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How To Create and Publish Your First Coloring Book

teacher avatar Katia Galante, Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Let's Plan the Book

    • 5. Thumbnail sketches

    • 6. The Thumbnail Template

    • 7. Time to Draw

    • 8. Vectirizing Your Drawings

    • 9. Layout for Printable Pages

    • 10. Layout for KDP Pubishing

    • 11. Make the Cover for Self Printing

    • 12. Make the Cover for KDP Publishing

    • 13. Uploading Your Book

    • 14. Bonus Lesson

    • 15. Final Toughts

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About This Class

Adult coloring books became increasingly popular a few years ago and they are still one of the top ways for people to relax. If you do just a quick search on Facebook, you will see so many groups devoted to this practice. So why not adding a few coloring books to your business?

In this class I’ll show you how to create a coloring book from planning, to producing the illustrations, to laying them out on pages that you can either sell as a digital download on sites such as Etsy, or upload on Kindle Direct Publishing.You can also have your pages printed professionally and sell hard copies of your book at fairs or markets.

I will also show you two different ways to create the book cover, one for a printed version of your book and one using the KDP template.

By the end of this class you will have acquired skills that can be applied not only to all your future coloring books projects but also to your other low content book projects.

This class is for beginners in the field of self-publishing, but a knowledge of editing/drawing software would be very helpful.

You will need:

If drawing the pages by hand:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ink pen
  • Scanner or iPad/iPhone to take picture (or you can use the app Scanner Pro)
  • Software to vectorize your drawings (I use Illustrator but you can use any software you feel comfortable using)

 If drawing digitally:

  • Drawing software
  • Optional
    • iPad + Procreate (or other drawing app) + pencil

NOTE: I will use InDesign to prepare the PDF document to upload on the KDP website, but you can use Microsoft Word and the free template from Amazon KDP. I explain how to use the template in my previous class: How To Self-Publish A Low Or No Content Book On Amazon KDP For Beginners

To download a manuscript template follow this link:

For the cover template follow this link:

Amazon KDP website:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katia Galante

Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator


Hello, I'm Katia, an artist, Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer and a free spirit! 

I was born in sunny Sicily and I grew up in my grandfather’s farm, surrounded by all sorts of animals and with a vast expanse of luscious fields as my playground. No wonder I love nature and all it’s creatures!

This love is reflected in my designs which often display floral themes, animals, and insects.

If you'd like to learn more about me or see more of my work or just would like to say hi the best place to find me is on my Facebook page or on Instagram or you can visit my website if you really want to know more about me :-)

I graduated in 2008 in Microbiology but my real passion, painting and being creative, kept coming back in waves until  I di... See full profile

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1. Class Introduction: adult coloring books have become more and more popular in the past few years, and it's still one of the top ways people like to use to relax. If you do just a quick search on Facebook, it we'll see there so many groups of people absolutely devoted to this practice. So why not adding coloring books to your business and portfolio? Hi, I'm Cardia. I'm an artist, illustrator and surface parking designer, and I'm originally from Sicily. But now I live in the UK, and I create all my work from this tiny little corner in my living room. In this class, I will show you out to create your very own coloring book or coloring pages from just planning the book of the pages to bring storming, to lay them out toe either sell them on etc. For example, or your own website, or for creating a book that you can actually upload on the Amazon KDP site and sell. That way, I will also show you out to set up your pages and save them so you can send them to ah, professional printer so you can have hard copies of your book and you can sell those either through again your website or maybe at markets and fairs. I will show you how to make the cover of your book. Both if you want to publish your book on the Amazon KDP side or if you want again to sail hard copies. So it's a slightly different process, similar in a way, but a little bit different. So we'll show you both ways, and there will be also a little bonus at the end as well for you. If you like to use your iPod on day up, locate by the end of this class you will have a quiet skills that you can actually use for all the quality books, but also for all the type of low content books as well. This class is ain't for beginners in publishing a coloring book, but you should have some knowledge off the softer that you want to use to digitize your during. So I'm going to use Adobe Illustrator. You can use any program you feel comfortable with on, but you need to know how to use it because I won't be explaining to you how to use Illustrator. I would show you step by step what I do. But it's also nice if you if you're not a complete beginner using these programs. If you like to do your during by hand, of course, you will need a pencil, some paper and razor, some ink pains and then a scanner to scan your work. But there is a section with all the materials that you will need for the class. And if you'd like to go digital, the way you off course, we need a new iPad and a nap that will allow you to draw, for example, procreate. All right, so I think we are ready to start, so let's get started. 2. Class Project: your class project, of course, is to create and publish your very own coloring book or even calorie pages. But whatever you do, I would like to see pictures of your progress off your thumbnail sketches off your final product, of course. So please don't be shy and shared in the project sections so we can all see it and cheer each other. 3. Materials: Hey, guys. So here are some of the supplies that you might want. I mean, you don't need to have. All of these have been nasser of collecting loads of different pens. And things have loads about materials, but these are several days that you might want to try out. So first of all, when you do your sketch, of course, you want to use some pencils so you can use something like this like a normal pencil. This is to be and just do your sketch on, uh, your flowers and things. Um, if you want to go use something a bit more technical. Know if you can see it. But this is a stetler Mars technical onda and these as, ah, inside the pencil that comes out. If you do have one of these, you will need the at your pencil sharpener. So you put you been some inside your chef in it, and you'll have a fine point after that because you need an eraser, Andi. Then you can also use one of these is ah, pilot rotering. Sorry, Andi, This is a 0.5. So you can use this one as well on then. You need to think your, um during. So I like to use either this pence here, the rotering ones. This is a 0.3. So this would give you this sort of from, uh, nine. And then this is a 0.5, so it should be a bit a thicker. It doesn't really look like it's thicker, but there we go. And then one of my favorite ones is the micro own pen. This is 10.1, so this is quite fine. Actually, you could buy different scientists. And there's also a new option for ah, brush pen, if you like toe work in thick and thin, and you like to do that type of work. And then there's the UNIP in pence. So I have here a selection off different sizes. There's a 0.3 point 5.4 input. Eight. So this is the tennis ones, and you can just barely see that. And then this 0.8, which is quite thick. And also there's a tumble brush paint as well. Well, it's sort of a brush pain, but you can have the thin and thick with this pain as well. Andi, Another option is, uh, this one year, which is, Ah, Pilot one, and I have a 10.1 point 5.3. So again you need to experiment. But the most important thing is the your line is consistent, and you then have very fine and very thick lines in the same during, because that might be a problem. When you ask cunning and victor rising, you're during and then foot paper. I usually use just copy paper, just type of paper to do my sketches and thinking very often actually used the iPod. But I would get to that in a minute so you can use any type off, um, smooth paper. This is a Bristol paper on. Then it's there is moved inside. You probably won't be able to tell in the camera, but it is really, really smooth. Or you can use a sketchbook with nice paper, and but it's important that is smooth paper. So it's better for scanning if you are scaring directly your designs. If you are using an iPod, which I do very often, you need, of course, the iPod and the the pain. So I have the upper pencil, but it doesn't have to be this. It can be any pencil that works with your iPod and the up procreate. And I do most of my during sexually in preparation. You will see this better later on. But I do. Um, this uh huh, with a appropriate because, um, it's it makes it much easier. The process off. Victor Rising. You designs. So I think this is all for materials on. Let's go to the next lesson. 4. Let's Plan the Book: Hey, guys, Before we do anything, we need to do some planning. I know you can wait to get started and get drawing, but this step is very important. So please don't rush it and don't skip it. It is important, believe me. I learned in the hard way when I started during for a 48 page coloring book, and I ran out of ideas at Page 12. So bear with me. So there's a few things you need to think about. First of all, decide on the number of pages and size of the book. I find that usually eight by 10 or 8.5 by 11 inches are quite popular sizes for coloring books and people like that sort of sites. You need to decide on a theme as well. So if you do a quick search, you see the majority of coloring books are deemed some of a more general theme and some of a more specific thing. But generally people that buy these books and that buying a book with the thing they're attracted to eso for something you can have Ah, humor themed book or friend, shape or nature family fantasy world. There's so many on the theme should be specific enough so people would find it. But don't make it to Nish, because then it might be it might become difficult to actually come up with enough pictures for it. Then you need to decide on a subject. Subjects are a little more specific and that they can be a particular location. A specific hobie or in occupation on this would give you so many options to work with. For example, if you have a whole bidder you love, you could use that as the subject of your book from fishing toe gardening toe quilting. The possibilities are really endless. You can also use unspool ation as expression. Your favorite animal, for example. There are so many books cut teamed. Um, you wouldn't believe, But you can use birds. Those insects. Andi. If someone else has a really used that team or subject, you shouldn't worry, really, because festival issues that people buy it and then people thereby coloring books are always looking for new books to color. Once the one there was completed, so go for it, then you need to plan the content when you have decided on the subject you need to ever I think about. If you can come up with enough drawings to feel the pages of your book, the number of pages usually goes from 36 to 48. 36 pages is quite a good number, I think, to keep your customers happy and not be too overwhelming for you to create. One thing to keep in mind is that coloring books of pages you can call her only on the right side off the page on the right hand side of the book. This is good to implement, because if you publish, especially if you publish your book with the KDP, the paper they use is OK, but it's not thick enough for markets, which have a tendency to bleed through on that paper. So I advise you to put a little warning for your customers on the description off the book about the use of markers and another good reason to use only one page is that in this way the page can be removed from the book and framed if they like it so much. Eso This will mean the 36 coloring book, a tattoo six pages coloring book will actually become 72 then you need to add some some additional pages, which I will talk about later. And then you need to plan the cover. No matter what people say, A book is judged by its cover, especially so a coloring book. So the world some time to do the sign of the cover, as this is what will catch the eye of your potential customer. And in a sea of hundreds of coloring books, years should really stand out. So the additional pages for your book you will need a title page, which is the first page after the cover, and then you need an about page is always night. Nice toe. Have a little bit of information about the author. People like that. You need a welcome message. Andi tips on how to use the book and the mention tape about the Marcus you can put a dedication is optional, but you can either if you like. And at the end of the book, you can add where to find you. So your website, your social media, you it's a show up. Wherever people can come and find you. If you need some visual inspirations, for you. The signs toe plan your book. You can use magazine books on my favorite one is Pinterest. Off course, I think, is everyone's favorite nowadays. And if you are struggling withdrawing your chosen subject, you can also go two sides that offer cooperate free pictures such as an splash and picks. Obey and use the speeches for tracing. Please do you use pictures from Pinterest and trace them because there might be a couple right, and you might end up infringing the copyright and you might end up in trouble. So if you want to use pictures to trace, make sure you get those pictures from the copyright free websites and one little mention about organizing your work. You need to save your file often as you're working, because sometimes illustrator might just decides that he had enough and it would just kick you out and you will lose all your work. So please, please save your profile as you working. And also it's a good idea to keep your fire study and organized for somebody have ah, folder for the drawings are folded for daily straight of files folder full expiration images. If I have any Onda keep everything organized because when you start having quite a few pages, then it might get a bit out of hand and you might want also folder for your scans. If you have the scans, eso try to keep everything nice and tidy. And then, once your research and planning is done, it's time to do some sketching. 5. Thumbnail sketches: Hey, guys. No. Did you finish your research and planning? It's time to do some thumbnail sketches. I have included for you in the resource in their sources Template s so you can download it and print it and use it for your sketches. But of course, you can use your own thumbnail template. You don't have to use mine in this way. You can have a complete picture of what your book will look like. You might see, for example, that you need to add more detail, their integrate pages or more simple pages. And remember, the balance between intricate and simple design is important so that you audience will be too tired or bored when coloring the design. So do keep. Do the step on you. Love a more balanced book if you're stuck for ideas where your designs Here are some examples you can use for somebody text and drawings. You can use a pattern that covers the entire page so it looks like fabric. You could use a placement demonstration in the centre of the page, and you can use Mandela's or or the symmetrical designs. Or you can use collections for samples, a series of photos, teacups, flowers, bugs, whatever you like. Next, we're going to start drawing 6. The Thumbnail Template: wait guys before, but we're going to show you some examples off the aerial stations. I just wanted to show you the template I've added to your resources. So in here, this shows you they lay out of the book. So basically they will be the York over, which is no shown here. Then there's a title page and here, for example, you can write this book belongs to on Put a Little illustration. Then there's the back off this title page, and then on this page you can start with your illustration, depending on whatever and see want to add. But you can have your first illustration here and then this is the blank page at the back off this first illustration and then you can idea second illustration on DSO. Okay, so I just wanted to show you this basically and this you can download and use if you like. 7. Time to Draw: Alright, guys, it's finally time to draw a so you can draw on paper and then scan and digitize your Turing's. You can use programs such as Illustrator or for the show or procreate or escape. It's a there. There loads lots of programs you can use. Personally, I like to use procreate because it's quite simple to trace. And, let's say, Inc. My pencil drawing. We procreate and then send it to myself, toe my computer and then I can victory eyes it in Adobe Illustrator. From there, some tapes I can offer you are. If you're during the pages by hand, make sure you keep a solid and consistent black line throughout. This is important when Victor rising your during, especially if using a much trays on illustrator. If you have thin and thick lines, you might no be able to get a good result. When you're victimizing your artwork, make sure all the spaces are close. To give a clean indication where to stop coloring to the people that buy the book because in my otherwise, be confusing for people where to stop. Consider using a mix off complex and easier the signs in your book. It's good to be able to have the choice as a customer to call her a more complex page or an easier page. It depends, you know, in the day, if you're feeling like doing something, that you don't want to do anything too complex or if you're feeling like going for it and make sure you save your files often as you're working. I think I might have mentioned this, but it helps mentioning it more than once. So here's the during process for you. So if your drone paper you can take a picture and then you have two options you can import in Procreate Inc The during Senator illustrator Invicta rise. Or you can imported territory to Illustrator and then Tracy with the pain, the pencil or the blob brush tool So you have directly a victor. Oh, you can. You can draw on paper and then dig the jury. Scan it and victory eyes it. Of course, you have the option also to take a picture, or you can use a nap. I use. Sometimes it's kind of pro, I think it's called, and it's quite a good up to use if you want to go down that route 8. Vectirizing Your Drawings: guys in this lesson, I'm going to show you out to victory eyes Your during. So you have done your during You inked it or you Danny on procreate on your iPad and you send it to yourself So you have it on your computer. The next thing to do is to victory eyes it because at the end, we want to have a pdf file. So I'm going to use Adobe Illustrator. You can use your program off preference, but this is the one that I normally use. So I'm going to create a new document. Andi, for this one is not really important because decides and what type of document it is because we're going to use or not document anyway. But just create a new document. And now we want to import our during so control shift p for place or command shift B and I have two visions here off the during, and I'm going to show you a couple of things, so select both of them and place. Okay, so we just plays one on the second, Just click and drag to place New Turing's. So here we have one is during that. I did on paper and I painted with depends with the independence. I think it was a 0.5 ink pen. And then this one is just Ah, just part of this, the same drawing done with pencil. And I'm going to show you out to actually victory eyes your during directly in Illustrator . So first, let me show you out to image Trace this. And of course, if you know, to do this, feel free to skip this this part. So we need the image trays windows. So if you don't have this window here, you can go to window on Ben. Oh, no. So you can go to object. An image trace, usually the windows on the window. But this one is different. And then if it opens like this, you need to open the advanced part by clicking on the arrow. Onda uh, make sure it's selected a new click on ignore white and preview, and it will trace your image. Now you might have to play a little bit with your settings with a threshold. So if you move it towards the left, you have more black pick, less black pixels selected, so your image might look like this. And if you move it more to the right, you have more black pictures selected, so it might be a bit too much. So you need to find a happy middle, really? And just to have a good tracing. And you might want to that chick you're tracing afterwards after you expanded because they will be part that needs to be adjusted. Maybe so parts like this, for example, needs to be adjusted and little bits that needs to be deleted like this one, for example. So in general is not too bad. And you can play with the past as well. Because this one, the higher the number of past, the more you will look like your hand drone vision. And then there's other things that corners and noise. You can just have to experiment with these settings. So I'm going to expand this one, and at the moment is grouped the whole thing. You can and group it. So control Shift G two and group it. And now it's, um it's been an grouped. I mean, some of these air still together because it was just the lines of touching. So the just steal one group But this way you can delete little things like this just selected and hit delete. And also, if you want to adjust these lines, for example, and that's why it's important that you have some knowledge off these, um, programs like illustrator or whatever you're using. So for these ones, you can use the direct selection to or press a on your keyboard, and then you can I just these So they touch and they form one line like this. And then if you go back to the normal selection toe, you select both of this. You can make it because of the woman that they're still two different shapes. You can make it just one by going into the Pathfinder and selecting unite. No, it's just one. And then you can use this move toe, make it smoother. Seven. Just here in your panel, on the left. So would it selected. You press a smart so and then you just click and drag here and then they would love to smooth it out. Okay, And then when you finish, you can some extra bits there that can be deleted. You can select everything again and group again by control. G. So now you can move it on. Do nothing will be left behind. And with this one, I just wanted to show you how to trace it directly from like inside illustrator. So if you don't want to have this hand drawn lines which we want to have more cleaner lines , this is how you can do it. So the first thing you need to do is to look this during, because otherwise you might just get moved while you're working. So its control, too, to look it. And then what you can do is for a simple used the A temperature too, which is a bit like the mental, but I find it much easier to use. I know when someone says pain to lots of people just run miles but this one is not as bad and I can show you So let's say we're tracing this belief. So what you need to do is just the click ones for a point and then better give it a I feel I mean, a stroke and no field. And then you just keep clicking with the curves are And he was just do care for you. If there's a sharp corner like this. You can double, click and then double click again and it would give you the corner. Now, if you don't like this very pointy corners, you can go to the stroke panel and what it says corner. You can click on the round joint, and then he would give a rounded corner and you can just, ah, keep going. Double click here, double click and just keep doing going around on. You will have to practice with this tool because, of course, it takes a little bit of practice. But it's so much easier than the mental. You don't have to click and drag and try to guess where the line is going to go, Okay, and then when you get to the last, should I say the first point that you dropped the the curse of? We have a little sort of circle next to it, and this means that you can close the shape. So now you have I closed shape that you can work with, and they are the one. They're the tool I wanted to show you. Is the blood rush to so it would be also in your panel and it's usually under the paint brush to, so you click and hold on. The block brush tool is in here, and you can Let's go close again so you you can change the sides off the off the stroke by using the brackets. They left the right black square bracket, so the right one makes it bigger on the left on, makes it smaller, and then you just trace it. A Z would if you had like an iPad, for example. I'm using the mouse at the moment, so the lines are no exactly history. And as you can see, it's better if you want to use Thies to use a welcome tablet, because that would give you the feel of using a natural pain. And it's, ah, much, much better, much smoother that way. But you can see is actually giving you for this type of work quite a good line. So this is another way to victory. Rise your during, and then when you're finished with all of your Turing's, then you can lay them out on the page, which is the next step 9. Layout for Printable Pages: Hey, guys, in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to lay out your pages If you want to do a downloadable, printable book so you can sell this on your website or net see, or other sites where people can just buy your book and downloaded themselves. So you have all you should have all your during Cem already victory ized and ready to be laid out. So where you can do is, um So these are the pages. This had 32 pages. I don't quite have I think 32 during here. But this is just to show you the how to proceed. And if you want to do this document, I can show you go to create new Andi. You choose. They ate enough by 11 or decides that you want for your book. And then in the airports you put the number of that words you want. So how many during is you have? And then you just hit, create and you will have a document like this, right? So you page your art boat is 8.5 by 11 inches. And what you want to do is to set up a way to have imagine, so that when your customers print your pages, they will fit the page and they won't be cut off by go the printers, merchant. Because, as you know, there's always Ah, I think it's 0.5 sentiment imagine, or something like that. So what I do is I go to the rectangle to, and I will do a books, which is, um, 1/4 of an inch smaller all the way around, So that would make it eight inches by 10.5. There you go. So we need to give it, uh, no, I feel, and I'm going to align it to the art board. So where you need to do is go today. Align panel on bond. Just center it. And if you're gonna have this panel, of course, is always under window on ah, line. Okay, so let's give it a stuck for the moment so we can see it, But then you can make it invisible. And then now you know that your during needs to go inside this square rectangle rather and you can center the same way. So now is in the center of the page. And if we make this. No feeling stuck. Then we have a perfectly aligned page on. Uh, what I like to do is to put actually my website information here. So if I go to the type two and then just food, my gut and I will align this as well. Uh, see? Okay, so he said the bottom of that rectangle and there's a good thing to do because this pages might be just ah printed and distributed one by one. And it's nice to have your information in each page. So what you can do is you can select the rectangle and oops. Okay, there is tango and you logo or website, whatever it is, and you can just click and drag it and press old on the shift key, and it will keep it aligned for the page. And then you can do this for all the pages. And if you do control de, it would just repeat the last action so you can just do it for the first role here, and then what I do. It's a select all of them, plus old the shift key and select the 1st 1 as well and do the same thing going today towards the bottom. So click and drag press old and breast shift and, uh, and then control D and control the and you have all the pages and you can just get rid of the extra ones. And then you can just put your designs into each of the output, and you just have to send to them and build all your pages. Lay out like that. So I'm just going to speed it up a bit while I do this. - Okay , so there will centered. And if you seen that I was making these during says Moeller, but keeping them in the center, you need to select the during and then start making it smaller. But then hold the shift control in all turkey, and this will keep it in the same place, but make it smaller or bigger. Right? So once you have all your during laid out on the page is the next thing you have to do is to save it as a pdf so that you can upload it, and then people can buy it and, uh, and print it. One thing you need to know actually is if you using type, for example, you want to write something like a did here, but this is already image trace and is not a problem. But if you type something in directly in Illustrator, so just any fund on let's see if we can make it bigger, Right? So at the moment you have this phone, but this front might be something that you have downloaded on that other people want off. So when they opened the pdf, it won't actually be the same front that you use that it might be something really weird. So if you want to avoid anything like that happening, you do your phone to you, write whatever you like, place it where you like and then when you're happy with it, because you can't change your afterwards you go to object and you goto expand. I just click. Yes. Okay. And now this is not a front anymore is like any other shape. So if I show you the outline you can see this is a shape and you can do that by pressing control. Why, by the way so you can see the outline Onda we print exactly the same as it is in this page and you won't have a problem with it. Just the next. A little tip there on, then to save it as a PdF, you goto file Andi, save us, Andi state of Adobe illustrator, you choose pdf on you can leave all I'm safe. And then here you can use the default or the high quality quality print on safe PdF. And now this is saved as a PdF. And here it is. So we can make the page a bit smaller, and you can check that you have everything where it should be on this is ready to be sold. Or if you want to actually print this enough books that you can sell in at fairs, for example, or markets anything like that. So physical books that you can sail, then you probably want to fire like this to send to a professional printer, and they would do the rest. So this is also good, But always check with them for my jeans and page layout. They will tell you what they need, but this is probably something very similar to what you will need a a pdf file like this. Okay. And then the next thing, I will show you out to set up your file to print it with Amazon KDP 10. Layout for KDP Pubishing: Hey, guys, we're come back. So now I'm going to show you how to set up your during on indusind document s so that you can upload it for the Kindle direct publishing. So we need to open in, decide and create a new document, and I'm going to choose the 8.5 by 11 inches. And as food imagines and got everything, this is just fine. Is the syringe sitting? So I think this works just fine with the KDP. I've used it before, so create. And of course, you can add more pages on, uh, to do that. I mean, you cannot the pages at the beginning on, uh but you can do that with insert pages and you can incite, uh, let's see and in 20 pages after page one, and you will have all of the pages here, and you can just insert more this way on. What I want to do is go into the a master page double click, and you will see down here that they say is a master and put the information about your website, for example. So go to the type Andi click and drag books. I'm just going to write my website, and then we can a line this, so we need toe align it to the margins. Andi, I will center it like that and also need to center this. Okay, so you have something when your page that Saiz, your website and I will do this for all of the pages. Okay, so when you do this in the A master, this would be repeated automatically in all of your pages on. But I do this first of all because you have your details in each page. But then because, um the way KDP works is that you need to have something on each page. If you have a completely blank page, the softer from KDP won't recognize the blank page anyone printed. So you end up having your designs back to back, and you remember we want to have that blank page at the back of your design. So you need to insert here. This is your title page so you can put your this book belongs to and the little during their and then we have the next page, which is the back off that title page. And here you can incite your details. for some of your tips out to use this books, you welcome to the customer letter and things like that. And then your first during can go. And on this page and I'm just going toe basically copy control, see, And then control the paste it in here on, we can align it to the page. And you can do that with all of you designs on. That's it. Really? That's really simple. You just have to copy and paste, or you're the science in this new document to have an idea off what it would look like. You just pressed w on your keyboard, and then you will get rid off, imagines Andi things, and they will show you what the page will look like. Gonna put Chris Lips Place w again gonna put a few more and then just show you out, too called to see Just put it here. So how to save it as well? And then let's put another one control see and align it. Okay, so just do that for the rest of the book. And then when you want to say that I say and pdf, you go to file export and pdf And then here you can change toe high quality print and everything is it's fine. You do need to do anything else and export, and then with this will create a pdf. Okay, so this is the new PdF on Did you see in each blank page you have something I mean, you can put if you don't have a website, you can put a little decorative lying or a little squiggle or something, just as a decoration, just to have something there that can be recognized as text or something that I will say to KDP to print that page as well. Oh, in a way, just leave it blank and just print it a little bit. But that page in the middle. So you have a blank page at the back of your design, and that's really it. Really, there's not much more to it. And if you want, you can download the template for Microsoft Word. I've put a link in your, uh in the class description and and do this exactly the same thing. Just put your the signs on the template. There's only one page, usually when you don't know the template, but you can just add to the pages and and just those sited up the same way as this one. And you can use my cassette for dude enough to use in design if you don't have it. And now we should do the cover for your book. 11. Make the Cover for Self Printing: guys, welcome back. So in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to create the book over for your book. When you want to print it yourself or send it to ah printer company toe, sell the hard copies. So you need to create a new document. Andi, I've done this before, so I ever Here in my presets, you need to document that is 11 inches by 17 which is double your 8.5 inches on. Here it is. And now we want to go to view guides. Not sorry, rulers shuras, and I'm going to click and drag up to the 8.5 inches. Okay, so that's the right side. It will be your front cover and then the back over so wont to do. Now, if you want to add, bleed to your document, we need to do on extra rectangle. Andi, do it. 17 0.25 by 11 point D five. Okay. And now that we have this rectangle, we're going to view guides and make guides. So this basically gives you that extra few millimeters. I think it's 1/4 inch or around that will allow you to print the document without any white showing around your cover. Okay, so now we need to do another Rick tango. But this time, inside on, we can give it a color. Oops. Uh, that, uh So this would be you cover now, and you can work. Decorate your cover however you like, And just make sure that you don't put too much. Oh, too many things around this area, the spine area, Because this will be creased, and it will be difficult to see anything that is around this area, so I would steer clear off the bit. Okay, so I have some elements here for my cover. So what I'm going to do and just going to place them, And of course, you can use the whole background. You can use your artwork just to cover your whole, um, book cover. Um, this one here and just couldn't here. And this is just going to be a a quick sort of arrangement just to show you one way to do this because there are different ways. Of course, Onda, actually, this yellow square this to be covering up to the bleeds line. So as you can see, it goes all around up to the bloodline. Sure does the same here. Okay, on, then. And see when we moved disa little bit. So, I mean, find a way to arrange a cover, the in a placing way and something that shows your customer were some of the things that are inside and how they can call of them, for example, and then in here we cannot, if you have it a website for a sample so it can at this and your logo so I can put the logo , Uh, and yes, So you can add something else here. If you would like to add mawr the signs just to make it prettier and the and the several and then you need to save it as a pdf. But the best thing to do always is, too, if you want someone else to print it for you to check with them for the specification. What they want exactly. They want a pdf file or if they wanted on the four month on about the bleed. How big the blade needs to be is usually standard measurement. But you never know. Different companies may like different ways to have their files. Okay, we can go to the next lesson Now where I show you how to do the cover. But for the Amazon KDP and website. And in that case you will have a cover template which you can just ah use. And it will be even What she said. And this is really done for you. Okay, I see you in the next lesson. 12. Make the Cover for KDP Publishing: guys in this. Listen, I'm going to show you how to use the KDP template. If you want toe, use this website to publish your book. So I've put this some link, this Web address on new resources so you can just copy it or just click on it and you can go on this page and here you can download your template. I can't put a natural template in your resources because it depends on the number of pages of your book is going to have. So you're leading. You need to see how many exactly how many pages you have, because that will affect the spine of your template. So if you have 100 pages is gonna be alleges spine or if you have 50 pages, is gonna be a smaller. So you really need to do that first. And then you come to this page and you select your team sites. So what side is your book? So mine is it enough by 11 on the page count. So minus 66 Andi paper color white is fine. And then download the template and then it would download. You can save it or open it. I'm just going to try to open it. And there it is. Okay, so you would get a pdf. Andi, I think this is a J peg PNG file. I always use the pdf with Adobe Illustrator because it's ah, it's It works better if I try to use the PNG file somehow it doesn't really work. When you do the proofing at the end, it doesn't align properly. So opened the pdf on. What I'm going to do is I'm just going to save this in a folder and then open it with Adobe Illustrator. Okay, so here is our template. And then what we need to do is, um, to look this template. So when we work, we know going to move it accidentally on day to do that we just selected on. Then you can either do control, too, and that would look it. Or you can go into layers and click next to the eye, and that will look it as well. There's a little but look there. So now you can't move it and then usually make another layer on top of it. So I can just then make this invisible when I finish Andi Now we can start building our template. So just a little explanation here. These are the imagines. So this sort of orangey pink imagines here basically is where the book is going to be trimmed. So don't put anything on this area is important, basically, and this is the spine. So this is if it's large enough, if your book is big enough, you can even put something in here, a decoration or something. Write some text. But in this case, it's quite small. So I'm not going to put anything in this area or around this sort of orangey area and also in here, they gonna print the barcode when they print the book. So don't put anything important here either, like your logo or your website information, because there's going to be a white, black and white barcode in there. Any will cover everything you put in there. Okay, so let's do this book cover. So here I have taken what we did for the undercover and then just pasted it here, and it's a very similar process. You just have toe align your cover with the template they give you, so let's see. Make it a bit bigger on. What we can do is if I select this and make it a bit transparent. Okay, we can see the guides of the Net. So we need to make it a little bit bigger and usually discovers account for any bleed that you might are on the inside of the book. So you don't have to worry if if you do have bleed in your pages, I don't. But you might want to have that. The covert will account for that already. So you don't need any extra special cover for that. And then you just sort of build you cover, maybe make it a bit? No, uh, Onda then that there. So I'm just gonna try not to put anything on this orange line so I won't put my leaf there unless it's something that I want to achieve. Something like an effect that I want to achieve. But otherwise I tried toe Oops. I try to keep anything. Any declaration, anything for the core inside Onda? Uh, let's see. Put that there is gonna be slayed a different, but it doesn't really matter. This is just to show you more or less how to do this and then, of course, you need to adapt it, O k. So come but a few more leaves here. And then I think I had the local there as well, so I can put my logo sort of in the center there. Andi, uh, maybe find it in the space for these. So you get the idea. Said you just need to build your cover so that you don't get anything trimmed off, and, uh, and the same way as we did before. Really? All in this case, you have this guide. And again, you cannot something here, some writing some another decoration. Maybe the something is there at the back of your book, maybe another a different design. And then we need to put this back toe full. And that said, you have dick over if you want. Sometimes a at the it's a little decoration on the spine. So I go to the rectangle to and then I make a rectangle that is as biggest the spinal. Sometimes even you could do it a bit bigger. Uh, this for someone needs to be moved and and then you can do it, a color that you like that goes well which book? Maybe something. Some till I doubt that reminds of this color. And, uh, so you have some extra decoration there. So when the book is closed, which is sort of you will see something like that that will be your friend. Cover Andi. That's it, then. Now where you need to do is to save it A as a pdf, because you need to upload only pdf and then you can going toe upload your two fires. So the cobra at the inside of the book onto the KDP website, which I will show you in the next lesson. And they're just gonna show you Think of showing this before, but you just need to do save us on. This was a really a pdf. So it will appear, really is a pdf on you can adhered description. Um, book over and, uh, save it. Andi, that's fine. Quality print and safe. And now you will have a pdf or you of your cover. All right, so we can go on to the next lesson. 13. Uploading Your Book: Hey, guys, we can finally upload our book so I can show you here. I have completed my my book in the sign. So I've put the book belongs to and a little thank you an introduction and little tips on. Then I have all of my designs here and the blank page which will be the page behind each of the during. So you've put a shift. The designs. I haven't saved this document because I want to add the ESPN. And Miss, if I can move this so day I spin number will be provided by Amazon eso I've put the link to this page the Kindle direct publishing in your resources. Andi, if you don't have an account, you need to register. But that's really something very easy to do on. Then you will have your bookshelf. I have a few books here. Do they have published already? But basically what you need to do is you need to go to the paper back and they will take you to this page. So this is where you can insert all the details of your book for publishing. So for the book title, you shouldn't make sure that The book title is the same title that you put on your book over when you created your cover, because if it's very different than they might know, allow you to publish the book on, then if you want to add something else, you can, either. In the subtitle. So this for me was like Fool your life Happy Andi. I can put Cleary book If it's a serious you can put the information's here. But mine is not and also is not any. In addition, number photo, the name Andi. If you have any other people contributing to your book, you can insert it here for the description I'm just going to copy and based here. And then you need to specify the you own the copyright for whatever you are publishing and then for the keywords. Now it's important to put keywords that people would actually use when they searching for for coloring books. So I suppose coloring book and then there have noticed there a couple of ways of off spelling coloring books. There's one way without the use of coloring book and then, uh, dude chlorine book coloring book for adults. Okay, Okay. Book adult. So you can fill in Europe keywords. You can also go on Amazon, for example, and such for more words. So if you put your start typing, you would give you different options for keywords. The people have actually searched for already, and then we need to choose the category. So it's ah, no fiction on Art General. For example, Andi. Then what else can which is? We can just to so crafts and Norby General and save. And then you have to state If this book contains adult content on in this case, is no so saving. Continue. And then here you can have a I S p in number. Andi, just say a sign. SB in. I mean, you come if you want toe purchase your own private eye. ESPN But I think for for the papers off this, I don't think it's actually necessary to do that. And it cost quite a bit of money. S o. I will copy this, and I would put it into mine. My document. So no, I said pasted. And now we can save it. So file export, um, coloring book. It's fine on is a pdf. And then here you can choose what quality you want, so I quality print. It's fine export. So now we have our file saved. Okay, Onda, we need to put a date which is usually today state on. Then choose your interior options. So are you Painting option. So black and white interior with white paper. If you do a different type of book, you can choose color. But it will cost you more to have reprinted, so it will be more expensive. We need to select the trim sides, which in this case, is a 8.5 by 11. There is no blade in my book. And you can choose the finish if you want Matt Agassi. I've tried them both, and I like them both. So it's personal preference there are gonna live Matt full for this. Now you need to upload your manuscript. So that's the manuscript. And he would take a little while to upload, depending on how big is your file. And now you can upload your cover. You can use the cover cater from the KDP website, but I usually make my own cover the way I showed you. So you can check, upload a cover and then look for your file. So the book cover that we saved before, all right. And then now it should come up here they go upload successfully, and now we need to launch the reviewer. So we need to do this step to check that the actual book is fine to be published on. Do let me warn you. This will take a while so I will actually spit up And, you know, skip a little bit here because you can just go and make yourself a cup of tea or something . It z going to take a while. So see you a certain as it's ah done. All right, so it seems to have found an error. So let's see, this is actually good for me. Toe show you. I think it's Saiz. Let's see. Okay, so the era is that this design is actually going over Uh, the Imagine I didn't realize that, but I'm going to correct this. Onda, um, re do re upload the book. I think everything else is fine. So you can check here that everything else looks OK. You can have a look at the thumbnail view and see what the pages look like you consider is your cover. Ah, the title page There the page and then or you during sear on da. So I'm just going to exit and fix that problem and come back. All right, so I have fixed up problem. So it seems that everything else is fine now, Onda, we can approve it and carry on with the upload, so everything is fine. So it's telling you how much it would be to print. It was $2. 15. Saving continue. And out here you can choose. You can just all territory so you can just individual once I usually leave it like that and then you can just the price for your book. Normally, I have a look at what other books are charged. Eso If you have a look at different books, you will see different prices. But I think for this type of book, probably just use 7 99 I think it's a good price for the number of pages, and it would give you the royalties that you would get, and you can actually change the price for different X separately so I can put 7 £99 these dollars andare different values on. Then once you happy with it, you can just hit Publish your paperback and there it is. Now it was say to you that if you want to do ah Kindle Edition, you can. But this is a coloring book, So not really a good idea, and that's it. Now your book is interview it should take. It stays around 72 hours. Sometimes it takes a little less. There was appeared when he took a bit longer because they were having some sort of problems . So you will receive an email once your book is published, and after that you can order also copies, which would cost you less than if you order it from the normal Amazon page. I remember nowadays like costs, and I think it would change depending on your book. But it is like a couple of dollars, maybe, maybe even less. All right. So good luck with your book and the hope it will see your books in the project sections very soon. 14. Bonus Lesson: Hey, guys. So this is a little bonus. Listen to show you our do the mandalas using my iPod in the up procreate eso The first thing I do is make a new document and I do usually do a square one for new Mandela's Andi. Then you can just imported in your normal normal page document. And what you want to do is go to the little range tool and you go to campus on the during guide and then you need to aid it the during Eid Onda, we want symmetry and under the options you want a quadrant symmetry, you can do actually radio as well. Maybe radio is even better. Full the mandalas. Andi, you can trey a rotational symmetry as well. You can just play with this and see what effects you get. But let's start with the radio one. So quick, Done. And now what you can do. So I have the taking a gulp in selected, and you can just start during and everything you do will be repeated. I mean, this is no ah, very perfect. So it would be repeated in all of the questions, so you can see how this can be used to make Mandela's. So the ones that I have in my lessons were made like this groups. So it's a bit more tricky to do circles like this. But you get the idea so you can just keep doing your shapes. And they were repeated. You can do little lines. Oops, for example, that days. And this is very rough, just to show you how this works s Oh, yeah, you can do all sorts off designs and it will be repeated automatically. You know, the different Gordon's so you can just do a Mandela very quickly. You just have to come up with your new ideas. Just use your imagination. You can do all sorts of things. And ah, if we clear this so in the during guide, in the symmetry you can use for assemble, you can use a vertical symmetry. And then everything you do on this side is repeated on the other side. So you can does something like a well, that's not very pretty butterfly, but you can do a butterfly, and you only have to do it once. Andi, um, you can just use different shapes. You can use, uh, circles So if you hold did the second hold it, then you will give you the option toe to the different things. I'm not sure what these air but anyway yuk unjust, select circle so you can see these are quite good. So we can clear this. Andi the if we want to try the radio on with the rotational symmetry Oops, I've made the during Eid white. You can change the color by the way off during guides and then in this case, you can do a traditional design, So I never really tried. But there you go. There's a pretty flower in, like, two seconds. So maybe I should try and play with this a bit more. And, uh, you can do, like, different during this for your coloring book. So if you have an iPad, then they appropriate Just experiment, have fun. And you might come up with different ideas for for your during 15. Final Toughts: congratulations on finishing the class. I really hope you have enjoyed it. As much as I have enjoyed creating the book with you, I am looking forward to see pictures of your progress and your final book. Of course. So please don't forget to post pictures in the project section. I wish you all the best of luck with your book. And of course, if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask this discussion session where you can ask your questions and I will keep an eye on it on. And I will respond as soon as possible. And, as I always say, create and be happy by.