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How To Make A Wordpress Website -- Complete Beginners Guide

teacher avatar Darrel Wilson, Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Hosting and install wordpress

    • 3. Themes, pages

    • 4. Creating home page

    • 5. Creating home page2 +moible

    • 6. About us page + blocks

    • 7. Plugins

    • 8. Templates + shapedivers ) before croko)

    • 9. Crocko

    • 10. Blog and contact

    • 11. Pro + ending

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About This Class

Get Hosting:

Want To Learn How To Make A Website With Wordpress? In this tutorial, I go step by step to show you how to build a wordpress website step by step! After you watch this video, you will be able to create a website from scratch with no experience. I use elementor and the oceanwp wordpress theme in this tutorial!

Important Links and websites to help you

Get Elementor Templates:
Get Hosting:
Get A $5 Logo Here:
Download OceanWP Here:
Elementor Pro:
Download Demo Images Here:

Below are some free websites to help you get images for your wordpress website

Below Are Timestamps

2:51 - Get Hosting
6:35 Access Account And Installing Wordpress
11:25 Install Wordpress Theme
12:45 Creating Pages
14:25 Theme Customizer
19:15 OceanWp Page Settings
20:30 Using Elementor
40:30 Mobile Optimization
43:43 Footer Widgets
47:11 Creating An About Us Page
52:20 What Are Plugins?
57:15 Using Templates
59:55 Intro To Crocoblock
1:06:30 Getting A Logo
1:08:41 Creating a Contact Us Section
1:18:35 Creating A Blog
1:27:45 Elementor Pro
1:38:16 Closing Statements!

For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Darrel Wilson

Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer



Howdy All. Im here to help you all create amazing wordpress websites. A little about me, I graduated with a bachelors from Cal State Northridge and also Ashford attaining a bachelors degree. I quit my job to start my own web design business and now work as a wordpress designer and digital marketer. I continue to create free tutorials in digital marketing and wordpress tutorials. 

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1. Intro: Hey, guys, My name is Darrell Wilson, and today I'm gonna be teaching you all how to make a WordPress website step by step with no experience required, you could be 13 years old. You could be 65 years old and you can watch this little today and walk away knowing how to make a WordPress website. And you need to know a thing about coding or have any programming experience whatsoever. Everything this tutorial is going to drag and drop. In fact, you're gonna have access over 500 different templates and layouts to help you create beautiful, responsive, mobile friendly websites that fit for 2000 and 18. Now, I know you're probably thinking this guy's trying to sell me something. I'm not going to tell you anything today. I'm just gonna show you how to make a WORDPRESS website step by step so you can build a website. Maybe you could build it for your friends. Maybe you could build it for your family. Or maybe you can even start your own business like my viewers have. In fact, I'm gonna read a few comments for my viewers. Right here. So here we have four home he says, Hydro, I just want to say I want to be stumbled across your WordPress website to tour from a years back. I used to make my own website soon after I purchased the debate team. Upon the recommendation. I now have a fully of clients and I love what I do from a hobby. Twin honest paint job. I can't thank you enough. Your friend, your your fan from London for home. Now, this isn't that hard. It's just the fact you have to watch it. You know, spend an hour of your time and pick up a skill that's gonna really last a lifetime. Here's another viewer. Thank you for existing. Thanks to you, I learnt WordPress started my own business. Ho works fine public Typo keep doing this Andres re folk. So these people actually spend the timeto watch one of my videos. And then they picked up a skill that's going to last them a lifetime. And we're gonna be using a very popular platform called wordpress. You know, companies like eBay use it, Mr Me, she uses it beyond, say, use it in TV uses. It is the most popular platform. In fact, it towers more than 1/3 of the Internet, making it the most popular platform for making websites. So do yourself a favor. You want to learn how to create websites, either for yourself or for your family or for your business. Maybe your boss not even asking about the website form. You never know what's gonna happen but washes the total today and you're gonna walk away knowing how to create beautiful professional WordPress websites. So if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's go ahead now and get started with this. 2. Hosting and install wordpress: amazing tutorial. Okay, let's get this tutorial started. So the first thing we're gonna do is get our domain and hosting. So, for example, your website dot com. And basically, this is where your website lives and breezy want. Make sure you have good hosting and Psycho came up as number one as the most fastest hosting against host Gator and also ate other competitors. So I recommend site chrome, and you also get 60% off through my link. Now, I've already have your hosting. You can keep your own. Next, we're going to install WordPress and again WordPress powers, 1/3 of the Internet. It is the most popular platform for design out there. After that, we're going to install our WordPress theme. And after that, we're going to go ahead and create our amazing WordPress website step by step. Now, there is a link in the description of this video. Take you to a page that looks just like this right here. And this is site ground dot com. So this is the hosting I recommend. Now you can also get to this website by going to darrell wilson dot com dash site crown. And if you click on Enter. It will take you to this page right here. Click on, Sign up. You'll see the discount regardless Now, Scott, and choose some plans. So we have three plans, but I'm going to recommend one. And I've been doing this for three years, and everyone does the same thing. Most people choose the grow big because with the grow big option, you can host unlimited websites rather than just a single website. So that is a pretty big difference. And most people usually switched to the grow big because they might make one website, and, you know, they won't make more. So next just click on order. All right, so this is basically your new website. So you know your website or I don't know what you want to make the cool business dot com or whatever business you want to make. Whatever domain you're gonna go ahead and enter it right here. So I'm enter. I used to love Star Wars. I'm not gonna I'm gonna be honest, you know, Star Wars eight. Just kill it for me. I can't believe that was a Star Wars movie. Like, I felt like I was watching. Like I don't know a kid movie or something. Now, also, if you wants to change your domain to something else like dot net dot com dot biz dot info , you can do that right there as well when you register your domain. So let's go click on a proceed. All right, so this is the final step now, right here. Gonna go ahead and enter in your account. Information your password you're gonna enter in all your good information. Right here. Here, we have client information. So your name, You know, your street everything and then your payment information right here and then also your Social Security number. I am just kidding. Don't ever give everyone your social. That's a joke. Okay, so next we have hosting. So I recommend 12 months, because again, there's always a 30 day money back guarantee. And for 12 months, you actually receive a discount on your hosting. So next we have the domain registration remain privacy. Everyone, get this. Please leave this checked, because if you don't check this box, guess what's gonna happen. You're gonna all these guys that are gonna spam you with, like, they're gonna pretend to be hosting companies. They're going to try to sell you stuff. It's super annoying. So debate privacy protection and will drastically reduce them out of spam. You get cycles tonight. Scanner. I do recommend that as well. In fact, my website was infected by malicious content. And on the next page, you're actually going to see? That's because this service actually told me someone's injecting something into your website. So I recommend psycho site scanner and then right here and click on terms of service and you're gonna read through that. All right, that is enough, right? You guys read that? And then right here, Same thing, private policy. All right, you guys, can You guys can go to that. I don't think anyone reads that stuff, you know, but they gotta put it there. So once you're done with that to click on pay. Now, now I know $119 does sound like a lot, but that's all you're gonna pay, you know, And again, you're not gonna pay me anything. You're not gonna pay for any other service. You can do this just with your hosting. And you cite ground because half the people that come to me from other hosting companies spent like, three times more because they go around looking for really cheap companies. And then they come back to me to like, man, I should have just chose a real legitimate, stable one that's really easy to use. So once you are done with signing up with site ground, we're gonna go to your log in area. So here I go to sign in. And I personally used this service. I have Ah, VPs And I have two other host ings on this because they're really good and really, really fast. The speed of it is what I want. So what you get to this, you'll be brought to this page right here and also congratulations. You now have your domain and hosting good job. So this is your portal, basically. And here you can check your billing. You can check your your supports and also your accounts. If you have a question, you can call them. And again, Cyclone has 24 hour customer service. You can call them anytime of the day. So you're going to see your hosting plan right here. Now I have three because I have a lot of websites and I use different postings for each of them. But you are only gonna have one. So right here gonna go to manage account. So you're hosting You're going See right there and go to manage account. And then right here we go to go to see panel So right here on my websites. But your website will p her a little bit later because you don't have wordpress install debts. So here, go to see panel Silicon Ismael were detected on my website. Cadets. See, I'm lucky I have. That's because now I know I need to look into it. Maybe just run a little. Ah, scanner on it and take care of it. It's probably something really, really small. Let's hope so. Uh, right here, I'm go to WordPress. We're just gonna simply install wordpress onto our domain. It's going down here. Click on install. Now. So right here, go ahead and find your domain. So where is your domain? Well, you're only gonna have one, so I have tons of them, and the one I'm gonna use is called the elementary tutorial dot com. There's that one, but it's take a look at what is Let's go to the bottom first, let's work our way up. Hope There it is with the bottom the elementary total dot com. Alright, right here in the directory. Please do not put anything there. Because if you put something there, it's going to and saw your domain dash whatever. And that's not what you want. So don't do anything there right here. Side name. You can always change us later. The theme customizer. So don't worry about it. You can only change this, but you can put, um, best website. All right. And then description. I'm a newbie. I've been user name. So here, I'm gonna put ah, Patty wack which my dog, And then we hear a patty wack again. But bodywork 99. So right here. Go and put your personal email. So this is my personal email. Please don't set my spam me with questions and stuff, you know? Ah, here. So, like language. You're gonna go ahead and select your language. And, um, you know, there still is the debates, but he wants to leave a comment about it. I think it's Mandarin, but everyone says it's Chinese. I don't know. It's like everyone says, Do you speak Chinese? Like No, I speak Mandarin, but according there was a viewer that says this is the correct waste, but, um, yeah, you're gonna go and select your language right there. I speak English. I'm gonna go heads like English and then here I'm going to click on Install. So we are installing WordPress onto our domain. It says, like, four minutes, but it takes about, like, literally 20 seconds and it's done. That's it. So here and click on WP Admin and ball off. This is WordPress. Have you ever hear someone talk about Wordpress or say like, Oh, your WordPress, This is it. And it's very user friendly. It's very simple. Now. Your website is live on the Internet right now. So right here. If I go up here, click on visit websites. This is our websites, so anyone can actually see it and look at it right now. Now, of course, this is demo contents. It's using a default thing that's really bad. Some people out there use its but no, I only use the best. You know, I do a lot of research. I know the best. Now, guys, congratulations. You know, this is, um this is progress this is This is good. We're working here now. Before we start designing the website, I want to change some settings and I want to make some pages so that you can, you know, walk away knowing all about the settings and everything else. So first, let's go ahead and change our Perma links, and I'm gonna talk about that. What? They are in just a second. So here, settings and Perma links. So right here, I want you to take this and put it to post name. Now, this is very easy to understand when you go to your website like you know, your website dot com dash about us, right? Not to 080 a. You know, this is like robot language. We don't want that. I want to keep it very simple. And this is also very good for CEO. Sorry. Here, Save changes. Okay. Now, next thing I want to do is go to users and go to your profile. And this is where you can kind of decorate stuff and get little customizable so you can change the color to your I'm gonna do. Midnight Midnight's always good and right here is where you can change your email. And you can also change your password as well. So if you ever want in your past from the future routine your email, this is where you're going to do it. So here, generally password and then you click on update profile. Now, I don't want to, so I'm gonna click on cancel and 3. Themes, pages: that's about it. Now I've shown you most of the settings right here or most of like, the important settings I should say. We're gonna cover most of these in just a 2nd 1 thing I want you to do right now is installer theme, and I'm gonna talk about what themes are. So where it presses basically installs themes onto your website. So basically, every single theme is different in a manner, so you can see that every site kind of looks a little bit different, but the one that we're going to use is called Ocean WP This one right here it's under the popular tab right here. And I was going to do right here is click on Install. Now, when you install these themes, it's not gonna look at these pictures is gonna look really ugly. And that's because you have to sort of design. It's You have to, you know, make it look like that now, right here we get this notices saying this team recommends the following plug ins elemental or and ocean extra right here. Click on begin and selling plug ins. Now, what are plug ins? I'm gonna talk about that in the seconds. But right now, plug ins are like APS for your iPhone. You know, there's an app for everything, right? You have a nap for iTunes. You have an app for the bank you haven't at for basically everything. That is basically what a plug in is. It's added features to your website. So here and click on install Go to return a dashboard. Now, let's go ahead and see those plug ins. So right here installed plug ins. We're gonna go and scroll down right here, and you can see that l A mentor is activated and ocean extra is also activated. Now, I want to change this background color really quick. This is a really ugly background color. So your profiles midnight and click on update profile. Okay, so the next thing I want to do is create some pages. So we have our home page about us contact, right? All that stuff. So right here, click on, add new. And now we're gonna go ahead and create some pages. So here, home page published. And then right here again about us, just like a website, you know, have the pages. You know, that's exactly what we're doing here? And then right here, I'll do contact. All right, so we've made our pages. Now we need to actually assign it to a menu. So we need to make a menu for that. So right here you go to appearance and go to menus and give your men your name. I just always do Menu one. It's just the easiest. So menu one right here on the pages. I want to click on view all or you can click on most recent and just add those pages and click on Add to Menu. And you can always re assign these. You know, you could put him right there. You can, you know, because when you got your website is going to basically look like the way you assign its. And if you ever want to create a drop down menu, you can just take it and put it under it. And that's a drop down menu. So I'll explain what that is in a bit. But right here under main and click on mean and go to say venue. Now let's go ahead and take a look at our website really quickly. So right here we have the home and we have the contact and see how about us is a drop down right there. And if I go to those pages, there's nothing on it because we haven't really designed anything. Now let's go ahead and goes to the theme customizer, which we can kind of fix all of our menu. And then we're going to start designing stuff. We're gonna add pictures, all that really cool stuff. And it's really, really simple with a drag and drop builder. So here we go to customize. Okay, So this is the theme customizer. And on this section right here is where we're gonna do all of our setting for our menu and everything else. So right here are a lot of options. So side identity we have, you know, our site title and how are you again? The theme customizer controls the theme. It doesn't really control the page itself. It controls the menu. It controls the header options and also the footer the bottom. So the actual designing we're gonna use a plugging called l A mentor. Now, a few things you have to do before we start dealing our websites here under home page settings. So What is this? What does this mean? A static page. So when someone comes to your website, what pays You want them to learn on first? Well, I want them to go to our home page, right? You don't want them to go into your website and then go to your contact us page or your about us page? I wouldn't make much sense, So I want them to go to our home page. Over here, we have our other options, Like general options. Top are now. I want to go ahead and change some things, and then we'll talk more about these little bit later. But for right now, I wanna go to header and go to General. Now, this is our actual menu. So here we have, like a top menu kind of change. How your menu looks right here. So you see how it looks little different. We can do it to medium. You do it to center. And you can also change the color this as well. You can make this full with see how it's It's full with now and again right here. You can always change like the background color to it. So all these options right here are for your menu. So if you ever wants to make changes to your menu such as font or padding for those of you don't know, patting is it's basically space. So you see how I'm making more padding. It's just creating more space. That's what patting is. But I would leave it a default. You know, once you get the padding, you can kind of mess up the way the menu looks. So I like the way this looks. I'm going to go ahead and say, I'll just do all do Minimal. Minimal is good. I like your basic click on publish. Now let's go back and really quickly. Right here we have ah, header Media, this I wouldn't recommend to use because it doesn't really look good. We have a logo, and don't worry about you don't have a logo. We're going to show you where to get a logo a little bit later, and then our menu right here. So here you can kind of change where the menu is. You can change the style of it. You can change the link color. You have a lot of customizable options. You know what color. You want it, You know when someone hovers over it. So right now it's a, um, blue color, but you can change out to purple. And now you see on the hover over it it's purple. So this section right here all controls the menu and styling options as well. And it's pretty self explanatory, you know, like length, background color, all that stuff. It's very simple to understand I'm here and keep going back and go to social menu. Now, right here, I'm unable to social menu, and then I'm going to maybe say, you know what? I want to add some social icons, maybe have, like, a Facebook page or something else. So here, you gonna entering the URL of your of your, um, social accounts or whatever you are. And then they're gonna appear right next to your menu. And then again, you can always change like the font size. You can make them appear in a new window, but I'll go ahead and just, uh, I'll leave them as 20 or something. Click on publish. Here I go to mobile men. You think moment is good and then our header media. So this section right here is pretty much all done. Another thing we want to do is to say, Well, this top are so we have this other top are right here and we don't really need to have it. So you can decide if it's up to you to have it or not. Maybe you can add something there like a phone number or something. So here and so you know I don't want the top are enables. I really don't want enabled and click on publish. Now you might have noticed right here The icons have appeared so it did take a little time . But, um usually, when you refresh the page or publish, usually it shows up. So that is basically a quick run down of the header. You can add your own various social icons. You can add your pages, all that stuff Now, what makes Ocean WP good is the fact that you can do all this a lot of themes. You cannot adding this stuff. So this team right here ocean EVP is very customizable. It's very user friendly and has a lot of customizable options for you. So here and click on X. So are you ready to make the websites. Are you finally ready to do it? Let's go ahead and do that right here. Click on purge as she cash. Now, when you get site ground, you get this purchase, see cash, and this will actually purge all of the cash. And that will make your site much faster because over time it absorbs information and stores it and it console your site down. So the process e cast is great and it's just for us Cyclone users out there. So here we click on edit page. Now we have this big button right here for any with l mentor. Now, before we do that, we need to change some settings really quickly. So right here, under content layout, I want this 100% full with basically I'm saying I want the content to stretch all the way across the website sidebars. We could go ahead and leave that default, but I don't want any margins. Margin is space, so I don't want any space between those between our menu. You hear my paces for the quick and just give you an example 4. Creating home page: display. The top are I want to say Well, that but I want to enable the header. So this right here is our header right here. So I want to keep this displayed still. Now, the reason why there's options for this because you can change this for every single page some people want. Maybe you don't want a menu for a different page. Maybe wants to add a menu for a different page, you know, have a different menu or something. The great part of Ocean WP is that it allows you to do this other themes to not alive to do this. So while it might look a little confusing, it's very easy to understand what you actually kind of think about it. And lastly, once we said that we want to go to our title and for a title. I want to disable this because I don't want this year the home. I don't want that there and then we'll go ahead and scroll up and click on update. Now we're ready to build our websites. Now I'm first going to show you all how to use the elemental page builder. I'm not really going to use any templates because that's going to spoil you, and you're not really going to learn how to use this. But Elements Air recently introduced a new feature called Blocks and I'm gonna give you in another resource that you're gonna have over 500 different sections pre made sections to use. But first, let's just go out and keep it very simple. Let's just say we wants to add a new faction in so right here at a new section. And let's just create a landing page. You know, let's create a big, beautiful lining page. Now there is also a link in the description to images. You can use these images they are free to use. You can use them on any website you wants your copyright free. So right here I'm a click on this little thistle edit section. Now, this section right here, I want to make it really big. I want it to be like those, like the apple website, a very big, beautiful website just like apple. So over here under the height, I want to go fit to screen. So now we have a full page right here and right here under the content with, I want it full with. So this is just for landing pages. This is not gonna be for every single page you know. So here, under the style you can add, you know, a grading color. You can add whatever color you want. So here we have, ah, black color. Or you could just have a classic color. Or you can even add an image or you can even add a background video. So you would simply just take a YouTube video and just simply copy and paste it right there . I'll do that in just a second, but let me just show you the classic. So this is just, like classic and again you can, you know? Well, there's actually no reason to position this, but you know, you can add in any content, so let's go ahead and add in content just to show you so right here and click on these little nine buttons and drag this header right there so I don't want it right there. I want it centered. So click on the center and then we hear a but welcome to your new website and another style . I want to change this text color to maybe something like whites and topography. You can change the font and also the size. So here I want to make it bigger and then wait. You can give it more weight. It's just basically makes it a little bit more skinnier. See, that's and then we can change the font right here as well. So different fonts. You can mess around with this. And also we have line heights and all these other options. So transform upper case lower case. All of these are very self explanatory. You know, if you use Microsoft Word, you know how to use these. You know, underlying you can underline, etcetera and also right here gonna go to content. And if you want to add a link, you can add a link right there. But we don't really want to do that because we're going to add more content. So here, click on this right here and I'm gonna take this. We can actually we can do a lot of different things. We can add a text editor. We can add heading, but right here, take this and drag you right there. Now you see how it's that there's that bar right there. That means I can drop it. And here you can go ahead and more content so here, into the style, and say, you know what? I don't want it there. I want it centered. And I want to use this color to whites That looks much better, right? And under the size, right here again, we can change the style as well. Now we can also control like the letter space, seeing as well, basically like the space in between each specific one. You can add light hind as well to this. Now, one thing I want to show you that will really help you all is the actual, um, the content. I'm sorry, the how much? It's spreading right here. So you see how it's spreading all the way across. Maybe we don't want to spread it all the way across. So over here under layouts, click on layout and right here I mean, changes back to boxed. Now, right here. It's saying OK, what? How much content with do you want? So here I mean to say, you know, what's I want to be something like this right here. Seven little bit more centered, right, and then right here. I'm gonna take this right here a button and just drag it down right there, and I want it centered. And then here we can kind of change the color of its. So I wanna leave it that color. Now we have our lining page, but I don't. This background is not gonna work for us, you know. So right here I'm a click on this little icon and under style. I want to add a background to it. Now we're here. We have great. And of course, you can add ingredients. So again you can change like the first color of second color. So, for example, let's get those dark colors. You know, this gets get a light colored here and maybe something like this that's too much. Maybe that will work. And then, of course, right here you can change the location of it. You can change all of the settings. You can even make a split screen effects something very similar. That right there. You know, if you want to go for that look, but I don't want to you know, I don't think that looks good, but you can kind of mess with this and kind of have fun with the, you know, with with this as well. There's a lot of consternation that you can do with this, but I don't really want radium. So I'm gonna go and select an image. And again, there are images for you in the description of this video. So I'm gonna go ahead and upload those right now. So select files and I'm gonna go and select all these files right here and upload these to my library. So these files right here, we're going to use these for our our tutorial. I'm going to talk about like we can put your menu and just use some of those That was really fast. And I want to like this one right here. I like this one. Sorry. Here, insert media. Now, our Texas a little hard to read, and you might come across this using, you know, um, you know Paige Miller and stuff like that, because sometimes images not perfect. Not to worry. We can add a background overlay to this. So right here, back on. Overly. And we can kind of add just a little bit of color. So by adding just a little bit of color. We can kind of dim it and make it look something like that right there. So it looks beautiful. Now, we can also add a video as well. I talked about so some of you might like to have video backgrounds. So we're here for your background. Gonna go ahead and paste this right there. And now we have a YouTube video that I basically competent pasted that you can have as a video background. And you can simply go to youtube dot com and just copy any link and just, you know, check it out. So, for example, right here. Ah, go to my YouTube channel. So you go to YouTube or I'll just go to Darrell Wilson, Tara Wilson, YouTube. And then we were selected one of my we just like toe video. I have I have tons of videos on tons of them, so you can just simply take this right here and copy that. And if you copy that, you can go back to your website and simply pace it right there. And I recommend going to, like, you know, type in like four k video. There seem like that type of something like four K four K clouds or something like this to give an idea. So a lot of the four K like nature for Kate waterfalls or great for Web design. Now there are some additional resource is that I'm going to give you right now. So another website you go to is unspool ash dot com. Inspires dot com has the most beautiful images. It's basically the instagram for Web designers, and you're just going to like and I put in sky, just grab one, and you can add these to your background as well. There's tons of, um, and also free pick dot com is also a very good one. So here you can kind of get like, you know, like graphics or whatever you want. And I'm gonna talk more about what these are and how you can use them for a fiver. We'll talk more about that. We talk about our logo, so let's go ahead and go back over here. I don't want to get off or go back, go off topic too much, but I want to add just a classic back room like this. I think this looks really good, really clean maybe actually add a divider for it. So right here. Maybe we can add a divider to kind of give it some space, my hero change the color to something like whites, and then we'll make it a little bit thicker. And then right here, we can reduce that with as well, you know, give it a little clean divider. Now, of course, this is not the best landing page. You know, I would never use this fonts, but I'm just showing you exactly how it works. And, you know, basically that is it. We have our landing page, and this was pretty simple guys. So I mean, we basically landing page in, like, 5 10 minutes, which is really simple. So let's keep going. So right here, I'm gonna click on, add a new section and select these three right here. And it's very simple. So let's say I want a Nikon box to take a Nikon box, drag it. Maybe I want, um, an image box. Just drag it right there, and then maybe I wants one more. I can add in something like, um, we'll add another image box. Now, another way we can do this is by simply saying you know what? I'm gonna go ahead and close these right here and just, you know, close these as well. So you tell you close it and we can t just duplicate this. So I didn't really have to even do that. I get is duplicated and just make it three. In fact, we can duplicate this whole entire road right here by clicking on the settle duplicate button so it stays a lot of work. It's It's very, uh what design is just incredible today. So right here, I'm a click on this and say, You know what? I want to choose an image. And, um, you know, you can basically put any icon you want. You can, you know, put an image of this guy. You can even use this as a profile. So right here, you can say, like, this is John. And then you can talk about him right here, you know, and then you can add in, like a link to his website. Now, this module is not for this purpose, but it's all about being creative, you know? You can add in anything you want right there. So here we click on deletes and say, you know what? Maybe I don't want it. I'll just you know, I'll put in something like this right here. And then you can go ahead and talk about whatever you want to talk about the immense size as well. You can change the image size right here. You can kind of mess around with it, tinker around with it as well. You can make it really, really small or thumbnail or you can do custom. Or you could make it even bigger as well. So going over here style, we have the image spacing. We have the image size as well and the opacity so we can even make it, you know, smaller. So right here is like margin and patting. Now I'll explain what margin padding is just once, because, um, you might never use it. But it's simple. So right here, click on this little icon. Martin is basically where When do you want this to start? So if you say 50 pixels, it's gonna push this 50 pixels. So if I put 200 pixels, it's gonna push it down even more. You see that we can also do that for the right side. And we also do that for the bottom. Or let's find wherever you want to go ahead and put it. So you see how now I put it 100 or, um sorry. 100 pixels. I was pushing this down is basically saying I want space right here. Okay, so that's basically what margin is padding is space. So margin is where it starts from and patting his actual space, they might look the same, but they're actually a little bit different. So Patties is saying that space, like so nothing can be here. Margin is saying stuff can be here and I want to start from here. So that's the difference between Margin and Patty. Okay, so you ever come across that, that's what it is. And, of course, interest animations. You can make these, like, fade in, fade up. And every single module that we talked about today has thes same options. So you don't have to really You know, once you learn the module for all of them, you learn for all of them, and you can kind of, you know, think about stuff to do like, you know, you can make it slight inside down, and you can kind of make these, like, work with it, you know? So here you can even do, like, interest animation and maybe, you know, bounce in So everyone will have a different animation as well. So that's basically this section right here. So here we click on X. Now, I'm gonna show you something really quickly, but I don't want to start using these just yet. Okay? So right here at a section I'm sorry, gonna out of templates, and I'm introduce you all to blocks. So these right here are templates, and you can simply upload these at any time and use them. But I don't want to use these yet because I want you to get more familiar with the page builder before you try to learn how to use these and some of their designs. So right here, under blocs, we have these right here, and these are great because these are all pre made. There is a pro version which you can actually purchase their link in the description. But before you do that, don't do it just yet. I'm gonna still going to show you another service that you might be interested in. So theories are, like, just things you can pick with or mess around with. So let's just go and pick one. I'm gonna go ahead and grab one of these right here. I'll grab in, grab, grab this one right here. We'll insert this. And these were all designed by L. A mentor. So here you continue. Just go ahead and just change this to something you want. You want. So, marketing. And of course, the the options are all the same. So you can put a composition wherever you want, etcetera. The view, Dr Frame. So as a little circle and then pencil, you can say, you know what I want to be paper. Maybe this is gonna be PayPal and so on and so forth and into styling right here you can choose spacing. You could make it bigger. You can add padding, which we talked about, remember patting his space. Okay, so that's what patting is right there. Or you could even rotate it, you know? So I was rotating right there and then right here we have border radius, which is basically adding a border to its as well. So you see how the more border race, you add, the more square gets. So I'm a 10 and then it's kind of like a square. And then again right here, entrance animation. Now, my personal advice is Don't use to much animation, okay? It can get really old really fast. Um, for now, I'm gonna go ahead and click on add a new section and go to three, and I'm gonna You know, I'm just gonna do my thing. I'm just gonna add in Nikon box right here, Icon box. And I'm just going to duplicated two more times and click on X ray here. All right, so let's say I made this section, but I want a heading for it. So over here we go to add a new section one click on a heading, make this centered and put like our services, right? And for the style, I might want to make this a little bit bigger. So, topography, we can make this just a little bigger. Now if I'm going too fast, don't worry about it. Remember, you can waste posit video and go along with me, but I'm just giving you an example. So this would be like our services And by now you know how to change the color by going to this style text, color and maybe black something like that right there. Okay, so that is basically, like our services again. And right here we click on Adam, your section. And, ah, you know, you can basically add in whatever you want. Maybe three or something, maybe at another three. And just find a model that works for you so we can add a Nikon box. A gallery encounter. So, for example, we can out of counter right here, which basically whips. I missed it, which basically a number. And right here it's basically very self explanatory of what it does. So, you know, ending number. You want to end on 100 5? Um, you can change all the settings right here. You can add a separator by a space or dot right here in the style. You can change the text, color and the title. Same thing here. You can change the color as well, and maybe even add like whatever you want. Wait. Transformation line heights, line spacing. See how the spacing gets bigger and then smaller. And then the advanced same thing you cannot enters animation. You can even add background. But, you know, I would never use a background to this cause That's really ugly. You know, you can always There are some cases where you might want to add a background for a specific one like that, but you might want to add it to the entire row. So again, remember to out of the entire road, you're going to select this one right here and then go to style, and this is going to apply for everything. So if I go to classic, go to color Now, we're doing the entire row. So again, remember this section right here controls. 5. Creating home page2 +moible: this section right here. Control of the entire row. And this one controls each specific module right there. Okay, so here we go. Do X. Now, that's a quick run down of the pace bowler. And let's go ahead and just added a little bit more content. And then we're gonna work on our footer and our footer. We have to go to the theme customizer, and I'm also gonna teach you all about plug ins. So here at a template, and it's simply going and go through all these right here. All right. I had something like this right here. Now, the reason why they let the all black and white is because it's really up to you to kind of decide what you want is a background. So right here under edit section you go to style and under the background type. Remember? I showed you had at a video a Grady int whatever you want, you can add in right there, so they basically open for you so you can kind of ad whenever you want. So here on her image begins to look something like this right here. And then maybe it's saying you know what that's a little too bright. I want to add an overlay to it. So I'm gonna add a quick little overlay to it and then something like that. And then maybe are you even change that the blue or something that would that would work too. But right here, click on this changes to something like white, right, and then saving right here. Style, color, white. So you can use these blocks to make a website, you know, from scratch. You don't have to be a good designer. You don't have to do any that because elemental provide you all with amazing blocks and templates. And I'm gonna give you a resource with 500 amazing templates that are a little bit better than l A mentors on just a bit. So here, I'm gonna add one more to It's going to say, you know what? I want to finish this off with something like, ah called action on the bottom or something. Now, there's so many of these You guys can go through these and just take a look at your yourself and to see there's a lot. But I must say, you know what? So right here under the category. I wanna say Call to action. That's a much easier way. So here, from answered this one. And there you go. And here we can change this to any text you want again in the style. You can change this to a specific color. Ah, here. He contains this to, you know, small, medium, large. You can ally into the rights, Senator, etcetera under the style. Right here You can change the topography. You can add a tech shadow to it. So maybe you want to, like, make it like blurry, or you want to make it like horizontal, etcetera. You can add that as well to the header selling as well. So here. You know, of course, you can change this to anything you think of etcetera. So there's a lot of options that you can actually have to a lot of these that'll just really enhance the design and everything of it. So, you know, once you kind of learn how to use the page bowler, it's Everything's pretty simple. It's It's pretty self explanatory as well. So this right here is not working to properly up there it is. That's wife. It was using another text like, Where is it? It's adding a tech shadow to it. So I was kind of like, Where is it going? You know, So it basically adds a tech shadow. So basically what it's doing is it's kind of like, you know, it's a it's a look. It's a design. So you can kind of see what there were trying to accomplish here. Like this would be something for, like, the gym, you know, like never give up. And you can add a tech shadow to it and maybe, just, you know, you know, because of my visible with it and stuff like that. This would work pretty well. So we've done this section right here. We have to call in action. Now, this doesn't look the best, but I'm giving you the tools to basically create everything. So now that we've done that, let's go ahead and create a footer section, which is pretty important. So here, let's just say we're done with this. You can click on update the bottom and then right here under settings right here. I'm sorry. On the top, I'm gonna go to exited dashboard and we can view our website right now. so right here I'm a click on view on page and there you go. Everything is saved. Everything is live on the Internets so everyone can see how our website looks now One more thing before we go on to the footer, I want to mention mobile optimization. Global optimization is the most important part. So I'm gonna think on purge s she cash and then click on edit with Elemental one more time . And I'm just going to show you really quickly how to optimize your website for mobile devices, which is extremely important because Google had a new algorithm. And if your site is not optimized for mobile, they will d rank you. So right here is responsive mode. Click on tablet. So this is how your website looks like on a tablet. Does it look good? Does everything look fine? You want to change anything? You want to change anything? Now is the time. So here you can click on it and then make any changes you want. Now, when you make a change to this, this is Onley applying to the tablet. So, for example, I'm gonna say I want to make this just a little bits. Ah, little bit smaller for the tablet for a tablet users tomography and then change this something like, you know, make a little bit smaller and then click on update All right to know again responsive mode and click on mobile. So mobile optimization usually is required. So usually when your design your website, it's not gonna come out perfect. It might come out a little weird and strange. This looks pretty good, but there is something that we can change here. Our services That's a little bit too big for the phone. I think we can make this a little bit smaller. So style, topography. And then let's just produce the size for our phone users and click on Update. And these are all for the mobile, and it's a great preview of it. I mean, looks like an iPhone an iPhone right here. So all you need to do is just, you know, change that and you're all set and ready to go. So now your site is fully mobile optimized, so you don't have to worry about that when I'm a quick thing right here. There is a little it's too close to the top, right that doesn't look that good. So if that ever happens to you, Um, right here, there's a few ways you can do this. You can add padding to the section, or you can add padding to the margin. It's going to produce the same results. So right here under this blue section and click on that, go to advanced and go to cook on this right here because I was linked it together. I hate that. Now, remember, we talked about marriage in, so just simply add in, like, some pixels, you know, maybe like 200 pixels or actually, no, we're gonna add in. I'm sorry. We're gonna click on this module right here. This text fondle and goes to advance because I don't want to make a lot of space right there. That won't look good. So we're here under the margin, I might add, maybe, maybe 50 pixels. 50 pesos. And there you go. And then again, that's how it looks like on a phone. Congratulations. You just learned how to optimize your website for mobile and right here. Same thing. Maybe you want to add in just a little bit of margin. You know, a little bit of space between that button right there. So right here I go to advanced, and I wanna have some bottom padding. So here, I must say, You know what? I want some little bit more space. Just a little bit more, you know, just so it doesn't look so come from only users. And now it looks perfect. All right, so congratulations. We learned how to optimize it for mobile. So here we go to exited dashboard. Now, the SEC section is very important. So please don't skip. It's Please keep watching. In fact, washes all the way to the ends because I'm gonna talk about a template service that will drastically help you with your website along with the elemental pro version as well and what it can do for your websites. So right here, visit site. And now we're gonna go back to our theme customized. Remember the theme, customizer, remember? How are you using that before? So right here I go to customize. Okay, so it is going all right. So just scroll down right here. Now I want to go to widgets right here, and we have four widgets and this is for the theme So we hear Footer one at a widget. I want to add maybe. And about me, which it, you know about us, you know? So right here we can edit, like about me about that's he is it's right here about me or about our company about me, whatever you want to put. Then we're hearing upload an image, Maybe select the girl or whoever is for your company or even my website cadenza dot com. That might be too big, though That would be just a little too big. Now if it doesn't change right away, don't worry about it. So you kind of like mess around with it at a text. There you go. Yeah, Texts. It appears sometimes I don't know why. You know WordPress is the best, but it's also kind of like glitchy sometimes. But it's really not a big deal. You would just press like a little button and everything's fixed. So here you entering your social icons, and there they go so I could can publish. Now go back over here and for area to maybe want to add in a new another one. Right here. So right here you have a Facebook like box. Now I'm gonna talk about plug ins just a bit. Maybe there's ones for, like, Instagram or something want to use, but, um, this actually, I believe it's a plug in that offers all these. It gives you all of these. But you can get all these for free anyways. But I'll talk more about that in just a bit. So right here, I'm gonna click on Facebook like bucks. And I want to go to my Facebook fan page. And if you guys are watching this, go ahead. And, um go ahead and like, my like my page, you know, going to copy this groups where you go and I'm a go ahead and pace it right here and go to follow me. And there you go. So there are my friends, and right here you can have the option to show face. You can show the stream you can change the color scheme to light or dark, etcetera. You hear a click on publish? Go back over here for the area three. So we have three sections right here, or four sections. Maybe right here. I want to add in something like, um you know, you can add in social icons. You know more. If he wants font size, I would be the recommended. And then down here, you can kind of Abby's in right here. This is of course, if you want to add social icons to the bottom, you can maybe added some text or something toe kind of, you know, make it look better. But that's just an example. You know, follow us here. And lastly, let's do one more. You know, we can add in one more right here. Well, I don't. Something really simple. You got a twitter feed as well. You just entering your twitter information? Um, l in turn pages. So these are basically all of our pages, our pages, and they're about us a contact home, etcetera. Okay, so that is basically how we made our footer. And again, this goes on every single page. So no matter where you go, it's going to follow you. So that's the great part is gonna show on every page. You have to worry about it. There are some advanced methods to create custom advance, um, custom headers and footers, but 6. About us page + blocks: but we're not gonna do that right now. So here I will actually want you all just to kind of watch me. Watch what I do. You want to follow me here? This is just added practice of you guys don't want to see the section you guys can skip. I'm just gonna basically create a really quick page, and I'm just gonna go ahead and just show you all like basically how this works right here . This is say, this is like the about US section, and then right here, I'm gonna say, or my advanced I'm gonna add some margin to the top and to the bottom. Maybe you want to add in a background imagery here. So here, I must say, you know what's want this kind of full with It's going to trust this section and then right here, I'm going to say, you know what? I want to add any background image right here simply out of this blue color right here, and then maybe change this section to something like, uh, changes something time like white or I'm sorry, the text right here to something like white and just make it just a little bit bigger cause it's kind of small. So you put the bodice right there than right here at a new section or even, you know, we'll go ahead and just simply added a template for here, um, out in some icons here, I'll just put in something like, uh, opening this right here, cause I might use this for later. Now, I'm not gonna use that next, but I'm just going to kind of show you what I'm gonna do. So we have customer reviews, but I don't want to add that right there. So here I'm out. Another quick templates. Maybe I want this for later. This will be at my bottom part, and then I'm gonna go ahead and add in one more One of the templates and this will be like are are we need images. You know, a good tip of advice is always add images and then content images than content. You know, mix them up because if you just have content everywhere is going to be really boring and really ugly. So it's go ahead and add in something really quickly, a lot in this right here. Okay. And then maybe right here in the background here. We're gonna go in at an image so classic image, and then here ought. And a lot of this right here. And I wanted an overlay because it's just not looking that good. Right on that in just a little bit of overlay. There we go. And right here will change this to black or even White. I would work, You know what will change is a black this text right here. I'm just going to lead it. I don't want it. And then I'm gonna take this and just drag it up right here. Maybe we should change that background color here. This one is not working. That is not good. You know, we can add it. Ah, I didn't like Ah, you black or something. There we go. It's very here. And then right here. This is good. And then right here, you might want to add an image again. Remember, keep it like this. Text, image, text, image, text, image. If you look at most the designers, that's all they do is add text image, text image because it works, you know, it's you don't want to have a bunch of empty content everywhere So this section right here , drag it up. And then we have this section right here, and we can need to drag us back into the image, which we should. That's a little weird. All right, we'll close. It will have that one more time. This right here. Work perfect. And take this and simply drug it in between. And there you go. So now, right now, we have a fully functional about us page. Of course not the best looking one. But, you know, it works. It works. Great. Now let's just give you a quick example of it. Now, one more thing I want to show you before we go on to the next section is I want to show you how to do grid images. Great images are pretty popular and I just want to show you just because I don't wanna leave it out that this tutorial So again, it's a beautiful page already. You know, it's beautiful, are header title. Isn't that great? That's really ugly, actually, Probably not used. That's But lastly, let me just show you one more thing and then we'll move on to the next section about plug ins. I want to talk about great images. So what I mean by great images is right here out of new section. And I'll add in three sections right here and right here. I'm added an image. Another one. Why didn't we just do this will duplicate it? No, I'm lazy. You know, I like. I like to do everything the quick way now, right here. I must like this. And I'm gonna go to click on this one right here. Now, these images are also for you in the description below, so you can check this out. Now, if you ever want to create a grid style image, which may be your client wants or maybe you've seen on the Internets, that looks really good. So right here we have these three images. Now, I don't want any space in between this, you know, I just want to have the images there. Right, So over here, we can go ahead and click on column right here and you know, Gap, and then we can actually do full with interest. The section There you go. So now we have these three images like that, and then we can take this. Maybe put it's right there, and then maybe even, maybe even delete this or something. I'm just give you an example of how you can create great images. You know, you can add, uh, and then right here, you can even duplicate the row. You know, you can have, like, more images if you want. So I just wanted to basically create a quick page just to show you all how fast and easy it is we created. And about his page and literally a few minutes. All right, so let's go back to the tutorial. Really? 7. Plugins: to the tutorial really quickly. So we hear under plug ins. Go to add new. Now we're gonna talk about plug in. So what are plug ins? Plug ins are basically APS for your website. So, for example, right here, click on popular. This is a contact form. This is yos. In fact, I highly recommend installing this. I'll have it to Taurel for you all in the description below of this video. I highly recommends to install this plug in. This basically allows your website to get searched and injected by Google. So, for example, right here, if I go to Google and type in Darrell Wilson, you see all this right here? All this content, all these pages right here. This all this information this was all done with the Yost s You plug in. So basically displays your website on the search engines. How you want this'd izabal commerce? I have a whole commerce editorial. Um, there's so many plug ins and these are all free. So none of these are. These are all free plug ins. And let's just say you're looking for something like maybe you're looking for something with instagram, right? Just typing Instagram and you you're gonna come across so many different plug ins, and it's up to you to decide which one you want to use. So this one has 690,000 active installs these air good reviews may be looking something looking for something like YouTube. This right here. You can bet your YouTube stuff your your YouTube gallery. There's a bunch of different authors and developers that stand behind their products. So just go ahead and do your own research on what you want. There's so many pundits out there I can't even think of all of them, you know? I mean, if you look at the bottom right here under popular, if you go to the bottom right there it is 52,000 plug ins like there's a plug in for everything. Like literally, if you have a problem, this one right here helps for security. This right here creates pricing tables and all these tables for a portfolio. This right here will actually copy your websites. You can have a backup. This right here will show events like on your on your website. It creates a little section, um, redirect manager. Very good. That means if your site has broken links, will redirect it to a page with links. And again, there's a lot of plug ins for L. A mentor. So if I type in elementary here, there are a lot of add ons. So ah, pop up box. If he wants to make people subscribe for a certain service essential add ons, etcetera. So I'm just basically showing you the keys and you can kind of go it. Go to it from there. All right, so that is a quick rundown of plug ins. Sorry. Here is how you create your pages. If someone comments on your stuff, this is recumbent. You're gonna show up your users. Now, I'm gonna talk about the l A mentor. The options right here. So right here we have settings. So let's go through some of these These generally, you might not need a lot of these. You can change in the actual page itself. But there is. Let me call the Roll Manager. Now, this is actually pretty cool. So let's say, for example, you have clients, you know, some of you might decide to have clients and honestly, clients are a pain in the butt because what they do is they start messing around the website and they mess things up and they come back to you like, Hey, can you fix this? And you're like, Dude, I just did this like, don't mess with it. So, for example, you can make you can assign, um, your client as an editor and then say you know what's no access? So that means they can look at the website. They can log in on the behind, but they can't make any changes to your website and ruin all of your work. I as a developer, I'm sorry, designer. I know that's that if you're a designer or developer who have worked for clients, they're going to do that and it happens to me all the time. All right, Here, under tools, you can actually, you know, regenerate your files, replace your wells. Ah, lot of this stuff is needed. This right here is let's say you update l a mentor to ah version, and it kind of messes up your side a little bit. You can always go back. You can always reinstall back to the old version system info. None of you will probably need any of this stuff right here. This is for basically support tickets. So they might say you need Teoh. You know, if there's something that you need, you can check it out. Um, custom fonts. You can add custom fonts right here, but you need the pro version as well. Now, before we talk about the pro version, I'm gonna talk about templates, and I'm gonna give you additional service, and then I'm gonna talk about the pro version last. 8. Templates + shapedivers ) before croko): pro version last. So right here I go to about us. And let's just decorate this one page, and then we'll talk a little bit about maybe some fiber and other stuff. So right here, edit page, and I'm gonna quickly just show you templates. You don't have to follow me here. You can kind of just watch and hang out and have a beer and just chill. You know, just chill. So here, under my header, disabled, unable and then for the menu. I'm sorry for the title. I'm gonna disable that and right here at it with elements. Now here we consume because out of templates and there are tons of templates that you can use, So here we can grab this one or this one, a study page. They have a lot of templates to help you out. So, for example, this right here, and I'll quickly show you how to modify it just really quickly, because I want to show you all the shape divider. That was one amazing feature. Elementary introduced that where they want to show you before we. You know, before we talk about anything else. So I'm gonna give this section right here, background color just to give you an example again. You have to follow me here. I'm just giving you an example. So right here, If I scroll down, we have shaped divider. Now, this is really cool. So right here we can add certain shapes to it. How we're adding all these really cool shapes. So what you can do is basically maybe choose one color, you know, like choose like black. And then right here we can I also do the bottom right here. Maybe I'd zigzag or something, you know? And then here you contains the with and also the height of it as well. You can also flip it, and you can also invert it as well. And it's just a style, you know? It's it's a really cool style. Maybe right here. You can, you know, keep doing, um, you keep going black or something. So here, maybe I can keep going black. And then you can also add a shape divider above that shape. Dividers are probably the coolest thing ever, but they are also the most dangerous thing. Because if you use this too much, it's gonna make your site look, really? It's gonna be too much, you know, as it is as a designer myself, I know that this is a great feature, but adding too much of anything can really just destroy your site. You know, it's like just it's too much and people are going to say, you know what? I don't know what all that is, it's it's a lot. And I'm gonna go ahead and click off, you know? But I'm just give you an example of how you can kind of decorate your site with the the, um the ah shape dividers. Because it's just amazing. I mean, this technology that went into this page, whether it was simply stunning and amazing. So that is a temple, Guys, we basically, you know, we've basically made a template right here. We've added it all in. You can go ahead and just simply change anything you want. So how to make a websites, But welcome to my business and simply, you know, moving around you. Great. Here you can go ahead and maybe even delete this. And you know, you can basically, you know, do whatever you want here. So if you can center this instead and then right here, you can center instead. So it's just all about what you want to do for your websites, so that is. 9. Crocko: decryption to this next website, and it is called Crock O Block. So we go to your wasn't dot com Dash Crock o block. That's a pronounce it crock O block. Now, this is a website that has tons of demos and has tons of just amazing features for your website. I highly recommend to get the service because you get a lot of demos, but you actually get tons of pre made sections. Now, I'm actually going to show you all these seconds that I'm gonna give you a quick example of this website and how it can drastically help your website. All right, so right here I go to my appearance that you don't have to follow me here. I'm just gonna give you a two minutes, you know, preview of what this service can do now. I'm actually going to solve their theme called Cava. You can always switch through themes with L A mentor. The great part about l. A mentor is that they don't use short code, so you can always switch to different themes of you guys interested in which theme that I personally recommend You guys go on my website. There's about six or seven. But ocean of U. P is a great one, you know, right here on my plug ins, Wizard. Now, guys, today, it's not really about working harder. It's really about working smarter. So these are all of the demos that you get and these are great, cause this is gonna really speed up the process of making a website. Now imagine you have a client in your client wants a websites that has to do with something like fitness. Well, you can say Okay, cool. I have a finished template right here. I'm a go to start install and then right here we go to next. So this right here is basically saying what plug ins that recommends and everything, and remember, each plug in has a different purpose. So one plug in might be for a special menu. One plug it might be for, you know, Ah ah, pop up or something like that. But every plug, it has its own style. Now, today, again, it's not about working harder. It's about working smarter. So I highly recommend the service because I have clients arrive. Five people. I watched my videos that have literally watched my videos and started their own full business. Now they're actually designing all their sights from scratch. This service you can pick between like hundreds of sections. So right here it says a pen demo content or replace. I want to go ahead and replace it. Ah, Penda means it's going to add it on top. Replace Means is going to erase everything and it's going to basically add everything from scratch. So right now it is basically importing our entire website for us. I don't have to do a thing, okay? Everything is just automated. I mean today there's so much services and technology out there to make your life a lot easier and to build a website from scratch today is crazy because there's thousands of designers out there that constantly make stuff like this. And I mean for like 30 40 bucks, like that's what I spend at Starbucks with, like two people, right. You can get a system that will give you hundreds and also thousands of sections and layouts for your websites. So it's almost done. Generating are full website for us. So again, just imagine, your client asked you to build ah whole gym website and you're thinking to yourself. You know, I'm starting out. I'm not the best. Maybe I need a little bit of help. That's where Cockle box comes in again. There is a link and description. There also might be a coupon code. I think they were going to give me a coupon code for a discount for my viewers. So make sure to use a coupon code. If it is there again, these companies, we kind of give and take. You know, sometimes they gave me a code. Sometimes they take it away. But I think this company will give me a code. So right here have gone view your sights and watch. There you go. So we have a fully functional Jim websites in a matter of seconds. And, um, it's just incredible of the technology that goes into this, you know, we're here. We have our about us page because he they've fully designed our about US page for us and the designers on this website I can vouch for, you know, in fact, I actually promote another thing they use called the Bright theme. And that, to me, was just like one of the best teams out there Now, let me show you one more thing. If you're not impressed by this to say, OK, that's cool. You got his templates. What else? You know, but let me just quickly show you. Sorry. Here we go to L a mentor. Now, I'm just gonna erase the entire website, I must say, you know, what's that? This is cool, but it's just not working for me, you know? I don't want you know, all this stuff. You gotta go. You know, you're done. You know you're fired. So imagine your client says that you're saying, you know I don't like it. So right here we have magic. But it now this is available only with crackle blocks. Now, this is not my websites. You know, this is just someone I recommend, because all of the services they provide, So here are all of the pages. So you can kind of go through all of these pages right here to find out what's good for your clients and again. And most of these are the one that I showed you before. But, um, let's just say, for example, you're looking for just a specific section like I needed about us page. Well, here you go. You got about us. Page is right here, and all need to do is simply click on any of these and click on import. So right here, click on insert. And it's going to import that entire layout for you. This take maybe, like, a few seconds. Maybe like 2030 seconds. And there you go. So now you have this page right here. It's beautiful, has a lot of animation. And right here we have more stuff. And there you go. It's a very clean layout. I mean, it's very modern. It looks great. And again you can modify all this. So right here you can say, Oh, welcome to my Web design business. How do you spell it? Ah ah! Design visit area. Go. OK, there we go. And, you know, here you can just, like, you know, swap the image to somewhere else. You want it, You know you can take this and just drag and drop its whatever you want to do, you know? So I don't want you to walk away without this resource, you know? Why would you start trying to make websites from scratch when you have a beautiful resource like this to just help you make anything you want again. Right here. Magic button. Let's say you want to add a specific sections now. I showed you the sections with L. A mentor Crackle blocks adds a lot more. I mean, look at this. There is just too much information here. Ah, it's just incredible, you know? So just, for example, you need ah testimonial section right here. You have a beautiful testimonial section and this is something for, like, people who are, you know, want to add, you know, like a cute style fashion website and us guys to don't think that you're not going to use this because you're gonna come across the no clients that want, you know, a salon website, and here you can just add in, like a background color or something else. You know, whatever you want to add, you can go ahead and add it right there. You can fully customize every single one of these sections, so I just want to go ahead and show you while those sections as well. And I want to introduce you all to crackle blocks again. The link is in description below. I highly recommend it. Because the service, all the stuff they offer is just It's incredible. You know, you're getting basically ah, machine that just pumps out templates for you right now. One more thing I want to show you all is a great place to get a logo. So right here I go to you, darrell wilson dot com dash fiber. Now, I personally use fiber because you're gonna need a logo. And thes guys are probably some of the best designers for logos, and they're really, really cheap, You know? That's like, five bucks. So right here, logo. And if your clients you for a logo, In fact, I'm gonna show you locals I actually purchased. So right here, there's this guy right here. You can use the same designer and right here. I basically said I need I need the website on these now. These are some logos that he made for me, You know, she's cost me. Cost me $5 you know, So Ah, they're great. You know, the only thing that I forgot to add was just the domain name. Maybe it's publicly. I wasn't clear the instructions, So that is basically a great place to get a logo. You can just type in logo right here and simply find someone that will do it from $5. Did little do? These guys are, like, $100. It's crazy right here. You can, like, do the price range. Maybe even 10 bucks. And then there you go. All this you will do logo for $5. Right here. $5.10 dollars. Okay, so that's basically where you can get a logo and remember where you can enter its You can go ahead and go back over here. I'm go back right over here, and I'm gonna go to customize. I'm gonna show you where to put that logo. We talked about that, remember? All right, So I believe is under header and then logo. And then right here, just going to simply take the logo and then just pop it in right there. Okay? I want to put it right there. Crop the image and Ah, there you go. We have our logo right there. So the amount of work you have to do is virtually not much, you know, in the beginning, the Toro I told you this was gonna be really simple. I mean, is this simple? I mean, is this got the easiest of anyone can build a website today, you know, And it's just the fact that you sitting down and learning how to use it. So I basically showed you how to make a full website from scratch. You can have fun with, um, you know, elemental or you can have fun with crackle block. You can go to Fiverr dot com and also there's free imagery sources for you in the description. 10. Blog and contact: in the description below. Okay, so in this section right here, I'm gonna show you how to create a contact form where people can fill out their contact information and it will go directly to your email. I'm also going to show you how to create a blawg. And also add in some really nice icons right here, such as a Facebook like box or even Google AdSense. You can start generating money from your websites, so let's go ahead and first decorate this contact paid. So I'm a go to edit page. Now, for those of you don't know how to get to your pages right here you go to all pages. In fact, you can even create a new page so he'll just make a new one. So add new, don't do contact page and click on publish. So I'm just creating a contact page. Now I must go down. And just like we had before, I want to make the setting to the same 100% full with, and I wants to go to the header and disable that top are enabled Header. And then for the title. I don't want to show that. So here and go to update and then right here at it with L. A mentor. Now, by now you know how to use the page builder. You know, you're getting familiar with it, so I'm just gonna go ahead out of templates. But I'm also going to show you how you can embed the contact form as well. So here. I'm gonna do contact animal to select this one right here. All right, so this is the contact us page. Now, I want to sort of familiarize what these models are. So basically, now that you've used the air created the home in about us Page, I kind of want you to understand what these are. So this right here is a text, a divider, a text, and basically, this is a background image for this section. This right here is three icon boxes. So we have a Nikon box and icon box and icon box, and they basically just added in some space right here now, below that, they actually added in a header text. So they added a header text and they aligned it. You see, that's so they did the same thing for the story right here and they added some padding, and they also added in a border to two of these modules, it could have been this one. It could have been. This one either way would have produced the same results. You know, for this one, they could have added the border right there for this one that could have added it on both sides, etcetera. This next section right here. This is the Google Maps widget right here. So over here you can see the Google Maps. You could just insert it, and you can always change the address. And you can change anything you want right here. So by clicking on it, you can just put in like Hollywood, California or whatever address you want. You can change the height of its You can change this doom level, etcetera, so they're fully customized. You know, you can put your business right there and and whatever else you would, you know, you want to put on there, Prevent scroll. That's actually really good option. Because if people scroll down, is gonna start scrolling the map and it might actually it might get really annoying for for people who are trying to navigate your website this section right here. This is just a simple social icons widget right here. So icons right here and added a background color to it. So I'm kind of hoping you are understanding how this page bill their works and, like, what would it you can start to recognize when you look at pages? But I really quickly right here. Um, let's go ahead and update this page. Now. The pro version has the contact form, but we can actually just get a free plug in that will make it so we don't have to get the pro version if you don't want to. So right here under plug ins, just go to add new and then right here you can go to popular now. You can also do your own research by just typing in contact form. There are so many plug ins for virtually everything, you know right here. One million active installs right here. When we not given stalls, there's this one called the reforms, etcetera. There's just tons of contact forms that we're gonna use the most popular one. Well, they're all popular, you know. Contact from seven debut forms and ninja forms are also really good, but I'm just gonna go ahead and use contact form seven because it's just it's quick and simple. So here, click on. Activate. Now, once you do that, you get on this left little icon right here, this little thing pops up, so right here, click on contact forms. Now, you did a short court right here. We need to copy and Paste is, But maybe you want to edit it now. Personally, I think they're default is very good. But, um, let's just say, for example, you you know, you want to add a little bit more. So right here, someone has to enter their name, their email, their subject and the message. Now, I'm just gonna go to copy and paste this, and then we'll edit this in just a second. So let's go ahead and go back to our contact page. Sorry. Here. Animal goats to edit page. Oh, I forgot to update that that one more time. Oh, you know what? That was actually different page. I didn't forget it was this one right here. Okay, so I'm gonna go toe click on view. So this is the page eso basically right now I want to click on any element or And I want to add in a short code. Now, there's two ways to do this. It both produces the same results. So it really doesn't matter how you do it. Let's just say I want to put in a contact form above the map. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to my text editor and simply just drop that right there. Now, I'm gonna get rid of all this now. Right here under texts, click on text, and then here. Just simply paste this right here. And there you go. You can't see it right now, but when I update it and then we preview the page, you're going to see a contact form. Now show up. Hope didn't show up right there. Um, maybe we have to actually click on. Ah, you see, here we act, actually, maybe exit the page up. There it goes now. Okay. Yeah, I was just being a little weird, so I'm going exit the page and just show you all gonna view page down and there you go. Now it's little bit too big right there. So maybe you want to go ahead and making something like put it in a module, you know, to kind of force it in a little smaller area. So let me just give you an example of something. So I'm saying, Yeah, that's too big. Maybe we can even put inside this right here. So I must say, you know what? I'm gonna go ahead and close all this, but I want to add in, you know, the text editor. Now, we can also use a short code. So it's typing in show quote right here. I can just take that and paste it in there and again. I can just paste that right there that apply. And then there you go. We have a contact form, and maybe right here you can add in a header. So, for example, right here, you can maybe duplicate this and just drag this up here. You know, like continent. I'd like to contact us. Now, of course, this is not the best example, but I'm just showing you that this is how you can add a contact form. There's, you know, there's virtually any style you can add this in. There's tons of different styles or you can use the pro version if you decided to upgrade, but this will work just fine. Okay, so I'm gonna update. But maybe you want to add in a phone number or something, right? So let's go back over here to exited dashboard, go to contact in contact forms now, right here. Click on edits and then right here and click on are among type Enter and then we hear we have telephone number. So right here, I must say, you know what I want? Telephone required now, right here. It says label. I want to start this again. So here, I'm going to go ahead and put in label right there, but a little space and then type in telephone. We want them to let them know that this is for telephone, right? And then right here, we're gonna close it now. This right here is just for contact. Form seven. Other contact forms don't require you to do this, but just for this specific form, they do. But this basically will, you know, do it does its job now. Also, for the additional settings, you can have some CSS. But for those of you who are new, you probably don't know what that is. The message is right here. So when someone does something with the form, you can let them know. You know what? It is right here, like, oh, the former Senate. Congrats. And then for Male, they're gonna put the email address that you want send to right there, okay? And then have a little template right here. And you can kind of mess around with this and have fun. So let's go ahead and go back over to our contact page. All right? So I'm gonna go ahead and refresh this. So now we have the your name required your email required subject, and then we have our new telephone right there. Okay. So you can kind of mess around with the settings with the contact form, you can start however you want. You can kind of play around with it and see what works out for you. But that is basically how you can add a contact form to your website. So I also want to talk about linking. So when you build a website, you want to sort of guide your audience to basically make them go to the pages that you want them to go to. So I have this landing page right here. If I click on this button and nothing happened because we don't have them linked to any other page, So right here, I have my contact page. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and copy and paste this euro Go back over here and I'm gonna click on edit with Elemental. Now, I want people that actually visit this paint to go directly to my contact page. Now, this is just an example. You can take them to your pricing page. You could take them to any page you want a blonde page, etcetera. So I have this button right here and right here I'm gonna put paste and then for my technical contact us and then click on update. Okay, so now basically, I'm saying I want people to go to my contact form. They click on this button. So let's go ahead and preview the changes. So right here we have the contact us. And if I click on it, it will take them directly to our contact us page. Remember, when you're creating pages, you want to use the buttons to sort of direct your audience on where to go. And that is what conversions are all about to make sure that they're basically reaching the pages that you want them to reach. Okay, so that is a quick little tutorial about linking. So I'm sure you have to make a contact form. But now let's talk about how to make a blawg page. So let's go in first, create a blocked page that's going make a page for our blawg. So here, under pages, I'm gonna go to add new, and I'm gonna type in blawg an animal click on publish. Okay, so we made a blawg, but we want to basically make some posts, right? So let's go ahead and do that right here. Under posts. I go to add new and then talk about something, you know, like top 10 best things to do for summer and then right here with the gun publish. And we can also edit this with elemental or you can even use the default editor. You know, you can just type it whatever you want for it there. But I recommend using elemental or, you know, it's a much better tools than the default editor. So here, I'm gonna say, All right. I want out of templates and type in posts and maybe adding this one right here. Now, they also have posts for Crackle Block. I believe so. Make sure to check that out. So this is our post right here. Now click on update. So when someone comes to your website, you know, they're going to see this right here. You know, it's it's a beautiful, beautiful block post. You know, they did a great job with it. We're here. They can, you know, share its to any website they want. So we hear him ago, too. Exited dashboard, Interview the Post. All right, so there is top 10 things to do for summer. Now, if you want to disable this blawg, remember how to do that. We're gonna go to our settings on the block page, and then we can do that just like we did before with those other pages. Remember? So same thing. So not offend you how to do that. Let's go ahead and assign this to our blawg because right now, the post don't go anywhere beside the blawg page, But we need to tell the theme where to actually put it So right here on my go to menus, and I'm just going to assign the blawg page. Okay, so now that they can go to our blawg, All right. And one more thing I want to go to customize. And this is a very important part. Just like you know how we assigned the home page as a home page. You need to assign the blawg page, as are blocked page. So don't forget to do this step or it's not gonna work. So over here, we're gonna go to home page settings post page and select Blawg and click on Publish. All right. Now, also, one more thing for exile. The customizer there are customization is that you can add to the to the blonde page itself . You know, that's why ocean of BP's a great resource because it has a lot of customization. So over here in the blawg, under single post, you can decorate this whoever you want. You know you can hide the featured image. You can hide the title. The meta um you know, you could put the featured image. You can change the layout right here also for the block entries as well. You can change all of the sowles wherever you want, right here and again by clicking on the little thing. It is basically just disabled that section. So that's basically what those eyes mean. If you, you know, close it's that means it's not going to show. But I didn't show you how to add out of featured image to it. So it's going out of featured image. So here into the blawg right here. I'm a click on this are bought post and edit Post now Importantly, Blonde Post need pictures. You know, that's everything. So scrolling down right here set the featured image. I want to add in a featured image that someone's going to see when they click on our posts . So my mind was talking about best places to go for summer, right? So I'm gonna put this image right here and they click on update. And now all of you, the post, actually, I click on the block the block section. So now you can see we have this image and someone clicks on it. It will take them to our block page. Now, remember, right here you can choose to hide the featured image inside of the theme customized. Remember how it said featured image? And then there's I so you can close that if you want. So when someone clicks on it, maybe you don't want to show this again so you can go ahead and change that in the theme customizer as well. You can also change the farm to continue the color whatever you want in the theme customizer. And then right here it's recommending your other posts, and the people can comment right here. And you know you can respond to them by going right here. This little thing we're here. So these are people who comment, and you can, like, approve trash or reply to them. So that's what this is for. You can also get to there by the comment section right there now, One last thing before we talk about the pro version, I'm gonna show you how you can start adding in widgets so you might have heard witches before, and budgets and plug ins are virtually the same thing. So whenever you can solve the plug in, you'll basically see them appear on the widget section. So let me see if I can find one so he'll just do like social icons. Now, we already have social icons. I'm just showing you I'm just giving you an example. I'm gonna go ahead and solve this one, okay? And then, of course, every you know, every plugging has their own thing. So, you know, they all have, like, their own little page or wherever they want to sell you or anything. But you can always use the free version. So over here, under appearance, I'm go to widgets. Now he's here. It here's houses white. Right sidebar. You see that? I'm gonna go ahead and say I want to get rid of all this stuff. You know, we don't need all this stuff. What is all this junk is all junk right here. This is all junk. So maybe want to add in your instagram or you can add in your Facebook like box and then remember here how we added indira wilson dot com so was under get on her facebook, and then I'm gonna go to my fan page right here. Make sure to add me in the Facebook groups. You guys will see me and they're participating in Facebook groups Gonna copy Nats and right here. I just put, like follow me just like we added in the widgets for the footer. This is the same exact thing. Social icons as well. Maybe there is that one plug in that we have and see? Yes, he no ultimate social narratives of the ultimate social media icons. Remember, whenever you sell a plug in, they will have widgets for you as well. No, I have never even used this plug in. I don't even know if it works or not. But it's gonna take the gamble and add it to the right side bar. Sorry. Here is gonna go and take this and drag and drop it. I don't know if it works or not. So we're all gonna find out right now and then right here. We have an instagram one you cannot on Instagram. You can add about me. You cannot all sorts of stuff just like you add the widgets for the footer. This is the same exact things You want a Twitter feed calendar? I'll just go and put a calendar in just just our calendar. And once you learned how to use Google AdSense, in fact, I have a tutorial on that. So all you're gonna do is this. Grab a text widget, and then you're going to add your code on this right here and that it will basically enable you to start making money with Google AdSense. Now, I have a free tutorial on its in the description below. It doesn't cost anything to join Google AdSense. You conjoined it for free. So why not just get it done? You know, just learn mawr, you know, developed, learn more, get better. You know, there's no reason why you why you shouldn't learn this stuff. It's free. So I'm gonna go ahead and go to our post now. So let's go to our post. And then there you go. So we have our Icahn. We have our social icons, and those are beautiful. But they're really nice. Actually, I should probably use that more. We have our calendar, and you can add all sorts of stuff right here. So the sky's the limit, you know, it really is. So we've created a contact form successfully. Not this one, the other page. So I don't know why I made to, you know, I'm gonna go and change that right now. so over here, under pages, if you ever wanted to lead a page, just click on trash. All right. And there you go. Now, this contact page, I want to add this to my menu. So I hope Remember how to do this. Remember, appearance menus. And this one isn't is invalid because we deleted it, and then the contact page right there and saving you. Okay, Now, see, this thing's giving us that plug ins giving us all sort of weird notifications. They're just trying to up sell you and stuff, you know, like stuff so weird and right here, the contact page. And there you go. So we have a contact form, etcetera. Now, one plug in. I do recommend that you install is the yos plug in. And again, I have a free tutorial on that as well. So over here, under plug ins, I've already added it in. So there is something called Yost. And what Yost does, it basically indexes your website for searching is like google yahoo and being you know, when you search for something on the internet, it basically displays your website on the search engine. This exactly what yos does, it's free. I highly recommend it. It's a free plug in. It creates, like all it does all like the technical s CEO stuff. It makes it super easy. And I have a tall in that description. Below you can see has over one million active installs. So there are a ton of people using this plug in, so be sure to check that out. OK, so let's go ahead now and talk about the pro features. I think I've covered the contact section in the blog's section, virtually everything that you will need to start a fundamentally awesome websites. Okay, so let's go ahead and talk about some of these pro features. 11. Pro + ending: talk about some of these pro features. Okay, in this last section, we're going talk about Element er pro version. Now, while I was showing you this tutorial you saw, there are a lot of pro features that you get with elemental. Now, elemental alone is free. You do not have to get this. However, if you want to add a little bit more to your website, you can upgrade to the pro version where you get support. You get a lot of other pro elements and you get a lot of other templates. So this right here is a template that I actually used with the elements or pro version. It's beautiful. The designs of a militar are very, very good. So I hear clicking on updates and I'm gonna say, you know what? I'm gonna go ahead and go back. Actually, no, I can do. I can just close all this and I'm just going to basically show you some of the templates that you receive with elements or pro now, before we actually saw them. So right here, where you see the pro section, that is the templates where you get the pro version. So these are all templates that you gets and again right here under blocs. You get a lot of other blocks as well with the elements or pro as well. So you can kind of scroll down right here and whatever one you want, you concede that there the little profile button right there. But you get more than that. You don't just get the, you know, the header and all that other stuff you get, ah, tons of other stuff. So let's just say you want to add in some modules now they have pro elements, So posts like this right here is for blawg. You can add slide, So if you want to add ah slider, you can add a side array here and then you can kind of just edit it right here can change the color of the contents style. So here, But like welcome to our website. And then, of course, you can go ahead and go to these options of style like, you know, content with padding. Many of these are very similar. You guys are going to see the A lot of these models are very similar. You can always make this full with you can increase the height as well. There's a lot you can do with the elements of the pro version. Right here, Adam. Your section. Maybe you can add it into something right here. I'll click on this three here cause I'll take us back to our pro elements. And this right here is like a menu you can add, like a specific menu anywhere you can add in, like a form. So here we have a contact form. Um, you know, you can kind of go through it again. You can kind of take a look at it. And then, um you know, put whatever you want, change it if you want. You can even add in another item right there, maybe for, like, a phone number right here. See that we have item for you can add a something for, like, a phone number, and then we can label is our phone number. Sorry. There we go. And you know you can, you know, mix and match them. You can just like dragon. Drop it to wherever you want. So there is a lot of elements that you get with the pro version that you do not get with the um, just the basic free version like this right here is a box. And when summer hovers over it, it has that cool little animation. And right here there are a lot of other elements, like the animated headline. This is also a really cool one. So it basically creates that animation right there. So you see how it was like that little circle? You know, there's a lot of other, you know, style that you can do, like animation underlying double underlying. So you see those animations how it's doing that Maybe that could be underlining page. In fact, the underlying is used mostly on the on the landing pages. So here we can add a new section. And I'm sure right now you guys get the idea like a countdown, a sharing buttons. So I hear you can share it. And these pro elements there are some embedded on the templates, so it gives you a better idea of how to use them like this. Right here is not a good example. You know, don't ever make a website like this, but I'm just getting, you know, the basic understanding. Maybe you can add in some text or something and then, you know, make it look a little bit better. All right. Here, you can add on a Facebook page. Facebook comments, Facebook, Um, you know, like, box or ah, media care. So call to action. Maybe cannot a call to action right there. Right here you have. Ah, you know, some text called action, and then an image so that I'll make it a little bit more easier. You know, instead of actually doing attacks a text, it basically is trying to cut down the amount of work you have to do. And right here, price list on. This is great for restaurants. I'm gonna show you this one. This one's good. So priceless. Right Here. Take this. And there you go. Now you have a menu. So if you have a website that people are buying stuff on, like a restaurants, you can put your menu right there. Of course, you can decorate it, make it look a little bit better than that. But I'm just giving you a basic understanding of what these models are. So again, those are some of the pro elements. Um, you guys can, you know, if you guys want to buy it. There's a Lincoln description to L. A mentor, and you can buy it on their websites. It's up to you. I think it's great to have its, you know, if especially if you're in the Web business and you want to use it more, I would recommend it. Also, one important thing is custom CSS. So you are allowed to use custom CSS on your websites, and also you have global features as well global features. I don't use it too much, but basically saying it's basically like a template that will apply everyone your website. So instead of having to do like, for example, this section right here, you can add a global section where it will add on every single page kind, like the widget from the footer, and it's a it's a much faster way to get things done. Now there are some other things I want to show you that you actually get with the pro version. So you get templates. You get sections, you get a lot of pro elements. You get the advanced custom CSS, so you can now add CSS to your website. But one very important one they don't want to lead out is the, um the custom header and footer. So I'm gonna go ahead and fleet this right here. Now, this is only available with elements or pro, and this was like their ace in the hole. So right here, under templates Goto Adamu templates right here. I'm a go to header. Maybe you want to create a custom header and footer for each page where we talked about that earlier. So here, I'm gonna do, like, custom header and create this template. All rights. And maybe I want to choose something that looks like this. So these are all pro elements, so these are all really nicely well designed here. I'm gonna say I want this one right here. All right, so I basically made a header. Now this header right here, we're gonna go ahead, apply. It's on our websites. Now click on. Publish. Now this right here saying condition. So when do you want this to show up? Well, I'm gonna say I want this on the entire websites or you can say I want it on a particular site. So maybe I want it on searching posts or pages or whatever you want to add a category. Sorry. Here, all pages. And then I think I have the about us on this section. Yeah. So maybe you want a header for just about us. So that means this is going to display only on the header. Or you can say, you know, what's I want to go ahead and exclude that I don't want it to be there, or you can add another one saying, Exclude, it's on archives. So on old stuff, you know, like, uh, you know, categories or, you know, anything old from from your posts. You say I don't want it there. You can add another condition saying, you know, maybe I wanted to on the other page right here, So singular. I want it on, um, the four or four page something like that. Something to get you an idea of it. So I'm saying right here. I want this on the entire website and click on publish. All right, now, right here. It says you're headers Line. Let's take a look. Sorry. Here, Have a look. Now, right here. Have you noticed it? Actually disabled are header. So the great part about this feature is that it will actually disable your current theme header and it will replace it so you don't have to worry about its stacking. So it's kind of really save you a lot of time, you know? So this is basically what you're gonna find out on your website. So let's go ahead and take a look at our website really quick. Now you guys can see right here we have the menu right here. Remember, it's going to replace its going to basically replace the theme, and it's going to put its menu on there as well. So there's a lot of ways you can manipulate it to look really, really good. So, um, if you are interested in that, it's an amazing piece of technology. Have added that will start disabling teams. Maybe you don't like the header options for WP ocean or Ocean WP. Or maybe you don't like the options for kava. You want to create your own. You can do that with the pro version, and this will actually disable your theme header and replace it with whatever you want. And you could do the same thing for the footer. So maybe you don't want all this stuff right here. So you know what's I want to create a custom footer? I'm gonna go ahead and try that one more time. So here l a mentor. My templates. Now I'm gonna go ahead and add new. And now I want to do a footer. Custom footer. Now, you don't have to follow me here. Of course I'm just showing you resource is to help you decide if this is something that you would want to be interested in. I'm not really trying to sell you anything. I'm just kind of showing you what this is, you know, because it wouldn't be fair if I left all this out. Because this is a huge part of what Elementary's done. So right here, I'm answered that Oh, it's right there. Okay, so we have our custom header and their custom footer now, right here. I'm a go to publish, and I'm out of condition and I want this on the entire site. That's it. All right. So let's go ahead and go back to our websites. All right? So we have our header right there, and now we ever footer and have you noticed our footer is gone. So this replaced our footer. So that's basically what this option is. So it's pretty incredible running right here. This is all what, The page bowler. So this is not with the theme. So it's basically manipulating the theme and kind of stripping it away and adding the elements or, um, you know, the l A mentor builder on it as well. So that is basically a nutshell. No, I really hope by now that you guys know how to build your own life type from scratch. You know, if you need anything, please feel free to comment on the video. Also, let me know if you you know, if you have a question, you can also go to my Web sites. I have tons of resource. Is elementaries a great help? Also, there are Facebook groups for L A mentor as well that will help you develop your skills because when you first start, you might not be the best. You know, I am personally not the best. I'm I do my best, but I'm not the best designer, you know. In fact, ah, lot of these templates I've actually used from other from other websites as well. So I hope that this story was really helpful for you. I sincerely wish you the best. I really hope that you got a lot about this tutorial, cause it's really inspiring to me when people walk away from these Toral's with a business , and it's it's the most gratifying feeling I've ever felt. No, like showing it the Torah on YouTube. And someone can actually wash this and make a business. But there's so many different resource is to go to people don't know where to go when I'm like this. Is it like this busy? This is why I got, like, you know, $70 subs people really, truly watch my stuff, creative business and then, you know, support their family. So again, I hope this was helpful. My name is Darrell Wilson. And again, please leave me a comment below and let me know how it worked out for you. Okay, so thanks again. And I will see you all soon and make sure to subscribe. See you later.