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Graphic Design for Beginners: 13 Projects Step by Step

teacher avatar Daniel A., Social Media Marketing

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Summary of this Course

    • 2. How to Make Money with Graphic Design

    • 3. Designs You Are Going to Learn in This Course

    • 4. How Canva Works, Main Features and Designs

    • 5. How to Edit Photos Using Canva

    • 6. How to Create an Awesome Ebook Step by Step

    • 7. How to Create a Personalized Image Step by Step

    • 8. How to Create a Professional Logo Step by Step

    • 9. How to Create an Infographic Step by Step

    • 10. How to Create a Menu Step by Step

    • 11. How to Create a YouTube Channel Art Step by Step

    • 12. How to Create a YouTube Thumbnail Step by Step

    • 13. How to Create a Complete Poster Step by Step

    • 14. How to Create an Awesome Pin for Pinterest Step by Step

    • 15. How to Create a Photo Collage Step by Step

    • 16. How to Create a Motivational Phrase Step by Step

    • 17. How to Create a Professional Business Card Step by Step

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About This Class

Graphic Design for Beginners: 13 Projects Step by Step


Welcome to the Complete course of Graphic Design for Beginners. This course is based on Canva as the way to Create all of the designs.

You will know how to create images for business, your personal brand, social media and ebooks.

At the first section, you will know the basics of Canva, how it works and more.

Then, I will show you how you can create ebooks, infographics, logos, Menus, Posters, Images for Social Media and Business and More. These projects will be step by step.

During all the classes you will know the features of this online design software and it is completely free.

I hope to see you inside the course



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniel A.

Social Media Marketing


Hi, my name is Daniel. I am a graduate student of Industrial Engineering, with emphasis in finance and entrepreneurship.

I am a trader since 2009, but I've been studying this issue since 2005, which I learned a lot during the crisis of 2008. I know most investment strategies in different markets, and I know what works and what does not for each one.

I have innovated in creating different investment strategies in financial markets and real estate, with great result, which has allowed me to work a few hours a day.

I have been involved in the social media marketing world during many years. Now, I have knowledge in many sites like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

It's a short summary, but do not hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts.

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1. Summary of this Course: Welcome to the complete graphic design calls for beginning 13 projects. Step by step. I am Daniel and I have been using Comma for many years. I have developed more than 100 designs for social media on nine Business on more I used their own line of work called Comma. This court is for beginning on. I went issue how you can use comma a step by step. We will create 13 designs from scratch. The fields part is the basics off comma They ways to make money with this kind off designs on the main futures off graphic design. After that, I will create a step by step a new book on logo on info graphic a menu, our YouTube channel art And you took thumbnail a poster up in for interest. Our photo college opposed foreign social media on a professional business card. I will show you the main features off comma during the tilt in projects you will lend to create all of them from this crash. I hope you enjoyed Nicholls. See you there 2. How to Make Money with Graphic Design: in the video, I will show you how you can make money with all of the signs that you are going to learn in this court. For example, you can go to five dot com, and you can sell the signs off logos off some names you can get for the logo. You can get $10. 25. No, let's, for example, leave research for Dumb. Named for that you took time. Now you can sell one designed for $5 $10 $5 most $10 most off the gigs, most off the sales and $45 you can create full example logos. Different kind of logos You can sell one brilliant logo full $920.25 dollars, $10.300 dollars, $30.10 dollars on more you can you decide the place that you want to sell you design, for example, you can create a book you looked. You are going to learn how to create Abel's Iraq. With using Camba, you can create evokes for $50.40 dollars, $50. You don't have to write a book. You have toe do the design off the hook for $50.30 dollars The money that you want toe charge for your work. They let other places, for example, 19 9 The signs is another place where you can sell you local you'll designs. You can get morning from from those websites. You can go toe abul that come and you can sell it for worlds, for example. Logo. If you said for the logo, you can find people who are hiding a design. It's that can create 11 logo, one logo for the company, for the business for the person of ground. They pay $35.40 dollars, $10 for one single logo on the last blood for Ifly lancet. You can sell your Desai's here you can find work us, design it in this website. It is very easy. Two years and you can make a lot of money if you learned early signs that I'm going to teach you in this class. 3. Designs You Are Going to Learn in This Course: in this class, you're going to learn how to make many, many decides difficult designed. For example, you can't you're going to learn how to create on YouTube Terminal and Social Media Post on YouTube Channel art a pin telegraphic one e book one one presentation. I mean, you a Kindle kovel, a postal one logo, the menu here, a business card. You're going to learn how to create a Ford or college it step by step. I will show you all of the features off this platform during every every descent. You're going to learn how to create advanced designs for many purposes for your business, for the personal Brandt, for whatever you want. I want to teach you a step by step. How took date, those kinds off words those kinds of designs. You will learn how to create an e book, how to what links how to act at images, text, a effect and many, many more things 4. How Canva Works, Main Features and Designs: in this video, I will show you where it's come. Come buys up land for well, You can create many kinds off designs for many purposes, completely free. You can use icons effect on many month things that Camba has for you. You have to go to combat that come on and create on account. Create an account with you. User name your email on a possible It is very easy to do. Once you have created your account, you go to this website. Here you can create your designs. You can edit your pelvic soon, AL. Profile. You account sailings on many more things. He you have the interface. They kind off the signs that you can create using Camba and you took terminal and insert on post as Social Media post a YouTube channel at up in today's graphic one e book A Facebook Post. A tumbler among us in a presentation I lettered at least you, me, um, a Kindle cover a blow graphic on infographic on many, many more kind off designs. It is very easy. You have tow use custom dimensions on. You can shoot the invention that you want all you can find one of those dimensions, for example, is you want to create an instagram post. You have to click on this bottom and you go to the white template he had You come fight find template that you can edit. You can add element. For example, go to eat frames 34 hours 34 does you cannot shape. You cannot Lions, ministrations, illustrations. I can't Here. You cannot shots many kinds off, child. You can indeed those charts. You cannot taste many kinds of tests. Some damn Bleidt you cannot Abarca, don't a caller. All one of these market don't or you cannot love you long image. You have to click on a beloved Jolan images and you have loved the much. For example, if I choose one of these images, for example, this is one I can add filters. I cannot feel this They can sleep. The photo I cannot at transparency can change the name over the off the post like the name off the design you can download. They signed that you create on minimal things. It is very easy to do and you're going to learn how to create the best designs for your business purposes and your pencil purposes. I will issue more than 10 project that will help your business and your personal brand 5. How to Edit Photos Using Canva: in this video, I will show you how you can end. It follows using comma, you'll have toe select one off. Those templates will go to more for examples. Social media being telegraphic presentation. You can use custom the main dimension. For example, if I handle eight big chills for Hungary pictures, I'm click on design. Now you have tow a beloved one off your image is one of your followers. For example, I have one of them here. This is 11 picture one photo you can go to filter. So like the peach will go to filter and you can select. For example, those filter drama edge a peak face the gray scale Advanced options Intensively bra, Agnes, you can change the brightness. They call interest the situation off the picture. What do you But you will have to click on Norman to come back to their region and photo. You can add more things. For example, transparency you can upload. Morty. Much is an example. You cannot one picture off one prison and put the picture here when you can go to this search part until, for example, for a friend, I hear we have a free Eifel tower. You cannot many things. For example, those are more illustrations. But those who installation cost $11. You can use, for example, these one instead off these that would when you cannot many think you cannot one for a little. For example, go here on change the brains, on the contrary ist on. You have Dacian off one off your follows. There are many filters. This class is just to let you know that you can edit many of your follows using Camba on all of the main features that Camba has in order. Toe Edit follows Eddie Tom names and it many imagines for social media for e books on for many more things. We're going to learn how toe make e books infographics social media images on more things in the next classes. 6. How to Create an Awesome Ebook Step by Step : in this class I will show you how you can create a new book using Kamba Step by step The fields thing you have to go is click on more and search for a book. This is the size off on a book. Click on a book. Now we are going to make the call it We have many templates here. You can use the template you want. For example, these one This one coasts $1 they have Khost. This is free. This is three. Those one was all free. But we can choose. For example, this one. This is the core it off our e book. We're going to edit the cover. For example, put the title complete Qamba cords on the outward. Now we can add the background a much. For example, you can a beloved one oney much here all you can select one off these images. For example, this one and you put the much Joe's here and you see the image behind the text on behind that red color. It is very simple when you use camera in order to create the car off your book. Now we are going to add the field space off our e book at the page. That way it raise the color. Now we are going toe soon The page goto element shapes. We're going to the late one shape. For example this one just go here I'm put the lined Atlante the page. Now we are going to add some tests they're heading. This is the title and we're going to shoot one kind off later. For example, these one this is the title were going toe at the test fixed on Now we cannot link. For example, if you have a Facebook page you can judge for Facebook. If you have an insulin paixao YouTube channel whenever you have a cell for Facebook answer . Let one off those images. For example, This one I put the much in this Cornell say like the much and go to these change on you can type. They are the website address off your Facebook page. A play. This is the main template off our book. We can add unearthing the number or to test Thank you. We're going to add the number off every page. For example, this is the friend space. Now we have the covert. The first bridge. You have to click on this bottom and you have the second page the till page on day fold page on the pages that you want. Now we're going to add some text. For example. This is a world title. Come back. Cool. We're going to take some tests here. Go he hill and paste the test. Now we have the first page off our book. This is the first space the second page could be Here. This is the second page. The till page on the fourth patient. Then you have to write all the book. This is the first space they say Compassion. The tilt on the fourth page. If you need more pages, you just click on this on this bottom. You've yet another page on the Web page on an oil page. Then you have to change the number of your patients. This is the second patient and now we have the book. This is very easy to the using Qamba. Now you go to down, out, click on PDFs sandals and click on download. Then this is our book. This is the cover the field space. The second page. The deal page on more pages. If you click on this bottom, you goto your Facebook page. Then you realize how easy is to create e books. Using Camp Kamba is completely free. 7. How to Create a Personalized Image Step by Step : in this class, I will show you how you can use the main effects off comma. In many images, I will use uppers and the lights in much goto use custom dimensions on. For example, 1400 picks is on 700 pictures, design and, for example, reserved for technology. We can find some images collected to technology. If we search for computer, we can find morning munches on. So, especially Molly's those images, these one. These one is very special as well. For example, this image you have to click on this image, bringing Demisch to the template. You have one computer. Do you have to goto a blocked on a beloved one image? Or you can use some of the imagines that you have that you can find free. Here. Let's go unused DC Much just like they much. I'm put day much on the screen off the computer. Then I have our computers When one e much, I cannot more things to the image, for example, takes or whatever you want Baltimore Element. For example, if we go to icons, we can find many icons. For example, these one we can put the icon here. Have we If we copy and then paste, you can create a shadow. Do you have to change? They call it off the child, but it come put it. Did one click on at range back then you have they much with shadow. Those are some effect. We are going to place the computer. Then we go back to element. Click on Great! You can say Let one off those grates, for example, This one and then you ve much it. Divide it in tow into food part. You can sell it for images, for example. Nature go to furthers on Those are images related to nature Somare free. Some are paid. If you said like the three images you put a much here another e much. I know that image. I'm the last image. Then you have 40. Much is in one image. You can add many effects. For example, it's pacing the spacing between images. You can cut up the images. For example, these one here the sea much. I'm put day mushier this image you can add some fugitives for example, normal Kali drama on more in this case, Norman, Now we go to element go back to shapes on. Then we're going to select this square. We said like this square, we're going to add a title to D C much You can change the corner, for example, green or the blue. I think blue is weather we can at transparency. Now we are going to add some lead. It's the title off our English. Then we settle for and for example, until it's the literal and hey, they It's not here. We sell for letters. They t you you, uh on e. Then this is the title off our image. Now we can sell it for another three much. For example, water. Go to fathers and you have three. Much is about what it you can use any type off you much that you want and you have toe put the much in every letter here. Here then this is the personal light image that I could relate. You can use many filters, many kinds off images, many kinds off icons on more things in a little took the day much that you want using. Camba. It is very easy to use 8. How to Create a Professional Logo Step by Step : in this video, I will tell you how you can create to kind off logos the fits logo. You need to have two more and find the template called logo This select template for 100 pictures for you Handle picks it click on create on Here is a the template. Then you can choose one off those templates the template you want. For example, we are going to shoot this one which is free. So, like the template, we can change the name. For example, Qamba Coolidge. We can change the number. For example, 2017 2000. He we can change the colorful example Green We can change the letter. We can change this letter on at the little big girl size Change their color Example Black I hear we can change this image. Just go to element I couldn't on We can choose one off those icons that I can you want For example, this one We can change the color jello change this size off the latter's 24 24 We can change these little for example we can select a really kind of flattered antique And here we have our low You cannot more things. For example, more icons. While I really want you cannot more test. If you need mon test, you cannot test. Then do you need to click on down, out and select the kind off filed that you want? For example, J. P. G click on download and kid, we have our logo, the fields kind off logo that we're going to create in the schools. Now we are going to create the second kind off logo. You just goto use custom dimensions. Select, for example, 800 300 silicon design. I hid. We can add some elements, for example, icons. We can't let the same icon and put the icon here. You cannot taste. For example, combo right comma, change the alerted. Get Abigail letter 56 at more test cords on the year 2017 we can change the size on the kind off letter, for example, this one And here we have the second kind off logo that we can create using Camba, we can add spacing between learners, this kind off space. We can change the name off our fine. For example logo No. Go number two, click on Don. And here we have our low You can download the logo on. There is an oil featured, but you have to pay for the fisher that you can get the logo with with a transport it background. If you want to get a local with that transported bag, don't you need to pay too? Kamba, You know little together it. But if you want this kind off logo with a white background, you just have to go to don't loud said like they can't off file on click on download. This is this. I can't kind of logo that we can create using Camba. 9. How to Create an Infographic Step by Step: in this video I will show you how you can create an infographic. A step by step. You need to go to more click on more on search for infographic in for a traffic is here eggs 100 pictures. 2000 picks is click on the much you can choose the template you want. For example, these one did want Those are free most off the template Al Free for example. You can shoot these one. I'm going to choose this template. We consume day much. We can change the titles Jambo Coors for making this. Now we can change the much behind the learners. We can go to Element nine. Click here. I love Kamba. And should they much you want, for example did one We cannot range Buck back and you have the much behind the letters You can change the colors For example blue Oh, let I preferred red because they logo is blue. You can change the text she had lit text These these scores is for Begin it now we are going toe Change those images We can it raise this image unsaid. For example, in four Gadhafi IQ answer like they much that you want, For example, we can choose one continent. We said like this content this continent we can change the cooler. You know what America Onda we can say most over the Qamba, the signings girl from not America. We can change the size, for example, to anyone. All 16. I preferred 14. Now, here we have the fields part off our infographic. We can add more things. For example. Perhaps it raised a much on if we go toe element and click on shirt, we can get many kind off chart. For example, this one we can take a good ups. Here she is, the get ups. We can say these would off repentant the percentage off you says Bell continent change the size 14 and we can treat the day off off this graph, for example, you can change. You'd up? Yeah, to any percent America 45% Asia to any percent physical 5% Andi, We'll see on the then present. You can change the kind off calls. For example dread blue. What? Or Modine? In this case, I will live. They dig wraps with the color threat. This is this a compact off our infographic on the other thing that we can At our for example, computers. We have many kinds off computers, but those computers are very special. We can select this one for put day computer. Here are we cannot any much there. For example, this image put the much dead and that's all. We can edit the title on the description off this part we can add, for example, no goes. If we go to Facebook, we can choose one off those loggers, for example, This one I'm put the logo here on in the last part. We're going to add some links. For example, a link to a YouTube channel. You took research for you too to like, did bottom. You can edit. Click here on. We can add one link here to the bottom. For example, your YouTube channel one you to be you. What I really want. Click on. Apply. I'm here. We have what? Infographic? The title. The first part. The same compound. The third part on all the infographic. I hope you have Understand how you can create an infographic using Qamba 10. How to Create a Menu Step by Step : in this class, I will show you how you can create a menu for that restaurant. Just click on more. We are going to create three kinds off menus, sales full menu. This is a man you here We're going to create truly parts off our many the release part. If for delicious, for example, we can select the template we want. For example, this one we can end it. The names you should we can, indeed the kind of teachers we have dish one on the kind of foot, the price. Whether you want we can change, they much behind the the little We can search for foot and we can get free images. You cannot beloved your own a much in this case. I'm going to use this one and going to put the much behind the learners they can. Grew up the image, Campbell. I went to your spot over the image and here I have the free spot off the menu. We are going to create the second page. Go here now, Ute, we're going to choose one template for the drinks. For example, this room you can Eddie dreams wines on a the title drinks on wanes. We can edit the other ridge off the restaurant on in this case and going to did the cooler luck. Um, luck. Now I'm going to search for wine, Going to select for example this a much and I'm going to put the match here on. We have the second part off our menu. We are going to do the tail part, the desert, the part, the part for visits, for example. You can shoot this template. We can indeed the template, for example, these shirts, this shirt we can change those images. Always going to search for some. Imagine, for example, these one on another image one for the much we can at your only much is you have to have allowed a imagines here. I'll go to uncertain Awful. This is we can use this image we can't put up name. I just we can indeed the quarters. Now we have the tree parts off our menu. The fields part the second part on the tail part. You don't have to click on download Select PDF standard on click on download. Here we have the menu on a pdf fight. It is barely cto using camber 11. How to Create a YouTube Channel Art Step by Step : in this video, I will show you how you can create a YouTube channel. Art it. Really? So you'll help toe click on YouTube Channel art. Just go to the white template on you can shoot the template. You want it very important that you choose one off those templates because those templates are made especially for you Dupe channel act. If you try to create alone channel art, it could be very difficult because you do has many kinds off sizes on many future that you need to take into account another to create the Shannon at. In this case, we're going to select one off these templates. For example, the one we can change the name. You can change the name for your name. All the name of your channel. Change the colors, change the future. For example business, uh, marketing. We can edit this part for example, the transparency we can create and we get a letter. Now we can edit those images. For example, we can it raise everyone. We can go to our blood on a blood. You don't your own images. Well, you can search for different images. For example, business on go to fathers. You have some forward here. You can select each off these photos. Would they must share. Here. Here, aunt. Here, you can call up every much. For example, this image in the space. These e much here. Here, aunt. Here. Now you have the YouTube channel, it of your YouTube channel. You have to download three gun the sandal that you want and click on download. That's all it is very easy to you years in Qamba. 12. How to Create a YouTube Thumbnail Step by Step : in this video, I will show you how you can create. Are you to turn them from scratch? Just go to more answered for you. The thumbnail you to dominate is here. Click on the bottom. Here. You have some templates. In this case. I'm going toe create there, You to tell nail for them a scratch. You have tow a block. You own a much the much that you want one photo in this case and going to shoes. Dick, This photo going to shoot this photo? I'm gonna at someone filled it. Special filters it, um, at a little off. Just pregnancy. This is better in Poland because he is going to create contrast between the much on the letters. Now I'm going toe element. Click on shape on. I'm going to select one shape. For example, the one I have did shape. I'm going to change the color. For example, Black. I'm gonna add some. Test the name off our you to be how to great YouTube. Some name gonna change the can. The kind off letter this size on the color Example. White. You can change the site. One singing I would create Are you to dumb need. How took Great. Are you determine we can sell for icons, for example. You dope on at them to the much. Now we have our dominant for you to be very easy to you using Qamba. 13. How to Create a Complete Poster Step by Step : in this class, you're going to learn how to create a poster. You just have to look toe more. Click on more search for poster, the two kinds off poster, one in sentimental on the other, one in inches. Let's choose whatever you want. For example, this one. Then you're going to get many templates, those same plates. You can use the template you want. Those are totally free. You have to shoes whatever you want. For example, we can use we can use something related to social media marketing. For example. I'm going to create an example related to social media, for example, these one I can't edit. They worked social media. My kidding, sending it you can soon a little on changed the data, for example, une and the confidence Yoon 15. But for PM Miami, you can edit your website right. My website not come to play geezer. We can edit those images. For example, we can it raise those hands. Answer for something related to social media. For example, insert um, logo inserted. Um, should these image Facebook? Facebook is another one. Tuitele being a terrorist, I'm interest. We have to organize those images brick on at range Back at range. Mark that range back we Can it raise those world that range back? We can change the color of the little it, for example, black, um, the background color off our image. Example White. Look, aunt look, It is very important to use about, ah, white background because it is going to reach you. But when you want to print the much the posters, then this is the kind off postal that we can create using. Camba, did you have to click on download on you get you'll The sign on Be the f all all informant . Now we're going to create another posted shoes. Both said us You can select one off those one of those template, for example. For example, these one Oh, and we can I did the college blue on We're going the call girls as well Blue the titles social media Me Yeah, we can change the kind of little on we can edit all of those things The coolers When I really want you can at elements, for example, icons. We'll chart. We can select one icon. I'm put decor here you can change their core loans. And here we have another kind off posted. It is very easy to do using Camba because all of the templates are very, very well designed. You'll have to change some things in a little to get a good and wonderful design. 14. How to Create an Awesome Pin for Pinterest Step by Step : in this class we're going to create up in from full mentalist Did you have to go to more and search for being Telus? Graphic Click on pin telegraphic on you can use the template you want. You have to pay for those templates. But the last three templates as well. For example this is freed these one is free. But in this in this case we're going to use elements we're going to click on Great and we're going to select on We're going to issues one off Those will it they go great that you want For example, we can shoes these one Here we have the template divided in full squares. We can use the fields is quell To put the title, for example, we can shoot one color red We can change their color read we cannot some taste I'm like the title complete Kamba Coach, We can shoes on a little kind off later from example Hunton increase the size just a little more. This is the title. We can add a Nikon If we go toe element, we can add icons that I couldn't that you want. But in this case, I'm going to use one of those icons. For example, this one I quit. This is the friends part off our pain in the other three part we're going to add. So imagine, for example, we can sell for when we can go to elements and click on for the fathers. We can use one of those photos those and totally free, for example, we can shoes these one on put the much shear. This put day much here on another one, for example. For example, did one we can put the must year We can't put up every much in these K's And here we have the pain for our pain terrorists account. It is very easy to do using Camba. 15. How to Create a Photo Collage Step by Step: In this video, I will show you how you can create a photo collage from scratch. You have to click on more on search for for lunch. You can go to control F uncertain called lunch for local match. Then if I It's intimate. Liddell's doing this intimidators we can create. I hear we're going to use. I know they're worried we can shoot the read that we want. For example, we kind of use This is great. We can at images the imagine that you want. For example, you can go to Element click on free photos and shoes The forest, for example, about animals This animal, this animal you can search for. I know that animals, for example, these one on a more images related to a new months for the champion. This one, we can cut up every much good old dope. We can add some Philistines to every a much. For example, we can at draws she did you see much. We can add another filter. Example drama. For this image, we can add advanced options. The contrast, the brightness on change the situation. We can do another thing for the one. For example, you can shoes this feel tell are not advance options on this is a for local ash off these image, we can add some tests we can go to test on. Choose one of those free templates. Example. These one. You can increase the size of the Leyland's. We can edit every part. For example, you can change the world world any month, the year and this of title animal We can change the cooler. Right? Right on white. Now we have our me much already much fear these our photo college. We can't go on down, out and shoot the four months that you want. 16. How to Create a Motivational Phrase Step by Step : in this class, I will tell you how you can create. Opposed for social media marketing. Using a motivational phrase, you have to click on social media. 100 pixels, 800 pixels. Then you can at a background, for example, you can go toe back around and shoot one of those templates, the plan template that you want or you can choose one color. In this case, I'm going to choose these template. The next thing we are going to do is going to add the phrase. For example, at hearing on we're going to take one off those freight with example this one. This phrase is made by CBO become change. The kind off letter increased this size include this size and we can add doubted in this case, the auto. Is Steve jobs steep? Yep, we have to. At some images, for example, you cannot the face off a Steve Jobs. In this case, we are going to Google and search for Steve Jobs, P N G. PNG. All of those who manages with the PNG four months has after an sperlik bag. Don't, for example, this image. You have to download this image. Then you have tow, loved a machine, And should the image would they must. Here and now, you have opposed for Easter Adam Facebook interests to either using a motivational place in this case, off race off a Steve Jobs. If you want, you can use one off those templates as well. You can use, for example, for the six. For these kind off phrase, you can use one template like these one all one template like this one. 17. How to Create a Professional Business Card Step by Step : in this class, I will show you how you can create a business card. You have to search for the template template each year. Business card. Then you can create a business card for your online business or whatever you want. You can get bait. I'm fully template. This is free. This is paid free. Free. For example, If you click here, you can see the front off the card on the back, off the car in this case and we're into shoes. December it dissemble it for the Fields base on December it for the second page at new page on at the second part Off the off the cart. This is the front. This is the back off our cut here. We can change day much. If I don't like this. See much. You can upload your long A much in this case, I'm going to use one of these images. For example, this one I'm put the much here I can change the free little nor one Carly drama, but a scale I can at the name off my business business name. You can add, for example, the year you cannot 11 logo, one element for example. One acorn. You can go to Eichel's and search for a Nikon elected to your business, for example, of these God, you can change the caller, for example, black or white. Now we are going to edit the second part. You can check. Uh, when Doc, it's We can change the lead. If you want change yet change for another letter. You can add the cellphone, your email, your email, your website on change. The lower you can add another lover example of these one. You can change the color white. You can change the color. The main color. Example. Black. Hey, you have you Busan Scott the front. A different part of your cart on the back of your card. It is very easy to do using Camba and using the templates off camera.