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How To Make A Real Estate Website With Wordpress 2017

teacher avatar Darrel Wilson, Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Intro PT 1


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      Hosting + Wordpress PT 2


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In this video, I will teach you how to make a fully responsive real estate wordpress website. This wordpress tutorial will help real estate agents, realtors, or property managers create a fully functional real estate wordpress website. The theme i use in this tutorial is the agentpress pro theme created by studiopress. Trust me, i spent about 1 month researching real estate wordpress themes and this was by far the best real estate websites. The theme is very easy to use and very responsive on the mobile devices.

07:12 Get Hosting And FREE Domain

14:05 Install Agentpress Pro Theme

20:32 Install Plugins For Wordpress Theme

28:26 Intro To Widgets To Design Front Page

33:14 How To Resize Images For Your Wordpress Website

34:45 Create A Property Listing

45:05 Registering Taxonomies

01:03:45 Creating The Middle Section

01:12:26 Creating Bottom Section

1:15:00 Creating The Footer Section

1:23:00 Creating The Sidebar

1:27:10 Creating a Logo

1:31:12 Using The Elementor Page Builder

1:42:55 Elementor Page Builder Tutorial


1:56:19 Mailchimp email setup

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For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at

Thank you for watching my tutorial on how to make a real estate wordpress website!

Meet Your Teacher

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Darrel Wilson

Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer



Howdy All. Im here to help you all create amazing wordpress websites. A little about me, I graduated with a bachelors from Cal State Northridge and also Ashford attaining a bachelors degree. I quit my job to start my own web design business and now work as a wordpress designer and digital marketer. I continue to create free tutorials in digital marketing and wordpress tutorials. 

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1. Intro PT 1: What's up, guys? What's up? Money, Miss Darrow? And in this video, I'm going to show you how to create this beautiful real estate Wordpress website Step by step with no experience required. Now, if you're a real estate agent or your property manager and you want a list your apartments , your houses or your condos, this tutorial is for you. Now, let me give you a quick tour of this website and show you what we're going to building today. In this tutorial right off the front, we have this lining page and we have a search box just like websites like home finder dot com, where people can go to your website search by price beds or baths. We can do the same exact being on our website. So right here I have apartments, locations and prices. Now you can add as many filters as you would like, So if you want to do something like bedrooms and bass or floors, you can add that in. But I want to keep it simple in this tutorial. So I did apartments. So here we go to one bedroom in the city of Los Angeles and my budget is between 1000 to $2000 go to search properties. And now the list of properties will be available for your visitors. And you want to make it as easy as possible for your visitors because we're looking at a lot of other websites. So you really want to make sure that it's very easy to navigate, So going back, we're gonna go down to our apartment section. So right here we have listings of our apartments right here. We have the price. We have the address and we also have the city. And also right here we have this little ribbon. Now, this says new listing, you can change this to whatever you would like. So I go ahead and scroll down and I'm gonna click on this one right here. All right, so we have the address for this apartment. We have an image. We have some more text. You could be something like, Oh, it's a really cool apartments, you know, it's cozy or whatever terms real estate agents use right here we have a price. We have the address. The city now you can add is many you know, as much Texas you'd want you want to put like, uh, baths or beds or basements or whatever you want to add extra. You're going at it right here. And also we have are additional features. So here pets are allowed. We have a pool, and we also have short term rent available. And right here we have in maps. If they want to see where it is on the map, people can actually see where it is. And below that we have a video. So if you actually filmed a video for it and you want to show people like what it looks like in real person mystery today how you can add that into your website and below that we have additional photos of the property, so they click on it. Lightbox will open up and they can go ahead and scroll through the photos critical and right here we have a mortgage calculator. Now this is totally optional. You don't have to have it, but if your customer wants to find out, they can afford it. If they have the budget for knots, then go ahead and put the price of the home their down payments on their mortgage term interest rate and will show them their monthly payment now below. That's we have the contacts section. So if they want to get more information about the property, they can go ahead and send you an email right here and to finish it off. We have our footer, so we have about the company and you can talk all about it right here. We have our social icons at the bottom and right here we have some more text you can add. We also have office locations. So here I have Los Angeles, Encino or in Glendale and that they click on it, they'll actually be taken to it right here on Google Maps. So going back up here now, I want to show you a really cool feature about our websites. So right here we have pets allowed pool and short term. Now, if they click on this, for example, pets allowed, it's going to show them all of the apartments on your website that allow pets. So these three apartments allow pets, so it's very easy to navigate for the user and going back here. Now, on the right side, we hear they have the search box again. So let's say they're looking at this apartment and they don't like it there saying this is kind of not my No, not my cup of tea. You can click on, you know, one bedroom, you know, Los Angeles and searched a different price. And they can go ahead and keep searching for apartments that fit the criteria. And also on the right side, right here, it has stay up to date. So if you have, like apartments coming up and you want to sign up to your email list, you can go ahead and put this on your websites and people can subscribe to your newsletter . Also, we have loan information, which is another tool for people who are trying to find out they can afford it or knots. And also we have another, uh, would it right here. Now, these are totally obstinately north to have it. But I'm just going to include it anyways just to see if you want on your website or not. So going back over here now it's going down. We have a call to action, and this can go to like your contact page or can go to your about a section and go to any part of your websites right here we have our block section. So you know what to watch out for in renting or you can talk about, like, why are apartments are the best, So I'll show you how you can add a blogger onto your websites. And right here on the left side, we have get our listings where people can subscribe to your newsletters and you can add text like we don't spam you. Now I know they always say they're not going to, but I always give them my email in the always spam you anyways, But yeah, that's that. And also right here we have this section right here, and, you know, these are just images, and they'll take them to any page you would want. So right here, for example, when you click on L. A apartments and we brought to you this page. Now, this page was created by the elements or Paige Miller. It's a very easy dragon dropped Paige Miller. So in this tutorial, I'm going to show you how you can make any sort of pages you want. You can design them any which way, any color, any style, and it's really easy to use. It's really good for beginners and going back over here to our home page scrolling down. We have our foot or right here, which will be on every page of our website. All right, so it's going back over here. I go to our contact section and I'll show you how you can create a contact section right here. Sorry. Here we have looking forward. And again, this was made by the L A. Mentor Dragon drop page builder. A very easy peasy bowler. It's really beautiful. So here we have contacts. We have our email and our phone number. We're here. We have our location. We have our social media icons such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I don't really say agency was linked in the lots. You know, they message me all the time saying, Hey, you're looking for a place some like No, thank you, you know, But right here we also have a contact section so people can email you with any questions about properties and screwing down here we have our footer again. So I went back to our home page. So if you guys want to create a real estate websites that's easy to navigate. That's really beautiful in this tutorial. I'm gonna show you how to do that. It's really simple. Give me about an hour and 1/2 and I'll show you how you can master WordPress and also design your own personal real estate website. So let's go ahead now and dive into it and get started. No, I think I want to point out that this thing that we're using is totally mobile, Responsive. So right here I give you guys an example of what it would look like. So right here you can see no matter what device you're using, no matter what browser, using it will automatically adjust to any screen size or any resolution. And it comes off really, really good. And it's just a really, really good theme, and it's really professional looking so we can see that it's totally mobile, responsive, alright, and no matter how you just it's it will look great on all of the devices 2. Hosting + Wordpress PT 2: now, the first thing we're going to do is purchase our domain and hosting. Now, you guys will also receive a free domain in this tutorial, and you guys will also receive the largest discount code available team the hosting house to offer. After that, we're going to purchase the agent press protein. After that, we're going to install WordPress, and lastly, we are going to create our beautiful real estate WordPress website. Now, I also want to make a quick note. I work with very reputable companies. All of these companies provide a guaranteed 30 to 60 day money back guarantee. So you guys just aren't satisfied with the product. Don't worry about it. You guys can always get your money back guaranteed. So there is a link in the description of this video. It will take you to a website called TMD hosting dot com neighborhood to a page that looks just like this right here. When you get to this page, I want you guys to click on cloud sites. Now, TV hosting just released their cloud hosting, which is very, very fast, and I recommend it now because I use it for my websites. So right here I go to get into the cloud. Now, now we have three plants. We have the summer cloud, the rain cloud and the storm cloud. Now, the difference between the server cloud in the rain cloud is that the rain cloud will actually give you unlimited websites. So if you want to get more websites like you want a host different websites, I recommend the rain cloud. It's also faster than the summer foul. But if you want that really good performance, you guys can always go for the storm cloud. However, I recommend just the rain clouds right here. I'm a click on sign up. All right, so we get a free domain. So right here, I'm gonna put my famous one. I love Kylo friend and see if that's available. Hopefully it is Hopefully the new Star Wars is good. Comes out in a few months. I'm pretty excited. It I hope it's really, really good. All right. So scrolling down here. So right here I have my account information already stored, and right here we have our pain and methods. So credit card or we have PayPal. You guys can determine if you guys, when he's credit card or PayPal. And of course, I already have my information stored on here. So right here, you can go ahead and put in your credit card number and scrolling down here. We have the data center and the automatic choose the best one for you, so I recommend just to leave it at that. But I heard they're opening up a new one in Phoenix. Hopefully, they do now for the period. I recommend 12 months, because, remember, you're always given a 60 day money back guarantee, which is pretty amazing. You know, they really trust the product now, right here we have domain privacy. Now, I recommend getting to be in privacy because this will actually protect your personal information from people who try to search your domain. So by getting this, it will protect your public information and scrolling down here we have a promo code the enter the coupon code, Darryl 626 if you will save the maximum of 7%. So right now the price is 1 16 but I've already used this code, so I don't wanna let me eso you guys will also receive the 7% discount. Normally, it's 5%. But this code, Darryl 626 will give you a staggering 7% discount. And what you're done with that So you can go to I have read the terms of service. I'm sure you're all going to read all of this, you know, but yeah. So after that, go ahead and goats to check outs. And after that, you were brought to your portal. Now I'm a customer, so I'm gonna go ahead and just log into my account right here. You know, I would never recommend a product I didn't use, you know? So I currently used this hosting and you brought to a page that looks just like this right here. Hopefully you don't have this red button because that means you owe money like I do. So I have to pay these guys cause I use a lot a lot of the roasting. So once you get to this page right here, we're going to install wordpress. Oh, yeah. Congratulations. By the way, you got your domain hosting. Yeah. Okay, so it's going down here. You see? C panel log in. So click on that and then click on the hosting count. You currently have I have to. I host many, many websites. Sorry. Here, go to log in. All right. And they're kind of like saying, Oh, this is our data beer. This is there, you know, interface. And they might want to, like, show you how to use it. See, right here we have a lot of storage, and I haven't used any of it, so Yeah, so let's go ahead and install WordPress. So we got our hosting, and we got our domain. So the next thing you do is install wordpress. So it's growing out here. It's very simple. I'm gonna go down to keeps growing down, keeps going down, and there we go. All right. So right here. You can see we have the app installer, and we have wordpress going click on WordPress. All right. And go to install now. All right, so right here we have our protocol. Oops. I was strange. All right, Install now. So right here we have our our domain. Make sure that's the middleman you posted Also in the directory. Make sure there is nothing there. Okay, I can't stress that enough. Make sure there's nothing there, because if there's something there. It's going to insult your domain, Dash, whatever you put there and that's not what you want. The site. Ning, you go ahead and put in your site. Name your site description as well. Right here. We have your admin. So go ahead and put in your adamant user name. What? If you want to change it to you and your admin password and then blow, that's go ahead and put in your email. I believe everything stock because I've been, you know, I'm Yeah, I'm just gonna Yeah. Anyways, so scrolling down here, we have our languages. So if you speak different languages, you can go ahead and select your language right here. And they have tons of languages. And thank you to that. You're who said who summed up the Chinese thing. So apparently Chinese is the correct dialect, not Mandarin. I always thought it was Mandarin, but I guess it's Chinese. All right, so I speak English, I'm gonna put English, and you could put, like, limit log in attempts. This will actually protect your website from people who try to try to get into your website . So that's also good to have. Now, right here gonna go to install. All right, so we're now installing wordpress. So this is basically what we used to design our websites. It's pretty pretty easy. All right. Done. Simple. So right here we have the ministry of your Oh, so we're gonna go and click this in order to go to our website. Now, if you guys click on it and it brings you to, like, a blank page or just like something that's not there, don't worry about it. Wordpress does take time to propagate sometimes. And you might want to contact TMD hosting to let them know. Hey, you know, I bought the domain, and it's taking a little bit longer. Teoh propagate. And they will probably fix that for you. So right here on my goats to pee. Admin. All right, congratulations. We have installed wordpress. So now let's go ahead and take a look at our little bored. So we got our domain and hosting. Uh, congratulations. Now we are going to To what? We've installed WordPress. So we've done that to now. We're going to purchase, and we're going to install the agent press pro theme Now. There is also a link in the description of this video, and it will take you to another websites where we're going to purchase the studio press agent Press pro theme. 3. INSTALL THEME + PLUGINS PT 3: Suvorov to a page that looks just like this right here. Now, when you get here, you go to shop for themes and you can see all of the things they have to offer. Now, I've done extensive research to find the best real estate theme. And I stumbled upon this website that I spent around 500 bucks just buying themes and researching and and really trying to find the best for my audience. And I came across this right here, so right here under all categories. I'm click on that and go to real estate and you're going to see that we have this agent press pro theme. You guys can see it looks very similar. The website we currently have. So right, here we go to see details and pricing. Now you guys will also need to click on their purchase. This No, guys, this is actually gonna be around $99. But like I said, don't worry about it, cause when you purchase this, you guys will also get a 30 day money back guarantee for any reason. And you guys will also get unlimited support. If you guys have a problem with your website or something's not working. Don't worry about it. These guys have your back and they will help you with your issues. And I can actually vouch for their support because I've actually had a few issues myself, and they help me within, like, three hours I e mailed them was really, really fast. 123 hours and other. You know, support companies aren't like that. They kind of take days. So this is a very poor company. So go ahead and purchase this theme right here. So by agent press protein brother Page looks just like this. And again. You can put in all your information right here. Now, I've already purchased this team, you know? So over here under my studio press, I actually have the theme right here. So I've actually purchased it myself. I didn't get any discounts. I had to person just like everybody else. So right here, when she gets to your studio press, you want to go to to download, So right here. You see, Agent, press pro go to download. And also, guys, they have, you know, set up instructions, and they have documentation. And if you guys scroll down right here, on the right side? Actually, no. So right here undercut questions you go to or head over support. And in the future, once you get more customizable and you have a problems, you know, you guys can always check out their articles. They have a knowledge base, and then right here, you can open up a support ticket. So you guys have a problem? Don't worry about it. These guys will help you out. And they're pretty good. There are actually very fast. I kind of like maybe they're kind of a bad support company. No, they're actually really, really good. And I really, truly recommend a company. There are very high, high quality company. So once you download it, you can see right here on the bottom left. I have downloaded it. So over here, I'm a go to appearance and go to themes. Now, right here, I'm going to click on add New and we're going to install the theme. No, Guys, there's a lot of themes these companies make. I mean, all these right here are free themes. A lot of, um er you know, they're okay, but they're very, very limited. That's why they're free. But we're gonna be using a really, really powerful theme. So right here, click on upload theme, choose the file, and then simply go ahead and select the agent Press pro team. The one that you downloaded. So you right here? These are other themes that I download it. I don't want it. So I really like to purchase a lot of, like themes, trying to find out which one was the best. All right, so you know, guys, we actually made one mistake. So in order to use this team, we have to download the original theme. So this is a child thing. So going back over here, we'll go back to our account, my studio press, and refers gonna have to install the Genesis framework. Now, this is free. So it comes with the theme. So right here, go to download and your first going to install the Genesis framework. And then we're going to install the age of press pro. OK, come back over here a new thing, upload theme. Choose the file and refers. Gonna find the Genesis one. So we need to make sure we find the Genesis one. My mistake. These air, these those videos I just feel I just got a new drone and like, it's amazing. Those drones are so much fun. But anyways, so the Genesis One, we're gonna go ahead and scroll down and find it, all right? I think this is it right here open. And it's all now, basically, the reason why we're selling this theme first is because this theme is like the main structure of the theme. And then the agent press pro theme is like added extension features. That's the best way I can use this sort of describe it. So again we click on Add New Now, Since I've already installed this before, it's kind of lingering here, So I click on Activate. But for those of you who are brand new, simply go to add new upload theme, choose the file and simply toe like the agent press pro theme now. OK, so it's all we have to do. But if I go to install now, it's gonna let me know it's already installed, so I've already have it installed, So go to themes. Now you're going to see Agent press pro theme, so go to activate. All right, done. Congratulations. We have successfully installed the agent press pro theme. And you have all of the people right here. Yeah, Thank you. Everything there, everyone's really happy. I was having a good time. All right, Now, before I go for any foreign this tutorial guys, I want to let you guys know about the options here. So over here, under users, I want you click on users now going to click on Edit on your users. Now, if you guys want to change your password or if you want, change any personal information or you want change this theme or color of this, this is where you're going to do it. So right here you can put your first name your last name, your email, If you want, change your email. And if you want to change your password, you click on generate password and simply put it whatever password you want. And then what you do that you can scroll down and click on update profile. All right. But that's just for you know, your you know your information. You want to do that. But after that, we're gonna go to settings and going to go down to permit links now really quickly were to go down to post name. Now, the reason why we do this is because when you go to a website like Amazon and you go to their shop page, does it say like amazon dot com dash shop, right? It doesn't say amazon dot com Dash 10 to 1. Baba Baba, That is not what you want. And this is actually really good for S e O, which makes your site more searchable in the search engine. So I click on post name and then go to save changes. All right. And if you guys one of the your website, you won't see how it looks right now you go to you right here and go to visit site. And this is our site. It looks terrible, but don't worry about it. So let's go on now and check our progress. So we got our hosting. Artemis. Done. We have purchased and installed the agent press pro theme. Done. Of course, we've installed WordPress done, and now let's go ahead and create our amazing WordPress websites step by step. So the first thing we're going to do is install some plug ins. So over here under your by blawg. Click on dashboard. Now, if you have no idea what plug ins are planets are basically like APS for your iPhone. So over here, click on plug in and go to add new. So basically gives your website different features. Like, for example, this one right here gives the ability to create like a blawg. This one over here gives you, you know, different abilities for social media sharing. This one speeds up your website, etcetera. Now the ones we're going to install is the Asian press listings. Agent press listings. Now, this plug in gives us the ability to have that search box. So right here, under agent press listings, click on Install now and go to activate. Now we're going to install a variety of plug in for this tutorial. So the next one click on add New and are going to install the Genesis e news extended. So right here, Genesis E news, extended baseball. That right, Genesis. That's how we do this. People just do e news extended. There it is. So the Genesis e news extended Click on install. Now with this plug in does is that remember earlier how we saw the email newsletter. Sign up. This gives us the ability to do that as well. All right, so we have that one the next we're going to insult the Genesis title. Toggle Oh, click on add New. Sorry about that. Gen Genesis title toggle. And what this does, basically, is it actually hides the title of the page on your other pages. So if you don't want that feature, this plug in will take that out and I recommend it because it looks kind of ugly, but I don't worry. So over here, under add new, we're gonna add the ninja forms need reforms. Might come default, depending on your host. But right here under ninja forms, click on insult. Now, this basically gives us the ability to create a contact us page. Okay, it's going to get a little bit longer than usual. It's probably my Internet is slow today. I'm on wireless. You know, it is all right. I'm click on Activate, okay. And the next one we're going to assault is simple lightbox, simple lightbox, and this gives us the ability to have that little light box. When people click on the images, it will actually have that really cool pop up gallery. So right here you see, with the simple lightbox with this green is go ahead and click on install now. All right, click on Activate. Next. We're going to install the simple social icon. So this gives us the social icons on the bottom of our footers. Simple social icons. And don't worry, if you don't understand what these are now, I totally get it. Don't worry. As we go, you will understand why we use these and what this does to our website. Okay, next is the simple real estate. So right here, under add new. Now again, this is option. Remember earlier we talked about the the ability to have, like, the mortgage calculator, etcetera. So this is basically what it does the real estate, simple or simple. Real estate pack, simple real estate pack. All right. And it's this one right here. Click on install and click on Activate. And lastly, we're going to install the elementary plugging so you can actually download it from a link in the description. But if you guys don't want to do that, you guys click on add new and type in l a mentor. L a mentor, and this is the one we're gonna be using right here. Click on install now, OK, and then click on Activate. And that is the last plugging that we're going to install. So remember, these are basically just added features for your websites, so we'll talk more about plug ins as we go. But now that we've created all our insult over plug ins, let's go ahead now and make some pages. 4. CREATING LISTING AND FRONT PAGE PT 4: so over here under this plus new and go to page. Now, let's just make a home page. So the home page, home page and scrolling down here. Now you see what says select the layout? We want to go and select this room right here. We want that full with style. Right here. So after you selected Nats, you can scroll down. Now, this is the title toggle plug in. So we're gonna use this on our other pages, and that's going down here. We have other options, but I'm gonna go ahead and go back up and go to publish. All right, Now click on, add New, and we'll do something like l a apartments. And again, we can go and scroll down and choose this one and publish, and we'll make one more for a contact form. So add new and then contact us. It's grown down here. Click on that template and then go to publish. All right, so we made three pages. We made our home page, We made our apartments page, and we also made the contact us page. So now we need to basically make a menu. So if you go back to our website right here. We don't really have a menu. We need to actually put the pages up there. So in order to do that, we need to first create the menu. So over here under our dashboard, we go down to appearance and go down to menus. So go and give your menu a name. So I'm gonna be menu one and almost tutorials I always use you would. But you can put out whatever you would like now, right here, under pages. You click on that and click on the home, the contacts and the L. A apartment. Now we have two homes, so just going to look both homes and go to add to menu. Now, the one word says custom link, we don't want that one. So over here, click on that and click on Remove. That's how you remove a page. And you can also set the order of this. So right here, I would say I want a home on the top. Contact us at the bottom and I'm gonna click on save menu. All right, so now we have our home l. A apartment, and he contact us. Now we can also make this primary menu and click on safe. Now I'm gonna show you what that does, but I don't recommend this, but I'm gonna go ahead and show you anyways visit site. Now, this looks to put your pages at the top right here. But I can I want to put the pages in this bar right here. So we actually have a widget for that, and I'll explain what that is in just a second. So going back over here on the dashboard, go down to your appearance and go down to menus and go ahead and just unchecked as your primary menu because we're actually going to make a different sort of menu style and just a little bit. Okay, so I've actually, you know, save that. And if I go back here, you're going to see that it's gone. Okay, so let's go ahead and start customizing this Web site. So over here, under customize. Now we actually, it's a first set, our home page as our front page. So over here, under our static front page, we're going to click on this, go to a static page. Now the front page. We want to select that as home because that's our home page and go to save and publish. All right, now, going back here. Now, we have all these options right here, so we can kind of, like, you know, mess around with these and get little comfortable. This is basically how you designed the front page. All these options right here. So side identity. Let's first start there. So instead of my block put like real estate website a real odd if it real estate you can see right here, this changes. So I'll just put, like, you know, Darryl dot com darrell wilson dot com. And then you can have a tag line. Now you can also have a site icon. So right here under select image. Now, guys, also, they there is a link in the description to demo images. So if you guys need help with your like, you know, beginning and you need just images that to get you started, I've actually included that all for free in this tutorial. So you guys can go ahead and download download those images at no cost to you. It's totally free. So the site icon right here is basically that I call in the top right here. So I'm gonna click on Select Image Select files and was gonna go ahead and select just a random file on my desktop right here. So I'm gonna go ahead and select, uh, see, like, this one right here and go to select. Now you can see right here it gives you a preview of it. So a browser icon. So you know, when you go to a website and a little icon for the browser, that's what this is referring to. So I'm gonna go to crop image, and now you can see on the top left we have this icon right there. Okay, so that's basically what decide I condos not going back here. We have a background image. We have header image and all these other settings, So the first thing we're going to do is go to widgets and right here we have header. Right. So basically, this is how we design our page. All of these witches right here. Each of these witches control a different section of the page. So right here, under Header writes, I'm a click on that. Go to add a widget. Now, I'm actually gonna put my menu there. I want to put my menu up there cause I like the way it looks like that. So I'm gonna do custom menu and we here or select menu one and Bella. Now we have our menu. So we have our home, our early apartments and our contact us. Now, I like that a lot better than having those pages above the bar. But it's up to you at this point. You know, as I go into tutorial guys, feel free to kind of adjust it to whatever you need or want. But I'm just going to show you how to use this theme and basically how it all works. So I went back over here. Now we have home featured, So right here, click on add a widget and I'm gonna add a text box. And right here I'm gonna put welcome to your new home. Don't worry about the colors. We're going to talk a little bit about that a little bit later in the editorial. But I just want to get you comfortable with this page builder to make sure you fully understand it. And right here put something like, Get your dream house today or get your dream apartments today. Okay, so we have our main tunnel right here. So whatever you want to put your title, you go ahead and put that in Soma, click on save and publish and go back. Now here we have home top No for the home top Click on Add a widget. And you know, I'm gonna go ahead and just select this search listing one right here. Sorry. Here, under title about something like find your new home and then we'll have the search properties box right there. Now, don't worry about the gadgets right here. We're gonna do that in just a second. Okay? So I will click on State unpublished. Now, we have this cool like background, but we need at an image to it, you know, it's kind of boring. It doesn't really look good. So right here under the back section, come back again and go to background image. Now they suggest an image size of 1600 by 8 70 Now, you guys are completely new and you don't know how to do this. Don't worry. I'm going to show you how to fix your images to whatever size you would like now right here under select image. Now, again, guys, there is that link in the description to my Dropbox, and it's gonna give you access to all of those images that I have provided this tutorial. So right here, under upload files, click on select files, and I'm gonna go ahead and select my default one right here. All right, Now I'm using 1600 by 8 70 Now, choose image and voila. Now we have this beautiful image, so right here we go to ST unpublished. Now, sometimes if it looks little strange like that, just click on X. And don't worry. When we change this box right here, it's actually going to lift up a little bit higher, so don't worry about that too much. Now, let me show you how to actually change your pictures. So right here, I would go to pic monkey dot com. All right, now, a lot of people say this website's not free. It is right here. 100 edits. Click on edit and simply select your photo. So right here. I'm just gonna select uh, I just select this one right here. All right, so we have a picture of her image right here, not click on resize. I see. Right here it says change size two so unchecked proportions and then simply just put in whatever size you would want. So if 16 80 by 700 or whatever you're trying to accomplish for that specific part, go ahead and put it whatever you want right there. And once you're done, you click on safe, apply, and then you can just, you know, put in whatever file size. So you have three sizes. Uh, this is actually the highest resolution, but it's the largest file size. So, you know, whatever, as I was just like under a Meg or like to men, that's fine. But if you have pictures or like five toe like 10 megabytes, that's way, way, way, way too big. So you might want to reduce those emphasizes. Okay, so what you do with that and click on Save to my computer and then you can, you know, save its and you know, Then you can go ahead and use its to whatever you like, but I'm just showing you how that works for that specific section. So we have our home page right here. Now we actually need to basically kind of set the search box right here. We need to add some properties. You know, that's probably the most important thing we're gonna do right now. So over here, under this, plus new, then go to listings. Now, I'm gonna show you how to first create a listing. All right, so we have a listing right here. So go ahead and give your listing a name. Now, you might want to put in the address, so I'm open up my demo website right here to sort of give you an example. So right here, I have the listing. So this right here is gonna basically be your title. So over here, I'm gonna go ahead and put in this section right here. Now you want to put some description? So over here, I might go ahead and click on one of these. And this right here is my description. Okay, so I'm gonna simply go ahead and put in my description right here now. Custom text. So the custom text is actually the part right here. This section right here, which says new listing that is the the custom text. So put something like Uh, no Hot. I don't know. What what about property managers do today? Uh, hot listing, whatever they put. And then right here, you can go ahead and add in, like your price. So adding something like, you know, it's gonna be $2000 a month. And the address. I'll go ahead and put in the address right here. Oh, no. I put in the actual here. Let me let me give the address. Here we go. So I'll just grab another random address. It doesn't really matter. This is just for control purposes. And then right here, Los Angeles, California my zip code. Okay. And then the LMS, whatever. You want to go ahead and put their you can put there for the square feet. I'll say it's 900 square feet. How many bedrooms? And has three bedrooms. It has two baths and has won basement. Now we can go and click on send to text editor. Now. What that does is it creates a little short coat. So right here, I press enter. So right here on our property details. Now it's in a short code. But all this stuff right here is going to appear right here. Okay, so going down. So enter map embed code. So I'm gonna show you how to actually put in a map. So right here we go to Google and go to Google Maps. No, I'm just gonna put in a random address. I'm gonna put one one way Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena. All right, so we have Ah, Colorado Street. Right here. So right here under share. Now you're gonna select whatever address you want. So you don't select this address because this is just for show purposes. But of course, you can use this just to follow along some click on share and then right here under the in bed map. I'm just gonna copy this short code right here. This all this weird mumbo jumbo, That's what you need. And I'm just gonna simply paste this right there and go to send a text editor. So now you can see that we have the show code right there for the property map. Now I'm doing this again. I'm gonna press enter now. Let's just say you have a video and you want to put a YouTube video on there, So let's go to my YouTube channel my go to Darrell Wilson right here. And I'm simply gonna select one of these videos. I don't know which one. I'll just go ahead. It's like, best buy posting or something. Okay, so right here under the share, I'm a click on that and under the bed section, I'm click on that. And this is the code that you need So you can grab any YouTube video and go to the embed section and simply just copy this code going back over here. I'm gonna pace that right there and go to send to text editor. Now, you can see that we also have this section right here. Okay, Now, one more thing also want to point out before we keep going, You want to also add the image for this section right here. So when I click on this, I want to basically put an image right here. Now there's a specific size that you have to put in order for it to cover the full screen. So let me go ahead and find out what that is. So the correct size is 900 by 8 50 Now, once you get to go in my dropbox and go ahead and download all of these images right here because these will actually help get you started. So something just go ahead and click on all of these and download them, and then you'll get a zip folder. And what you get that zip folder all need to do is click on open and it will open its and you could simply just drag it right here. So I have this one right here already. I'm gonna want over, right. And then you'll see the images right here. So I'm to go over it back to my websites, and I'm simply just gonna go ahead and upload all these. So right now I want to click on add Media. Now I want to upload files. So I was gonna simply upload all the files in the Dropbox. So all these right here, go to open. Okay, great. So all my files have been uploaded. I'm a closest again. And click on add media that I want to select all these right here. Actually, I have to de select all these or else it's gonna upload off all of these photos when there's a check mark, just simply go ahead and check those 5. LISTING + TAXAMONIES PT 5: and I'm gonna go ahead and select this one right here. So this one's 900 by 8 50 and go to insert into post. Now, when I click on this right here, I wanna click on Edit. Now for the size I want to make it full size. I don't make it to the left right here and click on update. Okay, so we basically add in the picture right here. I know it looks a little strange, but don't worry about it. It'll look really, really good on the page. So going over here to enter now, I actually want to select also my contact form. So right here, Click on Publish. No. Right here where it says ninja forms click on dashboard. Nice. Here has this little short code. Simply go ahead and copy this short code right here. All right, now, let's go back to our listings. Click on listings and you see that we actually have the listing. So here, because we published it. So click on edit, and I'm going to scroll down and simply go ahead and paste this short code. Now, another thing that you want to do or if you want this is totally optional. Is if you have these gadgets up here. So right here we have, like, the mortgage financial tools. So I will click on Enter right here. Now, if you want to add it like the mortgage calculator, you can simply click on this mortgage financial tools. And you put whatever you would like the interest rates, the mortgage term, anything else You want to decorate it and just click on insert. And now that's actually going to insert the calculator for you. Okay, so another thing we can do is we can go ahead and add maybe more photos. So right here, I'm a click on Enter now. Right here. We have our cursory here. So right here under add media. Let's just say you want to add a few different photos. So right here, click on credit gallery and select whatever photos you want. So now we're basically creating a gallery. So I have these three photos selected for my gallery animal. Go to create a new gallery. You can also capture these. So if you want to give them a specific title, you get like the backyard. You could put the front yard. You could put the side of the house. So I front yard backyard and then we'll put this is the site of the house, and I will go to insert gallery. Okay, so we have these to be pictures right here. Now I'm click on update. So we're basically saving this progress now. Nothing I want toe point out to you guys is the features. So remember earlier how we did pets allowed? We did short term rents. Whatever you want to go ahead and select the features that you want in your website. So pets allowed pets allowed, you have a pool and also have short term end available. Now, you want to make sure that these air very specific because you can use these for the rest of your listing. So you want to make sure that you have a certain amount that you want to put in that you'll keep using for all of your listings. So I'm gonna use thestreet and then I'll click on publish again. And lastly, we want to go and select a featured image for this listing. So right here I'm a click on this and I'll select this one right here. Now the image side. I'm sorry, this one right here. If the image size is 500 by 300 for the featured images and these will appear on your front page. Okay, so 500 by 300. And if you need help with that, you guys can always go to pic monkey dot com and resize it yourself. So here my click on set the featured image and scrolling down here, I think we're ready to go. So let's go ahead now and take a look. Now I'm gonna publish this or update it. And then right here, we can view the post. So here we go. We have the address. We have the image going close. This We have a description of it now. We also have the pictures right here, and they click on its It will have a light box, and they can go ahead and view all you know all about it. We have the price. We have the address. The city. We have the score footage. You have the bedroom right here. We have the map right here. We have the YouTube video and of course, this is just from two told services this is my video, But you'd want to put yours if you have a video right here. We have the mortgage calculator, and right here we have the contact section. So when these people put in their information right here, the email address that you have registered with WordPress, that's what's going to go to. So in order to find out where that is gonna go to my dashboard and I believe it's in setting somewhere, Senator General, I think, and you want make sure that this is the correct email address, that it's going to be sent. Okay, so make sure that's the correct one. And don't worry, we'll mess around with Inter forms a little bit later, we'll get a little more customizable. But I don't want to eat the whole tutorial about ninja forms because I could go on for days about Major, for they really get it. It's a really great It's really a great piece of software. Okay, so now that we've actually done that, we need to sort of create this section right here. We need to basically add in some more of the listings right here. So I'm gonna do something like apartments, locations, and prices. Now, remember, you can do anything that you want. So right here, I'm going to my dashboard, and we need to actually register from tax Simonis. So, under listings, go to register tax. Simoni's Remember, these are the features that are going to be selected. Okay, So I'm gonna go ahead and select something like see apartments and then right here, you know, constant copies. All these right here. We have apartments, prices, and we have seen. So again, if you wanted to have something like, um I don't know, you can have Ah, one bedroom. You can have bathrooms. You can have floors, you can have condos. You can have anything that you can possibly want. So this could be something like condos or houses. You can also add one with, like, floors or bedrooms, etcetera. You get the point. OK, now that you've noticed, we've added these in on the left side. Right here. We actually have some new features available. So right here we have apartments. So I will click on apartments right here. Now what kind of apartments? A one bedroom to bedroom. A three bedroom. Whatever it is. Go ahead and put it in here. So now you're making a category. I'm sorry, subcategory, for your tax money, so Okay, you have apartments. What kind? I have a one better. And right here the slug is basically how it looks on the short link. Just go ahead and put like one bedroom and go to add apartments. Now here. Two bedrooms and go to add apartments. All right, so we have one bedroom and we have two bedrooms right here. Okay, Now, let's go ahead and go down to our prices. No, I have Ah, mine. Like 0 to 1000. 1000 2000. You're gonna want to set it, however you would like it. So for prices do 0 to 1000 and then we hero puts just, uh, 0 to 1000. I have to add prices and we hear 1000 to 2000. It's pretty simple. Pretty simple, because they were just making categories for the prices now and then. Lastly, we have 2000. The 3000. Okay, now city. Now, you might want to put location instead, you know, But you can put city. This is basically it right now. This is kind of up to you at this point. So I'm just gonna put something in, like Los Angeles. It was, but l a San Diego, but San Gabriel, where they make delicious Asian food. Oh, my God. The food there is amazing. I go there to get hot pot all the time. It's really, really good. Any you guys go to L. A. You've got to go to San Gabriel. Get the Asian food is really, really good. So here, over the Santa Clarita to add new city. All right, so you guys can see now we have apartments, prices, and we also have city. So after we've added these in, we need to goto our listings, and we need to add those into our property. So click on edit. Now we have this apartment right here. So, what kind of apartment is this? Is this a one or two? Stay two bedroom. So basically, select whatever you want, So I'm gonna put what about one bedroom. Now what prices? This. So basically, you see, if you understand what we're trying to do here the tax in ways that we created, we need to apply it to this certain property so much that I put this property for? I put it for around $2000 So I'm gonna select one of $2000. We'll make it $1900 now because that makes a little bit more user friendly. Right? So right here, I have $2000. Now what cities? Listen, I'm gonna states in Los Angeles, okay? Now, remember, you can add in your own like a one or two better room. You can add in, like, one or two bath. You can add in basements, whatever you're trying to accomplish. So we've added in the city the price, and we have a one bedroom, so I'm gonna go ahead and go to update. Now, let's go back to our main website right here. And now let's go ahead and add in these filters on the search box. So I'm go to customize and we're gonna go to our widgets. Our home featured no is home top, home top. And this right here controls this section right here. So right here, click on the drop down arrow and now you can see we have these tax money show up. So we have apartments prices, and we also have cities so I'm gonna click on each of these. So I hear you click on Save and Publish. So now we have the apartments right here, so I can select. Okay, I have, ah, one bedroom. The price. Now, the reason why these Onley show up is because that's the only one available. We've only made one property. The minute you make more properties, it's going to expand it. So remember, we have a went bedroom, we have 1000 2000 and we have City of Los Angeles. So Nama click on search properties and there you go. We have are listening right here. You can see we have the hot listing and shows all over information. So let's go ahead and create another one. Let's just go ahead and create one or two more, and then we'll add in the next section, which is this section right here which basically list their properties. So I'm gonna go ahead and add in, make maybe one or two more to get you guys comfortable to make sure you fully understand how to create a property cause that's probably the most one of the most important marshes editorial, right? I mean, you have to know how to use it. So right here, under plus new, I'm go to listing. Now I'm gonna simply creating the listing. I'm gonna go ahead and copy one of these ones right here just cause I I don't know, like an address. So I'm just just simply copy one of these, right Here we go to click on this and go to edit listing, or you have to log in toward press. Let me go ahead and log into this other website right here. And I'm going to simply go ahead and just go ahead and take all the dummy information because I'm too lazy to think of new stuff. Guys. So sorry. Every click on this and I'm gonna go to edit listing. And I'm simply just going ahead and copy and paste everything. All right, So my title. So I'm making a brandy listing. This is my title right here. It's going down here. I have the price. Now, right here, you're gonna want to put the image again. So click on add media, and I'm just gonna go ahead and select the same when we did before, because, you know, at this point, I'm just doing this just to show you guys how this works. Now, right here, I'm a do size full size and do alignment to the left and insert into post. All right? And then I'm gonna simply just, um I'm gonna just put something like Adam. Hope Sorry about that. We're going. I have to redo that. I didn't mean to do that. Whips hoops is in a post, and then I'll put something like this is this is a really cool place now, features. So remember how earlier we did pets allowed pool, and we'd also did short term rent. So here we do. Pets allowed, and you could just have been like pets and see how it already comes up. So pets allowed. And I'm only gonna do pets a lot for this one. Now, I'm gonna say this is a two bedroom, and this is the option of 2 to $3000 because our price is between that amounts and the city . I'm gonna say it's in the city of Santa Clarita and the address we go ahead and just grab all these fake addresses right here. Okay, man, we'll just we'll just do Rosemead. California 9170 Let's go ahead and put in some square footage, and the Google map will go ahead and added one right right here on the same one. Send a text editor. So there is the text guys. You might want to put the Texan first because this image might actually confuse you, so you might want, actually get rid of the image and it put the Texan first. And then, um, you put in the text. So I'm just going to show you guys are talking about so right here. You probably want to put in the text like I said, and then at the end, you can add in the image so it doesn't confuse you. All right, over here. I'm a simply go ahead and copy this, and I'm gonna pace this right here, right there. Send a text editor. All right, so we have all these other things selected right here. Now, also, remember the contact form if you want to get it. So you need to go to ninja forms right here and simply go ahead and grab its But I'm not gonna do that right here. Under add media, I'm going to uh, we could do something, like create another gallery. You know, select maybe three images create this gallery right here and entered that. Now we can also change the size of this. So if you guys want to have, like, a different size, like large or medium, you can go ahead and do that. You can change the call amount as well. But I'm just gonna go ahead and just do medium. Yeah, I want to meet him. You can see the images are kind of looking a little different. All right. And custom texts on Put the best best deal. It is the best deal. All right. Scrolling down here we have our CEO. Now, these air, basically, how appears that searching? And so the title of it, you like best riel or best best house, Santa Clarita. Now, for the minute description, this is basically the text in the search engine. So let me give you an example, so I'll do some like Santa Clarita. Now, you see this stuff right here? This right here is the metadata. Now, you can also use the Yost plug in to sort of help you with this. And I do have another to tour that it's completely free. It doesn't cost you anything. You go ahead and put in this now. Medic E words. This and this is actually kind of outdated because Google doesn't use, you know, tags anymore for meta data. So this is a little bit of relevant. And if you want, like a redirect your well, I wouldn't message. He said these guys, we don't know what these are a little bit more for STL purposes. So I recommend watching my etcetera before you decide to jump on things like a note index or no follow because you guys probably don't know what that is. So I'm gonna go ahead and ignore these settings right here and right here. I'm gonna click on set of featured image. I'm a select, uh, Let's like that when these ones right here anyone? Yeah, this one and then going back over here. Looks like we're ready to go. It looks like we are ready to rock n roll. So I'm clicking published now because I didn't put a lot of description in here. So again, I'm just using this just for told purposes, so you might want to make this a little bit more descriptive, but I'm just showing you how to create listing. And don't forget that when you create this, you need to actually put in the essential text editor and click on that and simply go ahead and put this wherever you want it. I kind of forgot. So go ahead and put this somewhere right here. Actually, I want to put it under this one right here. I make more sense. All right, so let's click on view listing now. And there you go. So we have the the title right here. Now we need to put the image. So we're getting guys to put the image simply, go ahead and click right here at the image and make sure the image size is 900 by 8 50 So I'm interested in the post click on update you the listing and voila. So we have a picture right here. Now you see right here it says the caption. It says that because remember, we care that gallery earlier and we captured in the title. If you don't want this right here, you can go ahead and just make sure you don't caption It's when you make the gallery, and this will not show up right here. So this is a really cool place. We have the price. We have the address. We have all the suffering here. We have our YouTube video. We have our Google maps, etcetera. And we also have more pictures right here with the light box that opens up so people can see exactly what's there now, going back over here. I want to show you something. So remember earlier how we talked about the filters right here for pets allowed. So if I click on this, you're going to see both of these appear because remember, earlier we made the same apartment and we made it with pets allowed. So you want to make sure that those filters correspond to whatever you're trying to accomplish. Okay, so here we go to home. Now it's going to fix the home page right here. 6. PAGE CREATION PT 6: So we click on customize now widgets under the featured Go ahead and select out a widget for your featured and select the listing search. So right here, we're actually gonna put this underneath this one and explain why we do that just a little bit. So here, I'll put let me like, um I don't know what putz like. Find your new home. Okay. And we'll go ahead, select apartments, prices and city See, even publish. Now, over here, under the home top. We're gonna go ahead and delete this one. We do not want that there. And as a result, your page should look like this right here, where the image stretches across the full with Paige. And right here we have the properties. And again, we can always search for properties right here and find out, you know, whatever we're looking for. So again, you know, pretty cool. All right, so now let's go ahead and keep going. So just like we had it over here on our current websites. So we've done this section right here. We've used this little search box now, right here. Let's go ahead and add in our listings. So over here I'm go to customize. So we go down to our widgets and right here we have our home featured, which corresponds to this area. So now we have to do our home top, which is gonna correspond to this section right here. Okay, so right here I go to out of widgets, and I'm gonna do featured listings and go ahead and give yourself a title so you can put something like I put over Here are new apartments. So our new apartments, and now you can see that the gallery that we're listing is starting to appear. So how many also do you want to appear It here? Well, we can put 10. So now you see, every single time we make an apartment, it's going to show up right here. Okay, Now I'm gonna dio I want to do one more really quick guys, I'm kind of a perfectionist. I want to make it look, you know, clean for this tutorial. So you guys 100 sat a little bit more so right here, plus new listing, and I was gonna put in, like, Dolly Boulevard, okay? And I'm gonna put like, dogs allowed. Oh, I'm sorry. Pencil out pets allowed. I'll do one in two bedroom. I'll just go ahead and select like, uh, to whatever just that, you know, show the filters, everything else and just like that featured image. And I'm simply just going to put this in and I'm not gonna add anything else. Guys, I just wanna give the website a little bit more to core and everything else. So I'm click on publish. Okay, Let's go ahead and go back to our website right here and now you can see that we've actually had this. Now, the reason why nothing appears. That's because I have to basically add something in. So I'll put it something like the hot listing hot listing price will do 900 bucks. And then, uh, we'll just do this one. Chatsworth. This is what I used to live a long time ago. 311 that's where. Feeds. There you go. We'll go ahead and send that in right there. Now we go to updates and we'll go ahead and take a look at it one more time. All right, so we have 900 bucks. I don't put the dollar sign right there, so I recommend whenever you do this to put the dollar simple so people know what it looks for. So you guys can see it's already starting to come along. You know, the website is starting to look pretty good. So we have this section. Now let's go ahead and do the next section right here. So it's growing down here. We have this section right here. Okay, let's go ahead and go back over here now, because I also want to go back to go out and closed other boxes right here. Three the Asian press websites where we got the the studio press. They also have documentation. And this will really help you guys understand everything. So you guys are having problems with something, They have their basic setting. And I'll put this link description for you guys to make sure you guys know where to go in case you guys need help. So you know how to configure certain stuff? Because sometimes when you're doing stuff in the world of WordPress guys, sometimes weird stuff happens with no explanation. And people like leave me a comment saying, Hey, you know, my image isn't working out well or something. Uh, it just kind of happens, guys. And it's it's just the way things go. Sometimes you just get unexpected errors and stuff like that. So, um, if you do run a problem like that, they do have a help desk right here. You can, like, learn a little bit more about stuff like that. So right here I go to this little documentation right here, and they show you how to configure these little widgets. And this will be a long time to learn, but it's really not that difficult. So I'm gonna go ahead and just copy this pastry here. Now, I want you guys to do the same. So there is a actually, this is actually the description of this video. So you don't need to go to this website and we're gonna basically copy them verbatim. All right, so under the home middle, I'm go over here and go to customize. Okay, So, what are from page now under widgets? I want to do home, middle out in the text, Okay. And this could be something like over here to something like, we know the markets now, in grammar, that doesn't make any sense. But in the world of Web design. You always want to capitalize the first letter of every word. Because that's just what people do online. I don't know. It's just it looks good and everybody does that. So it just It kind of looks good. So right here, I've copy. I have pasted that and we have Don't worry, you know, find a pro. And this right here is a gym class. You guys can learn more about this a little bit later, but each one is basically creating a header. Now, the main thing that you need to understand in this little section right here is the wording . So don't worry. Find a pro, go ahead and put in your own text. And right here we have button line, right? I would leave that now if they click on this where you want them to go? So you see where this little this little numbers find is going back? Space that and put whatever you want so you can put like your websites or whatever part of the website. Now remember, you can always come back to this later. So I understand that you might not need to put this in right now because We don't even have a contact page yet, so we can always come back to this later. I'm just showing you how to use this. And also remember, it must have a CTP dash to little brackets. Okay, just to give you a heads up because you don't have that. It's not going to work. So I'm going to go ahead and give you guys an example right now. I'm gonna go ahead and close this and scroll down here now. I told it to go to my website. So if I click on this, it's gonna go to my website http dot com Dash darrell wilson dot com which is my websites. Okay, so I'm just showing you how to actually make that work. Okay, so it's going to go back over here, and we've done this section right here. Now, this section right here is our blawg, and this is the e news listing. Remember that plug in that we installed earlier that you probably didn't understand what it did? That is what it does. It creates a little box right here, and people can subscribe, and I'll show you how to do that. Just a second. So right here under our widgets under middle area one. We have the text so middle area to we could go click on add a widgets and you can go ahead and scroll down to featured posts. Okay, now, actually, right here, we can probably has something like our box instead. So maybe we can go ahead and delete this one middle every two you might want to add in the e news extended right here. So I hear up with something like, I know what I put over here. Get our listings a Texas show before the form. So Texas show before the form. So right here I put State of Today with our listings. Stay up to date our listings Texas show after the form and I put we won't spam you Don't worry. So you can go ahead and put that in right there, won't you? Don't worry. Now, over here, I'm just gonna go ahead and put in, like, email. First name, last name, and then I'll go ahead and just leave that there. And then right now, I'm just gonna go ahead and put in a number sign. We're gonna come back to this a little bit later, and I'm gonna talk about male chimp and how to get a free male chimps account and show you a little bit how it works. But for right now, I don't want to go to email marketing just yet because I want to first design the website. So under the form, actually, just leave a little number sign, and we will come back to this just a little bit. Okay? So when back over here, we have ah, middle to and middle three. So also, guys, if you if you really want to understand, Like, where those aren't you can go to this page right here. Same thing, guys. Middle one controls this section right here. Middle to controls. This section right here. And Middle three controls this section right here. Now you can design or customize this any which way you would want, so you can have your block up here. You can have your listings down here. You can mix and match you can get is decorated as you'd like, But I'm just gonna go ahead and keep going to show you how this actually works. All right? So, just like on this section right here, we have our blawg. So over here we go to middle section three and simply go ahead and select our featured posts. And I will go to see even publish and click on X. Now, we don't have any block posts, so we need to actually go ahead and create one. So over here under our dashboard, she says posts go to all posts. Now, this one right here is default with WordPress. So it comes up automatically. So I go ahead and trash this. We don't need this, and I'm gonna go and click on Add New, and we're gonna make a new post. So basically, you're blogging. At this point, you're kind of blogging, So I'm gonna do, like, the best apartments in Los Angeles Now it's yearsas edit with L mentor. We're not going to use this just yet, but you can always use this to decorate your block post page. But we're gonna talk more about l a mentor a little bit later when we create our pages. So right here, go ahead and put in some text. Whatever you want, you know, texts. So I'm gonna go ahead my secret website right here. My secret website and get some dummy text. All right, on, go ahead and and paste this in. Okay. Now, you can also make categories for this. So here I'll put like l A apartments. Maybe on your blocked page, Like on your on your website. You only want a certain category to show up, so I'll talk a little bit more about it. Just you understand a little bit more about that on also going out like a picture and go to add media right here and added, like a picture of this. It's a really big one right here. Maybe that's too big. I can kind of edit. That's make it a little bit smaller and scroll down. Here are featured image. You want to go ahead and set a featured image, and that's gonna be the image that appears on the front of the page. So I might go ahead and select. We'll go and select this one right here. Yeah, that one. We'll do this one right here, okay? And we have the S e o themes settings again. We have the layouts, and of course, you can select like whatever layout you would like. So if you want a full with block post. You go ahead and select that, and that's that. But you could, you know, show the layout you want, but I'm gonna go, and just like this one right here, I think that's it for now. So I'm gonna click on Publish and right here and click on view Post. So is these are very, very basic, You know, these are very easy to understand. So this is just the image right here. This is just texts, and that's basically, you know, So that's basically how you make a block post. And if you go to our front page right here, go ahead and scroll down. And right here it doesn't appear our future image because we need to actually set that on our settings. So go to customize and we got down to widgets. And remember, we're doing the middle three section. Remember, this section corresponds to middle three. All right, so featured posts. Now we need to make the future post show. So right here, Or says show featured image. Want to click on that and you guys can't see too well, but you see the image starting to show up, right? here Now we can actually set the thumbnail size. We can make it bigger. We can make it really, really big. Or we could make it just a medium size. Okay. And you go through these settings right here. So a lot of very self explanatory like show post title show, post information show categories You can show the author gravitate are you can kind of mess around with the settings a little bit, not click on, save and publish and close this right now it's going down here. So we have our featured image, the one that we set. We have our title and we have a small description. So if you want to keep adding more in, you can go ahead and keep adding Maurin. So appear post and that is basically your blog's section. So whenever you blawg is going to show up in this specific section right here All right, so let's go ahead and do the next section. So we did our listing section, which we will come back to. We did our blawg right here. We have this section right here because this is totally optional. You don't have to have this, but it's just an extended feature for your websites. So going back over here, we'll go to customize So widgets home bottom right here. So I need to go ahead and click on add a widget. And right here we have the Genesis featured Page. Okay, So featured Page. That means we must create a page specifically for this section. So right here, I'm gonna do something like l a apartments are, uh, I don't know what is a good title. That's for, I don't know, like, the best best places to best L. A apartments. Now what page do you want to correspond to this? Well, we made it a Ellie Apartments page earlier, right? So I'm gonna click on this one right here. And I wanted to set the featured image because we're going to edit that in just a little bit. And I want to go ahead and put 300 by 300 and I want to show the page title, and that's it. I don't want anything else. So just like this section right here, we have the title, you have the image, and then we have this section right here, and then we have the actual page itself. Okay, so going back over here, go to save and publish. Now, let's go ahead and go to our page. So over here under our dashboard, we're gonna go to our page. Go to page is all pages. I see. What does Ellie apartments for? And click on edits. Now, we're not going to to create this. You're not. These elements are just yet, so we're going to use it after we design our footer and sidebar So scrolling down over here , we want to go and select a featured image. So we just let something like, I don't know, whatever. Whatever people do these days, etc. We'll add this one. This one's good. Heard this one. This one's good and set the featured image. And I have l A apartments right here. Look like update. So you can add all sorts of stuff. But don't worry. We'll come back to elementary and just a little bit. I want to keep going and show you how this page will their works. What's going down here? Now You see that we have the best l. A apartments. We have the page name so l a apartments and we have the featured image right here. And if they click on this is going to take them to the actual page. But we haven't decorated yet. Not to worry. We're gonna go ahead and do the footer, and then we're going to do the sidebar, and then we're going to get live ITM or customizable with the elemental Paige Miller. Okay, so let's go ahead now and do the footer section. So just like we have over here, I'm gonna go ahead and go grab some text right here from this websites. And we're going to do the the footer section, not the sidebar. And then we have the foot or witches area. Okay. Now, also, I want you guys to copy this description or this This this text right here, it's actually really, really helpful. So this is also in the description of this video. So I went back over here. I'm going to customize So, widgets, we've done the middle. We've done the bottom. We need to do the footer now. So footer, add a widget. No, we're gonna actually going to select the Genesis user profile. So right here. Whatever You want to talk about yourself, Go ahead. and put it right here. So I'm gonna put something like Darrell Wilson and we have the gravel topic. I'll go and put a 65 pixel. Don't worry. We'll decorate the image in just a little bit. Now, you can do author bio, which is the general settings in WordPress. Or you can actually go ahead and talk about whatever you like to talk about. So our company rip people off, so your text will appear right there. And of course, guys, you probably don't want to put that. But, you know, this is just for show purposes, and then right here, you have a link. So let's say he wants toe link a different page on your footer. So right here you can do the contact us section, then under the read Mawr. If they click on read more, it will take them to your contact us section. Okay, so we'll click on save and publish. Ready? Click on back. I'm sorry. Footer one Now. Right here. Click of Little Arrow and wanted 7. ELEMENTOR PAGE BUILDER PT 7: So I'm gonna go appear to edit Page and right here I'm gonna click on. Well, actually, it's gonna look like this right here. So just click on edit with L a mentor, and then you're gonna see the page load like this. Now, the great part about this page builder is that they have many templates. So right here, if I click on add templates, they have tons of templates that you can download. So it's really, really cool and really, really easy. So you guys can see, actually use a template earlier. Now there is a pro version for it, and I do have a coupon code in the description for that. So if you are interested in that, it will give you access to more of these pro features. But let's say, for example, you want to go ahead and upload any one of these. You can just click on insert, and it will automatically create the entire page. But I want to teach you how to use this page builder and not to teach you how to use templates. So right here simply add a new section and we have these different rows. So let's say for example, you want to add in a three column road right here and right here you have these different boxes. So right here, let's just say I want to go ahead and and, uh, icon box. So that's it out of my car box. And right here you can have, like, the view like stacked or framed, or however you wanted, you know, mess with its and you can change also the icon. So right here, instead of having that, you cannot seem like this. You put, like about us or so I don't know what people put today reliable, reliable, and then here, a bit like our company is very reliable. Number one in sales. Okay, we can also change the icon position. Something like middle, right, Something like that. And here we could put a link. So if you choose to have this where somebody wants to click on it, you can actually put in your you're all right there. But for me right now, I'm not going to do that now. Also for style. So here we contains the primary color and you can actually change the size of this. You can change the spacing so for example, to make it like that so we could make it bigger. So it's a very easy page voter, Understand? Just by looking at this so far, it's very, very easy to understand. So it's not difficult, so let's just say all right, cool. I have this one right here. Um, nothing you can do is change the color. So over here under the march I'm sorry. The background of border you guys can, like, mess around with, like, the background colors. But, um, I'm actually show you guys how it actually change the content color. So I believe it is. The primary color is secondary color for the text right here. Oh, content. All right, content. So right here we have our color so you can change this to sort of like any color you want. So this controls like the color of the text, that topography. This controls the font. So depending on the font that you want, you can have something like, you know, to Hama are you can change the boldness of its You can get really customizable here. You can literally changed everything you want about this. So that's what makes this page were so easy to use. You can also do the letter spacing and again the description, which is this part right here. You change that to something like black. And also you can choose to have, like, a different topography for that as well. Okay, so I've just made one box. Now the reason why they call this the Dragon Drop Builder is because all they need to do is basically create these columns and simply drag in any of these icons or widgets into the box. So it's going at another one. You know, Let's just say we want to add something like a, um a lot another icon. All right, so this one right here, you can see it's just the icon itself, and it doesn't have the text. So it's a little bit more, um, basic. So I don't want to use that, but I'll go ahead and use the icon box again, and then I'll click on this right here, and I'll just use another icon box. So pretty simple, guys. Pretty self explanatory. You can change this. Something like this is the best tutorial. And then right here, you guys can put something else again. You guys can change the icon, color the style. You can change the spacing, the icon over. So basically, when you hover over it what he wanted to do so again, we'll do something like this. The hover over it, see how it has that animation and it turns green because that's the color. I want to select it. You guys can also do like, you know, the background on border responsive custom CSS. You guys can do all sorts of really cool stuff. So I'm not gonna go too much into all this because I want to keep going. I just want to kind of introduce you to the fundamentals of this page builder. So clicking on this So we have this section right here. But let's just say you want to add another section so simple. Just click on this right here and we'll click on D. C. Right here. So right here. Maybe you want to add an image you can add in an image of one of your properties. There you go. And of course, you can change the size of this so you can change it to however you want. But I'll go ahead and leave it as large. You can add a caption to it. So the best are the new, the newest listening. Okay. And of course, for the style, you can change the size of it. The opacity. You can have a hover animation, so if you hover over it, it will change. You can add a border radius to it or a box shadow. So box shadow basically gives it that little shadow around the box. And it's hard to see. But now you see how I increase it and decrease that. You kind of see it. It kind of emphasises the image itself. So it's pretty. Um, it's pretty cool. You know, if you want the box image kind of kind of mess around with it a little bit, and also under the advance section, you could have an entrance animation. So basically, when they scroll down to the page, how do you want it to enter? So right here you can have, like a zoom in down to have a rotate in have really a lot of cool out of nations, so it's really, really easy to understand the animation duration. You could make it a slow or fast or However, you want it for the background on border, you guys can have, like, a background to. It's like a classic one or whatever you want to add right here. Responsive. You can hide this on certain devices. Okay, I'll stay over here. You want to go ahead and add in a difference text right here. So maybe you want to add in something like a, um you know, they have testimonials and social icons. I'll just go ahead and add in a You know what you got into, uh, see? Well, Adam, just a heading right here. So Adam heading and I'll go ahead and center this. So this is but our new listing. Okay, Our new listing. And then I'll center this and then I'll put something like, I see them make. You're too Contact our office about this property. And of course, we can change the size of this is I mean, like, large or contagious to excel. Or however you want it to do that. Now, over here under the advance, we can actually set a margin. So I'm gonna teach you a little bit about the margins. So right here, I'm gonna say something like 30 pixels. So you see how I'm basically pushing it down. So basically, think of the margin like space. But not really, because padding is also space. Margin is where you wanted to start from, so patting. I want 50 pixels from the top. So that's an example of patting. Now, if you want to basically make it so it's not everywhere. You can just open zero here and I'm gonna go leak these values together. Now, I only want the top to have 50 pixels, so maybe I want a little bit more some like this right here so you can see the image of its and then right here there's text of it saying, Hey, and make sure to check this out. It's really, really cool. And you guys can go through these settings again. They're all the same settings, you know. All these are basically the same. So once you let it for one, you basically let her for all of them. Now, I'm gonna go back over here and maybe you want to change. Our content are content. Color is a little strange. So maybe something like black and ah gray or something like that. Okay, So that's basically a self explanatory method about this. Now, for this section again, if you guys have any questions, you guys can actually I actually have a separate tutorial for this Pace Bowler. It's about three hours long, and I go kind of in depth on every single module. But I also want to show you guys ah, lot of cool stuff they've introduced since I made that tutorial. So right here we have, like, the content with now I recommend having it is box right here, because this page style is basically sort of box. So if we do it like, stretch the full page, it's going to actually stretch Any image that you put probably passed this section, but in this situation, this works, but I recommend just leaving it like that. But if you want it stretched all the way across you go ahead and do it like that, okay? And also screwing down here, you have different things, you know, like, um, you know, content position, the height of this column gaps. So basically don't want any gaps, etcetera. So I'm go back over here. The style. Now I want to show you guys something really cool about this page, Miller. And this was actually introduced after I launched my tutorial on you to me, which I'm kind of upset because it's probably one of the best features this has to offer a shape divider. So shake dividers, air basically shapes that you can add above sections. Now, this is probably my favorite thing about this page, Miller. So you can add stuff like this right here, and it's really, really cool. You cannot on the bottom. Now, you guys can add any sort of stuff you want, like zigzag, and you'll just have to go through all of these to determine what she wants. So we have. You know, they have a zigzag at this. They have arrows, they have all sorts of really cool stuff. So I'm gonna do something like clouds. So this looks really, really cool. And the great part about it is that you can, like, change the height of its you can. You can flip it. You can at all sorts of really cool stuff. So you see here I'm kind of like messing around with that, so there's a lot of things that you can do with this No, you can invert it. You can flip it. There's a lot of really great features about this page builder and people like that, you know? But, I mean, this is kind of a bad Clark. This is actually, like, not a ideal, um, style for this site. But I'm just showing you the options and things you can do with this. It's pretty pretty cool. It's pretty amazing. So I'm gonna say this really quick. So again, the Paige Miller is basically fully dragon drop now, right here. Under add a new section, you can add as many roses you would like, and you guys can just click on it. Selected image right here and then from here. You can just, you know, pick any single when you want. Now, I recommend taking my course on you db dot com Now I want you to be that commonly, but I'm actually gonna show you guys my course because I recommend taking it because I'm very thorough with that page. But it's a free course. You don't have to take it or you don't have to pay for it. Don't worry about it. So I am actually the highest rated instructor. Let's see. Ah Elementary, Paige Miller. I'm actually the highest rated instructor on this website for this page builder. This right here is my class, and I have 680 ratings. It's a free course, and I'm 4.7 out of five star rated. It's a three hour course, and I pretty much go in detail on this page builder and everything in it. The only thing that's really not included in this tutorial that I wanted to show you was this shape divided. This was launched right after my editorial, so I recommend taking the course. But just by starters, when looking at this, it's pretty self explanatory, and it's really, really easy to learn. Okay, so I go to save right here, and I'm gonna go to the dashboard and I want to do one more option before we continue this . So right here we have L. A apartments. Maybe I don't want the piece the title to show. So it's going down here. We have hide title. Remember how we have that plug in? We tell the plug in room of that. Yeah, so that's basically why we have that. So if I goto updates the title for the page will not appear anymore. So its gon its see that quantum ation that we have. So that's pretty cool me Refresh the page Woo. That's pretty, uh, pretty hit. Pretty modern now, guys, when I said stretch the page That's why I don't recommend stretching the page because it just doesn't go well with the theme. So I'm gonna go ahead and edit this really quick and not put that across the screen because it just doesn't go with with the theme right there. So I'm gonna leave it like that and go to save. Now what I recommend that you guys do is actually use a template and then kind of mess around with a template and understand how they got it. So over here, under contact us. No, I have to go to a few the page. I'm going to contact us. So right here and click on Edit the page. And now we're going to use a template. So ed with l a mentor, and we're gonna add a template. So we're gonna add a contact us section right here, and they have a lot of cool templates for you guys. so all need to do is just paste it and then just simply put in your text or whatever you'd want. So right here, you can see that using the shape divider really well. And these air really beautiful landing pages. This comedy that really, really good job at making this page bowler. And the great part about is that it's free, You know, the looking enough to pay for it if you want to go pro and get some of these premium layouts or if you guys want to use the commerce features which is selling online, So let's go ahead and grab one. I don't know what should be grab. We'll grab. Well, uh, let's see here. We'll grab this one right here. All right, so we have a contact us and right here. Really cool. All going to do is just simply put on our image. So right here, choose an image. Simply grab one answered. That's and then right here, click on it. You can change the number right here. Now, also, you can move the position of this. So under the dance section, click on this. I can change the top margin toe like 80 and push it down. OK, now, guys, my course will teach you all about this and Mawr. But just by using it right now, I think you can kind of understand a little bit about the page builder because it's very, very user friendly. And most of the people that's our noodle wordpress will probably end up using this page, Miller, because it's really, really easy to use. So also right here we have, like, another section. We can just kind of dragon image right there and simply put in another, you know, image. And then right here, you know, you can put something, you know, like our companies, this cos that's this call to action button. I don't want it because we don't even call to action on our contact. So it's gonna go ahead and just delete that one, because we don't really need that. Now what we do need is our contact form. So basically there is no contact form yet, so let's go ahead and get that. So I'm gonna click on safe, and I'm gonna go to go to dashboard Now, over here under ninja forms, I'm go to dashboard. So this is our current form right here. And you can always go to settings and kind of, like, you know, edited and like, check it out. So a Ninja Forms is actually one of the highest rated forms, and you guys can go to, like, your email in your hands. You guys can check it out. You guys can like adding more foreign fields right here So you guys can add in, like, all sorts of cool stuff, like your address, your city, whatever you want to add. But I don't want to go too far in an inter forms. I want you guys to, like, kind of messed around with little bits and get comfortable. It's pretty self explanatory. So, for example, you want the address, but the address over there, You want the first name you could put the first name there. It's just total Dragon Trump's. So it's really, really, really easy to understand. All right, so I'm gonna go back to our forms right here, okay? And I'm gonna take this short code right here. That's all I want. All right, let me go back to visit site. Now, whenever you want a contact form, you're just gonna have to pace it wherever you want. So I'm gonna click on edit with L A mentor because we're going to use L. A mentor to, uh, adding this widget. So right here, under heading, you can use the heading. Simply take. That's put it right here. I'm gonna leave this box that I want it. And I'm gonna just take all this and just paste this code right here. Animus center. Okay, now, it looks like this right now, but don't worry. Once you go ahead and look at your page, you'll see that it looks a little bit more different, so you can see that is right there. And if you want to use the color, also need to do is just change the basic color of the of the fun. So I go to bed with elemental again, just to show you how to do that. So here we have, like, different, uh, we can change the style of it. We can change, like the text color or something like black. And then there you go. It's gonna be black on a contact form. All right, so I go to view the page to show you. All right, so now the Texas black. And also again, if you want to make a new page, I recommend disabling the title cause I just looks It just looks bad. It looks really bad. Looks old. Nobody does that no more. So it's going down over here. Remember to hide the title. Any page you're gonna want to click on that box. And it's a big auto update. Okay? Going back over here, that's going to go to our home page. 8. VARIOUS INFO AND SETTINGS PT 8: Now, before we talk about the last section, I want to go ahead and give you, like, a quick fax and tips and things like that if you need help. So first off, remember that l A mentor and this websites the agent press pro. They have community support forums. So if you guys need help, you can get free help from people. They have a lot of cool Facebook groups, so make sure to join them as well. I'm in them so you might see me, You know, make a comment or two also right here for your search box. If you guys want to changes in specific orders, remember, you'll need to create them in specific orders. So I didn t know them and it told me the only way you can have them in the order that you would like is when you first create them. You need to have these in specific orders. Okay, It's one back down here. Now. This section right here of you guys need the script for it. There is the documentation on their website also tried. Include it on my blog's. So be sure to check that out and again, right here. You can link this to any part of your website. So let's say, for example, you wanted to get to your contact page. So right here under contact us. All I need to do is simply grab this. You are right here and copy that and go over here. And now I'm gonna show you. How did you actually put this in again? So I go to customize I'm just showing you guys like minor things because you guys might have small dangling questions. You're not really 100% sure about it. I think it was the middle to section It was the middle one section. Yeah, right here. So right here. You see where it says the h r E f equals and there's thes, you know, signs. Make sure you put them right there in between. Everything okay? I'm sorry. So right here in between the actual parentheses right there, OK? And we just go ahead and pace it. That was my phone, by the way. You know, someone text means so All right, so I paste it right there and save and publish. Okay. Now, also, it's going down here. Um, you guys know a little bit about the block now. Also, remember, you know, you guys can decorate the blogging any which way you'd want And this next section right here, I'll go and talk about it. So let's say you want to add in another page. So remember, these are pages. So when I click on Ellie Apartments, it's gonna take us to that page that we created right here. Okay, So if you guys want to make more pages on that section I want you to do is, you know, adding a specific page, I'll go ahead and do one more just to sort of, you know, run you through it. So this is for this section right here again. Widgets. It was the home bottom. So right here we have the feature pages. So let's say you want to go ahead and add in a second page. So right here, I'll go ahead and say, OK, featured page, I'm go dead, do one more, and then we hear about, like, contact us and then I go to show featured image up with 300 and also we can do like, uh, how about this? One need need. Questions are still need help. That's a good one. Still need help. Okay. And I'll go to ST Unpublished now. The reason why there's no image here is because for a contact page, we didn't set a featured image. And that's kind of common. You know, most people don't send featured images for pages, but in this specific case, we want to do that. So I clicked on contact us Edit page. No. Must call down right here and go to set featured image and select any one of these right here. Go to update. Okay, here we go ahead and go back to visit sites. And if you scroll down there, you go to see the contact. Our section has an image, and if you click on that, it's going to take them to our contact us. PH OK, so you can have as many as you would like right there. So that section you can add up to four. Okay, let me go ahead in the background really quick and give you guys just some additional, you know, settings and everything else. So tools, you know, these are basically things for, like, importing and importing stuff, importing exporting stuff. You might not use it too much Users. If you want to actually have more users on your website where people can have their own logging or password, you can go to add new and you can simply just create a new user right here. And let's say, for example, you wanna have a person log onto your website, but don't want to give him your information. You can go ahead and put that right here and then for the role. You can have it as a author or as an admin, so that person would have admin access. Okay, so for plug ins again installed plug ins, you can see the list of plug ins that you have available right here and right here. Go to add new. Now, guys, remember, there are millions of plug ins out there, you know, and plug ins are like app. So if you want to get like recommendations for some, you can go to popular and sort of check these out. So this is a contact form. But, you know, I don't recommend contact from seven anymore. After the huge updates I recommend called the Reforms So or ninja forms, they're both good U. S. CEO ever tutorial. Not as well that helps your websites get index. You know by Google better who? Commerce is the ability to sell stuff. And I have many tutorials on that as well. With e commerce websites limit log in attempts like If you don't want people, you know, if someone tries to log on your password too many times, it'll like block it. So, guys, there's so many stuff that you can, you know, think of. So, like just type anything like products and there are and these are all free now. Some of these may or may not have a pro version, I don't really know, but it's just limitless on how Maney plug ins there are. You know, like this is as 9909 items, and there's just so many plugging that you can use now. Do I have time to go through all these? No, I don't. I can't go to all these guys in go. This one's good. This one's good. You know, some. I recommend some I do not. But the popular ones were there featured also Buddy Press and BB Press. That actually helps you create forms and I actually have a tutorial on that as well. So if you got interested, be sure to check it out. It's completely free. You don't gotta pay for anything. And over here pages, this just shows you the page that you currently have Media. This just shows you the images that you've uploaded onto your websites listings. That's what we posted and then posts. These are your block posts. And basically it got if there's, you know, under the general setting for here, we have, like, just like general settings, like, you know, your your well membership or, you know, stuff like that. The dates time, etcetera writing. You can go ahead and go through this right here. This is more for post via email reading. Oh, this is actually in the widget section, so we don't really need to use that too much. The discussion. This is for comments like, if you don't want people to troll you right here, we have a comment. Tell fermenter for moderation for your block posts, a media and Perma links which we talked about, which, under the post name. So I basically kind of gone through all these, you know, they're very self explanatory. It's just really, really easy to understand. WordPress is. It's the number one platform for hosting websites cause it's amazing, right? It's easy to use. So let's go ahead and do the last thing, which we are going to learn how to actually add in a subscription box. So the first thing that you guys to do is go to mail chimp dot com male chimp dot com 9. EMAIL + ENDING PT 9: now. The reason why I recommend mail chimp is because it's free for the 1st 2000 subscribers that you get. And let's be honest, you know it's gonna take you a while to get 2000 subscribers, so at least you can like, kind of mess around with trial on air and not have to worry about paying anybody. So I'll need to do is click on, Sign up for free and go ahead and just make an account. And it's gonna run you through a little bit of props like You know, they want you to confirm your email. They want you to make a user name and password, etcetera. Now, once you're done with, that's it's gonna take some time. I understand. So feel free to pauses, editorial, and I'll meet you on the log in page. So go ahead and log into one of my dummy accounts right here on that. This one I'll do my other ones. My patty one Patties, my dog. So I just used that for, you know, a lot of my first child purposes. You know, I don't I don't want to like, you know, use my official account. So when you first get here, you'll need to create some lists now. Right here. See, campaigns, templates, lists and reports. It's pretty straightforward. So campaigns basically create campaigns. And I actually have a full tutorial on male chimp on my YouTube channel. So I'm gonna make you China really quickly right here. Just show you guys I'm actually gonna link this in the description. It will actually help you guys out. It's a free tutorial. It will not cost you anything. And this one right here, the mail. Chimp 2000 election historial. I love these ads. Yeah, I love him. So, you know, it's a very well liked video. A lot of people recommend it. And I will link the same video in the description because I don't want to cover every single tutorial that I have. I'm sorry. Everything in male champ because, you know, the video is an hour long, and I cover, you know, campaigns. I cover lists I cover, you know, e books, all that stuff, like automation, all that. But I'm just gonna give you the very basics of male chimps so you can at least get started by yourself. So the first you need to do is create a list. Now, the reason why you create a list is because this is the list where you store your subscribers. So right here just create a list and just go out and give it a name. So right here I put something like, You know, you also want to make sure that it's a good listing because people will see its Milosz name on my website Is Darrell's discounts. People know they're getting value. They're getting a discount. So you put like, uh, what's Ah, uh, the Realist Agents newsletter. And then you could put like a default email address and this address people will reply to I'll just put my stock one right here and then default from name. So Darrell Wilson And in this right here you can write people like how they signed up like you got this because you signed up to my websites at the best real agents dot com Just so they know once they subscribe, they're gonna say, you know, why am I getting this? You know, automation. So they're going to see this right here and then all right here being click on save Now also for notifications. If you want to get notifications when people sign up to your stuff one by one or when the unsubscribe you could go ahead and check these boxes and mail Chimp will let you know. But I'm not going to do that between click on safe. All right, Here we have sign up forms, and we have general forums, embedded forms, subscriber pop ups generally want to use just the general forms and go in select. Now, this is basically your form right here. So when people click on the link, it's gonna have, like, their email address. First name. Last name is descriptive list. It's that simple. Now, I'm not gonna show you how to decorate everything because I have a full two tour for that. But also I really want to do right here is copy this link right here. Okay, so that's basically all I need from this was the link, because this think right here will basically allow people to subscribe. So let's go ahead and just paste this are here just to show you an example. Oh, sorry about that. I pressed something. All right, so this right here is your subscribe box and When someone you know signs up competence them like this, they're gonna get this right here. So this is basically a rundown of what people will see. And then there you go. They're gonna have to confirm it in their email address. And this is good, because it's going to protect you against spammers. Trust me, guys. People will email you about, like, Viagra and just like, anything like anything. And you just gotta have, you know, this is really, really good that they've done this. So once you get that link, it's pretty simple. So I'm gonna go back to our website right here on our home page, and I will go to customize. Now, over here we have this section. So under the widget section, I believe this is the middle to and right here under the form action, all you want to do is go ahead and pace that right there. So now whenever somebody goes to go, it's going to take them to that box right there. They subscribe. Okay, so let me just give you a preview, all right? Till scrolling down here and then here the lunch in their dress, and then right here logo say Okay, I'll go ahead. Put it in. Now there is a con to this method that they have to enter it twice. But not to worry, because people that are really ensuring the listings we'll do this. So we need to do is to scrap the list. And once they do that, you will get a notification in your mail chip account, and it will let them know that you just gained a subscriber. No, Guys, I want to give you guys additional Resource is a lot of people asking questions on YouTube and other websites where they're like a How do I do this? How do we do this, Guys, I have tutorials for everything I am everything WordPress. So here I talk about male chimp here. I talk about PayPal, donation buttons. Here I talk about how to make a forum that lets goes on guys like how to integrate will commerce everything. So before you guys ask me questions or something that you guys just, you know, want to know, Just go to my channel, go to my channel and, you know, look for stuff. You've only hard to advertise on YouTube If you want learn how to make a blogger Waller how it's to use the divvy theme. I have tutorials for everything, So be sure to check out all of my tutorials. I have many that are very, very helpful, including the Bloom plug in, which is like those email pop ups. Or you guys can use umami, which is another another plug in. It's really, really helpful. This was actually a old Web hosting company, I mean, a long time ago, but also for Joost. You know, I have a very well recognized tutorial on Yost. In fact, if you just go to YouTube and type in Yost s CEO, my video is gonna come up is number one and this is it right here with a 100,000 views? So, guys, it's it's very helpful and it's all free. Doesn't cost you anything. So just I'm just trying to share my knowledge to you guys without you having to spend money on. You know, developers or other plug ins are other things like that, because I know when you're making a website, guys, it can be very difficult. And also if you guys are having a problem and the company themselves can't handle it. Go to Fiverr dot com. Actually video on where to get WordPress support. So over here I have something with WordPress issues. Now, sometimes guys, you're gonna have to have, like, a person to help you with, like, toting or or something that's a little bit above the stretch of WordPress. But you can hire developer for just $5 to help you with all of your issues from people around the world. So in this video, I talk about where to get WordPress help and people that can help you out. And it's a very helpful video. So I really highly recommend this video. Alright, guys. So I think that's about it for this tutorial. You guys have any questions? You know, feel free to let me know, you know, make sure like this video, share it with all your buddies and let them know it is what I made you historial o r or whatever. Also, like I said, if you have any questions, feel free to put him in the comments. I try to get to my emails, guys, but I'm I met the points where I just get, like, 50 emails a day, and it's almost impossible for me to even respond to my viewers, right? So I hope this video is very helpful. I hope hopefully by now you guys have, like your full website running up and everything. It's a really beautiful theme. It's really modern. And again, you guys just don't like it or just doesn't work out for you. Don't worry. You guess You always get your money back. All right, so thanks for watching my video and I will see you guys later.