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How To Create An Email Nurture Sequence

teacher avatar Colin Scotland, Marketing Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Email Nurture Sequence Class Intro

    • 2. How To Create An Email Nurture Sequence

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About This Class



  • Discover the secret ingredient that converts more subscribers into paying clients… So you can get your message heard by more people
  • This course will show you how to craft a compelling email nurture sequence to send to new subscribers… So you can put your lead generation on autopilot
  • Get access to example swipe file AND the exact structure to use in your email nurture sequence… No guesswork involved… You create your sequence using the guidance provided and you’re done

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Colin Scotland

Marketing Coach


Hello, I'm Colin.

I lectured in Marketing Communications for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in the UK. 

I've built multiple online businesses, one of which went from zero to £4 million in annual revenue (before it failed spectacularly in 2013).

I’ve since built a thriving marketing coaching and training business where I teach mission-driven entrepreneurs to become the truest version of themselves online and in their marketing.

My mission and purpose (as Seth Godin wrote) is to “help others become who they seek to become”.

Read my story here.

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1. Email Nurture Sequence Class Intro: people aren't ready to buy what it is that you offer new people into your world that just not ready yet. It's statistically proven to be the case that people need 15 to 17 maybe mawr interactions with you with your brand with what you stand for and all of those cool things before they're ready to make a purchase. And how do we encourage on enrich those touchpoints those places of interaction? Email. Email is how we do it. Email is how we create relationship. Email is how we build a group of raving people that are primed, ready on, excited to take that next step and become paying clients. Email is critical. Email is the key to doing that. That's exactly what this classroom teacher. It will show you how to create relationship, how to build a relationship with people when they get onto your list. Okay, doesn't focus on the getting them onto the list it focuses on. Once you've got their email address on it, it helps you to build shows you a scaffold, a framework, a structure to build a really compelling, really powerful, value driven email nurture sequence. That's exactly what you will come away with in this short, sweet class. Enjoy 2. How To Create An Email Nurture Sequence: once we've captured prospects. Email address Captured I don't even like that word captured, right? It sounds like we're at war, doesn't it? Once we have been given, that's better. Once we've been given a prospect email address, then what we need to do next is so important, because it's the difference between a complete stranger and somebody that knows, likes and trusts us all right on. You may have heard the term the money's in the list building email list. That's where the money is. The big, eerie my list, the more money you can make, the money is in the list. It's not actually true. So whilst it's great to build a list and have a bank of people that you can communicate with an audience, a tribal community of people, that I want what you do, there's a critical piece in all of that, and that's the want, so you could have a list of a 1,000,000 people, but they're completely unresponsive. They don't open the emails, they don't respond. They don't reply. They're not engaged. They don't know you. They don't trust you. They don't like you. They're not gonna buy anything that you offer what good. Would that be so? That is the money really in the list? In that sense, would it not be better if we were to have a list of 500 people or 1000 people or 10,000 people that really engaged? I love everything that you do. They are waiting to see your next piece of valuable content landing their inbox. Think about that on the difference. There isn't the size of the list. It's not that the list is important. We've got a list. In both cases, the missing ingredient is the relationship that we have with that list. The missing ingredient is relationship, showing everything that you do now when you're crafting an email nurture sequence, focus on relationship. Don't have the goal off, will lay by. Make that let them die. We want them to buy. Here's the thing that was selling. I don't have that in your mind. Yes, it has to be there because remember, all roads must lead to Rome on Rome being the decision or no to buy your products or services. So, yes, all roads lead to Rome. But what you must do you must do this is focused entirely on building relationship. And how do we do that? Well, it's simple when you understand where that person is out right now on where you can take them to with your product with Rome, for you just becomes a case of actually helping that person upfront. J. Abraham calls it the advanced strategy of pre eminence, and it's becoming that trusted advisor, becoming that that go to person for that problem and we do it by by actually help him by actually helped him. It's not Rocket science is just helping where they out right now? What are they struggling with? How can we help them now? Hey, this books helped me when I was in your where you are in the journey. This results on YouTube is life changing gold. Watch it now. Hey, I wrote this article to help people like you. People like me never suffer with X again. Here it is going. Have a look at it. These are the types of conversations that you want to be having in your email nurture sequence. These are the types of conversations that will create that ingredient of relationship that will allow them to connect with you That will allow them to build a nurture connection relationship like in and trust. Because it's those things that must be present before any of those will part with our hard earned cash. Right Before any of us will part with our money, we must believe that what we're buying will make a difference. We must believe that we're buying the outcome that we desire the thing that we want. Okay. The thing that's driving us, I really want to be X. This thing will help me to be X. So the goal of everything that you write is to create relationship and help deliver value. Show them what X could be like. Show them. Give them everything you've got. Don't hold anything back. Go crazy, Go nuts. Give them everything You've got both barrels. Everything okay? So when it comes to to what To write in the sequence, like with much of this stuff, there isn't a one size fits all approach. There isn't a Here is email nurture sequence. Use this. There are examples on. Of course, I'm going to share with you today a couple of examples that you can take that you can use the essence off and make your own. But at every stage with this, I want you to be playful. I want you to view it as a framework, a structure and nothing more. Okay, How can I build relationship with you? That's how I want you to view this. How can I build relationship with you? I b in you and you, in your case, being the prospect, the person that needs your help, the person that would benefit from pain for your products or services. Okay. What does that look like? And how can you do that? Within these frameworks and structures, the frameworks in the structures are just scaffolding. Okay, So if we were renovating a house right now on day, we might put scaffolding about the outside while we do work on the structure and the building and all those things, I'm not builder. And don't I don't really understand that, right, But we put the scaffolding Look, the scaffolding isn't that isn't the building. The scaffolding is the thing that allows us to fix, to create, to mould, to shape on, to make the building, understand. So the sequences that you will find either from me or if you go search, and I'm going to give you some cool resources where you can find some outstanding email sequences. They are just scaffolding. They are not the building you still need to put brick upon brick and create the building that is yours. That is what authenticity is all about. That is what you deliver in your unique genius in the world is all about. It's about you putting your mark inside of that structure. Yes, used the scaffolding to do the work on to help you reach things that you couldn't have reached otherwise right. Allows you to climb to new heights, allows you to do new and exciting things. But the scaffold in isn't the building. Remember that. With that said, let's have a look at a and version if you like, or a couple of versions off what that sequence could look like for you. Once you've captured a person's email address captured, there's that word again, and I don't like captured. Once we've been given the person's email address chance to combative, doesn't it that we're going to war and we're really not going to war? We're going to nurture and build relationships, so there's much more love and compassion energy in that I'm going to stop using the word capture. Okay, Right. So once we've got the person's email address, we effectively need to create this sequence of emails. The idea of this is it creates relationship on autopilot because there's only one of you. Even if you got people in your team, there's a finite number of those people on. There are an almost infinite numbers. Almost seven billion people on the planet, right. Far more people that you can serve than you could serve with every second of every day. Okay, so the whole premise of of the email nurture sequence is all about leverage and scalability . It allows you to create automated processes so that you can do at scale. You don't need to send every single email, remember Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam! And take all of your time and energy. No, it allows you to focus on your genius, the thing that you're amazing at transforming lives, doing the things that make a difference to other people. It frees you up to do that on the nurtures and builds the foundations of relationship in the background on autopilot. So somebody downloads your lead magnet. An email he sent to them straight away. Hey, congratulations for downloading the lead magnet. Here's another amazing results that you might like. And now later, another email. Hey, you know, I thought you might like to see this. I've just created this cool video for you. I'd love you to see it and let me know what you think. So this process and again, these are just examples. Remember, these of scaffold in the underlying principle in all of this is what I hope you think in relationship right now, if you know relationship, don't let don't forget it. Rewind the tape. Played from the beginning. Make it stick. Relationship is the thing that's going to make all of the difference here. Okay, relationship. So let's look at an example off the sequences in that the scaffolding, if I guess right. Okay. But ultimately remember, all roads must lead to Rome Rome being the thing that they pay you to help them with your paid service or product. So whilst we don't go hey, buy this thing. Hey, buy this thing. Hey, buy this thing what we might do and you'll see this a little later that we might have a subtle CT A right need help with us right now. Click here to get on my calendar. That kind of thing that can work beautifully. So here is a simple example. Off welcome nurture sequence. So this example here is six emails Strong andan. The first email we basically say, Hey, welcome to our world. They've just requested a lead magnet, remember? So we want at this point to deliver the thing that they've requested first and foremost Hey , great to have you here. Wonderful to have you part of the family Deliver the lead magnet. Say hello. How on glisten when you see examples scaffold And remember So your uniqueness your authenticity comes from you not from me or anybody else. It comes from you. So if I were in front of you right now as an ideal potential client just been introduced what would you say? How would you greet me? That's the content that you need to be putting in this Welcome email. Okay, there we go. So hey hey! Wonderful to meet you is an absolute pleasure to have you be part of my world. My mission is to really change the way that we think and act about marketing. And these are the things that I love to do. And in my journey, these things were pivotal in helping people to get to this place off, doing meaningful on significant things with their gift with their genius. This helps people like you to do amazing work. What's the marketing? Just works like clockwork in the background. Going check this out. Going check that out. These kinds of things, right? Is it? That was just enough the cough example of how I might introduce myself to you. All right. So what's that for you? That's what you need to be thinking about. Now. The second email is important because the second email is where we look at what, uh what are the the things that will cause this prospect to be in a place of going? Yeah, this is for May. I believe this is going to help me. What other things that would prevent them getting to that place. What other things that would help them to get to that place. Maybe it's a myth. Maybe you Boston myth around what it is that you do. Yeah, but isn't that just bloodline. Ah, you know this and that That never works for people like me. I don't make it to the for people to give you an idea, right? Uh, Boston myth overcome a massive objection and subtle difference. Subtle difference. This is advanced. Now. It's no on objection about making the payment. It's not an objection about buying thing. It's an objection or a misconception about the ability of what it is that you're offering to deliver transformational results to deliver the outcome that you promising. Okay, there's a subtle difference there. It's not about the transaction of purchase. It's about the outcome that the purchased will deliver. All right, a little a little layer deeper. So make it personal. Can I really change? Can I really change? Have tried X. Have tried. Why can I really change? I'm just too tired. I can't be bothered. What do I do? That's a great exact. There's another cool example of something that you could play with to overcome objections to talk about what life could be like as a result of overcoming these objections. All right, so then then we've made it. We made a bet ever claim right We've given them a bit of a light bulb moment. We've shared some wisdom with them that's made them go. Ah, stop and think. Stop and think. Now the next email in this particular scaffold, this particular framework is to prove what we've just shown. So, hey, this is John. John was in a place of pain, just like you. Now, John, after consuming our products or service, is living the paradise life, the paradise experience off X off. Why? Whatever that is. Okay, on we share John Story. John's story is a reflection of where they're at now on where they want to be. I understand where your prospect is out right now in prison. The hell like state that they're in the pain that they're in around. The problem on the Paradise State is the polar opposite. Remember, it's the polar opposite. After they've consumed your product or service, show them what that's like. Use an example. Use a case study if you haven't got case studies and you're just starting out with all of this work with somebody to create a success story, reach out to people that you know that you like that you could work with that, you could make a difference that looks similar to your ideal client. Hey, I would love to for you to be my next success story. My service costs X could I worked with you for free for a next four weeks just to get amazing results for you first and foremost. And the only thing I ask in return is that you become my success story. You become my social proof. My John, my Jackie, Whatever. Whatever you're you know, for that I'm just making names up here. By the way, um, you become that in your funnel because saying that you can do something is is great, but you have to prove it. Have to be able to prove it. You have to be able to prove that you can do what you say you can do email. Three does that, then email. Four is basically saying so. Hey, you know, how can I help you? How can I help you more? You might You might even give them more help. Hey, go and look at this video. This book was pivotal. Gone. Check this article, all of those. All of those things. But how can help and show them how that how you can help. I'd love to know what's going on with you. How how can I help you overcome the things that you're struggling with? What might that look like for you? Let's do it. Let's do that. Let's That's help. And then once we've done that, the next email in the sequence would be the call to action to Hey, you know I've shared except shared why I know it because it's helped other people. Look, we share John's story and how cool life is for John. Here's what John said about that right on. Then you and I should get on the call. You and I should talk about how we can make this a reality for you. Imagine what that would feel like for you when you are in that place of joy, of happiness, of Paradise state. Right off all of this. Let's make that real for you. Here's how to do it. Here's the C t. A. The call to action. He is the way that you make this a reality for you. Here are the next steps. This is your strong rallying cry to get them to take the action or to invite them to take the actually not to get them. That sounds too pushy, right to invite them to take the action. Then, after a period of time has elapsed. After that email, we basically reengage. Hey, I invited you to a call of the day, but I don't see your name on my diary. What's going on? Hey, are you still interested in X wonderful nine word email that works at this point magically . Nine word email by a guy called Dean Jackson? Andi. It's just a blank email that says, Are you still interested in whatever it is that you're offering? Powerful, powerful email so simple yet so powerful triggers amazing response. Oh, you know the time is not right for me. Oh, I've got this going on. I'll be back in touch next week. These of the candid responses that this email triggers, and it's effectively just asking how things were going and seeing if there's anything that you can help on your looking to re engage, and it's a second hit at trying to get them to take that call to action. Now, remember, one of the biggest impact on the decision to say yes is timing. Everything happens to a rhythm to attainment on. So this information that you send in a good as you may think it is just might not be the right time, so that's okay. You need to be okay with that. You need not to get fixated on the outcome. Oh, I need to buy. They need to buy. No, no, by when it's right, if it's right at the right time. Okay, so we put these mechanisms, these structures, these frameworks in place to ensure that every turn, we've done our best to cover those bases, right? We've got the framework that will lead them along. So that point of purchase when the time is right, this is why the reengagement pieces can be really powerful for you because they just Hey, you know Oh, yeah. Read this couple of weeks ago, and I kind of forgot or I got distracted. Now is the right time can reach up. Okay, So your challenge now is to create on engaging on value driven sequence so that you can build relationship with your prospects on the key in all of this. Remember, is building that relationship relationship relationship. Say again because it is so so important If all you take away from this is whatever I say and do must create relationship. This has been a great success for you. You will achieve amazing things with that. All right, Wonderful. So let's look at the example sequence that I'm going to share with you thes air the actual words that were used in a sequence on a while back. Okay, so let's bring this up onto the screen. So this is the download that I'm going to share with you. That gives you an outline off an example sequence on what I've done. If I just fly through it, what I've done, you've got 1234567 emails here which pretty much cover the framework scaffold. The sequence that we just talked through on these are the actual words that we would use. But but the beauty of this for you is if we look at the red handwritten text that I've gone over the top here, it's giving you the structure. The Lego blocks the pieces of the puzzle. So the intro unwelcome. That's my intro. Um, welcome. Or that sounding drone welcome that I've written. Right? Yours? Yeah. You can use my words. But then my words, use your words. Think about what you would say to that prospect in front of you right now. How would you agree, then? That's authenticity right there. Nobody can replicate that. None of your competitors can replicate that on Lee. You can create that uniqueness because only you are you on, Lee. You are completely unique. So remember, this is a scaffold on a guide. To show you the way, you must put the bricks down and lay the foundation, create the house and all of those cool things. That's that's on you. Okay? That's the work you've got to do within within this framework now. So we've got an interim welcome here. We've got notice here on the left. Deliver the lead magnet. Here's the thing. That is the mechanism for them delivering the lead magnet. Then we set some expectations about what's to come next. Then we've got a subtle CT. A Remember we talked about all roads leading to Rome. Then we got the PS section. I just want to finish by talking about this. The PS section in an email is a really interesting way off, playing with themes on threats and narratives. So I'll give you a real example. Or in this email we go. Here's the download that you requested on. Then in the PS, we might ask a question, or we might give a little teaser like a cliffhanger. Hey, what about, you know, Have you ever thought about this? Have you ever have you ever looked into this idea or thought about that or played with this on? We're just looking to create what's called on Open Loop on an open loop is a cliffhanger. Guess is a great word for an open loop when you watch a TV show and it's getting really excited. I'm really, you know, anticipation is heightened on minutes like they don't to be continued, right? That's an open loop. Does your left you left unfulfilled? You left waiting to know what's coming next, with curiosity, with intrigue, with anticipation so we can use the PS areas and emails to do exactly that, to create anticipation, to create intrigue and to create these cliffhangers, these open loops. All right, so you will go through these emails sequences and be a link there be a link on the screen there for you to access this sequence. Okay. Download the example. Sequence used. The framework that we just talked about today on the example sequence on all the notes that will help you to craft a really compelling e mail, not your sequence. That does what? What is it? Build relationship builds relationship. That's your goal. That's your mission. That's your challenge is to craft a system off e mails, a sequence of emails that allow you to build relationship.