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Graphic Design for Digital - A Social Media Campaign

teacher avatar Lindsay Marsh, Over 300,000 Design Students & Counting!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Class Preview

    • 2. Base Ad Design

    • 3. Sizing Guide

    • 4. Facebook Sizes

    • 5. Instagram Sizes

    • 6. Instagram Stories

    • 7. Exporting your Files

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About This Class

Have you ever wondered how I create various ad sizes for Facebook and Instagram? This class explores the design process of how to design for various social media sizes. We will first create our base ad and then work through our sizing guide and adapt our ad to a multitude of different dimensions and sizes. We will be working in Adobe Illustrator. 

This class focuses on the graphic design side of digital marketing and less on the copywriting. This class shows my RAW design process and has been filmed without any preplanning with the exception of the logo and photo. I wanted to show my raw process so you can see my thinking through issues of sizing and layout. 

Join me for a class that details this critical design process and helps you think about how to layout and design your social media images for Instagram and Facebook. 

Make sure you download the sizing guide in the project section of the class to follow along. 



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lindsay Marsh

Over 300,000 Design Students & Counting!


I have had many self-made titles over the years: Brand Manager, Digital Architect, Interactive Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Social Media Expert, to name a few. My name is Lindsay Marsh and I have been creating brand experiences for my clients for over 12+ years. I have worked on a wide variety of projects both digital and print. During those 12 years, I have been a full-time freelancer who made many mistakes along the way, but also realized that there is nothing in the world like being your own boss. 

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be able to take classes at some of the top design schools in the world, Parsons at The New School, The Pratt Institute and NYU. I am currently transitioning to coaching and teaching.


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1. Class Preview: Do you want to know how to create various ad sizes for Facebook and Instagram? This class explores the design process of how to design various social media sizes, Little First Creator base and then work through our size and guide that's attached to this course and adapter. Add to a multitude of different dimensions and sizes. This class focuses on the graphic design side of digital marketing. Unless on the copyrighting, this glass shows my raw design process and has been filmed without any pre plan. I wanted to show my role process. You can see me thinking through issues of sizing layout, so join me for a class that details is critical design process and helps you think about how the layout and design your social media images for Instagram and Facebook. 2. Base Ad Design: a big part of my job as a designer is to design graphics for use on digital platforms. I wanted to show my raw and realistic design process. I go through second company very so more to my own client. What you're seeing is my authentic process, and little has been planned out so you can see the why behind the design choices I made. So sit back and enjoy the process. So here we are in Adobe Illustrator to do our mock up digital ad. I'm gonna do a generic kind of horizontal and because you're mostly going to be working with the horizontal space, there'll be a lot of instances where we're could be working with square dimensions and also vertical. But I like to kind of start off with this horizontal version because I feel like it's easier to adapt to the other sizes. So here we go. So I have these mock up logos I have. I work for a really high end mall, regional mall town centre. But I wanted did it make up a different one just for a client privacy and kind of do more of a market version. So I kind of whip these up Just kind of did oakleaf trace vector and I did two different versions because most clients will have a vertical version of the logo and horizontal version, and you're definitely gonna need to have both of those options when we're doing really small, tight display ads, We're gonna need to really maximize our logo and make sure that it's flexible because we're gonna have some really tight spaces. We're gonna have to work that logo in and be readable. So I have those kind of brand assets as well as a little leaf. I have a photo I've already interested in using. This could be a high end mall, town, center type place, um, and also have a list of the stores that they want to promote. So that kind of have some basic elements. I don't have a cold action yet, and we're gonna figure that out after we put the basic elements of the ad together. When I put together a digital ad I put together kind of the basic version because they're gonna be different variations depending on what social media platform, whether it's gonna be a regular post or paid posts, are so many different variations that we're gonna need to come up with. So I do something a little bit more on the generic side, and then we can go out and do different variations after that. So I have our photos. I'm just gonna what I love about picking out photos for social media posts. I'd love to find him. Where have a lot of extra room on the left, Right top and bottom sides, because you're gonna have to adapt this voted to so many different sizes. The more cropping room that you have for your photo, the more flexible it's gonna be. So I found this one to be fairly flexible. I can use this on a vertical. When I could use this on a horizontal ad was going to get the right sizing for this ad. So I'm just gonna go ahead and kind of crop it put out the page. I want to leave maybe a column of white space to kind of stack our restaurants and our stores and also our love with bottom Serbska lead a little's area for that and anything that bleeds off the edge. I'm just gonna go ahead and take my rectangle tool. I'm just gonna crop it just to kinda blocked that out my mind. And I could get my direct selection tool. Let's go ahead and find the right cropping for this. When I focus on the bag for sure Shopping. There's two different items here. We have jewelry and and luggage and bags. So I want to make sure we focus on that. So I want to start to figure out what logo I'm gonna use. So since it's gonna be a vertical orientation where I'm gonna be placed in the logo, that will be easy choice. I'm gonna get my vertical person of the logo. I want to leave a little room for a call to action. But since I'm not sure how much room I'm gonna have left over, I'm gonna wait on that. Let me go and bring our store names in as the terms of picking a font choice for this. We have two different points here from the logo branding that we want to pull from. So let's find out which one we think works better. So this is a sand Sarah, and let's close the spacing between the lettering. So that's one option. Let me do all caps and let's add some spacing and white space between all these. So let's make it smaller and add some more spacing between the lines had a little more letting Cole leading, So that's an option. Center line might look a little bit better and let's check the weight on this, Uh, right now have semi bold, but let me see how regular looks and I gotta try light. But I have a feeling that's not gonna be a strong enough weight to show up because really here to see this ad about this size. This is the sides. You're going to see it if it's a Facebook post on your Facebook feed. So it's it's good to zoom out and kind of be able to, uh, see how it's really gonna be viewed. So let's split back to semi bold and let's add a little spacing. I like some spacing in my, uh, lettering and let's make it a little smaller and close the letting down a little bit. I want to make sure of ample white space between these edges, so it'll help the design breathe a little bit. So let's see do We like that. That's an option. Get a copy and paste that and I try this other Sarah font in the Simon Oaks and I needed could close the spacing cause I just don't have that much room and shrink it down to the same thing we did. Let's make it all caps and let's add some leading Let's center a line or you know what we could do a left a line here. Let's see what that looks like. And I believe I have some weight options here. This is Mary on. I do have a bold so we may have to use the bold for the digital ad, and we would probably use a lighter weight for print ad, Since that's gonna come out a little better than a digital digital. Everything is so much smaller. So he really got to increase the weights on your thoughts on use Boulder weights. So there is an option. I feel like since the logo, it's such a center aligned logo that we almost have to follow that throughout, um, this this area. So since this is such a strong, strongly centered logo, let's do center line for our text as well, and let's really stretch that out. I was almost too much white space structured out a little bit, so I'm liking that. I think that looks nicer, I think are more nice than the Sarah. So we have kind of two options here, and there's something about the syrups that give it a nice look. You see a lot of sand, Sarah apps and digital ads, so it's really refreshing to see a Sarah. So now that we're starting to get kind of a basic layout going, let's find Tune Some Things and make sure we have the proper spacing. So I'm just gonna make sure this is center aligned with this White column. I'm just drawing a simple box and then just doing some center, go up to your toe my line panel, making sure everything is nicely aligned. So I'm gonna group that together a line. All of these elements bring that back you go and something about that don't make the fonts outlined yet, so it's not aligning properly, so I'm just gonna optically align that we'll zoom out. That looks good. So we need a called action. We can have the list of stores and This is kind of our full ad quote unquote, so this will be used for our larger images. So Facebook post instagram post anything smaller like that, Like mobile ads or display ads, we're gonna have toe, maybe remove all the listed store items and have a simple called action or website. So there's gonna be probably 10 12 different variations that we're going to do in this class, and it's usually what I do with clients. So this is exactly what I do with my current client that's in a similar industry. So you gotta get a little bit of an inside of what I do on a daily basis in terms of developing their social media campaigns and doing all the graphics for it. So call the action was gonna get a simple box. I'm not 100% sure The call action. That's something the client will come up with. But I'm gonna do a simple, um, shot now, although that's probably not gonna be the the final call to Action, but we're gonna go ahead. It's gonna be about that length of text. And so this is a very simple ad. It doesn't have a lot of color. And so we can really take that opportunity to really draw attention to the cold action by making making it a strong color. So I'm thinking for this button or whatever the called actions gonna be, that would be kind of a very simple, strong color. So here we go. Let's go and drag this down. There's gonna be a couple different areas we don't want it to be, too of abbe Noxious of not just I can't speak today. We don't want it to be ah, yelling at you too much because this is a very subtle, simple high end ad. And so we need to be careful about sizing, and then we get the right balance between the design elements. So I want to make this small, but not so small. You can't read it. But since it's gonna be a bright color that will help us in being able Teoh to draw attention to it. So you noticed the sizing. I think that's probably gonna be the right sizing for the call. The action may be just a hair bigger, but any bigger it's gonna just draw too much attention. It's gonna lose the elegance of the ad so we could do this lower left. But then it starts to get interfering with the product right here. That the loop baton bag. So perhaps right here in the middle, where we have some extra space. Let me just go ahead and come up with a good called action here. 3. Sizing Guide: so I'm shifting it over to the left and just kind of continuing to play around with this. Call the action. So there's another thing I could do to help kind of soften this a little bit more because I can go up to shape and add instead of grounding all the corners just round one of them. So I'm going around this lower right hand side, which will be right here in this area. I'm gonna make that a nice round pil shape. I'm just increasing it. I need to do a little bit more, maybe double it. So just kind of softens, uh, that sharp edge a little bit and also gives us the ability to tuck it up here to make it more like a tab and let me bring this down ever so slightly. So that's going to be more of a tab, kind of look. And it won't really interfere with the ad. It lets this breathe. And let's this be clean. We could do the same thing, just kind of move this down here so that could work well and let me try some other colors. I really like this blue because it matches with her watch. But let me try that orange color again. See, that's too much. They're touching each other, so that's not gonna work. Let me try one more color. Maybe a really bright yellow. I think the blue is probably closer to what we want to dio. So I'm gonna just this just a tiny bit and I think we'll be ready. Our basic standard ad will be ready and will be able to take this and adapt it to many different sizes using some of these elements, all of these elements and maybe a couple of new elements. It took about five minutes and made a few adjustments. I decided to make it a lot smaller and more understated. I also decided to switch it to the other font because I just couldn't get Thea sans Serif to work. So I now have the Sarah Font and for the Edge. I decided to add a little angle to the edge as opposed to having the rounded, rounded tab look. So just a few adjustments that I've made and that's just noodling around with it. And another adjustment since we've got going playing off this little bit of a turquoise center bracelet and bring that out in the cold. A action, I thought. Wouldn't it be neat to incorporate more color and doing every other line that same blue color? And also, instead of making the local that blue color? Because that would go against their branding standards, as they always have their logo either and white or dark grey for the branding standards? So I didn't want to add color cause a lot of clients don't like it with the add color to their logo. If it if it's not a za part of their branding package, I'm so I'm leaving that alone. But I could do this little bit of a blue in the line there so I can get away with bringing out a tiny bit of blue in the loco and a little bit of blue here. So what you guys think, Do you like the blue? Do you like it? Old gray were if we did not like the blue there, we can make this a lighter grey, just something to add contrast to eat every other line. So it's not all blending in because it was all the same color I would read it as a list and would be hard to differentiate between the two different items. But when you do in every other one, any add contrast to every other line, it does help the I digest the information. So there it is with every other, like gray, or I'm gonna go ahead and copy this. Do every other line, the blue, and then we can kind of compare. And I've done this almost exact thing. I'm showing you right here for my real world client, and we've used it for a winter campaign. One time when we used a really bright pink photo, a lady was wearing a very bright pink hat. Well, we did kind of every other line like this, and it really helped to bring the ad together with the color unity. So for now, let's stick with the blue. And if it doesn't work out on some formats as we start toe, break this down and to do different versions and we can just go back to the gray if we think it's too much color. So we'll just play around and have both options. We can present boat to the client if they approve this basic ad. Then I can start to create all the different versions based on what they like and what they approve. So I think we're ready to go. This the basic version? Let's create a couple of different versions with some different combinations of elements. I want you to open up the size and guide that should be included in the section part of the class. You'll be able to download it as a extra. PdF and I developed this exclusively for this class. And for what I'm doing in the section, we're gonna create almost all of these together so we'll be able to create most of the paid ads and all the different, um, coast variations you'll have on the Facebook and INSTAGRAM. These were the two social media platforms we're gonna focus on in this section. So we're just gonna start with the top and work our way through. We're gonna adapt the ad we just created to each one of these sizes, and you'll get to see kind of the process I go through and determining what elements get to end up on these sizes, depending on its size. So we're going to start out with the 1st 1 which is going to be your standard Facebook post , which is 1200 by 630 pixels. Right here. And what's great about this is this could be a regular standard post at the post on your business page or your clients page, but it can also be used for paid ads. So if you ever set up a paid out on Facebook, this is usually the wired pixel size eso Let's go ahead and resize. This is our standard kind of a random size that we came up with. T. This is our base, add. I guess you could call it. Ah, so let's resize this. We're gonna go back to our size and guy 1200 by 6 30 So I'm just gonna go documents set up . Go 12 30. It was 6 30 by 1200. Let me double check that size. Yep, 1200 by 6 30 Great. And what I love about designing illustrator as I could do several different art boards. But go ahead and see mouth. So we start to do all these other Facebook ads. I can have one document but have all my different social media sizes in there. Ah, lot of designers, design and photo shop, and you can also use the art board system there, too. But it just love the way illustrator is in the vector environment. So outside of photos, if I ever wanted to adapt any my social media campaigns to a print campaign, everything's already vector, and it's gonna be easy to size it up to a large poster size or a large banner already have it in vector format, as opposed to taking a digital ad and photo shop and having to adapt that to be vector. It's much easier to take a vector and go back down to photo shop into a raster. So that's why I love Illustrator is it's already a doctor format everything I dio so easy to work with. Okay, So as we could see, there are some sizing differences between the base add that we put together in the Facebook Standard Post. So what I'm gonna do is I am going to just select all we're gonna go ahead and adapt it to have a similar. So this one looks like the dimensions a little more wider than it is tall, so we're gonna have some extra space on the right and left to work with. That's not going to give us any extra room on the top and bottom, so we're still got the same amount. But now we need to stretch our image across a little bit. Or have you ever sold a little more white space for this bar and let that breathe a little bit? And I can also increase the spacing between the lettering here. Now that I have a little extra breathing room, I'm gonna make that 300 zooming in here a little bit for you so wide in the spacing, Just a tad. Not too much because we don't want the ads to differ too much. And this is cropped. So let me just get my direct selection tool. I'm just showing more of the cropped area, bringing us out where I can decide to release the clipping mask and create a new one based on on what I think it works, will. And this is also this is such a great photo because I have so much to work with, cropping wise on the sides, we could even create a version where all this is white. I just had this idea. Just kinda came to me playing around. I knew that looks nice. You know, that would look really good. Is like a whole page paid ad, like Instagram story where you have a little bit more of a wider space. That looks nice. What you guys think I wish I could get feedback from you to say, Hey, I like the other version, Um or no, I love this version that looks just really high end. That looks great. So it's never too late to change your original idea. There is an issue with this version, though, as I can see when I start to adapt it to the smaller digital size is that this is not gonna work quite as well. But you can have different variations. So this you could probably get away from a branding perspective. Having this version for your large. Maybe your print ads. I think this would look really great for print at, but for digital, let's go and stick with her white background. So I think this is gonna be more readable on smaller sizes. So you gotta think practically, uh, when it comes to this kind of stuff. So let me go ahead and draw a box right about here. Could go ahead and crop. It's It's to whatever your client likes. That's what you go for. So you think your client will like the other way? Say, Hey, I came up with a great idea. Do you like this version better? And they may say, Yeah, let's do that one Or you may say, Hey, I have a hard I'm having a hard time adapting that to other sizes. Let's go back to the other version. So you noticed our white bar is much wider because we have some extra playing room, which is great because I think it breathes a little bit better than our original ad Quinn Cook say, I think we can add a little bit more leading to, So let's increase the letting or the spacing between sentences or the lines. Great. And that's going to a quick test. See how this logo is balanced on this white bar. I'm just doing a quick visibility test, and that looks about right. Okay, so we're done with Facebook ad. So I'm gonna go ahead and export this J. Paige, but let me first do a couple more sizes first, Same area. I'm gonna go ahead and zoom out and create a new art. 4. Facebook Sizes: it looks like the next size will be the profile image. So this will be the image that is shown on the They may already have that. But if they want one specific for this company, let's do it. So that's 178 by 1 80 So instead of creating a new document, I'm just gonna create a new art board. So I'm gonna go to documents set up edit art words. Let me go back. Remember my size 178 by 1 80 178 by one. Click on New right down here will appear 178 by 1 80 And there's our profile version. You can always go to documents set up, edit our words to shift it around. So this one's gonna be super quick. Super easy. I think I gotta take this version of the logo copy and paste it. I'm not gonna have room for town centre. Maybe I will. I don't think I'm gonna have room. I wonder if the clients not gonna like that probably don't want to have town centre. So you're gonna wanna work that in. So even though it's gonna look better without town centre, sometimes the client needs to have their full company name visible. So there, that is, that was very quick. Eso profile image on timeline. That's okay. Think it'll. It's 40 by 40 so that it's probably scale down. Okay, although that'll be that'll have to be the same image scale down. But it's good to see it as 14 40 pixels to see if it'll and another option. Yes, we can have this, but eliminate the whole text all together at once, and then we could just have to leave as a non option. They could just use that as a symbol for the profile image. So let them give them options. They can flip it around if they like, they can switch it out between different things. Um, so let's go down to shared link thumbnail. So this is when you share a specific link like that. This was gonna be an article or something on their Web page that they're linking to, and they want to use this cover photo. This is a good size to use eso 4 50 by 2 35 So 4 50 by 2 35 Great. A new one right here for 50 by 2 35 Let me double check 2 35 or 50. Great. I can shift my our board up here, keep on my Facebook ads together, and then I could create a separate one for instagram. Um, so this will be a shared links, so we might even just need this in the logo. They may not need all the specific stores because it is so small if you think about a 450 pixels is fairly small. So this is when we start to do different variations but still have the same theme, but it's okay to be a little more flexible. So with this case, maybe I'm doing that and let me crop this so I can get a final view of what the image is gonna look like. It's gonna crop it, make clipping mass, and then I'm gonna send it all the way to the back. Claire and I could take my direct selection tools since I this is a wonderful photo, have a lot of background space to work with. I give myself more room for this logo to be shown bigger, so that is a cool option if you don't have all the details and this is way too small. Anything? 400 pixels. You're not gonna want a list. All your stores That's gonna be too much. That's great. So ah, cover page. So on their Facebook, they're gonna wanna update with their campaign. So they would probably update with the cover photo size, which is gonna be a 20 by 3 12 And the thing about the cover photo and And I include this on this is the sizing document I'm referring to that you can download. And this is a great example of what's happening. So you'll have a cover photo and I gotta go and show you a screenshot of a cover photo on Facebook so you can kind of see what damage I'm talking about. This is kind of the main band page or main company page. You're gonna have this extra wide shot at the top, but on the mobile version, it's gonna be condensed to this pink area right here. So you're gonna need to think about that when you do your cover photo that the left and right sides shouldn't have any text and shouldn't have any vital parts of the body like a face. You don't want those to be cut off mobile because most of your people are gonna be a mobile audience. So let's think about that. Eso 8 20 by 3 12 Let's go ahead and create that. A 20 by 3 12 I think I had. I don't need to add a new one hopes. Let's do that again. So documents set up new. There we go. I didn't do a new one. I was editing the old one. So a 20 by 3 12 20. And what's great is, once you do this, you'll have a template for future clients. So if you have a client that is doing some similar sizes, you could just erase their stuff. And you already have all your art board sized, so you don't have to do this every single time. Wonder why it's not allowing me to drag just the one our board? Let's drag this down here. There we go. That works. So let's do our cover image. We're gonna want to put all the store names on the cover image, I believe, and that's just working with a client similar to this. For over 10 years, I kind of learned what they like. So the thing with the logo is they're gonna have their profile pics somewhere close by. So don't duplicate the profile pic, so we may not need to have the the logo included at all. So we're really gonna focus on the image. So let's do this horizontally focused image and remember about the cropping on the side. So let's go back to our size and guide. I'm just gonna grab these right here, and this will be my little guy. So let me know where it's cropped on the mobile version of the cover photo, so I can, uh, see release, clipping mask. Let's drag this photo all the way on. This is what's so nice to have a photo where it's not crop so close to the to the person of the object. There we go. Could duplicate this crop. It make a clipping mask, and I'm gonna send that to the back. Great. Ah, so let's grab. We're not gonna need a called action, because this is not necessarily the ad version. This is the cover photo, so we're gonna be a little more generic. So we have her photo and we may be list east or names. And we won't need to put the logo because the profile pic will be nearby with the company name. So this version is not gonna work. We're not gonna be able to transfer this over. We're gonna adapt this a little bit. Instead of doing a list format vertically, we're gonna do a list format horizontally. So let's tighten spacing just a tad. It's to 200. I'm gonna bring it down here so you can kind of see what I'm doing all I'm doing and I'm gonna put a couple spaces between each lettering. I'm gonna do a shift into a bracket working manly. Put these in here. Put the same spacing between each one. Just doing a different version of the list. I'm thinking I'm not sure how many I'm gonna are gonna fit on each line. See if I could fit that last one. I'm sure my spacings are all equal. So now I can go ahead and bring this up and we are gonna have a knish. You of things being cropped on the left and right sides. So it could be that this doesn't work with this format because Technically, this is the real size that when it comes to text, I can't have anything on the left and anything on the right. So all this is gonna have to fit and be readable on the size. So can we do it doesn't look good, so that's what we're faced with. We could do a bar here to help bring it out. We could do a black bar and move that behind the layering system. Right here. We can bring out that beautiful blue and let's bring this pink things so I could see where it's cut off on mobile view. We could tighten the spacing. Maybe only to 100 could make it bigger. Tighten the leading. It's doing some small adjustments that skinnier. But see, now it's covering up the product in this photo, and we don't want to cover up the product up there, either. That's kind of the main focus of this ad, so there lies the issue, So this is where you gonna have to make some sacrifices. I wonder if we do something in the middle. That is an option. I can delete that just to kind of see what the cover image would look like. I think we can get away with more spacing and I'm going back on what? I'm going back and forth on things to find the right march. We could have this fade into a Grady Int where I can feather this as well. I don't need that much further and reduce the transparency or the opacity. Justin effort to become readable. Let me mess with this for a few minutes. See what I come up. 5. Instagram Sizes: So I did finally find a solution. I decided to keep the bar in the middle, not to block the top or the bottom product. But I wanted I didn't want the bar to be so strong all the way across. So I decided to be seen my radiant layer. I just created a three color Grady int and used are blue color that we've used in the previous ads but also did black but made the opacity zero and then made the opacity zero on the other side. So has this nice fade across? So let me go ahead and delete Thies too, so you can kind of see it that has that fade that goes across that kind of looks nicer kind of matches the brand. I might make this a tiny bit wider, and I think that works for that particular style at. So there's a cover photo and I believe we're done with our Facebook size ads and this is usually the paid side. Siza think I've already gone over. That's 1200 by 6 30 So that will be probably the most widely used version by your client. So next is gonna be instagram. We're gonna take everything we've done for Facebook and create our instagram sizes. So here we are. We have a profile pic cover photo. We have a link kind of a generic, uh, photo that could be used as a link. Sharing what? They're sharing an article or something from their website and the main paid ad. So there's our little, little small Facebook campaign ready to go. We're gonna get ready to do instagram. So I lined up all my art boards to make him nice and even not necessary, but kind of nice will work a integrate the facebook on one side and instagram on the other . So let's find out our instagram sizes. So let's go over. What are we gonna need? So standard Square Post. So that's gonna be 10 80 by 10. 80 And a lot of times you'll see smaller sizes, but the dimension will still be the same. This is the highest resolution that you composed, so I like to go with the highest resolution. The bettors 10 80 by 10. 80 Let's add a new art board and make it 10 80 by 10 80. And so this is gonna be a totally new dimension for us. So we're gonna have to really think about this. Add a little bit. So let's take Let's adapt from the Facebook ad. It's copy and paste. This is where we get to kind of do some design thinking here, what's gonna work the best. So stretch our photo as much as we can with you, Have it bleed off the top and we could probably do a mirror opposite of this. So instead of a left right split weaken do a bottom top split. So where have the white section on the bottom? And so this is where it's nice to have two versions of the logo. So we had a vertical orientation, and now we have a horizontal verdict orientation. So let's grab our horizontal one. This is gonna work beautifully with this square sides ad. Look how wonderful that fits. I think I need to adjust the logo a little bit. Got messed up. Let's make that line blue. Since that's what we've been doing on our Facebook posts. It was sampling that blue line spinouts no longer gray grouped us together and shift the logo around, cause this is I'm thinking this. I'm doing this all live. So I haven't planned this out because I wanted to show my raw design process kind of my thinking process. Um, definitely need to call the action. It's copy and paste it, but we no longer need that shape since ah, it's probably gonna be center aligned. So I love that blue, but let's redraw it. We might be able to do a pill shape, so this is gonna be your pill shape. So let's link adding rounded corners that's your pill shape almost looks like a pill that you would take so we could do a pill shape or weaken dio straight edge. Ah, so it just depends on the look we're going for. But I love to do with cold actions on this kind of split, so I like to kind of divide it. So have it rest halfway between the bottom and the top, So notice how it's splitting the difference so we could do pill. I think I like the rounded part, but let's test out the other one, because why not? It's group that together, I think, actually like the rounded one. Great. So we do need to work in the store names on this version. That's big enough. It's 10 80 by 10 80. Let's definitely work in our names. If we can, we will not be able to do that on all versions. So whenever we can't, this might be a version where we could do what we were trying out before we might be able to get away with having it and white along the side. That would look really nice for Instagram. I think, um, we do need to have it pop out a little bit more, so there's a couple things we could do make it bigger. We could also add a darker background, very simply when we shook this over just a little bit and I could make the image a little bigger, too. And let's go ahead and crop it. You really want to do image driven ads for Instagram because it's such an image driven platforms, they're really focusing in on a nice zoomed in image just like this. I like the cropping of this for Instagram. We definitely want a list. The store names. That's the main attraction of the small. It's high end, and you don't see a lot of these stores at certain. Of course, I made up a couple of these names just for privacy purposes, but this is the big selling point to the mall. I'm just doing I'm just gonna feather a black box. You could go up and apply a feather on. Let me go toe appearance. There's my appearance panel. Let me increase that feather a little more and we do a preview. I'm just gonna put this behind the text and make it a little more transparent. And this is gonna help us read the text. You bring this over. This makes that background darker without having to bring that photo into photo shop and editing the photo itself. It's a little quicker way to do it. And I'm just taking the direct selection tool. I don't have to make it a box. I can just do it right over the text where I need to have it. And I might want a sample a darker color instead of doing straight black Aiken. Sam, sample this darker color right here. So it'll match the background a little better. So you see how I did that? So that's before, or that's after and I'm gonna go ahead and take it off. That's before. So, um, this little line was really getting in the way of the readability of the text. But if I go back and add that in, it kind of softens that, and you could see the text pop out a little better and let me bring up this. Let me actually make a white box to go down here. Bring that down in the layering system and I could probably afford to make the logo a little bigger. Clients love it when they make their logo bigger. Obviously we want balance, but they definitely love their logos. And let me switch this out one more time just to make sure. Oh, gosh, I don't know which one I like better. Well, let's stick with that. So let's make sure everything is center aligned. So I'm gonna take this box that extends from the left to the right, and I'm just gonna selector button and I'm just gonna do a center line up here That was already pretty good. So there's our instagram ad that's remain paid instagram ad, but it can also be a standalone post and put some hash tags in there with all these store names so we can tackle stores as well. So that's one variation That's your standard square. With Instagram, you can actually do a horizontal version of your post and a vertical version of your post. So we're gonna have that as options. Although I do recommend the square size that is the most engaged size, according to several studies. But we're gonna do this just to practice re sizing our ad in two different formats, and then we're gonna do an instagram story that will be our last digital ad. We might do a couple of display ads just to show you some display at sizes. 6. Instagram Stories : Now that we're getting the hang of dunes and re sizing, I'm gonna do this a little bit at a faster pace. So let's do a horizontal landscape post 10 80 by 607 and you'll notice that 10 eighties, a common theme of Instagram. There's always a restriction to the one of the sizes being 10 80 so 10 80 by 607 So let's do a new 10 80 by 607 to a new one. So 10 80 been What's could be 607 So this is your horizontal post, and we could probably grab Grab the Facebook and adapt it. Since that's pretty, pretty darn close and Dimension more is gonna scale it down. I don't need that anymore, And that's almost a perfect fit. So what's great about being able to resize like this is I'm already done with the size. All they have to do is just, uh, released the clipping mask and do this or take the direct selection tool and change our clipping mask so that it fixed ins. How about a little bit done and senses instagram? I don't know. I may make the shop with this bigger where in may not have a cold action on the instagram. I you want to do some slight adjustments, depending on what platform you're on, because certain things may work better and Facebook than they do on Instagram. Let's move those over. Maybe make that a little bit bigger and there's our vertical or I'm sorry or horizontal instagram Post. Let's zoom out into our last one, which is gonna be a portrait are a, uh, vertical version. So that's 10 80 by 13 50 10 80 by 13 50. But it's not a new document knew our board, then 80 by 13 50. So this is going to be pretty tall. But when we do a new one, make sure have enough room. So this is gonna be what's wonderful about doing digital design. Digital advertising design and illustrator is this is very much the size of a standard page in a magazine, a magazine ad. It's also the state sides of a poster and also a standard flyer size. So once I do this layout, I'll have the basis to do a lot of print ads with this particular size. So that's what's so wonderful about designing an illustrator's. It's gonna be very easy to adapt all this to digital because almost every client that does a digital campaign like this has some kind of print ads along with it, least ones that are a little bit bigger that I work with. So what size? I think this has probably got the most potential to adapt to this size. Is this going to copy and paste it in and start to adapt? So I'm gonna release the clipping mask and see what we can do to get this to cover a larger area. Go ahead, re clip it a draw box, selecting both. Right clicking and make clipping mask. Send that to the back. Okay, so here we go. Um, I got it. Do a different take on this. No, you I know what I could do. So remember this one or cover photo? I think this would look lovely on that format, so I got a copy and paste this element. That's gonna be great. Let me bring it over, paste it make a little bit bigger. And I'm thinking about a print ad when I'm doing this on adapting it later. It's kind of I don't need these elements anymore. So what? The print ad will probably want their website and some other things that they're not put on their social media. So let me take this is a greedy int, and this has some transparencies on both sides or the A passage is reduced to zero. Let's increase that to 100. I wanted to be solid on this one. And transparency. Let's make that 100% capacity. There we go. There's our list. Let's make that bigger. Let me see if I can't just make that a solid color. Yeah, let's just do that. Get a solid color for the print ad. I might have it the way I had it with the Grady int. But for a digital ad, let's keep it simple. Let's do the horizontal version of the logo for this. And so there's your post. Might need to emphasize that text a little more and let's zoom in on a photo. This is Instagram. We would have a nice zoomed in photo of her products really want to catch people's eye? You notice how he zoomed in, and it kind of brought you more focus on shopping in the products and less on the background. And there we go. We have three different kinds of instagram posts, and we also have an entire array of Facebook posts. And we have one more thing to do in instagram story size. And then we're gonna move on to a few digital display ads and our campaign will be done. So on instagram story ad is gonna be 10 80 by 9 20 So let's go ahead and put that on our board. And the thing about stories is we could do stew one post. But kind of the benefit of having story is you can tell a story. So in this case, I can do as many different posters they want. So I want to have maybe three in a Siri's. So I have a couple of seconds that each one will be shown. So I want to be mindful of the time restraint of a story. So 10 80 by night 1920 10 80 by 1920. And here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna duplicate go ahead and get my our board. I'm gonna duplicate this. So this will be one gonna click up here to New our board. It's gonna automatically to the same size, too. And three, I think this automatically got drug down. Put that back up there and let's resize. He's just because I'm really like things. Tow line up. So let's go up to edit art boards, not a requirement. I just like to see them all together close together in a Siri's. So here it ISS it's what kind of story can we tell with this particular woman in the bag? So let's go ahead and copy and paste. This will be our final photo and the story. We want people to have our call to action. So we're called Action is shop with us, right? That will be at the very in for sure. We want to maybe have the logo on each page. The client's gonna appreciate that and let's do the rest of his very image driven. So let's release the clipping mask here. What I think we could do is put the store names on one. The image of the woman shopping as the starter. Let's go ahead and get that corrupt could make clipping mask and send to the back, and we could have a list of our stores, which we already have a nice list of our stores right here. I wish we had another image to use on client with supply that we could buy a stock photo, uses another image here and then shop it us. So let's do that. I'm gonna go on a website called Texans and see if I can't find a couple other compelling images to put in. 7. Exporting your Files : So I went on pets is dot com, and I found a couple images that we could use. And what's wonderful about doing a digital campaign is you get to do something different with each platform. So I'm gonna do a little bit of a tweak to what we were doing. And I'm gonna do a little play on the shop, eat, play eso. Each one will be a different focus. So this one will be shopping. So we're gonna go ahead and take our bleu just duplicating that and we're gonna say shop, make a little bit ladder like a big so shop. Of course, I need to tweak that. That doesn't look very elegant, does it? It's McCall that zero the shop and then eat. Go and get this crop. No 1 may not need the blue. Not sure. Yeah, we're gonna need the blue, but let's make it a little transparent. And what's reduce the space here is not so big trying to make it as elegant as possible like that 88 capacity to shop dine and then the last one will be play. This will be the shot of the mall. Once the client can probably provide that one for you. This is a horizontal photo, some and could have two crops amount. But that's just the nature of digital ads. You can't show everything what you could do the best you can. Okay? And let's get our play where whatever you want to do, relax. How about relax? That sounds a little better than play. And then we have our store names, which I'm sure the client appreciates That gonna get the store. We could create 1/4 1 and have the store names at the end. Or we can keep this and bring out that dark background. We used up that this Instagram square ad Put that behind here and make all of this text white. And let's feather that even more. I can even go up and do a gossip blur. Gaussian Blur really spread that out a lot. Us not let me do that. See, go to my pair appearance panel and let's increase the feather or since do it that way, that student maximum allowable. There we go, as long as it's still readable. I'm happy, and we can reduce the spacing to help the readability. You could even make this a different color. Who? I know. I have an idea. I'm gonna make a blue box, Get our blue color do. There we go. Relax. So I could kind of see the image underneath. And I could even do a skit or transparency. Let me do a blending mode. I'm going to do luminosity. And I am going to see if I can feather it. Other the edges and reduce the capacity. All right, let me add a drop shadow. I still can't read that text. Would you make move this out of the way this out of the way? And let's make that a much darker blue Make it a darker blues When we bring that over top. There we go. Now we can read the text a little better to a drop shadow. What? That drop shadow Be more blurred. Make it 100%. There we go. I think that needs tweaking. I'm don't think I could get away with the photo being so bright. So let's reduce it. So there are kind of instagram story that will be loaded similar to the previews I was showing you where right before the section where you have it stays for, you know, five seconds and it flips to the dying one. And then five seconds looked at that one. So there's a little instagram story that we created. We could send all of these off to the client. We have, uh, probably 10 to 12 different versions of social media campaigns. Go ahead and save it. And there's what's wonderful once again about using the art board system as this is all easy to export. So we're gonna export all of these as J. Pegs. That's gonna be your standard format that everybody wants. So what's wonderful about using the art board system and Adobe illustrator is I can export thes all in a few seconds. So once I'm happy and I'm ready for to get some client approval one of these I'm gonna goto file export export as, and I'm gonna go ahead and click on the use our boards. It's gonna clip everything down to the art board s. If you don't click this, it'll export this really huge document and will include everything outside of your art board. So you don't want to do that. So click on user boards and let's make this a J peg. Click on export and I don't wanna have the largest file possibles. I'm just gonna back it off a notch to maybe eight. Doesn't matter. Just trying to make the file size a little smaller and go ahead and click on screen Me personally. If I could get away with it, I will always export has high because a lot of this Facebook and instagram when you upload a 300 peopie I, which is a really high resolution print resolution quality those programs were Are those platforms were automatically resize it down to where it needs to be. So for me personally, I like uploading very high resolution and let them downgrade as opposed as opposed to loading a 72 d p. I. And maybe I miss out on the opportunity tohave a high resolution image somewhere. So me, personally, I liked it. Sometimes new, medium or high. The 72 is your standard. That's the one that's most acceptable on digital. But I love to do a higher resolution. If the file sizes too large go back new screen, it will reduce the file size quite a bit. So if you have a problem with the file size being too large. Stick with 72 dp I but otherwise I love my images looking great. So 300 pp eyes what I recommend for exporting digital images. So right now it's exporting and what's wonderful is I have all these export is, uh, Jay Peak instead of having told his individual files floating around that one file My entire social media campaign for the small is all right here. Instagram Facebook and I even have the stories. Here we are all to go ahead, double click on all these and could preview make sure they look good or some on a Mac right now. So it's gonna look different for you. I love it kind of Take a look at our campaign, Zoom out on the safely like that particular look. See if we can't get client approval. A lot of these images there's a profile pic. There's kind of a standard image that they could use. Great. I'm very happy with his campaign. I hope you enjoyed ah sitting along with me. I wanted to do kind of a raw, riel, practical designed project with you guys, and I didn't plan this ahead. I kind of you could just kind of see exactly what I do for a real world client of a client just like this. I just change the name just for privacy for my client. But this is real world stuff is the stuff I knew every day. This is how I make a lot of my money is doing some of these digital ads. And of course, there's print campaigns as well. So I'd love to add that as an additional bones, part of the worst may be in the coming coming months, but hopefully had a great time and learned a little bit about the process. How to do professional rapid design work.