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Handbrake (Decrease your Video Size for the Web)

teacher avatar Marlena Martin, Animator, Artist, Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Understanding the Interface


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About This Class

Learn the ins and outs of Handbrake file compression. This powerful free and open source application allows users to decrease their file size on video content they want to export to online websites like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, their own websites and many more. It's easy to use and a great way for novices and experts to get their video content on the web without any issues or errors. Handbrake is a powerful program that you will enjoy time and time again.

Meet Your Teacher

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Marlena Martin

Animator, Artist, Educator


Marlena is a character animator, artist and educator. She enjoys teaching and helping students reach their full artistic potential. She has a BS in Computer Animation and enjoys photographing nature and all series of Star Trek except Enterprise.

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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Marlena. I'm a character animator, illustrator and educator. And in this series of lessons, I'm gonna teach you how to using program application. Call handbrake is a powerful software application. Allows you to decompress and lord of Compression rate on your videos and also to change or expect ratio. We're confident you want to produce for online or any other type of media. It's free and open source. You don't need any other programs like final cut, pro premiere, pro after effects or any other kind of application get started. I'm gonna teach you how to use this program right out of the box. Why do you need to not Eunice? How many times have you watched a video online and you find the video sputtering? Are taking a long time a plate where pauses a lot. How many times have you tried to upload a video online yourself in the video? Take entirely too long to load and you also have problems where says you're frost sites to be well, handbrake will allow you to upload videos and lower your compression rate 50 to 90%. It's a very popular program and a lot of people use it. I want to teach you how to use it. Step by step. We're gonna go through everything to get you uploaded and started. So if you are ready, let's go ahead. Get started on our next lesson. 2. Listen Up: Hey, guys, Welcome back. So I just want to give you this little bit of information before we go ahead and start the presentation. Now, this is a series that you don't necessarily have toe watch. In order, you can jump around and choose the videos toe wash the ones that you think will work best for you. If you want to know right now, how to use handbrake right out of the box, then go ahead to the last video. Now, after watching the last video, if you want to know some of the other buttons and functions on that system, then yes, previously, go back and go forward. So I just want to let you know that this is theories you don't necessarily have to watch. In order, you can jump around and you'll still earn off the principles and information. Have you with your video compression. So let's go ahead and get started on our next lesson. 3. Download Instructions: All right. Welcome back. So what we're gonna do in his lesson is begin. Go ahead. Installing hand brake on our PCs. So one of the first days we're gonna do is actually go away. Go on the internet, and you're gonna type in hand brake that far, and you're gonna choose the option for that one. And you may have to scroll down a little bit and look for the oneness Is there's a whole bunch of money to pay so far is the one we're looking for. All right, once you get on the page, you're gonna see they have the option for Mac. And this is the one we're gonna down little. But for your own PC, you don't have a Mac. If you have windows and you use either the 64 or a 32 bit, you have a mag. Download this one here. All right. So once you choose your option, you go ahead and install it on your computer, and this is what the icona look like on your PC. So what I would do is give you a few moments to download this program on your computer, and we'll go ahead and get started in our next lesson. 4. Understanding the Interface: Ari, Welcome back. So now we're gonna actually start using the handbrake program. So what you would do is once you double click, the icon over here is gonna open up this application and we're gonna go through everything on this page, step by step. So the first thing is the source. What you would do with the source is, once you click it, it brings down a tab, were largely to upload a project. And the project I'm going to use in this lesson is going to call Nick Pon. And as you can see, it's uploading. And once it's finished, we'll give you this information. So this is the title of the project. Nick Pond. Touch right here. The length, the angle. How many chapters? Now? This is only one project. If you have multiple than you have chapter information here, the duration is how long the project is. It's a total of 32 seconds. Now here is the destination. This nation is where it's going. One is completed. Now, once this project is completed, I'm gonna You can click in here in remain your title. So one unnamed is Nick pon finished and we could browse to choose a location says here is Will Nippon finished? The projects will always be a MP format or M K V file. Um, now, this isn't usually check, but I always keep a check Web optimization This pretty much maze that you're making this content for. Well, the iPod five G support is for Apple. Applications that are filled generation or under allows older Apple products to play. All right, the video coding I would suggest you use this h 0.264 It's a popular one, but you also get other options to choose the frame rate. Now I use the shoes. Same its source file. But you there's a drop down and you can actually go in here, change it to like Now, next there's the quality now is usually predestined at this, our F 20 you can either go down, and when you go down, you're actually decreasing the file size. But it's really pixelated, so you don't really want to do that. Now. If you go up, you're making your file like crystal clear. But at the same time, you're kind of bothered down. So, um, usually keep it in the middle of, um it's usually populated 20 and go up a little bit. It's just whatever you choose. Now, if you don't want to do use this constant quality, you can go here and changed a bit rate if you're gonna use, I usually use a bit rate of 3000 or more. But whatever you feel that you want to use in your project, you're free to do so. To pass and coding just means you wanted to go on a cold two times, you know, usually try to get everything on the first pass. But if for whatever reason it doesn't, you can go for a second pass. All right, so down here is these encoder options. I usually don't use anything down here, so I keep these as they are now. We're on the video tab, but you can also go over to audio. Now is usually English because that's usually what we use here in the US. The Koenigs a C was just trying. You haven't do anything that mixed down in stereo. You always wanna have yours at stereo. You'll see. It also has model. Um, keeping a stereo. Simple ratings auto would just find the bit rate is 1 60 but you can actually going here and manipulated. So whatever you want, you don't have to do anything with the gain or anything else on the page. Now, you'll see if you have more than one audio file, you'll see multiples in here. But we only have one audio, this track. So that's all gonna need. Subtitles is if you want to add sometimes to your project we don't want to, and any and chapters is if there's a whole bunch of things that you're trying to cool and we're not we're only trying to echo what? So we gotta keep that there is? It is. So that's pretty much all the presets that you're gonna be using in here, and what we're gonna do is on the next lesson. We're gonna go into other options applications on the fire that you can also use 5. Presets: All right, welcome back. So we're going to do in this lesson is I want to show you some information about presets. If you click this toggle presets button, you can go over here on the side and you see the different presets that are located on this file. So we have apple presets Universal. We have android windows, phone normal in a high profile presets. If you hover over any of them, it will also give you a description of the presets and tell you what you can do with them with your own project. Clicking on the plus button on the bottom will allow you to use your own dimensions and also create ah, preset with whatever name you want to give it. I'm gonna name this one here, Marlins spade gonna click, add. And as you can see, over on the right hand side, it's listed in the presets tab along with the other presets. And as you can see, the names here in the output settings and also that preset can be used on any project that you have that you want to create in here. If you don't want a preset any war, you just hit the minus button and it'll delete. This is a quick and easy way to use presets on your project. 6. Compress and finish: All right. Welcome back. So here's the final video. We're gonna just go briefly through everything and get you up and running. So you're gonna hit this source bite, and from here, you're gonna choose the video that you want. Uploading your project once the video of blows. If you want to go ahead and change the name. Go in here and I'm gonna changes to Nick Pond. Finish hey, Brown's to make sure that everything's OK. Hit, save. And I see there were savings to the desktop. All right, so we're not changing anything here. I usually go down and change my bid rate to about 3000. But put in anything that you like. If you don't want to change anything at all, you're free to do so as well. I always check and make sure my audio is on stereo. It's on stereo. Great. All right, so I'm not gonna go in my picture settings. And here is the width of my project. I have 15 72 in the height of 10 80. These bags are fine for me in my project. Now, if I want to change them, I can do so by going toe to keep aspect ratio. Right now, I cannot check it. But if I go to anamorphic and I hate custom, it will now allow me to change the height and width, and I could put in different numbers. If you have that box issue where you have the box border on the end that you don't want, you can get rid of that type of 8 96 by 54 That's a 10 80 p s pick ratio. You can look online as well. It goes off what you already have in your heightened with. So check the Internet for tips on coming up with that. Now I can click the preview. But if I want to see a preview of my project, everything looks greatness to the specifications that all right, I'm gonna hit. Start and you'll see that it's rendering at the bottom. The only two settings you actually can use on here is the source and the start button sources. To import your video start is to start rendering your video to your specifications. Now we can see that this video is almost done rendering that's pretty fast. And if you look, it will tell you put down that cocktail. So your handbrake project is done, you can minimize the screen. And now you can actually go. This is the original file I have here, Nick Pon Tomov. And as we can see by checking in specs, it was 41.4 megabytes. So here's the one we just did and we can see it's down 12.5 megabytes. Way hope you enjoy the course. This is a free and easy way to do fire compression. Feel free to subscribe and push your videos below. We love to see your progress.