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Hand Painted Free Motion Stitched Surface Design on Wearable Art

teacher avatar Lidija Miklavcic, Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Introduction


    • 2.

      More Surface Recycle Design Inspirations from my Tutorial Girl Projects


    • 3.

      Fabric Recycle Curved Patchwork


    • 4.

      Skirt pattern without paper pattern


    • 5.

      Doodle Painting - First Layer


    • 6.

      Doodle Painting - Second Layer


    • 7.

      Free Motion Doodle Stitch


    • 8.

      Skirt Finishing


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About This Class


This class will demonstrate handpainted surface design with the graphic contrast of free motion stitch. As an added bonus, the project will be wearable. First, we will recycle an old pair of jeans with curved patchwork stitching. Next, we will make a free from skirt pattern. Finally, we will play with handpainted surface design embellished with free motion stitching. There will be three lessons that could be used in one project or you could make three totally different projects. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Lidija Miklavcic

Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design


I work as self-employed pattern maker-designer a.k.a. Tutorial Girl. I design everything from shoes to clothes and bags … anything I need that I can’t find. I recycle a lot of old jeans into a new hand painted and free motion stitched surface patterns, so my designs are a little bit more personal to me. I have a big wish to become a surface pattern designer some day and the last few years I’m the happiest if my hands are covered with paint. I’ve never grown up and I still live like DIY person.

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1. Class Introduction : course hand painted three motions teach surface design on variable are Hello. I need any clouds and welcome to my class I will show you how toe Use your old bands or any fabric you have and recycle eating toe something like this A long skirt, all these gorgeous stuff only it's a lot of fun drums I shall have to cut the parents how to solve them Backing Gove line then were banged We play me three motion stitches on top of it on Then I showed how toe How to design a line skirt How toe make up talent without any paper Patera, this is super fun and in the end we'll just so our sculpt and go out and enjoying it So computer class on Jeffrey by This is my inspiration project We really recycle old jeans burnt and make a cholera first cut with a lot of emotions Teach for graphic contrast the dimension Corporal, I sank just for fun Just because straight lines are boring 2. More Surface Recycle Design Inspirations from my Tutorial Girl Projects: course and painting. Three emotions teach surface design own. Wearable are I want to show you a few fabric recycle. It's on person. James Back, Back on black jeans. What is spotted? Also want to find Just watch the surface load list design. They see the blues teach lines back. Back. I repeat purple from other parts off the project. Shoulder back with the pocket. You see, I use a lot of nature motives. Find it back. Backpack Fabric. Jordan Eyes Most important for painting with a critic Yours Fabric medium. If your project on the variable, you don't need to use fabric, meaning by the suffers Resisted. Now I want to show you why it's nice to show in court lines. Sorry I didn't either them Before Sean go. I hate no your score to have a few darts on the bad part. They won't be sowing the corn eyes like on this card because we will make our school without any paper. But hey, one more good times Card read for emotion. Next, I'll show you how to recycle pants and sew the fabric backward court lines. This could be a project 3. Fabric Recycle Curved Patchwork : fabric recycle car bedrock made from Jean spent. We are designing a simple alliance card with darts. Measure your skirt belt and peeps and add six centimeters. You could also measure yourself. Instead, animal pockets of the back cut all seems out. Use wide, bigger pants, so you will have more fabric to play the band's fabric. We're all sort of cycle. Does it bar guarded the skirt playing with five centimeters more. First, we will start making the front of this card, so it's good if you use the front pence fabric first, we need to make a fabric collage. Now the plank with Kurt Flynt's could begin place. Both fabric with rights are up. You see the curve cut. Align the fabric on one side. We need to solve these two edges, but first we need those exact them. Align the fabric on one side for the dollar and don't use any pains for this balloon. Me. It's easier without beans. You see just a line fabric edges and this is it simple. Secure the stitch with back speech and the lines of February catches deep more. Neither position from the center and align the fabric on the song Food. This is these s way. So the stitch about six millimeters from the edge. If you have a running station close to you, it's nice to Iran or issues or just finger President before we make top stitch. Mike, I like tops, teaches with longer link. It just a personal choice. I got the car. Place the fabric on second piece, cut of the same. Align the fabric on one side. I'm showing how to cut this without the military. Just take a little bit more time over Rocker's exact I use all of because it's much faster. Remember, without means it's easier, right size, the right side, Ireland and substance. And this is our Petrarca cycle that I did want to share with you. Could you imagine this US A new independent project? Now you know the truth. Cuttings exacts teach our top stitch. Second tub stage is just optional. You Kurt Bachelor Klein. - Oh , over lock Or is exact stitch both fabric quit right side up. - I don't and substance now make one more petro fabric for the back off The school fees makes good pieces usually vital . Just fast forward on the side of the reader. I'm showing how I made my backside off the scar. But if you want, you could just keep this part of the video and go to the next one. - Next , I assure you how to make allies Got the time without paper. 4. Skirt pattern without paper pattern: make our lines. Could put that on without any paper. But there you need tohave, toe petro fabric pieces front and back. Scar peas got out all what you don't need. - Make both sides to make her car Sides need to be the same lane over rock or the exact stage now being both pieces on the side Seam one centimetre from the edge. Wrong side out, it seems up this is our temple. Out is soaring. Of course. We will try out our skirt and make older needed darts Blew open for Z Burling on the backside. Might be good bats. They should be submitted a car, but we will adjust them later on the front. Darts are smaller, guy. The skirt, it seems out. So you will adjust them easily. Close the zipper part now adjust darts of the back first. I did Don't the skirt on me, but help could be useful to later on the table we will make dart symmetric are now take the side seams are being make sure that's our symmetry card. - Now it's time to sink our That's with a little bit more measuring and trying. We could place our guts into the patchwork Seems like you see on my skirts before, but I did want to make simple design without paper returns, so also bowed out on the back. You see simple but their own making. If you like, you could make one most recycled skirt without painting. Just look my life to be there for the closure or play some more with me. Next, we will start to play with paint. 5. Doodle Painting - First Layer: background painting with painted to do this. Let's start with one colors. I need to clean the glass plate, forced spread the water on and leave it for a least one minute more is better. I will use fabric medium with my Greeks, but it instructors to see how much you needed white. And this is my warm colors for pain scrapping. I used to scatter for one even, and it worked perfectly. But just if I were right for one minute for painting, protect your desk surface. Don't forget you could paint us our car. Stitches are or pain free. Shapes don't make the clash of pain. This piece will be wearable. Remember, I started large background shapes and just in long colors and later our weight in cold food . So I want making. I tried to make repeated shapes, or Hughes saw older color. Have a bear. I like to repeat something three times even more. I like the color is blended into the background fabric. You. So I use also water for these. If the shape is big, then I blend it inside in the dark or too light. You many great toe here is really easy Now you know everything that I know. So, Justin Jar and on 20 if you don't use a knife fabric medium at the end, fabric won't be Sof. - I like to use X circus and scratch shapes. And then I did beat the shape way. So I repeat what is already on, or I make a basic shape or try toe, do something. Cliffy flummery. Something from nature. Something that will be easy toe Make a doorless room with vestige. No, uh, try to have clean fingers so you won't make stamps accidentally. And if you do, just repeat it or make some new shape from it, then white or doctor who's in bigger shapes. So they will be more interested. - Watch the paintbrush into the project or have separate sheet of fabric for later projects. Play on the back scarred beast. I will show you my bag. Score painted one color Slater polar to try next, dry this layer and paint with blues 6. Doodle Painting - Second Layer: background painting Quit painted to do this, let's start with cold colors after first pledged dry did the same it called shoes. You could go on top of the first layer, and your colors won't make much. Why it is still good. Blanding and Contra stick are black, too, just that color where you have bigger blank spots or brush the brushing toe the fabric to blend the background. Doctors. Who for interest do you? Scallops are good shapes. Toe. I just orders. Forget? No, If you don't like this piece, don't worry. It will be 100% better when the Stitch Lines company really three Martian stitch. In contrast, a threat is the best graphic element. Maybe sharp. You will do the same, but I don't care it so I can try it out. What I like the best is the country's between Mason painting and stitch, and that you almost get our dimension. Wait for one day to dry everything and then I only with Roxy paper between your irony emphatic. Next we'll play with three motions stitch 7. Free Motion Doodle Stitch: three. Motion dude, lest Ege, let's make graphic line. Drop the three dogs This are met our kids. You should have a battle on the side or at the back off the machine. Change saying feet into the free motion. Neither land on zero and inter down. If you have this option, start at the edge and just follow your painting. A picture makes Mozer inclines, and don't worry if they are not exactly match with paint. When you go are the first teacher, don't be exact, so the line will do either. And then the dude LaPlace coming and George. Sometimes I just drove on the painted lines or a drawer. Nature don't less in bigger surfers. Just playing. - Just break the long clan with something. Anything. Look, you don't need to follow your painting. Break the line made small deters. It's fun. - I also make empty lines between elements. All small imperfections are good thing. - One more important thing. Being comfortable position. When you do this and have a good lighting close to the deep. Try different speeds. Toe found the best one for you. Best of the speed. Faster and smoother. You could know the fabric some blanks are faced. Scooter gets under lesson. Done, but leave blanks patched. This one was his orbit song machine. Then with the way Imperfections is the most I don't know what that is to say about three motion song. Just playing. - No , I have you show you how you need to clean the machine. - No , - this could be used to also for bags or the same thing you could do on paintings and on paper. Next, I will show you how to finish. 8. Skirt Finishing: finishing soaring for our 34 patera unmaking scarred, I thought, See, putting through the sides measures in Berlin Place right side to right side Make a seem one centimeter from the edge I run the same or finger present Use easy, breakable cotton thread and make basting stitch This will be just are temporary Stitcher - you zipper foot For this step I didn't more temporary trends. Uh uh Use fabric scraps for their belts in open the half off the skirt and meaning to the second fabric Cut a little wider stream make us exacts teach all around. - Uh , so the sites So the site, - way edge and Iran Centimeter longer stretch fabric on both sides for But I tied the right time Make a thought I don't stop for FEMA. Put the edge, Kramlich, and make up your hands Just do the same on the other side of visit Make stops Each eight millimeter from the garbage deep . You could move the needle position to side and alive. They seem with edge of the food. Finish the booth. You could finish it with double or just one. I hope you didn't enjoy aside it and that you could see your future Project one or even more. One more advice attached the best public on the main skull on a few places. - Now go out and admire your Don't forget to post your project in the gallery to you by.