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How To Increase Your LinkedIn Following By Publishing Posts

teacher avatar Michael Luchies, Entrepreneur & Writer✎

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction to Publishing on LinkedIn

    • 2. What is LinkedIn Publishing?

    • 3. Benefits of Publishing on LinkedIn

    • 4. Before You Post TIps

    • 5. How To Publish Your First LinkedIn Post

    • 6. Promoting Your Post

    • 7. Your Project

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About This Class

Having a strong network can make all of the difference in your personal and professional life. My network, for example, helped me leave a stressful job to start a business and has supported my business for the past three years. Whatever your goals in life are, from growing your business, to moving up the corporate ladder, you can accelerate your progress towards those goals with your network, and LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social networks in the world.

I’ve concentrated almost all of my social media efforts on LinkedIn. I built my LinkedIn profile up from a few hundred connections to over 2,660 followers, and I have LinkedIn’s publishing platform, which opened up to all users in 2014. I've published more than 200 articles that have helped expose my writing and who I am to hundreds of thousands of people, and resulted in new clients, being invited to speak at conferences, give a TEDx talk, and more.


In this course, you’ll learn what LinkedIn publishing is and all the benefits that come with using it. Once we have the basics covered, I'll show you how to use the power of LinkedIn’s publishing platform to grow your following. From how to publish your first post to tips on how to get the most out of each post, we’ll cover it all.

For my free written guide on publishing posts on LinkedIn, please visit my LinkedIn post here

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael Luchies

Entrepreneur & Writer✎


Have you made your wildest dreams come true, or are you still searching for the right help to get you past your fears and doubts and on the right track to accomplish your dreams and goals? 

If you are ready to learn and want to improve yourself, build a business, or learn new skills, look no further! My name is Michael Luchies and I'm an entrepreneurial writer who guides entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses towards growth with content. 

I am the Founder of TrepRep, Co-Founder of the Write Your Startup community, an experienced communications manager, amateur standup comedian, former contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, TEDx alum, former Interview Editor and Podcast Host for Under30CEO, and Copywriter for Propllr. I have spent the past... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Publishing on LinkedIn: combine the power of a social network with the value that can be gained from a block and you have linked In's publishing platform. First opened. The users of 2014 linked in users can publish blood like articles that are posted on their profiles and able to be seen by anyone in the world with over 200 published posts. Unlinked in I've gained thousands of followers and been able to land new clients, make new friends and get rare opportunities, all from publishing online dim. And that's when I want to share with you. So in this course you're learning how to publish posts on Lincoln. We'll go over the basics, walk through how to post, and since the platform has recently changed, I'll give you some additional tips as well. So let's get started. Go ahead and put click play on the next video 2. What is LinkedIn Publishing?: Now let's take a live look at Lincoln Publishing. As you can see, we're on my home screen here. Gonna go ahead and click onto my profile, and if you scroll down, you'll be able to see your dashboard. It tells you exactly how Maney profile views and post views you've had for a certain amount of time, and right under that you can see your articles and activity. This shows the most recent article you've published and also how many articles you publish . Anyone who visits your profile is able to see this. If you go ahead and click on that, you can see ah scrolling version of all the articles you've published on Lincoln. And that's a never ending. Ah, feet of your articles evens for all the way down to go through all of them. Go ahead and click on an article, show you what a block post looks like on lengthen. See the header image there than your headline shows your name and profile. It also gives you statistics on your post. Only you can see this so it shows who specifically has been looking at and sharing your article. This helps you know that the people you've been targeting with the article, and you should have a goal target audience in mind if they've been looking at the article was sharing it. It's very helpful. Will scroll scroll to the bottom of the post here, and there are sharing buttons, a like comment and a share. And if you scroll down just a little bit more, you could see the comments section where you can leave comments and below that, And this is why it's helpful to have many articles. They also recommend other recent articles that you've published. If somebody really liked it, they could go ahead and click on to the next one. If you click on, discover more stories down there, you can also search actually went right back to my profile. We're gonna search entrepreneurship here and click on posts in this out. You can view posts from other people in your network on a specific topic, so you type in a topic. Click on post search and you can see what other people are reading. It's also a good way to get people engaged in what you're writing. Click on some of their work, make a comment. You could possibly ask them to review your work. So that is the basics of the publishing platform on Lincoln 3. Benefits of Publishing on LinkedIn: One of the questions I get is Why should I publish on Lengthen? Why should I spend time posting blog's on this platform instead of just creating a medium account or instead of just posting on my personal blawg? And there's several answers. One is there are nine reasons I've outlined here of why you should publish on Lincoln on. The other answer is that you should be probably be doing all three if content is extremely important for your business, and it is for most, you probably should be publishing in medium. You probably should have your own blawg, and you should also probably publish on LinkedIn Doesn't mean you need unique articles for every single platform, but that's something you need to determine as you create your content strategy. But just getting some articles out on LinkedIn is extremely beneficial whether you're a business owner or you just want to build your personal brand in your reputation within your field. So here are nine main reasons that I found. It's beneficial to publish on Lincoln Curses. Audience size. You have several 100 million users active on lengthen. Now you're gonna have a better chance at reaching your immediate following and connections on Lincoln. But others within LinkedIn and three search engines from wherever they are on the Web are going to be able to find your posts. The second is audience quality. Lincoln, from the very start, has done a great job of segmenting audiences within certain bubbles and just naturally, when we connect with people professionally, were going to connect with a lot of people within our field. So you know that the audiences that you're targeting are going to be within specific fields that you're probably interested in because that's how you met him through conferences or working at different companies. You've met people who work in certain industries or certain types of jobs, so you can target those people with your posts. So audience qualities huge on Lincoln were other places on medium or even Facebook. It's harder to tell who you're reaching with your posts. The third reason to publish on Lincoln is you're going to be able to add followers now, followers unlinked, and I believe that started about five or six years ago, where you don't only have to connect with somebody like create a connection. You can just follow a page So even if you don't know someone, um, something, Maybe it's somebody you admire as a subject matter expert or somebody you've heard of. You can still follow them to see when they make updates to read their post when they make posts. And that's a place where I've been able to build. Ah, pretty large following for me at least. Unlinked anus. Through followers I've gained probably over a little over 1000 people who just follow me people I don't know, but they're interested in what I'm publishing. They want to check it out. The fourth year is add connections. You will be able to connect with people you will add to your connections. Make sure getting over that 500 connections on lengthen. That is something other people look forward to. Make sure that in account is active on LinkedIn. If they have 100 or 200 it looks like they're not really trying, which is sad. It looks that way, but some people do view it like that. They look for profiles with over 500 connections to see that somebody is really active and has a decently sized network. The fifth is create engagement with your network when you start publishing and people are viewing that your active and you're putting articles out there Ah, lot of will comment on it that you wouldn't have guessed, would even read or comment on your articles. And this can help you start new conversations, grab cups of coffee with people you hadn't talked to in years. That's that was one of the main benefits I got when I first started writing on Lengthen is people who I hadn't talked to in years. Ah, we're now understanding what I was up to and engaging with it, sending me messages. Hey, I just read your article. This is what I thought or I had no clue. This is what you're doing. Maybe we should catch up on a phone call, and that could be huge benefit. Just letting people know. Hey, I'm here! Still, I'm active. This is what I'm doing. This is why you should care on. Some of them will care, and it can help you form stronger connections and renew old connections. The six year is strengthen your linked in profile. Everybody's always looking for ways to increase the power of their profile. So when somebody lands on it, somebody that they've never met before, Whether it's a potential customer or a potential employer, they want impress that person and post. Definitely do that. They're located right under the main part of your profile. The newest post will show up first, and if this is targeted towards your target market, it's very likely that they will click on it, read it, or at least see the image and the title to know what you're writing about 1/7 as lead potential customers to your website products and services. If you are a business owner and you're publishing on lengthen, you want to take a very not casual approach. But you don't want to sell down people's throats. You don't want to try to push your products really hard, but you can take other, more subtle approach is explaining what you're doing in your business on and then using. We'll talk about this later, but using the footer of your posts and using other parts of your profile to highlight your products and services where people can find that information easily and you can still do that in your post. I just wouldn't write sales copy or ah, Blawg about why someone should buy your next product. But still, if you do it in a very careful way, you can definitely lead potential customers to your website products or services through the posts on Lincoln. So number eight years build a base of searchable content when you published on LinkedIn that can be found through a different search engines, whether it's being or Google or Yahoo A. And that's really a great way for your website to come up for your personal brand to come up. This is really gonna help you build a larger audience having them or the more articles you have out there, the better for being found through different searches. So make sure you're writing about things you think your customers air searching for. You're gonna come up in those searches. They're going to be able to find your products and services. Just through these posts in the 19th is it's a great republishing platform. So if you're publishing on your personal blawg or your business website or even medium, you can use Lincoln to republish the articles that are relevant to your personal brand and relevant to the people that are going to be following you on lengthen. That's a fantastic purpose, even if you use it for nothing else, I would consider linked in a fantastic place to republish articles in front of people who you know who are interested in the same things as you are. 4. Before You Post TIps: before we get in tow, actually publishing near Post Ellington. There are a few things I wanted to note specifically. I want to give you six tips before you write, Finalize and publish that article toe linked in. So Number one is right to a specific audience. Know who you want this article to speak to and make sure you're writing with that in mind. Ideally, you wanna have a goal in and an audience, and you're right to that audience to accomplish that goal. So whether it's to get ah, specific industry decision makers within industry to visit your website or get someone to share your article within their colleagues or within their network, you need to have a goal in mind in a specific target audience that you're writing to. Number two is used multiple images. Lincoln's done a really good job to create a better visual experience, Uh, and just think of like how important a good profile photo is for your linked in page um, articles there, the same way you wanna have a good header image and images sprinkled throughout your piece that are relevant to your target audience and also relevant to what you're writing about obviously break up the post with subheadings. People are usually going to quickly view your article. They're not going to read it word for word off its 1000 plus words, and nothing's broken up. You want to have quick points digestible information. You you really want to make it user friendly. You, the people that you're speaking to, are probably gonna be pretty busy unlinked in. There's not a lot of people that are just spending hours reading articles when they see something that applies to them that they think they can get value from. They'll look at very quickly, maybe make a comment and then go elsewhere. So make sure you break up things so they can gain some value quickly from what you're writing. Number four is don't publish articles that are relevant to your network. So as I mentioned before, you can republish on lengthen. You wanna be careful what you're republishing, so if you have a personal blawg about your weekend and your family, unless it applies to your network in some way and provides them value, I wouldn't post it on linked in cause it is linked to your profile and lengthen it is something your business network will see. Make sure it applies to them in some way. Five. Make sure it's valuable and entertaining. After you write a post before you publish it, you should always ask yourself, Is this both valuable to the reader? Does it give him something and is entertaining? Because, yes, it's a business driven network. People still want to be entertained and what they don't want to be bored to death. And the last year is always include Ah, footer! And now a footer or a body line is information about the author, and it's very important on Lincoln because although they'll see your profile picture in a very brief discussion description, just your headline. They don't see the rest of your information. Somebody might just see that picture. So a footer is a way to give him a big chunk of information in a visually appealing way at the end of your article, and that's what we'll look at now. So here is a footer, and I would recommend that you add one toe every post you publish on LinkedIn and probably other networks as well as you can see. I have a picture there this breaks up the article it tells people the articles over, but here's more information that might be relevant to you. I have links to my social media profiles a couple blurbs about myself just so somebody can understand who I am, and if they want to follow me, then they can do that. Also below the footer, there's the comment box alike and share button eso I would definitely use. Create a footer, put it right under each article so people can learn a little bit more about you and decide if they want to follow you or add you as a connection on their linked in profile. 5. How To Publish Your First LinkedIn Post: So you have an article already to go and you are ready to publish on Langton. So if you're on your profile pages, you can see where in mind. Here, click home. Then you see the box here, and it does give you the chance to write an article. This is the new way to access it the previous way. You could add a widget you could within your widget. You could access it. The new one. You have to access it right here from where you would make regular updates and one quick thing to know if you click on it. That option goes away. You click off it comes right back. Suppressive write an article and with with a lot of images, I like to use the larger one for this one. I am going to use the smaller. And this was the previous option that they offered on lengthen the smaller image here. So put an image putting your headline. But in the base of your article have it all set up in a word document on one of the things you always want to keep in mind is the formatting, especially unlinked and a lot of times it will change things. Even if you publish it, it will change bullet points in the 123 or a lot of times it will be 111 When you have several points, I'm so I'm gonna quickly look over before Matt and add back in my pictures because they do not copy or it's not like medium. If you're familiar publishing on medium, it usually keeps your images linked in. Does not when you copy over picture battle image to my foot or here. Also, if you are publishing unlinked, and I would always recommend having a footer was photo images Uploading As you can see, there's another gap. I'll have to raise that cap back up. You were ahead another. Did you want all where had another image, but in all right. So I got my images in there that you want to change these bullet points. Please did not copy or, well, either better. One other thing to keep in mind with their newer update is that they did remove the tag option. Well, it's kind of outdated. The tags they had. You couldn't insert your own tags. You had to choose from a list of the listens very. But overall, I do really likely didn't publish platform. It's a great way to add extra depth to your profile. Give people that are visiting you a little bit more. All right, we're gonna go ahead and press published. It's gonna ask you if you're sure you want to publish, and also, you can add a note to your update. I would always recommend doing this. It helps that stand out a little bit and it shows. This is how your article appear on the link to feed. Go ahead. Quick published It is published. You can always and afterwards they give you sharing options here. Ah, and then we'll quickly just look at how you do edit that. If you want to know how you can access the post so going back here, I'm gonna go to my profile. Some people have been a little bit confused with us. So click on your articles here Not all the activity, cause that includes other things you shared, like click on your articles than articles, post all activity. If you're in articles, click on this and then an article in the bottom right hand corner. That's how you publish on linked in Under the new formats 6. Promoting Your Post: congratulations. You have published an article on Lincoln. Now, just publishing on LinkedIn or any blogger website isn't enough. If you're not promoting your work, you're missing out on a lot of opportunities. If you're going to spend the time to write a post, you need to spend time promoting it, and you can decide what this ratio looks like. If you spend two hours writing in the post, I would at least spend an hour promoting it. I think that's only fair. That's how you can make sure you're getting enough out of what you've written. So here are eight steps that I recommend taking after publishing a post unlinked in. So don't worry about writing these on. I have put this in the course material, so you can reference the sheet with these tips. Instead of having to re watch this section of the course, feel free to re watch us as many times as possible. It does benefit me, but I don't want you to have to. So please look at those course materials for this list. So first step I recommend taking after publishing opposed unlinked in sharing your social network accounts so your post will be shared within your network on LinkedIn, and you can also add a message along with the post, so we'll show up to all of your contacts in their update feed, and you can also, I would always add a little message along with a text box will come up when you're gonna publish the post. Always add something there, say, Hey, guys, wonder what you think about my new post that had just published something like that doesn't have to be anything to professional. Just add a little note along with your post, asking if people please read and comment or for their thoughts or a question related to the post. So sharing your social network accounts, I would go ahead and put up on your Twitter your Facebook page if you have a public page or if your personal page with your personal connections. If you share a lot of business stuff in that, then you might feel comfortable doing that as well. Number. To send a relevant contacts, use your email account in your Lincoln in mail account to send that article. Two people you think will gain value from it. I would not spend your entire network. I would pick you know, 20 to 50 people who this article is relevant to make sure they're going to gain value from it. You can ask their opinion if they're also someone in the space. If you write about content marketing, you could tag another content marketer and say, Hey, what do you think about this? Do you agree with me here? Would you have other tips to add to get people other, get other people involved in it, but definitely send this to your contacts. It's a great way to increase your views. I get conversation started around the peace number three. Add this to your email signature. This has been really huge for me. So at the bottom of my Gmail e mails, I have a link to ah Ted X talk that have given and my most recent article. And that has really helped my views. People, especially from Imam for the first time. They're not sure who I am. They will see that video and or attachment right in front of them, especially in Gmail. They do it brilliantly on I have people emailed back. Hey, I just read the article. Hey, I just watched the video and I didn't even ask him Teoh. It was just because I put it in email signature. It's a really smart and sneaky way. Ask somebody, watch something without actually asking them to do it toe watch it or to read it. Number four. Republish Where Relevant on Lengthen You can re publisher articles on other channels on other platforms, so feel free to republish this on medium. If it makes sense, if it fits in with your brand on medium or what you're trying to promote, a medium, your personal or business blawg. Just make sure it fits in with the other content you're doing on that site. Number five repurpose. You've spent time writing this article. You deserve to get more benefits out of it than just in written form so you could make an audio version of it. You could turn it into a video. You could turn it into a scale share course and become a teacher on skill share. You could create a slide share presentation or expand on points that are made in the article in future articles. Definitely use this piece in the future. Number six Thank and respond. Teoh each comment you receive, you will get notifications. When somebody makes a comment on your article, you can see their picture, their name and their company entitle. It's a great way to start a conversation with them, whether they're in your connections or not. Go ahead and respond. Thank them for reading it, even if it's harsh criticism. Sometimes people will point out grammatical errors. Thank them for it. Make the update. Any comment you get respond to him. It's a great way to start building relationship with them. A renewal relationship you already have with them. Number seven Track results Adjust and improve. LinkedIn is really up their game when it comes to the analytics around the publishing platform. So look at how your articles are doing and make adjustments. Try different things. Ah, search different keywords. See keyword activity in Google, you can use their analytics tools, which are really great, which I like to dio. So play around with your titles. You can change your tight 11 time. You can update these articles. I found that to be really beneficial is go back and update an article that was doing good and then the, um sometimes it perform, its performance will improve significantly. Just cause a couple changes, so play around with it. It's worth investing a little bit of time to really get all the benefits out of this, and Number eight is engaged with fellow contributors. You don't want to just cram your content down everybody else's throats. A great way to get people to read yours is by commenting on There's saying, Hey, this is a great piece. I like to talk about this topic to You probably don't want to add something like that. Don't just be promotional but common at other people's posts. Just as I recommended that you responded. Comments most other people will unlinked in as well. They know the power of this, and so a lot of times they'll click on your picture. Look at your profile and read some of your posts, and they might comment on some of yours just because you went and coming it on. There's so spend some time. Maybe after you publish a post, spend 30 minutes an hour, read a few pieces that a relevant to the topics that you like to cover and what you do and go ahead and comment like share comment there article to start new conversations and hopefully some new relationships 7. Your Project: you now know how to publish on lengthen. It's time to put that knowledge in action. If you haven't already for your project, you're gonna publish your posts once again. If you haven't already provide a link to the article and a screenshot of it in the your project section of this course, I'll check out your article. I'll give you some additional tips, so make sure to complete your project. So once again, you want to publish and share the link and a screenshot of the article. And that is it for this course. I hope you have learned and had as much fun taking it as I had making this course once again. I am Michael Lucchese, and it has been an honor to teach you in this course. Make sure to check out the course materials for resource is Ah, and feel free to reference this course if you need to go back when you're actually publishing article just to look at the step by step video. So now please. If you have learned from this course, I would really appreciate if you would rate it, submit your article in the project section as we just covered and feel free to follow me on skill share and linked in and also share this with your network. Have you benefited from it? Shared on LinkedIn and or on one of your social networks? If you don't want to, that's fine to once again. It has been an honor to host this course for you. I'm Michael Lucchese. Thanks again. And good luck growing your following. I'm linked.