How To Paint An Easy Spring Landscape | Acrylic Painting For Beginners | Debasree Dey | Skillshare

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How To Paint An Easy Spring Landscape | Acrylic Painting For Beginners

teacher avatar Debasree Dey, Acrylic Artist & Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. Welcome To My Class!

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Step 1: The Sky

    • 4. Step 2: Mountains

    • 5. Step 3: Green Fields

    • 6. Step 4: Snow Textures

    • 7. Step 5: Pine Trees Part 1

    • 8. Step 6: Pine Trees Part 2

    • 9. Step 7: Valley Of Flowers Part 1

    • 10. Step 8: Valley Of Flowers Part 2

    • 11. Step 9: Blue Flowers & Final Words

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About This Class


Have u always wondered how to paint an abstract landscape from a photograph!

In today's class, I will teach you the basics of how to create abstract landscape loosely, without getting into too many details.

I'll also teach u

  • how to create the loose clouds and create the sky textures
  • how to use your brush strokes to create textures
  • how to create amazing textured flowers and snow peaked mountains

This is a beginner friendly class and following all the steps, you will be able to create your own version of this painting.


1. Acrylic Paints (listed below)
2. Canvas Paper / canvas board / stretched canvas
3. Brushes - 1 flat brush and 1 small round brush
4. A plate - something to mix paint on
5. Water
6. Tissue paper

Colors I used in this class:

1. Titanium White
2. Chrome Yellow
3. Lemon Yellow 
4. Sap Green
5. Dark Green
6. Black
7. Cadmium Blue
8. Turquoise Deep

Use thick body acrylics to get beautiful textures.

By the end of this class you should feel confident in your ability to create this painting.

I recommend this class for everybody - no prior art experience is necessary. If u haven't painted in a long time and wanting to brush up your skills or if u haven't found anyone to mentor you in your creative journey,  or if you are not sure you will be able to paint, or if you just want to paint pretty landscapes just to feel good - this class is for you.

Look forward to seeing you in the class


If you are new here, do check out my other classes and create masterpieces:

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You can purchase all the items I use by clicking on this link.

This is an amazon affiliate link, meaning, at no extra cost to you, I will make a commission, if you click and make a purchase. Thank you for your support :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Debasree Dey

Acrylic Artist & Educator



Hello, my name is Debasree, a fine artist & educator from India. I enjoy painting abstract landscapes with textures and bold brush strokes! From an IT professional to an Art Teacher and now a Freelance Artist and entrepreneur I love it all! Read my story 🧚‍♀

As an educator, my work is to help people identify their inner artist, guide them to create beautiful paintings, which helps bring a lot of confidence & happiness as bi-product!

Visit my online gallery: 

I'm an absolute nature lover, so all my classes will be focused on the beauty of mother nature!



After teaching close to 10,000 people in physical workshops, I'm so excited to t... See full profile

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1. Welcome To My Class!: Hi, welcome to another acrylic painting online class. In today's class, I'm gonna be teaching you how to pin this gorgeous, beautiful, peaceful thumbing landscape with this beautiful lush green valley with flowers and some snow-covered mountains and the bad, amazing, gorgeous pine trees lying all around. My name is Deb, and I am an artist best out in India. I have been teaching acrylic paintings professionally for the past five years. And I am inspired by the beauty of nature. So all the places that I traveled captures my mind in such a gorgeous Bay that I keep painting landscapes. This is a photograph that I came across online on pixels. And the moment I looked at it, I realized that I have to create this beautiful painting. So I decided to create an abstract landscape out of it, which is basically painting it very loosely and not getting into the details too much. So that is what I am going to be teaching you in this class. So if you have always wanted to paint abstract landscape, this would be a good place to learn it. And so we'll start by creating this gorgeous guy, the blue sky with some clouds. Now we will not do it in detail and we are going to create it very abstractly. Then the mountains and snow textures also in a very loose way. And then we're going to create this lush green textures and then create the beautiful flowers in it. And we're not going to create the flowers in our very prominent way, but in a very abstract away, which is basically using the TIG body paint to create the texture for us in the speeding. And then finally, we will end up the building with creating some pine trees, beautiful pine trees here and there, and creating some gorgeous blue flowers in the front. So there's gonna be lots of learning of painting in a very loose way of creating abstract landscapes. So I hope you're excited to learn this painting. At the end of this class, you will be creating your own version of this beautiful landscape that you can proudly hang on your wall. And that would be the project for this class. So I look forward to seeing you inside the glass. 2. Art Supplies: So let us start with today's painting interests class. I'm going to be using journal. It's been quite long that I have used range on And so I really wanted to use my journals. There are a couple of pages that have been done so far. So this would be met or beads. And I thought to this painting as ours kinship glass for us to enjoy learning such kind of beeping. So gonna be painting a landscape, which I'm going to convert by an abstract landscape for today's class that aren't materials that you would be needing any Cadmus would do or if you want to do on a sketch book like me, you're most welcome to do that. I'm using a glass bounded. So this is clear glass frame that I have taken out from our photo frame. That kind of I don't use anymore. So natural ones, it's a small battery that I'm using. A glass of water, clean glass of water, and couple of brushes. So here is my set of branches that I have desirable. Actually crushes. Brush is fine. Just don't use of watercolor brushes because the results will not be hogged. So I am taking out so for this size of daggers, so the size of selfies, whether I'm going to be B, thinks I'm taking out the brush according to that size. So if you're painting on a bigger canvas, invite when I use a big brush like this. Ok, so for this size, I am using this size branch mind yields a little bigger one and definitely one small brush. For doing the detailing stapes. I will take out this one as well as to do some more of texturing. So these are the four brushes that I'm using, but you can actually do with just two, One of the flat ones and one of the small ones is sufficient to create the space. For today's class, I am going to use peak body beds. Okay, So I've taken out all my tick about events. I have like a bunch of the body being slightly and asked for a really long day that I haven't been using mostly painting fluid activists. But today's class I decided I wanna do with our body because the textures of the abstract landscape comes really well when you work on body. So the gardens that have taken out sap green. This is stock with deep, the Titanic white sari tainting the M weight. This is clone yellow. This is yellow ocher. This is black, this is cobalt blue. And this is viridian hue. But the color is just, oops, I've never used it before, I guess. Is the color is pretty much darkly. So now the grand really doesn't matter. What I also like I had mostly carbon and these ones are liquid x basics. So you can use whichever brand you have, just the kinda sheets are important. And I might use a little bit of brown leader which have not to show yet, and maybe a little bit of poppers. So these two colors are also I'm keeping handy. So what you can do at this point of time, because screenshot of this frame so that you know all the colors that you would be needing for this painting. Okay, I hope you have done that. And now we move on our next step. And also keep little bit official paper because you want to try out your bent. 3. Step 1: The Sky: So the first thing I will do is just sketch out the landscape, literally it so that I have some rough idea of what goes where donor country dark marks of benzene on your canvas. We are going to learn a lot of pine trees in this lattice, which is juveniles because he will get to learn how to create fine trees and then paint them in our landscape. Also you, when I get to learn how to create deck should snow peaks in a landscape, which is, I think a really cool thing to learn so that you can use them in any other building. That is just my sketch. Now what I want you to do next is to clean the bulk. And this Cupid's below this paper, this beans in the jar. But well outside, just going to fall eclectic. Also, I'm going to debit the masking tape just to stop spreading throughout the beam. And we would just start. So the first scholars I'm taking out is dark with deep image of cobalt blue. And lots of white. I'm starting with the broadest brush that I have, which is pretty much this is the proportion to the paper because this creates really nice textures menu pinned on your. And this. So the first thing I'm doing is just creating the fellow who said, I did not use any water, just the beamed and the brush. And what happens when you don't use water, you get a little bit of resistance where you put color on candidates or people wherever you'd like. And that resistance creates really nice pictures. So you can see how the fixtures are forming. The brush months are actually the moment that touching the people, they are creating some beautiful textures in you want to keep them that way so I wouldn't be revisiting them once again. So I'm just doing it once just to apply the banner. And since this is not a realistic landscape, so we would want to keep it with this brush strokes and not create exactly how it looks in the job, right? And so the skies pretty much done what I do. Adopt business, add little bit of clouds, so see how I do that. So this is my brush. They've not watching it. All I'm doing is wiping it off on the tissue being bumped to get rid of as much beam again. And then just picking up your little bit of white. And I'm not using the whole deep off the brush on the gang was I'm just using the corner. So more absorbed this our ingredients and just using the corner and tweeting on couple of clubs. All I'm doing is moving by brush in grounding, ground motion. And also don't put too much pressure because the blue we have just done. If you put too much pressure with the white on top of it, what happens is the white is going to mix up with the blue and become light bluish as loose as Uganda and Lucas. Okay. Again, not trying to recreate a light, really realistic clouds, we're just going to put abstract shapes of clouds. And we wanna add a beach of grayish stone to the Cloudera's veterans. So for that, I'm just a tiny bit of plaque and wanted to go through much of luck. Maybe we'll do that later. But for the time being, just a tiny bit of that already had white. So anyone pick up anymore wages at a tiny bit of black. And not doing is going and padding. Bottom often loud infinity lose motion. Some ordering by brush, really, really willing and adding and the content of the blood. You'll see it's so much fun to do, do, do this Deleuze way of speeding. And you create some amazing abstract landscapes. Just a tiny bit to mobile flag. If you did you notice what I did. I picked up the Black and I felt it was too much of this site. So all I did is I just switch my brush to the other side, which had more flight to turn down that black vector. Okay. Now I feel the white is not two prominent. So all I'm doing is picking a tiny bit more white and just adding Malkiel, even if you're using the white is more Lumix. So I also want to show this to another brush because I don't want to watch this brush and we have a lot of blue in it. So it was another small brash and add a bit of fresh white on top of the tube dot that. We also then make the clouds with extended out quite a bit. But again, don't make them too permanent because we are not pianistic. Okay. Lets say we want to limit at that and wash up my small set objects. Don't keep your brushes without washing for long. For sometime it is twice. Okay. Now I move back to my flat brush and what I'm going to do is create the mountain. 4. Step 2: Mountains: Okay, now I move back to my flat brush and what I'm going to do is create the mountain. Okay? So remember I have great last time on my brush. So all I'm doing is on that badge and backing up just a bit of glue and just laying off the color of the mount. So this is our most distant mountain. So this has to be the lightest shade. So to show the different layers of mountain, or we have to do is vary the other shit. Okay. So it's pretty much going to the same colors, just sheets are gonna be different. So you see how I did that? I did not want to have too much father or anything when bleed and also have some bit of texture. So this is not finally done. We are going to do more on top of this. Now we will do one more layer in front. So for that, I take in Latin print off. Just so you see, now I have the akin to the door a bit. Okay. So this time I'm not really taking too much of waves. Just the way that I already had in my brush from before, is acting as white and all I'm doing is picking up more blue. And you see how dry it is are kind of struggling. But the fun is in the struggle. Okay, so don't worry, just add them, follow. You. See, I'm doing it on a paper now if you do need to look at this, you might have to pick up a little bit morphing, but don't go to water. Okay, don't woodward, I know you will be tempted to take a bit of water, but don't do that. Okay. I'm also taking UTP stock with blue because I really like that sheep. And the reason I'm using each year is just to differentiate between the distance of the mountain. So I'm using this one over here. Also. I like to give my own colors in the landscapes, wildlife painting. And I like to make them really by Brendan bright colors. So I would normally at what I do is I take some random landscape model, which has lately kind of laying down colors. And what I do is add too much of color into them to turn them into gorges, vibrant landscapes. Thus the liberty we have as artists, right? And defining this one in front of it. So I'm deciding just a bit darker DOM. So you see all you can now differentiate between the layers of the mountains, which are pretty visible from just the colors, shapes that we have used. And I'm going to do one more layer in front. And since the ADA is too small, I'm going to use the small brush for that. And I'm doing it again, just the vibrant color in a blink in Santa Fant ph and 11. So even if there's the same funnel, CD1 differentiate between the sheets in Hawaii. Because when I did it with this brush, the previous step, it had a little bit of white in it. So it kind of tone down the shape of it. And this time add backing up, just the vibrant know without anything any, any, any white in it. So that's why it is standing up quite a bit. Alright, I think we have done really great number of layers of mountains. You can see 1234 layers. Wow, cool. Now let's move on to the next step. Again, I'll just wash old mice modulus by density, holding flat brush in my left hand. And I haven't watched it. And I'll tell you why I haven't watched it in the next step. 5. Step 3: Green Fields: In step two, we are going to cover up the bottom area of the canvas, basically covered the entire canvas. And for that we're going to use mostly green. Now, like I told you, I haven't watched my brush. He added has the reach of blue and I want to use it. And I tell you how to use it. So Ben, except I'm taking out some green and some yellow. This is chrome yellow. It's actually the sheared says over your cadmium yellow. Okay. And just a short little brick with us. As you know, the affiliate Callas drive pretty fast and I don't want to and we stick and he got it right. Okay, now, I already have blue. Now since all these colors, same color category, which is the cool color zone, I don't want to wash my brush for two reasons. One, I don't want to have water on my brush. I want to do this really try second, the blue and the yellow remix and give me green anyway, right, so why should I watch it and we'll hear again? So all I'm doing is I'm picking up the yellow and you see I haven't even picked up green and it's giving me such a nice green dome. Isn't this fun? Or I am doing is trying to create the abstract shape of the field. Again, you see when I'm picking up the color and ongoing at creating this tropes. They are creating sought such nice brushstrokes on my gambits, right? And I want to use that. I don't run tools more than adults. If you go again on top of it, it relates more than not. So Django, stop over there, just do it once and stop. Okay, now if you see in the picture, it's not so vibrant yellow, but I want to make it a vibrant, okay, so I'm going to keep it like this. I don't want to tone it down. Also giving some direction. Now you see the blue that I had in my brush. It's kind of getting over so it's not becoming too much of green. So I just, I'm just taking a little bit more green is to give it. See, I did not pick up quite a bit because I want to keep it towards the yellowish site to make it look vibrant. Alright, so we're pretty much done with it. We are going to come back here and do all the trees of the shoots, shadows of the trees and everything. Meanwhile, we will just go and cover up this impacts. So is again going to be exactly the same. This time we're picking up clean because blue is all from my brush flow. All you're going to do is pick up tons of paint and go on top of your campus. So the question that I keep getting from you guys in, so how can I, how does do actually guns? When one important thing is always keep the gaps on. Or if you're using a bottle, because it's only air that can make the acrylic paints dry. And the second thing of not, not wasting colors is sticking out a little bit like you could see how much less I am taking out. Once it is over, you go and take it out once again. Ok. Now in this case also again, I'm not really focused on, thus Charles just go random just to add it up as much unique. Now, this area is in France, so this has to be a bit more darker. So I am using just green over here to separate it out from the previous layer. Notice that I'm not really going in a different deductions any particular direction. I'm just my brush just to cover this in their area and in the process. And paging so many multiple stores and look at this formula, what you're starting to look really nice. See the deductions that have been on jobs. You can see the max flow. Then you can see some months we'd love not going again on top of it to create, to disturb them. Right? So let's continue finish up this entire area. The reason I'm going back over yo is because there are some ways box showing through the beeper. I'm just trying to cover that up. I'm as without disturbing the previous jokes as much. And we will take this all the vane like this. Now there is little bit of white area left out from the mountain. So if you're just watching the identical haven't started, we need to increase this a little bit down. But it's not a problem because I M would create some bitrates away your rights or that time is going to be taken care off that whitespace, we'll get covered. So not to worry. Since making it a bit, Wanda. See, look at this, how many minds this looks, and taking out the people for you to see. And also to make sure that I bought all the way through till the ages. I haven't lived out anything. At this point. The sky part is pretty much done. I'm not going to go over there. So I am taking up this mass income. So you can see that clean look after the second step. So this is basically our complete first tape of the process of the painting rate of just covered the end diode people or Canvas, whatever you are using. And in the second layer, what we're going to do is creates lots of textures. And the third layer, we will go into detail. It won't be detailing like realistic painting, but a little bit of detailing is required, even in abstract painting to show what exactly you are doing. So with that, we come to that in job step two. 6. Step 4: Snow Textures: Hi, welcome to step three. So in this step, we are going to create all the textures, which is basically the second layer of the. Now I have given it a GIZ 15 minutes after the previous layer and this layer to dry off because we are using peak body pains ETS takes a bit of time to for the paint to dry. And I didn't want to go with the second layer on top of it until this year has dried. Also, I have Washington smiling, flat brush from the previous step and are keeping it aside because we are pretty much done with the flat brush. Okay, so now I move on to my small brush to do all that excluded. Okay, so first thing I'm going to do with texture the mountains, and then we will come to them in bed. So again, without any water, dry, tip Vint, and I am going to vote you lose on the mountains and create this really nice lines. Now you see, I am picking up quite a bit of fans on the tip of my brush, right? So now when I'm adding it, sometimes I'm bleeding. A lot of it. Stay on top of the on the canvas so I'm not wiping it off is it's a little bit more on though. So look at, look at this texture. So you see the beam does kind of popping out from the Bieber, right? And you see that. So that is exactly how we are going to create this texture. You're not going to create a realistic, again, the DNA and see why they've been doing is always to go into exactly how it is in the photograph. But we are trying not to do that until you see the stage shows that are being formed. So how that is forming is I'm not applying pressure at all. So I'm absolutely gentlemen, I'm letting the blood brush flow absolutely smoothly gently on my B. C, Look at the way I'm holding my blush. It's very loose. Right? And that's how I'm reading this. A few months. I worked, uh, if you're doing this for the first time, executing technique like this, I would I would suggest that you watch the debate, make it fullscreen and watch it completely this dictionary bead. You got stuff to do with compare. Okay, I think that's pretty good for the farthest layer of the mountain. We don't want to do too much and all crowded. Okay. Now we come to the middle and then not see, I'm not picking up any more vt. So whatever white left, what I have, I'm actually getting rid of the existing White. And I'm very making the brush lidar on the before and just very lightly creating a B drops texture. Same thing I'm doing. Now. I feel that we enjoy it has become a little bit more. So what I'm going to do is go back and you see the colors abort the child by now. So actually causes but I just picked up the lady says to go on top of this access. Ok, I think I'll kick out of digit warpings. So this is the cobalt Ravana. All I'm doing is I'm just stick not just a bit more from the tube itself and just simply overreach. Not to make it too obvious or white box. Okay. So same thing, I'm just wheat over your also think that philosophy record with little bit of texture with white, but not gobbling it up completely. And we are done with the mountain dictionary. I hope you've bought that one. I can also do is since I'm fate now with new on I'm going to do is to fill up this white gap or what you know. So and in that process, add a beaches takes two. Now it does look pretty good, isn't it? So we, in this step, your adding an extent, we move on to the field. 7. Step 5: Pine Trees Part 1: Okay, so for the next step, make sure you wash if you're a smart brush, could again. And we stopped doing the diction or before. Okay, so for that I need some sap green. And I need this event of dark data also, she's viridian hue. And I might take out a page of Brown, asks you, do you know what I'm going to leave out the brown plot for the time being, again, into a really less amount of beam two because for a shooting you don't want too much. Being an absolutely and just many dry strokes with no water at just creating some dishes. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to create some of the trees. Other ways I'm Lisbeth create the trees. You won't really know where the shadows of the trees by it so well that I am going to take off. It was black. And let's start creating or the pine trees. So I'd start with blacks. And we also mark exactly black, but kind of black and green mix. Okay, so are you getting an idea of our preaching? Well cheese? So you just kind of creating clinical ships. We'd ever done shapes like this. And on the AG's we're just taking into the HTML on the top part of the cheese, keep them light, bring down, make them Doc, because those shadows are formed. On the bottom area right? Can patch up the cleavage with yellow on the top just to make it look nice. On the job, the light is falling from the top, so it's more lighter on the job. Not what I'm doing is rather than wait, lighten dark or whatever you do is I would create all them. Lighter. Ada forced. So is going to be the good will of the cheese at the bottom. But the dark part, I want to do it nicely. Okay, so now we'll be bringing all of them down and we'll keep it to show. Okay. All I'm doing is feeding into in a random way, right? And now you can go on top of it and a little bit of green to give the shape of the tree. And it's done. See this cluster or year is done. Okay, now we'd create some more or wheel which are at a distance or we will make that more black. And then when I actually start with the Fram to answer that, I know where my cheese I exactly. So this is what our cleaved a-flat. C, actually going with Latin treating with often forced and Dane. Ivan created on the highlights on them to make them look nicer. But this is just to outline all my trees just because I need to know whether she's up on me. Now. I am not going to create all the trees that are there in the big job. I'm just doing as much. I feel like domain. You can do the same, you can do SVD you want to do, you don't have to exactly follow what I'm doing or, or if you want to copy as it is in that picture, you can feel free to do that also. And it also is Yulen picture also in the description below so that you can download it and use it as a resonance. Yeah. I fill them with G. Now what I'm gonna do is create the shadows. If I'm just wiping off the excess black and picking up mixing, looking at black, the sap green, just to make it a little darker drawn and get some shadows. And see the beans are starting to dry or greedy. So I have to use them faster or delays is gonna be. Right. Now you'll see some of the shadows that I created at the beginning. It's kinda lining up with them, right? But now we know exactly which is the shadow for which tree. And that's why it's looking much nicer now. Now if I clustered, displace up with the lot of tree, the shadows and the tree I would get mixed up. So I since I'm doing on a smaller size canvas, I don't have that liberty, but if you are working on a really big sites, can physically have a lot of space. You can do that. Also, if you're working on a small, smaller size canvas, then might feel free to do less number of truths because you don't multiply that they've up so much that the shadows don't look nice on that. A pretty much a lot of shadows and trees are being done. Now what I'm going to do is wash off this right-hand and switch to another branch which is little bit more pointy than this one. So as you can see, this is small brush but it's not that pointed, right? So I use this one. Okay, this is pretty much by deep thought I would just do. And this time you can see I'm using habitual quarter to pin down the paint. I'm going to do is create some quantities of fighting trees. Because we are going to do the neediness. And you've got actually present a little bit of detail in the trees if you wanted to, don't do too much. Just some of the leaves falling out. Okay, now all of them are black trees, right? So now we have to add green to it. So all I'm doing is picking up a little bit of yellow. A yellow and black creates kind of salary. So I'm using that column or you can just pick up sanctuary genetically. And all I'm doing is just adding a feature of sap green on this black ones only on one side, not on all the sides. Because if you add on all sides, they all get mixed up and looked really glad re so as the light is falling from one side. So what I'd be on one side. You feed him about it too much to add some more black to cover it up. That's a benefit of actually being done, right. You can cover up anything, any mistake that you might do with the opposite color. So I think it's starting to look really nice. I'll add some normal liens on your system to give. So you see what I'm doing now is not really creating one proper tree. Instead, what I'm doing is I'm just creating a few lines, just aligns with this little bit. So what is happening in the process if I'm adding a few more lines, is that it's giving the look of a dense forest to kind of take all day. Okay. I think that's good enough. B14, DR. As you can see that the job since but that act of washing off my brush and using up into white donkey Pick tool. Why dish add just a bit of a niche stuff, stripped white coats as you do this. And up to now I feel that it has gone inside the cheat ICT. So all you do is take a bit of black and brown on top of it. And it's done, its due the back. This little section is done. And why did we rolled? We might just want to do this a bit more road that its claim on who you choose. That's it. So we leave it at that. Next. We move on to the next step. We will create some more find trees. 8. Step 6: Pine Trees Part 2: You can add a few more trees, few onto your because I always believed doing a bit more and after I finished by given limit, okay, and we'll add some new binaries over your. So before we go into the detailing of this field area, we want to finish up with all the cheese. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to add my people months again, just so that you've doesn't jump outside. Okay, so mixing up quite a bit, just black. I'm working on even blackmail. Ok, so these are a bit bigger, so you have the liberty do I'm told him nicely on this side. Okay. That's why we do what Monty. And one in between, which is not going to be very prominent. Bid you added a deeper is important. We didn't want VR, which is kind of up to one. Keeping the leaves really norms and separate it. Oh, a nice doesn't find trees I've done. And now we've added a biggest rain on top of it, just like we did in the previous step. A Joule make them nope, no permanent. So I'm just going and adding on top of it a bit more of yellow so that it is visible. Extending a breach of the cheese, the leaves on the side is to make it really nice. Now, okay, at tube we're done. We'll just add a bit more of yellow just to make it more by drink is low. That's it. Now let's move on to the next step. 9. Step 7: Valley Of Flowers Part 1: Now in the next step, I don't want a very pointed small brush. So I'm taking up this kind of round shaped brush and start creating all the elements of the job. So I'll start, I'll start from the top. Okay, so for that what I'm doing is picking out which of this yellow. And you see I'm picking up quite a bit of paint on the tip of my result. Because I want the paint to create the texture for me rather than me trying to create it on the canvas. I want the pinch. So what I'm gonna do is stick out more. So I'm picking up quite a bit of a thanked him. Kinda creating this dots in abstract which have basically more distant Alex. Okay. So you see how the face shows are actually forming the flowers on 3D without me trying to get them individually. So all I'm doing is kind of we some dabbing on the people and the flowers are getting created automatically in the process. I am not neatly and nicely creating each and individual cloud, right? So this is one of the fun things about abstract landscapes is that don't create them realistically individually. We just tried to create textures and elements of the nature gets created. So I'm really liking on the flowers it sticks, it just takes a bit more dying. Just be patient when you start doing, don't try to overinflate. Keep doing and doing. Finished his phone, please. And Daniel, he got it. And you will understand what has happened in the process because many are in the middle of it. Might feel like, oh my gosh, what am I doing? But just trust the process. Just continue doing it gradually, step-by-step, one step after another and you keep building it on, you don't know at the beginning what is happening as we come in town. So the distance once we can do it in this abstract way, but as we have found coming down and to the front wheel, P into few flowers, that they did more prominence. So that is what I want to do now. So let's say for example, you'll be sure to visit. I'm dropping a bigger chunk off beat and coughing up. All of these are getting be blobs of beams. And then around you tweak it. A few more smaller ones also. Before we get on with more of the flowers on the bottom, eta, what do I want to do is create a field lines. The green and black. Try not to use too much of water. Because the dry brushing email 3D Max and ship. It's okay if you are going through some of the flowers, it's not going to get ruined or anything. You can always go back and add more flowers. And so almost buses. All I'm doing is I'm taking it down all the way to the bottom of the beach of might be dbVar OK. And one of the them pathway. So I'm Jadi lines down all the way to the end of the beach. Pretty much going in random directions. There is no particular donation of doing this is be free to go anywhere going in certain direction. Picking up little bit dot-dot been also in between some, in some places. Not important. Just change will have obese and that's it. You see I'm mixing these yellow also in between with the black just to inform down the back that just don't want do much black. Spending to see all of the content of the pages. Yeah, pretty nice. So now I think I am pretty much done with all the lights and go back to gauging more flowers and double phase. Okay. 10. Step 8: Valley Of Flowers Part 2: So now that all the big lines, though, things are done, now we can happily create all the flowers because Mattingly down on top of him taking out more range. As you can see, I'm taking on marketer dimes because I don't want it to or the mutual trade off. Now, what more do you think you could also do is go and add on top of this lines that and so that it moves like no, they're stemming from them. And always Yoda boots or more small ones. And the really loving all that, thanks to Dr. beans, really cheating this beautiful flowers popping out, dammed up people. And think it's a leading Elephantine to weakness and experience. So if you guys are able to do this, we just showed you when he's writing in your feedback reviews, how much you enjoyed creating this kind of flowers, this technique. Whenever you feel it's not defined, feel free to go wait again that this add a few more. Considered this as a second nano flowers happening. Also why multi-nation such as TR, is lemony yellow also along with your mom yells, step B jumped lemon yellow, I think Bill ad I'll be just coolness to the blouse. Spatially, the distant ones because we don't want them to refresh rate. So the limit is adding more pointless to the building because the aim and yellow is considered the coin Kano, the poodle yellow and chrome yellow is the one yet. So since we have the largest book whose gathers on the door of our being deemed so the lemon yellow is kind of leaning in all thickly than that. So. And what I am doing is adding just a bit of a lemony yellow on top of all that for me. And we have added only in certain places. I don't want to do it too much because it might look over clouded. Just going in between. In some cases loops. We can make a peak load happens, it happens, accidents happens. And I feel in spite of the process, I legit be don't fret too much about it. I used to earlier, but I have realized lead other is only I who understand that has happened. Nobody else really going to understand. So I leave it like that. Unless I accidentally not happy about it. I think it's starting to look very nice. The dynamics of Komi and warm yellow here between the leaks as in the grasses that we have done the stamps, often out and system of bit more off. What I'm doing is I'm kind of mixing multi yellows. Also see, you could tell wheat and reproducing the flowers, they're not very nicely split. All I'm doing is like phew area where there's a cluster of flour, then a gap in between in some places and then bring in other places or to spread it out nicely. Don't make them look asymmetrical because nature is Mark being symmetric. But as you know, by the way, did you know that there is no straight line? It made such a fascinating Pat, this most straight line that you can find in nature. Also notice the way that we're doing this flowers we are not really defining, that is how abstract landscape is different from a realistic Maslansky. So if you're doing it realistically, you might want to define some of the flowers really, but we are not doing that. We kind of give it the shape of the flower and leaving it at that. Sometimes I do or would wake. You really need to know where to stop. So you can stop here. And these are enjoying the process. Feel free to add more, but just make sure what you can do is just take a pause. Who at a distance, look at your painting and see if you are liking, you don't see what happens is what I tell my students in my physical classes is when you've been doing your little literally lead one feet away. Your i is one feet away from your painting, right? And when you are so close to European team can't really see what you're doing. So take a break, water distance, at least six to seven feet away. And then look at your painting and you will see how nice it is looking, which you cannot see from this close distance. Okay? So I just did that. And another way of doing that also is by the way, looking through your phone camera lens or your camera lens, you get to see how you'll be doing is actually looking, which you fancy when you're in the middle of the process of creating. And I looked at it and I really like it the way the flowers are starting to show. So I think I'm going to give it a break now and I'll let this dry. And c, As you can see, there's quite an amount of pins on the people or it's gonna take some time, but tends to the power of edit. I will come back to you in the next second and we will start the next process, next step. 11. Step 9: Blue Flowers & Final Words: Ok. So it's been a good 15-20 minutes and that issues have completely died. As you can see, it's pretty dry. Ok, so now the last part of the painting, and this is the last sip of your class. So how are we going to create a few of the violet and blue flowers, as you can see in the picture, right? Start with that. So for that, I think immediately felt a little bit of purple, blue. We already have, but I think it's pretty dry. It also. So let's see how we go about it. So I'm taking my not debate pointed small brush. I'm taking this kind of little bigger drop down rush. And I, you need up into blue because that moon is dry it. And we need that. We took white as that. Okay, now, as you can see, the flowers are pretty much in front of the camera, right? So at the beach. So we create pretty random abstract shape of the flower length, the previous ones also, we are not going to go in detailing of them. All I'm doing is mixing up for Doppler blue with white. And many loosely, I mean, your adding a flower. Just to keep them low. Look, I am not adding too much of detail system you submit. And up to the age of four when adding softly into it. Okay. Now I'm treating a few more. So these ones I'm not trying to do to watch dictionary, like the ones. You see. I my brushes, bulldog colors, right? And I am using them together to create this flowers. Also, I feel this adding c I could have lifted out. I mean, just before adding this house also our painting was looking really nice. The reason I like to add this flower says because this blue kind of balances the blue sky and gives a really nice opposition to our BT at. That's the only reason that I do this. And b2, b3, c1, put the purple and blue. Okay, now, pretty much all the flowers been added. Now, I want to show you one last trick to this flowers to make them look really like. I'm thinking of this top is deep blue color. This one, duck with deep shit. Okay? And you can actually pick up any dark blue shade that you have. It can be Prussian blue also. And all I'm doing is I'm coming and adding a little bit of this dot mu one to one at the bottom of this Klaus, just to create a shadow what this, I'm not creating a prop. Just going very randomly softly below. And internet. And I'm adding to Docker wants Holtzman became almost not almost obviously because our background, he's also doc nights on that Warnock did won't be that. Okay. So I pain-free and pretty much done. I hope you enjoyed creating this painting. And it might look pretty obligated winning first indented, assumed progress. Along with me. You probably would have realized by now that it's not very difficult. Indeed, is just with the right steps and write guidance. You can create this beautiful paintings. So even though this is not considered an absolute beginner live in painting. But if you've never been to before and exert Indian sort of state, you can also create this beauty of it. But yes, you have to follow all the steps. You have to watch it and pop the falls in to watch and then do full, don't start doing along with me. Maybe just watch it once and then invent, do alone. And leading up inadequacies. Stanley Beach of flowers in between. And just add a few more. The Hawaiians law, which is almost like black and dark blue is 3D. And I'm actually going to add up each of the all the small steam of in ADA compliance. Once you see my blush already had to do and I stamp it along with that. So adding the farmers on the way to the end of my page says to people reading lines meet in the painting. So I hope you could paint this along with me and have come up with a really nice thing. Please do chart of your being teaching and posted under the projects because I really love seeing which it does that. So many of you actually have static cheering me on Instagram also, which is really nice. I love to see what you doesn't win if my glasses and they innovate create beautiful being fixed because that is my mission. I will do is to make us, especially those of you who will teach you cannot vein or you feel it's too complicated. I wanted them to understand that actually building a z is easier than any other media property. And just a few guidance. Guidance with few techniques you can create the amazing things that even you will be surprised that impeded. So thank you so much for joining me in this class and in helping me achieve my mission by creating this painting along with me. So, thank you very much for that. And leave me a review for this class. Let me know your feedback always matters a lot. Some of the feedback that I got during my initial classes, the audio quality were not good. So I tried to probing on that and I haven't got that feedback yet. So I'm guessing that I have taught it and I have not been causing you trouble with the audio. There is any feedback. Please do. Let me know because it always helps me in. One more thing that I want to do just before doing this video is just creating a little blurring effect alone to this bit of white. That's lovely. The final step of the painting is, what? What is it? That's right. That's right. If you guessed it. Signing the bending. So I generally like to sign with the base at the color and not make it very, very prominent. So she'll then using blue so that it's visible also and at the same time it's not due on your face. So that's it. So I hope you enjoyed creating this being to meet me, if you did leave your projects below and leave me a review we look below because that will really help me plan all my future classes. And also come over to my Instagram page. And I kind of keep creating this false or my instant stories to figure out which fainting to create next. So if you are following me on Instagram, you can help me decide by telling me which one to do next. Thank you so much for joining and see you in the next class. Bye.