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How To Draw Creative People: Art With Your Kids

teacher avatar Margaret Joyner, Making Life Simple & Fun

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Creative People Intro HD 720p

    • 2. Creative People Girl Face HD 720p

    • 3. Creative People Tall Man Face HD 720p

    • 4. Creative People Woman Face HD 720p

    • 5. Creative People Small Man Face HD 720p

    • 6. Creative People Girl Body HD 720p

    • 7. Creative People Tall Man Body HD 720p

    • 8. Creative People Woman Body HD 720p

    • 9. Creative People Small Man Body HD 720p

    • 10. Creative People Outro HD 720p

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About This Class

Welcome to How To Draw Creative People.

This class is part of our Creative Corner section where my family and I bring you lots of fun and creativity that we enjoy in our life.

In this class we will be showing you how to create fun characters. We will give those characters bodies and clothes. To wrap it up, we will outline and color our pictures to bring them to life. 

This class is suited for older children. This class shows you how drawing doesn't have to be scary or involved. It can be fun, simple, and something that the whole family can enjoy.

We hope you follow along with us and post your drawings (parents and kids) in the projects section so we can celebrate and enjoy all the creativity your whole family has to offer.

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Margaret Joyner

Making Life Simple & Fun


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1. Creative People Intro HD 720p: Hi friends. Welcome to our new Skillshare class. Today it's all about drawing creative people. We loved drawing and being creative. And today we're going to be cheering for different characters with you. We're going to start with their faces. Show you how to create a body, Add cloze, outline, color it in for some really fine characters. They will need a pencil, hate birth, a marker that outline, and some indie colorway. So a lot of our expressions, barristers today are actually inspired by some of the expressions that we use in our class, fun with faces. You haven't seen that way and make sure you check it out so you can be inspired by some of the faces that we created in that class. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more creative fun and adventure. All right, you already have some fun characters yet. Let's do it. 2. Creative People Girl Face HD 720p: We're first going to start with four different faces. Now we're going to have one phase per paper. So make sure you have four sheets of paper or two if you aren't drawn the back. And let's get started with our first face. So we're going to come back later and draw body. So we're going to draw the head towards the top part of our paper, and we're just going to start with a circle. Now, these are going to be really fine characters, so they don't need to be perfect. Things are a little lopsided. It's just going to add some fine to your character. And now let's add some eyes to our character. We're gonna do two circles in the middle of the face. And then we're going to draw the inside of the eyes. Another circle colored in. I'm going to draw them kind of towards the edge of the eye is kind of looking down to the side. Okay. All right. The nose is super simple. It's just a little upside down. U, little tiny rainbow. Right now it looks like a little frowny face. And for the mouth, we're going to just do a nice big U and then come straight across to connect good X on the inside of the mouth. He can do a little arc here for her little tunnel inside. And then when we go to colored and later we'll color all of this end, but makes sure we don't color this part in here. Okay, we're going to do the ears, which are going to be level with the nose. So just some little circles on the side here. And again, they don't need to be perfectly lined up because these are just fun little characters. Q. Okay, so now we're going to do the hair. We're going to give this little character some bangs. So let's start in the middle with one just coming down. And then we can just spread out some little wispy beings from their little girl. We're gonna give her some cute little pigtails. So one little piece of hair will come off the side. And you can have one that kinda comes up and meets right there. And then we'll do the same thing on the other side. We'll kinda have it come off from the top. And then from the ear we're gonna kinda come up and meet the other little spot. Okay? Now inside we're going to just draw some little lines I can a meet up at that point. So I'm gonna do these three other lines, one on either side and one in the middle. And the same thing on the other one. So one of the middle and then two more little lines to die. Now we'll do a little hair tie right here. So just like an oval or it's going to be tying her hair and then just have the little wispy pieces coming out. There's like her bangs. Exactly. Just like her veins. So just kind of out on the side, one in the middle and you can kind of fill in there. You can do on long or you can keep them really short for some short little pigtails. Okay, so last little detail is we're going to put some little freckles over her nose and on her cheeks. And this is just really cute and fun. So our first space is done with the pencil. Now what we're gonna do is we're going to grab our marker to outline. We really like to use these felt tip markers to outline. And then we have just sunblock erasers where we're going to erase all of our pencil lines of hey, so now we're gonna do is just go over all of our pencil lines. So remember it doesn't need to be perfect. These are fine little cartoon characters. Now when you get to the mouth, you might want to opt for a thicker marker to color in side of the mouth because that's kinda of a lot to color. And so I'm going to trace that little tongue there. And then I'm actually going to use this marker to color the rest of the mouth N, O. And you can also do little lines the ears just for the inside. Q trees her go here. And when you get to the eyes, make sure that you color the inside of her eyes all the way in black. For the hair. I'm going to outline the little hair tied first because I don't want these little pencil lines that are inside of there. We can color it in later, but I'm going to do that first. So that way I can just draw the hair on the outside of the ambient term grew rains. Okay, next we're going to take our block eraser and just erase all of our pencil lines. Okay, so there's our first space. Now we're just going to put this one aside and work on our other faces, but keep it close by because we're going to add a body to this one in just a moment. 3. Creative People Tall Man Face HD 720p: Let's move on to our next character. So just like the other character, instead of starting in the middle at start up towards the top of our paper because we're going to end up creating a body. And instead of a circle like we did with the other one, we're going to do a long oval, kind of a long thin oval. And again, it doesn't need to be perfect because these are fun little characters. So for the eyes are going to put them right in the middle but just not touching. And then instead of little dots inside the eyes are going to do these little curves. For the nose. We're gonna do a very long oval, knows, just like his face. Okay, now we're going to do a very big smile and kinda closer up towards his nose versus down towards the bottom of his face. Now we're going to connect the eyes for sunglasses and have some lines coming out here to the side. Palettes and little curves for the ears. And then up here on his head, we're going to do come on the side of his head, a line that comes right across and give him a little hat. And then a little curve here for the hat. And then some little hairs sticking right out from his head. Some can be long, some can be short and understood and little zigzag lines. Okay. Now in a slop on our tonsils for our felt-tip pen. And then we're just going to outline all of our pencil marks. We are family. All right, Now we're going to grab our block resumes and erase all of our pencil lines here. In our second little man is all done. When I move on to our next one. 4. Creative People Woman Face HD 720p: All right, So now it's time for another character. This is going to be a really cool lady. Instead of a long oval like last one and a little circle, it's going to be somewhere in between. So an oval face but not as long as last one. And again, we're not going to go in the middle, but kind of more towards the top of our paper, but not too high so we can fit the hair. So let's add some oval eyes. And these are gonna be kinda towards the outside of the phase. And instead of going straight across or any angle them just slightly. We're going to start from the inside and then just draw a line right through the middle of the eyes. And then we're going to do some little dots. One's kinda look up this way. And the other one is more towards the bottom part. Okay, we're an ad and nose with a line, kind of like a backwards L. And then for her mouth we're gonna do a little m. And can that come straight across here? And now it's going to make the bottom lip with a little line there. Okay, now it's time for the hair and this gal is gonna get some really fine hair. So you can kinda just start up top and do some little zigzags here. We're going to go all the way around. Oh, we forgot her ears. Just some little curves on the side for her ears. And I wind up with the top of her nose. We'll continue on around with her here. You can do them Sure. You could do long. And you feel like you've had enough. We're also going to do some bangs and these are gonna kinda go diagonal here, kind of to the side. You can have some that kinda come over her eye a little bit. Now it's time for the marker and we're going to trace over our pencil lines. All right, so now we're going to erase our pencil lines. Here's our third character onto our last one. 5. Creative People Small Man Face HD 720p: Now for our last character, this guy is going to be an angry guy. Yes. So same as before. Let's keep it towards the top of our page. And we're going to start with a curve and then come straight across with a line. So just d a curve here. And then straight across right here towards the top of your art. We're just going to draw a straight line across. These are his eyebrows. You can do a little line right above it, kind of make something even more mad? Yes. Furrowing his forehead. Now our new some curves right under here for his eyes. Need some space in the middle, first nose. And then we're going to draw the inside of the eyes up here towards the top, color men. And for the nose, we're gonna do a long rectangle. And off to the side or we're just gonna do a little upside-down curve for his mouth, some ears on the side, some little rectangles here. And then we're going to give him some dots around his face for a little double. And then we're gonna do some little wispy hairs on either side of his head ordinarily the center with no hair is like a scientist, hills it a scientist but it is experiment went wrong. All right, Now we're going to swap out for our marker and go ahead and try to trace those pencil lines. There are differences in response. Let's start with excess capacity to capture value. All right, You know the drill, grab your research log and races comes alliance. Ra. So there's our last character phase. So now it's time to go back and we are going to add some bodies to our characters. 6. Creative People Girl Body HD 720p: All right, so we're going to bring back our first little character and we're going to give her a body and some clothes. And we're going to color in and really bring her to life. Alright, so to get started, we are going to draw just a line for the body and to stick legs coming from the body. It's not going to be Rho long because she's a young girl, so she's not super tall and then to stick legs. Okay, so now we are going to add a rectangle for the upper body. Come across, oh, leave a little space for her neck. Yes. We don't wanna go all the way down to this intersecting point where the legs are. So right around where you think her belly button would be? Okay. So now we're going to draw an oval for the hips. And right from the top corner of the rectangle we're just going to draw some little stick arms. All right, so now for her hands, we're just going to draw some small ovals here with five fingers coming right out. And the same with the other one, small oval, a little thumb, stick it out to the side and then four fingers coming down. And then we're going to add feet to the bottoms of mystic legs, just little rectangles here. You can start with a rectangle and then make it a little longer on the bottom. And you can kind of curve it to meet there. So kinda of is the front part of the shoe. So for the other one is a little rectangle, make it a little longer, and then just curve it right down. Alright, so now we're going to draw that a little T-shirt and some pants. So we're going to come on the outside of her arm and draw a little diagonal line there. Just know we're a little short so you see you can come and attach it right to the side of her body or any of the same thing with the other side. So little diagonal line out. And you just connected right to her body there. And then we're going to draw some pants down here. So you can start on the outside of your characters hips. And you're going to come down to the top of the shoe and then on the other side of her leg, you're just going to outline, instead of using that little stick Lego, you're going to outline it and bring it up towards the middle. And we're going to do the same for the other leg. Now we're gonna go here to the arms and the hands and can't leave her with all stick arms. So we're going to outline her arms and her fingers. When we here to the hands and the fingers, we're going to use a little curved lines. So first you're just going to outline her arm and I'm going to stop when I get to the oval. Follow that shape of the oval. And I'm just going to outline each finger or with some curved lines around those lines that we drew for her fingers. When you get here for the thumb, you can follow that little curved line at another curve around her thumb and then backup on the other side of that original line for her arm. And we're going to be the same thing for the other side. Unit. Come down, stop when you get to the oval and follow that line around. And then just do little curves around her fingers. And the last thing we wanna do is make her have a little neck here. So just two straight lines on either side of that original one. And if you want, you can do a little curve here on her shirt. Okay, so now we're going to go over our pencil lines. Now, this, and it's a little bit more tricky than when we did that face because we have certain wines that we're not going to trace over. So for instance, when we're doing a shirt, we don't want to follow this middle line down. We want to go on the outside. First. We'll do her neck right here and around. So you don't want to follow this line here because that will get erased when we go through with our research and come around for the shirt. And you can actually trace this whole rectangle here. For the shirt sleeves, you're gonna go just on the outside. This little part here that we did not that inside lines and don't trace that line because that will get arrays. And then as you do the hands and the arms, you'd just going to trace over those curves and not the ovals. So not that middle part here, this comes straight on. And same thing for the other side. Now when you come down here for the pants, don't trace the oval. You're just going to trace this outside in the shoe. Income right across here with your pants and backup. You can go right across this little line and then back down to the other side. Okay, so now grab your eraser and then all those pencil lines that we didn't trace over, we're going to erase those. Okay. Now, our little character is done except what are we missing, Olivia? Yes. So grab something to color with. You can use markers, you can use color pencils, you can use crowns, paint, whatever you like. And also as you're going through it, your character, you can add little design. I think for this girl, I'm going to end up adding a little pocket. You can add little zigzags or polka dots. But let's start at her like holding something. Hello. And there is our first character. They're super cute. I love how they turned out and I love how they look very similar, but they're very, very different. I love mine simple when I came to the coloring. But as you can see, Olivia did some stripes. She did some little detail on the genes and on the shoes, which I think is super creative and fun. Now it's time to move on to our other guys and give them some bodies. 7. Creative People Tall Man Body HD 720p: Alright, so for this guy, because he's a really long face, we're gonna give him a very long body and long arms and legs. So you can play around with proportions when it comes to these guys. The other one had a little bit shorter body and legs. So this guy, we're going to play around with giving him a little bit longer. So we're going to start just like we did before. So we're going to start like we did before with our body line for the body. And then we're into some legs down here, the ovary to save some room for the shoes. Okay. Now we're gonna do a rectangle for the body and an oval for the hips. And because he is longer than this is going to be a much longer rectangle. And then an oval down here. Or is it moves. And then right up here at the top of your rectangle, we're going do some arms. So one arm for this guy have come down straight and the other arm, he's going to be putting it on his hip so you can come out at a diagonal and then connect it down here. Whereas hip is right. We're going to draw the hands, the fingers, the thumbs in the feet, just like we did before. So little ovals here. This guy, I'm going to give them a little bit more, longer ovals versus wider ones because he's so long and lean. And when you're doing the one on his hip, you can just do a little evil there too. Now, obviously you're not going to see the fingers on his on the hand on the hip. You might see a little fingers curled in the back. So you can kind of curl a little finger backwards like that. Just something outside. And then for the one over here, long, lengthy fingers for this guy and give him some shoes. So just like before we can do a little rectangle here. And if you make the bottom a little bit longer and you can occur down to meet the other line. Okay, So now for the close, for this one, I'm going to keep him in long sleeves. Select the other one we did the short sleeves. So I'm just going to outline the arm and actually come all the way down. Stop there at the oval and again, outline those fingers just like we did before. You can come on back up the side of his other arm here. Okay. And then we can do the other arm just the same. I'm keeping my line that I outline really close to the original because I want this guy to look like he's really tiny little arms. If you went wider than he would look like HD, bigger arms. His arm is all hands can it comes around here and then beca. Now for the pants, you're going to start on the outside of the hip here and just come straight on down to his foot. And same thing on the other side. Right on up the leg, back down the other one. Alright, so now we just grab our marker and we trace our pencil lines. So remember that we don't need to trace every single lines. So make sure you go slow and really make sure that you know which lines you need to trace. So for the arms, we go on the outside, don't trace that middle line. And same thing. You don't want to trace a circle here. That was just our guideline to help us with our hands and our fingers. So you want to trace the little curves for the fingers. But we don't need to trace the circle. Back on up. Come on down. Now when you get here to the hand that's on his head, you don't want to draw a line through that because his hand is on top of his head. So we stop there and you can draw around there. And then I did a little finger like a curve of the finger behind there and come on up come on up the arm. All right. And then come on down here for the pan. And make sure you don't, you don't want to trace this part here. You come across here. Alright, now grab your block racer, and let's erase those pencil lines. All right, these guys are so fine now it is time to color them in. So there is our second guy. How fun is us? I love that. All right, let's move on to number three. 8. Creative People Woman Body HD 720p: So for this one, so we did kind of shorter body for the little girl. We didn't really long body for the man and she's going to have somewhere in between. So a longer torso and legs in the first but a little bit shorter than the first one. And after you draw your lines for the body and the legs, then go ahead and do a rectangle for the body. And this time we're going to save a little bit of space between the head and the body. And you can do an oval for the head. So for her, ours, we're going to come off of the shoulders here and we're going to do her, both of her arms are on her hips. We're going to do the hands and the feet. But because these hands are on her hips, you really just need to do some little rectangles here. And her feet. Now, let's give this girl some little heels. So what we're gonna do first is come down for the heel. And you can kinda come up. And then we're going to do like a little slanted line and make sure this one ends level with the heel. Come straight across up for the toe a little bit, and then back up to meet the top. There we go. We're p on the other side. All right, so we're gonna come down and the heel diagonal line down, come straight across and make sure that part is leveled about with the heel. Come up for the toe, and then back up to the leg and you're going to come right across there. When we are doing her clothes, I'm gonna give this girl some boots. So we're actually gonna come up a little bit higher with the issues and we do the legs. But for now, this will work for this girl. I'm going to do sleeves. So we're just going to trace right around her arm. Stopping when we get to the little rectangles that we drew or her hand can extend it out a little bit more here. So he's extended SSL, come up. And then about halfway you turn it in. So that way it kinda looks like for little arm is her fingers are looked up in the back. So same thing over here. So you extend this line out here. The same thing with this other arm. And then after that we're going to trace around, outline the legs. And for this one, instead of coming all the way down and giving her pants, I'm actually going to give her a little skirt. So we do follow her hip line here. And then I'm just going to stop. I don't know right around where her knees would be and just come straight across and give her a fun little skirt. Or it is going to come up all the way up on both sides. And then when I color this, this line here with when we trace it, this is going to be the same color. It's going to have our boots stop right about there. You can haven't go all the way up or it's a little bit or you can just leave them down here by her ankle. And then we want to give her a neck. You can do a smaller net will give you a really wide and I'm going to give her a little bit more of a narrow neck. And like we did in the first one, you can have maybe instead of a curve shirt coming down, you can do a little vignette. Excellent. All right, now grab your marker and let's outline. All right, so if we start with her neck here, you don't want to trace this line in there, right. Because her neck line comes right down there. Trace the outline of her shirt. All right. Let me come right out here and just follow your pencil lines on around. Now when you're doing the inside of her arm here, we don't need to draw this line here. So let's come up. And then come right back down the body here. And we'll trace her little hand here. And the number because our hand is on our head, is going to be on the outside of that line there. So we don't need to draw this inside line of her fist. Come right across here. Okay. And then when we do her shirt and I come in and I'm just going to connect it right to her skirt and come on down here. Right across for waste, which are Sure. So for her skirt, we need come right on across here. And you can leave it like that or you can also give her some little file's. Okay, we're gonna continue down here with her boots. We want to just extend this line on down. Trace for snazzy little boots. And this is where her foods will end. There. Come on up there. This lady is really snazzy, ready to color. Somebody's, I'm stars on her shirt. So I'm drawing the sars first with a pencil. I'm going over the outside edge of the star with my pen and then I'll come back with the eraser and erase. And now it's time to erase our pencil lines. So there are males. They are so cool. I love it. All right, we've got one more left. Are angry guy. 9. Creative People Small Man Body HD 720p: Alright, so one more guy. So I'm going to play again with dimensions of the body. So this guy, we're going to do him really short and squat. So his body is not going to be too big, too long. And it's going to just have some short little legs. And then remember, we'll start with the rectangle for the body, an oval for the hips. Now this kind of not really going to give him a neck. His neck is just gonna go right into his body. So I'm going to start the rectangle out here at the edge of his face. And we'll come on down. And then his oval out here towards the hips. Arms are going to come at this little point and I'm just going to have him come straight down little circles or the hands. Don't forget the fingers. All five of them was gonna give him some oval shoes. And now we're just going to outline the arms and the legs and give him some pants. So remember to stop the circle and then outline his fingers and outline that arm up supersedes. And then for the pans, he's going to have some pretty wide hips that come on down here to his little shoes on back up. Just like them. So now grab your marker and let's outline. So we're going to come on around here, tracing these fingers and on up the arm. When I have this line connect on down and across his belly, like tracing the other hand and arm. And then just outline the pan, the shoes. So grab your eraser and erase the pencil lines. And then let's call our Amen. Okay. Alright, so there you have it are angry guys. 10. Creative People Outro HD 720p: All right. So, uh, how much fun was that? A lot of time with us at I've been I love how different our characters were even though they were very similar to. So which one was your favorite? I find this a little girl. She's really cute. I love the little hair and freckles. I actually really like the potato bag. Now, don't forget to give all of your characters names. Please draw them and post them in the project section, we would love to see your fun characters and let us know their names. Also, don't forget the sign and work in data because it's really important you want to remember when you created your artwork. And you always wanna make sure that you had earning either flat or bats. I right. Well, thank you so much You guys. We had so much fun drawing with you today. Be sure to check out our other videos on drawing and we'll see you next time.