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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Assembling your pieces


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About This Class

Learn how to make your own intricate geometric mobiles with the himmeli maker Vivi Boesch!

Himmeli sculptures are geometric mobiles that were originally made as a Finnish Christmas ornaments to be hung up in the house to ensure good crop for the year to come. Nowadays himmelisare more in than ever, and can be made out of different kinds of materials, including not only the traditional rye straws, but also plastic and brass, for exemple. 

Even though they look complicated, himmeli sculptures are easy to make. By taking this class, you'll learn which materials and tools to choose for the best results and how to make three different basic himmeli models. Once you get the hang of the technique, you can adapt it to make your own variations.

Learning to make himmelis is relaxing and permets you to learn and to keep alive a traditional craft. So let's start crafting!

Meet Your Teacher

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Virve Boesch

Dreamer & DIY addict


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2. Assembling your pieces: in this section, I will show you the basic tools and techniques for a something You're him, Elise. First, the materials and tools used will depend on your chosen material. You'll be using either cotton or nylon trade Oh, twine or metal wire. You should always be able to trend easily. True, your pieces at least twice since often you must re tread the same piece. So the first middle it's using thread or twine. You can also use a needle for trending if it helps. If you used in materials that break easily, such as natural straw thesis to measure you should use. Let's form a basic trying with our straws by trading three pieces. Always live at least one inch off excess straight in front off the first row. Now to secure everything in place when using to Smith. Did you have two options? Ader trade again in the first piece? I don't think continue your work or make a simple knots, re treading its better and usually faster meddled. But at some point used to get the end, you would have to make knots when working with starting materials. You can Houston middle wire like a floor a wire for cutting unit pliers. Let's make our channel to secure everything in place. You must drop the instigator. The idea is to twist the wire over on under to secure it into place. Let's continue on. Make another triangle unconnected to the 1st 1 year. We see that one connecting the warrior. You usually will only need to rub it once or twice unless you're finishing line, then you will want to rub. It's a couple of more times. You can also pushed the reminding WIR down one of the pieces to hide it. If you ever run out of trader wire, you can attach an additional piece either by making or not, or when using metal wire twisting and intertwining with the left A wire. I hope this helps to understand the basic technique. If you have any questions, please post them into comments. Sections below