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How I Prepare & Structure my Online Courses? Behind the Scenes Online Teaching Tips!

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. What will you learn here?

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Editing

    • 4. Labeling

    • 5. Branding and thumbnails

    • 6. Real life example - Skillshare

    • 7. What would I recommend to beginners

    • 8. Leave a Review, Please

    • 9. How I did I start

    • 10. To the render machine!

    • 11. We did it!

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About This Class

This will be a class like no other, because I want to go behind the scenes with you into my private Online Course folders and show exactly the most important things you need to know. Some things that we will go over about include:


  • How do I prepare for recording?
  • How did I start my teaching and Online Business?
  • How do I structure my courses, classes and tutorials
  • What do I do in terms of branding, design and thumbnails
  • And so much more valuable insider info only a few get to see :)

Do not hesitate to watch this content because it might be a game changer for you and you rarely see anybody reveal and explain everything like I tried to do here. Let me know how you like the content! Looking forward to connect with you via the Class Project or in the Discussion board!

See you inside...start watching NOW!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach and if you want to learn PowerPoint you are definately in the right spot! To my friends I'm known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience. If you look below you can select any of my PowerPoint classes to learn from them! 

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1. What will you learn here?: eso hello and welcome in this unusual kind off course for me. So I got a question about how my online content, my online courses are organized. And I would like to go with you in my private folder and show you everything. How do I organized my classes As we go in my online courses folder, I'll show you everything. How do I section my classes how my folder structure works? How do I prepare my content? This will be like an overview, especially good for beginners. Now, this course will be not about graphic design video editing. I'll, of course, show you a few things which I do within the camp. Tasia wouldn't photo shop and other Softwares. But this is not a course about those Softwares. This is a course about how do I structure my courses? How do I approach new content and how this entire thing works with in my entire online business? I do believe that I do not have to convince you to take this cast. It will be really interesting because it's inside their knowledge. And I've recorded this especially for you. So if you are interested helping and let's watch the lessons together 2. Introduction: eso hello and welcome in this unusual kind off course for me. So I got a question about how my online content, my online courses are organized. And I would like to go with you in my private folder and show you everything. How do I organized my classes? So these are other things that I consider like my business. I called them CEO because as I started my my business, I was working with website with engine optimization. I was positioning from websites, some keywords for four clients, and I stuck with the S E O folder as my business folder for everything. Some folders might be named in Polish because I am from Poland, but you don't have to mind them. Some are related to certain websites like you too, or creating websites or creating graphics or invite a market. But I think we want to consider its my online courses. And my folder structure is pretty straightforward, but it's but it's very effective, I think so. Let me go into the folder and show you what do I currently have? As you can see, the majority of my content if not everything is related to power point and after effects. I don't pick a particular place. Where, When When did I record power point? And when do I record about after effects? It just naturally comes to me and depending on what content I'm producing lately, which program I would like to use which program I would like to record with and what my audience desires. So depending on where do I want to put my content? I focus on that. What I'm recording right now will most likely get a new label like like business or online or explanation. I'll I'll think about it in a moment, and I can go over that with you. So we will create a new fuller as I would create a new course like I'm doing right now. The thing that I'm recording out should get a new label and you folder and work with my existing structure. I will go into the Voeller's in a second. Now we have to think about something for for this particular content, and I don't like that the list is growing so much because I have to search longer no longer for everything. But everything is really chronological here. I do know when I did recorded the courses when I did recorded the content and where my content is. I am normally a very organized person, a very pedantic person, So everything needs to be labeled the same way. Only this folder isn't because I used some files from this folder, so I don't want to change its source for mating. And right now I would need to create a new folder for the lesson I'm currently recording. So I had put 26. I think what I'm doing now is related to creating online courses. So let me just label it or see, like online courses and my course struck church. This would be my my basic idea for the name of the scores. I don't know yet how this class will be cold, but let me call it just my core structure. And as I create a new course, I always require at least four folders. The way I do this is create a new folder, render for the Finish electors, which are already rendered and ready to used. I create another folder called Lectures, which is for the content. I record right now for the source files and two additional folders for the cover photo because we have to design a Tom nail and entire branding and design for this very coarse ended. The last folder will be project files. So for this particular case, I don't think we will need in product files. But this is like my automatically folder creation process. And let me show you in the next lesson. How does this actually work for me? 3. Editing: Okay, welcome in the second lesson. So this is the first lesson I recorded. And this first lesson is the project file. Like the Fantasia file. I used Fantasia for my video editing. This is Come Tasia. Version number eight Fantasia is already available in version nine, but the upgrade costs me about 100 bucks. So I was hesitant to do it now, since I can do everything the same way in contention number eight. And this is where I do my editing, I off course English is not my native language, so I make a lot of mistakes. I make a lot off pausing, stopping recording. I want to pronounce everything better, But I know I still struggle. I have a strong accent or maybe not a strong accent, but I still have an accent I'm kind of working on. This is the most difficult part for me because I have to do a lot of editing everything I record. I need toe rewatch and every mistake I make, I need to take it. I need to cut it out. I need to properly make everything here around around this area to do not make any more mistakes. and to repeat the steps that I may be mis set. Okay, but this should be about how my courses are organized. How do I organize my content? I don't want to spend too much time here incantation, because I kind of believe that Fantasia anything would be a separate topic. A totally separate topic, which you aren't necessarily interested right now. Okay, Yes, I would be done with the editing. I would make all the mistakes go away. I would prepare everything I put eventually some background music and overall, at just this entire file, I'm going to save safe project s. As you see, I'm in an older folder from my you to creation because a few days ago I was recording. Ah, a lesson for you, too. I go toe online courses to my newest course to my lectures, and I would need to call this lecture depending on how big toe I planned this to be. I either make 0101 or just straight up one. I'll show you why in a moment. So this would be like introduction or something to the course. I'll go over that in a second, so I would be ready to render his lecture here. I have the project files. This is what I was talking about. Is the entire file with my with my voice? This is the fantasia file with the edited ready value to render. And once I would render this file, I would put it into the rendered folder. And this would be the content which you can upload to YouTube to online course sites and everywhere. How do I structure my courses? As you can see, this is the normal structure. And what? Where there is an s, it's a serious. So, for example, I was doing a serious about those Exxon graphics, and I've made, like, seven off those glasses. Maybe I will continue given the serious and this is why device put them in separate folders . But as I go in, you can notice my pattern. Lectures rendered, cover photo project files, electors, rendered color photo project files. They think why I need product files so much is because I'm doing design classes. So, off course, obviously I having here products fights for my after effects files from my power point courses and everything which I want to give students. So they have the same product files to work on. If I do not upload them for the students, I still want to have my product files in this folder because I might want to check something out here or help a student to create something similar in the cover photo. I obviously have my thumbnail, but we'll go about that in a second. So why your instructor? My lectures. 0101 Let me show you my my biggest, my biggest course, my master class course. And of course, there will be a few more folders. One because this is one of my first courses. And two, this is one of my best and biggest courses is about, as you can see by the size eight gigabytes off content because I have everything prepared, everything rendered. And as you see in the Rennard, this course has, of course, its sections. Since I have sections here, that's why I label it first section, First life, first section, second electoral, second section, first lecture and this is if I plan to do a master style, of course, a really big Bolte course. But if I have smaller classes like I do have here in the Exxon graphic Serious. Those didn't require me to make sections out of them. I made an introduction, introduction and the actual tutorial. And this goes, I guess, for all of them. Yes, off course later, I might need to put them in one big course about Exxon graphics because some websites do prefer smaller classes like like, scarcer. And some websites like you know, me or similar like that. I prefer to have toe big and bulky core courses. So if I would plan to place this content on you to me, I would need to label them with sections. And this is the little the Khatami did a little problem, but you have. You can't make content for every website at once. I think my procedure is pretty well organized because I can always, quickly graft grasp the content and I know where everything is. Let me make a brief pause. We'll go over a few more things in the next lesson. Hopefully, we are organized here and we are slowly explaining everything wanting by one 4. Labeling: Okay. Hello. Let me go to my master presentation. And at first, as I started recording courses, I made a mistake, which I think you shouldn't make already. If you are. If you're watching this because in the lectures I at first I didn't know that it will be easier if I have all the product fights here. I made a separate folder for each lesson I did record. Yes. At the beginning, I made a lot more mistakes. So every lesson had, like, more files. Now I kind of as I'm more experienced. I'm doing this already for two years or maybe a little bit more toe in the health. So now I'm doing this much more cleaner, much more or quicker, much more effective. And previously I had so many files to record one lesson. It was really a struggle. It was difficult. I had to have at least three sound captures to record one lesson. No, I have most likely one. And then I eventually additionally record an introduction to the lesson. So it's easier to to read. So as you can see, I have a lot of fires here. But later on, later on, already as I goto electrics. You can see electors are here. And still this course also shows what I did. What I did. Go to what I didn't do good, because here I was labelling every lesson. One lesson after another lesson after another lesson. So we had 23456789 10. And I went about my lessons like that. Obviously Later, I did find out that it's better to label your your lessons like I did Section one lesson, one section to lessen tree because I was still expending this course. This is also my my biggest aftereffects course. It has, like, five hours. And the thing is here, if I would like to add a lesson, for example here because I wanted to explain some additional things in this very section what I would do here, I would need to place a new lesson Number 30 and I would have to rename everything like every off those lessons should be renamed in order to stay organized. This would be a horrible, horrible, so off course I do to get out of this, I make a separate folder. I made this like that. I made a 2016 UPDATES folder and I may be placed some lessons here, but this was really difficult and then to manage. So it's definitely better if you label everything by sections, because if you add a new lesson to a section, you can only increments the number by one instead of changing everything in your course. So later on off course I found that out I And here in the rendered section, it's already labeled properly. Everything is labeled by sections, and does this a far, far better way to go? 5. Branding and thumbnails: okay, I feel like we are randomly jumping around and I'm showing you just a few few basic things about it. But let's say as you can see this course, which we record right now, there's discontent. I already have intellectuals for three lectures. We did record three captures for each of the lesson, and then what I edited, I love course work with the Rendered files. It turns out that in this very class we'll have no product files because, like my project file is my folders, my my course structure. But I definitely will need a cover photo for that. I will most likely use some some website business illustration like I'll Go Toe to Free Peak and two similar websites to create a terminal for this course related toe online business to Maybe it will be a PC or a folder structure or something like that, and I look kinda make it consistent with my courses as I click on my online courses. Apart from the courses, you can off course see some articles which I wrote, or the crash course with a recorded or tutorials I made for, for example, for a treat free peak. We were working together. It's a really great websites, re professional guys there and I have also items. So this is all my content, my online content. I have my my course content but I also need some additional items and in the additional items I have some off my old photos. Don't watch that I have some some strategies, some sound hear some music I don't know why only one track. I had more off them my interest and of course, my time nails My time Lace is something very important. I designed them all myself. So I am really proud about that. But you can, of course, order them and let me show you my global tam. Nay, your courses filed. This is my global file and I do very like Toby consistent in designing my time rails. So my power point and aftereffects Stanleys were labeled with my face for the most part. But this is something I will do soon and depending on the course, I tried to be really consistent here with the icon in the middle and with my photo in the right side. So this comes into another topic into photo shopping, but basically once you are starting a serious or a series of classes or online courses, you want to be consistent. And I want to show you something that I did very recently and I really enjoy this and most likely after that I'll go back to this because this is only a brief stop to teach you something different. My latest after effects course and content is about ICANN animation, and I do really enjoy this, and I would like to create more of them. But regarding the thumbnail as I go to the first, this is my cover photo, which I designed. So this is basically the animation I preferred. And obviously I did take separate parts of this animation to create the tummy. So I took, like, this part, this part in the ready part. I copied them over and I make a company like this. Then again, I make the next lesson the same. Siri's and I tried to be very consistent with the photograph, so this was the animation I prepared for this serious. And as you can see, by the time nail I can I wanted to go in the same style. I took the animation in three off their faces and I put it like that together. So anyone who will see my my courses, my classes which look like that will know they are probably from one designer, one serious. We know how he operates. If you do like, for example, my content, you are very likely toe use this content again because you have really fun with me together . And this is the next one which I did with the military batch. I'm I'm really satisfied to it with the design that we did here. It's very similar, but hey, it's consistent. You know that it's from me. And if you get a message about it, maybe it will make you blind because oh, it's again the same thing. I go about this like that, that if someone else visits my content for the first time and he will see my courses for the first time and just like my style, he will most likely enroll and more off my my courses. 6. Real life example - Skillshare: let me show you something I did on skill shirt. Um, where do they have it? I haven't hear. And unskilled, sir. Um, once I have one of my classes, it doesn't matter which class. As you can see, Apart from creating the cover photo, I always always, always also do little gifts, which I can showcase somewhere like this is my animation. Then I take the animation a make a small difference it And then I take the animation one more time and make an even smaller Jeff for showcasing purposes. And those showcasing purposes can be, for example, used on skill for like I have here in my Yeah, I even forgot about this once I started new class. I always inform people Hey, this is the new class. This is the animation. You will prepare here because if someone lends here, he would like to see what what did what it is about. And he will not always watch the promo video. Let me go to the about section. And as you can see here I have a few off my order classes showcased. And I'm really proud about this Joker is because if someone did never learn aftereffects. Aftereffects is one of my main main contents main productions, which I do, which I record about. And if I I am seeing this with my own eyes s if I wouldn't know me. So if I would run into Andre Park for the first time, as I didn't know after effects as much and I would see something like that, I think it's It's really wait well designed. And I immediately would see Hey, I can learn such an animation Very interested and I would click on that. And I would most likely be interested in this content, especially that it is very organized, very consistent. And I think this goes into the entire building. Your brand idea. Everyone has a different idea of building your brand, and I'm, for example, not a big about email marketing. I'm not big about certain things in online business, and but you know what? I don't have to be because I am doing this my own style. I focus on YouTube. I learned to like posting Totoro Newton. I do like sculpture, you, Timmy and those course websites, and I stick to that. I create my branding on my own Maybe it isn't the biggest company in the world and I'm not the best at it. But I have my strange and weaknesses and my strengths. I at least belief, would be the design part. I try to make everything really well designed and to have a really nice flow around it. So I'm going kind of off topic here because I wanted to talk specifically about how my courses are organized. But you can see that everything goes together because creating online courses is a great thing. And if you do enjoy it, just jump in and try to record your first content. And if you wouldn't know how to start, I would start by creating four folders, as I did here. Okay, I believe I'm making the lessons a little bit too long. Let me think about if I could say something else to you or if we already wrap up this entire content because I think I've gun now over the basics about not maybe not curse creation, but organization and focusing your your brain and your content on starting the recordings. I don't think I went about everything about online course creation, but we did manage to talk about a few basics and how, of course, could be organized 7. What would I recommend to beginners: Okay, I think we will slowly wrap up this entire this entire little class. And obviously, if you're watching this, you are eventually interested in creating something like that yourself. Or are just curious. How do those online instructors structure their courses? So there are many different schools and types off people, but I do this that way. And if I should recommend you how you can start your online course creation, I would tell you to record a tutorial. Not, of course, I would tell you to record a tutorial for YouTube, which may sound counterintuitive. Bit learning how to create one tutorial will most likely learn you how to create a sequence off tutorials. Because a class, of course, it's basically a cohesive sequence. Off tutorials which result a problem, teach something, and basically it should make the person who takes the content better after taking it. It has to be a bit off entertainment. It has to be a bit off pure raw knowledge. You definitely have to find your style about that. But if you don't know how to start, create those folders. Create four folders. Create your cover photo cover photo doesn't have to be really advanced. It can be your face and something, or it can simply be text with information. For example, these were the animations which I did, and in my case, I teach and create animations so I can put parts off those animations onto my cover photos , which is very convenient. But then again, if you want to call yourself a designer, you really struggled to find those ideas about those families. But I can recommend you. It's watch. Other tunnel is on Pinterest on YouTube, which cover and which draw your attention. And you could go from there. Okay, as you would have this this time they'll created because you need time natives for tutorials and courses the same way I would create this one tutorial about a certain topic which you could upload to YouTube now about YouTube. This would be a completely different, different Syria, different explanation, and I would need to record something separately about YouTube. But it's kind of difficult toe start creating courses right away. This is why I would recommend you creating one tutorial and going from there due to get you going, get your started and to know how you should approach this 9. How I did I start: How did I do this? I had ideas for content, like a year before online courses and online course website where popular started to emerge . Of course, we had Linda back in the day so many years ago. But the time by the time I started, I was sitting around in the Warrior Forum similar website, and I wanted to post a Product warrior forum and this product along with with some PowerPoint templates. I believe it was YouTube ultras, which I was thinking about the first place, along with those ultras, the power from product. I wanted to release a serious off tutorials going together with this because not all products at the time had those totals with them. And I kind of find it fancy to do to be able to record about something and teach people with with video, and I wanted to do this straight away. But then a few months later, like I was finishing my university, So it was a great time to start my business and also website like like you did me emerged and showed themselves and everyone was talking about about them and told how interesting it would be to jump introduce websites. So I prepared my first course. And, as you can see, still everything. Maybe I did and read on everything here later. But everything was very similar. I had the lecturers off course they labeled like this and in separate folders. But I did really went right from the beginning for such a style. Then I had the rendered files off course. The cover photo which I redesigned and redesigned and redesigned over and over again, like this was my first iteration off off Tom Nail. Now it's completely different. Now it's something like that. But, um, as far as the project fighters yet I had a lot of product wise here. Okay, I I think this will be enough for for the few basic things I wanted to the show. And I hope there they will answer a few off your questions regarding being an online instructor, organizing your content, preparing for recordings, how this business works, how you have to be focussed and organized and prepared to greet everything like that. Now, again, I don't want to say that this is the golden golden way of doing this. This is my way of doing this. This is my way off staying organized, and we need to keep in mind that some content is already upload. Some content is already on Google Drive. You need to make everything consistent because the worst thing you can do is having something labeled like this here, having it labeled a different way on another website and after like a year, you forgot what was in this content. Then you go back. You have troubles to organize everything. Especially that right now I'm purchasing and creating subtitles for for my content. And it would be really different now because I have to, for example, for this course, apart from the basic four folders. But I would call this advanced tohave subtitles and I have subtitles into formers and the name off. The subtitles have to be really precisely the same as the name of the lectures else. It would be so difficult toe find everything and to properly upload those those subtitles if I want to use them. So captioning is something also very important in courses. But that's for later, especially for non native English speakers like me. People will enjoy those those subtitles because it will be I will be simply easier to understand. Okay. Sorry that I did blab so much because I didn't know if I answered everything I wanted to answer with with destroyed recording. But I do hope that you've enjoyed the story. You had some fun. I know. That was a very static static course, because you're just watching a few folders. I was browsing to my to my folders. And this might be not interesting for everyone. But from my perspective, I would be interested if someone would record something like this. And if I would be interested, especially in jumping into this business, then it would be invaluable knowledge and definitely insider note. So thank you very much for giving this idea to to record about that and for staying until the end. If it did manage through this. Congratulations. I hope I wasn't too boring because this was really a challenge for me to to organize how I will talk about this. I think we did kind of freestyle around here, So if you did like it, please hit The time's up. A tool. Really? Help me. And I'll know that someone did like it. Okay, thank you very much. I will leave this lesson right now, and I think I'll go over the recording and then I'll create my cover photo. I'll organize everything and we can slowly start to upload this content to publish it. 10. To the render machine!: hater. Hello. So yesterday I was making all the recordings and now I'm finally don't with the editing. So I did edit the lessons. So now it will be time to render them. I made the edit. As you can see, I have some cuts here because I, of course, made mistakes. I had to make it sound better. I also made small bullet points here on the right side. So you'll know what is explained in each lesson. So I have, like, three bullet points and those bullet points Also here are the state on the entire screen. It will be may be better to navigate through the lesson. And the lesson will be not so boring if you can anticipate what I will talk about and which topics are covered. Okay. As you can see, once I'm ready, I can finally render the files which will be ready to use. Then we can go to the next steps. But for now I would go to in case of come, Tasia. I can render all the files I prepared in book, and I'll do that now. I'll go to tools sharing an island click on batch production. I had my product files. And as you can see, I did record. I did record all five lessons yesterday, but as you can see, we have seven lessons here now because I made some lessons really long. I was talking for about eight minutes, so I did split the lesson. I would split the topics in tow. So this also takes your time editing some splitting the videos, preparing the videos for render it all takes a lot of time. That's why I'm doing this on a separate day where my mind is fresh and you can see I have seven lectures. What I'm talking about to you right now. It's less number eight because it's not added yet because I'm recording about it right now . And we still we'll need a promotional video for this For this course where I'll explain a few basics. What discourses about so a different way off introduction the course. So still I have two lessons to go. You can see I didn't anticipate how long this course will be. How long will I talk about it? These are my final thoughts. I will not extend this. Normally I would click all files I would Open and I will go to my render settings and I'll finally render the file. But since I'm recording this right, let's now I still have to create this lesson and then I'll Orender everything I will go to next. I have my render settings prepared, so I'll just select the quality that I have prepared. I render it at 70% full aged equality. This is my default settings for or videos a record. It's really good quality in terms, off size and video image quality. Thank you for taking out this lesson and let's wrap everything slowly up. 11. We did it!: can you start feeling the joy when? After days off, recording days off, preparing, editing, designing and everything. You finally have your rendered files prepared to publish. Thank you for taking on this journey with me. As you can see, I have now my five prepared. We have a total off nine lessons. This is the tent one and I will be publishing most likely the class soon as they finish designing this Discover photo. I made it pretty simple. I made an illustration and I will make attacks like that. I'm not entirely sure about the text and about the layout. If it will stay like this But most likely it will because I don't want to overcomplicate it . I think the coloristic is nice. So if you like what you saw, please give me a thumbs up. It's super important if you say me if this content waas useful for you if this is of any good to you And if you would like me to continue my my classes and so such a fashion, I could slowly bring a lthough topics together and show you how to design thumbnails, how to create videos, how to edit the videos and step by step, I would show you things about online course creation, which I think are relevant and very useful. Thank you once again and see you in next glasses like that.