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Halloween treats DIY. Monsters cookies lesson. Sugar cookies recipe & baking tutorial for beginners

teacher avatar Olga Goloven, cookie decorator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      The best sugar cookie recipe


    • 3.

      How to color the dough


    • 4.

      Witch fingers cookies and marshmallow eyes


    • 5.

      Halloween pumpkin. How to make cookie on the stick


    • 6.

      Spider - rattle cookie with surprise


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About This Class

Easy step-by-step video tutorial how to bake Halloween treats or monster birthday cookies: witch fingers, Pumpkin, 3D spider with surprise.

No difficult technique or royal icing consistencies. You will use only my special rainbow sugar cookie recipe and tricks to color & shape the dough to get bright colorful Halloween monster cookies right from the oven.Use them as a sweet  gift, Halloween dessert table or holiday baskets


In this class you’ll learn :

  1. The best easiest sugar cookie recipe (only 5 ordinary ingredients) 
  2. How to color mixed dough
  3. How to assemble and bake three Halloween cookie designs without royal icing
  4. How to make witch eyes from the marshmallow
  5. How to make cookie on a stick

Lesson 1 - Witch fingers and eyes will show

  • how to shape witch finger cookies 
  • secrets about realistic and elegant fingers
  • how to make horrible manicure (2 types)                              
  • how to make marshmallow eyes

Lesson 2 - Halloween pumpkin will demonstrate how to

  • roll the dough with the same thickness
  • add pumpkin relief without a stamp
  • assemble dough design to get 1 solid cookie after baking
  • make a cookie topper
  • bake & prepare cookie for decorating
  • paint final details with food color gel

Lesson 3- Spider-rattle cookie will explain how to

  • shape spider web cookies without special cutter
  • bake 3d base for a rattle
  • collect rattle cookie
  • make relief legs and paint final details to make cookie pop


This class is suitable for students who have never bake or have some experience and want to get new baking skills.

DIFFICULTY: basic, for beginners, time with children or hobby enthusiasts.


No professional equipment and no special ingredients are required.

You will need next basic tools:

  • hand mixer or kitchen aid
  • kitchen scales
  • rolling pin
  • pastry wheel or knife
  • silicone mate for cake pops
  • baking paper
  • brushes (#1,2 )
  • bamboo sticks (if you are going to make a topper)

Cookie cutters in shape of:

  • circle
  • pumpkin
  • egg
  • witch hat or any triangle


  • food color gels: green. violet, orange, white, black, red  (any brand)
  • white marshmallow
  • almond nuts
  • black sugar or sprinkles
  • chocolate or black stiff  icing
  • sugar pearl mix


Read section  Projects & Resources to get instruction for your own project and download pdf sugar cookie recipe


If you have any question, fill free to contact me!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Olga Goloven

cookie decorator


Hi, everyone. My name is Olga and I'm a cookie expert

I know many easy and delicious cookie recipes and thousands ways how to decorate cookies with royal icing. I have been  decorating  cookies for 10 years and more than 1000 students learned how to bake and decorate cookies with my online master classes in  Russian ! And today I've  released my first decorating cookie class here. 

Follow me and  Let’s start having fun together.

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1. Intro: Hello sweet ladders. My name is older and I'm a gradient bookie to create a YouTube channel. Yet too sharp. Instagram, community and students all over the world. This time, I invite you to make Halloween cookies. Normal Isaac or difficult techniques. You will use only my rainbow sugar cookie recipe. I give you the best and easiest sugar cookie recipe. Show you the right way to tell as a dot after Bacon in different costs. Tricks to shed the door and bake. Colorful, bright cookies at Runs. Reveal all secrets. How to shape and again, to reach fingers, cookies. And two ways, how to make horrible moniker. You will start to assemble different cookie designed to get powerful, solid cookie right after the Owen, make cookie on the stick. Bank and decorate spider cookie with sweet surprise inside and many as a baking tips and tricks. So much fruit for all details and step-by-step instructions. Now, time to bake and have a lot of fun to visit my updates. Make sure to follow me on Skillshare. 2. The best sugar cookie recipe: For this recipe, take unsalted butter of room temperature, sugar powder, one, large egg baking powder, all-purpose flaw. And liquid or dry flavoring. Put butter and sugar powder in a bowl. If you use a blend dynamics that are present, you need. For a hand mixer, use an ordinary risk. Bids a butter and sugar powder with an electric mixer on low, medium speed until it is pale and fluffy. It takes about 34 minutes. Also, it did the best age to make sense of flavor. Does it keep beating on medium speed until well blended? Risk together the floor and baking powder. The whole flow mixture bit about 35 minutes until well combined. Sprinkled table with the flow around Spin Doctors a table and needed by hand. You will get very soft and gentle. That is similar to the children playing. You can around, shake and bake it immediately. Also, you can choose Bake ordinary white sugar cookies as a door and get variety Coke is arrived after baking. 3. How to color the dough: This is one dose of the fresh mix it on gallery it doe, it is very soft and gentle. For multi-color. Diane, you will need any food colored gels. Divide the door into pieces. One piece and rep in kitchen fill out the pieces. Need a piece of dark to flatten it out. One drop of the foot Kargil in center. Takes a father said, Oh the door and folded in $0.5 to you. Place the fingers on top of the door and the door itself. Repeat this motion in different directions until put-call Jill incorporates in the door. When food car gel is mix it in, stretch it, put a dot in front of you, press it to be the back of your hand and stretch it away from you. Scrape the jaw of the table and vote. Again. Repeat this, need an action. Stretch and hold, stretch and vote. And Jill, you get a solid color. If you want to get brighter door, then add additional foot collar gel and a repeat stage folding and stretching. You may have to add a bit of luck until the dirt is easy to calculate, but don't overdo it or you will disrupt the balance of law and butter. Red color in kitchen to prevent it from crossing over. To avoid mask color, clean workspace orally every time before next dime. Wearing gloves when coloring the door. They keep your hands clean. Take next piece of the uncolored and choose different food color gel. Repeat all stages as it was shown before. So one dose or the dot was died in three colors. Stickers and write the date to keep storage rules. The gallery dot can be stored rapid in the kitchen, film in the fridge for up to two weeks. Take the dog out of the fridge and needed by hand and do it warm enough to roll. 4. Witch fingers cookies and marshmallow eyes : Shave the door right on the baking sheet, take out the green door and divided it into small pieces. Pinch a bit of dark and make a ball. Roll it with a central part of your palm to get a row. If you want to make a part of their own narrower scope is zeta plays with the fingers and around on XYZ. Layouts are all straight or slightly bend it. Now, you will need an ordinary teaspoon with the handle object. Just make a deep ESP as a fingernail. You can leave it empty is it's both turn out, but remove the excess on the sides. You can use almonds to simulate the nail plate, choose the lightest and sharpest nuts. Press it down rho. Remove the excess fondant tool or a palette knife, cutting out the door on both sides of the nut. The dot on this side is wider than the nut. That dark and rise a lot and then you will get such a thick fingers after baking. If you want cookie fingers to be thinner than try to have the job not wider than the not exists can always be cropped. Take a teaspoon. Youth, this curved path as wrinkles on the fingers. Just two lines here and three there. To get smooth, squeaky suffice without cracks and any wrinkles. After baking. Dip your fingers in flaw and spread it on the surface. Spreads the flock thoroughly. The dots should become mate. This will have the cookie smooth after baking. If some wrinkles will arise during spreading of the law, then add them again. Take out of the oven. If you need to make a topic immediately after baking, put a stick in the hot dog. Carefully, transfer the cookie onto the cooling rack, leave it to cool down. When the dark cools down and hardened, you can take the thick with the hook your finger and decorate, for example, a cake with it. Please note one of the main mistakes. There are gaps in the cookies as if there were air bubbles. It is okay for the which fingers? Their hands are renally and ugly. If you do the cookie designs, then this Greg's are huge problem. They appeared because you missed one of the main steps before baking, spreading the flaw on the door. Look, this cookie has a smooth surface. It was spread it with Florida for banking. Compare it with this pitied cookie. So phase, this jab of the spreading of the flaw was skipped. If you use a freshly mixed it doth not from the fridge, then it will write much more in the oven. Compares the volume of the cookie fingers before and after baking. Keep this in mind when shaping the dough. So don't draw very thick fingers from the freshener mixing job. Make them thin and you will get nice cookies like this. After baking. Keep the bits of the door the same as the width of the nut, then you will get such delicate fingers. It doesn't matter to you. Then the cookie fingers will be wider and larger. In order to make the nail embedded. Make this part of the dough thinner right below the nut, as I showed you before, individual. If you want to make a creative moniker, then you will need a brush and dice. I have edible food, gosh. This is a fruit paste which includes the genome, directs its color density. If you don't have this type of dye, then make it yourself. Makes an effort called jellybeans, white powdered or gel consistency. If you use ordinary Joel dies, it will not cover the color of the nut. As always, diluting the food color paste with what? Carefully, paint nails with flat brush. Of course, you can create any design bank as if there is blood dripping here instead of the nail polish or any patterns boarding a scowl. When the foot color paint dries and doesn't stick to your fingers, it means that cookie beaches fingers are ready after drying because the color of the nail polish. May become a little darker. Take isaac of the flood consistency. Flood, Isaac Asimov, Zara, drops of blood. Put something to live. The cookie finger up, put to drive this way. So the liquid icing flows down naturally. We can stop at this stage or work a little more and add highlights. Takes the food culture that you used for doll coloring, diluted with water, dip my brush in it and taste it on the paper. Considering that the light is about the finger, darken it cites, take a lot of color mix on the brush, pen, the sides of the cookie fingers with wiping movements, it makes the cookie finger narrow visually. This dog is bad and free of ice and it absorbs water very well and this Muscogee serpents will not be damaged. Make darker green mix and paint in the wrinkles. If you don't want to dip the brush, often rock with more liquid dye. Take a liner brush, paint an outline around the nail with it. Which finger cookie is ready. And I suggest you to complete. It emits cool, eligible eyes. We will need an ordinary white Marshmallow to create them. Take it in the shape of the cylinder and shape it to be the scissors. Start with pattern corner of and trying to make around the surface. Now the marshmallow is sticky, but when it dries on air, it will crust over and we'll stop sticking. Don't recommend to sprinkle it with sugar powder or stretch. Now because we are going to paint it. Once you achieve a desired roundness, Rosa marshmallow, like a bowl. Take a foot colored gels and brushes. We will need green or blue, red and black dots. Take a flat brush. As usual, dilute all dies with water. The plants can be enabled or flat. Brush in the center. Hold the brush in place and with the marshmallow itself. Oh, spin the brush around it exists without lifting the brush. Iris of the eyes can be additionally painted. You can increase the diameter or make it brighter. Don't overdo it with water because it often can become. If you notice blue and let the survey is dry before painting. Take a round brush one or two and black dye. Draw a circle in the center, the pupil of the eye. They remain in black dye on the brush and green gel to make a contrast color. With the tip of the brush. Paints deviance to the pupil. Tags a liner, brush and black dye. Make a neat outline with black color. To make the outline neatly, it is necessary to control the amount of the March on the brush so the T-tubule not get bluer. Now at Red Greg capillaries with the liner brush and red dye, just band gap declined over the entire surface. For the convenience, you can put marshmallow on a toothpick. 5. Halloween pumpkin. How to make cookie on the stick: Today we will assemble a pumpkin in the head topic. It is very simple and fast. For this lesson, you will need orange and violet though, and a small piece of green DOT. Pumpkin and a beachhead cookie cutters tried to keep carrots, pumpkin head size ratio, a flexible plastic cutting board, any baking sheet, rolling pin, and a few fondant tool to add a relief. To keep the door of the same thickness, it is better to roll all pieces together with one a rolling pin. Check if the cricket colors fit into the dog. Guards and shapes the dough. Put pumpkin shape it doll on the baking sheet. Leave the space above the pumpkin for the future head. Before I add in the head shape doll at a relief to the pumpkin. Take the same pumpkin pattern and press slides to make pumpkin section. To emphasize the pumpkin section, cut corners between pumpkin path to be the fondant to dry on. How is the head was set on a pumpkin part of the upper part of the pumpkin head. Carter. Carefully transfer the head shape in dough and put it tightly with pumpkin shape dome, smooth and press two parts together with fingers. Now a details, but first, remove flow x's with a brush with smooth movements of the all parts of the cookie design merge Jerne bacon, edge, a relief to the head. For that, we need to make a role with even sickness. Use any ruler or a silicon mate. Repeat this movement of a roll-on back and forth as you usually do during rolling. Put this rho to the edge of the head. Dry to emphasize head waves. Part of the x's are the jaw, the fondant to. Let's add a ribbon here. Take a green piece of dough and roll it. Roll it out thinly so that you don't have a high multiple layers of cookie dough because it will not bake thorny. Take the same pumpkin pattern and make two parallel cuts. Use a fondant to leave the door ribbon. The ribbon dot on the head. If it seems to you, the ribbon is to write, put it back and make it seen using the same cookie cutter. Choose a convenient tool to cut off the data ribbon and don't diamond-shaped DO till the cotton to 45 degrees from the head to cut the ribbon so that even if you look from the side, there will be a Green Ribbon. At a tussle. Additionally, a small bowl. There's a Fontan to make several cuts along the bottom half of the oval. Then make additional cuts between them. Press the top part of the oval, roll out a small piece of nothing out of the ages. So z to be have a stripe, Blaise it onto the doll. Make lines through live with any fondant too. Dry on this decimal. Just very important to check that the Tesla overlaps are set directly to other parts of cookie design. Before baking. Dip your fingers into the floor and spread it on the assemblage cookie design interface. Use a brush to spread the floor on the smallest part of the cookie. The draft your face must be met before baking. Take out a baking pan. If you don't have a right to metals, but to just drag out the baking sheet of the bacon pen while the cookie is hot. Push a stick into the cookie up to the top. Don't push the head through. Transpose a cookie on the colon reg neatly and leave them to cool down completely. When it cools down, it hardens and holds on the stick perfectly at the final details. But before that, be sure that you remove the excess from the cookie surface with a brush or a toothbrush. So it doesn't not suppose the taste or doesn't ruin the painting process. Afterwards. You will need to black dye a glass of water, two brushes flat and round. The blank diabetes water. Otherwise, it will not be absorbed and two will be sticky. Visa brush to draw a battle on the Green Hat ribbon. I sketches a face with an ordinary pencil, because if you draw with the foot band, it will absorb the fat from the cookie surface and then Ben will be damaged. If you make a mistake when drawn a sketch that a red napkin and erase unnecessary details. Don't worry, the DCFS will be destroyed with what led to a rise to spot to dry and start drawing again. I decided to add shadows on the pumpkin sections. Take an orange, dilute it with water and a flat brush band between the pumpkin section. This way will create additional volume and to highlight the outline of the pumpkin. If you get a very sharp stroke anywhere, make it blue with a badge, brush and smudge and movements. The surface will not be damaged because there is no icing on it. This is one of the main advantages of the sugar cookie recipe. Take a round brush and black dye diluted to visit water and paint along the contour of the face with the tip of the brush. Usually make a light outline and then paint over the inside. Remember that the most of us you have to bend over to wide the brush you need it make this process faster and painted surface even. Wait until they die absorbed completely. When it's completely dry, you can start decorating a desert with this topic or package. It. 6. Spider - rattle cookie with surprise: This time we will assemble a spider radical cookie. For this lesson, you will need a big circle cutter, a pumpkin or egg carton, or any other culture with sharper curve. Three colors of the cookie dough, orange, violet, and green. Any baking sheet and rolling pin, you will need a silicone mold like this one. It's for baking a cake pops, but we will use it in another way. Cut several sections and trim the edges to get such hemispheres. Roll out the orange DOT. As always, spread additional floor on the cookie dough thoroughly and roll it out thinner than six millimeter. Shape orange dot into a simple cookie. Without any relief, we will make a spider web with it. Check if the cook culture fits in science, the door, there should be some space around it. Dip circle powder in the floor and place it under the door, but don't press. You need just leave a circle mark. Take the second Carter with sharper cow. Put it on the dog so it's curved path, looks away from the center and crosses or touches to the circle. Tried to keep to the conditional circle to make the final shape around. I put the catheter so that this garbage but is perpendicular to the market sacral and intersects with neighboring segments on the sides. Remove the axes and you will get a bad shape and DOE cut sharp thin tips off. So when cookies baked, they don't lose their gala. Before needing the leftovers together. I turn every piece down and remove axes with a brush. This will have the dog to keep its density. Roll out there. Violet door in 34 millimeter jack, that's the rotunda, doesn't stick to the baking sheet and has made smooth surface. Take the silicon base, puts a violet dot over it and smooth in down to the table on the site. God to exist along the edges with the fundamental or roller to the cutting tool perpendicular to the table to cut all the edges down and don't leave any gaps. Row two tiny balls from the green door, they will become ice. Smooth. The edges down to the table to get a bell shape. The eyes will be fixed it here. So it is important that they have a flat bottom. Before I'm baking, be sure that shape is dark, is met and there is no fat on the surface. If you notice extra fat, dip your fingers into the floor and spread it on the dorsal face. This will help the cookie to be after bacon bake accordance a recipe. If you notice the bubble when taking the cookies out of the oven, immediately smooth it with F funded Smooth, make a circle motion or right to left. But remember, the goal isn't to press, but to make fled, to get surfaced. Don't remove the silicon-based when the cookie is hot. Make it two bends. A cookie cools down and hardens. Carefully. Transfer all cookies onto the cooling rack. Remove the floor from the cookie surface with a brush or a toothbrush. So the doesnt not affect the taste or doesn't ruin the painting process afterwards. Don't forget about cookie bottom. There is a lot of lotto. When the cookie on the silicon-based hardens, turn it over, dry up the silicon-based careful and take it out. There is such a cap B for assembly file down the edges. You can put the bags at silicon-based into the cookie cap to prevent breaking. Take a very fine grid and scrub the top edges down. It is important to do this if you have left a lot of the axes on the edges. In this case, you will get an adjective is a large influx after Bacon, you will need to scrap a lot. The cap over and scrubs the bottom to make it flat so that it fits perfectly to the book event assembling. Don't forget to remove the fluid exits from the cookies surface. You will need black food, dye, a glass of water, and around brushes. Define the point of the relative Center. You can move it to one side. All main lines of the web will merge here with black dye diluted with water. Carefully, paint lines from the center to the corners. Paint with a brush tip to make thin line. Draw, sagging lines between the main lines of the web. An empty cup to the web. So there is a space around this badgers circles a cap with an edible pencil. Turn it over, take any sugar, mix or tiny Candice, fields them into the tap. Squeeze some stiff icing, chocolate to the inside of the gap, edge. Goods, a web cookie on top. Hold the book is up above so that you can see the bottom part and align the cup with drawing lines slightly and turn it upside down until the ice and cold chocolate crushed over, you can move and correct place of the cap. If the ice cream or chocolate goes out of the theme, then remove exists with a wet brush. Please hold the cup slightly so that it doesn't move. Now, you will need colored sugar. Squeeze the lines of the spiders legs and immediately sprinkle them with colored sugar. Important, don't press the eyes into the sugar. Otherwise, 0 loop will be smudged. Make this binders likes on the other side. In the same way. Take baking cookies. If backside is uneven, feel it all, visit greater. Fix them on the top of the cabinet. Stiff icing or chocolate. I prefer to make eyes of different sizes. So it looks more finite. Don't press too hard because the tab can correct. Paint over the pupils who is black diluted with water. You can live an unbounded spot in the center, like a highlight on the pupil. Remember, if we want to paint a lighter die on dark bouquets, mix the light die with white one. If you don't add the y dy, the cookie will absorb the diet and it will not be visible. To exit cleanest line brush and add an outline of the element that will make them pop the brands or die dries. You can bake a cookie. It is verifying it. Rattling cookie. You can add a ribbon bow on the spider's head to make it look cute and silly.