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Hearts! The Perfect Beginner Crochet Project

teacher avatar Khara Plicanic, Photographer, Designer, Adobe Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      How to Hold Your Yarn


    • 5.

      Making a Slip Knot


    • 6.

      Starting Chain


    • 7.

      Triple Crochet (TR)


    • 8.

      Double Crochet (DC)


    • 9.

      Bottom Tip of the Heart


    • 10.

      Other Side (DC)


    • 11.

      Other Side (TR)


    • 12.

      Chain & Slip Stitch


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      You're Finished!


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About This Class

Fun, versatile, and super quick! These sweet crochet hearts can be used for nearly anything. Make them into earrings, tie them onto a lollipop valentine, or make a few as a sweet surprise for someone special.

Great for beginners! Whether you're a crochet black belt, or you've never touched a crochet hook, this class will show you everything from how to hold your yarn and read a pattern, to completing your first crochet heart. Before you know it, you'll be cranking them out lightning fast!

You'll learn:

  • what supplies you'll need
  • how to hold your yarn
  • how to make a slip knot
  • how to chain (Ch)
  • how to double-crochet (DC)
  • how to triple-crochet (TR)
  • how to slip stitch (Sl St)
  • inspiring ways to make use of your beautiful hearts!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Khara Plicanic

Photographer, Designer, Adobe Educator


A professional photographer and designer for more than 20 years, Khara’s a natural born teacher who’s been sharing inspiration & know-how with fellow creatives around the world for nearly two decades. Her fun and approachable teaching style has earned her rave reviews on global platforms including CreativeLive and AdobeMax and she's honored to be a regular presenter at CreativePro, Photoshop Virtual Summit, and DesignCuts Live. She's authored several books with Peachpit and Rockynook publishers, been a featured speaker at a local TEDx event, and does regular livestreams on PixelU and her YouTube channel.

When Khara's not making futile attempts at reclaiming hard drive space or searching the sofa cushio... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome!: Hey there, my name's Keira. And if you're looking for a super quick and easy crush a project, you have found it. I'm gonna show you how to make croquet heart. They're so fun. And you can use them for anything from decoration to jewelry or just letting somebody know that you think they're special. Whether you are a crow, Shea of Black Belt or you've never touched the hook in your entire life, I'm going to show you everything you need to know from how to hold your yarn, how to read a pattern along the way. I'll teach you four different stitches, and before you know it, you'll be cranking out hearts and less time than it took you to watch this video. So grab some yarn and hook and let's get started. 2. Supplies: the supplies for making hearts are really simple. You'll need some yarn. Any yarn will do the bulkier, the yarn, the bigger your heart will be. I'm using sugar and cream cotton yarn in a worsted weight. So worst it is if you've never thought about yarn before. If you think of just the most generic craft yarn you can imagine, that's what worsted is. It's just kind of, Ah, simple weight of yarn, and it's represented with the four here, so bulkier yarns will have higher numbers, and finer yarns will have smaller numbers. Then you need a hook, and again, you can use any hook that you feel like works well with your guard. The larger the hook, the larger your heart will be. I'm using with my worsted weight. I'm using an E hook. That's 3.5 millimeters, and then you need a pair of scissors and that's it. So take a moment now and download the included course. Pdf if you're not sure where to find Cochet Hooks or exactly what size you want, I've got links to all that stuff in the pdf Join me in the next video, and we're gonna talk through the pattern 3. Construction: So before we get into all the stitching and everything, I just want to talk through what we're doing. So you know where this train is headed. This is the Pdf. In addition to the supplies, there's also this pattern, and the pattern is both in graphic form, which is called a chart as well as written out like this. Let's talk through this chart first. It's all got all these funny looking symbols, and then it loosely looks like a heart. So if we look at the legend here, you can see that each one of these funny looking symbols has in a associate ID stitch that goes with it. The chart just shows you literally each stitch that you're going to be making. So if we look at this from left to right, we're going to be starting with chains so we can see that here we'll be starting with chains. Then we've got three Triple Crow, Shay's, the Triple Kirsch A's are noted with this double line on them. Then we've got four Double crow shays, which are these right here, and they have just one little dash. If that's confusing, here's how I remember it as you'll see shortly when you make a triple Cochet you do to yarn overs before you start. So two lines here and when you do double crow Shea, you just do one yarn over before you start. So I like to think of this little slash as yarn overs down here at the tip of the heart will be making another triple Cochet and then we'll just in verse that whole pattern and work our way back up. So then we've got four more. Double Cochet, three. Triple Cochet and then we'll do three more chain stitches and this little dot right here is a slip stitch and then we're done. So in written form, for those of you who prefer that we're going to start with what's called a starting chain, so are starting. Chain will have four stitches, four chains. Then we're gonna put all of the stitches of the heart into the fourth chain from our hook. So that's why when we look up here in the chart, we see three chains and then a big circle here because this big circle is that fourth chain . And if none of this makes sense, please know that it will shortly. I promise. Okay, so then we put all of our stitches in the circle right here. And then this just tells us what to do. So we make three triple rrochet. This is the abbreviation for Triple Crush. A four double Curuchet, one triple crush a back up the other side. Four. Double crush a three triple crush a chain, three stitches and then slip stitch and finish off. So that's it. 4. How to Hold Your Yarn: All right, So for those of you, totally new to this, let's talk about the super basics. Like, how do you even hold your hook and your yarn? Well, if you are right handed, you're gonna hold your hook in your right hand. You're gonna take your yarn and put it. Put the ball somewhere off to the left and you'll have the working yarn in your left hand on the hook in your right. If you are left handed, you're going to do the complete opposite of this and you'll work this way. So if you're left handed, whatever you see me doing, you just mere it the complete opposite. Okay, so how do you actually hold the arm? There's no right or wrong way. Ultimately, it's whatever is comfortable for you and allows you to manipulate the yarn the way you need to. So, personally, what I end up doing is I have my yarn going over here to the left, so I'm holding the end in my right hand. What I like to do is scoop my index finger and my middle finger under the yarn like that, and then I'm gonna lift my index finger and rotate my hand like that. Okay, so it's kind of a swoop. Move. Let me do it again. So my index finger in my middle finger swoop under the yard, and then I rotate my hand and also lift my index finger. So I'm putting tension on the yarn, Really? In two places between where I'm holding it here between my middle finger and my some and then I can control some of the tension by moving my index finger. But then I also have it pinched here between my ring finger and my middle finger. So that's how I'm controlling the tension. So you want to be ableto like as you pull the working end of your yarn, you want to be able to manage that tension with your fingers. It takes practice, and everyone does it a little bit differently. Another thing that some people do is they like to have it over there, pinky as well. That kind of just gives you an extra place. Sometimes if you're yarns really slippery for some reason, sometimes I do that. Or sometimes my hands are just slippery. I don't know, Um and then I do add a little add my pinky there, but most of the time I'm just using my index finger in my middle finger to swoop under the yarn and then lift my index finger up while I rotate my hand around. So it's a swoop rotating. Just remember that it takes practice and don't give up. 5. Making a Slip Knot: this pattern begins with what's called a starting chain. And in order to make a starting chain, we have to put a slip knot on our hook. So in this video, I'm going to show you how to make the slipknot. You're gonna wanna hold the yarn like this in your non dominant hand. So I'm right handed so the yarn goes in my left. If you're left handed, you're going to do the reverse or the inverse I should say, All right, so I've got my yard like this and I'm gonna hold it with my three fingers like this and pointing with my index finger like this when I take that yarn with my other hand and wrap it away from me once and twice And then I'll hold the yarn down below like this. So I've got two loops on my finger. I'm going to take the loop That's closest to my knuckle. Pick it up, pull it across over and set it down on on back on my finger So we've pulled it across the other loop. Now we're gonna pick up that other loop, pick it up, pull it across and off of our finger And then when we pull, we will find that we have created a slip knot, and this is where our hook goes. So go ahead and insert your hook and then pull the tail of the yarn too snug up. That not don't pull it so snug that it's choking your hook because we want to be able to get our hook in here to put our stitches in a moment. So we want to leave a little bit of wiggle room. We can always tighten this down later, and in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to make the chain stitch. 6. Starting Chain: So once we've got our slip, not the pattern calls for chaining four or making four chain stitches. So to make a chain stitch, I'm just holding the flip. Not here with my hand. And all we're gonna dio is swing our hook around and place the yarn over the hook. Then we're gonna slide the hooks so we can grab that yarn and pull it through the loop. That was already on our hook, just like that. And that is one chain stitch. So we're gonna make three more for a total of four. So repeat, we're gonna yarn over, grab the yarn, pull it through. That's to chain stitches. Yarn over. Grab the yarn. Pull it through Is three and yarn over. Grab the yarn. Pull it through four chain stitches. When we look at our work, it's important to know what we're looking at. So at this point, we should see this loop that's on our hook. And then we should see four pairs of loops and I always think they look like lips. So we have the single loop that's on our hook, and then we have four pairs of lips, so I'm gonna slide my hook out here we have 1234 pairs. So in the next video, we're going to start making the heart shape with three triple crush a. 7. Triple Crochet (TR): as a pattern. Notes. We're gonna be placing all of the stitches for this heart in the fourth chain from our hook . So when we put our hook in there, we're going to count down from our hook. We've got one right here. One pair of lips, one chain 234 So this is the fourth chain. So when we put our hook in here to make the stitch, where do we put it? Well, if we think of this again is a pair of lips, there's an upper lip and a lower lip or bottom lip. We're gonna be inserting the hook under the upper lip. Okay, so not yet. Not yet. Let's put our hook back in. All right, so we're gonna make three triple crush A And before we insert our hook there, we have to load up our hook with yard. So a triple Crow Shay is a tall stitch. So we're gonna load up with two yarn overs, so that means we're gonna yarn over yarn over and then we're gonna insert our hook under that upper lip of was either the fourth chain from our hook or it's also happens to be the first chain that we made. So under that lip, then we're gonna yarn over and pull up a loop. Okay, so now our hook has four loops on it. Now we're ready to off load, and this is a triple Cochet. So that means we're going to be offloading in three sets of two. So here's how we do that. We yarn over and slide that yard through to loops the 1st 2 loops on our hook. Now we have three loops left, so that was one set of offloading. Now we're gonna off load again. Another pair of lips of loops, soul yarn over. Pull through to two loops, left, urine over, pulled through to And that is a triple Crow Shea. So we have our starting chain here on. Then we have one triple Cochet, and then we have a loop down here, and it's OK that this is a an open circle. We're gonna close that at the end. So it's kind of good that it's open right now because it's got a hold. All of our stitches. Okay, so that was one triple kirsch A. We need a total of three. So we need to make two more. So here we go again. We yarn over twice. Urine over, yarn over. Insert our hook under that loop. Then we yarn over. Pull up a loop. We've got four loops on her hook. We're ready to start offloading in pairs of two, so we yarn over, Pull through to three loops. Left your no over pulled through to two loops left urine over. Pull through to second triple Curse a done one more to go. So again we do to yarn overs yarn over yarn over. Insert our hook yarn over. Pull up a loop, ready to offload in sets of two and we always start our offloads, at least for the stitch by doing a yarn over and pulling through. So you ran over, pulled through to urine over. Pull through you. You aren't over pulled through to and there you have it are starting chain and three triple crush A. Join me in the next video, where we will make four double crushing 8. Double Crochet (DC): If you can make a triple car, Shea, then you already know how to make a double cursing double crow. Shays, begin with just a single yarn over. So we yarn over and then just like before, insert your hook. Urine over. Pull up a loop. Now, we've got three loops on our hook and we're ready to start off loading. So we're gonna urine over Pulford, too. Two loops left. Urine over. Pull through to so it's a little less work to do. A double crush? A So that was one of them. The pattern calls for four. So we're gonna make three more yarn over. Insert your hook. Urine over. Pull up a loop. You're in. Over. Pull through to urine. Over. Pull through to two down. Two to go. Urine over. Insert your hook. Urine over. Pull up a loop. You're in. Over. Pull through to yarn over. Pull through to one left. Yarn over. Enzo, your hook. Urine over. Pull up a loop. Three loops on your hook. Urine over. Pull through 22 loops left, urine over. Pull through to All right, So now we've got our Chain three Triple crush, a four double Cochet. And in the next video, we're going to make the tip of the heart with a single triple crushing 9. Bottom Tip of the Heart: All right. So if you can see loosely the shape that we're making our hearts actually upside down. So this is the hump of the heart. It will be the left hump, I guess, from the front from one side, anyway, Ah, and its humps around like this, and then we're going to make the point down here. So the point is just another triple Croce. So again, we're gonna do to yarn overs. You're in over your in, over. And now we're ready. Toe, insert our hook, pull up a loop and now offload So yarn over. Pull through to three loops left, urine over. Pull through 22 loops left, urine over. Pull through to And that becomes the tip of our heart. In the next video, we're gonna work our way back up the other side with four more Double crush a 10. Other Side (DC): to bring it home and head up the other side of the heart. We're going to do four Double crush A. So, again, that's just a single yarn. Over. Insert our hook. Urine over. Pull up a loop. Urine over. Pull through to urine over. Pull through to one. You're in over and start our hook. Urine over. Pull up a loop. Urine over. Pull through to urinate over. Pulled through to there's two. We're going to do that. Two more times. Urine over inside our hook. You're in. Over. Pull up a loop. You're in. Over. Pulled through to urine. Over. Pull through to one left. Urine over insecure hook. Urine over. Pull up a loop. Urine over. Pull through to urine over. Pull through to So now we've done four double Cochet up the other side of the heart. We're getting close. Can you see it? In the next video, we will do the final three triple chrissake. 11. Other Side (TR): Can you feel like we're getting so close? All right, three more triple crow shape. So that means we yarn over twice. You're in. Over your in. Over. Insert your hook. Urine. Over. Pull up a loop. So much off loading to do. We've got four loops on our hook. Urine over. Pull through to urine. Over. Pull through to urine over. Pull through to all right. Two more of those urine over yarn over. Insert your hook. Pullup loop. Yarn over. Pull through to urine over. Pull through to your no verbal through to one more to go. You're in over yarn over. Insert your hook. Pull a blue urine over. Pull through two and over. Pulled through to, you know, verbal through to boy. You're going to be hearing that in your sleep. Okay, Look, a close We are. We just have to make our chain three and connect it down. Here we are. Almost done. See, in the next video 12. Chain & Slip Stitch: All right, So we're gonna finish this hump of the heart with three chain stitches. So if you recall from earlier, a chain stitch is nothing more than a simple yarn over and pull through. So one to three. Now we have this funny little appendage hanging off of our heart. Here. What we need to do is bring this appendage down into the circle of the heart. So to do that, we're going to do what's called a slips. And that is basically kind of like a chain stitch. Only you do it around something else to anchor the stitch down. So we're going to bring our hook into our circle again. Yarn over, pull up a loop and then just keep on pulling that same loop right through the loop on our hook. Yeah, you made the heart. Doesn't look quite right, though. Yeah, does it in the next video. Let's finish this off and you'll have a heart you could be proud of. 13. You're Finished!: All right. So to finish this off and make it look like a heart, we're going to secure this last stitch by doing basically like, one more chain Onley We're gonna yarn over, pull it through and then just keep on pulling. Then we're gonna grab our sisters, snip it off, pull the yarn ball out, and we're gonna have to tales here. One is the yarn that we were just stitching with And the other is the original tale from when we began this whole project And that's the one we're gonna grab. And when we pull it, it's basically going to be like a drawstring. Give it a good tug and it will close our heart down like so. And now we have a heart and you can use the ties back here. I'm just going to make a little Not on the back is this called a square knot? I never remember, But just not it off. I'm going to make too little knots. And then, you know, you could use this to hang your heart on something or if you don't want thes, you could weave the tales ends. You could use your hook and just kind of insert your hook and pull these through and we've them in a little bit and cut off those ends so you leave it probably through a couple stitches, and then you could snip it off like that, or depending what you're going to do with us. I, um, would just cut it off close to the not back there, so there'd be a little bit of a not on the backside. And then this would be the front side, and that's all there is to it. Isn't that amazing? You just took some yarn and hook and you made a heart. 14. Congrats!: Thank you so much for watching. Please take a picture of all your cute hearts and post them to the course project so everybody can see and enjoy them. And of course, be sure to check out my other classes here on skill share. And I wish you many happy hours of stitching.