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How To Draw The Male Body - Complete Figure Drawing

teacher avatar Patricia Caldeira, Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Types Of Bodies And References!

    • 3. Different Proportions

    • 4. Drawing The Front View

    • 5. Drawing The Side View

    • 6. Drawing The Back View

    • 7. Pose The Body Step By Step

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class


Do you want to learn how to draw the Male Body?

Do you want to create male characters just like you imagine them once and for all?

Then this is the Class for you!

In this Class you're going to learn how to draw the Male body and how every part of it connects to each other.

We'll start by going over different types of bodies, from short to tall male bodies. Then we'll cover every resource and reference you need to help you create the character that YOU want. 

As well as different proportions for dynamic and interesting male characters.

Not only that but you'll be getting handy templates designed specifically for this class to help you create your own characters in any pose you desire.


We'll be covering the 3 main views:

  • Front
  • Side
  • Back

And you'll have your own assignment to test out your skills and see how much you've grown as an artist just by taking this Class.

So, are you ready to get started?

Join now and I'll see you in the Class!

- Patricia

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer


Patricia Caldeira is a Freelancer Artist working in Illustration, Design and similar Artwork.

She graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia and soon after started working on her own independent company "Don Corgi", doing work for several Streamers, Game Developers, Youtubers and even selling Cards and Social Media Icons at her Etsy Store.

You can find more about her and her work at Don Corgi's Portfolio Website.


In the recent past She has:

- Co-Founded the Don Corgi Art Group;
- Collaborated with Programmers, Game Designers, Musicians, Youtubers, Twitchers and more!
- Taught over 14.000 people on different platforms;

Join her Class on Character Design, Gesture Drawing!


&n... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello. Do you want to draw milk? Cater's from your head. Do you feel like your anatomy Drawing skills aren't quite at the level that you want him to be. Then this class is for you. Here will start for the different types off Mel bodies that you confined in real life and popular media so that you can draw your character or subject just a way you want it. Not only that, but who also go over different helpful resources to get references for your drawings. Then we'll be going through the different proportions and how to keep track of them all the way from the head to the tippy toes and, of course, will be going over some more Breakfasts will be drawing both the front and the side view as well as the back view. This glass is made to take you from your current drunk skill to a deeper understanding off the body shapes and anatomy. So not only really be drawing together a super dynamic pose at the end of the class, but you'll also be getting a handy body templates that you can print out and news whenever you want. This will really help you when you're looking for references or just want to try a new, different character. All right, so I'm pretty excited to show you this class, so let's get going. I'll see you in the next feed you. 2. Types Of Bodies And References!: There are many different types of bodies that you control, and male bodies are no exception. So let's go over some different body types that we can see in popular media. Let's start with a very simple average human. The shapes overall are very proportional to one another, and as you can see, the legs and a torso are more or less the same size. Generally speaking, men tend to be slightly taller than women. So this is something to take into consideration when trying them when drying men within two . You straighter lines and shapes like squares and rectangles and men's body as more angles as opposed to the few more body, which we tend to use more curved lines. But off course, it all depends on the type of while you're drawing and your own stuff so I could exercise. That you can do is to pick some image references and draw the shapes that you see on top of them. This way, you were practicing and memorizing what kind of shapes you should use when drawing the male body. Now people have different heights, sometimes was shorter than the average and others, we're told. I think this example, when drawing someone that is a bit shorter, the ships can change a bit. Maybe not look, but their size. With charter people, everything looks a bit more compact. The torso is not as delegated, and the legs also may be shorter than the previous example. Now, what about stalk people? Now? This is quite the opposite. As with short people, the shapes here become more interrogated, and the legs seem to occupy a big part of the body. It's almost like the legs are longer than the torso, as opposed to a very have her child's, where the tours, when the legs are roughly the same size. The weight of a person will also change the kind of shapes who used to draw the body. For example, a portion with more weights will have round the shapes, so we'll use mostly circles and curves. To draw the body now is a mission. When drawing men, we use traitor shapes and lines, but we still see somebody sudden angles here and there, especially on the social area and the waste. But that's not a rule that you have to strictly full, for example, if you want to draw very thin character, then you need to use less angles and thinner shapes. The less weight someone has the last curves or angles will the body show. Now you can mix everything up. So, for example, you can draw. But it all but having person been short and thin when drawing the bodies, Feel free to exaggerate shapes. Think about what kind of character we want to build an exaggerator features. So let's see some examples here. So this is not for court from the Shrek movie, and one of his traits is that he is very short and even has a complex about that. So they really exaggerated his proportions to reinforce that idea. His head is even bigger than the rest of to make his body look even shorter. On the other hand, we have Jesper from 101 Dalmatians. He's very tall but also very thin. Notice how thin the ships off piste or so legs and arms are. The legs are also really long, and the feet are gigantic and disproportional with the rest of the body. This will help reinforce the idea off very tall and thin character. Now, for a very opposite example, And yes, it's also from 101 Dalmatians. Jasper's companion, Horace, as the exact opposite. Qualitative, short and heavy look at the both of them together, not this house. Short horse's legs are, and his feet are also smaller than Jasper's. Here the feet are more proportional. Let's look at dispelling now. It's very around and goes atop the legs, making them look even shorter than they are. I also want to point out here the way their prices are drawn. It's very different. Just for spaces, more triangular and long and horses is round and shorter. All of these shapes are trades that reinforce their body types and how different they are physically. Once you get the hang off during the melt body, play with shapes and try different things to create different looks. If you're not sure how to draw a specific type of folly, remember that a lot of amazing websites with great reference images I recommend using unspool ash, Big Sabah, Exel's and interest. All of these have perfect images to help draw, so now we just need to look for them. Watching animated movies or serious is also a good way to get some references and understand this exaggeration of the shape for interesting character design. So this is it for this video. Follow me to the next one. We're going to be talking about proportions, so I'll see you there. 3. Different Proportions: Hello and welcome back. We talked about different types of bodies, and I did mention proportions for a bit. Usually we used ahead as measurement for the body. That said, if you want to draw milk character with an average height, we usually use a tense. This actually goes for both male and female characters. That average height is the same, even though we tend to draw milk. Carter's a bit taller, so we end up with something like this. We have the heads one head from like two chefs, another from chest to belly button, then one head for the waste, two heads that go from the waist to the knees and finally to headset girl from the niece to the feet. So according to our first example, that means that if we'd like to draw smaller Portela cattle, the amount of hats you use will be different. For example, or a smaller Canada, Let's go for seven has like this. You already know what everything else should be, so now I just need to draw the body accordingly. If you want your character to be even shorter, then as even less heads now for a taller character, you would increase the number of heads so you could go with nine heads. For example, something like this. The principle is the same, but just adjusting the number of heads we want for the heights off the character and then trying the body accordingly. If you're ever in doubt about the proportions off the body when drawing, just use this method used the headers measurement this we would along the bodies length. And this way you can check where we went wrong and fix the body to be more proportional. All right, this is it for this figure. Follow me to the next video. We're going to start trying to my body, so I'll see you there. 4. Drawing The Front View: Hello and welcome back. So here we are. We're going to start trying now, and we're going to start with front view off the male body. So I have here the heads, so I know where everything is going to be. And here we have just a reference. We I showed you images with these templates on the previous Viniar, and this is going to help me again. Be sure that I have everything in its right place is so let's start as always, amusing clip stood you here, you can use whatever you want and I'm going to be adding a new layer on top off my head Slayer. So of my reference. And I'm going to start with a chance to and the red color. This is just my preference. I like to start with red in the pencil brush, but you can use whatever you want. And now we can start drawing our figure here. So I'm going to start with the head now when drawing a mile body or male character in disguise, we tend to go for more squared shapes. Right? Of course, is isn't the exact religion always need to go that way, But we tend to draw men with some square and straighter shapes. So that's two something a bit square. We have our head here. Now we know that the neck goes up through this place here and now we can draw, chef. So if you watch my how to draw the female body feed you, you'll notice that that drew the torso shape right away. But for the mail, I prefer to go with drawing the chest first. So shape for the shares. Like this. Like a trapeze iam shape like this. And don't worry too much about having perfect shapes our lines right now. This is not what we're looking for. We just want toe know everything down. So we know where everything is. So from here we have the rest of our torso goes up to here, right? We have the end of torture here, and then we do have the waste, right. You can always make here a circle. So you know my help you somehow I kind of step that this shape now, But it used to help me figuring out where everything ISS or the measurements. So Okay, we have to waste on. We do have a chest, torso and the waste. So now we are all we're missing our arms and the legs. So before that, ledges draw here and neck shape for the neck again. These are just shapes. Were going to work this out a little bit better in our next step, which is a better schedule, A little sketch, but so far, this is what we have. So as you can see here in the torso shapes, we don't have a lot off course. It goes like this, and it's very soft, right? It's something like this. So this is something to have an account when drawing man for the legs, we don't have a whole lot of differences from the former female body. Again, With the mail, we tend to be a bit more or use a bit more off. Stretch up something like this. All right, so and also attempt to exaggerate this a little bit. As you can see, what s reference. The curves on the inside of the leg are not as in situated as the ones on the outside of the leg. So this is a good way to remember. I'm just going to till this a little bit because it's a few more is not her straight as I we should be and also says we have here. I could also just duplicate this and bring it to the other side. So this is something that can really help when if you're doing these digitally, it will save us some time. And if you want a body to be with more symmetric, it can really help you achieve your for doing this traditionally, well, you can't really do this or it want really safe time. We try to do something like this, but it's always a goods practice to just continue and repeat your shapes. That way you practice and you'll get everything down more easily. From more breakfast you have, the better. So now all you're missing is for arms. And as for the arms with milk characters again, I tend to defy the body, the arms and three parts instead of two because they do have or tend to have a bit more muscle. So I like toe have that clear. So this part is a bit bigger than this one and then would do how the rest of our arms is our him naturally going to put a lot of details into the hands, mostly because this is not the focus here. We want the focus to be the whole shapes off the body, and we want that to be right. So okay, we have barred the one of the arms again just to save some time. So I don't have to see me draw this again. I'm going to duplicate this, But still, if you are even, you know, even if you are doing digitally, I really recommend drawing both arms, both legs. Just so you memorize the shapes that you're using as you move on and you have a practicing this, you'll notice that you don't need to draw these shapes as often because you already know them. But until in Oldham, do practices shapes as much as you meet. This is the shapes we are using to draw the male body. So again, before stepping into the next step, which is doing a mod, it'll sketch feel free toe, feel your sketchbook pages with justice shapes. So with that out of the way, we're going for the next step, which is trying a better sketch of more developed and clean sketch, so that had will be pretty much the same thing. So as you can see, I add some conspiracy toe my shapes layer and I drew another created another layer on. So So now I can make a feather sketch. This is just to add some more detail to our body before jumping into the finalize. So if you're drawing a more muscular man like we're doing here, has some more muscles, not a lot. It could be much more defined. But, uh, if you are, there's some things that you want tohave into attention. For example, this muscles here, instead of doing just straight line going down. And then here men do have here some muscle if they work out men and women both. So I'm thinking chance here to show you a bit more off this so you can draw people that are a bit more must with not a lot as you can see, but it can help you class for the torso doing this than here again. If men have a bit more definition to than muscles, they do have this line going inside. So on top of the the waste and that always like to draw this line think it really helps giving them more definition to the male body. So I always like to draw that line here. And also I think it's a pretty fine. So it's also a matter of race that take in this case. So we do have our hand here, right? Very simple again. We're not focusing on drawing hands. We just want tohave. Everything in its right place is we want to know and be sure we're drawing the the right shapes so we can have proportional mild body. So now for the other side, As you see here, I'm drawing the whole thing just so I encourage you to draw every shape. I think I think like this hand better than the other one. So I might go with these hand to the other side, but doubts my chest here again. And then again, the torso that landed talked to you about and now again, we go down to the legs for its simple lines for the legs you can see. I don't like to exaggerate a lot here, So the three time also using very simple shape shapes for them and this is pretty much it So here two lines to visually announce where the needs are and this is kids. We have a more detailed sketch. As you can see, I'm just going to duplicate this end here because I like it. You definitely need some work. But I still like it, right. So we have here are more detailed sketch and now I think we are ready for our final lines. So, as you can see, since I drew everything off course, it's not completely symmetrical, which is perfectly normal. And the good news is, we're not perfectly symmetrical either, so it's perfectly fine, but But you tried toe just practices shapes just to as much catches as you want and once already going for our final lines. So this is going to be exciting. So this is just I was going over all the ones we turn so far, but giving them a clean look just like this. So in here I added some conspiracy to my other layers. I had a vector, a vector layer on top, And why did I do a vector layer here? So the reason I did that is because when I'm working with why not? I usually work with. Why not Onley My bulb drawings or my faces are done through my not and coloring that. And the reason is if I'm doing my Leinart in the factor layer, that means I can skill that. Why not? Or the drawing up or town? I can't edit as much as I want and I won't lose. And equality As you can see, I'm just going over all four lines here. Okay, So since this is just the same thing that we've been doing so far, just going to draw one side of the party and copy pasted so that you I don't have to see me drawing the same thing over and over again. A little wise, I'd spend way too much here, too much time in here. Yeah, This is also a good thing that you can do. This is more more for when you're who have some more breakfast. So when you have a bit more practice, you can start doing this just duplicating things. It was just save time. You could drink something that is symmetrical, but this is pretty much it just missing here one off the years. Candy is very simple. And the place where the first is going to be. Not really but in here. Okay, So one thing you might notice is that this upper part. So from shoulders to the chest, it's very wise. And then it goes all the way down. So let me just here on example of that. So this is something So it goes like a triangle and four to trying, right? So we start very wild and then we slow down that measurement up until the bottom. So this is something toe having attention when trying the male body. This is a bit more noticeable in the male body than in the women's body, mostly because of all the curves that we use. So everything seems to be more proportional in that sense. So when trying the male body, especially if you're drawing a man, has a big more muscle. So it's a bit more muscular by attention to that at the shoulders, and the chefs tend to be a bit wider than the rest of the body. So he wants to draw a n'importe triangle when drawing the my body. But this is it were true. Our Mel body from the front pew and next we're going to draw it from the side view. So I'll see you there 5. Drawing The Side View: Hello and welcome back. So here we are, read through the front, you. And now we're going to draw the side view. So this one can often be a little bit more complicated because we draw it from a completely different perspective. But if you break everything down to simple shapes, you'll see becomes much more easier. So a new layer going to grab my rent here and my pencil brush. And again, I'm going to start with the heads again. I'm going Detroit beat tomorrow squares and I usually go it subway circle. And then this way. Okay, this is more my face. All right, Now, I also have here a reference what everything should be. So we have the line going down, and then we have here the torso, right? So I know that the chest goes up there, so try to make this lines would be more straighter. Instead, off Kurt and then the door soup way have our chefs and store so and now the rest of the way . So is something here? The failure usually close inside. And the waste here, the line off, the waste peer of fun of Franz. So this is what we have some this'll and now the legs. So how one part of the legs, then? Importantly, we don't draw for school circle because we're seeing it from the side. It looks a little bit different, just fixing cured sizes of things. So we have, like, curve and then true straight once. And here we have the rest of the leg curve for the back of the leg. And then we have our feet, something like this. Not almighty trying to fix everything. So it stays on the same proportions as we have here on our first drawings. They also have the neck here, here and now. We're missing the arm. So we do now that shoulder somewhere here, right? So again, I'm going to divide this shoulder thesis. Farmers are into three parts, so we have the muscle. Then you car and cute have followed hands rights. So you have here their shapes were, But I'm just going to raise here the ones that don't need just so it isn't to computing for you. There we go. So we have here. This is a filters. Maybe just me. I'm going to try. This makes more sense now. One of the adventures of drawing the body from a side view is that you only need to draw one arm, one hand, one leg, one foods and so on. So the matter off, having everything proportional is not as importance, but it's something that you don't have to worry about as much. But we have Here are shapes. Group broke everything down into simple shapes, and I think now we are ready to draw for more detailed sketch. So I'm going to have some conspiracy here and you layer on top, going to make my pencil with darker. And now we can draw our sketch support ahead. It's pretty much the same thing, something to have into account when drying the head from side view. Instead, it is a bit more oval, so it's not a perfect circle it because feet beyond the year here. So this is something to remember and have attention to. So we have here chest belly buttons here, right is what we learned according tour shapes here, or a reference here. Leg enters this first so as you see here, so the big off the leg has more curved lines than the outside of it, so this is something else to pay attention to. And of course it could be. This can be more or less exaggerating, depending on your own style. So we're going mostly over the lines that were already how trying to make sure that the proportions are more or less the same as we have you here first drawing our hand here. All right, so I think we have our side feel pretty much built. My want to expend this part a little bit, so let's try to death. This is always things that way. Want Teoh be doing all the time when drawing? Is that one withdrawing things want feet perfect from the first try. We want to always be looking, and it did drawings and making them better. So it's probably going to take a 2nd 3rd look at drawing. Be sure that everything is as we want it to be and then move on for the final version. So now I'm ready and I'm going to draw the final lines again. Tried to practice his shapes as much as you. Once we tends to drum or often bodies from a front view, then from the side force, it always depends on your preferences. They do have different faces. Sometimes I just want to drop volleys from the front, other times from from the side. But I know that the beginning. We tend to draw always the same kind of position that we're more used to or that it's easier for us. So if you're trying something new to try to repeat it as much as you can and comfortable your ships and then you can move on for more perfect drawings on more finished looking drawings. But don't try toe achieve that perfection or let's final look right away. Okay, It's important to practice, and it's important to enjoy that process. So I'm going to do the final lights. Now again, I'm just going to go over other lines that we've done so far. Let's just take a look and see everything is in the right places. So I see here that we have. We have the line for the shares, but it's like the middle. I love your chest, and I'm noticing here that my chest goes way down than we have here. So let's fix that you have something like this, right? This is more. It goes more according to our first for you here. I think now it makes more sense. Yes. See, just one lineup change one line, and I think that now everything makes more sense. So here we have our side of you. Now we're going to get to relax a little bit because we're going to go for the back view and with the back view, we are going to be pretty much repeating the same shapes we have here. So exhibit a practicing and help don't have to worry as much because we already did it before. So I will see you in the next few view. 6. Drawing The Back View: Hello and welcome back. So we've been quite a lot of good words so far. We drew the front, you and the side view over male bodies. So now it is time to draw our Mel body from the back. So this is going to be a little bit easier because we're mostly going to be repeating the same kind of shapes that we used when drawing the front to you. So going to go over here and show up our shapes, So it is easier for us to remember them. And that's what we're going to be drawing. I have here the heads again as reference and now start drawing the head. So one thing here, they said, since it's from the back, we don't have the face reference because we're not seeing the face right. So we don't need the line for the ice. So we have line for to make, and then we do goes to still draw for chest line like we did before, something like this. And then we go down here, remember, we're going to draw basically and then for two triangles on trying the male body. So it's whiter on the shoulder and your supports. And then it goes If it's smaller. So we have here the waste now for the waste here. We don't have the crotch feasible. Right? But we do have our bottom. So I usually draw this this line that twice a so to show that this is not the crotches from behind its or butts. So big. Now we do have what? Arms, right. So, Pete, most people here you like, I'm trying the arms big more open here. So I'm going to try and moved them a little bits. More like this makes more sense with our original drawing or from the front side. Right? So now the hand this time is also different. So to have fingers here showing up, but we don't have the thumbs. You can see it from here seeing the other side off the hands Now for the legs. It's pretty much the same thing as before. Here. We don't really have the difference. Straight line on the inside, on some curves, upside. And here we see team the bags off beat. So it's a little bit different. There we go like lift. Move his head. Little bits. Also one thing I just remembered is that we don't see also all this, but we're going to fix that as we draw our more detailed sketch because here the neck goes into their heads and not opposites. So the neck is going to be in front, off park overheads. So again, I'm going to duplicate this side off the body, off the arms and the legs and more perfect to the father side. And I knew something was wrong with his legs. See, I made them. We should go tomorrow and sides. One of the greatest things of drying digital is that you can really read it as much as you want, who found something that is not right. That can change that very easily. It's a bit more difficult to do that waits traditional but still doable. It's all a matter of just repeating your drawing until you get it right. There's really no other way to go about it. So okay, we do have here our shapes. So now it is time to draw the sketch, right? So we have everything in its right place is so again I'm going to add some conspiracy here . The new layer on top. I'm going to darker here, my brush caller. And now we can stop. So began. I'm going to start it Heads going down here, but not here. We draw the neck instead off the rest of the flights because in this guy's, we don't really have our facing the Frantz right. We have the make. It's what we see. And now arms this case so I can now. Sure, here, this one. So here we have arms, right? They are behind here. The chefs and here they are behind have a thing we do have here that you don't corpse. Still, that can occur. But it's not fast for women int as before and actually here, one from the waist overlaps instead of the opposite as well. And I'm not focusing a lot on the hands. We are a bottom simple line to show that I feel that this line queues be took over. So let's try and fix that is, this makes a big more sense. I think that's but I don't find it this fun, drawing the back off a character just because I feel like we lose so much detail. I think it's so much fun when we do have all the rest to draw a chest and everything. When we're drawing from the back, I feel like we lose a lots, so I feel it's much more 11 We're drawing the front of the kids. Of course it is all depends on your own days. I don't know. What do you guys prefer my prepared to drop from the side or even the big? Yeah, I have to say that drying characters from the bed. It's not my habit, that whole. So we do have here our sketch for the backsides, and I think we are ready to draw our final lines. So one thing I feel we need to do here is we don't have that much inverted triangle like we did in the front for you. So let's try and whiten that up, okay? Yes, I feel this is better. So we have the shoulder part is a bit wider than the rest. So now I'm going to draw the final line. So I'm going to fat somewhat respiratory here, and so the final line. So I add effect earlier, like before, So we don't lose any quality to our lines if we need to edit anything. And now we can start redrawing our lines, just making them beat clean. And I think now we are done. So we started with very simple shapes. Let's see them. So if you re Otto shapes, then we true more. It builds sketch and from here we have our final drawing off the pick sides. As you concede this time I didn't but to tilt it I didn't complicated as I did with first trying. But as you can see, it's not exactly proportional, a symmetrical. So we do have some differences here and there, but I think it also makes it make the drawing more interesting. Not having everything perfectly symmetrical. IHS part off the human body. We are not perfectly symmetrical, so feel free to embrace that when you're drawing. And don't worry too much about it. Of course, if you want to make your life of its simple and to save some time and doing this digitally feel free. Teoh duplicates one side of the party, the other. But I really recommend just practicing and learning your shapes and not worrying about things being super symmetrical because we are not so we have here all off our views. So it drew the Frantz this side and the back few. So we learn all the basis that we needs. We know the shapes that we use for the mile body. And in the next video, we're going to go to the next level. So we're going to draw a more dynamic post so we can put into practice everything with one . So far. So with that said else, you in the next video. 7. Pose The Body Step By Step: hello and welcome back. So now that we learned the proportions and shapes off the mobile T, it's time to go in and draw a more dynamic post. Now, this will also be your assignment. So let's practice first and then you can dry out by yourself. I'll be also giving you a very handed template with every pose we drew so far to help you out. So just go to the project section and unloaded. Now you can use any off the websites that talked about I'm going to be using and squash, find some reference. Feel free to use, speaks away or pixels wherever you prefer. And I'm going to be searching for Let's try male model So I don't want something that is too complicated. So just you guys get used to drawing different poses slowly so we don't We don't want to go for something too complex right now. I like the first post suiting. That's trust something else s. Oh, man. Posing perhaps can work. I'm seeing a lot of those sitting poses and they're not too complicated. Resembled this one like this one. Let's open this one and great opened the other ones so is. Well, this one result is also good in a skosh. When you open an image, it will show you related photos so it can be very useful. So, yeah, I really like this one. I think we're going to go for this one. So yeah, I'm going to use this one. So I'm going to download it and open it, equips to you, and then we're going to start drawing this boats. Eso I have here my image, my reference imaged and just unloaded and everything ready to start Now, remember when I told you about taking a photo of yourself in any pose that you want to study or getting some images, reference images and then drawing the shapes off the body on top of it? So that's what we're going to be doing here. This will help us understand better where everything is going to be. What kind of shapes we need to use with deeds go through the basic shapes drawing the mile body, but mostly wrong bury to the national Moses rights. So we didn't really have any perspective here. However, we're going to have a bit of perspective, so it helps us drawing the shapes in the big, more of ultra dimensional way. So let's start doing this. I put some conspiracy here in my image and the new layer on top. So no, I'm going to draw the heads. There's always circle. So this is it. More or less doesn't need to be perfect right now. Then we have a line for the neck. And now here we're going to start to see some off that treaty. That was I was talking about. So our torso is it turned right? So we want to shape it like this can be with more straighter lines if you prefer. I just don't recommend drawing just ovals like this, because that way we can't really. I understand the shape of each part of the body. The shapes have no wait, you know, And if you have a difference weight to your lines and shapes to help you understand better . How do the shapes and the body reacts and behaves so that torture is a bit curved, right. We see it here. So that's cute that did this and then here way have the rest of our sources that also goes something like this. So this is the neck here. Our center chest around here, right? It's what we learn so far. Now, as for the way so our middle is here, come from here to here. So we have here waste again. We're going to have some truly shapes here. So something like this or are waste all right? These are very simple shapes, especially when you're going for more dynamic poses. Opposes that A bit more complicated. Feel free to just practice these shapes. Just take a bunch of pictures of yourself, print em or just open them up on your software and draw the shapes on top of it. This way, you understand a bit better. What shapes to use. It's a good way for mining. Now Here, we're going to have one arm, right? So we have to arm divided in tree shapes. That's what we talked about, right? And here the armed occur. So we do need to show that with our shapes, can the treaty here off perspective and then we do have the hands can. Very simple shapes. Four hands. Now we're missing this arm and the leg. So maybe let's draw. Since we started one of arms, you can go for other one way have something like this, right? It's not one thing that can be very helpful. For example, this model is wearing some clothes, so it can be a bit harder to see the shapes that we want to find. So you can try you to take pictures of yourself in underwear or find some nude models or no models underwear. So it is easier for you to find those shapes, right? So now all your me seem is the legs. Find the shapes in our legs here. I'm just raising this'll lines that overlap with each other just so it doesn't get to confuse for you to see. So now we have here one leg me Here, indulge the arm is tough. And then we have here the other, like right? So this and then put right, This is what we have. All right. So I'm going to raise here this part of the NIH Israel So we know what's on top of woods. And now finally the other leg. So we do have a shape similar to the other wants this legs are boats turn to the side, then have me. And finally our leg Don't worry. I'm not going to be drawing any clothes here. Don't worry too much about the quotes right now. Focus on drawing the shapes of the body. That's all I want you to focus on. So here we have our shapes for this drug, and I'm going to move this to the side. So one thing I've noticed is that the hat seems a little bit smaller than the rest. So I'm going to fix it. Head has some very strange shapes. Right now, I'm going just to making the streets bigger like this. And now you can also just draw here the shape for the neck. And here we have the eyes. Line 40. This makes some more sense now. All right, So now I think we are ready for our little sketch just to hear someone. So our character isn't flying or floating in years. It makes more sense, just something like this. It's enough for now. And we're not really focused on having the whole scenery, the colds. We just want to have a good body there. So I'm going to add some conspiracy here, and I'm just going to make this a bit smaller because It's almost going out of the paper and I don't like that. Okay, better this way. Now when you layer on top, I'm going to grab it are Crotone Now? I'm going to start working on these shapes and creating beats off a better sketches. Clean skitch. This model is quite thing that you can see. So as we talked about this, not a lot of sudden angles happening. Hands had been hidden even from this leg, so it's destroyed. But I think we can go for final lines. So let's give somewhat conspiracy here. Another. Here again, Just take your time with this jumping toe. More dynamic poses or more complicated poses. It is not easy, so it's normal that you have some trouble at the beginning, so just take it easy. Do just some shapes, traced those shapes on top of reference images until they get used to them. And then once you mark used to it, you can try and draw the whole body in that a more clean version. But until Dan, just relax and have fun with the whole process. And don't forget that the more you practice, the better you get. So breakfast as much as you can and have fun with that process of rectus seeing because it's unfortunate. Drawing is supposed to be fun, so and I know it's hard, especially at the beginning. Find it that funny because the drawings we make, we put some so many expectations, not drawing. So trick is to have less expectations. Once you do things get more exciting. And believe me, I know it's hard to have no expectations when drawing. But we learned that with time and with practice, because we know that not always things will go as we want them to go. Unless we learned that that it's OK, we start taking more enjoyment from drug. Don't worry when drawing from reference, especially, don't worry too much about drawing exactly falls. That's it is so as we talked before when creating a character when throwing characters. Exaggeration is key, so it's important to learn from what you see. But once you get more comfortable with its try to give someone exaggeration through the poses and don't compete the exact reference so okay, here your yard. This is our drawing from a very dynamic well, not very but quite dynamic compared to everything we did so far. For your assignments, go find a reference image in the post that you like or take a picture of yourself for asked to take a picture of someone that you know and practice drawing and more dynamic bows. And once you're done, she had to work with us. I really want to see your drawings. And for that just post them on the project section and I'll go back to you whenever and give you some feedback if you want to. Eso This is it You've done it and follow me to the next few where we're just going to talk about some final thoughts and everything we've done so far, so else you in the next video. 8. Conclusion: Hello and great job. You've gone through the whole class and hopefully learned a lot about trying them. My whole body. So remember, to post your assignment with your dynamic pose, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I always love to see your drawings and your work, so dont hesitate into posting them. Keep in mind that not only there are many different types and proportions, but there are also different art styles and juke in use. So don't be afraid to try different things and go out of your comfort zone. It's all part off the gross. It's now. If you enjoyed this class and like to see more, I would appreciate if you could leave me review. It helps me keep going and really makes my day to read all your thoughts on the class. Oh, and be sure to shake my other classes. I have over 30 classes on drawing different things. So I would love to see you and your artwork there. All right, that's a party. Thank you for joining. And I will see you next time. Bye bye.