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How To Draw Breasts Easily - Human Anatomy Simplified!

teacher avatar Patricia Caldeira, Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Finding References!

    • 3. Drawing Breasts From The Front

    • 4. Drawing Breasts From The Side

    • 5. Different Breast Sizes! - Front

    • 6. Different Breast Sizes! - Side

    • 7. Drawing Breasts In Clothing

    • 8. Practice Time

    • 9. Conclusion + Speed Paint!

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About This Class


Do you want to be able to draw beautiful breasts and anatomy on female characters? 

Then this is the class for you.

In this class, you’ll learn how you can draw beautiful breasts for your characters and figure drawing.

This is an essential skill if you want to ever draw female characters!

With this Class you’ll learn to:

  • Draw Breasts from multiple angles
  • Draw different Breast sizes
  • Understand how the breasts behave in different clothing
  • And more!


Either if you’re just starting out doing anatomy drawing, or you just want to improve and practice drawing female characters, this class will help you!

And of course, there will be a helpful Assignment at the end, so that you can practice your new skills right away.

So let's do this!

Join now and I’ll see you in Class!

- Patricia

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer


Patricia Caldeira is a Freelancer Artist working in Illustration, Design and similar Artwork.

She graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia and soon after started working on her own independent company "Don Corgi", doing work for several Streamers, Game Developers, Youtubers and even selling Cards and Social Media Icons at her Etsy Store.

You can find more about her and her work at Don Corgi's Portfolio Website.


In the recent past She has:

- Co-Founded the Don Corgi Art Group;
- Collaborated with Programmers, Game Designers, Musicians, Youtubers, Twitchers and more!
- Taught over 14.000 people on different platforms;

Join her Class on Character Design, Gesture Drawing!


&n... See full profile

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1. Intro: if you're having trouble with female anatomy, are just would like to learn how to create more realistic and beautiful breasts than this is the class for you. I'm but physical that an illustrator and online our teacher that loves to draw characters in different art styles. In this class, you learn how to drop breasts in a very easy to follow, step by step process will cover the measure, shapes and ways to draw the breast in both the front and side view, and then go over other important things that you should know, like the different breast sizes and how they behave with gravity, as well as drawing breast in different clothing. Not only that, but you have access to all the files that are using the class so that you can download them and follow along with me. At the end of this class, you'll be able to draw breasts in any position that you want in a very easy way. As always, there will also be an assignment, a tiene to help you put your skills to use right away, so I ready to start trying better anatomy. I'll see you in the next video 2. Finding References!: Hello and welcome. So before we start trying, I just wanted to give you some references so you can use in your own practice right away. So I'm going to be using these drawings as guidelines and the reference draw our breasts. So I'm going to give you this if you want to use them. Or if not, you can draw your own. So, as you can see, you have both shapes and the torso right here. You can also just use the ship's if you want to learn them and practice first or just a torso. So these are the references that you can use and that I'll be using in the class. So feel free to download them and draw on top off them as you see the videos. Other than this, if you want to practice separately and just two quick sketches off breasts, as always, I recommend going Teoh, just drawing websites like sketch daily or line of action. Both of these are very good. They will be just showing pictures after 30 60 seconds. However you prefer, it will change the picture and you can just focus on the torso and the breasts, and you can practice here. So if you want to do some independent sketches and seve many types of poses, these are a good place to go. Are you can use this as well? I recommend using this as you watch the video. So it is easier for you to understand the shapes and how to drop us. And then later on, if you want to practice and get better at them, use those websites to do some gesture drawing. So this is it for now. Let's go to the next video where we're going to start drawing our breasts, CIA. 3. Drawing Breasts From The Front: Hello and welcome back. Now we're going to start to draw breasts and we're going to be drawing them in front and side view. I think that if you learn the basics in these two positions, you can draw them in any kind of position. Important here is the shapes that you needs and the basics and, of course, the position off the breasts. When you know these things, you can draw them in any position. So we have here both off this size. I'm going toe hide the side one for now. As I said, you have both the shapes and the torso for you to use if you want. If you prefer toe, practice your drawings on tortuous First, you can first use just the shapes and draw your own torsos, if not feel free to use the image that I gave you and do just like I'm going to do right now. So I'm going to add some conspiracy to our main drawing so that we can see better. What will be drying on top a new layer on top. Now my pencil brush that I use for the shapes and sketches and now the first thing we're going to figure out is where are our breasts? So first, I'm going to draw here the shape So this shape means debt. Here, there's nothing it. So here it is, plain chests, Nothing happening right now in this area. Then we have here this center line and now we can come down from here and we can draw sinkers. So this is basically the position of arrests. Off course. It can be bigger or smaller and their position is the same. The only thing that differs from here is how big will be so they can go a bit lower if the breasts are bigger. So they hang right because of gravity. The breasts go down that don't always stay perky and going up. Unless you're drawing breasts with implants. If they have implants, that happens. If not, if their natural, they will usually hang. So this is our shapes. Another way to go about it is you can, for me doesn't work very well. But it is also a way to go about it. So again into in this area it is straight. We dont have any cars happening yet and then you can actually draw almost like a heart shape going from the color bone and closing right there. So this is also a non option for me. It doesn't work as almost all because we might forget about these parts that it's supposed to go straight in the breast. Onley starts curving around this area here so it can lead to some mistakes. But if it works for you and if it is right, then it's perfectly fine. Usually I go with this one also something to pay attention Here. You see that There's discourage here and it matches to our circle right here. So this is another guideline for you when drawing the breasts is that the further go is upto our circle right here. All right, so we have our shapes. Now it is time to draw a sketch of her breasts. So I'm going to use a dark. It's on. Um, you lay it on top and now we can draw our breasts. So as you can see our drew well, medium breast size. Let's say they're not too big, but they're not the smallest. You can go either. So this is it. Now when you're drawing the breast without clothes, pay attention that we have this area, that there's nothing so no lines here. They are not to join together. They're actually quite separated in apart. So pay attention to that. And last year, trying with clothes which we'll see later on the breasts, one shine in the middle. All right, so this is it. We have our sketch now. Something we are missing is the nipples. So how to find the position over enables? So usually what I do is create director, not a rectangle. I'm sorry, a triangle going from here, the color bone and going down. You can even draw the movement since thesis curved rights. And there's some volume. So one line coming here and the other one this side. So it is important you can draw straight lines, but especially at the beginning, it's important to follow the movement and the shape off the body and the torso and breast because it can help you give that depth and ideal volume in your drawings. And then we have a straight line going from one side to the other. And here we have the position off our nipples. So they have here here, and then this shapes right here Now. This, of course, can have different sizes and even shapes. Usually when drunk, smaller breasts, they will be smaller. With a bigger breasts. They are bigger. This is the usual way to go about it. But of course it can be very different from breast to breast. So it's something that you can explore and experiment and see how it looks better when doing your own drawings. Now we are done here, and it's time to go for our final lines. So let's do that. So I'm going to change here, brush for my lines, and I'm going to draw on top off the lines that we already did. So remember, hold the shape that we just did we have here. These are the kind of more perky breasts, so they're not very big and they don't hang a lot. But we will see different sizes on another video, so you'll get to explore. That's a bit more So this is it. Very simple. As you can see, I'm going to just raise this'll here. I'm going to erase the lines that overlap. There we go and I'm going to. So as you can see, this is very simple and not very complicated again, if you're using shapes, if you learn your main shapes, you'll see that drawing anything becomes much easier. And another thing that I wanted to talk about. Nipples. As you can see, there are many different ways to draw nipples. Every artist goes with different ways to do it, but here the nipple is you can see. I did kind of a curved line because again there's some volume there, so it is important to give that idea of volume and form when drawing the breasts and the nipples. So it is done. Now, if you want to, can give some color. So a new layer here going to hide here are shapes, and now we can choose here the skin tone and with the help of my pent buckets. As you can see, it makes much easier to add caller. And now, then maybe a rose. Your tone for the nipples here, and it is done now. You can also add a pit of shading. Very simple. It scoops things simple. Now I added a new layer on top off the colored one, and I put it into multiply modes with some conspiracy. So what this does is that I'm going to pick your the color that I used the the main tone that I use and now, as you can see, to argue a darker tone in multiply moat. So this I really like to use this one to make my shading, So it's a way that you can use if you want. Now, here we have under needs or breasts. There's some shades happening. So again, this is something to notes and paying attention to. And drawing breasts is that you always have some shading underneath them, so I'm going to keep it very simple like this. So this is it for the front one, and now we're going to draw our breasts, but from the side position. 4. Drawing Breasts From The Side: All right. Welcome back. Now we draw breasts in front position. So now we're going to draw them from the site. So again, I have here my torso, and we're going to start with shapes. So I'm going toe adhere a bit after experiences so you can see everything better. My pencil, a red tone. And now we are ready for shapes. So again, we have here that area where it's straight So nothing happens in here. It is a straight line, and then it can come from here. We have our breasts in this area. So this are our ships. This is how I usually go about it. Very simple. So we are basically ready to do our sketch show a new layer, a darker tone here and now. So, as I said here you destroyed. And then there's a curve and we have our wrists again. This out medium sized breasts. Let's say no for the nipple on it. So we raise here of bids so we can do our nipples. So here, Like I said, the nipples have some volume. Right? So we need to give that idea. You're not trying from the site right away and then again here. Actually, let's make it a bit. Okay, So a smaller curve, nothing much. You don't need to exaggerate unless you're going for the off course. But all right, so this is it for our breasts. Off course. You can see only one off them, so in the way, it can be easier. So I don't really need to worry about symmetry. Although you don't need to draw the breasts perfectly symmetric. The human body isn't symmetric, so don't worry too much about it. Try to go as close as possible, but don't need to worry about it being perfect. So now we can draw our final lines. So here we are, basically just repainting the lines we did while sketching. But the queen, that version. Very simple and easy. So now again, I'm going to erase here. The Lancet overlap. There we go. Put it at 100%. And we have here our breasts again. We can add some color, pick up the color that we had before. There we go. Now again, I'm going to use the paint buckets and here we go very fast. We can have our drawing fully painted. This is the way I go when I need to add color or the base tones to my drawings. It makes it much quicker. But if you're not used to your to your drawing talent, yids or if it just prefer to paint normally, it's totally fine. This is just a quicker way to go about it. But everyone has their own way to work. So do how you feel more comfortable with. So we have here some shadows happening right here and here a bit a swell again. I'm going to keep everything but simple. So here we go. We are done with our front and side of you. As you can see with simple shapes, it can be very easy to do so. We already have the basics. So now follow me to the next video, where we're going to practice different sizes off breasts. So I'll see you there 5. Different Breast Sizes! - Front: Hello. Hello and welcome back. Here we are. We learned our main shapes to draw breasts. So now we're going to practice different sizes. So let's do this. We're going to start with the front again, going to give you a bit of conspiracy, A new layer on top that we go. And now we can start. We're going to go from smaller to bigger. So again we have that shape right here. Right? That's still here. Are middle with me. Show here the shape So we know where the cover of the breasts are. And now, so sixties are small, they don't go out as much. So that mirror is here. Bids. There we go. So smaller breasts are very common and especially for drawing Ah, younger, uh, character. This is basically how you would go about it. And the first thing you need to know is that when trying small presses that they are perkier. So they stand up a bit more, maybe even the beach point here. And if you're even drawing someone younger, probably here in the torso, you'd have less curves as well. So if you want that, it's something you could also do. But there we go. So they must lister inside the lines. They don't go outside off the stores aligns that we have here. We have our shapes and we're going to draw a sketch now so we can understand better how to go about it. You can even make them going every point in not a lot, since this is from the front and they don't curve as much to the inside because very small . So there's not a lot of volume basically. So there we go enough for in Naples again, our triangle. Don't worry about repeating a once a lot. It's quite normal. Also, this is the sketch face. So do not worry a lot about how your minds look right now. So we have them here again. This tend to be very small nipples, also almost like a perfect circle, since there's not a lot of farm, so the circle won't be stretched nor won't take a lot of volume. So very simple. So now we can draw final lines, So I'm going to pick here my pen brush again. I always recommend this, but if you're doing digital and even if you're doing um traditionally so, if you're using pencils and pens and a sketchbook. Feel free to experiment with different tools, especially in the sketch foods, because you never know when you're going to find something new that you actually like a lot to work with. So it's always important to experiment, especially at the beginning. There we go. I was. You can see I draw these circles very lightly. They are not very noticeable, so I like to to keep them that way. So now I'm going. As I said, if you're drawing a younger character in younger girl and the breasts are smaller, but the torso is also a bit smaller and Tyner a lot of times, especially for drawing someone younger so we can try and change your torso little bits to give that idea. So I'm going to erase here the lines that overlap a little. So there we go, very small in perky breasts. So now we're going to do. I'm not going to be coloring these ones here, but feel free to do so. I want you to learn the shapes and the volume. So not not going to focus on coloring here. So we have Here are small breasts and now we're going to draw something more of a medium size and see how they will behave. And how different will they be from a smaller size? So there we go. We have this shape. So now we're going to draw them that beat bigger. So as you can see, it's the same shape. We just make it bigger, going a bit out off the torso right here. And since this is still kind of a medium saris, they won't hang. So this already a bit of thinking thing. They are not as perky as before, but they're still a bit of roundness here happening. So the curve goes a bit more to the middle. Still, there's this separation here. Pay attention to that. They don't trying together in the military, or I mean, they will go something like this. But they don't go like this. There's a separation between the breast, so pay attention to that. So if you want, you can even do something like this. I prefer to leave them like this. And now the nipples I noticed at the bottom of our triangle is usually this guideline that we have here. So we have here our nipples now. Like I said, this time, since they are bigger, we have them a bit stretched and they look a bit bigger as well. Remember that women are different. Our bodies are difference. Women and men for all matters. Um so the nipples will also look differently from person to person. So do explore with that but usually bigger breasts. They have bigger Naples. So as you can see, we still have quite some wrongness happening right here. But the breasts are not perfect circles. They have form and shape. And like I said when drawing them without quotes, that gravity is happening right here. So they are usually going towards the floor. And there we go. We have meeting breath. So as you can see, there's all right, there's some difference here and now we're going to draw are less size. So we're going for something bigger this time now. Like I said, the bigger you go, the more deal hang, so they will start going towards the floor. So this way. And, of course, like I said before, especially if you're drawing them without coats because closing will give some support. Right? But if you're not trying them with clothes. There's no support for them. So there we go on. Of course, I'm not exaggerating a lot the sizes here, but you can exaggerate these even more. There are many styles that you can go with, and they can be very different accordingly. But as you can see, bigger breasts will even go a bit farther out off this lines. Here they'll go even more than the ones before, and they will hang and go down, especially if there's no support. So now, for the nipples will follow here. The movements positioning the nipples is also all about experience in experimenting because it's not a rule that will always be the same. So you have to figure out the movements and try out different ways. So you're used to do it and see what looks right. So now we're going to draw fun wines, something Teoh to think about this. When you're drawing, for example, older women, the breasts will usually sag even more, and here it will create even some loose skin. So as we get older, our skin gets looser with time. So that's something Teoh Bay intention to when drawing with this tree sizes. You can have an idea on how breasts behave and again. Usually the rule is the bigger your doing them. They will hang more. They will sag a bit because off the the weight off course. So if you're not drying clothes, this is something toe always having account. Otherwise, if there's some sport off course, they will behave differently, which will be seeing a bit later on. So we did our rests in a frontal view, and next we're going to draw them on our side view, so I'll see you there. 6. Different Breast Sizes! - Side: All right, Welcome back again. We have here our torsos, this time from the side. And now we're going to go about the same process that we did before, but on the side view. So again, we're going to start with smaller breasts and we're going to have the same kind off shape that we did before. There we go. And then with smaller wrists again. Like I said, they are very perky. So we have something like this. So going even a bit pointy, but small, right or small? These are our shapes here. And now we can draw our skitch. So as you can see, very simple. The same kind of shapes that we did when drawing or when learning the basic self drying breasts. And now I just need to draw our breasts here. So there we go. This is very simple. Can even start here, beats earlier or card here. All right, so it follows the shape in the movement. So now we can throw our final lines again. I'm not going to be coloring this, but feel free to do so. Especially if it's coloring is something that you like to do. Feel free to to color your drawings. So again, when a drawing women with smaller breasts usually they also don't have a lot off curves in the rest of their body. So maybe when drawing the torso they'll have less curves. Discovers won't be as essential waited. So this is something to take in account when drawing your characters and when choosing the type of body that your character has. So now we're going to go for the next one. So a medium sized let's say my best sel and my reds and now we can trump shapes this always . So here we have a bit off a curve happening already, so always remember to pay attention to the flow they are not. It's not a perfect circle. There's some flowing shape here. Do Hank. They go his direction all right, always paying attention to that. Otherwise they would just look artificial and not very not natural. All right, so now again, draw here our breasts again. This is a medium size, so they're still some perkiness happening here, so they won't hang as much. So something like this I think it's good. All right, so now we can draw our final lines There we go. As you can see, they're still quite round, but not as perky as the first ones that we did again from the side will just be trying, one pressed, because we can always see only see one off them. So now let's go for a bigger size. So this is all a matter off repetition, really. So if you want to practice trying breasts just to like this, draw a torso from the front or decide or in whatever position you want to practice in and repeat those sources a lot of times until maybe you have a page full of sources and just practice on those practice. Different sizes and learn how the breast will behave depending on their size is so just Philip obeyed. Full off this and you'll see that with with those practice, and that's that repetition. You'll get better and better, and you'll understand better how breasts behave. So again we're going toe. Draw something bigger then before, so something like this, as you kids can see, it's not That's rawness here, So here we have, quite we have a curve, like is right, but this time we go this way so the curve is not essential. Waited. Of course, I'm kind of even exaggerating this one. The bits. If you're not going with a realistic style, try to exaggerate your shapes and your lines. It is a good way to draw expressive cartons. So again, as you can see, the bigger the breasts, the more they'll hang. They will start saying, Going to be race here, this lines again. Of course, you can draw still them a bit rounder than I did here, but this is the idea again. The bigger you go, they will start to sag a bit, so pay attention to that's an experiment. The most important thing is to experiment fund references and learn from them as well and practice a lot. That's always a secret practice, practice practice, and you'll see that with repetition. It's trying will be better than the one before. So this is it for now. Follow me to the next future, where we're going to see a little bit about breasts, but with some clothing with some sport, so we'll see you there 7. Drawing Breasts In Clothing: Hello and welcome back. So we drew a lot of rest so far. So now this is going to be quite short because it's very simple, but I want to talk to you a little bit about breast and clothing and the cleavage. So I have here my references, my torsos, and now I'm going to draw a sketch. We're going to draw them in two different types of closing, so one off them is abroad. So first of all, we can just draw here our shapes that we learned already for our breasts. So it's something like this, right? This is what we did so far. Just so we have something to guide this. So breasts usually go something like this, right? I have this from this and the same on the other side. Of course, there are many styles off Broza rounds and you control any kind that you like, But usually it's something like this. So what happens when wearing abroad or drawing abroad, or even the bikini is that the breast will be close together so the piece of coursing will pick up the breast end, make them closer to each other. So what happens there is that we admit, Just going here. Okay, so the breaths go this toy, right? So they end up creating thes kinds off lines, right? Since they get closer. So something like this happens. So this is the time where that separation that we had before stop existing. And now we have these lines happening. So let's throw here or finalize. So we have here, bro. I'm drying it very simply. This is also a good time. If you want Teoh practice trying luxury or swimming suits, you can look for some references and try to draw them accordingly if you want. I'm going for something very simple. This is usually the shape that we have. So says nuts are focused here, so all right. So, like I said, we have our breasts coming here. This is how I would go about it. Remember to nothing saturates the lines. So as you can see, I made very light lines right there. So this is usually what we have when drawing the coursing. We ignored that blanks placed between the breasts that we held before that we've seen or other drawings. And this time the press joined together they come closer and creates those lights. And now for another example. So let's say you're drawing a sports bra. So let's see, let me first do here. All right? So sports bra, Right. So we have something like this, the main shape of our sports room, and I'm going to draw this sketch so we can understand better what happens. So usually a sports RL won't give as much support as a brothers. So that means that the cleavage is not as pronoun she a tid as we had in our other example . But still, we have, for example, here we have some folds happening because of the press. And then the sports bra is again that the fabric itself is close to the skin. Also here the fabric goes a bit out because of breasts, and then we have the rest of the fabric showing up Enough finally, again, we still have here some cleavage appearing mostly because since we have closing here, there's something supporting the breast. So again they come closer to each other. So this is usually how I go about it going to draw the final lines so so you can see better what happens. I usually like to go very loose with my folds and very messy as well. So don't be afraid to do that. I think it works very well with folds. And with closing. They are usually quite messy as well. So I think it makes them look more natural even. But this is it. This is usually how I go about it. The main thing you need to remember is that when we're in closing, the breasts are supported. They will also come closer together. So we start seeing some cleavage when we're not trying both thing, their states empty gap between the breasts with closing, they come together. So we have these lines. So we have the breast almost overlapping each other. So this is it. I hope you have fun. And I hope this was very helpful for you Actually had fun doing this for years. So we're not done yet. Follow me to the next video where we'll be talking about your assignment. So I'll see you there 8. Practice Time: Hello again. I hope you've enjoyed the view so far and learned a lot. It's practice time, so I have a quick assignment for you. We're going to practice drawing breasts off different sizes. I've victory different images for you to choose from. Pick one off them android. You can also draw all tree off them if you'd like to practice more. Also, if you prefer, you can even download the images to your computer and print them. All right. That's pretty much it. Remember to poster trying so I can check it out. I can't wait to see your project. And, as always, have fun. 9. Conclusion + Speed Paint!: well done. You finished the class. So what do you think? Did you learn a lot with this video lessons? I really hope so. And I hope to see your project in the project section. We're sure to post it so I can check it out and consider living a review so that I can keep producing more classes and keep updating them. Thanks again. And if you'd like to learn more about anatomy, drying animals, clothing and much more, be sure to shake my profile. I would love to see you in my other classes. All right, that's about it. So I'll see you soon, five.