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How To Design A Clover Ring in Autodesk Fusion 360

teacher avatar Dee Brown, Learn. Design. 3D Print.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Clover Ring Intro

    • 2. Clover Ring Step One

    • 3. Clover Ring Step Two

    • 4. Clover Ring Step Three

    • 5. Clover Ring Save & Export

    • 6. Clover Ring Conclusion

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About This Class


Have you ever wanted to learn how to design your own jewelry using CAD/CAM software? This is your opportunity to learn at your own pace. This is an INTERMEDIATE course. If you are new to Autodesk Fusion 360 please take one of my beginner courses first.

This class uses Autodesk Fusion 360. This CAD/CAM software is used by professionals but is FREE to students, educators, hobbyist and startups. If you are a hobbyist or startup you must make less than $100,000 a year to qualify for the FREE version of the software. Fusion 360 is cloud based.


In Step 1 within the Patch mode we create a curve patch that will serve as the guide for the shape of the clover.

In Step 2 we switch to Model mode and design the clover shape.

In Step 3 we create the ring band and join it to the clover shaped top of the ring.

Finally we save and export model as a .stl file for 3D printing.

After completing this class you will have a solid foundation for designing and modeling a ring using a the Patch mode.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dee Brown

Learn. Design. 3D Print.


I am an independent jewelry designer and freelance 3D modeler. I have turned my love of jewelry into a business of helping others learn how to make jewelry of their own. Whether you are new to jewelry making or a beader or a wire worker, the world of computer aided design can open up even more creative possibilities. Join me as we explore this three dimensional opportunity.

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1. Clover Ring Intro: Hello. This is D with bipedal studio. And today we're going to make a clover ring. This is an intermediate course. So if you're not familiar refusing 3 60 you might want to take a few of my beginner forces first. This course will be in three steps. Let's get started. 2. Clover Ring Step One: Step one. We're gonna use the patch tool to make the curve shape for the top of the ring is that one we're gonna work in the patchwork space and we're going to do here is create a curved surface that we can design the top of our ring on. We're gonna do that by going to sketch circle, centre diameter. We want to work on the front plane and I know that I want murdering to be a size eight a us size eight, which is 18.1 in diameter. But I only need half of this circle, so we're gonna get rid of the bottom half. We're gonna go to sketch line, we're gonna draw a line right through the middle. We're going to right click on the line, go to normal construction, and now we're gonna go to sketch trim and we're going to get rid of the bottom half. Now what I need to do is make this top half a three d. So we go to create extrude. I want to be on the front plane. We're gonna select this piece here. We're gonna change the direction to symmetric and the distance gonna be 15 operations new body say Okay, so this is what we have Now we have a curved piece that we can use to build the top of out decoration for the ring. And the ring top now will be curved just like this. Pieces. So that did. First up Oneness. We want to step two. 3. Clover Ring Step Two: Step two, we're going to design the clover on top of the curb patch. Do we just created in step two? We're going to work in the model mode, and we're gonna now design the clover on top of this curve shape the patch that we've created we're gonna go to sketch rectangle center rectangle we want to work on the top plane. And when I make a rectangle that IHS seven by seven millimeters Great. Now let's get rid of this cook on this and hit delete. Let's get rid of the Met measurements because we're gonna add some circles and it's gonna be too busy Now we're gonna go to sketch circle two point Circle first points in the middle , go out seven millimeters, second point stare. We're gonna do that again on each side. Okay, great. Now we're going to do is turn off the body. We would turn off the, uh, being able to see the patch, because what we want to do now is get rid of all these extra circle lines and square lines that we don't need. So we'll go sketch from. And what is gonna turn out the lines? We don't need leave the dotted line. Absolutely. Use that as a guide. In a few moments, it is term out the rest of the lines. Okay, Now we're gonna go to create actually gonna go to sketch offset, and we're gonna make each of these and negative 1.5 on each side. And now we're going to do is connect inside of the clovers. Gonna go used the line to you Just want to come straight to the middle there. Do that on each side. It's great. Okay, so now we're going to turn the body back one so we can see it and we're gonna rotate the view so that we have this type of you here. We can see the design and we're gonna go to create extrude. We're gonna highlight the design. I want this to say intersect. And they were gonna take the arrow and we're gonna draw this up through the patch. We'll see. OK. And now, as you can see, we now have a curved clover is going to be the top of our. As you can see, the top of the ring is pretty thin, so we need to fix that. So we're gonna go back into the patch mood we're going to create. Begin. We'll select the top. I want to say that we want this to thicken by 1.5, which is already there, So Ok, all right. Great. Now the top around rain is taking shape. Perfect. Now we can We're going to step three. 4. Clover Ring Step Three: Step three. Now we will create the Ring band In step three. We're gonna go back into the model mode. If you want to work on the front plane, we're gonna stop creating two circles to take the shape of our ring, and we're gonna use the center diameter circle. We're gonna work one the front plane and starting from the circle, the center of the circle here, we're gonna make this 1st 1 18 18.1. But that was decides about circle to begin, and they were going to make another circle center diameter circle starting from the middle again. We're gonna make this 1 21 just to clean things up a little bit. I'm gonna get rid of these measurement lines. I just hit the leak, and now we're gonna draw two lines. First line, go from the center, and we went this one the degrees to be 45. And on this side, we're gonna draw a second line. I mean, when this degrees to be 135. Okay, basically, I want the line to cut right beyond where the top of the the the design, the topic of running already exists So we made this side 45 degrees. The opposite mirror image in the size of 135. And how I know is because 1/2 of a circle was 1 80 45 minutes. Um, 180 equals 1 35 That's how I came up with the two measurements to make sure that Okay, so what we're gonna do now is we're going to go to sketch trim. I'm gonna get rid of the two tops of the circles. Okay? All we have to do now is turn this bottom part into a ring band so we don't go to create extrude. I'm gonna click on it. We're gonna change this to symmetric change this to join and this to one millimeter. And now you have a clover ring that is completely formed and should be a size us size eight . Now, however, we're not quite done. We want to, um, clean up the edges a little bit because they're gonna be too sharp. But I don't want to lose the point in this. So I morning onto do the ages just enough just so that it doesn't is that is comfortable to wear basically. Okay, So what? We need to get older. It is, too. Along the bottom and the top. So we're gonna go in and we're gonna go to modify Fill it. You're gonna start selecting pieces will turn blue. You gotta go through and do all the pieces. And I want to just make my arm just a little bit. Something's gonna do 0.2 just enough to round it out. So OK, and now you need to do down the insides as well. So gonna go to modify, fill it doing along these little edges here. And then I'm gonna do it along the bottom INGE's and just want to continue to do that around the rest of the ring. Okay? After you've gone in and fill it all of the ages, just double track and make sure you got them all. And once you've done that, all you have to do now is save and export. We'll do that next 5. Clover Ring Save & Export: all we have to do now is saved and sent. I'll fall off to be three d printed. Okay, now that we've created the clover, Ringwood is want to save it and then exported. So where to go to saying I'm going to save mine in my five pedal studio folder, and I'm gonna name it Clover Ring. Okay, now that it's saved the name of the file shows up here. So we're going to right click and go to save is an STL possessed the format we need in order to have a three d printed. You want to make sure that you refinement is always high If you have a three D printer at home, this is where you would use that, uh, service to send it off to your three D partner. But I'm gonna save mind to my desktop. So going to send the s t. O file off to a three d printing service now that during a safe, you can now send it off to be three d printed in any material that you desire and then wear it and show it off to your friends. Happy three D printing 6. Clover Ring Conclusion: congratulations In three easy steps You have just made a clover. Bring all you have to do Now it's sent it off to be printed in whatever material you like. Please share creations with me. I would love to see what you come up with and happy three D printing.