, institution number, transit number and account number. You can find all this information on a check. So or you can always call your bank and ask them. Um OK, so are you gonna plug? Just go online to your online banking and find out the same information. Tell us a little bit about yourself. They want me to tell them my country of residence, first and last name, date of birth, home address, city country, postal code, phone numbers, all standard information. And then you're gonna go ahead and plus press, save and continue. And I will meet you in the next video. Okay, so now that you've added your bank information, what's going to happen now is you need to start setting up your billing. So let us know how you like to pay your etc bill. So every four months, you'll be sent an Etsy bill to your email address where it could be a more frequently if you're adding items more frequently. But it will say that you haven't etc. Bill. Outstanding. Um, now, in the case of the listing we just created right now, it says, here you will be at you will add a, um Canadian 20 cents to your bill for the listing in your shop. Now it says 27 cents. Some of you might be wondering Wait a second. You said it's only 20 cents per listing. Well, it's 20 set 20 cents her listing in U. S. Dollars. Now that just shows you the difference in values. So depending on what country you live in. It's not necessarily going to be 20 cents in the currency of your country. In my country. In Canada, we have, like we have to pay more dollars for a Canadian American dollar. So it's it's the value of the American dollar is slightly higher than the value of a Canadian dollars. We have to pay 27 cents for a listing as a today. Now that may fluctuate, obviously, as the markets do, but that's that's just signed to be aware of. Okay, So don't be surprised if, say, in your country, you are paying a tiny bit more. Um, Either way, it's so totally worth it. I mean, 27 cents is a lot a lot less than it would be, too, um, to do ah, business a different way or to actually, you know, make the products and have them sitting somewhere in a shop or something like that. So I still believe that that's he's an awesome way to go. Okay, so, by the way, I'm not being paid by etc. At all. I'm just a artists like yourself, Um, so I just really believe that's he's the best. So okay, setting up your bill is, it says stock up. Adding 10 or more listings gives buyers more opportunities to find your shop. So this is really important to note that some people actually only put in, like, two or three items, and they think they're testing the waters, etc. You have to really give it a good go at least 10 items. I know it's a bit of work, but as any business, it is a bit of work to get it off the ground. Now on this page, it's asking for your credit card information. This is so that you can pay, etc. When you owe them any payments. So our, um kind like royalty payments when you make a sale. So you're gonna put in your credit card information expiration date CCV uh, CCV code, which is the three digit code on the back of your of your card, the name on the card as well as your billing address. Um, and then add your that i d if you have one. So depending on the country you live in, you may have to add your that I d. Number. Um, in, for example, here has a UK that I d I know that a Sfar us understand In Europe you need to have a that i d code. So please be sure to fill in this information. And then at the end, um, we can go on to the next stage, but this is actually the last of the five steps in setting up your shop. So go ahead and fill in this page for me and I will meet you in the next video. 20. 19. Set Up Your Info and Appearance: Okay. Now, congratulations. You have now began your brand new Etsy shop. I love the graphic that etc. Just does. It's a little animation kind of congratulating you as your as your shop is open. I thought that was really cute and new. Ah, the new updates on etc are amazing. And hence the reason why I'm making this course for you guys. Ah, lot of you really loved my first etc course. And so that's why I'm doing a two point. Oh, is that you have all the updates that you need to know. Um in case you are updating and continuing your Etsy shop, Okay, Now the first thing I want to do now that we have our shop is Let's take a look at this new platform. It's a different way that etc has set things up. So before everything was a little bit laid out differently. But what I want to do in this video is set up are in phone appearances. So there's a lot of things going on here. We've got our one listing here that we made, but now I want to show you how to really fill in all the other details so that we can move on with your shop. So if I go up to your shop, which is going to become basically a little hub button for you as well as the U button, But I want to start out by going up to the your shot button. Okay, So clicked on the down arrow there, and you're gonna go all the way down to shop settings and go up to info and appearance. Okay, Now there's a variety of ways of editing your shop, but what I'm gonna do right now is show you the old way of going through it, um, are getting to the editing. And then I'm gonna show you really quick, very quickly transition into the new way. So let's click on infant appearance now, in a bright orange bucks at the top of this page, it says a new and better way to add it. Your shop you can and should at it your info and appearance from right within the new shop design. Instead of doing things this way, which is technically the old way, which is not bad. You can do it this way, but there, suggesting that we actually go ahead and fill it in on the page that we can actually see what's going on. It's a bit more of a user friendly way of setting things up, so let's not do it this way. And let's go to take me there. So if you click on the take me there button Okay, so now it's gonna actually show things. It's almost like little plus sign buttons everywhere. So you could actually just edit right here. Okay, so this is now going to be your your actual shop. Okay, We're gonna go down this page, which is a bit more of a, ah friendly way of doing things. Visually. It's a bit more like right when you do it, you see the response, you see how it looks. OK, so we're gonna start at the very top. So let's say you are currently editing your shop. It says at a cover photo to highlight your brand. Okay, so let's go ahead and click on that now. You would have by now created a cover photo, which I will go over the dimensions for you. Right here. So 1200 pixels by 300 pixels. Okay, So you're gonna go ahead and add a huge photo to the top of your webs are two top of your Etsy shop. If you really, really don't want that size, you can either do the smaller banner, which is a 760 pixel by 100 pixel, which is kind of the old size. Okay, Or you could just say none about you don't wanna have a banner at all and you could just not do that. I highly recommend going for the largest banner. The reason why is because images tell 1000 words images can really transcend a message to your audience. And you're really gonna bring in. I feel like the best response to your shop if you have the most visuals to really represent your branding. So you mean it may not even necessarily be your prints or your art? I've seen other artists where they just have a really fun pattern. They might have their tiling within the top banner. There's a variety of different things you can do. You have your logo up there, so let's just go ahead and find this picture. So I'm gonna go ahead and add cover, photo and etc. Is then going to add your top banner. So I'm showing a shot. It's more of my original sketch. I am kind of more using this as an artistic area you can really do with it what you like. I just do recommend using the largest size. Okay, you can also drag photo to reposition. So say, if this was not size perfectly and it was like sizes large square, some like that. You could actually move it around if you want it. In my case, I size it exactly at, um, the size dimensions. Okay, so save. Okay. Great. So now we've got a top banner, which is great. Now we're gonna keep going through, and we're gonna keep adding different things so you can add a shop title. Um, So go ahead and click on that. Describe your shop in one sentence. Okay? I'm gonna say inspirational black and white art prints. So say safe. Okay. Locations set. You can actually add your locations. So let's just say Toronto, Canada, Obviously, I have no sales yet because we just started on Etsy since 2017. All right, now we're gonna add a shop icon here. Now you can add, um, often, Isis, I suggest adding your logo here, especially if you got something that fits really well within a square. If it doesn't, you could even say if your local looks better horizontally. You could even have your logo up top, Um, or maybe incorporated in this large banner. Somehow, that would maybe be my recommendation. And maybe you could have a shot of your art here instead. So you be the one to choose. But I would probably put my logo here some to say click on this little camera button here, and I'm gonna go ahead and choose that. Okay, so I went ahead and I found my logo. It's obviously my vision. Citi logo. I'm just going to use it for our little example. But I have selected my logo, which is a square file, and I just said, You can either adjust in crop your icon, or you can say go back or safe, so I'm gonna say safe now It's kind of nice. It says, How does it look? Make this a photo or local that represents your business. OK, Must be a J peg gift, or PNG files smaller than 10 megabytes okay, and at least 500 by 500 pics. So you are pixels, so you don't want to make it smaller than that. If you make it smaller than that, it's gonna look pixelated. So again, I wouldn't make it too big of a fall. You don't want it over 10 megabytes, but you do want it to look clear. Okay, so if you say looks good, you just click on that. Looks good. And voila! I've got my logo added on there, and this is now. My example says sell art online is the name my business, which is probably really bad name. But just for the purpose of what we're doing here now, I'm gonna go over here and click on shop owner, and it wants me to put in a photo of myself. So I'm gonna go ahead now and click on that. And now I'm gonna go chose choose a photo of myself. So I went and found a photo on my computer, and here it is. I've selected it and it says, How do you How does it look? And I'm gonna say safe. And now I've got a photo of myself within my shop. So it's some people say, Well, do I really need to put a photo myself? You don't have Teoh. You could also use your art or another image that you feel represents you. But I think it's nice to show your face. It just adds a bit more personality, um, and adds the fact that it's a human being putting this together and honestly, people like that. They like to see. Okay, who's the owner? Well, cool. That's the ter. That's that's nice to know. They just It's another way of that. Having your art audience, your art fans kind of start to connect to you. Okay, so announcement add blessings to your featured Q. So click the stars to feature them. In other words, as I'm adding more and more items, I'm gonna come back to this later. But as I'm adding more items, I can have some of them. Show is featured, so the featured items are gonna show up top in a larger format. OK, I can also add a shop announcement so I'll say something like, Welcome to my shop. Enjoy. You can offer an introductory per coupon or something that if you want, I'll talk to you about coupons later. But you could say, Enjoy taking a look around around at all of my Ekho friendly. Oops. That's felt my wrong. You go friendly art prints and cards. Okay, um, you could actually sign your name, which I think is also very nice. Personal touch to save. Okay, so now we're getting there. As you can see, we're beginning to fill up the shop. We've only got one item. Um, and you can continue to add more items as you go along. I encourage you, um, after this video to go ahead and add in a variety of different items. I think 10 is a great place to start. As you are adding those items I'm going to then show you in the next little while. Within the course, I'm going to show you how to create. They've on our favorites. I'm gonna show you how to create featured items. The featured items are going to be kind of like the starred items which I will show you how to do very soon. Okay, So now, as we go down here, more buyers to shop with shop updates. This is a great areas. Well, um, to create a way of giving post updates. So it's kind of like Instagram or um, you know, one of the regular social media is, but it's a with its within etc. So it's almost like Etsy's social media. So you can actually, um, learn more about that here, which I will go over a swell and I'll go over how to do these. The about section This is kind of more where I wanted Teoh to get you to start out. This is really important. Your about section is really kind of the backbone of your Etsy shop. So at a video and up to five photos now, some of you might say I don't have a video about myself or about my company, but, um, this would be a goal. I would suggest for you to create something you can even just have yourself or your studio . Uh, you know, use your iPhone or use your smartphone to create ah, fund video, just showcasing where you work. What is the environment that you work in? What? How does the, um, your workspace look, you can kind of get people mostly a guided tour if you want to that or if you have a real fancy camera, you can go ahead and do, like, full on edited video with music and all kinds of different things. But either way, I suggest that you add a video which I will show you how to do so. Go ahead and click on add video. Now it's giving you some more hints about what you need to include in your video. See the shop video F ake use for all sorts of ideas and advice on making a great video shop video. By uploading a video, you confirm that you have all the necessary rights to the content and you agreed to Etsy's terms of use. Now the the movie video cannot be larger than 300 megabytes. That's the file limit. You can use the M O V MPEG A V I m mp four or M m. M four v has a tongue twister. Okay, so you add the video here, so I'm gonna go ahead and add my video and I want you to do so as well if you have one. And if you don't have one, that's OK for now. Okay, so I've added my video and it's come up with a little message, says Processing will let you know when it's ready to share. Okay, so now I'm gonna go down to the next Harriet says, add up to five photos with captions. Now, this is a great place to add photos of your process workspace or anything that might inspire buyers. So this might be a place where you actually showcase what your studio looks like. Um, you know the environment. You work in things like that, something to go ahead and add up to five photos with captions. Now it shows up here as my first item, right? I have up to five photos that I can add, and it's asking me to add a caption, some to click on that little plus sign and say, Um uh, studio where I create my black on white inspirational art prints and cards. You can write whatever you like. Here you can write something related to the photo, obviously, and something that might inspire your customers to know a little bit more about your process. So say, if I was showing a photo of myself or my hands creating the art, or maybe the tools I use. So maybe if you're an artist and you've got, you know, different watercolor paints or, um, oil paints. Or maybe it's charcoal that use whatever I be You might want to show some of these supplies , even show your hands getting kind of dirty in them. That's really cool Ting to show on Etsy. It's a really artsy community, so that's very welcomed to really showcase your process here. So let's just go and say safe for now. I'm just gonna just do this as an example, um, for basically just for the use of time that I have here, I don't want to bore you guys with too much details, but I can then go ahead and add. Five more are up to five. I should say so for more. So I would do the exact same process. I'd go ahead and I would click on four more images off my computer and I would add them and write captions. Okay, now, at a story headline. Okay, so I'm gonna click on that some of what you do in one sentence, or just write something catchy. So you're gonna go ahead and write something here, so I make art to bring light and inspiration into any space. Okay? Or you could have your saying like one of my sayings within my art is lighten up. That's like when my number one saying someone my number one selling art prints So I might just say something like, I make art to remind people to lighten up, Period. That might be kind of fun. Kind of cute. Kind of catchy, you know? Or I make art because I want people to live inspired, you know, for you it's going to be different. This is a really good place of reflection for you. So go ahead and do that and press safe. Add your story. Tell shoppers a little bit about your business. Okay, Simon? Right here. How did you get started? What inspires you? Ah, we know each sellers story is unique. So tell us yours here. So, in short, I could say I mean, in your case, you don't want to necessarily be short. So obviously, really write it out. Really be personal in this area because you want people to get to know you as an artist. So I might say I began creating my arts while traveling the globe with my rock star husband and constantly moving vehicles. That's actually a true story. That is how I began making my art. But anyway, that's a story for another time, I guess. Okay, so I would I would play. Start with that. And then I would write a bit of a paragraph or two about my journey. I would write about how, um I began, Um, you know, doodling in sketchbooks while traveling in planes and trains and subways all over the world . I was really inspired. In Tokyo, for example, I was really inspired in England in Copenhagen is where I got my business name. I really decided to focus on a concept of Vision City, So I would really write those information. Those details here and I would really kind of share a bit of my story. And what inspired me to create art for me? It was I was inspired to really bring kind of a sense of lightheartedness into people's lives. That's why I started to create Vision City black and white art prints. So what's your story? Is my whole point. I want you to really go ahead and write your story in here and then you're gonna click Save . Okay, So in your case, it's gonna be a longer paragraph here and there's me more photos. Okay, so around the web ad links to your website and social media. So go ahead, click on that. So, um, you could write in facebook dot com slash i think it's Vision City are all right. Um, you could add instagram so you could add mine will be visions city paper save and so on and so on. You can also add your website, so I'm gonna add my website, which is Vision city. Stop is safe. Okay, so this is a great place. You do not want to leave this empty. So any social media you have going on if you're on Twitter Pinterest, Um let's see the other options here. Um you click on the little down arrow, Twitter, instagram, Pinterest website or block. If you're a blogger, please put that information here. I also have a block my website, so I could actually add that there as well thes air places where people can find you because a lot of times when people find you on etc, they want to reach up to you for other reasons. Maybe they want to commission you to do work. Creative artwork. Maybe they want to do a licensing deal with you, which is what happened with myself. I had a land of nod, which is a huge Children's retailer in America. They actually contacted me to do a licensing deal. So these the kind of things that you want to happen and you want to be felt findable are certain. You know, you want people to be able to find you, so to speak. So go ahead and do that there pattern by etc. I want to go over this later. On pattern is actually a way of creating a custom website on etc. They say create a custom website in minutes. This is if you don't have a website. If you have a website, um, you obviously don't need a 2nd 1 unless you really want to have a 2nd 1 But I find that little confusing for the buyer or for people following you. Um, but that's just my two cents. So, honestly, you can have a second website, Um, and you can go ahead and create one on here on pattern I've heard very good things about it . Especially if you do not have a personal website. I would definitely check it out. And I will show you more about this later on the course. Now down here at a personal bio with some fun facts about yourself. So shot members. So go ahead at a personal bio, so choose a file. This is to have a photo of yourself. Okay. The photo should show smiling face must be a J peg or Ping file or PNG file at least 200 by 200 pics. So I've kind of have a bit of a funny I'm kind of being a bit silly. They're holding at my print, but that's kind of my personality. So add members names, so I'm gonna write my own name at the role. I'm the owner now, this other roles here. So say you are an assistant, a creator, a curator, um, a customer service designer, marketer, photographer, and so on. So say you have a team and you are not your only the only person running, right? See shot. Maybe it's you and a group of friends. Or maybe it's you and the studio that you run. Maybe you've got, um, you know, a full fledged studio going. That's awesome, right? All the people that are involved on your team and maybe it just you and your hubby or you and your girlfriend or what? Whatever it might be, um, and you can actually, right in here and showcase each person and their role. So you could also write a little minute mini bio about, um, that person you have up to 250 characters here so you can go ahead and write a little bio there. If you already have a by, you can just copy and pasted in. But for the purpose of this, um, I don't necessarily have my bio right in front of me, so I'm just gonna go ahead and write a sentence. Or so I feel in something here. So I am the own owner and designer of vision City art, prints and cards. I love to create lighthearted art and here customers feedback okay, and so on. So I could write in here a variety of things. I could write a bit more of my bio of how I became the owner of this company and so on again. A great place to take some time. I'm obviously kind of going through this quickly so that I'm not boring you to tears. But you can definitely go ahead and really take your time in love on these areas of your website or of your Etsy shop because you want people to kind of really fall in love with you. If that makes sense, you want them to fall in love with your brand and your messaging, whatever it is you're offering, um, so I would definitely go ahead and do that. Let's say save. Okay. Great. So now we're gonna do IHS, let's check this out here. The next area is called local. Okay. Tell buyers of where you're selling in person. If you're selling your items at a local craft fair market or if you're hosting an event where others Etsy sellers will be setting up arch um, up shop, you can use etc local to promote your event to buyer. So again, this is another great new feature on the updated etc. And hence the reason why I'm creating etc. 2.0, course. Um and that's why I wanted to make sure to take my time and really walk with you guys through these things. These air really beneficial if you are somebody who creates events or you gang together with a group of pals who were also Etsy shop sellers. You want to go ahead and write that information here So I would click on the plus sign again. Super easy and self explanatory. Tell buyers where you'll be selling. Okay, so you're gonna go here, and it's really cool. It's actually a map where you can actually select things. Like what other? Where are all these? You know, craft years happening, you can actually select them. And this way it kind of connects them to your shop. So say, if I was selling at this shop or at this affair, I could click on it. Art and craft fair. Um, Alito's Bay Marina. Okay, in Long Beach, I'm not selling at this, but I'm just pretending I am for a minute. If I click on, I'm participating. Okay, then art and craft Torremolinos Bay Marina. Um um, when you'll be selling, and then you basically fill in all this information. I'm not gonna go through it because the truth is I'm not selling at this event, but you get the idea. If you were, you would go ahead and fill it in there, so just cancel out of here. But that's basically what you do. And the great thing is this information with then pop up on your feet are on your shop front page. So that's the beauty there. They're trying to make Etsy's shop a bit more interactive, like an ongoing feed rather than a static website page, which is kind of what it was before is a bit more static, less attractive there, actually modernizing it so that you are more of an interactive Etsy shop. Okay, the next area that I want us to focus on is shot policy. This is all still on the front page of your Etsy shop. Okay, so it says shop policies increase buyers, trust actual policies and seconds one click set up. Help your virus feel more secure and improve your placement in search. Okay, So published. If you like them and edit them if you want changes. So that's he's actually done the legwork for us, right it right now. So they've actually created standard policies, so you and I could just scan over these and actually either agree or not agree. So if we don't agree, we plus we press edit. So shipping policies processing time, the time I need to prepare in order for shoot A shipping varies for details. See individual items. So that's a generally great policy because obviously it depends on the item. Depending on that, you've created to say the first item that you and I have placed in my shop here. I've said it takes about 1 to 3 business days to ship. But that's just for that one items to say if it's, you know, on order of 100 items and might caught take longer. Or maybe if it's a different type of item, then it might take me a different time. Frames so etc. Has given us a general statement to tell to our customers so that basically they need to look at each item to tell them how long it's gonna take to get to them or to be shipped out . Custom and import taxes Buyers are responsible for any customs import taxes that may apply . I'm not responsible for delays due to customs. This is a good statement you and I probably want to keep that as well, because it's true. We're not able to control what happens when things cross borders. I know that so much because as a Canadian, a lot of times I'm shipping to America and things might get held up a day or two over the border. Usually it doesn't but, um, I've never had anything come back to me, but sometimes it might take an extra day. If it's a really busy time of year, maybe it's Christmas time. Or maybe it's Mother's Day or, um, you know, back to school or whatever it may be. Sometimes busier seasons just take you no longer to get things processed. So as forest customs, that's definitely the case payment options, the payment options that I have set up our that our standard within etc. And accepts etc. Gift cards. So these air standard things that you may want to keep. If you don't want toe receive any of those types of cards than you, you'd have to just go in and edit. I recommend just keeping that all available because you want to receive payment in as many ways as possible. You don't Onley want to receive through Visa are Onley through MasterCard. You don't wanna limit the way people can pay you. Okay, returns, exchanges. I gladly accept returns. Exchanges. Contact me within 14 days of delivery. Ship items back to me within 30 days of delivery. I don't accept cancellations. Please, But please contact me if you have any problems with your order. Okay? Like that's if you're doing a custom job. Um, and if you've already started, you went bought supplies and things. And maybe you don't offer cancellations. The phony items can be returned or exchanged. Okay, I have some of these in my shop, so pair a custom or personalized orders. If you've went ahead and started to so someone's name into a blanket and then they try and cancel the order. That's that's kind of like, Too bad they can't cancel it. That's not fair to you. You are an artist, and your time is very valuable. And your supplies air very valuable. So I agree. Custom and personalized orders should not be able to be returned. Perishable products like food or flowers, Obviously digital downloads. I do not allow digital download returns as well. Some people have tried in the past, and I have just said No, I don't offer returns because frankly, when you send someone a digital file, the honest truth is they can then reproduce your heart, and that's a concern for a lot of artists. There is copyright on everything that you and I create, as they say, right when our pen leaves the paper, it's ours. But the truth is, some people are just, um, you know, they're not nice people and they want to copy our art. It's a very unfortunate thing I've actually had. It happened to me once or twice before, where I found it out in public somewhere that I didn't send it to, um, I even had one of my art creases. Art pieces show up on a T shirt. I was walking through an airport in L. A. And I saw a girl wearing my shirt. Yet I didn't make a shirt with my art on its That was kind of creepy. Um, she'd actually bought it at a store. So somehow the store or the people producing that shirt that I hold in my heart and they just used it so things do happen, guys But look, this is the thing. You don't want to not put out your art to the world and not take advantage of etc. Just because of that, don't let fear hold you back. I really encourage you to go for it. And you know what the truth is? You made it. You can always make more art, your creative individuals. So obviously intimate items that would be really gross to be returned. So that's not available for a turn either. Conditions of return buyers are responsible for returning shipping costs. So say if somebody wants to return something, um, then they have to pay for it to be shipped back to you now especially, I know this is well, shipping from Canada is expensive, so I can only imagine shipping back to Canada would be equally is expensive. So yeah, I would probably keep this as a standard as well. Ah, privacy policy. I will only use your shipping and billing address and contact information one to communicate with you for your order to fulfill your order or for legal reasons like paying taxes. So you're not going to go and use their personal information. You're never gonna sell their personal information. You're gonna sell their email address to, like, mailing list people, things like that. Now, if you agree with all those policies this area here in blue, then what you do is you use, like, publish. If you don't agree, you can go ahead and click Edits Let's click at it just for fun. Then you can go in and you can change the, um, the information. Okay, so you can actually go in and click on things and change them now for the purpose of time. I'm not gonna do that, because, um, I don't think I need to um And basically, I don't want to be redundant in the way I'm teaching. So I want to basically say, if you want to go in and change that you can by clicking on the edit button and if you are OK with it, click publish. So public published shot policies. So there you go. Now, on the front page of your website, you've got a variety of your shop policies. Okay. Now, underneath that section, the final area is called more information now. Frequently asked questions information on your f ake Hughes may not contradict Etsy's policies or your own shop policies so you can add a list of FAA cues. In other words, frequently asked questions. What are people asking you on a regular basis? You could go ahead and click on that one and add that customize and personalize orders. That's a question people might ask. Size and details, care instructions, gift dropping and packaging. Okay, wholesale availability of people asking, Do you sell wholesale? Okay. Or you can put in custom questions here, and then what you do is you're gonna answer them there. Okay, you can do that. Seller details Selling to Europe. You buyer production or protection laws require sellers who display their name, business address and that number where applicable to buyers. Onley buyers who have set their location to an e u country will see this information, etc. Will not use this information to contact you. So if you are selling to Europe or you are, um, Onley bars who have set their location to you country. So if you are in Europe selling to Europe, you need to fill that information in and add your contact information and your V a T number . You're that number. Okay, that is associated with taxes in Europe's. That's very important. So then where you gonna do at the very bottom? Here is click on the button that says, View your shop of you shop. Okay, so now we're getting there. Guys, we've got a top banner. We've got our logo listed. We've got a little slogan underneath our title. We've got a shop owner picture as we go down here. And now we've got a little area here that says, Welcome to the shop. It's like a little greeting. We're gonna put some more images up here is well, that are going to be our features. But we only have one here, so I'm gonna show you that in later video. Now, when we come down here, we've got our items. So we're gonna eventually have lots more items in here. Okay? And there you go. We've got a picture of about our shop. We could have up to five of these pictures, so because I didn't put in more than one picture, it's only giving us the option of a video or one picture. Okay, so here I could click on my video and play it. Okay. Kind of loud. All right, So here's me and I'm actually is drawing out one of my pieces. Now, this is kind of an unusual video. I just grab this for the fun of it. But you could actually do this. You could show yourself creating your pieces you could do this is a video, or you could give your your, you know, your customers a tour of your workspace. Um, it doesn't really matter. It's really a personal item. Ah, it's something that's really up to you. I thought this is kind of fun. Just for this example. Just to show you that you could be really creative here, you can basically use the skill that you, um that you have. Maybe you're doing screen prints. You can actually have a video of you talking about screen prints. You could have it really edited. Well, where people kind of follow you around on, um, in your studio and you're actually showcasing the different areas. Your studio. But thanks to use are the water based inks. You could be talking about what? The materials, the different types of fabrics or papers that you use, and so on. So again, just in example of a video. This is like a little clip video I put in for fun. But I've got a lot of videos on YouTube and things like that where I actually more give a tour of my studio. But there's one shot, um, and the underneath that it's gotta pick it. Says the studio where I create my black and white inspirational art prints. So you're kind of giving people a little bit of, um ah, kind. Like I look behind the curtain into your studio. Um, and there you go. So I began creating my art while traveling the globe my rock star husband, and caught constantly moving vehicles. So if I had written a full bio here are full right up, That would be paragraphs long. Okay, so you want more information than that again? I'm just giving you kind of a startup of how to start filling out this information. What's really great here as well as you can. Actually, people can tweet or facebook share these things that you have, um, that you have place on your home page of your of your shop. So if somebody wants to share my video or tweet my video or share on Facebook. Um, it's really cool, because this is a great way to get your name out there. Okay, so you definitely want to use this all up. You put up those five images, you put up a great video, make it as great as you can. If it's just you drawing on a piece of paper like me, then Great. Um, if it's you doing a really beautifully edited video, even better. Okay? Now it shows me where can I be found around? The website Could be fell on Facebook Instagram. My websites click on those shot members. It's got my shot member, which is myself right now. Um, I shot policies. They're all listed here. Okay? And I call it down the bottom, and that's it. That's the end of my shop. So this is going to continue to grow. Guys, this is the real basics of setting up your image and appearance or in phone appearance section, and we're gonna continue from here and continue growing your shop. So let's go 21. 20. Creating Feature Items For Your Shop: OK, guys, Now that you have set up the basics of your shop, I've actually clicked over now into my riel live shop which is active on etc. The other one I was using was more of an example. I was kind of walking through a pretend set up. Now, in this case, this is my real shop. This is Vision City paper. Now what I want you lose. It looks kind of similar to the example when I set up. However, as I scroll down, there's this whole section right here. That is the features area. Okay, this is the area I want to focus on in this video. In my previous example, I only had one item listed, so it's pretty much impossible to have a featured area when you only have one item in my real shop. As you can see, I've got just tons of products. I've probably got over 100. Okay, so in this video, I'm gonna show you how to set up featured items. Okay. In my case, I have four. But you can also have either three or four items that are featured. Okay, So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go up to the top of our store. Click on your shop gonna goto listings and you're going over to something called listings Manager. You're gonna become really familiar with listings manager throughout this course. This is gonna be your kind of little, many introduction to it. So let's just go ahead and click listings Manager. Okay? Now, by the way, obviously, you would have added more products to your shop by now. So obviously, you can't do this if you only have one listing and you're gonna go through the exact same process as you already did with your first listing. Okay, so I was just having, you know, at least 10 items by now. Okay, if you haven't done that, I would maybe pause this this part of the video and go back and add at least nine more products to your shop. Okay, So what we're gonna do is I want to show you a brief intro of your listings manager real quick. As you can see, all of your listings are here. Hey, I've got tons. And as you can see, if you have more than what's showing on this page, you can actually click through them by going to the different pages. So if you go down the bottom, it shows you how many pages you have. So let's go to the first page just to make it easy. Now you can actually click on select 40 on this page, select 134 on all pages. So if I wanted to do something to all of them, I could select that I could select 40 that are showing on this page. Now, say, I wanted to do something like renew a file like maybe something is coming to be, um, you know, almost expired. Then I could actually just click on it and click, Renew or I could, like, deactivate, argue, click, delete. So's the three options for each listing. Or I can look at more listings or more actions, and I can actually add information. So I'm not gonna go too far into this right now. I don't want to overwhelm you. Yes, let's just pretend all we want to do right now is find out which ones are are featured images. One of the ways you know what items are featured is by clicking on this button here. So if you select feature listings by Select that all it's going to show me are the four listings that I've selected to be featured. The way that I know that they're selected to be featured is I've given them each a gold star. Okay, Now, if I unfit chur them see, I take off these stars, okay? And I then just go back out to my shop since I go shop View shop? Yes. What? I have no features now. That whole section is now empty. You understand? This gray area is where I used to have those features, and now they're gone. So I want to put them back in. I just want you to see what happens when you make that change. So if I go back in your shop listings listings manager now, I can go ahead and I can select which of these I would like to be featured. So say, for example, I want my thank you card to be featured. I click on the little star, make it. I make it gold and I want my she believes she could. So she did. I want that to be featured. I click on that one. You can do up to four. Okay, So maybe I want, um, my dream prince and I want, um let's say my love song print. Okay, so you click on that star. All right? Now, those air automatically going to be made into features. So now if I go back to view shop? Yes. What now? There. There again. So now I've got four featured items. These are the items I really want to draw attention to when people come to my shop. Okay, so that's how you add features. 22. 21. Your Personal Profile: Hey, guys, the next thing I want to show you how to do is to set up your personal profile. Now, if I were to scroll over here and show you this is where I've got the photo of my shop owner photo my name and people can contact me right here. However, and that's this is actually my riel alive Etsy shop. So it's a bit different than my example I was using to create on Etsy shop from scratch for you guys. So this is now my riel shop, so this is already done. But I wanted to show you where you can update yours. So instead of going to your shop this time, we're gonna go to this other tab that says you when you click on the down arrow, there is a sub button that says view, profile. If we click on that, we go into ah says Melanie Greenwood's profile. Okay, so your name would be up there with the word profile. If we want to edit that, we just go over here and we say, Edit profile. Now, if I want to change that photo or if you want to add a photo because in your case, it may be blank or it may already have a photo there. You could just say choose photo and just the way you would normally browse for a photo like any search option, you would basically look for a J peg, give for Ping. Make sure that the photo is no larger than 10 megabytes and it's at least 400 picks by 400 pixels. Okay, so in other words, you want to be clear, you don't want to look blurry. OK, so your name you can change a remove. If you don't want your personally him on there, that's fine. You just remove it your gender. If you would like to say if you don't want to say, you don't have to your city where you are your birthday if you like tea to share that and you're about paragraph. This is the paragraph that I would encourage you to be kind of fun and creative and really write your story. So what is it that made you start doing the art that you do? What is it that made you start this Etsy shop? In my case again? I was traveling all over the world with my husband, who while he was my boyfriend time and later became my husband. But basically we were traveling all over the place, and when I was home in my hometown, Toronto, I was doing fashion modeling. I had been to school for graphic design, but I I was kind of like at the place where I want to travel and kind of have more of a free lifestyle rather than be in an office all the time. And so I kind of model by day and then do designed by night. And this lifestyle enabled me to be able to travel with my husband and friends and kind of have fun experiences that we just thought would be a great thing to do while we were young and didn't have kids. And so basically, that's what I did. And then eventually I kind of came to a point where really wanted to start my own brand. And in the middle of all that, we moved to ah, California from Toronto. So basically, in the middle of all that, I decided, Hey, I'm gonna check out, etc. And start, um, basically trying this thing out, and that's kind of how I came to my personal story. So I have a lot of those details in here in this one little paragraph. So you may want to go ahead and rethink your story like retrace your steps and maybe share some fun innuendos. Ah, are just really creative things about your story or fun things that fun facts that people may not know. So I would be creative here and create a fun way of describing yourself and show kind of interesting facts about yourself. And everyone has something. So don't be shy. Basically show your personality here. People love it. Okay, now, favorite materials again. I wrote a recycled papers and archival inks. And down here, you can include on your profile, your shop, your favorite items, your favorite shops, treasury lists and teams. Okay, now thes things I'm gonna talk to you about later. Okay? So you can then say that I'm I'm not really make any changes. So it's it's great out. I don't need to save it, but that's where you would do that. And that's how you would set up your profile. So when you go back to your profile, if I go back here view profile. It's gonna end up looking something like this. So it's going to have your image, your name, your profile. Um, that's your profile tab. So it's showing this, but also has a favorite tab. Followers Tab, Contact tab. Um, people can actually read your story. They can click here to read more, and they can go down here and read. You know what? Your materials are used. They can see your local here. They can click here to get back to your shop. They can also click here to get back to your shop. This is like a mini version. It's kind like a little etc. Mini, showcasing your shop here so people can always keep in mind that you've got products. It also has an area that showcases the products that you have liked in the past, or you have favorited, Um, and so it kind of just lets them into your mind a little bit, um, the shops that you favorited. So it's got some of those shops that you've recently liked, so they do some of the places that I have been inspired by recently. So again, it's kind of like letting people in on your world will bit your story and the things that you like. So that's how you go ahead and you update your personal profile. 23. 22. Re-arranging Items In Your Shop: so say you have your Etsy shop set up and you would like to rearrange the way that your images or products are listed. What you're going to do in that case is click on the button Edit Shop. Now you're currently editing your shop. It says. So what I can do down here is I can actually click on a little button up here, says rearrange items click on that. And now it's given us a little move tool. So sorry. Want to grab this and move it? I could literally just drag it around and I can move things. See, I want my newest items at the top and maybe my older items closer to the bottom, for example. Okay, you can literally move items around in your shop. Maybe if you have more than one page, you can actually click on it and say, Send to page 23456 Okay, or you consent to the next page. Maybe you just want to take it off this page altogether, cause maybe doesn't look like the newest item on your shop or whatever it might be. This is where you can do that. Okay? And when you're done, you click on exit rearrange mode, and now you're back at the regular viewing mode, and that's the way you can rearrange items on your shop. At the end, you click on view shop, and now it will show it to you in the regular viewing mode. 24. 23. Adding A Printable Listing: Hi guys. In this video, I want to show you how to add a printable download to your shop. Ah, printable or a digital download is basically the exact same thing. It's an art piece that people can actually go ahead and download when they order it so that you're not shipping them anything. It's a digital item, so it's like buying digital music or buying any other kind of a digital or printable product. In this case, it's something they can go ahead and print it home so that you, as an artist, are free to not have to ship anything. This is a great alternative. Thio going through the regular process of physically packaging and shipping out your orders . Um, this is a great kind of hands off approach, um, where you can actually sell principles. So if you want to go ahead and do that, what you would do is you go up to your shop. Now I'm obviously on my life is my live Etsy shop on my Vision City paper store, so I'll just go up here to your shop, click the down arrow, go to your goto listing and add a listing so it's similar to the process. When we first added our first listing, however, there are some differences I wanted to show you. What you're going to do is you're going to go ahead and add a photo of what that item is again. All the recommendations air right here. So, um, just for viewing purposes, they're the recommending 1000 pixels in width. The least you can do is 5 70 pixels, and with that's just so that people can zoom into it and see it. Clearly, they also just give you some hints on lighting, which we will talk about later. Um, and basically thumbnails of your photos. You can zoom in to see them in full size, so let's go ahead and out of photo. Okay. So, see, I want to go with love you more. Okay. Now, this is a print that I have for sale. I want to sell this as a digital download. I'm gonna go ahead and choose that print, Okay? Now, as it's adding that I can adjust the thumbnail by just clicking on it right here, I can zoom into it if I want to change the view of how it's going to be presented. In my case, I don't. So I'm just gonna say save. Okay. Thumbnail saved. I can also add, as we discussed before four different additional variations of shots. Okay? And now I want to go ahead. Entitle this. So we've gone through this before, so I'll do it really quickly. Just so you get an idea of what I would do. So I'll say, love you. More art print. Um, digital print, love printable. I love art. Valentine's Day gift gift for her love gift. I'm just giving some examples. Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and copy all of that, okay? And then as I go down, I'm just gonna create this as a retail listing, so I can't sell digital item wholesale, so it's obviously going to be retail. Who made it? I'm gonna go ahead and say I did. What is it? It's a finished product. When did I make it? I made it. Just recently, between 2000 and 10 and 2017. The category is going to be art again. So, um, you prints and digital prints. I'm just kind of going through it quickly because we've already gone through this before. make it easier for buyers to find this, but adding more details. So again, this is the newest additional section two, etc. So I want to just go over this quickly So color I'm gonna say it's black because the ink is black. The holiday. I'm gonna say it's four Valentine's Day, Okay? It's good to choose a whole day if you have one, because it just helps to associate with more buyers that way. Um four. Location. Let's just say it's for me. Find something to do with love here. Let's say a wedding. Why not? I mean, I know Valentine's in wedding is on the same thing, but what I'm doing by doing this is I'm actually connecting it to people who are looking for things within those sections of etc. Additional color. Is there an additional color? Well, not really. But I could play just say White is on white paper. The heights is, let's say it's an eight by 10 eight inches. Oops, I should say 10 by eight by it. Choose the unit is an inches. That's the size of my principles. I sell now Renewal optional. Keep it at manual. And now here's the part I want to draw your attention to. This is not a physical item. It's a digital. So I'm gonna click Digital. Okay, So those of you who want to sell digital or principles this is, like, most important thing of this whole video. Is this OK? Also, what I'm gonna do is show you guys how I would write out the description for a printable. I would say, um, love you more printable art for download sighs again, I would say is eight by 10 inches? No, in capitals. Um, this is a listing for a printable download. Now, you it sounds like I'm being aggressive by writing in capitals, But honestly, Sony people, um, not so many. But several people in my time on etc. Have bought digital items and then been still expecting a physical thing sent to them. So you won't make this as crystal clear as possible. So this is a listing for a printable download. Um, comma, No physical item. Oops for a meal will be sent. You know, you want to make this as simple, clear and still friendly, but as crystal clear as possible, the other thing you want to do in This is to make sure and show order instructions, and you're actually gonna list out instructions for people? This helps people because something like Okay, I want this, but how do I actually get it? So you're gonna say purchase listing to download our print? Okay, you don't need a period and then say three print and enjoy. Um, please refer to, um my frame as unexamined, all for you. And you could also say please feel free to print on a variety of specialty papers. You don't have to say this, but it's just kind of like a cherry on top. It basically says, Hey, guys, you can have fun with this. You can print on other forms of paper if that's what you desire to dio It kind of gives people ideas. You know, You want to be the person to give them ideas, it's your art, and you might have ideas of how you might want to be displayed. You might say, Hey, looks really cool printed on, you know? Fine. Ah, you know, recycled kind of Ah, delicate papers like thinned out paper or on vellum or on. You know, you might have an idea. Go ahead and write that in here. Okay, I also suggest that you say other options similar to this one, and you're gonna go ahead and list links here, and these are gonna be links to other listings that you have within your shop. You want to get people to stay within your shop, so I would encourage you to go ahead and give them ideas. Other things that are similar to this one. That Yeah, they like this print. But they might also like something else in your shop. That sort of similar. It encourages more than one item to purchased. Ah, lot of times principles are purchased in groups because they're so inexpensive and people might want to print them at home and then put up a set on their wall and create a gallery wall. So that's something you can do as well. And I also always finish off, and I say for more information. Um, please visit and I would put my website vision citi dot biz. That's just what I would do. You don't have to do that. Maybe you don't have a website, but, um, you may want to do that. Um, it's totally, totally up to you. Okay, so that's what I do there. And now what I would do is I would go down to the other areas. Is there a section that this should be included in? I would say, in my case, I would include it in, um, my let's see. Let's just say black and white prints for actually, no, while our principles, that's the one, Um, no tags. I had copied it earlier, so I'm gonna go ahead. And now go command V and pace it. Oops, actually, no. After re copy Excite, I did another copy and pasting up here. Cycle ahead. I go out up to my very top title here, and I'm gonna coffee all my title listing keywords because, as we all know now, we don't just want one title. We want a list of words. Okay. Copy that. Who all way back down to your tags and again, tags or search terms that people are going to be looking for any way you want them to kind of accidentally come across your art. Okay, this just adds more options for people to find you, so I still have five left, so make sure you use all 13 of these for the purpose of time. I'm not gonna add the other five, but you get the idea materials. I'm not really gonna say anything for this one because technically, I am not selling a physical item. But you can add that if you really want to, Price, I'm gonna say my printable it's $7. So instead of it being a $20 physical print, the printable download is going to be $7 quantity. Let's say I have I mean one. Obviously, that one. Because technically, um, it doesn't really matter. It's physical. It's not a physical item. The skew number. I may want to include a skew number here. Um, let's just say I call it love you more underscore printable. Ah, let's just say, Ah, it's us, It's singing. That's too long. So let's just say I say love printable. Okay, for now, Now here. Very important. You want to go ahead and find the digital file so you're gonna click on this button to find the digital printable file that you're going to be adding so I would encourage you to use something that is going to be easy to download like a J peg or pdf. So you go ahead and click on this button and find that file. Now, for the purpose of time. I've just grabbed any file, but you would find the correct file. You're gonna go ahead and go in and and publish it right here. So when I click publish that will then become a live listing that people can go ahead and purchase for download. And that is how you create a principal listing. 25. 24. Writing Great Art Descriptions: in this lecture, I'm gonna be talking about product descriptions in the area underneath your images. There is an area to describe your art product now, as's faras writing about your own art. Sometimes artists can have a bit of trouble there because they're more used to using, You know there are to communicate for itself. But in this case, we really need you to actually take a moment and write something that's going to compel buyers toe know a little bit more about use and artists and a little bit more. But why this art piece was created now it could be just a really simple one or two lines, just describing maybe the idea behind it or the thought behind it, or it could be paragraphs of you describing how you made it. Um, you know what your inspiration was at the time when you created it, but the more you learn how to write about your art, the better. This is also a really important key. If you want to say be featured on blog's and media, because as people look at your art online, they want to know what you have to say about your own art. And as funny as it might sound, they really want to know what goes on inside the mind of us artists as we're creating, so really want to encourage you to take the time to write great descriptions, right? The things that may be inspired you may be who you were thinking about when you were creating the art. You know, for example, some of my art prints I designed for women like myself. I think about what would I want hanging in my studio. What kind of quirky little saying what I want in a hand lettering piece. And I might describe that I might even say something kind of sarcastic in my description or funny or just, you know, just kind of like, almost like the way girls talk to each other. I I sometimes write that way because I find it's actually been more riel and more connects to the heart of the person. And this is not how the formal writing this could be like writing as you even talk. People want to just basically get to know you as an artist, and they're opening themselves up to hear from you. So take that opportunity to share a bit more about yourself and your art. It doesn't have to be your whole life story, but the more you write about yourself and about your you'll get more used to it. And I think it's also important to because it describes the art itself so you can obviously right and things like the size. What kind of materials did you use? Is it recycled paper? Is it linen paper? Is it scented paper? Is it some kind of special paint that you're using in your screen printing? Is it environmentally sound? Is it? Um, these were the kind of things that people want to know. So this is your shot to really sell your art, but not in a sales he weight and more of a sharing way. That's a really important thing to know. You don't come across like you're doing a commercial and to like sales E you want to come across more like you're inviting them into your studio in a really brief description, just to kind of let them know, um, your thoughts behind your piece 26. 25. Targeting Your Listings To The Right Audience: in this lecture. I want to talk briefly about the power of knowing your audience when you know who you're creating your art for and who you're creating our listings for. And you can really picture the type of people who might be interested in your art, the more likely you're gonna be to make sales to those people. And the reason why I know that is because you will just shift your entire way of presenting your art with those people in mind. As you're even writing your descriptions, you're gonna be thinking about How would they talk? How would they think when you're putting together your photographs, you're going to be thinking about what will really appeal to this crowd that I relate to Often times our audience is a lot like us. So, for example, in my audience is women. Almost 90% of my customers are women, and they're usually from the age of, say, college age 18 ish Ah, and up to about 40 ish. They usually you know, young moms. A lot of young moms purchase art for me, for other baby rooms and things like that, or for their offices. Inspirational pieces that kind of thing. So say if, for example, you create, um, you know, a watercolor painting Siri's and you have a certain type of style. So you do a lot of beautiful landscapes that your improvment more relating to people who are like yourself who may like outdoor activities. They may like hiking. They might like, appreciate the environment. They may have a cough, a cabin or cottage where they would actually put this artwork up in. So you're gonna be thinking about things completely different than, say, somebody who does fashion illustrations whose relating to somebody in the fashion industry are in. Um, you know, the style kind of fashion e world, which is completely different. So it really depends on who you're relating to. And really keep in mind that you are your number one audience, so to speak. So people who are similar to you are going to be really receptive to your art. So think about how you are, how you dress, the places you like to go, the way that you like to look at things and really trust your instincts of this one, because your audience, in a lot of cases, is very much like yourself. 27. 26. Adding Sections To Your Shop: one of the things I also want to highlight before going any further in the course is really how to set up sections. I have mentioned it in the previous videos briefly, as I was kind of going through other processes. However, I find sometimes when I'm learning from online teaching, if people skim over things, I get a bit lost and so sometimes a circle back. And I just focus on something like this because it's that important. And sections is one of those areas. So I want to show you how to create sections went once you've already started to set up your shop. So in my case, I have us a shop set up. By now we have our front and set up. We've got our feature set up. We've got our little, you know, um, intro announcement. We've got a bunch of products in here, but what if we want to manage them a bit later on? Maybe we're a week into the process, and we're like, OK, I want to rearrange things and manage them and create different sections so that it's even easier for my customers to navigate. What you're going to do is as follows. You're gonna go up to your shop, click the down arrow total listings, but don't click on it, just hover over it and then go across to listings manager. Okay? And now what you're going to do, it's go down to the sections area now you are now by now familiar with this back end area. Okay, Now, I know you may not have as many objects or items as I do at this time. Maybe you have about 10 by now, or you're getting close to that number. But what you want to do is go down to the sections area and click on his little word that says manage sections. Help shoppers browse your shop Dragon drop sections to change their order in your shop. So number one if you have any sections already created, maybe you already created one or two or three or four. You can actually just move them. Grab the little kind of ex spotter, like look a little cross or whatever that is and took a little, um, a little move tool. You can actually just go ahead and move them so that they're in different order. That's number one. You can also add a new section. So let's call this T shirts even I don't sell T shirts, but maybe I maybe I will. One day I used to sell T shirts is actually kind of fun for a while. So say I did that. Let's say I want to add T shirts. I'm creating a new whole category of my art and I'm going to now screen print on a T shirts . Now, I've just added that section, and that's it. Now I could just x out of here. Okay, Close. Go back up, go up to your shop view shop and let's see if it's there. You know what? It's not there because of nothing in there. Okay, that makes sense. So let's just go back. That makes perfect sense. Of course, there's nothing in there. I didn't put anything in there, so let's say I went and I added a T shirt to my T shirt section. Okay, so if I go in, I'm just gonna grab one for now. Just for an example. It would cost me 20 cents, but you guys are worth it. I'm gonna go into my T shirt and I'm going to renew. Let's renew this T shirt even though I agree to pay 20 cents. Okay, so now I have a t shirt. I'm gonna go back to my That's you. Listings pages, my general listings manager, and it will show that I have, um Let's see, I'm gonna sort this by the latest to show the latest and greatest that I've just put up. Now I'm going Teoh, click on this, um, Love song Eunice Sex tank top that I used to have. And I'm going to go up to my more actions up here. I can add it to a, um, change the section that it's in. So right now it's not in a section because it wasn't active. Okay, so if that item I need to put it into a section, I go select section T shirts, the Kana and apply. So now, once I go down to my sections if I click on just t shirts Guess what? Now? I have a T shirt in my t shirt section. Understand? So now if I go back to my shop view shop and I scrolled down to my beautiful section area Now I've got all my print areas and I've also got a new section called T shirts, so that's the way you add a new section to your shop. And that's the way you put an item into your a new section as well. So there you have it. That's how you do sections. 28. 27. Setting Up Search Tags: in this video, I want to do a special featured video, all about tags. I have mentioned this previously in the other videos as part of different steps. But again, this is also a very, very important part of your Etsy shop. So wanted to go ahead and do a specialty video for you guys about tags. Tags are basically the terms that people search for when they're looking for an item online . So if I'm on, I'm looking for baby blankets. For example. I would put in a girl baby blankets or whatever might be, um, or maybe I'm someone looking for an art print, um, that I would put in ah art print beach theme or beach themed art print or whatever it might be. And that would be the tag that somebody would be basically looking for people. Customers don't call it tags. They call it just terms of searching for, but we on our side, we call them tags. So the way that you, um, edit them and kind of really massage the tags and make sure that they're right for your shop is by going into each listing and really amping up each tag, you can do this as you're setting up each listing, or you can actually go in from time to time and just edit them and make sure that they are really gonna work for you. So let's click on one of my listings, especially my feature listing at any time. If you want to edit a listing, you can go into it, click on it. It will come up looking like this. This is how your listings look right? Hey, there's your description and all that stuff. Now, if you want to add it, you just click along here. There's a little, uh, listing tools. It's got edit, renew, promote, copy. Deactivating the late and stats. Now I just want to edit. This is I'm gonna edit part of the listing. So go edit. And what I'm going to do now is I'm going to scroll down all the way down to the tags. Okay, here we go. Search terms or tags. Now, I actually still have one more like Adam. We have 12 now. What I want you to be aware of is this number one you want your tags also be in the title of each listing. It is a lot of work to be totally honest with you. I haven't even done this for all of my listings. Is just me trying to catch up with myself like all of us are so busy, right? I just think this makes it big difference. I started doing this to my best selling prints and they started to sell more. Now put it this way. If you've got great products, but nobody's finding you, you've got great products that are just gonna sit there, OK, I want you guys to sell like crazy, So please, please hear me when I say that you definitely want to make sure your tags are set up correctly. Now what tags are is it's a really big part of S e O. If you haven't heard of s t o s E o stands for search engine optimization. This is basically how to optimize your store so it can be found by search engines like Google or, like, etc. Etc. Is a search engine. It's not just in online shop. Okay, so you want to use words that can be found within the search engines. So hand letters, hand lettering, black and white. Amazing grace scriptures. Um, or I think my print up there was up. She believes she could, so I could put something like, um, girl art. Okay, I don't know why I didn't have that on here. See again. I need to go over all of mine as well, because it really makes a difference. These are the things that will really help you to be found in search. So again, I want to highlight this because it's so valuable. You want to use all 13 tags and you definitely want to use things that are relative to each print. So, for example, you don't want to use the exact same tags on every single listing because that's not relative to each listing. You want to make sure that every listing has its own tags so that you have the most options . You might even want to do some research to find out the best search terms that are getting the bank biggest hits. Some people use software for this, or you can actually go into Google and just search for terms yourself and see how many respond how maney, how many finds there are for that term. So say you're looking for sailboat art. Okay, so you put sailboat art into a search term. How many people are searching for that? It will show you by how many? How many things? It'll list it on the Google like when you're actually looking in there. So you actually want to know how many people are looking for that? If not many people are looking for the thing you've created. Find a term that they are looking for an associate that term with your product. Trust me, This will pay you, Ah, time and time again. This will be a really good business Move on your part. So maybe your item is a slightly new and innovative item. It's not really out there yet. Maybe you're carving into a certain material that's a bit different. It's not a traditional way of art. Maybe it's a new thing that's just kind of on the cusp of becoming popular. Maybe it's not popular at all, but there are people that will love your arts. You should to find them and they have to find you so again. Please just take your time with the tags. I wouldn't want Teoh do this course without really emphasizing this because that's how valuable it is to your success on etc. So again, search tags really big deal. Guys. Take your time with them and find the tags that suit you. 29. 28. Listings Manager Tour: Hi, guys. Welcome back. As promised, I'm gonna give you a bit of a guided tour of your listings manager page. This is really an important page because this is really the hub, the kind of backbone of your entire Etsy shop. So you really want to know how to edit things, change things around, um, and create a really seamless system. Now, um, here's the etc. Listings Manager page. First things first up here, you will see a few buttons. You'll see a view. You can either showcase it as a thumbnail view, which is what it is now, or you can change it to a list of you. So I click on list for you. You're going to see things like this. Now, if you're a more of a list person, this might work better for you. I kind of like to see the images a bit bigger, so I'm gonna click it back to gallery view. Okay. The other that you can see up here is stats by click on the stats button. It actually shows me a little bit more information on each listing. So, for example, in the last 15 days, I've had, um, one favorite favorite is when people kind of heart or they like for a better terms. They like your, um, your piece. So the more favorites you get, it really just encourages more sales. So that's always a good thing. Um, and it also it also shows you, for example, you know how much money have you made off of each of these items? You can see that I've had 15 views, one favorite to sales, and I've made $14 us in revenue. That's because I've made to ah, digital print sales of $7 US each. I've also done to three renewal. So, frankly, this this print hasn't done the best for me. However, if I look at the other ones, I will be able to see which ones did the best, so I can actually go through and see which ones have sold, which ones didn't sell. This is kind of a great way of really seeing what Prince did the best. For example, here's my light, not print, and that's a really great seller for me. So I've had 32 sales. I've made $563 off of this print alone, um, and This is just one of my prints. So as you can see, you know, and this is a package here. Of a three set, I had six sales have made $250 in revenue. I mean, this is a great way of really getting an overview on your shop. This is a really powerful thing to do. If you notice a pattern, you can create mawr of those items that are related to that pattern. So I encourage you to have your stats on. Okay. So let me turn off just for now for viewing raisins. Just because I'm obviously trying to show you a lot at once. I don't want to overwhelm the I. Sometimes it's hard to kind of take it all in. So if at any time during this course, you need to kind of pause or replay what I'm talking about, just go ahead and do that will make it a lot easier for yourself. Okay, now, quick edits safe. I want to a quick at it. I could enter quick at it mode. OK, quick edit mode actually is awesome. It actually sets up everything so I can instead having to open every single listing. I can just click through and added things in this listing and then go down here going at it , things in this listing and so on. It's like it opens up every listing into a mini editing section so that you can add it. The tax. You can add it the size you can edit the, um, titling. If you want to change the titles up to, maybe try different search term. This is awesome. Okay, so again, Bravo on etc. Because they're on the cusp of always trying to make things easy for us. Thank you etc. Case we're gonna edit or exit quick. Um, quick edit mode, the tongue twister there. Okay. Or if I want an adolescent, I just click on this big blue button at a listing. And guess what? I'm back in my listings menu, which we know how to use, because we've done this before. Okay, so this is the same thing, except I'm now just adding more ballistic of what we already have. Okay, so go back, so discard changes. I don't need to keep that. Now. That's just those few buttons up up up top here. So you could see, even that alone is extremely powerful for you to do your own research for you to really manage your shop. Now, if I were to click on this button here, I can select all the all the, um, the items on this page organs like all of the items I have in total. So on this page, I have 40 items. I have a total of 134 items. Okay, so if I wanted to say click all of these on all 40 I can renew them all. I can deactivate them all by just a click of a button. I could delete them all which I don't want, Dio or I can say, change them into variations shipping profiles which we'll talk about later. I can change the section there in I can categorize them. I can manage renewal options or I can add tow line sheet. A line sheet is basically like a mini version of etc. Um, that sees shop. However, it's on lee for people buying wholesale from you. Now, I'm not gonna go to wholesale in this course. I've actually created an entire course about etc wholesale. So if you go on my profile page. You will be able to see that course, and it's a very detailed course. It be way too much information to throw at you in this course. Um, so I would encourage you to go ahead and check that out. I love wholesale selling, So if you are a wholesale seller and you want to be, then check it out. I do have other courses for that's okay, so let's go back and let's take this off. So let's just uncheck this for a second. Let's say, for example, I want to select this one item. Okay, this is a baby print. It says Q t pie. It's for little girls rooms. If I want to go up to more actions and I want to add a variation to it, I would click here. But what I want to do is I want to show you how to change the section. So maybe I want to change it to a different section. This is what comes up change section for one listing. You could always select like 10 or 20 or however many want, but basically this is the way you do that right here. I can change it into another section I've created. So maybe I want to just put it up to Wall art. Maybe I just want to put it up to a difference, you know, type of of, ah, character, our character category. So this is where you do that? If you want to change the section that your item is found in Okay, I don't. In my case, I was gonna cancel out of here. That's where you would do that. And if you want to see a summary of your sections, you can just go down to the sections area right here and you can click on all so click down arrow. I just want to see all city, our principles. Okay, so that's just city our principles. These are the only ones that are related to cities, and these air printable downloads is they're not physical prints. Okay, so this makes it easy to add it. All of them together. If I wanted to, I could select select 19 on this page. Okay, So if I want Onley at it, this section, it's super easy to do so rather than me going into 19 different listings and literally wasting an hour of my time or however long it would take. I highly recommend using this feature because it will save you so much time. Maybe I want to go into black and white print. So I click on that one. Okay. And as you can see, same thing I could edit all of my black and white prints. I have 17 on this page. I can edit all of these listings at same time, so maybe I want to renew them all. Or maybe I want to, um, you know, say, if I say select all I want to add variations, maybe I create a new size. As in, maybe I've made a giant, you know, 18 by 24 size of all of them. And I'm making that is available. Um, you know, item for sale within my shop. You can do that literally with a click of a button of just going to add variations. Okay, So and then you go to the same process that we did earlier with variations, so I won't repeat that. But that's basically where you would do that kind of thing. Yes. Let's de select all now. I want to take you over to the left side of the page really quickly, and then we'll come to the close of this section. Now, if I am on this button, it says active. Okay, So let me just come out of here out of this section. Just goto all so in my shop, I've got 134 active listings. It says here, I've got one draft. Okay, that's something I have not published. For one reason or the other, I've got 47 that are expired. That something might wonder. Well, why on the world you have 47 expired? I actually have these expired because they sold out. And I'm honestly, in my personal like, um, decisions with my business. I'm deciding whether I want to bring them back in if I want to create more of them. OK, so that might be why you don't delete the expired ones. Maybe they're expired privileges sitting there. That means they're not being You're not paying 20 cents for these anymore. They're just sitting there. They're kind of in the back burner. Okay, Sold out. I click on the sold out. But I've got one thing that sold out. Yeah, I had a very special custom order, so somebody asked me for. They wanted to buy every one of my prints within a Siri's, um, and customize them. So that was a very big customized job. I charged $330 for it, and they got 18 of my prints, so that was really cool. It was a great job, but I had to create her a very specific custom listing, which you might be asked to do from time to time. And I created her listing, and it was one price. She got a special price that I created for her, especially. I was able to send her the link over the convo, which I'll show you how do? And it was great, because she got a special order is a big order for me. And when it sold out, it was the one and only order like that. So there you go. Sold out orders. Now at the bottom here, you've got inactive. So maybe these air items that are inactive. I was originally selling my cards in grips, so selling them out like, except as a set of 12 or six, and I found to be honest. I didn't sell as well. I believe it or not. Not within retail anyway. They sell better that way in wholesale. So I decided to take them off. I also used to have shirts as you can see, So they all sold out and again, still trying to decide what I want to bring him back or not. You know, running an Etsy shop is like running a regular retail shop because you have to decide what works best for you. So there's a variety of different things. I also have Christmas cards. If it's not the Christmas season, it is really makes sense, right? So I may not want those yet. Um, that's why they're in the inactive area of my shop. But this is where you change that. So maybe you say Oh, wait. Where is that print gone? Where is that art piece? Gone? You might go. Hold on. Let me check my expired area. Let me check that area and make sure that maybe it expired and I didn't notice. Because sometimes if you don't have it on automatic renewals, it could expire. Kind of without you noticing. And then you're not getting any sales for that art. And you're wondering what happened? It may have just gone to the expired section. So safe. It did say if it went to the expired section and you need to renew it, all you got to do is go to say, I wanna renew my never give up card. I could click on it in click Renew. Okay, If I click on renew, it's gonna say you're about to renew molesting by clicking renew. You agree to pay the nonrefundable listing fee below, and the new expiration date will be four months from today. So, in other words, I'm gonna be paying 20 cents. They're asking, Do you still want to do it? If I want to, I click renew, Okay. In my case, I'm not going groups. In my case, I'm not going to do that. Somebody say cancel. But that's how you would do that. Okay, Now, going down the page is a few more things I want to show you before we head out of this section. Okay, Now, if I go to active again, if I want to see again the list of the features listed those the ones I have listed for feature Okay, on the top of my store. But uncheck that it'll go back to the regular view now. This is the marketplace for retail. Okay, now this is on Lee, my retail shop. I personally also have an Etsy wholesale shop. If I want to see what I have available on Etsy wholesale, I click wholesale Currently these the items I have on my etc wholesale shop. I've got different items that are not listed on my retail shop because I find that certain things do better on wholesale again. If you want to. My wholesale course, you could do so. I do have that available online as well. It's just called, um, how to sell on Etsy wholesale, I believe. Okay, the other you could do is just click retail only or wholesale only. It's pretty much the same thing. But sometimes, um, one item you can list it on both sides. So I have done that a lot. I've actually had one item sold on wholesale and retail. So you can do that if you wish sections. Okay. This is where you're going to show all your sections with. We just kind of went through this But again, I just want to make it really clear this is an area of etc that you want to know how to use . So if you want to see on Lee one section again, this is where you find that lions sheet collections. This is another way of saying sections within your wholesale page. So in in wholesale, they call it line sheet collections not to confuse you. OK, because if you're not ready to go into wholesale, this won't even really be relative to you. But I am showing this to people who are kind of on the verge of wanting to break into wholesale as well. Um, again, that's all say, but wholesale. But the kind of the two worlds kind of do connect. So that's why it's impossible for me to showcase of one without even mentioning the other. Now. More filters, um, you can do shipping profiles. So say if you've set up shipping profiles, I have a shipping profile set up for art prints, which I will show you how to do shipping profiles later in this course. But if I click on this my shipping profiles for art prints, it will show me that, um And then for tags to say I've got all these different tags. This will show me, um, what items I have under what tags? So there you have it. That is an overview of your listings manager. Okay. Again, I encourage you. Once you have filled in your 10 new images for your Etsy shop, I really encourage you. Um, after listings are in here to really go through and play around and look at the different things. Look at your stats. Look at the quick at it. I mean, maybe won't have really many stats would be beginning, but even within a month, you'll start to see stats will start to see patterns of things happening. What are people drawn to? What are people liking? What are people giving a stopped heart to our favorite too? Those kind of things. Okay. And one other thing I did not show you yet is this little button here. It looks like a little kind of factory, but in our little kind of scrolling button. Now, if I click on the down arrow, you also see more information as well. You can view on Etsy view stats, edit, copy, deactivate renew, change section share. So again, etc. Just creating several ways to do the same thing. Because everyone of us is artists, we do things a bit differently. We're not always going to click on the same button, so they're actually creating another. Yet another way for Unite to Make Edits. So again, Bravo Net. See, because I really love how user friendly it is now, especially this new version of etc. I'm really happy with it. It makes things really, really simple. And lastly, before I close, there's also a way of sorting your listings manager so that you can have it by expirations soonest first. Okay, or you can have it list from a dizzy from zero a low Prum low stock the high stock hide a low price low to high hide alot expiration soonest or latest, I think keeping it expirations soonest. First, it's smart because when you see your listings manager knowing what's about to expire first , it will help you to make sure not Teoh. Forget to renew them. Alternatively, you can also just have it renewed automatically. However, I'm not. I don't love doing that because then it's being renewed, even if it's not selling very well. And if somebody not selling very well for me, I like to just not renew it. No, I mean, obviously, I'm gonna renew things that for sure, Cell. I'm not really gonna renew things that don't sell after the first few times of trying. If I If I have renewed it like three or four times and still not selling, that's probably a sign that maybe it's not a huge draw for customers. So and that's OK, because we're creative. We can keep making things and keep creating. Right, So there you have it. That's a listings manager tour. Um, again, take your time in this area and become very familiar. This is going to become one. Your favorite places to be, I promise. 30. 29. Shipping Profiles: hi guys in this section. I want to talk to you all about shipping profiles because I think it's something that will make your lives so much easier. I have talked about it in the past as well as in this course, but I really believe that if I don't take the minute to really go over it, that it could become a bit of a confusing thing. And it kind of freaks people out who has to do with, you know, shipping and it will things get there and that kind of things. I want to show you how to set them up to, you know, my are your shop. You're gonna goto listings and shipping settings. Now there's two ways you can set up shipping profiles. You can set them up to be calculated for you, or you said you set the, um, actually shipping profile. A shipping profile is when you have several of one item. So say you have art prints that are all the same size and the same weight. Then you can set all of your art prints and all of your, um, your products that are all related to each other. You can have them all have the same profile. So in that way, when you're setting up your listings, you don't have to re figure out what the cost is to ship for each item. It's already thought through four years, so you can have like, ah, 100 items all under the one shipping profile, and this will make your lives easier. Okay, so art prints, for example, I have 52 listed items under the same shipping prop profile. So that way, I don't have to update, um, all of the details on every single listing. If any of my shipping prices change, I could just go in and change my one profile and that will change all the listings for me. So again makes your lives so much easier. And again I love etc. Okay, so let's go ahead and add a shipping profiles to go to this bottom area here at a shipping profile, you could do calculated shipping, which is great, but it only works if you live in the States. So if you don't live in America, unfortunately, guys like myself, you can't use calculated shipping. If you do use calculated shipping. What you do is you just put in your pin code or your zip code. So let me put in one for an example. 62 Okay, so you're gonna put in your processing time. So 123 business days. I suggest this, for example, here. Where? All ship United States and worldwide. Yes. I'm gonna leave it like that. Um, shipping service USPS. And leave it like that shipping of, ah, free shipping, optional free domestic shipping. If you want to make free domestic shipping, you could do so. Are free International. To be totally honest with you, I don't really love the idea of being free shipping because it's expensive, especially living in Canada. I realize that, but in America it's a bit better because the cost of shipping in America is a lot cheaper handling fee. Do you want to add a handling fee? Do you want to add $5 for yourself? You could do so there. And now you're gonna create a profile name. So let's call it large, large scale art prints. Okay, Then you would create the profile and click create, and then that way, every time you're setting up a new listing, you could actually select This is a profile for that type of item. Now let's go back up here and change it. Maybe we don't want calculated shipping because, let's face it, we all don't live in America. Say we live in a different country. Maybe you're working in Europe. Maybe you're working in Brazil and you have items you're selling, so we can't, you know, all use the calculated shipping. Okay, so let's say I'll end your fixed costs manually, which is what all the rest of us will dio who do not live in America estimator estimate and ensure shipping cost yourself include any multi multiple item discounts, shipping upgrades or international off off options you offer. Excuse me. Okay, now the origin of shipping for me it's going to be Canada. So let's find that Canada and the estimated shipping time. I'm going to say 123 business days that just my sweet spot I find 123 Business days is really good. Just my personal opinion. You can choose for yourself and now I'm gonna put in my cost. So maybe it's $10 to ship. And for $2 for the second item for America, it's 12 So I did do this before, but I wanted to just make sure, you know and understand why we're doing this, Okay? It's gonna be $2. That's gonna be forever else you can out of the locations. If you sell a lot to the UK or you sell a lot to Europe, you're gonna add those in here. You can add a shipping upgrade if you want to have a rush item or something like that. And now you're gonna call this a new name. So maybe let's call this one large scale art prints okay for examples. Let's just go ahead and create that because I'm in Canada so I can actually use that profile. So now I've got a new shipping profile that's got fixed prices that it's listed right here . It's called large scale, our print. So there you have it. That is how you set up shipping profile so that when you are setting up your new listings, you just simply look down the list of shipping options. Um, and you can then use that shipping profile so you don't have to re figure it all out again . How much things cost to ship and again. Let's just make your lives easier because there's a lot to learn on, etc. On running an online business. This just one more way. That etc. Is making it easy for us. 31. 30. Promoting Within Etsy: etc. Is an awesome platform because it also offers promotion from within. And so for this video, I want to go through some of the options for promoting your store within etc. Okay, so let's go into your shop as you notice. Everything really starts here. So this is where you really start to get to anything and you're gonna go down to promote and I'm just gonna go through some of the options for you. I'm not going to go through everything in complete detail. Otherwise, this course would be like 2 to 3 hours longer. It is such a huge subject. So let's just start by going through things one at a time. Okay, Is advertising dashboard So just like how we have a dashboard with our Etsy shop. This is the advertising dashboard. So this is where you would house all of your advertising campaigns that you were doing within etc. Okay, so this is if you are doing promoted listings or Google shopping, there's also an option for third party advertising within our from etc. So it's actually out outside of etc. Um, which I'll talk to you about in a minute. So this is basically where all of that would happen. So as of right now, I'm not doing that promoted less things off. You're not currently advertising your listings on etc. So if I were to go and turn this on so if I clicked on manage, um, advertised with it with promoted listings. So if I clicked on on, then right away, it would be asked me my daily budget. So it's kind of like advertising on Facebook. How there's, like Facebook ads, for example. So as you can imagine, this is a really huge subject. But this is where you would do this if you wanted to look further into it. You be setting a daily budget, um, advertising listings automatically, so that would be on advanced settings. Let's see what those are set maximum cost per click. So this gets a bit more technical, and I don't want to go kind of two crazy into this, but basically, this is what you want to pay for people to click on the links in order to even get up a potential buyer. This is not, um, you know, a guarantee that they're gonna buy anything. It just care just is a price associated with what people would are or what you would have to pay for this advertising cost of getting somebody to actually click on your ad. I know that sounds a bit of a mouthful, but that's basically what that ISS. So down here you'll find add stats and settings. Decide which listings you want to advertise, so you be selecting a few of them there, Um, and then you go from there so you can actually select them underneath here, here, your listings or my listings. And this is where you do that. You basically select which ones you want to promote. And, um, the actual advertising system that's associated with etc. Will kind of gather them and start pulling them and using them in advertising campaigns, not only inside of etc but outside of etc. So that's where this happens. Now, down here you will find your ad performance. So this is basically your results of your ads. OK, so what you want to do is go down here to find out how did my ad do? How Maney impressions did I have? How many clicks did I have and what was the cost? So at some point over the last couple of years working with, etc. I must have tried this at any. Remember I did this, Which is kind of crazy ex, obviously, I spent $50. And by the way, money can go really fast when you're doing this. So just be aware of your maximums and things like that, so that you don't overspend. Um, yeah. I had 17,000 183 impressions. I had only 118 clicks, which is not really that great, to be honest, um and then the cost for those 118 clicks was $50.27 us. Which to be honest, that's why why I didn't do this again because it was a bit expensive. Now it's a bit of an art doing these ads. My husband's really good at this. He's got an online business that's very successful. So he is somebody that could probably look at this and go, OK, I can understand what to do. Um, I'm personally not that much of an ad kind of person. I don't really feel like I'm an expert in that area, but I did at least want to show you guys a bit more information about this and where you can at least look into it. Okay, Now, down here, you'll see sales from ads. Obviously, I don't have any yet, but this is where you would be putting seen them show up. Which would be great because you could see the order of the revenue sold listings. And what was the ad? Which one was it that worked? So sometimes you need to test the water a little bit with ease. Um, and again, money can go really quick with these. So please be careful. So now if we go back into your shop and then go to promote, let's go the advertising options, this etc advertising. Expand your online presence by putting your listings in front of interested shoppers both on and off, etc. So check out our options. So we have etc. Promoted, listing. So this is the ad kind of listing that show up at the top of search within etc. So it's the same way like when you go to Google and when you google a word and instead of seeing a topic come up, you actually see an ad. The same thing happens within etc. So you'll see an ad that is a listing. But it says ad at the top of advertisement, and a lot of people do this. It's basically your with buying yourself to the top of the list. This is a really good idea. Um, overall again, though, you just have to kind of test your waters and see which is the best. Um, you know, spend for the ad. So say, for example, if you have a best selling art print or peace or card set or whatever might be, you may want to test with your best. So what is the number one selling item in your shop? Then you might want to check it out and try that. So you go here, you can actually click on start advertising on Etsy right here. All right, let's check it out. Okay. And we're back with that regular page, so that didn't take us anywhere new. But now let's go down here to the next area. It's called Google Google Shopping. Okay, so advertise on Google search results, all from the comfort of etc. So instead of having to go and actually buy Google ads and actually go through that process , you're doing it through etc. Although it's showing up on the side kind of panels within Google. So this could be a very good, um, option for some of you again. It really depends on your goals as a company on as a personal brand. So, um, we just read this here. When people shop online, one of the first places they go is Google, etc. Helps you reach new shoppers on Google by placing at the top of relevant search results. So again, this could just be a great way of getting in front of more people. And this is where you would select that in order to sign up. Looks like there's a bonus. Here is well free ad credits. In addition, if you spend $25 with within the 1st 30 days, you'll receive $100 in Google shopping credit. So that's actually kind of a cool option. If you want to go ahead and try that, that might be a great way to kind of just get your feet wet with advertising on Google. So not a bad idea there. That's a really good idea. Okay, and then again, get your items in front of interested shoppers. More often, it talks about increased visibility, easy management, which is true, because etc is really doing a lot of the leg work for you and customer insight. This is one thing I do think is true as well. Although I haven't dabbled too much into, um, Etsy's advertising and promotion, I do think that they do have a pretty good system. I'm the kind of person, though, that before I approached things and start spending money, I do a ton of research, so I'm a bit of a geek that way. I definitely, um, I kind of hit the books pretty hard, and I make sure that it's gonna work. Um, and I do it the right way. The first times don't spend, like, you know, $500 in the wrong thing. So basically, that's what I would dio and again, at the bottom of the page, you click on it again. It takes you to this same page, so that's how you dio advertising within etc. Now let's go over here again to your shop. I just want to show you a bit more of the options within the Promotes tab Okay, Try advertising on Google. I pressured this lady to the exact same page. Okay, here we go. Advertising Google search results all from the comfort of etc. Again. This is the exact same information. Just a different page. Shop engine adds this one I found really interesting. Okay, Shop shopping engine adds this is when you can actually get an A shop ad for your own shop . But it does not show up on Google are on Google or on etc. It actually shows up on other major online shopping networks. So Google shopping, being shop style, Polyvore and Facebook. So this is kind of like an indirect way of getting your ad that you've created to show up on these platforms. So this is a really interesting page. I would encourage you to come here and read this page in detail. This is something that might be a really good option for some of you. Um you know, maybe even people that are specifically in the area of, like, fashion related items. I know that I'm focusing more on artists, but art and fashion, obviously always kind of interact, so I just feel like that would be a really good fit for some of you, but again, it really depends on your goals. So I would have you come and read this page. It's basically just a new overview of how it would work for you to be able to use that tool . Okay, now, if I go down to promote again, going to go down to coupon codes, coupon codes is definitely my favorite way of promoting within etc. I create a ton of coupon code, as you can see. So sometimes I create one for Christmas or for, um, specific art shows. I'm doing so that people from the art show can get a discount. Or maybe it's just a random flash Friday sale. Or it's a Father's Day sale on Mother's Day sale. As you can see, there's a ton of reasons to create coupon codes. So how about we go to create a new one? So let's create new coat coupon. When you click on that, a little box opens up and it says, um important. Once you create a coupon, the name and I cant on amount cannot be changed. You can Onley use a name once, even after a coupon has been deleted, so that's important to note. So let's call this new coupon code sale code just for this example. Now, when you create a code, you can actually make that code your new thank you coupon. So say you're just doing this for the first time. Maybe you want to call the code, thank you, and then actually make it not only a code for a sale, but also code for every time when somebody orders from you, they will get this coupon code in there with their purchase. They'll actually receive this from you, and it'll be a note saying, Thanks for your purchase. Here's a coupon code for your next visit. In my case, I've act made this an active coupon email. Um, and it says, thank you. So that's the name of my coupon code for Thank you's Okay, now, if I go down here to discount type, let's say I want after offer 50% off. So again, that's a percentage discount, so I wouldn't go down 2% discount our percent discount. The other options are free shipping or fixed discount, so there's only three options. In my case, it's percent discount. So let's say 50% and minimum purchase for this, I'm gonna say $7. So this is basically the lowest priced item that they can apply this coupon to $7 is the lowest priced item I have in my shop. So basically that works for me. Some of you might have digital products for, like, a dollar. $2. You may not want to allow coupon for that, because it's basically you'd almost not make anything off of it. But, I mean, it's really up to you. Um, as far as I understand, I don't think you gonna have anything lower than $1 even including a coupon on etc. So again, maybe $5 I would say is part of Lois, you want to go? Um, for that, But again, it's really up to you. Your discretion. Okay, So now expiration date today is the 23rd of January 2017. So how would I say it's gonna expire in a week? So let's say january 30th which is the falling Monday, and I'm going to make this an active status. If I wanted inactive, I could just turn it off, basically. Okay, So say you want to just turn it off before it expires. That's how you do that. But I wanted to be active, and then I just say add coupon. So there you go. Now I've got a coupon called sale code. It's giving me an offer of 50% off. It expires in one week, January 23rd and so far, no one's used it because I just made it. This is the uses uses and it expires. Um, January. Oh, sorry. I created on January 23rd and it expires January 30th. It is an active coupon. So now I can go on social media or I can go on my website or I can go anywhere in any where I want to share this information and I can announce Hey, guys, I've got a sale happening for the next week where you can get 50% off anything in my shop. Um, anything starting at $7 up. So go ahead and buy from my shop this weekend, you get a discount. So this is a great way of doing promotion within etc. The other thing I want to show you is if I go to promote again, go down to promote Let's go down, etc. Badges, etc. Badges are an awesome tool as well. Now badges or exactly what they sound like. They're basically a little kind of square. Add or rectangular add that can be applied to your blood website or social media. To serve to share badges on social media, click on the image to view the full size version, then saving copy and upload it to your social media profile. So, in other words, say it's the holiday season and you want to announce on your social media platforms that you are a seller on etc. You just simply click on one of the badges. And if you're going to use on your website and imbed the code onto your website, you just copy this code and embed it into the back end coding. Or you could just right click on this and go save as and use this as an actual oops. Or you could just do that and actually copy it that way, clicked on it by accident. But bottom line, you just right click on it and use it, Um, and that could be come and a badge that you promote. The fact that you are on Etsy seller, so this is a really great cute designed pieces already done for you and sure doesn't really represent your items. But at least it lets people know. Oh, etc. She's on its here. He's on Etsy. That's kind of cool people, really. They associate with the etc platform because they're used to seeing the logo and the colors . So this is just a great way of promoting the fact that you sell on Etsy. There's different ones, so there's a little one for, like a small pixel badge 200 by 200 pixels. Again, you can copy this coding and save it to your website Back ends that it will show up soon like a side banner. Sometimes there's like side panels on blog's, and if you look on the right side or left side, you'll see actually where people are available. So maybe they sell on different platforms, so maybe they sell on Etsy or they sell on Amazon or they sell on Polyvore whatever it might be. But this is where people get those, um, these are called etc badges. So again, I'll show you again where that Isett is just under your shop, promote etc. Badge. Okay, now the last thing I want to show you is etc. Many now etc. Many is exactly what it sounds like. It's a mini version of etc. That shows up on your personal website. Um, and it's basically like a little widget. A witch. It is kind of like a little animated, um, website tool, where those actions that can happen that represent, say, advertising or some kind of a tool that it's being created to, um, basically create an action on your website so people might have a widget for a shopping cart or a widget for, um, you know, different types of actions that they want to have on their website. So this is no different, etc. Is, um, it's etc. Many is a mini version displaying small items, um, within your Etsy shop, so it cannot not only display your items, but it can also display items that you personally like, or that you have favorited. So in the case of CIA blogger, like, maybe you're not only an artist, but you blawg and you also promote other brands and other things that you like. You can also be showcasing their items as well. So the way to do this is to, um, select what you're going to be promoting are going to be promoting and showcasing items from my shop or items from my favorites items from my favorites would be the things that I liked or I favorite it on Etsy. Okay, so in my case, I would rather show items from my shop because technically, I'm trying to make money, right. So I want to, um I want to promote those items on my website. And I can either choose a thumb now, which is 75 picks by 75 picks, or I can choose a gallery size, which is ah, 1 70 pixels by 1 35 pixels. Let's choose the bigger one because I feel like you know what? If they're a bit bigger, maybe they'll be able to be seen. So this is basically what you would see. It's kind of like a little, uh, kind of like a little presentation of what would be kind of a taste of your Etsy shop. That makes sense. You can choose how many columns you want, how many rows. So it's kind of like bringing etc. To your website. So it's actually kind of cool when you really think about it. Okay, so that's etc Mini. If you want to do that, you would go here. Okay. So again, that's a great option as well. For online promotion, within etc. Etc. Is a real master when it comes to promoting things that I'm really impressed with this actually. So this is a great option for you guys as well. 32. 31. Overview Of Navigation Tabs: I also want to share with you guys the overall kind of navigation when it comes to the other areas to be aware of in your shop. So go up to your shop and I just want to show you these kind of quick areas to know about so that you are really comfortable when it comes to navigating these areas. So I've already shown you the quick links Dashboard stats, Retail Orders Listing Manager, which we've become very familiar with. Adding a listing, um, wholesale orders and line sheet or organizer. Those air only for people that are selling wholesale. So at this time, I'm not going into that now. Listings. This is where you'll find your listings. Manager. This were you add a listing, um, Shuping settings. We've already gone there to set up our shipping profiles. Line Sheet organizer again is for wholesale earned free listings. That's if you want to get free listings by recommending etc. To your friends and family. Okay, now orders. This is where you're gonna go if you have an actual retail order. So you click on this for retail orders. Um, wholesale orders, shipping labels again. That's only available if you live in America and reviews. So if you want to go over your reviews and see what people are saying about your shop, you can click here now, promote. We've gone over this area as well. So all the different options for promotion. So if you want to come back here and look over those you can finance this is an area that we didn't really go into yet. So your bill, this is where you're gonna go to see what you owe, etc. You also get a notification over email. But I'll tell you, you haven't outstanding balance on your bill, your billing info, your payment account. So let's actually go into this section cause I haven't really shown you this yet. So your bill So I haven't outstanding balance of, ah, $2 So I should pay that. But basically all you have to do here is make a payment. If I go to make a payment, I have the option of doing either visa or PayPal. Okay, that's how you make a payment and you just follow through. Let's go back from going back here. All right, let's go back to finance your billing info. So, um that's more of a personal locations. I won't click on that, but basically, that's gonna be the info that you use like your credit card. Um, the information that we've already and put it into, etc. Your payment account. This is the escrow account that etc. Holds when they have money that is being paid to you. Accepted payments. This is where you go to find the payments you receive from customers. QuickBooks for etc. This is a new ah feature, so let's go ahead and click on this now. If you're familiar with QuickBooks, it's actually an accounting software. So basically at sea is partnering with QuickBooks here to offer a um, it's called Tidy Up Your Your Shops finances. So they're trying to basically help us out a shop owner so that we can be on top for finances. So instant integration with your Etsy shop tracker, sales expenses, tax deductions and more. So this is another great tool that's available Onley in the newest version of etc. So that's again, why I'm making etc. 2.0 so finances made simple untangle your business and personal expenses on the go, So you want to basically keep your personal expenses separate from your business expenses. So you can actually use this as an app on your phone point snap in store. This is for take a quick pick. Um, is all it takes to keep your receipts at your fingertips? So instead of keeping physical receipts, you can just take a picture, Um, and basically use it that way. Track mileage automatically. This is for gas if you're tracking mileage, um, and money saving deductions and you can keep going down here and read it all up. This is a lot of text and information, so I won't go over all of it again. Areas for taxes. It gives you some more insights on how Teoh basically prepare for your taxes every year. Okay. And then down here is the pricing for the service. So QuickBooks, self employed and TurboTax bundle told laws per month or quote put book self employed. It's $5 per month. OK, so that's that. Let's go back. I want you to go in that, um and kind of look it over on your own because that that one will take a bit of time. So we're just going over the pattern, so pattern is obviously the website system within etc. So that's that. Shop settings info in appearance we've gone into about your shop. This is basically the info in appearance is how your shops going toe look options. We've gone over and again wholesale profile and policies again. That's only if you're selling wholesale, which I'm not covering in this course education and support. This is really great to know about. There is an Etsy seller handbook. I really recommend this. Okay, now this course is going to give you a ton of introduction and guidance. However, is there something that you have a question about afterwards? You can definitely ask myself or you could take a look at this. This is the seller hand, but this is going to go. It's like the selling Bible OK of etc. So if you have any questions, this is gonna answer it. Okay. Also forums There was a ton of forums. You can actually go onto these forums and interact with other sellers of etc. Um shop APS, cellar protection, um, shipping help and etc. Help. OK, so these are all the areas. This is the area that you'll find all of these type of topics. So I wanted to just be sure to go over those that you felt kind of comfortable navigating your way through. And let me just see there's anything else to note about. Yes, So, under the word than the word you are the tab, you you're gonna go down here. This is the etc conversations, okay or convo. Those people refer them to Congo's is what you are having with other Etsy sellers or with people who are, ah, purchasing products from you. If I click on that, it's gonna show. It's kind of like an email inbox. Okay, so you can compose, almost like conversations sending two different people. Hey, Aiken, send to a contacts user name. Um, if I have a customer that into contact, I could do that here, But most the time it's customers asking me questions. This is where they will ask questions, and this is how they basically work towards getting a sale. So I'm always quick to respond to those okay purchases and reviews, account settings, your teams and wholesale. So again, this is just a bit of an overview. I wanted you guys to feel really comfortable going through all these different tabs because this is kind of where you need to kind of live to get really used Teoh operating within s and being successful on it. So there you have it. That's a bit of an overview of the existing tabs within etc. 33. 32. Favourites, Follows, Lists and Admirers: I want to talk to you about Favorites follows and lists as well as admirers. Now the thing is within etc. Favorites follows Listen, admirers thes air the ways that people are going to interact with your store. Right now. I'm on somebody's store called the Paper Cub. Ah, this is Shannon. She is a designer and owner of the store. I've actually had some great conversations with her. She's awesome at what she does. And so I just wanted to give a showed up to her company. I really love what she does in Florida. Um, she's actually been an awesome inspiration as well as, um, she's really given me some great advice with my shop. So I love her. She's awesome. So what I want to do is show you say I wanted to favorite her shop favorite ing somebody Shop is kind of like giving them a like on instagram, or it's kind of like following them, I guess, on Instagram. So it's kind of similar to that. So the more people that you have a favorite, your shop, the mawr that you're going tohave in the admirers. So if I go down here, what you'll see here is that she's got a ton of admirers. A case. As you can see, the admirers are the same numbers. Hey, let's zoom in here. She's got 5836 admirers. I mean, that's a ton. Okay, so a ton of people have liked her or had have admired her page. That's exact same number we see up here on her favorite spot. So if I favorite her shop, it's the same thing as admiring her shop. I noticed that the more admirers or favorites you have, I'm not sure why. They call it favorites here and admirers down here. But that's a question I have for etc. So that's still to be heard back on. But as you can see, the more admirers you have one thing if you look on a variety of different etc. Shops, the more admirers people have, the more sales they have. People don't have a lot of admirers. They have not that many sales in my shop. Right now, I have exactly 471 admirers and 470 sales, so I think that's really funny, because that just shows you that they really do relate to each other. In this case, she's got a lot of admirers, and she's got, I mean, a lot of sales to, but she's got ton of admirers. Okay, so admirers is definitely a good thing. It's basically a way of bringing attention to your shop. If somebody's favorite of your shop, then you your products show up in their lists. So basically, it's a way of them keeping track of you. And people can go into other people's favorites and see what other people have. Favorited. So it's the same as social media. You can actually see what other people are doing with the Net. See if that makes sense. Okay, so I'm gonna favorite her shop just because I think she's great and I love her products. All right, so what we're gonna do, Let's go over here to her card. It's an anniversary card. Um, what to do here is click on this button. It's a little heart button, and this is another way of favorite ing. However, I'm not favorite in the entire shop. This time, I'm favorite ing. Just this listing. Okay, if I click on this down arrow beside this list icon I can actually add this to a list. So let's say I want to create a list called Love. So I'm gonna create a themed list called Love. Let's see add Now, I've just created a, um, list, and I've added this item to that list. So in other words, this is a great way to get people to start creating lists with your products. Sometimes I'll get notifications from etc. Saying this person's favorited your shop. This person's created a list of your items, and they are. You know, basically it's like promoting your products for you, which is really great. So that would be the way that you would favorite her shop as well as favorite ing an item as well as saving it to a list. Okay. And again, the favorites are also called admirers. 34. 33. Packaging Your Art For Shipping: So now that you've made a sale, it's really important to know. How do you package your art so that it arrives more than one piece? It's got to arrive looking exactly the way you presented it on Etsy. So for myself, for example, I sell art prints like this one. This is one of my number one selling Prince says, Never give up. And so what happens is when I sell an art print, I have it printed. Obviously, it's 11 by 14 and I always put it in a plastic sleeve. Okay, this is a, uh it's a regular plastic sleeve. I got these on clear bags dot com. If you're interested in finding that clear bags dot com, okay, or I think maybe dot c. I think it's dot com, and then I also always put in a, um, cure a gated cardboard. Now you can get these in different thicknesses. I go with this sickness here. There are thinner ones, and there are ones of different type of materials. I find thes are the right thickness, and they are thin enough and light enough other easy to ship, and the prints are arriving, looking exactly the way that they're supposed to, which is not having doggy years, Another nice and clean eso I always put that. So I put that inside Exactly what I do. I put it inside of here, okay? And then I just slide my art print inside. Now, for some of you, you might be doing, you know, signing each one or what? Not. Okay, now, this is not gonna work for every form of art. I realize that, but for anyone creating a print of their original, this is what you're gonna dio or even your original sometimes can fit inside of these. So you have it. I always buy the ones that have the abusive that could be removed at the top. So remove the adhesive. He's a resealable plastic bags, and I close it up. It's like that. Actually, before I close that I would usually put inside of here a little information sheet about myself as an artist and about what I offer as well as my social media. So you can definitely do that as well. And then I put that entire thing again. Of course, after attaching to their my thank you note, I put that entire thing inside of another rigid mailer. Okay, which I usually get on Amazon, these rigid Mellors, or you can actually get them on you. Lina's Well, they do offer them as well. So I put that inside of there, and then I take off. I take off that adhesive and I close it up. I always tape the edges as well to make sure that no water can get inside. I mean, or that nobody no, you know, post office, postal man or woman can accidentally pull these tabs because, say, if somebody actually pulls this, it can actually open the package, which you don't want, right? You want to make sure that your packages arriving sealed so I would take a piece of tape and I would tape around the edges here. And then I'd obviously write the address on here and the return address. And I would also add my own personal stamp. So I got a stamp called Vision City. I got it made. You can go, Teoh. I will put up with stamp website afterwards. Good camera, but name. But I'll put that on there as well. And I actually stand the top left corner just like a branded thing. I just stamp it on there, and that way it looks kind of more like it's coming from my studio rather than just a blank envelope. So I find that's a bit of a fun little addition. You don't have to do that. We can write everything by hand, totally fine. But if you want to do that kind of brand, your envelope is well, you can do that as well. So this is how you send out a package of a art print. Okay, now, if you don't make art prints and you're selling canvases, for example, you may need to actually make a box or make Origen Mailer and then tape it yourself physically like you may actually have to cut cardboard and tape it together or bend cardboard in a certain way. Obviously, that's more if you're using a, um, you know, a special canvas or the other option is tubes. So I'll put up a photo at the end of this video as well of a tube that can be a good example of of Ah to, but you can use to send it your artwork. The only thing with tubes I don't love. They have to roll the art, which I find not everybody likes that because they get it and it's rolled. So then they have to, like, kind of try and steam it out or roll it out to make it look flat again before they can put in a frame. And not everyone's gonna frame everything. They might just want to put on the wall without a frame. So I personally would as an artist or as a customer, I like to receive something flat. And then I would send it up just like this, and they would get to them. And they love it. So there you go. And that's how I would package my art prints. Hi, guys. Instead of showing you a photo of the tube, I decided I was actually just gonna show it to you in a really quick last little video here before we leave the packaging section. So this is the con tube I'm talking about, Okay? They have a front and back that come off, right? That little leads like this. So what you want to do is make sure as you're you're gonna roll. Your, um your are peace gently so that you're not bending it. You don't want to create any creases in it, and then you're gonna put your lids on and tape them. Make sure you tape them because if any water gets in here, it's just gonna be a mess. So you definitely want to make sure to tape them. There are a variety of different types of tubes out there you can get. You can also order those from you line. I'm giving you line a big plug here, but that's what I use. Um, so you can use different sizes. If you're arts really big, I would go with a wider tube. Obviously, um, and if it's smaller, you can use a smaller tube with dimensions. So definitely I think about that, and you're gonna You can even use your stamp. If you do it, Do so. Create a stamp. You could actually stamp along the tube so that it creates again your branding your your store as well. Or you can write your name on here. You know your from address and your your your to address for your customer and again about the stamps. I actually can't remember. I got these stamps made. But, um, you can go online on Google. There's a ton of places that make rubber stamps custom rubber stamps so you can, you know, send them your logo or you can send them. You know, the name of the front you want to use if you don't have a local yet and they can actually create you a custom rubber stamp, which is really cool. And it comes with it comes with a, uh, willing pad, and you can use this to stamp, you know, promotional items or even the back of your art pieces. If you so choose to do that that way, people know it's coming from your studio. That's something else you can do if you like. OK, so there you go. That's the end of my packaging steps. One. Make sure to show you exactly what I use 35. 34. Over Deliver For Your Customers: this lecture. I want to talk about over delivering now. When somebody order something from your store, you have the order command, the payments gone through. You've done the packaging. You've marked it shipped. You've sent them a notification. Everything's ago and all that's needed now to do is to send it before you send that package , I want you to add one extra thing. Now, it could be a couple extra things, but something that really will send the package a little bit over what they're expecting. I personally like to write a thank you note. Now, this is one of my thank you notes that have and I will include this with a personal handwritten note to that person by their name just saying to them, Thank you for your order. And I really appreciate your support, things like that. And I just really want to let them know that I, as a as an artist, really appreciate them coming to my store and making a purchase. Not only that, but I will also say something like, I've included an extra little goody for you in your package. So I hope you enjoy it. And if you don't enjoy it. Feel free to pass it along to somebody else who may enjoy it. Or maybe re gift it kind of thing. People love that. And this is a little secret that I'm telling you I'm sharing with you. That's one of my secrets is I always includes something extra. Now, not everyone's gonna be willing to do that. I realized this is just something that I really believe works. Well, it's kind of like sewing a good seed. Um, and really just like them? No, you really appreciate them. So, for example, I may include an extra prints, or I might include cards or something else of that nature. I also always include, aren't you can see that, But I also include Ah little right up on the back of each of my pieces. In this case, I've got a bio, and I've got my social media all listed there. So I always include my story or information on the back of each print so that they could maybe pass along to friend and say I found this really cool art piece, their art artist on Etsy. And here is their informations. They can always pass along to friends or family, and that always keeps things going as well. Very, very important key. So an extra little goody little notes describing who you are, Um, a thank you note, just something to leave a little like a nice extra sweet taste in their mouth as they leave your shop. So I'll put all those things into my envelope, and I will make sure that it's all in a night's rigid mailer and it's ready to go. So this is one way to make sure that your customers leave extremely happy and, more importantly, that they come back. 36. 35. Mark Orders As Shipped : I wanted to show you guys what the actual order page looks like when you have an order. So when you have an order, it will send you an email notification. And then when you click on that receipt in your in, uh, email inbox, you're actually gonna open up this page? Another way you can get to it is by going to, ah, your shop orders retail orders. That's the steps to get to this page. I've orange doubt the information from a customer for privacy, obviously, and this basically just shows you what she ordered. Has a photo of it. Ah, the price and the shipping costs that kind of thing. Now what I want to draw your attention to is that when you are ready to ship, you are going to click Mark as shipped. This is basically the way to complete the whole sale. So once you click, Marcus shipped, a little box will pop up. That will say, um, it will give you the opportunity to send a note to your customer, letting them know that your package has been shipped today. Now I'm going to actually show you that in the next clip right now as well. Just so you can know exactly what I'm talking about. Basically, you're going to It's gonna have the date. It's gonna have a message from you to your buyer, which you can write, and it's gonna show the carrier and give you an opportunity to include any tracking number . So, again, this is just great customer service. And people really like to receive these. Um, because they know. Okay, they're not wondering if it was even received or shipped. They want to know, OK, it was shipped out from that studio today, so that's just great customer service. So, in the next clip will show you the next box. When you click Mark as shipped, this box will come up. This is where it will tell the person the date that it's being shipped. It will have a note to that person. So I just put a tent. Ah, hello, Beira High Buyer. Thank you for your art print order. It has being packaged with love and ship today. Please visit a gain soon on, then I just signed my name at the bottom. I mean, you can put in here whatever you want obviously, to show you an example? The tracking number. These are optional things, but I mean again, over delivery is always a good thing. So tracking number and shipping provider, they do things that I I think as a customer, I would like to know. So if I'm looking for and wondering where it is, I can always put in tracking number and see. So again, this is a great thing to do for your buyers. 37. 36. Automated Message To Buyers: one of the things you want to make sure to do when your shop is to create messages to buyers. When somebody purchases something from your shop, you want them to get an automatic, um, automated response from you. So the first thing you're going to do in order to do that is to go to your shop and then again to shop settings in phone appearance. Now. We were already on this page before we were actually on this page, and then we were redirected as we selected this top orange button because there's two different ways of updating things now on etc. So we end up going the quote unquote new way. But I do wanna kind of go down the pages, show you some things that we were not able to edit at that time earlier in the course. So the new way was to click on this button, and that was to go edit the front page contents on the front page, so literally just clicking on things, editing them, which we did, which is great. However, you also need to go on this page as well, because there's some more information to be aware of now, as you sort of scan this page, it's really simple. The shop name shop title logo down here is a secondary banner. If you decide to use a smaller size banner again, I would recommend the larger size, which is what I think most of us went with. Okay? And as you go down ive cheques to show upcoming local markets that I will be attending if they are included with the Nazi that is checked off in case I'm going to be doing live appearances. Um, a linked, uh was this links for Facebook and Twitter is right there as well. If I want to update that information, and I also my shop announcement, which is welcome Division City paper. Here you will find art prints, your home and office printed on recycled fine papers. Happy shopping. Okay, so that's gonna be on my front page. However, what's not on my front page, which is kind of behind the scenes, is also very important. This is a message to buyers. Okay. The message to buyers is something that they will get when they purchase from you. The creator. So mine. Right now, this is for physical prints or physical orders. It says Hello from Vision City. Thank you for your art print order. You are the reason I make art available on etc. And I hope you enjoy your order. And I saw my name, my title as well as website and I also have one for digital items. So this is if you're doing any printable download sales. Thank you for downloading a digital print from my shop. I hope you enjoy it and visit again. Cheers. So just a cute little added thing that will be on the receipt that they will receive over email. It just adds more personality, and it's a great way to connect with to connect with your customers and just kind of at a personal note. Um, now, in the course, you're going to notice that I also, um, I talk about the fact that you should also always over deliver when it comes to your order . So in this case, this is a small but you know and subtle way, but you're still over delivering by doing this. Some people don't do it. You don't have to do it. It's optional, but I think it's just a nice touch with physical orders. I always physically or at a little handwritten note. That's what I do, And I also obviously package it properly, and I actually always add a extra item to their order. So I had an extra print or an extra card, which I describe in other areas of this course. So again, it's just about being extra great customer service. It's something that never goes out of style. It's always going to be a great way to treat our customers, so this is one of the ways that you could do that. 38. 37. Dashboard Overview: Hi, guys. In this video, I'm going to show you a really brief tour of your dashboard. The dashboard is a really central area within the back end of your shop that will give you some really great and basic information that you'll need to know on your on your journey selling on Etsy. So go ahead and click on your shop in your top right corner. Click the down arrow, Go too quick links and go over to dashboard. Click on it. Okay, so here's the dashboard. The dashboards air Really great area. It's got a variety of different quick links up here. I'm not going to go to these right now because they'll actually take me away from the dashboard. But as you can see, it's going to show me an overview as well as shop activity. Right here is a little tab says overview. We're gonna stay on this really for a quick minute. And, um, I'm gonna give you a brief overall view of what is entailed here. So if you show me stats for today, which is what is right now this morning already I've had 23 views. It's still pretty early, Um, and I've had no favorites, no orders and no revenue today. Okay, but if I go back into yesterday, Okay, um, I have more views. More favorites. I could go down in the last seven days. Okay? I have more views, more favorites, more revenue. If I go back into last 30 days, you're going to Seymour 1800 views. You're going to see all these different things happening. These number. It's change. And you want to see what's happening with your your shop. So this is really important to look back to. All right, then you can go down here and say, See what is maybe not been paid. You have one in order. Not paid here. Not shipped, says four. But those were items of the last couple of years that were not ship for one reason or the other. Um, they were more like, uh, canceled orders or refunds. So having four over last several years is not bad. Okay, having expires within seven days. So it tells you here, these are the ones that are gonna be expiring soon. So click on this. If you want to see what's expiring so you can renew it, you have 47 that have been expired and one that's been sold out. It's also telling me here that I've got shot payment account. This is actually my escrow account with a Nazi. So say I have made sales on direct check out, which I always encourage everyone to sign up for, meaning people can pay you with a variety of ways they can pay you through PayPal as well as all different credit cards. Um and, um, that way it's a lot easier for you to get payments so the payment goes into your escrow account and then etc. Releases the funds on the paydays, which is Tuesday. So often on Tuesdays is when you get paid. So I have $200. My Esseker Right now that is going to be paid. I can only always schedule it sooner if I want to, but I don't really need to do that. It looks like I actually to update something here, which I'll do on my personal time. So this, actually, if you need to have something updated, it'll up. It'll right, right that they're for use that you make sure to do that now. Shops suggestions how to style photos. So this is giving you just ways of learning, save time on conversations, save time and money with, etc. Shipping labels. So that's only if you're in the states. So if you want to read more about that, you can do so. These kind of articles are always on this page. It's a great way to continually be learning. One thing about selling on Etsy is you're constantly learning. You're constantly interacting with other sellers. There's a variety of ways of being part of communities don't get into. But that is why, um, it's he is such a great selling place for artists because it's more of a community as well . Now what I'm gonna do is go over to shop activities. If I click on this shop activity, it's actually going to give me a listing of all my recent sales so you can go down here, um, and just scroll through. I can click on Seymour if I want to see more, and this gives me basically an overview of what's just recently sold in my shop. So there you have it. That's an overview of the dashboard 39. 38. Marketing On Social Media: Okay, guys, I'm really proud of you. You've come really far in the course and I just want to commend you for sticking with it. I know there's been a lot of information and I just want to encourage you to continue on. We're almost there. Um, now, important to note is how to market on social media. Now when I say social media, some of you might just gloss over and get a little bit freaked out by it cause it sounds like crazy technical world. It's actually really not hard at all. You might already be using social media like Twitter, Facebook, instagram, Pinterest, just your own interest. And I just want to encourage you to not just use those as for your own interests, is on Lee. But to start to really use those as platforms to encourage people to come to your Etsy store. So within your say print trist account, I would create account for your Etsy stores to say for myself its Vision city. So I have a vision city Pinterest called Vision City pins. And within that Pinterest account, I've actually added I always add my newest and latest updated You know, our piece that I've released every single time I release an art piece on there, always attached underneath each image. I always include the link to the exact location on my etc. Listings. So, for example, I will go into my etc listing, and I'll actually copy the link at the top of the browser. And I will place that link underneath the picture in Pinterest so people have no other option. If they want to know anything else about that image, they're going to click on that link now when they're in my Etsy shop, that's where they obviously have the opportunity to make a purchase. So the same with Facebook. The same with Pinter are intra instagram the same with any platform on social media. I always, always always attach the link to the exact location as to where you can find that image. Sam doing a promotion on Instagram. One thing I will always dio if I'm talking about a specific piece is I will say this link is in my profile today. So if I'm talking about, say, this dream of print behind me right here, if I'm talking about that print today on my INSTAGRAM account, I will say this print The link for this print is in My bets are on instagram profile today because obviously your INSTAGRAM profile is you're only gonna have one option for a link so you can have a general link just going to your Etsy store or you can actually change it. All you gotta do is go in and edit, and you could actually change that. So you can do that on any of your software or any of your sorry on any of your social media . You can change the link. That is the main link for your, um, your software are your social media at that time? Excuse me. So these are the little things that you can do to bring people from outside platforms into your Etsy shop. What you want to do is have your Etsy shop link everywhere that you are on the Internet. So you don't want to just go on in a place and then just kind of make it just for social reasons. But you want to make sure that you are always promoting your Etsy page 40. 39. Etsy Trend Reports: staying up with buyer trends of cells is something that's really important for us to know his artists. I know we all are artists who may not want to go with the trendy thing. But in case you're really wanting to know, what is selling more than others out encourage you to always read up on the newsletter that etc. Sends out. They've got lots of great, um, newsletters that go out on a regular basis to really help us. As artists sell well on Etsy now, sometimes we might just go with just spam coming in, but no take a time and actually read it because a lot of times they will talk about trend reports. Now, trend reports are really important because they can tell us what is the trending item or the subject matter. For example, if you're a screen printer, I know one of the recent trends that I noticed was the trend of stones and diamonds and things like that within your designs. Believe or not, um, and that's actually a really kind of growing trend right now within no cards and screen prints and T shirts and things like that. So if you create that kind of artwork. Or maybe you're a painter or your pen and ink illustrator, something you may want to know about that kind of thing if this Because this is actually really a business, not just our own expression, as artists were also trying to take this to become a business. So these are things you may want to know about, Obviously. Other ways you can do research would be over social media. See what people are talking about Over Pinterest. Um, and just look over all these kind of social media Is Facebook Twitter. Just see what people are talking about, obviously magazines or a great resources? Well, in fashion magazines, maybe we're not necessarily selling fashion. But, you know, everything integrates together as we all know music, it all kind of comes together. So what is the subject of the time? Or maybe if you create typographic Uh uh, you know, designs or hand lettering. You you really want to know the sayings that are going on right now? So say like, there's some kind of, you know, saying like the word, the one that said But first coffee. I ended up doing a but first coffee as you can see over my shoulder. But first coffee was a really big saying for a while, and it still actually is. So I did this Adenhart print with a coffee mug and I made it really burlap and it kind of represented that love of coffee and you know what it really sold. And so that's something they want really want to think about is the sayings that are happening at the time the music that's happening at the time, the things happening at fashion, even the things that are happening within social media and absolutely the things that are happening within the trend, reports of etc. 41. 40. Pattern (Etsy Website): Another thing I want to be sure to show you guys is one of the greatest new things on etc. Which I think is awesome and it's called pattern now. I'm not sure if you guys have heard of this yet. Maybe if you're new, you wouldn't have heard of it yet. But if you've been around etc. For a while, you would have seen that there's this new thing called Pattern and says What is pattern pattern is creating your own website off of Etc Says has turned your Etsy shop into your own website with pattern. Now it's actually set up really well. Um, and it's great for somebody who Onley hasn't etc. Shops to say you are just getting started and you just in the process of setting up your Etsy shop. But you in the back your mind think I should also get a website as well. This would be perfect for you because you can do two at the same time when you're updating your items to etc. It also update on this website called Pattern. It's a pattern is kind of like the name of a theme or the name of the Etsy's version of a website. Okay, design your own website powered by your Etsy shop. Choose a theme and color palette and we'll create your new site right away, using your existing shop and listing details. You can then customize it till your hearts content. Okay, so it's kind of fun, actually. If you want to try it out, it's all about you. Create a site that's less etc. And more you by showcasing your brand and items however you like. So again, this is more if you want to kind of feel like you're not looking like everyone on Etsy kind of thing, um, staying within their interface and you want it to feel more like your identity and your website with your logo very prominent at the top and very, very much like a regular website. If you have your heart set on that, this might be a great option. Two shops in one manager, Etsy shop and your pattern site from the same set. Your inventory syncs automatically, and you can process in ship orders like just like you do now. So in other words, they're very sink together, and it's also very mobile friendly. I've heard really good things about how mobile friendly it ISS, so this might be another great reason to check it out. It's built for the future with an extensive stats and built in mobile and search engine optimization. So again, that's what I was just saying. It's that's actually really built, really ideally for mobile purchasing, which, it seems, is what is one of the ways of the world is going more and more towards As we all know, everyone lives on their phone. Like I I look at my phone every three seconds. I think so. I mean, it's definitely a huge thing. Here are some custom sites built from pattern, so you can actually see some examples if you want, and then you can actually click on those options so you can go and actually look at those sites so much more than a new look. It's payment processing. So the same payment processing of 3.5% on every purchase. Um, and the same fees apply. So the same 20 cents, um, for a listing an item, um, limb unlimited listing. So you can have as many as you want custom domains. This is actually a cool thing. And this actually might be. One of the reasons why people go for pattern is because not everybody wants it to say, you know etc dot vision, citi dot com or whatever might be, um, or whatever the u R l is going to be for your brand you may not want. That's his name in it. I mean, we all love that scene, everything. But sometimes we don't want to associate that hard with another company. So for that reason, you might want a custom domain. It's made for mobile, which already talked about data to nerd out, hon. So yeah, that the data processing is really great. No storage limits. So again, there's plenty of room. You don't have to really worry about it. They offer you the 1st 30 days are free. Um, and after that, you pay $15 U S per month. So again, Not a bad idea, guys, Um I mean, that's pretty much the cost of hosting a lot of times or more. So let me go in. I want to just try this out in front of you so you guys can actually see this? I have not tried this before, so this will be really fun. Okay, so it's recommending to me a theme. It's giving me a theme called Pearl. Okay, which I'm open to trying out. Why not case? Let's click on it. Try apps. That's not what I wanted to do. Okay, let's go to preview. Oh, I see what it's done now. So now it's giving me all the theme. So I'm going through this as as though I'm, you know, one of you guys, because I have not used this before. So here we go. There's different things. I can use that one. Or I can use, um, trolleys. Or I can use Chevron. It's kind of cool. So let's go ahead and try the 1st 1 because that's the one I thought would look good with my stuff. So let's go ahead and try that, Um, and just go preview. I don't want to start the free Trolley X and not ready to commit. Okay, so this is how it would look. Um, So my I guess this would be where my logo would go. Or just my name shop about and cart. So it's pretty clean and simple. And then here you go. You've got all my items listed. It looks really nice and bake. I'm not really huge on the font here, but maybe I could edit that. Okay, All items. Oh, I see. This has now got my sections just the way it doesn't Etsy's. That's kind of cool. It was a shop sections. I like how it follows me down the page. That's really cool. So again, guys, this is just a example of, um, of this set up. So you may want to take a peek at this and try it out for yourselves. And if this is something that could really work for you, then I don't see why not. I mean, $15 per month is really not too bad compared to the cost of setting up a regular website. So there you have a guy's. This is the way pattern works, and it may be an option for some of you, so I would check it out 42. 41. Tips On Building An Email List For Your Art Fans: hi guys. Another thing I want to make sure to share with you all is the importance of setting up an email list. A lot of people may not think this is an important thing. They think I don't want to spam people that kind of thing. Artists might think it's a little kind of to corporate thing to do. Ah, but I definitely want encourage you to think about it in a different way. An email list is basically your regular connection with the people who already love your art. So all it is is an email that you're going to send out to your art fans or people who are your art customers on a regular basis. Or whenever you have an update to say, you have a really cool art piece you're working on and you want to show behind the scenes. Or maybe you are. You have a new whole collection coming out, or maybe have a gallery show coming up or something. That's really interesting that your art fans will want to know about, Um then this is really a great, great thing to have. So an email list is majorly an important any marketing guru out there will tell you the exact same thing. The people on your email list are your number one prospects for making sales. Ah, lot of them may have already made purchases from you. Now, one thing to notice. It's not basically illegal to spam people, so you don't want to just grab emails addresses that didn't ask for, um to be signed up. So if they haven't joined it voluntarily, then it's It's really not ethical to do that, obviously. So we want to make sure to respect the people that were emailing and say people who have already made purchase on your, uh, on your Etsy page, it's still not OK to just grab their emails. What you want to do is email them, and you can invite them to join your email lists with a link. So that's the way to do it properly and respectively, people a little bit upset and frustrated when they get e mails from people that they did not ask for. So you don't want to upset people that are already like loving your art. You want to keep that love relationship in that respect going So this is ah, the email software or email list software that I use. It's called Male Chimp. It's a little monkey. It's kind of a cute little logo. I love it. Basically, mail chimp dot com is where you're going to go. If you want to use this mailing list software, I find it really effective and really easy to use. All you gotta do to sign up is go to mail chimp dot com and then just click this red button up here and sign up. So you basically just need to enter your, um, your user name and password just like anything. And there you have it. You'll be signed up. It will give you really simple templates. Options. You just click on one and you start to just fill it in with you know, your your text content. Ah, as well. Azaz photos. If you want to include photos in your email, you don't have to be too crazy with an email. Obviously, because we're artists we definitely wanted, you know, include some kind of an art piece or a photo of something just because it's, you know, such a visual stimuli rather than just words on a page. But even just if you include, you know, just two lines of of information or one little paragraph just updating people on what's going on. That's more than enough, and I definitely want to encourage you to build your email list. 43. 42. Encouragement and Final Challenge: congratulations. You are now completed your etc course on how to set yourself up as a seller on Etsy. Guys, I'm so proud of you Because it takes a lot of courage and strength and determination to get through a course like this. Especially because there was so much content to go through. And I want to congratulate you guys. You did it. I also want to encourage you that if you have any time you to go through this course again , you absolutely can do that. It doesn't matter how long the process takes you. Just that you go through every detail and make sure that you're setting up your Etsy shop the best way that you can. I am always open and available to any of you have questions. So feel free to ask me questions in the forum And I would love to hear for you guys. I love to hear your reviews and I also love to see your Etsy shops. So please go ahead and post your Etsy shop lake in the project section. Now is really the best time in history for artists like us to really make our dreams a reality with platforms like etc. We can now get ourselves out there in a great way to be viewed by people all over the world . Not only customers, but wholesale opportunities in licensing opportunities. So I encourage you guys let me know how are things going? Keep me posted on. I wish you all the success in the world.