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How To Draw Cute Cartoon Characters

teacher avatar George G., Making Ideas Visible.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      What Is Cute


    • 3.

      Create Ink Brush In Photoshop


    • 4.

      Understanding The Anatomy


    • 5.

      Basic Head Outline


    • 6.

      Eyes and Eyebrows


    • 7.



    • 8.

      Male Hairstyles


    • 9.

      Female Hairstyles


    • 10.

      Basic Male Torso


    • 11.

      Basic Female Torso


    • 12.

      Arms And Legs


    • 13.

      Character Turnaround


    • 14.

      Body Expressions


    • 15.



    • 16.

      Cute Stickman Design


    • 17.

      Thank You!


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About This Class

Let's break all the limiting beliefs that drawing is a talent!

This is the perfect drawing course to prove that everyone can learn to draw!

The course is structured and organized very well so it's a beginners friendly.

Hello, My name is George and i've developed very easy techniques to drawing a perfectly cute cartoon characters.
It's awesome because This is a LIFETIME SKILL!

You can impress all your friends with the new skills you'll learn.
With this cartoon style you'll also be able to draw characters for a clients and make money from it.
That's right! You can make basically everything. 
- Illustrations
- Animations
- Explainer Videos
- Comic Books
- Graphic Novels
- 2D Games
- Sprites
and many many more.

Now pick up your pen and START LEARNING! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

George G.

Making Ideas Visible.


Hi, I'm George Grancharov and I teach people cartoon drawing skills. 
Drawing is a skill that can help you solve almost every problem.
If you learn how to draw better, you will think better!

I'm best known for my course "Cartoon Drawing For Absolute Beginners" that teaches what the title says :D

"Draw, Think and Build!"


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Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: you know what? Most people think that drawing is a talent, and they're convinced that there is no way that they can learn to draw. What's the core point of drawing anyway? Exactly. You want to create your own movies? How about comic books or your old mobile games? Every skew leads to a story, but we cannot. There a story without characters. And that's why I've created this class. How to draw a cute cartoon characters to break all the limiting beliefs. That drawing is a talent. You just need a little bit of practice. We'll start with the basics. For example, what's the anatomy off our cute cartoon characters and what shapes we used to draw them. Then we'll jump into different face expressions so that you can create your story with ease . Also different hairstyles, a lot of practice sheets and many more. If you are considering to learn how to draw huge garden characters, this is the perfect course for you way. We have a lot of fun, I promise. So pick up your pen and come to learn a skill for life and a lot of fun. 2. What Is Cute: Have you ever wondered why I was so scared from these dogs? But when we see that beautiful puppy we go, it a response. Why's that? Were so hard wired to like soft, girly things, like puppies and kittens? It's really amazing how cute things haven't nicked effect on us. But why once born human babies are completely dependent on their parents for survival. That's why, in order to protect them, we find them cute and adorable, and that witness triggers in us on urge for care and protection. That's great for all of us. Way back Konrad Lorenz studied acuteness in living things. He come up with the list with great specific trades. We find cute, large head, large eyes and small body size with round and soft features. Thanks to our human instincts to find our baby's cute, we can find the same Q traits in other animals as well, like purpose kittens, chickens and Hummers. Ah, Hummers helped another B Take a look at this Hummer. When we apply the Conrad trades, we can make it from a giant utilitarian to tow a cute little hammer. Isn't that amazing? So basically, we can make everything cute as long to use those traits round and soft features, large head, large eyes and small body fitness. It's such a powerful toe we can use to create on amazing characters that people like a great example of this is Speaker Chew. The creators have drowned him more and more cute over time. A real world example is also the animals that would keep us pets. The number one animal that we've spent the most time designing being cute is the dog. Docks like this have been designed by us. Look in the way that we want. There's no wonder that the dog is man's best friends. Hope you learn something great today. Thanks for watching. 3. Create Ink Brush In Photoshop: how many times you want some drawing tutorials and you don't have any idea how to create the custom brushes? Well, don't worry. In this video, we're going to create an impression. I don't want to simply give you a pre made brush that you can use right away. Well, I'll give you the brush, of course, but my point is that I want you to understand how to create your own brush in case you knew it. It's a good skill to have okay is very easy. Let's get started. Start a new square document with dimensions 50 by 15. Leave the resolution by the fault pixels per inch and color moat, RGB color background contents. White create. Now the first thing we need to do is to create a round shape, press em in the keyboard toe open the elliptical, too. If the shape appears to be square, go up here right click to open the second menu. Then you can choose the elliptical toe right here. Now find the center off the document. It doesn't have to be perfect because later on, for the shop will detect only the shapes with black cover. Find the center and hold out and shift. That way, the shape will grow from the centre. Excellent. Let's fill it with black power said color to black and press G in the keyboard to open the paint bucket toe and fill it with black. Now goto edit click defined brush preset. Let's go it that the brush kick. Okay, okay. We need to make final adjustments to the brush before we call it Ready To do that, we need to create a new document to test it out. Okay, 1920 by 10 A landscape orientation and leave the settings by default. Now press a five opened the birth settings and go to the brush tip shape. And I suggest to keep the roundness here to 100%. Because when we draw circles the shape, we will appear clean as possible. Go to shape dynamics and bring the size you ter toe 0% changed the control here depend pressure and bring the minimum diameter to a 0%. And the final part is toe at a texture effect. This is important because it will make our burst look crisp and professional. Leave the texture type here by the fault because it doesn't really matter for the English. Well, as long as the mode here is said to fight now the stating Scheer brightness and contrasts bring to the left minus 150 minus 50 and remove the texture each deep mark. Bring the depth to 100% Now final go here to burst deep shape and said the size of the brush before pixels here said the size to four picks us All right. And now finally click down here the create new brush I can and call it ink brush. Okay, Perfect. We have a brand new English publican use for everything. Now let's go to the next video. 4. Understanding The Anatomy: hello and welcome to this video. So before we start with the drunk lectures is very important to know what the anatomy off our acute characters. I'm gonna explain to you very easy. And you, you get it in no time. Okay, Let's get started. I've structured characters here, so that way we'll have better understanding for each character type. For example, were explored the grown up male in the grown up female, a young boy, a young girl, a baby boy and have baby girl. So once you get the proportions right for these characters, every other character you you draw, for example, on old person with your mix by this here, you only need to remember the proportions and you'll be fine down the road. In that case, I've created a sweet back with practice sheets you can download from the Resources section . You can either print them or open them here in front shop. Now let's start with the first practice. She ate the grown up male. Let's divides the cubes in three parts for better understanding. 123 Now let's make the first line here to mark the top of the head one, too, over well do three and mark the second line in that space. We'll have to place the head OK from the second line here. Let's count two groups. One do and mark. The third line in that base will place the torso and here in the final two groups we'll place the legs. All right, now in this lecture, I want you to understand how to read and remember the proportions, right? Don't worry about the actual drawing. We'll cover that later on 123 Head well to torso and want to legs. It's very now. Let's see the grown up female. The head is the same three cubes. Well, do three. The difference here between the male and the female is the torso is a bit longer. For example, 2.5. Oops. Okay, that's for the torso. Let's count 12 in the health. And here we'll place the torso and from dot line here, a cube in the house will place the legs very, very small difference. They have the same height, but only the torso is a bit longer for the female. Let's jump into the teenagers. Whoa! The young boy here he have the same three groups head like the grown ones. Dairy go three coupes and the torso is only a cube in the health, and the legs is also a cube and health. Dear ago. Let's jump to the young girl. Same three coupe heads. Give it a go. The torso here is two cubes. The difference between the grown up female and the young girl is only 1/2 cube, and the legs in the young girl are one cube. Dear ago, we'll place the tour secure two cubes and the legs in one cube. Done. Now, if I know we'll explore. And the baby a lot of me. Very cute. The baby boy and the girl have the same proportions cube and 1/2 for the head and one cube for the rest of the body, torso and legs. There is also the very girl Cuban health for the head and one cube for the rest of the body . You'll get it in no time. Perfect. We've gone through all of them, not re kept. All of the characters except the babys, have three coupe heads. The grown up male young boy have three Kupets grown up female and the young girl the male have do coop torso and do que plex the boy want in health Cuc torso and one in the health que plagues the baby cube and health for the head and 21 cube for torso and legs. Now the grown up female do cubes and 1/2 for the torso and cube and health for the legs. The young girl do que apps for the torso and toe one cube for the legs. The baby girl have the same proportion, says the baby boy. Thank you and how for the heads and to thank you for torso and legs. Swit Now important Mark. I don't want you to put you in a box with these proportions. The whole point is to give you a practice sheet for a better understanding. What's the anatomy for the characters to look cute. These guides are the first step only to practice, and when you feel comfortable to draw the characters with no guide, you do not need them anymore. And does the end go to draw them freely? Now, I don't know the practice sheet and start drawing. I will see you in the next video 5. Basic Head Outline: Hello. Welcome. Now we know what's done after me. It's time for the actual drawing In this lecture. We'll start by building the head. I will open the practice sheet for the grown up male character. At that point, we need our English Presby, right. Click little brush and find the English that I give you in the resources section Load. All right, now we burst. Selected here, right? Click and change this. I speak source for the brush for then and basically start drunk. So you already know that we have to place the head here between the three groups and for all of our characters. We need to draw a circle for the head Dairy ago And for the babies A small circle that takes cube and half place Dari ago. Is that simple? Now? I guess your womb and I can draw circles. Look at my circles that are not even circles. Relax. Please take your time and practice. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. Look at my circle here. It's not perfect, but it's fine. You just need to do it close. It's possible and that's all for the head outline lecture. Bye bye. Wait a second. I almost forget to give you a homework, opened this practice sheet, play some off your favorite music and start drawing circles for about 15 minutes. Take a short break and then start drawing circles again for 15 minutes. Do that exercise a couple of days. As long as you feel comfortable drawing circles and you'll be a pro at no time. Let's go to the next video. 6. Eyes and Eyebrows: three eyes. People say that the eyes are the windows off the soul, and that's through because we can feel the other people's emotions just by looking at their eyes. This lecture is very important because the eyes are probably the most essential part from our cute cartoon characters. Are characters look so cute and expressive because of their eyes? If we don't make the ice right, the whole character, we look completely different. So let's see how brother in the center off our head, we decide a little bigger than the size of a cube here the center. We can make the first circle for the I like this, and the second I it's a little bit smaller, something like this from here. I would give you that shit to practice. Remember to not stick together guys here. It would look strange. OK, it's very simple when you draw the head something like this, and in the center of the hit, with the size a little bit larger than the Cube, is the I okay, He doesn't have to be perfect. You need to practice to make the circles clean. It's possible. Now let's jump to the ice expressions I've prepared the most used wants neutral, happy set, angry board. Were it sarcastic? Scared? Now let's begin with a neutral. The eyebrows are better low to the horizon line. Don't That's for the mail. Not for the female is the exact same thing. That's why I will copy this. And the only difference isn't each. I will put three eyelashes like So is that simple now for the happy one? Let's make the people's look above and eyebrows also above and graft like this. Let's copy this toe, making the female three eyelashes don. The next expression is set. First, let's make the islets curved like this, and the people should point in the bottom because when we're set, we're looking at the ground not every time. But here is something like a government rate and the eyebrows curved like the islets like, So let's make the female three eyelashes. Who The anger one. The eyelids should point like this. Straight lines, the people's right of the center staring at the subject and the eyebrows, same as the islets, straight lines and the female three, by luscious or the female is kind of attractive like that. Now, the board one. The boat islets are curved like this. The peoples are how visible to demonstrate Yucel name, and the eyebrows are completely opposite the one in the left. It's natural, but the one in the right is the same us. We drove the set expression like this. No, the lady three eyelashes. Would it start with the lids cursed from the bottom? The peoples are looking back, and the eyebrows are the same as the said one. Don't forget the female. Yeah, sarcastic, curved islet. Only in the one eye the peoples are looking above. And for the eyebrows, the one here. It's like we're drawing happy. And the 2nd 1 it's like we're drawing cassette expression like this female with that's with eyelashes. Yeah, you can see that the sarcastic and the board expressions are very similar, but don't worry about that. We're only going to be making them stronger and stronger down the road. For example, when we draw the mountain, Theron and the body post too much the expression. Now you're focusing on the ice. Only don't forget to practice the last one. He scared. The people are staring ahead. The eyebrows are distance from the eyes and curved like this, and at that point it's almost looking happy. So we'll make the difference by putting this wrinkles beneath the ice. And now for the female three eyelashes. And that's it. I know if God a lot in on lecture. That's why I've created also the practice it please bring it or open it in photo shop and start drawing. Thanks for watching. 7. Mouths: here. We've got awesome ice expressions, but when we other mouths, our face expressions will be finished. So let's bigger. You will be surprised. How simple are the mouth shapes? The 1st 1 is the neutral, just the simple horizontal stroke. That's it. Now for the female, we'll draw the same chorizo NITEL stroke. But now see where the magic happens. We'll draw on upper lip with shape off on em letter and lower lip. Is it that simple kerf? That's it. Now let's draw below a little exaggerated expressions, the same stroke as above, but with the little inclined stroke in the end here and with a little stroke below here for the chin, the female is the same little incline stroke here. Don't forget the upper end lip. Don't the heavy one one big girls throw The female is absolutely the same, just at the aim shape and the lower lip Dumb. Now let's play with the exaggerated expressions. First, draw the same curved stroke here and now leaf a little space here and draw the same shaped like a bow for the teeth. Okay, the third step, from the end from the upper lip here complete the shape like So Now let's draw the lower teeth like this. And in that space year drought, the tongue now for the female is the same. It's that simple. Next expression said girls stroke like this. The female is the exact same. They exaggerated. Start like you're almost drawing the wave and finish the shape here with a little stroke and a little chin. The female is obvious like a wave and and shape and the retouching done angry. The stroke is something like a boomerang. Super simple. Same for the female. The exaggerated one is start with the same boomerang shape and draw. The upper teat like this now just finished the shape by adding the lower teats like this. Same for the female. Who? The board Juan. Very simple stroke. But place it discloses possible between the eyes here, like this. This is the key for that expression. The exaggerated one is the same, but with little wrinkle here and the chin female. Same story. It's amazing how similar are the male and the female characters worried? Stroke almost like, he said. Second step, the upper teat and the third step, two strokes like that to create the illusion like he's biting his lips. The lady exaggerated same shape, seconds the upper date and finish the shape like this here we don't need on lower teeth because he's open so much his mouth that they're not even visible just out on tongue. Don't female the same sarcastic draw. A very little stroke close as possible between the eyes like this lady. Same. The exaggerated one little smile finished year by a incline stroke and a little gin. Ladies are always the same. It's a shame that they're thinkers so different, and the last one is the scared one. Just draw on O. Shaped like this. The lady is the exact same. Just are too little bulls here, dumb. Let's exaggerate a little bit. Draw on over shape like this at an incline stroke for the upper teat and final at a little tongue. The same is for the female. Well, we're ready with 16 different mouth shapes. There's a lot I know, but when you follow my steps with peace, soon you become better than even me. I'm sure. Now go practice because I want to see your results, and when you draw a couple of months, go to the next video, I'll be waiting there 8. Male Hairstyles: Hello. Hello. Welcome. It's time for the hairstyles. These characters are made a simple So the hairstyles should also be super simple. Especially for the male characters. Solar is bigger and three strokes Bomb ready? I'm not joking. This is perfectly fine for the male. Simple and effective. The 2nd 1 is the same three strokes, but with little curve here, like us. Forget. All right. Next start from here. And also we'll use three strokes for a nice leaked back here. Style. This hairstyle would be great for identified businessman or a lawyer. Next three strokes three is the licking number. Start from here. And sleek bug again. Simple. Now a little more different Hairstyles start from here somewhere. Don't be super precise and like you're almost throwing a Christmas tree. One do three and finished this base here. Like so The next one. Begin with upper left and slowly finish like this. Now, from this point here, draw the same shape but in the other direction. Next one starts from here like you're continuing the circle and finish here with the triangular shape. The last one will be a very long hair. Started a stroke from the center here and all the way down out of the circle. Second stroke from here and curved like this. And the last one is from behind. Start from here like this and we're ready. Very easy. I will give you the practice sheet to play with some different hairstyles. Try also some new variations. Be relaxed and have fun with your drawings. Now let's go to learn how to draw the female hair. 9. Female Hairstyles: on average, Lady spends a to least a 30 minutes a day for her hairstyle. That's a massive waste of time, because here we're going to create a six different female hairstyles for 30 seconds each. Let's begin here with the 1st 1 Just a one curse stroke like this. And from this point here, one more stroke, starting with a upper direction and finish the line all the way here. One more here and we're done just at two little strokes here to separate the hair. See Super simple and easy to follow. The 2nd 1 is the tight. Here start from here with a little nice half over shape, full with a something like a circle and final at a three stroke like this to separate the hair and the look. Fancy perfect hair style for fitness. Ladies and ladies on the goal with the next one, we were experiment with little more volume to the hair style Start with one inclines stroke from here like this and the same curve stroke like from the first hairstyle. Now the other half start from here and with small or whopping strokes, finish the shape here, continued hair below and finish the shape like this. Now create a little strokes here and we're good to go. The next hairstyle straight here and here to hear bands. And from this point here, great occur stroke like from the first and third hair style all the way down to here. Now finish the shape like this and appear funerals praised between the head and here band to look more realistic. Wala The first ponytail is already one more to go. Same story from this point of the hair band. Greater Curve Stroke finish the shape to the head and few that space between the hair band and head. Awesome, cute and easy hairstyle the next year. So it's almost the same start with the same to hear bands and the shape. It's a short, edgy hairs, though same for the other house, and this hairstyle is also very interesting. The last one is super easy. Start from here like the first hairstyle with same curse stroke but just at a little more volume up here and finished shape like this. Now you know how to draw the most common female hairstyles and you're one step closer toe, almost drawing a perfect acute garden. Characters. Come with me in the next lecture and you will be even closer 10. Basic Male Torso: Mm hm. The head is ready now. Let's draw the torso. Remember the grown up male east to coops 12 and place it here. I'm joking. Or am I? Well, pretty much year. The body is the same shape as this beer. Just draw a little curved line for the back and with a little belly here and finish the pier. Shape the male character Have that shape because don't laugh with me. That belly is super cute, and it's commonly for the males. Ladies find a six pack guys attractive in real life, but in the cartoon world is the opposite. They find that little Bailey for our characters. Mega cute. OK, it's very simple Now. The homework opened this practice sheet that you can fight in the resources section and fill it with dorsal drawings, one facing cleft, one facing cry it and so on practice as long to feel comfortable drawing that shape. Remember, practice makes it perfect 11. Basic Female Torso: Now we've learned how to draw the female head, and it's time for the torso. Remember that the torso is two groups in health 12 and health, like so simple. Okay, the shape he strangled. And the reason for that is because it's the simplest shape for address. No, that's right. Address is commonly used for a lady outfit, so you get the point. It's a common female characteristic, so how to draw it? Basically, Luca White is the head, and you know how to draw a triangle from there. It's very simple Now. The homework opened this practice sheet that you can find in the resources section draw triangles here as long as your hand gets used to drawing triangles. Brooke is that exercise every day for a couple of minutes and you become pro at no time. 12. Arms And Legs: Whoa. The final part from drawing the cute cartoon characters is the arms and the legs were lucky because, as you know, is difficult to draw arms and legs. But I've made it super simple for you. We'll start with the mail here first the legs, the legs heart takes do cubes for the grown up male for the young boy is only a cube and health. If you want to refresh for the anatomy, jump to the understanding the anatomy lecture. Okay, now the first mistake some people make is to draw the leg straight as a pillar. Yeah, but in nature is so unrealistic to see a human or animal which straight body parts, they always have some curve. So the lead that awful leg and make a little girl stroke like this and finish the food here with same stroke but shorter. Something like this. That's right. We don't need fingers, shoes or any of that. We need to make it simple as possible. And now the other, like absolutely the same now for the ars. Same with Felix here. I don't want to put you in a box. Be free with hands. Basically making the starting point somewhere here and create a little curved stroke longer than the torso. Remember, always make the length off the arm longer than the torso. Okay, now for the hand. Simple as the foot. Just a little stroke like this bomb. No fingers, no nothing. Simple as possible. Now the other hand. Same. But we'll start from here because the arm is from behind and it's not visible. The hand Simple stroke. Yea, we're done now. In some cases, you have to draw trump. I will show you some examples if you want to draw terms off if you want to make him waving . But don't draw it when it's not necessary. Let's jump into the female. Everything is the exact same. Only the legs a little bit shorter because she has a dress. So the legs length he stooped and health Cuba and health. Little girls, the food here, the other leg and we're done. The arms. Same story, starting point somewhere here. And if you remember always the arm length should be longer than the torso. So something like this, and hence now the other hint from parents and here int it's that simple. Now I know you may feel a bit limited with these arms and legs positions, but don't worry about that. Practice this for now. And in the next videos we have lecture where we were explored, different action poses and body positions. Thanks for watching. 13. Character Turnaround: So by now you probably notice that we're drawing the characters on the inside turn if any of you guys wanted way. What about if you want to draw the characters in different positions, for example, front view or bag view where you're right in this lecture, we'll cover outdraw a body turn around. We'll do on Lee, the grown up male and the grown up female, because the principles are the same for all of our characters. Learn the principles and you'll be able to draw almost every other characters, so we'll start with the female first. I am a gentleman. The first positions will be 3/4 angle because we're quite familiar with that angle by now. I hope the reason we're using it so much is because it is the most useful in terms of creating a three dimensional feel because we're showing the characters best features, and it's much more expressive. But in some cases we will need, for example, a front view. So let's see how to draw that now. Since we know how to drop the three core angle, let's great the construction lines so that we can keep the proportions correct. I'll create a new layer goat guide hold shift to create the straight lines. No, let's mark the most basic proportions, like the head and the torso and the legs. Because of this, lines will know how does the character and where to put all the other body elements? All right now. First, there are the circle for the hit. Now let's see where to put the eyes. Draw a straight lines from this point here. And from this point here like this. Now we know that we have to place the ice in this space here to make it even easier. Let's find the center off the hit like so and here live a little space so that we don't snap the eyes to each other. It would look strange. Now let's draw two circles in that space we have here. Now let's make the eyelashes, the eyebrows and the mount for that, we don't need the guidelines. It doesn't have to be so perfect. All right. Now the body is the same as the 3/4 angle. A simple triangle? No, the licks don't make them straight like pillars draw them with the kerf like this. It looks more realistic and the food's facing Clift and write like this. Now let's make the arms. Let's draw the guidelines. The arm starts from here and the end is here. Now we know we have to put the arm between those two lines. Start from this point here with the little kerf all the way down to the guideline. Now we have to draw the hair and we're ready. Let's create the guidelines for the hair. Now we know we have to place the here between those two lines. And don't forget that hair strained here. Who? The front view is ready. Let's start with the next one and this is the side view full of the guides. Start with the circle. We'll make only one life visible because it's a strong site angle. Look how big is the I in the 3/4 view and make it the same. The eyebrows. The mount. You know, the body is in the same position, but little smaller with triangle. The legs, little kerf, the foot and the other leg is the same. But closer to the other, The arms See the guides. Look, the red lines start from here. Oh, the way down just followed the guides. And now the last part is the hair Start from here. Follow the circle. And here make little kerf. Now from the same point. Here, start the second stroke and make little curve here. Oh, the way down. Delete here the circle and a little bit of the torso and draw a few here. Strength, Finish the hairstyle and we're done with the side view. Now let's draw the back view. This one is the simplest draw. A circle. The body is the exact same as the front view. The legs are the same, but draw the foods facing front like this. Now let's make the here and we're ready. Follow the circle. Here, make a curve like this. The other site is the same delete here the circle and a little bit from the torso. And finished the hairstyle like this. Whoa! We're forgot. The arms. They're the same as the front view. Start from here and all the way down here. Walla were down with the base character turnarounds for the female character. Let's don't waste any time and jump into the male character. All right, here we have the 3/4 view now Let's mark the head, the torso and the legs. We'll start with the head. Remember how to draw the eyes. Mark the top and the bottom of die like this. Now let's find the center off the head. Leave a little space here so that we don't stop the ice like this. Now let's place the eyes between these boxes here. All right, You know where to place the eyebrows and the mount. And here is there now the torso. As you can see here into 3/4 angle, the character have a little belly in the front view. It will look like a stretch balloon full of water. So let's begin with the little girl stroke like this. And the other half is the same mirror shape. This is it. Now the legs. Two strokes like this with a little girl. And the food's facing left and right. The arms. Let's create the guidelines for the arms. Start from here and the bottom is here. Now we know we have to place the arms between those two lines. Start from here with the little girl and finished down here like so the other arm starts from here. Lato kerf and finish the line here we have the perfect proportions right now. All right, The front view is ready. And now the side view first, draw the circle again. Mark on Lee, The smaller I from the three color view and draw only the one I because, as you remember, is a strong side view. Now, the eyebrows and the mouth like this and also here the torso is now almost the same as the 3/4 view. But here at the back make a lace girls stroke and make the belly a little bit bigger. To create that feeling, we're looking to characters from a perfect side position. Awesome. Acutely to belly. Now draw the legs, the arms Just follow the guides and we're done. We decide you now. Finally, the last one. That is the simplest one. Just one circle with hairstyle. Torso is the same as the front view. Remember, the balloon dweller legs are the same as the front view, but the foods are facing front like this and the arms are the same. See, it was very easy. Okay, we're ready with the core principles. Basically, if you apply these techniques in every object you imagine. Like car, for example, You can extract these guidelines and make all the proportions correct. So now I don't know the practice sheets from the resources section and start practice. All the angles we covered in this lecture. You see how easy this I will see you in the next lecture? 14. Body Expressions: Do you remember that face expressions we've created in the previous lectures? Yes. Now, in this lecture, we're going to pick our favorite walls and draw somebody's for them. Okay, let's do some cool faces first the swamp. This this all right? And for all of them now let's remove the rest and leave only the ones we've selected. I will group them by four on one page, and I will begin drawing the body expressions for them. Now we have 16 different characters, and let's start with the 1st 1 Let's make the hairstyle. I feel that on this guy, the hairs on the waist position will be perfect for that face. All right, now the lady and I will use the same hands on waist position. Also next, this guy looks very happy. Let's make him jumping with spread hands toe. Emphasize happy face. The last lady on this page is just Meiling. Humbly. Let's draw holding hands in front of your toe. Emphasize the humble face. All right, looking great for now, we're ready with this page. Let's jump to the other one. Oh, the first guy is looking very sad. He's looking at the ground so Let's make him that dunk off both expression by drawing his scans loose and pointing at the ground. The other lady is with similar face expression. I will use the same downcast both the expression as the boy looking great. Well, they're not feeling great, but we've drowned them. Great. Let's see the other page. Ah, so angry. He's looking like he's mattered something very specific. So let's drop him pointing to get with the one hand and let's put his other hand on the waist. Next lady is looking like she's very angry high school teacher. I will use the same body expression like the guy on the left, with the only difference that he sporting with his hand. But we'll make the lady showing open hand bomb. That way she's looking like she's expecting explanation why nobody finished their homework . All right, moving to the next one thes guys saw aboard with stupid questions. I will make him with the rich kids care style and his hands like he saying, Dude, I have no idea what they're talking about. Super Kubu. The expression the lady on the right is looking the same. I will make her with open palm and the other hand loose and relaxed. You can see same face expression, but when we change the arm position, it makes a huge difference. Well, the other guys scared to death. I feel that the best body expression for this is by making his arms holding his head. I'm sure you come up with a variety of scenarios for this one. Also, it's a great expression, and it's so effective that I use the same for the lady on the right. The only difference is that the guy have a little curve on his knees. Now we're on the final page with the last four characters. The first guy is looking very, very sarcastic. I feel down the arms, crossbow, the expression. We will be a nice fit birth, he's telling. My girlfriend told me to go out and get something that makes her look pretty. So I got drunk. Let's move, lady on the right. Well, with that same sarcastic face, I guess the same arms crossed body expression will be great. Can you read us your eyes? What she's saying again, off course, Woman don't work as hard as a man. They get it right of the first time. Enough stupid jokes. Look how scared is this guy over here like there is a giant spider in front of him. Let's make his hand pointing ahead of the spider and the other one holding his head. Very strong bully expression. Very strong. The final character is dispute Scared lady. Let's draw a cute hairstyle for her. And let's use the effective point ahead and hand on the head. Body expression. Amazing. I'm really happy how this turnout. Now let's play a little bit. I will show you the characters we've just drawn in a different conversations with one another. Look at them and try to come up with little story in your head for every drawing to see. Okay, let's start. You can see how effective the face and the body expressions are. Use these techniques when you're drawing a story that is difficult to explain with words. We as humans are very good at understanding board language, so use that as an advantage in your drawing. Take your and I receive you in the next lecture 15. Coloring: in this lecture, we're gonna paint our characters. That's right. I guess you guys are probably tired by now to see only land work I get. So let's put some color on this page now for the coloring I. O. U's photo shop. If you don't have photo shop, don't worry. The principles are absolutely the same for any software you use. All right now, the most important thing at first is to prepare our document important mark. Every time you paint a character, make sure your work in separate layers, for example, you need a single layer for the background. One separate layer for the line work, and in the middle you need one layer for coloring. So make sure your land work isn't a separate layer from the background. Okay, I will create a new document 1920 by then 80 for my settings here, great and I will create a new layer gold line work here you can draw your characters or, if you're lazy like me, don't know the pre made characters from the resources section I use here the jumping one and I will bring it to the document like so balm. If you bring the image dragging like this. If you create a smart object layer, I don't think you need a smart object layer. So how can I read of it? Well, our create Mueller here and I will mark these two layers and are you press control and e to merge the layer down and it will become a normal. They're not the smart object line work. And this is my line work there. Now let's start coloring as a color reference. Are you used that color palette here in the resources section and are you Bring it to the document like this and I will placed here in the corner. All right, this is my color palette layer now very important. Create a new layer and go it gore new layer color and I will bring that color layer underneath the line. Work like this. Now take the in brush from the previous lectures. If you made it yourself. Bravo, you're awesome. Or if you're not, you can download it from the ink brush lecture in the beginning or if you don't want to use this brush is perfectly fine. It's up to you, But I will use that brush to keep it simple. Okay. Select your color layer. Okay, lets start fading. Now hold out key to pick up the skin tone here and start bathing in the color layer. Fuel the hit off the boy in the head off the girl. At that point, you probably wondering, why don't paint in the same layer. Where is my line work? What is the point over new layer? Well, if we paint in the same layer here, line work here. What happens? We can paint like this. We need that color Toby underneath the line. So let's give the core on that layer core underneath the line Work Now I would take the white color and I will paint the ice off the characters and death of the boy. I will big here, the lips color and I will paint the lips off the girl and the palette off the boy. Last one are you. Take that punk color and I will paint dunk off the boy. Now let's paint the hear of the girl with the yellow color here looking good. Don't worry about the boy. He's pretty. Both as you can see. Let's paint the boy star, So I will pick this color here, boy torso and now final. Let's paint the girl torso. I used this pink color here. Girl torso. All right, We're ready with the characters. I think they're looking pretty good now, are you? Create new layer here. Gold, cool background and in the background layer, you can draw wherever you want for a background. Okay, that was pretty bad for the final presentation. I've prepared a nice color for background in the resources section. You can use this image to right now. The scene is looking very energetic and expressive. I will hide the color palette layer. I think the scene is even perfect for commercial use. Now, if you're using for the shop, I want to show you pretty go fast, Rick Great. A new layer above all And go it shallow show right the background layer And you should see on Lee the characters nor other background on Lee. The characters now select the shadow layer and hoat control was out. Post shift post e dysfunction will merge all the layers underneath. In that layer, let's bring back the background flair. Select the shallow layer and press control and you toe open the hue and saturation and bring lightness. Tomainia's 100%. Okay. Now they that layer and move it all the way down above the background layer. Now press control plus t toe open the transform toe hoat control key and take the corners. Adjust the perspective like this to create that depth off field effect Lord, Opacity of the layer about 10%. Now press e toe open the eraser toe and right click toe open some soft brush and I would delete slightly the top of the shadow to make it disappear in the ground. I think it looks very cool. Let's save it file. Save us is you bake cute garden characters. High quality. Okay. What do you think? Please? Gallery of characters and post them here in the Q and a section to see a result. You you have a lot of fun. That's all for this lecture, guys. Bye bye. 16. Cute Stickman Design: probably a lot of you are impressed by this type of drawings, and I get they look so cool and fancy professional drawings for games and movies. But very Porton Mark don't get Up called in that illusion that you have to be the ultimate master and always have to create this type of drawings to impress people. Absolutely not. Well, if you can paint like this, it's amazing, of course, but this time off painting is for specific types of projects. I will give you example why you can impress people with just a stick man. Look at this YouTube channel minute physics. It has millions of views and subscribers, and the guy is only drawing a simple three figures. He have a lot of success because the physics is very hard subject to learn, but with the help of simple drawings, it gets a lot easier toe understand. Another example is this other YouTube channel, Minute Earth is the same. They explained complicated topics with simple drawings, and people love it because they make it so easy to understand. Also here, this guy around a Monroe wrote this book Think Explainer, where he is explaining complicated stuff in simple worlds with help off stick figures. I really story. Well, you can see these guys are amazing. They're making a lot of money and they're drawing stick figures. Not a big deal. Now, in this lecture, I want to show you how to draw a stick. Man, that looks cute. Let's see what's Donata me off the stick, man. The head is only a circle, and it takes two groups the rest of the body. We'll have to place it also into two groups here. So the overall structure is 50% for the head and 50% for the rest of the body. All right, now the torso make a small torso. Something like a health coop. Remember the good proportions from the periods Lectures, right? Not legs. With Lito kerf like this, the arms are starting from the head and their long all the way down, passing the first group with little. So that's it. You can see how much better it looks. This statement from that one that most people are drawing the most people can draw proper stigmas. That's a fact. So now practice some fight poses to become better. I'm sure that the skills will translate into your future. More complicated drawings. I will draw some stick figures now CIA 17. Thank You!: Hey, thank you so much for completing this. Plus, I'm so happy to see you here. I hope now you feel more confident in your drawing skills. You see that drawing is not some magic talent that you're born with. Of course, some people learn faster than others. But my point is that if you sit down and practice, you can learn everything. And by the way, if you want now to learn how to any mate dispute characters jump right in my after effects animation course where were great simple walk cycle. Thank you very much and have a beautiful day.