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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      How To Choose a Pineapple At the Store


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      Choosing the Perfect Knife For Pineapple


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      Cutting Your Pineapple


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      Action Steps


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About This Class

Want to learn how to cut a pineapple at home in an easy and efficient way?

TheĀ convenience of precut pineapple in the store is handy but you'll save loads when you learn how to do it yourself.

Plus, this technique can be used for many other fruits and vegetables.

Here's what you will learn in this short and sweet course:

* How to choose a perfectly ripe pineapple at the store to get your moneys worth

* The exact type of knife that will make slicing your pineapple a breeze

* How you can repurpose the core and why you want to for your health

* The different ways to chop your peeled pineapple plus the best way to grill it

I'm so excited to have you join me in the kitchen!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pam Chavez

Total Foodie & Certified Nutritionist

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: so cutting your own pineapple at home is really not a hard thing to do once you learn the steps. And then what's so great about it is that you can use it with so many other fruits and vegetables. So it's really just a great technique toe learn, and it's going to save you so much money because the pre cut pineapples at the grocery store are really expensive. Hi, I am Pam. I am a mom to three rowdy young boys, a military spouse, and I've been running my own business help on the home front for the last almost four years . So I am super excited to show you and have you in my kitchen to learn how to cut a pineapple. 2. How To Choose a Pineapple At the Store: so picking out a pineapple at the store here, I've got a couple of examples, and I'm going to show you exactly what you want to look for. Now you're gonna wanna look for a pineapple that feels firm to the touch. It should not be soft. You certainly shouldn't be seeing any fruit flies or anything like that flying around it. Hopefully because the more ripe it gets, the more super sweet it gets. And it just draws those little bugs that the story will see. So you wanted to the uniform and color and green. It should be green. The top should also be green, and when you pull the leaves, they should not come out. Now this is and and you're not pulling hard, so you're not destroying anything that's at the produce section. Here's an example of one that has sat on my counter a little bit too far. Unfortunately, I kind of forgot about it, and it really stinks when you do that. So when you push on it, it's it's really tender. It's kind of like a ripe avocado. You know it, you know when it's gone too far. This is firm to the touch. This is not squishy because it's a pineapple, but it is much more soft. Now watch this. My gosh. There you go. Barely touched that and that whole bit came out. So that is the difference when you're pulling just barely. I mean, you're not ripping them out, but a little bit. And these just really come right out. So that is a tell tale sign. Uniform color, nice green top and firm to the touch. 3. Choosing the Perfect Knife For Pineapple: now when it comes to the knife you want to use for pineapple, and this technique is great for watermelon and cantaloupe and Citrus fruits and all kinds of things. Butternut squash There's really so many ways you'll be able to apply this technique, which is what's so great about it. I love a serrated knife. Now that is gonna help with these thicker Rhines that you have like this. It's just gonna slice right through it really easily, because when it comes to a larger fruit, you don't want to struggle with a small steak knife. That's when the injuries happen, and I've had. This is like one of those made for TV. It's It's like it's a forever shark. That's funny. I actually got this when I moved in with my husband had this many, many years. That was, like, 15 years ago, so it has lasted forever. But any sort of serrated knife longer is key because it just helps. And then I'm about to touch on the cutting technique and the safety because we're gonna cut it in the next video 4. Cutting Your Pineapple: Alright, It's time to cut the pineapple. Yum. This is so good. Okay, so just leave intact like this. What we're gonna do, You don't even have to take that off. You're going to cut off the tough, and then when you look inside, you will see that it is all beautiful and yellow all around, and you'll also see that the core, that middle part right there is a little off center. But you don't have to worry. I'm gonna show you how to tackle the core in a bit. And also how you can reuse that core because it's super thick and dense. So you take off both. Great. This one is perfectly ripe. Both sides are yellow without any brown. Now, the reason we cut off the bottom like that, it gives us a very stable pineapple right now, when you have it with the bottom still attached. If you're trying to do this next step, see how it's like La Billy and it moves. That's dangerous. That's what we don't want to do. That's how accidents happen. So we cut the bottom off. It gives us a super flat, stable ground. And now what? We're gonna Dio is shaved down the sides and we want to go deep enough to where we're removing these pineapple eyes because those aren't fun to chew on and you don't want to have to go back through and remove all of those. But you don't wanna waste your beautiful pineapple either. So you really wanna watch you want to choose an area and then hold it so it is stable and then follow the pineapple down and you will see I removed it without losing too much pineapple. So there is just past the eyes. Now you can always go back, and there is a little bit of a learning curve with this so you can and you're just gonna circle right around. So in the beginning, you might go a little bit too shallow, you know, um and then you can just go back and just shave again. But it is easier if you go thick enough the first time. And so you're literally just shaving it down into the bottom. So it's a slight see, but if you just go straight down, you can then go back and shave around the top in the bottom. If you like. Like I said, there is a little bit of a learning curve. You always want to make sure you've got a good, stable hold and that your fingers are out of the way of the knife and go down. And I'm about to show you how we tackle the core. So move those out of the way. We have a beautifully cut pineapple, maybe one or two little random eyes and they're not bad. It is gorgeous. And now you're going to use that core as your guide right now because you will see me walk this up. How? Let's see. I hope you can see that because it's kind of bright. You see that the core of my pineapple is not in the center, but that core is in our guide. So I'm gonna cut a little bit off center on a shoot straight down that core being very mindful of your fingers and she straight down that poor again. So we have these beautiful four beautiful pieces Now, these air fabulous thrown on the grill like this as soon as we take. So now I want to show you these out of the way. You're gonna look at your core cause I went straight down the middle, so the core is pretty even on every single piece, and you're gonna come at a diagonal and cut that whore right out Perfect. Now you can chew on this. It's absolutely delicious. My favorite thing to do because I have a high speed blender. I have a vitamin X. I freeze them, I freeze the core, and I used these in smoothies. This core has the highest concentration of Brahma. Lean in it and so so good for you when it has amazing pineapple flavor. But you do have to have a high speed blender. You can hold it up and cut it down like this if you feel comfortable and safe and steady enough to tackle it that way. But I always save my core. Same with the cores. When you're going around the edges, you want to remove the core because it's really, really dense and you're not able to bite through it. But you don't want to waste your fruit, you know, which is another reason why I love repurpose ing the core, because then you know it's no big deal. If you've cut a little bit extra off. So these air fabulous pap, um, in a baggie tossem in your freezer and use these in your smoothies. So, so good for you. Now, at this point, you can take these just as it is. Maybe put a little brown sugar on them and tossed them on the grill. Delicious or you, There's a couple of ways you can cut it. Now you can either keep, um, giant chunks like this big, beautiful pieces. You can slice that in half. Go a little bit smaller with your chunks. You can see where a nice long knife is so good for this. You can cut it a few times down the middle. Do more of the bite size little pieces like this. My mouth is watering because this is such a perfectly ripe pineapple. Or like I said, you can just leave it like this and toss that on your grill. It's great cause it won't fall through its thick. It's dense. Um, so that's it. And you can use this for watermelon for cantaloupe, you know, you cut off the top, cut off the bottom, shave around the sides, cut it through the middle. Scoop that out And so then there you go. This is how to slice a kind apple. The best way. Now I want to see the in product of your pineapple that you So next up is your action steps . 5. Action Steps: Alright. Your turn. I want to see these amazing pineapples that you have sliced though the method, the style, what you're using I want to see what knife you chose to use. I want to see how you found yourself in the grocery store. Did it work out all? Was your pineapple beautifully ripened? Let me know. Down below. Share the pictures of your gorgeous amazing pineapple. I would love to see you enjoying it. And I hope that you learned something super beneficial that you can use time and time again . Thank you so much for joining me. I am going to do more of these. I would love to know what fruit or vegetable do you struggle with cutting? What do you need help with? Because I want to do that for you. So make sure that you follow me and check out to get the notifications when I have another class coming up. Thanks so much for being here. This is a lot of fun