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How Create A Professional Self-Tape Audition Using Your Smartphone

teacher avatar Skill Collective, a Collective offering skills

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. 01 Intro

    • 2. 02 Get Someone To Help You

    • 3. 03 Getting Info And Pre Production

    • 4. 04 Background

    • 5. 05 Lighting Your Scene

    • 6. 06 Sound

    • 7. 07 Setting Up Your Phone

    • 8. 08 Intro And Performances

    • 9. 09 Photos

    • 10. 10 Outro

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About This Class

How Create A Professional Self-Tape Audition Using Your Smartphone

As casting directors (and actors) we’ve noticed the influx of self-tape castings. This influx can be a
good thing and a bad thing. The upside of course is that you, as an actor, can do multiple takes and
submit the one you are the happiest with – something you never get to do in a casting room.
And the downside is the quality of your self-tape. You don’t want to be discarded just because your self-tape has bad lighting or sound – we work in a visual medium and live in a digital age so upping your self-
tape skills are essential!

During this course we will give you tips and tricks on how to execute a great (and professional) self-
tape in the comfort of your home – with (and without) the assistance of someone else!

This course consists of the following lessons – and more:

  • Gathering info / Pre-production
  • What background to use
  • Lighting your scene
  • Sound
  • Setting up your phone
  • Commercial & Film introductions
  • Photos

We truly hope that you will enjoy this course and learn a lot! All the best for your self-tape journey.

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Skill Collective

a Collective offering skills


Hello, we are Skill Collective!

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1. 01 Intro: Hello. I'm Chanel darker, and I'm Martin Finger, and we're both casting directors and actors from South Africa. Between the two of us, we've had decades of experience in front and behind the camera. On one of the things we've noticed is the influx off Celtic Costin's. This self type influx can be a good and a bad thing. The upside, of course, is the Jew, as an actor can do multiple takes and submit the one you're the happiest something you never get to do in a costing room. On the downside is the quality off yourself. Tip. You don't want to be discarded just because yourself that has bad lighting or sound. We work in a visual medium so on, and we live in a digital age so up in your cell type skills are essential. With that being said, a lot of the time we spend money on hiring studio time just to get a high quality self, when in fact it's not necessary. So during this course will give you tips and tricks on how to execute a great self type in the comfort of your home, with and without the assistance off someone else. So grab a notebook in a pain on Let's get you self decorating 2. 02 Get Someone To Help You: getting someone to help us Ideal. Not only will they be able to brace, record and stop between takes chick if you are in focus and friend correctly, but they will be able to read in for you if you're doing a word Heavy casting. Andi, if you have a fellow actor friend who can assist even better you need someone will be able to read in for you and give you something to work with. If you've been to a few additions, you know how for studying can be if the person reading in is literally just reading the lines. So get someone who will be able to do more than just read. They will be able to tell you you could take any better as well. We are ever not always able to get someone Anyone, for that matter to. Is this with cell type? Especially if it is short notice. So we've devised a few ways on how to work around this and during most of the lesson plans will show you how it could be done with and most importantly, without someone assisting you 3. 03 Getting Info And Pre Production: before you just jump in and start forming. It's very important that you gather all the information and sitting up your seen. This is essentially pre production and the big to the pre production, the better the production we have another course called commercial casting for actors were We cover various things on how to prepare for accosting things like brand exploration, anting, random questions, how to introduce yourself and so much more. These topics certainly applied to the self day process. Be sure to check about the commercial casting cause as it goes indep with gathering information and hard to prepare for a casting and so much more just a broad overview. Off info together and preparation includes doing extensive research on the product brand or formula auditioning for making sure you are aware of the shooting dates being available over those dates. Working through the performance brief your character brief and any applicable wardrobe specs and how to frame yourself when I say framing yourself, I'm referring to what kind of shot you should be in shooter performance being a wide shot medium shot amid close up or close up during this preproduction time, it would be advisable that if you have lines to learn these first, learn them well and working your character before you even go near forming yourself. Don't try to figure out your character mid shoot. One thing that you certainly can do at this stage is to pre record your lines if you have no one to assist you with reading them to you. So use basic voiceover recording software on your PC or laptop to record these. Or, if you have an extra cell phone lying around, use it for pre recording the lines. What you'll need to do when you record your lines is to keep quiet when it is your characters, time to speak and only record the other characters lines. This way you will be the one reading in for yourself, and you'll be able to get the performance you want on. Every time you go for a tech, just press play on a laptop or cell phone and you magically have someone to read it for you think. But remember to make sure that you leave enough space between the lines for you to deliver your lines on camera during this a few times to get the right pace and rhythm for your performance. You don't want to interrupt yourself performance. So be sure to check out our other course commercial casting for actors because we have some valuable information on the ties, together with self tape, Costin's. 4. 04 Background: picking the right spot of phone can be challenging because you need to think about what the shot will look like and what the sound will be like. But let's first focus on the background off the shot. Forming against the clean background is advisable. The list destruction from your performance, the better the focus is supposed to be on you and nothing else. And if you have a white wall, even better now, if you don't have a white wall or clean background, try to find a space that will work based. You can always remove a painting, move a couch, get the ornaments out of the shot and only leave the things that will contribute. You'll see. Maybe you need a table to put a glass on. You need a chair. Well, invention me to sit. Keep these and get rid of the clatter. Also, the spot you choose to form goes hand in hand with the lighting and the sound. Which brings us to our next topic 5. 05 Lighting Your Scene: natural light that doesn't cost shadows on your face is usually based. If you have to use the lights in the room, make sure they don't like you directly from above. Having light directly above your head or having lighting from below doesn't look flattering . Trying always like yourself from the front. This is why natural lighting from windows usually work based. And if the light throws a shadow on the left side of your face or your forming at night, make use off a soft box and led lights or even a lamp. But please don't overcomplicate this. Remember, you're not shooting the formal commercial. This is just a casting. The only thing you have to worry about is looking good on camera, then play around with it the first time sitting up my field tedious. But once you know how to do it, it will make the next self type costing easier. 6. 06 Sound: If yourself tape is line driven, it is important to have boots sound. Start by making sure that the area you choose to form yourself is quiet. With no large noises coming from the outside. Background noise can easily distract the viewer from your performance. So if you were planning to shoot it in a noisy space, use another space. Most of the time. A cell phones internal mike should do the trick. But there are other options available, like headphones with a microphone that you can plug into your phone and leave it close by, or thes directional microphones that you also plug into your phone as casting directors. We are a bit more lenient when it comes to the sound quality off a south type, because we know that it is done at home and not in a professional environment. But please try to at least form in a quiet place. 7. 07 Setting Up Your Phone: unless specified differently. Always form yourself horizontally and not vertically that is normally how you would be formed in a casting room. So stick to that. We always say a televisions display is not vertical. Why do you want to for myself like that? Keep it horizontal Unless, of course, they ask you to do it particularly. But the first thing to please keep in mind when setting up your phone is not too full of yourself from below or from above thing is usually not the most flattering angle. So the based ways to film yourself directly from the front I level now there are different ways off sitting up your phone to form yourself. You can get yourself himself on dry pod or one of these nifty things to help you with stable shots and more angle options. Or you can second few random items and get the right height. Then place your phone on the top or, if you have a frame, they can even hold a cell phone. But unless specified differently, don't submit shaky footage. Please. If your friend is helping you, let them keep the phone as stable as possible. Otherwise, just pop it on some way at the right height. Now you have your angled. You know how to frame yourself. Your Sonus sorted. The light is looking great and you're reading body or cell phone is closed. By now, there's only one thing left to do. Take the scene for a taste. Don't just jump in and give your best performance yet. There might be something technical you need to improve on. So run the scene once or twice and review the footage. Make sure you're happy with all the technical aspect, and once you're completely happy, go for it. 8. 08 Intro And Performances: just like then gathering info video. This lesson is also thoroughly covered in our commercial casting for actus course. But if it is a self take for a commercial, your introduction will usually look something like this. Highly. My name is Martin. I'm 29 years old and I'm an actor with artists. One. I haven't done any competitive work, and I am available for the shooting dates there might have ever request that you answer other questions to, like, tell us more about yourself or what are door sports Do you enjoy? Make sure you take note of thes and answer them. There's always a reason for these questions. Usually it's just to see your personality. We also have an entire listen in our other course on Hard to answer these random questions . So if it's something you struggle with, go check it out. And if you are doing a self day for a TV show or a full, it will usually look something like this. Hello, I'm sure Old er hurt and I'm an actress with artist one. I'm 1.69 meter stall. I'm available for the shooting dates, and today I'm reading for Syria in the weeping willow. The two different introductions are obviously subject to change, depending on what the Carson director wants to see. So if they do not specify what to do in your introduction, use our examples as guidelines, then your performance. Make sure that you stay open to camera and that you don't accept the frame. Be aware off the camera and try to stay in one place unless the scene should be in the whole wide shot due to the fact that you have to move, are under a lot and then do multiple Texas performance until you found the one you are the happiest with. But remember to keep it small, we tend to add more layers. The more takes we do, which is fine. But you'll notice a big difference between your first steak versus the last one. Less is always more. Oh, and in just a side note most phones recording an MP four format. Make sure to send it to your agent in that format, as this is the most commonly used on all devices. Also, make sure yourself so it's not too large. This will cause problems for those on the receiving end 9. 09 Photos: chances are that's most off the time you won't be asking. Submit photos with yourself tape, but if they do, it will probably be just the hit shot on a full body shot. Of course, it's perfectly fine to send a self you took on the day off the self they but try to keep it natural. It's possible. No parting and weird angles and winning down raw. The singer professional hate shot with yourself tape. And here are some good and bad examples off Southee headshots and full body shots theme. 10. 10 Outro: that brings us to the end of our self Tepco's. We truly hope that you took something from these lessons, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will gladly get back. Thanks for watching and please follow skill collector from all courses in the near future. Also, please leave us a review and write this course as it drew helps us to produce more great courses Goodbye on all of the based for yourself journey.