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Happiness Secrets: 14 Life-Changing Lessons

teacher avatar Nitesh Gurnani, Face Reader | Life Lover | YouTuber |

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. The Happiness Bundle: Course Introduction

    • 2. Knowing about Beautiful Mind

    • 3. Rewiring Toxic Thoughts for Better Life

    • 4. Unwinding Karma for Positive Imprints

    • 5. Unravelling the Source of Happiness

    • 6. Miracle of Positive Thinking

    • 7. Power of Gratitude

    • 8. Effective Law of Relationships: The Vedanta Way

    • 9. Secret Power to Heal Hurt

    • 10. Neutralizing Superstitions for Better Mind Management

    • 11. Decoding Lucky & Unlucky Days

    • 12. Doing One Thing

    • 13. Vedantic Insights for Better Decision Making

    • 14. 8 Golden Tips for Instant Impact

    • 15. Affirmation for Positivity & Success

    • 16. Final Words: Happiness Bundle

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About This Class

Learn how to live life as an art and master the secrets of happiness.

Happiness is not something that happens to you, but something that you can create and cultivate. In this course, you will discover how to rewire your toxic thoughts, unwind your karma, and unleash your inner potential through the power of affirmations. You will also learn how to apply the ancient wisdom of Vedanta to make effective decisions and improve your relationships.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Know and love yourself by understanding your subconscious beliefs and patterns

  • Rewire your toxic thoughts by using positive affirmations and meditation techniques

  • Source your happiness from within by knowing your true nature and purpose

  • Heal your hurt by forgiving yourself and others

  • Manage your relationships by using the law of attraction and communication skills

  • Unwind your karma by understanding the cause and effect of your actions

  • Love your work

  • Know about a beautiful mind by exploring the concepts of the subconscious mind.

  • Decode your lucky and unlucky days

  • Neutralize superstitions by using logic and reason

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Live life as an art by applying the principles of happiness to every situation

  • Master the secrets of happiness by using the 5 thriving powers available to you

  • Lead a happier life by creating a positive mindset and a joyful attitude

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to live life as an art and master the secrets of happiness. Enroll today and get ready to transform your life for the better.

This course is created by Nitesh Gurnani,  who has helped thousands of people find their happiness and purpose. He will guide you step by step through the practical and spiritual aspects of happiness and show you how to live life as an art.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitesh Gurnani

Face Reader | Life Lover | YouTuber |



Nitesh Gurnani is the Founder of ChehraSpeaks & Life Lover who has been featured across international Media as an entrepreneurial Face Reader and Physiognomist. Nitesh Gurnani has a mission to impact 1 Billion people to lead a balanced life both personally and professionally. His platform empowers people to tap into their inner potential, conducting compatibility and career readings as well as offering empowerment coaching.


His personal experience extends over 9 years, however, he founded ChehraSpeaks, not until 2017. He is driven by the passion to enable people, personally and professionally to improve their lives by giving them the ingredients to harness their inner power by an elaborate understanding of their own personalities.

&... See full profile

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1. The Happiness Bundle: Course Introduction: At some point or at many points in our lives, we are bound to go to a strategy of sensor. You may feel like you're struggling in your relationship. You may feel stuck with your finances or a jury decision that you're making is going on, you may feel that happiness is a long pursued, which is not for you. Sometimes life can be tough, challenging, full of trouble, and tomos understand those students pretty big, which dropping me to learn more about length. Again, deeper understanding of changes we need to make within ourselves. And this course is a culmination. Earnings I need for my spiritual gurus and scientific researches with a happier life and life that mode meaning way. I am the piece we're nanny and build upon. I wasn't aware of the concept of life. My life was a lot more being too. The way I live my life. A greater understanding for why certain things happen, the solid and why some people are more positive and my need and adores by some ONE bought by working with and my, some of them are happy in their relationships or others or not. That's why I created the happiness binding, which contains 14 incredible learnings to lead a happy life, we understand the salary changes and understanding. You need to give them a lave. You manifest it best. I feel blessed and fortunate that tool, the squares, we have already impacted more than 10000 students laced positively in this entry being coercive and low in these pens of a happy late, you will understand how to eliminate your toxic toys. This course, we will show you the sources of real happiness. New Indian effective skills of decision-making and positive thinking. You will be able to identify the laws behind keeping your relationship. Andy, from this course, you will get the opportunity to achieve the power of forgiving. You will master the skills to get rid of superstitions. Not only you will learn about the important life concepts, but it will you everything you need to discover concerning practical ways to boost your sense of meaning and made. By studying this course, you will have the right channels for having a stable and balanced our process, which will guarantee a fulfilled usual. So what are you waiting for enrolling in this class? Late 08, which will hand you the secrets of a happy life. 2. Knowing about Beautiful Mind: Hi, this is the tes, good nanny and welcome to this course, which will help you lead a greater and a happier life. In this lecture, we are going to understand how our mind functions, neuroplasticity of mine, and the role thoughts play in shaping our mind. As per Western terminology, we can differentiate the mine between conscious and subconscious mind. Conscious mind works when you're active, when you're not in the sleep state. It's the mind through which you are listening to these lectures. It's actually called is a reasoning mind or a thinking mind. Conscious mind is like a captain of the ship. It's the mind through which your thoughts actually enter into your subconscious. Whereas your subconscious mind is like an army following the captain, which is the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is a bag of thoughts which has entered through your conscious mind. It could be negative or positive as reasoned by our conscious mind. You can also call it a memory bank. Your subconscious actually supports you in whatever you think. It's like another muscle into your body. But in a form of thoughts, repeated thoughts over the lifetime becomes your beliefs and habits. Then many face as a habituated response to a particular condition. For example, if you see a plastic bottle with a cap on it, your cap is actually the conscious mind, but the area inside the bottle is subconscious mind. So through conscious mind, which here is a cab, is how thoughts are entering into the bottle of your subconscious and whatever thoughts you are giving him, it is going to come out in your life through your actions or your habits. So a pointer here is always lead positive thoughts, get into the bottle of subconscious to manifest positive and carried results in your life. Let us understand the difference Depot. Through this example, you may have one of these beliefs ingrained into your subconscious from childhood. Maybe your mother has told you this, or your friends may have told you. Let us ponder on the two-thirds. First thought, people are out there to get me. Or the second thought, everyone is out there to help me. If you believe people are out there to get you there, all forces within your subconscious bottle will make you believe that everyone around is bad. And you will always be left experiencing bad results into your life. And hence, you won't be trusting people. It's like you will attract bad people and bad results because your subconscious belief is like that. Whereas if you think people are out there to help you, you will find raise of opportunities available at your disposal. The cosmic help, which you have never imagined is going to arrive to you. This is a more positive choice which you should adopt. Your mind is trained without you even realizing from the suggestions and beliefs super-imposed from your childhoods, just remember whatever you are going to put inside that bottle. You will manifest. Bible says as within. So without. Here it brings us to another important aspect of how our subconscious beliefs gets formed. There are three factors responsible for shaping our conscious and hence the subconscious states of mind. Learning or cognitive experiences, which means what we learned from our Windows, what we see in the movies, what we yield forms out experiences which then becomes our belief. And that is the first factor. For example, we have learned in our childhood to cross the streets, seeing on both sides of the road. Now our subconscious muscle activates, Even if we're not consciously employed in the process of crossing the road. Riding a bicycle is also a subconscious process of you driving the bicycle, even tying your shoelaces. All of these are results of your learning in childhood, which has now become a part of you, even when you're not conscious of it. The second factor involved in making a belief is repetition of a particular thought which gets ingrained into your subconscious. The moon, you repeat a thing consciously, the more hard and your belief about it will become. Let's give you an example. If you have been criticized in your childhood days by one of your parents saying that you're not good enough, you'll have the belief of lack for you. This belief has been planted through your conscious mind wherein you excepted hearing that comment repeatedly, which has now become the part of you and your subconscious. It is a belief which through repetition has kept you feeling town in life. The best part is you can break all those belief consciously and cultivate love, freedom, man mode, believe in yourself and your ability. Will discuss one of the amazing tasks to change the subconscious conditioning later. The third factor responsible for affecting our conscious mind is our conscious attention span. This means, the more we think on something, the more that part we'll get into our subconscious. That is actually law of association and conditioning. Hence, it is very, very important for you to realize what you are letting into your mind. Just remember whatever you put into the bottle inside you. You will manifest plant, you're thinking consciously with positive thoughts. Speak good of others. Always. Even if something doesn't happen for you in the way you expect. Take it in as an experience of success because it will open new doors of success for you. You know, it's entirely okay when you're speaking and wishing good for others, even for the enemies. Because internally you're attracting positivity for you by speaking good for them. This aspect I'll clear in the further lectures. But as of now, just remember that you also have to speak good for others. Heater, it is something which actually binds us, but love is something which frees us. So always and always make the point that you only enter positivity into the bottle of your subconscious if you haven't been doing it from now. Universe will always reward with the VCU thing, each and every single time, either good or bad. It won't differentiate. If you put in the bottle consciously a good thought, you'll manifest good. But if you put bad, you will manifest negativity. Believe me, it has changed my life. And as a student of great life, I know it'll change yours as well. 3. Rewiring Toxic Thoughts for Better Life: Hi, this is the days go nanny and welcome to this course, which will help you lead a greater and a happier life. In this lecture, we are going to discuss on the effects of toxic thoughts and how we rewire it in our subconscious mind. Your, it is important for us to understand the equation of suffering arising out of toxic thoughts. Toxic thoughts are negative thoughts which arise basically out of anger or ego or less, or jealousy from someone. What these thoughts actually do is they fire a negative emotions into our mind, which then leads us to feeling low and technology. And hence we feel deprived and feel depressive often into alle. It actually goes like this. Toxic thoughts produces negative emotions, which leads to low energy, which results in depression and the provision in our lives. Let us learn how to rewire a toxic thought. And although the neural pathways of your mind, first is being conscious attention in a certain meaning, what you want to change. The minute you catch that thought, or a belief or a habit. Consciously think positive over it. Whenever that toxic thought arises in your mind. Overpower it with a positive thought. Take it as a dosage which a doctor recommends for an enlisted cure. For example, if you have to take three times a day medicine, you take it right. Similar is with this. That is how you rewire. Reinforce positive thoughts ten times a day. Let us discuss an example. Say your colleague in a team doesn't like you and always speak bad a few until this moment. You always have this feeling of hatred towards him or anger towards him that he or she is bad. And somehow you are working just for the common goal that you have to work for a team. The minute you cast this third, that you are being angry or a toxic thought is coming when you are seeing him. Just to reinforce a positive thought that he brings the best out of you. Thing that he or she pushes you to become bigger and better. He or she doesn't want you to be in a comfort zone, which actually is going to benefit you in boosting your skill set and impressing the employer. In some time, you will start observing that relationship in between both of you will start to improve and you will get better results for your team. Repeating positive thoughts is the key year. Even if someone has been bad with you, Don't let that situation impact your thinking in tone, your mind negative. Remember this thought, life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent of how you react to it. During the time when things are not happening as per you. Just think that universe giving you an opportunity to learn something more, to do something more in your life, universe is presenting an opportunity. It's presenting to you to garner more out of life. It's present you how to become a real, real diamond. Just remember when more pressure is applied to you, the more diamond you are becoming. Let me give you my example here of how I revised my mind. The words of positively, in 2019, I was in a job well-paying, but there was an education loan with high levels of interest on me. I always used to criticize life saying that I was born to stay poor. Riches are not my cup of tea. Always pondering whether I will ever be able to live a good life. Always feeling that loan is, you know, by these toxic thoughts, I actually kept attracting deprivations and low energy in my life. But when I learned the law of positivity, law of attraction, I worked on consciously changing my subconscious beliefs and rewired all those toxic thoughts through consciously thinking positively. I started thinking that through higher education loan, universe wants me to do more. You reverse wants me to actually get in the Hall of Fame for it wants me to do greater and bigger over. I actually got more increased opportunities and contracts with organizations to deliver my face reading services. Also, you know, I started getting bonuses on my salary. My bank has reduced the interest rates because government has started a program waiver on EMI's. So it's nothing of my bragging. This is only an example that you attract what you think and what do you think is actually what you become? And that is how you actually rewire positive thoughts. I did it and I changed my life. And similarly, I want you guys to actually change your life through positive thinking. 4. Unwinding Karma for Positive Imprints: Hi, this is the taste good nanny and welcome to this course, which will help you lead a greater and a happier life. In this lecture, we are going to learn the bar of karma. As highlighted in the open initiates. Karma means actions which you are doing towards something in life. See, you are working nine to five in a jaw. That is the action which you are doing, and that is forming your karma. Now your important thing to realize is intention or motor with which the work is done. That is actually going to decide the fruits of your action. And it's going to create mental impressions in your mind. Let us clarify it through an example. Let us say you have Henry or friend in one of the physics assignment. Now with what intentions you have helped your friend is going to define your karma. There can be three intentions possibly here. One could be that you have held your frame out of generosity or kindness and you haven't expected anything in return. Then what are the mental impressions you have planted in your mind? You have planted impressions of kindness and generosity, which will then become a habit of yours. It actually becomes one of your sons scars, which is a Sanskrit word for Indian sees. In the other case is if your professor has asked you to help your friend, what mental impressions that we form, you will form impressions of obedience in your mind, right? The other aspect is you can help him thinking that he will help you in something other or some of your assignment through this, the mental impression which you are creating is that of a barter, right? And that is how you are shaping your sons. Pass. The same act of a soldier and a terrorist of killing someone is distinguished and celebrated only through the intentions with which it was done. So, important point here is to always create positive mental impressions into your mind, which will result in forming tendencies and habits. So positive your thoughts and positive your mental impressions be you will form good habits and good sense scars. So never adopt any forms of cheating, lying, or speaking bad of others. Because it will only create bad mental impressions in your mind. Right? Always remember, karma becomes a karma yoga. When it is done with the most beautiful intention in the mind, it actually demonizes the work you are doing. An important learning here is that variable you work, work with a positive frame of mind and place your vote with love. If you're not liking it pretty to the universe to get you to a better place. But don't speak words of heat rate for your present job or employer. Because through that you are creating wrong mental impressions and non signals in your mind. And hence, what will happen? You'll attract bad things into early. 80 percent of firsts are clean and conditioned to believe that our employers are bad and our managers are bad. They always soak us with the work. And what we actually are doing is we actually buy into the mindset of our POs and friends, right? Hence, we attract what we believe through our subconscious and cast bad mental impressions into our mind. The minute we think that this is going to happen in job, the first mental impression or signal which you have given to your mind is negative. So how can you expect a positive result in early? How can you expect your manager to give you bonuses? From this moment? Cheese that belief, and breathe that belief of hatred if you have, because where you are right now working was something you were craving for months. Universe has blessed you to work at a place which at this moment is someone else's dream. Remember to put positive mental impressions. Let us now discuss the effects of karma through the example of physics assignment, where you have head your frame. The first is the immediate effect, which you can observe. The first effect is an external effect wherein your friend has passed in the examination out of the healthcare than for this assignment. The second effect is the subtle effect. It's the mental impressions you have formed in your mind, as we have discussed, right? Third effect is the cosmic effect, which occurs when you have selflessly Harold someone and you receive universal health unexpectedly out of nowhere. But it is like an absolute gift which you can never, never imagined. Have this charting your mind, your action, create your son scars, which creates your habits, which creates a character, and then it creates your estimator. So always cultivate positive mental impressions. When you are working, the idea of karma is to elevate you. It is through the work. You realize the beauty of life and gain the power of Weston. So always love your work. And the reverse will guide you getting the best out of you. 5. Unravelling the Source of Happiness: Hi, This isn't this would nanny and welcome to this course, which will help you lead a greater and a half the OLA. In this lecture, we are going to study the source of happiness as reflected through the mandu, kill, punisher Punishment, which was published long back. And you'll be truly fascinated with how beautifully it has proved that happiness is independent of any objects. And it is right within you. They have classified it to the three states we go through the whole day. The first state is the waking state, where our senses are fully awake. Our mind is fully awake and functioning. Then they described the second state, wherein we are in a dream state when in our subconscious mind is actually working and we actually feel the reality of a tree. For example, let's say you see a tiger in a dream, right? You'll feel fear even in the dream, right? If you feel thirsty in your dream, you will feel the need of water and you may get conscious. And then you actually drink it consciously by waking up. But when you're in the third state, which is a dreamlike state, your mind shuts down, your sensors shuts down, but you still experience Do you know what you experience? You experience absence there. That's why when you wake out from a tree seamlessly, you feel happy. And in that experience of absence, notice, you had nothing with you literally no object was there with you. You didn't even remember that time you slept for? Unless you see the clock in the morning. During that phase of absence, you experience absolute happiness, an absolute bliss, which proves that happiness is independent of objects. Objects can definitely give you pleasures, but happiness is right within you. Write. This also says that it doesn't mean that you shouldn't in four objects in your life. It is only emphasizing minded that happiness is right within you. It is important for you to understand that objects like car definitely augments your lifestyle, provides you with ease of going from point a to point B, but to live your life feeling that only via regard, then I will be happy. That is like an anticipation for happiness, an attraction to something which isn't yet there, which will only yield heard every single day. Have that goal to get a jaguar or a BMW or a Ferrari. But realize that these objects can give you pleasure for a period of time. But the real source of happiness is right within you. You will feel happy at all times if you train your mind beautifully. Happiness is also a habit like any other habits, you have. Low wind to see the beauty in all the things, and you will cultivate happiness at all times. Always how a check on what you are putting inside as food through your eyes. Oreo's could content will always produce happiness hormones. Let's now discuss what are the causes of unhappiness. The first coil, as we have discussed, is the kind of neurocircuits you have pond through your sense organs. The kind of training you have given in your mind, the kind of beliefs you have formed without even knowing how you have formed it. If you have trained your mind to think negatively at all times, you will produce negative emotions always. So keep that check of having a positive thought oil-based, consciously do it. The other cause for unhappiness is doing ISA, which means not knowing where actually happiness lies. When you see an anticipate happiness and object. Even when you attain an object, it can only give you pleasure for a certain period of time, but not forever. So remember that true happiness is right within you. It's the real nature of you. It's only that you need to appreciate beauty in everything universe has offered to you. Let us discuss it through an example. I bought an Amazon Alexa few days back. I was waiting in excitement for the delivery of it. It showed that it'll come in the next seven days. Then the countdown went down to three days. Then it actually came, you know, all of us in the family. We're very excited for the first 70 days, but now it's just camped there. And no one in our family is really bordered and no one even talks of it. This is just an example of you're telling that don't seek happiness in objects. It's a false perception of happiness. Train your mind with positive thoughts. Train your mind. Working on removing the subconscious beliefs which are in serving you and fill them with love and magnificence. I am telling you the moment you try doing that, you will see great results manifesting in your life. 6. Miracle of Positive Thinking: Hi, this is a taste good nanny. Welcome to this course, which will help you lead a greater and a happy OLA. In this lecture, we are going to study the principles of positive thinking and print practices as given in the Vedanta theory, which can make your experience of life beautiful and amazing. Remember that what you're thinking is what you are becoming. In fact, the objects which you see around yourself, chair, the table, the mobile phone. The dream of getting an electric car by Elon Musk was all the thought than the reality, right? Then it become a reality. So through thought is how you are shaping your mind. Let us discuss the three principles of positive thinking. The first one is what you repeatedly think. You become repeatedly cultivating thoughts of happiness, thoughts or burglaries, parts of success is going to add more and beauty and happiness in your day. But if you are conditioned for worry, thinking that always bad happens with you, thinking that you are always unlucky. That is, only what you are going to attract. You will get unlucky results in your life. The second principle is what you've repeatedly feel you will experience. So if you're feeling happy, you will experience positive states of mind. But when you're feeling negative or feeling Bitcoin is you are speaking ill of someone. You are actually creating negative emotions and hence, you will experience that perpetually dwell on positive thoughts to experience positive emotions. Third principle is what you imagine. You will create. Imagine yourself to lead a great life. Imagine yourself for higher ideals in your life. Dream big. So these three faculties of life, thinking, feeling, and imagination, are meant to augment life, but need to be well guided and trained to function the way your conscious mind desires. It's all about how much you practice. Positivity is what you are going to manifest. Let me share a beautiful story from a great scripture, Ramayana. Here, there was a woodcutter who was very tired, who came in the evening and sat behind a tree. Us thinking that a surface is a bit harder. He just desired that there could be a mattress there so that he could feel more softer and he could feel cushioning and he'll be more happy then we know what happened. Actually, the mattress appeared in front of him and he actually get that question in his bed. Then he thought that I'm feeling tired. My legs are painting. Maybe someone should have been there to massage my feeds. Then suddenly what happens? So it's appealed and started massaging him. Then he desired for a food that also POD lots of varieties. Later in the night he imagined, Oh my God, tiger may not come and eat him. Tiger eventually came and ate. That tree under which he was sleeping was a culpa through tree. Culpa through is a Hindi word. The English translation of it is a dream fulfilling tree, which grants you all that you wish for. In this context. The tree is the universe who responds to what you think and reflect upon yourself. It signifies whatever you think can manifest into a reality. So regulate the content of your mind, what you are taking through the senses, through your eyes, and throw your videos. This means controlling on all those activities which are not serving you well. Stop watching all those TV series, which has really been impacting your mind to think in a wrong way. Listen to Positive songs and not two songs which lets you feel lonely. There are songs like that. I also used to listen to them, but I stopped. These are the conscious level efforts which you can make to bring amazing changes in your life. In the later part of the course, I will also share the list of positive songs and affirmations to change the conditioning of your mind positively. 7. Power of Gratitude: Hi, This isn't the case when NAMI and welcome to this course, which will help you lead a greater and happy early in this lecture, we are going to low and the magic you create. And you had an gratitude for what is being offered to you, avoid is being given to you. It's very important to realize that each of our life is different from one another. Each of us has a different phase. Each of us were born with a unique fingerprint. So from start, we were actually different. And we actually tend to compare aligns with our friends, with our relatives, with a physical objects and luxuries they own in their life. And we often feel unhappy looking at Ally, feeling that we don't have a car. We wrote have a girlfriend, we don't have a house which they have. And that only creates unfulfilled desire and casts wrong mental impressions and signals in your mind. You would have observed around yourself this fact that some videos are happy, some are depressed, some relationships are successful. Some are not. Some people are happy without owning anything or any object, but some are unhappy even when they have a Ferrari or a jaguar or a big house. You know, the heart of all of it boils down to the level of contentment and gratitude you have in your life. Some of us are placed with inheritance of money. Now we gauss. But some of us are blessed with lots of skills, minded, lots of skills, lots of talent. Who can make that much money. And that, and by that bigger car, by that bigger house through the talents and skills, right? Let me tell you a great story of where we can add that here, who turned out to become the great leader and is inspiring generations of India and across the board. You know, we, we can. And thus father was an attorney, very rich, but he used to donate lots of as well for the benefit of poor people. It doesn't use to save a lot for his future. 1d we can analyse mom asks him that, asks your father what your father has given you in life. Then this young boy, 20 years of age, goes to his father and ask what you have given to me. You only give everything to the tours and do nothing for us. Then the father replied, go and watch yourself in the mirror. He saw himself in the mirror. And his father told him that this is what I have given you, a healthy body and a healthy mind. And through that way you can endow, went on to speak and the US parliament. He helped shape the future of many, you know, he didn't had food for ten days in a row. But at the end he changed life. And it's such a strong inspiration for us. So have gratitude for what you have, for the food you are having like now. For the wonderful body you have, for the beautiful functioning of your sense organs. Your ability to see, your ability to heal, your ability to think, and your ability to add. The roads you travel, the breathing which happens in your body, the heartbeat, which isn't even skipping a beat. Can you even imagine paying a dollar per heartbeat? No. Level. We all have been born with a lot of gifts in our life. We just need to start seeing them. And we need to time the universe for each and every blessing we have received. In any form. Nothing will then become a constraint in our life. You know, we, we kinda used to say this thing. If you have these three each in your life, then you don't need any other thing in your life. The first edge corresponds a head to think. The second age response, a heart to fail. And the third edge corresponds two hands for doing things. You can achieve any goal in your life through the three h If you have in your leg. So the point here is to bless and be in gratitude for what is being bestowed on you from the divine. And make the most of your blessing to get what you want in life. 8. Effective Law of Relationships: The Vedanta Way: Hi, this is the days were nanny and welcome to this course, which will help you lead a greater and a happier life. In this lecture, we are going to learn about the law of relationships. How and when you really need to enter in our relationship. This was one of the profound loadings given by my spiritual guru per hour, Azekah, the van and up and Nancy, she says, relationships are based on asserted values. And it is all about sharing what you have extra with others. It's about freely giving of whatever extra you have in your life. Which means if you are overfilled with joy, overfilled with communist 0 filled with love, and with maturity, then only you can give those, that share of extra attributes which you have. She sees if you don't have something of value to give, relationship won't work. And this is exactly very, very true in all our relationships. So we actually see that version of us which we desire for ourselves to become. We hope for that in another person and we aspire for that. She says, a bankrupt person can never give. So first become a keyboard, only, then enter into a relationship for the sales that relationships are not meant to be played with. You should enter into a relationship only when you're overflowing with love, confidence, joy. And that is what you want to share with others, right? He says that you should develop these faculties and become rich on all of these faculties. Then is when you will enter into a devotional relationship. I learned from one of my professors this point that you always should grow in love and never fall in love. So do make any relationship both we have to first train our mind for happiness, for calmness, and for stabilization. That is when we will actually be able to manifest a wonderful long-lasting relationships. Actually thinking on it, after I heard from coal had let me feel that it is so, so true. In the pope initiates, it is said that there are four Purusha, arthritis or purposes in the real life. The first one is Dharma. The remark corresponds to the variety of slumming. But second is Arthur. Arthur corresponds to the wealth which we need to make. Third one is karma. Karma means satisfying legitimate desires. The fourth one is moksha, which means some idea of liberation and spiritual enlightenment. It is there in the way that, that dharma protects him. Who protects them? It destroys, who destroy the AMA. So if you can't handle your emotions met surely, do you think that you will be able to handle other person emotion, naval? So to love, first we have to love ourselves, develop our faculties of mine and getting to a stage where we are filled with confidence enjoy then is when we will make a successful and of hell, the relationship. 9. Secret Power to Heal Hurt: Hi, This is the pace go nanny and welcome to this course, which will help you lead a greater and a half your lay. In this lecture, we are going to learn the miraculous out of, obviously, I call it a miracle to heal all our herds mental or physical. Just ask one question from yourself. Whom do you actually need to forgive? 90 percent the answer will be the one whom you hate the most. And heat is a negative mental impression which you are forming in your mind, which will result in a negative emotion of either angered, ego, hatred for that person. You know, when you are heard from someone, you don't want to be around them, you don't want to talk to them. But in your mind, they are the ones whom you have kept closer to your chest and heart. The minute you'll see them, the anger in you will boil. So this means that you haven't actually freed them from your mind, even though you may have physically separated yourself from them. In the art of experiencing a great and peaceful life. It's so very, very important to forgive each and everyone whom you think has hurt you. I think from a viewpoint that intentionally they wouldn't want it to hold you at the first place. If the way they think it's the way they are actually received things in their life that they are just passing on to you. Let us clear it through an example. Say your father said in your childhood that you are not good, not good enough. And he said that you are worth nothing. And at this point in time, you still are carrying that hatred for him. You actually are keeping all of those thoughts, which he said. And that has somehow become a part of your identity prior to getting into your father's mindset at this point in time, look at his life and see that whether his parents also have shown something of this behavior which he is replicating. And you see the negativity which she has feast. You know, ask from him, Ask your year, your father's story that whether he also in his childhood, had gone through the same beliefs, the same thought pattern is his friends will also help you clear of things. We actually tend to gauge our life, taking that to via other receivers of gloom and doom, right? But that is how we need to shape ourselves. Realize that your father may not want to do things intentionally like that. It's how he has conditioned is mine and he's ignorant of it. But now that you are aware, release him from your heart. Forgiven him, saying that I've released all the pains and hurt IN DO and I set you free, my dad. This is what you need to do for any one whom you have felt hard from. The minute you start forgiving, you start sending signals of prosperity and generosity in your mind, which is responsible for your spiritual and mental upliftment. Realize that more than the person who has hurt you, it is you who is getting affected by that hood. If you keep hatred close to your chest, then in the post sin whereas caused you that unhappiness in their presence, you will make bad decisions, you will speak bad voids, and hence you will cause wrong mental impressions in your mind, which eventually will become a part of your habit. And you will execute the same to your children and surrounding until you consciously decides to forgive and breathe that hold belief. Just to remember, it is only you who can heal yourself. Forgiveness is the greatest power given to you, which may be by this point in time you were not even aware of to substantiate this Bible also Say's Law VA, one another. There is a technique indicated in the book of Louis. Hey, you can heal your life on the art of forgiving. This is a fantastic technique. Let us try that technique right here. Close your eyes. Imagine a person you hate the most. It could be offering your parents, your ex husband or anyone. Say this and repeat after me, I fully free you and forgive you. I release you mentally and spiritually. I completely forgive everything connected with the matter in question. I am free. He is free. And this is truly a marvelous and a fantastic feeling in the art of forgiving, It's very important to realize that when you are aware, just saying that their condition that way from their childhood, It's what they have learned and they're doing it without even knowing it, right? Also, don't forget to refer to the gains you have made in your life because of unwanted statements which were made to you by the person who vote you. For example, if someone said you weren't good enough, but you kept that taught and prove them wrong by achieving great heights professionally and personally, you should actually be thanking them. This will actually help you grow, attaining a comma and a prosperous mine and will help you gain mastery on forgiving. Best part here is you have a mind to understand and you have met, shown us to forgive. So release them from your heart lovingly. It will be an absolute magic. The litmus test to check if you really have forgiven is when you have your good news or a success story for the person you have forgiven. Or what you believe that you have forgiven is that you are still staying the same, having the same mental stability and not feeling any pinch in your mind hearing that they have succeeded in LA, you are in fact wishing them wellness from your heart. That is when you rarely have passed the litmus test of forgiveness. Keep this art of forgiveness with you to attain a greater stability in life. 10. Neutralizing Superstitions for Better Mind Management: Hi, this is that these good nanny and welcome to this course which will help you lead a greater and a happier life. In this lecture, we are going to ponder on superstitions, how they are formed and do they actually hold? Let us discuss a dictionary meaning of superstition. It says, superstition is a widely held but irrational belief in supernatural influences, especially as leading to good or a bad luck, or a practice based on such a belief in indeed is coiled under which paths, which tells us that it is a blind, sort of a fake. Let me give a common Western superstitions, which are there. Friday 13th is a bad day. The reason that Friday 13th in particular is unlucky, is due to the Masahiro Knights Templar by Philip four of France on Friday the 13th. The other one is a black cat. Does bad luck. Crossing your fingers brings good luck. We bought into all of these beliefs unconsciously. And we don't even think before we have put them inside us. As this question from you. Are these belief freeing you? Or I? Are these beliefs? By linear? It's important for us to realize how the superstitious beliefs, we superstitions are hetero suggestions or thoughts imposed on us when we are not even aware of in our childhood, which took form of a belief and you were in repetition of dogs thoughts. It went into our memory bank every time that instance occurred in our life, every time that cat crossed depart. We reminded ourselves for the Herald paths, beliefs or superstition. Which strand in itself that it will bring good bit, will bring bad luck. And hence you repeat the same result which you think in respective of bad or good. What that superstition is actually doing. You know, you are actually giving your part of the third object, which has literally no relationship in your life. Just think for a moment logically. With that cannot be even aware of you. When she is crossing the path. She doesn't even care. She is focused or you're getting to the other side of the door. It you only gave the cat the power of your thought to let that bad occurred to you. In your mind. You only put wrong mental impressions and signals in your mind that it will bring bad luck, which it will definitely depending on how strong that belief isn't. In your mind. Your important thing for you to realize. And the catch is that you are the power. You are the controller of your mind. You are letting that thoughts enter into your mind. You are keeping that belief in your mind subconsciously, which is when you negatively break all of those beliefs we store in Serbia. And you'll harness happiness in your life. Just ask one question from yourself. Whether the belief that you have kept a Soviet new or as I mentioned earlier, is it binding you? If the answer is, it's binding you. And somehow lading you feel lowest, then break them consciously. And here we have to realize that how we break superstitions, we break them by making conscious efforts to break them. Which means do cross that part. Where in cats Walkthrough, especially the blackman. If that's the belief. This way you must have positivity in your head. Think that the cat has formed a beautiful path for you, a divine path for good luck. Things that will open fingers. You can manifest good luck and you will show only thing that Friday will be a fabulous Friday. And it will be, if you feel 30 days, not a great date, put a prefix to this date, and it call it as tremendous 13. Then you will see beautiful thing is happening on this day. Just to realize nothing can, or nothing will hold you until and unless you want them to hold them for you, in your mind, liberate yourself and free yourself from all the superstitious belief which don't serve you and live a life of free will. You will observe more magnificence and absolute beauty because life is what you make out of it. 11. Decoding Lucky & Unlucky Days: Hi, this is the days were nanny and welcome to this course, which will help you lead a greater and a happier life. In this lecture, we are going to discuss on the lucky days and the unlucky days, the lucky T-Shirt of yours, the lucky person in your life, we unlucky person in your life and decode. Whether this lucky actually exist or is it all meet up in the mind? First of all, let us see how we actually code a thing or a person lucky gnarly. So in that situation, when you have achieved something good in your life, you remember that day and you attribute that to be extremely lucky day in your life. For example, let's say you have won a gold medal on last Friday for running a race. So now you have given an input in your mind that Friday is a lucky day for you through this, what you're actually doing is you're making on other days of the week neutral. Or I'm lucky. And you will start observing that input of Friday, which you have given to your mind, is manifesting on every Friday. Every Friday you will observe is going to turn beautiful and positive for you, but not as same as the other days of the week. Because you are given that energy, that thought of positivity on Friday, you're waiting for the Friday, for the next Friday that you are manifesting great results on Friday. However, there is a big, big catch in this. When you have won the gold medal, you have 18 throw a lot of hearts, lot of pains enough took not only on Friday, lot of practice we have done on all days of the week. And then you have 10 middle, which happened to be Friday. But there is use of struggle which you have put in through all those VDS, which now seemingly are neutral or unlucky for you. And this is the signal which you are giving in your mind. So it may happen on other days that you feel lousy, you feel boring or sad. But on Friday you will feel an absolute delight. The reasoning here is when you are giving thoughts, the positive energy on Friday, you are manifesting positive results on Friday. Let us now break this myth of lucky and unlucky days and fill all are working days with energy, with thoughts of positivity, with thoughts of aliveness, with thoughts of magnificence. And I'm going to change something for you. I would like you to revisit and re-energize each of your days of the week. Paste it somewhere in the room which I am giving, going to share with you so that all the days of the week are becoming beautiful days of the week. What's the first days of the week? It's a magnificent Monday. What's the thicken it's a terrific Tuesday. Was the third day or the week. It's the vowel, when is the what's the fourth day of the week? It's Thursday. No, no, no, no, no. It's tremendous. Thursday. Adding a GTPase is a key here. Then the next, the fifth day, what it is, it is a fabulous Friday. The sixth one. What it is, it is a splendid Saturday. The seventh, which is not the last, but the first one. That is a super, super sandy. This is how you are energizing each day of your life to feel more alive in your LEA. Try this. I actually try these habits and it has worked super for me. So keep all these weekdays handy with you. And i'm, I'm sure that you will realize the positive effects. It cost. You know, every, every single day you will feel the next day is a great day. The next day is a magnificent Monday. So when you sleep on a Sunday night waiting for the next day or the work you will feel that is a magnificent might make. And this is how you are changing your subconscious beliefs which have not been shaved well at this point in time, right? And this is how you change them, break them, and turn it into a positive stuff for you. 12. Doing One Thing: Hi, this is the days when NAMI and welcome to this course, which will help you lead a greater and a happier life. In this lecture, I'm going to emphasize on the importance of doing only one thing at a time. You know, we have been conditioned to appreciate multitaskers and multitasking in our life. But what it is doing, it actually deviates you. And it actually deviates your focus from doing a particular thing. Doing that one thing with full devotion and focus. Because of this, we have trained our mind to suffer attention deficiency. This multitasking thing. We fail to focus. Our thoughts are moving on to what our mind and we seem to have no control over them. There is a very important point which I'm mentioning your, let me give you a real life example here. The duality of stuffs which we do. We eat food and watch TV together. We do Gemini and listen to songs simultaneously. When we are cooking, we're video calling or talking with some way. When we are watching movies, we are thinking something else in our life. Even when we're messaging to someone, we may think some other thing. Even when you're listening to this course, you may be thinking that you have to put an alarm for tomorrow morning. The point here is that we improve focus and concentration in our life. We have to focus on one thing and do it with for your heart and devotion. We start with meditation. For adenine to concentrate and focus our mind. We actually close our eyes. When we realize that when we are closing arrays, all the thoughts are rattling our mind. All the thoughts, all the worldly towards our disturbing our mind and we are not able to control them. I would say it's how you have actually trained your money, went throughout in your life. You are doing two or more things at 1 in time. You are actually deviating and training your mind to do multiple things. This means your thoughts will never be stable. In the Vedas, it is mentioned that to improve on meditation and to improve on focus, first of all, what you have to do is you have to do meditation with it opened I, which means when you are conscious, do only one thing. That way you are going to stabilize and achieve greater control in mind. You will add more stability and calmness by our action. You know, Treblinka, the man who described bandwidth Gita. He told, when I drink quarter, I only drink water. This means he has no other thoughts when he is drinking water. So in to improve focus and concentration, just do one thing at a time. If you're watching movie, be fully in it. If you are studying, be fully in it. If you are cooking, only do cooking. If you are talking with someone, then talk with a full heart. You know, by doing this, you're actually energizing your focus to do a single task. And this is what is called an open eye meditation. So now, when you practice this art of doing one thing at a time, you will start observing that when you are doing meditation with Louis eyes, your thoughts will be under your control and there will be calmness and those thoughts, there will be stability in those thoughts, you will experience a no taut state, which is the goal of meditation for longer periods. So practice this amazing part of doing one thing. And you will observe that you are living life with an enhanced focus, concentration and hence driving better results for you. 13. Vedantic Insights for Better Decision Making: Hi, this is the days go nanny and welcome to this course, which will help you lead a traitor and a full array. In this lecture, we are going to discuss five steps as highlighted in Vedas for making powerful decisions in life. Personally for me, they have played a significant role in guiding towards right direction, undertake right steps. The first step as highlighted, is to know all the available options. This refers to looking at all the choices so that you are aware of all the right options. The second step is to know your mindset, your values, and biases. And here you need not go with the majority opinion mindset. This step helps you to be more familiarized with the choices based on your personality makeup. Third step is to evaluate options for SRE mascot and Prescott. Shri asker refers to the preferable choice, which gives long-term satisfaction and pray asker refers to the pledge pleasurable, electable choices, which gives instant gratification. For example, if you are given a choice to have an apple for a breadth-first or a chocolate cookie. Choice of ample is a Sri asker as it has good health impacts, but more detectable, more pleasurable is a choice of a cookie which may not have good health impacts. Just remember that, oh, that glitter is not good. And that is a prayer skirt choice. Strays current gives benefit to large number of people, whereas prayer skirt is restricted to sell. Fourth step refers to the conscious deliberate decision. This means that your subconscious is supporting what your conscious mind is thinking. Your subconscious mind needs to be in agreement with your conscious mind. It also refers to your conscious being supportive of what you're spinning off. And yo your value system. Please, AmiGO rule. Let's say you want to wake up at four AM in the morning, you made a conscious choice, but your conscience or your subconscious is partly convinced whether you will be able to make it or not, whether it's beneficial for you or not, you're not fully convinced of it. Your, It's important that your subconscious should be in agreement with you, that you'll wake up at four in the morning. It's a strong belief which you need to plan based on greed advantages so that you are fully convinced. Your subconscious agreement is very, very necessary. And it is based out on the value systems you have made for yourself from your childhood and from what you have broken the beliefs which are not serving you right now. Through this, you also take the ownership of your decisions. If final step here is to remove all the other choices from your mind once you have made the decision. There is a phenomena of cognitive dissonance wherein once you purchase things you intended afterwards you would think and you made a wrong choice. This, remember at this moment that nature of mind is to swaying. It's like a monkey flying here and they're having an alcohol. So have a control on your mind, gave it a proper training, make conscious efforts towards thinking positive for your decisions. And you won't fall prey to impulsive emotions during the decision making. The five-step process will help you immensely in mastering the art of decision-making. And you'll observe a significant clarity in your mind for all the decisions going forward. So the next time you are making any decision, either big or small, either waking apart for any financial careers. You will observe that you are making more often than not right decisions. And you will observe magnificence and greatness prevailing in your decision-making. 14. 8 Golden Tips for Instant Impact: Hi, this is the days ago, NAMI and welcome to this course, which will help you lead a greater and a half p over life. This is the last lecture in which I am going to share fruitful tips which I have learned in my journey of spiritual development and mental development. These you can incorporate in your life to change the conditioning of your subconscious and tone it more positive. First one is by a vision board for yourself. Write all the things you're grateful for in life, right? To a long-term goals and write to a shock to short-term goals and your goals for this month. This will help you analyze and streamline your energy defined. But you can see the examples of Maya vision board and the documents which I'll be attaching after this video. Second step is to read the life of great people who changed the spectrum of the void. Read the life of the vehicle and listen to Elon Musk his ideas. Listen to Steve Jobs everyday, make it a point to read the life of a great person. What it will do is it will inspire and instill in you the mental impressions of success. It's required every single day. Make it the way of your life, the way you bought every day, the way you have food every day. I hope you do. Similarly make this also a part of your life. Code tip is when you wake up, planned the positive thoughts in mind through the power of affirmations. Ten minutes of performing positive cell for you will do wonders in your life. To be honest, when I go to the washroom early in the morning when I wake up, I put my speakers on entropy, the magical evoking affirmations. You can listen to the formations in the course which is there. And there are many success affirmations available on YouTube, which you can use to actually change the subconscious conditioning of your mind. Listen to Positive songs like Hall of Fame, dream it possible, and many more which you think is positive due also let me know more song Sadat, I also added to my playlist. I actually have a great search for them. For tapas. Customize your life through customization of the objects you use. For example, your mobile phones, your laptop see in the wallpapers, turn them into a positive wallpaper or a positive. Of course, I will share the documents which can help you give an idea of how it needs to be done. Fifth tip is to regulate the content you are letting in your mind through your sense organs. If you are watching anything or any TV series, make sure it's instilling positivity in you. Very, very important if it's not doing it and it's not vote for you. Remember, all of these things create neural pathway and silicates. A normal line with 10 becomes the way we think and the way we then execute stuff in early. So make sure the content you are letting inside you is your LD and beautiful. Be a Watchmen to your mind. Watch all the thoughts consciously. 67 is don't speak bad of others or blame others for your actions. Peak openness of all the decisions you made in light. And this way you will make more clarity and cast positive mental impressions in your mind. 70, see all of the problems as opportunities in your logo into it as a positive thing in which universe wants you to do more. As it is said, necessity is the mother of invention. Subproblem is the mother of opportunities in life. The last step is love. All the things in your life. Loved the bills you pay, loved the taxes, thinking you are contributing for the development of countries. Thinking that you are small contribution will help educate someone. Thinking that it will be food for someone who is more and more kneading. It is our duty to contribute and give back what we have taken from the society. Love your work and do it with foil heart and you will see attracting great promotions in your life, perform any work as ownership. And you will see that divinity with which it rewards satisfaction to you. It becomes a karma yoga, you know. 15. Affirmation for Positivity & Success: Affirmations are the powerful we do change the conditioning of your subconscious. Close your eyes and repeat these magical words after me to experience magnificent success and happiness. I love, I love doing. I am kind of and gentlemen, I am magnificent. I charismatic. Fantastic. I have been I I, well, the I bar to it. I am motivated. I am a born leader. Beautiful. I am experiencing success. Every moment. I was born to be successful. I placed beyond my fondest dreams. Hi, I'm Rich. Money magnet. I believe. I pain when I am receiving, when I minting money every moment, even when I sleep, I standing in the rain of money and having it all. I am the creator of my own reality. I am responsible for all the good and great in my life. Today is one of the best days of my life. I am on a great lay fork. I am the supreme soil. I am loving myself for all or Diane. I come. I am making great decisions for my life. Today is a blessing. Tomorrow is a gift. Each and every moment of my life is beautiful for every human situation and experience is lovely and beautiful. Every experience is a success. And create your new voice loves me. Great unified voice produces amazing results for me. I am blessed with abundance. I am the master of my own thoughts. I deserve all the praises, all the love, all the appreciation and all the accolades in though. I am calm in abundance. I am in gratitude to you for giving me so much. Now, open your eyes tango for such a powerful and amazing experiences I've had. 16. Final Words: Happiness Bundle: First of all, in many, many congratulations that you have learned so far the words low in India, important like principles, having gained the meaning of beautiful remaining principles of positivity, law of relationship, decoding the lucky and these superstitions happened is the five bars to train in this course. I think it's an absolutely right time for you to graduate to learning, to integrate, pass, to change your life. In my next course. In it, I undermine that many secret powers hidden right beneath you, which creep people have used that will unlock you with those of success. But instead it's one of the great powers, is the part of purpose which will help you connect to your live poco is between strain then you during the times of adversity, I have shared a five-minute rule. I learned from Adam that xik, to get your life purpose, the power of love will help you understand the sweetness of your emotions and then give a meaning to your relationship. You have never, ever target the super out of focus. You elongate your attention span and stabilize your mind so that you can control your thinking patterns rather than towards us happening and floating for you. The Power of Habit will help you understand how habits are formed and how you should treat your batteries. The power of words will help you understand the correlation of words you speak to your success in life. Not only have I explain the above five and 15 more passive we did, there is also find mini pass trillion loadings a section specifically with guided meditation and affirmations to change your subconscious conditioning. It's many, many hours, days and months of hard work, love and wisdom which I tried putting in that quest, we just share with you the powerful life learnings, which I again, which has changed my life for short, and I hope that it changes yours is. Without further ado, I would like to once again congratulate you for completing this course. Use a leaf learnings you gain, share this happiness by the masterclass video of friends whom you feel, it will help share with me how you feel about it. And don't forget to check out the ideal path from costs. Thank you once again for your valuable time, love, efforts, and energy throughout the course.