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Grainy Texture in Photoshop. MasterClass.

teacher avatar Olga Hashim, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Starting with Texture

    • 3. How to Merge Layers in Photoshop

    • 4. How to Change a Color of an Object (Tip #1)

    • 5. Why to Zoom in and Zoom Out?

    • 6. When To Skip Creating A New Layer For Texture

    • 7. About Perspective and Advantages of Separated Layers

    • 8. The Importance of Proofing

    • 9. Free Transform Tool / Resizing

    • 10. Texturizing

    • 11. Texture and More Merging

    • 12. Defining Shapes with Texture + How to Change Color of the Shape (Tip #2)

    • 13. Break the Rules!

    • 14. When to Follow the Rules

    • 15. Texture

    • 16. Starting with the Statue of Liberty

    • 17. Choosing Color for Texture

    • 18. Fine Adjustments and More Contrast

    • 19. Finishing Touches

    • 20. Conclusion

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About This Class

This class is a master class where you’ll be able to watch me working on texturizing one of my illustration. This is a highly requested class that focuses on work in Photoshop and texture.

I will take one of my illustrations into Photoshop and show you how I bring it from here:


to here:


In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to use the Brush Tool and stamp brushes
  • How to use the Eraser tool
  • How to apply texture to your artwork 
  • How to work with contrast 
  • Why to zoom in and zoom out
  • How to quickly select layers
  • How to merge layers
  • How to use the rounded rectangle tool
  • How to use the Free Transform Tool ( + a note on the new Photoshop CC 2019 update)
  • Eye Dropper Tool
  • Two techniques on how to change a color of an object/shape

Everyone is welcome to join this class. All you need is basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

Please find a “help file” under the resources tab that includes my go to shortcuts and commands I used in this master class and continue using on a daily basis. 

If you’d like to learn how to create illustrations from scratch in Adobe illustrator or how to prepare your illustrator file for work in Photoshop, please feel free to check my previous two classes:

Create Grainy Illustrations Using Adobe Illustrator And Adobe Photoshop

How To Create A Simple Engaging Illustration

Music: Cheery Monday Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Olga Hashim

Illustrator & Graphic Designer


Hi! I’m Olga Hashim.

I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living in Houston, TX. Besides lovin’ illustration, graphic design and art I also enjoy yoga, healthy lifestyle and mindfulness. 

Let’s stay connected!

Follow me on Instagram if you want to see my illustration work, sketches, before&after images and much more. Don’t forget to mention me if you share your project from my class on your IG. It makes me happy when you do!


I also have a YouTube channel where I share useful stuff for illustrators and designers such as book reviews, tools that I use for my creative workflow and fun speed up videos showcasing my illustrat... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello, everyone. Amoled a harsh in and AM administrator and graphic designer living in Houston, Texas. The squad is a master class where I will walk you through my process of creation. One of my illustrations. I'm going to take this illustration and I'm going to show you how I took it from here to here. Since this glass is a master class, it will be pretty much as if I invited you into my studio and you are sitting behind me and watching me working on my illustration and I'm bringing my process to you. I'm really excited about this class because it's a highly requested class. I did a poll on Instagram and they were really excited about me dedicate and one of my classes to my texturizing process only. So I'm really pumped about this class and I really hope that you will like it too. Especially for this class. I created a media where I included my favorite shortcuts and commands that I used throughout my process off work on this illustration and that I use in my work flow in general day to day. You can find it under their resources. Stab and I really hope that you find it useful. Since this quest is focused on lecture on Lee, I will be texturizing, an illustration that I pre made in Adobe Illustrator If you're interested in my process off great and an illustration from scratch in Adobe Illustrator, I really commend you to wash my two previous classes where I do just that I want to encourage you. Teoh, Take one off your illustrations into photo shop and the texture rise it as your washing. My client for after you finished wishing my class it's up to you whatever seems your best. And if you don't please feel free to share it in the project section. I will be really excited to see your creations. And, uh, I will be more than happy to give you a feedback. If you have any questions about my process, you can start a discussion under this class and I will get back to you. And, uh, I will address all your questions. So results for that I do. Let's get started 2. Starting with Texture: So today I will be teaching you how to work with the texture in a double for the ship, I will be texturizing this illustration right here. And as you can see, I created this one using a Linda color palette, which means that I limited my color choices to a few shades off blue and gray. I think I start extraction administration beginning with these skyscraper. Before I will simply click on this shape like so, to selected my layers panel, make sure that the outer select box is checked. If it's unchecked, you won't be able to select layers simply by clicking on it. Let me show you. I check this box and let's try to select the arm right here. See? Nothing is happening. It's deal stays on the skyscraper, see against electricity. And once I check the outers and invokes, he changes. See it selected the arm. Okay, let's look this skyscraper shape once again. Now I want to you create a selection around this later, and I'm doing it by holding down command on my keyboard and flicking on the later Sunday like so I need to have a selection around it because it will help me to prevent the texture to go outside Off this shape, I will show you what I'm in a little late. Next click these. Create a new layer button to create a new layer right above the selected one. I will be using this layer for texture. I usually don't like to apply texture right over the original air because it will be harder to you get rid of it. If, for example, I don't like it. I don't like how the picture came out, but with the additional airport picture it's easy. You just delete unwanted layer. Uh, the picture doesn't move the way you want it to look Next, click be on my keyboard, be a to choose a brush tool and next time hidden Teoh this man York right here. And click this niggle arrow to select. They brush that I want to use protection. I will be Jin. These brush this is ah, custom brush that I made two great picture for my illustrations. So I selected simply by Klay candid and next I'm heading over the a layer that I will be texturizing now I want you so let the color for texture to know. So I double click. They feel like, um right here to bring up the color picker. I will sample the color off the skyscraper like soul and I think I will go for a darker shade off blue to create some contrast. I think this one should work, I think. OK, and I start to that's see, I started to brained over the layer Let me show you what will happen if I didn't have a selection here was removed the selection by clicking Come on G on my keeper and try to paint over the layer See the texture, Spread it over to you the sky and the skyscraper next to this one and you don't want that. So let's click. Come on, Rosette on my keyboard Do you get rid off? Listen, wanted, texture and just go back in history to bring the selection back. So click click Be again, Teoh. Grab the brush tool and I will continue to you click Hoover no, later. Great in the Dexter. So this particular brush is a stun brush, meaning that I don't want to drag it like this. I will just stamp it. And actually I think that This texture is a little bit too dark. Before I will click, delete my keyboard to get rid of it, and I will choose a different color. Throw Brianna, go for something a little bit more purple and maybe a little larger. Let's see. Let's try this trade Click OK. And I continue to paint. Yes, I only ready. Steve, this collar looks way better than the previous one. 3. How to Merge Layers in Photoshop: some continuing to brand like so. And let me just zone out a little bit to see how it looks from a distance. And without this election, I think it looks pretty nice. Let's just make this bird a little darker, like so fantastic. Let's click. Come on, G to get rid of this election and then a Greek and B to pick up the selection. Dope moved. Or it's called this election to an illustrator's. So sometimes I just except the journeys and I look like home, these layer to select it in my loose Bennett in the letters mean you look so and I will create a selection around it. Again. I'm clicking, grating Mueller Button decreed a new air the next week I on my keyboard Teoh, grab the eyedropper tool, and I will sample this collar, Then double click. They if you liken, and I would choose a slightly darker blue like so, and I will think tourism there like these region and nice dick shrimp Looking good. Let's move on to the top part of this skyscraper and extra resin again. I can eq on this shape to selected in mother spaniel, a great A selection around it. Oh, as you can see, um Burnley. I had this shape made out of different shape previously in Adobe Illustrator before I think I will want to you unite Denver right here and photo shopped before Let's name it to make it. Did you? So a double click on my layer and I will name it. That's name it just it and Boeri name. And then let's click on the door off this shape to find it in Miller's Grenell and the changes its name to the dog as well. Then I know simply drag it down in the spinal. Jill. It's right next to the the other part of the shape. As you can see, I don't usually blame my rare because, well, there are a lot of them. And obviously it will be in, especially in the case of this administration will be really hard to name all of them, because who the relative Bill Gance and I find it tedious. Teoh. Name it to think off the name for each Parisian, every detail like skyscraper, small skyscraper window we knew we know just studious. So and, um, for me, at least, so I find it kind of tedious to name all my layers because of this. And sometimes during the process, I delete, some were renamed some or murder some some of them before. Well, to me, it's useless note of cases to name all my layers during my process. But when I said Need my files toe gland, I obviously name all the layers because this is the proper way to 70 files. And this will be easier for them to understand what is what in your file since the gland a person who created this father Beezer for them to work with it when all the players earning . So I am continuing to drag this laid down me no repeats hit use. It happens sometimes. See, they have a lot of layers. Okay? And you may notice Now I will select both of them by holding shift and to say, if you want to select two wears at the same time, you have the whole shift on your people and select both letters. Next click comin G to grow them and then I right click on this group and select merge group . That's it. The layer is merged 4. How to Change a Color of an Object (Tip #1): you hold commander on a keyboard and click on this year, The greatest election and then I create a new were for texture about it. Okay, I was just a slightly darker color. As usual, as you can see on when texturizing I Usually I usually choose a slightly darker or sometimes majorly darker shade for texture just because it creates a nice, cool interest. And this is that, uh, really makes your illustration stand out. Contrast is good. So this brush size is a little bit too large for this little shape Before you Ah, had over here, you make it a little smaller, sister Small. And this is just right. So that's texturizing quickly. And I don't like his shade. It's still light before I will go back in history and I will choose a darker shade. So Okay, this is this works really well, Kate. Yes. And lest x rays the tip of the building sometimes I apart were a great anywhere when I have to texturizing a only a small piece where I know 100% did the texture really properly. And I know that I d want want Teoh change it out before I won't be greater than your wear for this texture for the sake off the size of this document, because sometimes for the shop can oh really slow if you have a lot off Lears 14 Sometimes I try not a great layers and, um, like picture over the original Waas just for the sake of the size off the document. And I have this building texturizing because looks like back. You know what I want to do. I want to add some additional texture on this part because I don't like it. How it's kind of dark in the bottom and it'll be too right at the top. Reads a weird effect, as if this top part it's pumping out us for you. Click on this layer to select it, and I will sample the Colorado texture from here. Arial make the brush larger like so it's not the large, and I really some additional picture what's great in a layer of protection because I don't want to mess up this one and with C and which would I am doing. I was only look like be from the keyboard to burn of the brush tool, and I will like texture like soul. And now I really grabbed the razor toe back. We can eat on my keyboard to get rid off the unwanted picture. Right here you'll make the size of the ranger larger. So the settings for the razor to work exactly the same against the settings for the brush told the differences only that the razor erased in the brush paints. That's caliphate. I don't just make this existed texture on this. That a leader lighter by arranging parts. If it breaks soul Noble Gertrude of selection. And no, I like it. Yeah, it looks perfect. Next, I will fluctuate vis dining building right here. Just because I want to make this statue book in the front, I will selected by clicking on all think. So I will create a on selection around it, and you layer above it. Are you a sample? The color of the beauty and I will be a slightly well, not a slightly but quite a darker shade. Like someone. Maybe you you get a little bit more purple. Okay? I can't be my keyboard and start pained over no later, actually what I think I want to do. I want to delete this texture. And I want to change the color of this beautiful to something else before I will select the original layer right here and a team from the picture. Leyland for now. And then I'll go for a different scene. Maybe Thesis one, something like that. Click OK. And I go toe a GIC feel I will choose foreground color and click. Ok, well, this is a little bit too dark before we'll go for something lighter. Constraint. This one agent still foreground color. Okay, nook. Nieces do purple. Yeah, the struggle of the artist. Please try something like that. Just a few foreground. Okay. Yeah, I like it. It's Romans, Greek. 5. Why to Zoom in and Zoom Out?: Alright, guys, I am going to texturizing. This is a building right here because I want to make their statue right here to go back and it's quite good, quite windy outside. So I hope you don't hear all the noise. It's coming. Sometimes it's really hard to find a quiet day, her recording, because the days just aren't quite just load anyway. Let's get started. Ladle. Dining building. It's not even a skyscraper. Little, any building. All right, I will let a week on this shape to selected the nurse panel right here, and I will hold a commander on Nike Burn and I left. Click on the layer styles Name to selected like. So next I'll click this create anywhere buttons to create a new where above the original one. And, uh, I look like be my keyboard to select the brush toe and next real DoubleClick T. If you like too big a broker shade for this. For this shape, that's simple. It's color, and you go just a well known just a little darker, but quite darker. Then the original shape is straight. A critical gay I leak. Well, I think that I have to make the brush size a tiny bit smaller. Let's go for it if I continued 50 pixels. Yeah, it's good straight out. Okay, so far, so good, and I can help. The texture lays like the shade that I picked up with this. Shape it. I think it's working well. Just zoom out a little bit. Remember, there have always zoom in and out when you warm, because it's something that a painter does when, uh, pains. So, for example, when you are working on the painting, you have to constantly look back and see no your basic from resistance in order to see how everything oaks. So you have to do the same when you create your dish. Traditional Works administration. So digital painting So our designs on and sometimes actually I can get up off my chair and I can go if you're steps back from my computer and I can and I can just look at my I'd work from the distance because I haven't had it from my painting classes. But the easier thing is, do zoom in and zoom out a load to see how your artwork works, because obviously, when you look at it like this can judge it correctly. You can see what's going on. And you can't possibly understand how this little building works in relational. This one over how they start, who looks comparing this building. So yeah, just human ends him out. It's really, really good thing to do. And you can see I have already started on the windows of this building. I just really don't want you make this video really long. Which may happen since I am walking you through, like every step. But I think that since my steps are very a bit too, because I presume I should do the same thing. Talking about my technique, agreed new anywhere or texture. Every time I want to texturizing u shape, then I simply paint over it. So I think I can skip repeats in the same thing over and over again from time to time. I also want to share my keeps illustration and, you know, work in four to show in general. So yes, I will be doing the thought that guys, if you have additional questions, please ask me. Ask me in the coin's oh, like, share your projects with me, share your work and ask me. Ask me questions and no haze that they do. They should me a GM of instagram, if you have any. Any questions? I know it really reply to you Always do. 6. When To Skip Creating A New Layer For Texture: as you could. Not just I didn't create any additional layers. Protection were the windows, because I just I just think that needed right here. This details are very small, and I just don't want to watch in my file. But if you are new to extra rising, I would highly recommend you create an additional layer or your picture. Just a mistake. Because this way, it's easier to remove picture that you didn't like without modifying the original original shape. Yeah, right now, I'm just making the windows a little darker because I should want them to put out a little bit of them to blend. Is the building's wall completely want them to put up right? I like it. 7. About Perspective and Advantages of Separated Layers: you know what? I think that this is shaken, the bigger Yes, definitely. Because the study of leadership is in the front. And according to your rules of perspective, everything that is closer to you is bigger. Everything that sits in the distance is small, and as you can see this statue, it's quite small. Bear into the buildings. And even though buildings are way dollar in real life, then the statue. We have to follow the group of perspectives, and we have to have this statue dollars right now, then everything else in the background. So let's go ahead and do just that. I actually I had to think about that when I was working on the administration in Adobe Illustrator, but I missed it with mine stick, and now I want to correct it. And this is why it's so helpful to have all off your layers separated in water show. Because if for all of the elements Bilic ated on one there right now, it would be ableto enlarge the statue. It'll I would have to scrap all that fat. Oh, the structure and everything Go back to what the illustrator modify my father, then exported to for a short interest started folded over. We don't want that. You want all alleged to be separate and for the shop, so we could easily identify them. So I want to name the letters. It makes a statue right now, just because I will need to select all of them, grow them and, uh uh, make the statue larger. And since I have a lot of layers right here, I definitely need the starts. Use layers to be named because it will be easier for me to maybe day to matter spender like this. So to change the name of the lady, simply have to double click on the later on the letters name and dying nearly right here. Start you. Then I'll click. Selected are you Click Come and see my keyboard coffee and then I will simply click. Come on. Vito faced the new name. The only other start to use leaders make So so when I premature, for example, I can see what layer would shape is located on this layer right now. So to make sure that it's correct later, I will simply a command Parikh on the ladder system now See it. The statues knows God selected. So it was the correct layer. Yeah, I know. Just repeated, gained gain and again before you. It is easier. The name all your years to this layer right here it isn't. The statue was layer, so we'll skip that. Okay, So obviously, if I would have it in my practice name, all my rears before starting extra rising them I wouldn't have to do it right now. But it's my process. And this is what I find for Skal husband, both for me. If for you, this is not comfortable and giving that it's mashing or anything, just simply Nanya layers dryer. Working in 40 short prior working with textures hopes again. Just open up. Everyone's process is different. You don't have to call the mind what you have to do. You just have to. You groups cane you just what you have to do. You just have to adopt some off my habits or prototypes that you find useful don't have to go pee each and every heavy that I have. You see this one? He's under the mask. I have like if my squad here it's the name it unit. Most likely it's just a process. It's not study right here. It's that building key Now I know. I want to select all less stars. Use layers before I will select the bottom layer right here. Then I was real screwed up. Do the talk. Start you where? Right here. I will click shift on my keyboard and click on the top where? See everything in between a then go selected next I will click command G on my world to group them. Take huge is the group No, I'm just Do you see if I selected all the statue layers? No, I didn't actually. I missed a law. The statue pieces Before you leave the group selected and then I'll click on these The statue earlier Old you shift. All right, I click. Come on g again and I o hide whose group? Once again writ I'm almost almost there. As you can see, they're awesome. Think details that that he just left being while working ministry here because those were hidden behind the statue. So yeah, this is one of the colors that I tried it for this illustration and it didn't work. And this is why the vendors are brutal and the think this two layers allocated behind the Statue of Liberty. Therefore, I will delete them because obviously this is just something they didn't make a cut during my work and illustrator and, um yeah, I don't need them anymore. They were just hidden behind. They start you and I didn't Stephen for so they just drugged them into hospital waste basket, Do you need? All right, I'm going to find this statue group you quick right now. So very cool. 8. The Importance of Proofing: next, let's find these little shape. Or is it year? Kids? Let's groups breads, Name it, start to you and let's drug down. Concealed. It's located right next to that statue group in the layers panel. Yes, guys, I have a no of player strike here, and this is how I work much of the date or almost every day. I don't know. It's work with extras. Well, for each administration's intransigent, the administration's. But when I work with extra, this is what it looks like. Most of the time. Semenza have less layers. It just depends from the amount of details. Administration. It's impress way. This one is on the heavier side. Squat. Hello? There's all right. Here we go. This is their statues group. This is is he's right here. I just in that both of them group the game. All right. Now I will have to find that fire piece. Cleveland, you're just drug down lots again. It's good gay. Here we go. Yeah, just name it. - Let's select things Group and the fire. Peace and moving. I think I got this little shape group along with the statue by accident. We'll pick on this little shape to find it. Yeah, she right here, study group. Just drag it out of the group like soft religious Hide this. We begin to see that nothing else. Quote drug indifferent. Get when you have l one of theirs. You were spending like I do. This happens sometimes. So it just check check on your layers from time to time to see what's going on. And don't rush into emerging. Anything are check in on the leaders. Like when I grow up something I usually check if any other layers going next under the group just simply by Haijun the group and seen if anything else disappears from my tennis weeks old so I don't see anything, did it is disappearing a side of my statue of liberty. So I think I'm good to go. And then next thing that I wanted him I won't do, uh, enlarge the statue. Do you make it look bigger? And most awful? I want Teoh name this group study just to make it send out. I will bring it through the front simply by President Sheikh. Come on and right. Break it on my work at the same time and as you can see, I have a legal masklike here that hides the bottom part. My administration. I will simply drag the statue. Will this mask mask a breaking? And I feel a look on that square because I don't know, they do get moved. 9. Free Transform Tool / Resizing: And the next thing that I will do, I will say, like the stockings mayor. So I click Come on the tea on my keyboard to a select transform And you can see this books has appeared around my group And then I will simply point the coarser over one of the corners off this books and I will drag it to the right, make it larger. I recently updated my other before the shops See 2019 before you resize an object proportion proportionately. I don't have to hold down ship and more so if right now I go hold on ship wouldn't show you on holding shit right now and start you get distorted. Seems it will work for you If you are data your for the shop is I D. But if you work in their older, full shock version and you want to transform resize your shape proportionately, you have to hold on sheep while criticizing it. Otherwise, that wouldn't ship your shape. You'll get distorted. So remember that. And now I will hate click enter you dis elect this and know what I think that I still need to make this statue larger, but you don't have enough space with it. War where I will do. I will select everything and drag it a little bit down. Do just to make a little bit more room about in this torch, I will unlock this mask. So when you're reciting something in for a shock, make sure that oh, the layers that we want to precise are unlocked. Because if there is looked, you won't be able to apply any and transformation to it. When people through to transform and just remember, do they go through the lair spending and make sure they're everything used unlocked before starts in any transformations. The only later that I don't want to be modified is the background layers. Just name Bay ground. Sometimes I name others along the way if you need to do that. And I don't like that because I don't need to transform my wife there and won't be going to transform the ships that make the C g. M. Is that you've liberty and the sky. And then you look well right here. All right. Next a real geography, a move door right here and I will select all my layers like so JIA on the ground is looked so we didn't get selected. Perfect. Next day off. Okay, Come on. See your Mac keyboard to dress for my illustration, and I o simply drag a little bit down just in field. All right? And then I look Rick Hendrick street off the transform boundaries. And then I will say my work because Ari trying to save my artwork as open as possible because it just it would end it. Because sometimes obligations crush some Dunn's things happened. I don't want to have your artwork of the unsafe. Oh, yeah, Save it every time. You think saving your next Ariel. So they start your group once again. No. Clear. Come on to the tracks, Foreman. He had a real scale it. Oh, like so right. But I wanted bigger because I don't like these real part showing up here. I don't want it, so I will just truck it down like soap. I want to make it even larger. Make it as largest possible. And then I don't like this. You are showing off here. We don't need it. It's kind of destructing. And I want to great a sensation. The feeling that this statue is critical stores that it puts out off the circle sheep. So just get treated. All these video piece right here by kicking right arrow on my keyboard and moving the start You to the right. Like so. Okay, here we go. Yeah. Now, this is something that I like. My click. Enter the trip off the transform. Do not the transplant about the boundary transport to creates around their group. 10. Texturizing: okay. I think that I can continue to texturizing the buildings. Now, let's do this one. I click on this blue she months to selective memory spending. There it is. I greet a selection around it, and I think that I don't need to create anywhere above it because the shape is mostly hidden behind there in no shapes. And, uh, I really don't want to make thes document larger than it is not. All right, Let's licked a collar for the sheep by double clicking on the fuel Aiken and choosing something on leave the darker, then the original shape. Think this may work in stride out. It could be on my keyboard, and I just make sure that their brush size works for this beauty. I want to make it a little bit larger. Or I could hear this, You know, Carol and I will manually. It was when you drink here. Yeah, this is this is better. So it started raining really heavily right now, so I apologize if you can hear it. But it's been so raining Houston past couple of months. They're just hard to find the time when to record Just train, you know, the time, especially on the weekends and all right, I am just starting to apply texture over streak. I don't Neither was right here. Dosing is kind of in the background and since the shape is covered with windows underlying India with texture on it now I see let me show you. They seem this shape showing off here and it is right here as well. I don't know why I greeted them in illustrator must be records of the part of my experiments with this building when I was creating in. But I don't think I need right now before I want to get rid of it. Let's do it. Very cool equipment Waas to find it in mother spaniel I hided to make sure that this is the shape that I want to get Rid opened that I want to get rid of anything that I don't want to get rid off and just hide it to see if anything else is a years but its use Good. Before I will simply delete my keyboard to get rid of it And I will do the same These this other shape it's hided and I deleted like so next there was a wild again and, uh, I will start texturizing the rinos 11. Texture and More Merging: Yes, I can come in no shape I selected. And, uh, I sunco the color of the shape and go since darker, right? Yeah, it was good. Next, I wanted extra rise. The little square knows right here. O C h. It'll squares that get it on its own separate layer. Yet because this all exported from illustrator no, when it comes to such small shapes, actually prefer to you unite them to group them the nerves them together because this is just makes it easier, extra rise them. So let's do just that. I will change the name off all those near those shakes to W, which means no, As you can see, I'm going through the same closest it's earlier. I select shake, make sure that stand in no shape, and I simply changed its name to double. It's still sometimes I just keep it on the same layer in the illustrator, but sometimes I keep it because of different reasons. And then if I find it appropriate to merge them in auto shop and do so because it's necessary to have them all, the little details on each one separately, Our hands. It's not a day so it's easier to have all of them night. Also, it will get easier for meat because once a large over the years and I can save the same that a law off players months I nurtured over them. My letter spend up will be so much lighter. And, uh, you'll be so much easier to work because my document watch well, you just become so much lighter computer with it. Oh, honestly, guys just had through a level of them on the same layer. Well, I still was working illustrator, but what's done is done. This is the process. Is, uh, I'm just showing what happens in real life. Nothing is perfect. And if you want to learn more about working an illustrator and exporting your illustrations or the work and quarter shock, you may watch my other two glasses on Creates administrations. Your own skill share where I will walk you through the process off preparing and extortion files were working for the shop place. Birth doesn't cover it because, well, I want to focus on only because I had a bit of request review such class before he questions about forcing new restaurant filed as a state just watch those lessons in my previous two crosses. All right, I think I finally finished selection, although even know where's just proved the real quick. I select the top familiar, and then I scroll down to the very bottom one, and I click on it holding shift, the select all of Miami Neuer's and I will click command G on my keyboard to group them. And then I will right click on this group and a select merged layers. Let's just call them knows, You know, I feel great A s. And actually so and then I think that have you paint over there with the color off these shape because I sort of one them to grant a little bit with these shape on the certainly D on my keyboard and well, being over my windows again, I don't drag me brush. Just simply stamp it with stand brush. You'll drag. It can get messy. And what the Dexter want? Clear. Okay, I could come on you to get rid of this election. This is what we have, right that things work. And what I mean is that the shapes behind windows need to be a little bit darker. I need to apply Dr Textured. Them look better. So I will select the shape and a great day selection around it. And I will be color for texture. Let's go with this one. See, click, click, click Lows, um, out to see my artwork from the distance. And yes, yes. This is exactly the look I was going for. So, uh, let's do the exact same thing with all the other shapes behind me. Nose. Same bursts of you swear. Get who's allowed again. You see if it works? Yes, it does thing that I want to make this shape just the darker No. One that let's do the same with this. Okay, this building is done. It's field. 12. Defining Shapes with Texture + How to Change Color of the Shape (Tip #2): And I think that the next building that I want to textual relations this one because or not just it doesn't stand out at all. You know, uh, this to from the sun they put up in front because of because they have contrast. They are texturizing and this one sold years in tow. The background And it shouldn't because it should pop up as well because it's closer to us . Then this stuff before it just can be so undefined. So that's working. I was like this shape here. I was great a selection round, and I think that I want the ship to be a writer. I want to change this cover completely only to be the same as this one before your sample color off thes shape. And I also really pained over the stop shape. And as you can see right now, dragging my brush and loved stampings because I I simply to change its color. The color of the shape. I don't need any picture on it right now. See what I did say no texture. Let list. It looks like there is no picture, but yeah, just solid. I could come on set to bring back these election and I will go for a darker shade that extra as it Let's see outworks. All right, get work so well. But I think that I wanted I just thought I'd be darker it you do something like that, it's yes, it's since XP Better and, uh, do less sexual rice the next street like so here. I need to make the brush with the larger Let's go for 700. Yeah, this looks better. And I just think that I need a lot of your birth size. Just drag this. Don't do bruise the size. Yes, yes, it's the good says as well. Just leahy texture over the shape. Next elects texturizing This small detail from the building beginning with that. Mm. Let's do the lighter shapes. Post sample, delighted texture. From here, the lighter color from here, like so And I will gladness like picture over the shape. Yes, this is what I'm going for. So as you can see, the always school for Dr Texture Sometimes I know what you're depends on the result that I want to achieve. And I don't really want those details on this building to the older on this particular intell shapes to greet you more muted because it seems like this week because much contrast sometimes can be too much and another stand to dexterous the darker part of the building and to do so are your sample, this color in the paint over the dark details of the building. Like so again, I am not creating any additional years right here just because I was completely sure that I will not want to change the texture in the future and by the future, I mean, you know, if you sure elected eight, but if, for example, you want to get back to your illustration a couple of months later, defy it. I would suggest to have separate layers or texture because, you know, sometimes when you look at your artwork even a couple of days later, Ruben amount a month later, you may find things that you want to change and then just easy to have Ah, under texture layers separate from the original objects because it will be easier to treat of them if you don't like that. Also, if you work with the client, it's also better to have all your texturally. It's separate because you just easier for you to modify your work. This building is also dark, but as you can see, it blends with this building and youth. All this. I don't make this music way darker then, uh, this way, Ms Radio Beauty in your foot up. So let's get on with it. 13. Break the Rules!: I was in the shape greater selection around it. And I real sample this shade from this building. Really? Like this one and I will start pain changed. Remember this skyscraper? I think that I want to mention that in traditional painting your dead everything there is located like in the background in the distance is supposed to be lighter than, uh objects that are located closer. So everything that is closer to you should be darker and never met is still there should be like this rule works or classic thinking most of the time. But what a lot about administration there. This field is awesome because you can break rules easily and your work Still, you look awesome. Even though you're beautiful, like the classic rules. And I absolutely love it because, you know, Rose can inoculate Really boring she I mean your your art life administration. You can break rules and this is just great. You can experiment and you can create something new instead of like pulling old rules. Old classical rules, big news. Great, Mr The Sweet Entrance 14. When to Follow the Rules: Let's texturizing this. You know who knows bread here I really choose a darker shade of game texture. No. Start extra rising this real tiny windows right here on their windows and the bottom group doctor in the windows at the top because, you know, this price was to be by the sheikh this building off to cost a shade on the one behind it. So naturally the bottom part from the doctor. In this particular case, this is where I follow the rules of like you don't want to breaking like you know, you have to come by like so this is just if you will, their request group doesn't work for you if you got and and just break. But rooms just stand and you don't have to anymore. You may ask me right now how do you know when you break? The rule was mental forward. But that's something that comes with practice. I don't that sound discouraging, but like you have to practice, have to draw every day, have to work before shook every day. Get comfortable around it. You have to continue creating and just something naturally Rooster doing all those things without looking much about that when I'm waiting An illustration. I don't think like OK, here. I have to call Mistral. Your don't have to fall in euros. I don't think about that. I just do what I do because this is my work. And I have a new name for years. Were you in the very beginning? Yeah, you have to think about that. But the more you practiced these here it gets and just becomes easier and easier and easier that this is essential. 15. Texture: As you could see, I started texturizing no Sentelle videos. And now I One day he knows to be lighter for you just apply a light re texture on them. Like so maybe before Okay. I was just so many little bits, so you could see what I know. Usually in my process, this kind of zone is not very comfortable for me for, like, texture Rajan, when I texturizing most comfortable size of the document is this one? Because this how I could see was going on, um, over my canvas. And when it's like this bourbon goals, there's kind of harder for me to see Merkel, because a hope OK, and now let's do this, little boy. This is the last part of this building that's left without texture. So let's work on this one real quick, okay? Yeah, I like it. Yeah, look straight 16. Starting with the Statue of Liberty : all right, And now let's do the exciting part. The statue off Neighbors. This start used two different cars that have intense blue like something been blues like endings off blue and file that purple something that this one is more weeks off, great in blue colors. So, yeah, let's go ahead and extra eyes it 17. Choosing Color for Texture: Okay, let's start with the US off the statute. I want me dark right now. It's her shoulder, the select Hope arm, and that's great selection around it, and that's sample the color off the shoulder. And let's let something darker in the color picker late. This process is a wait. A big deal. Great agreement is to be canned fruit here. I like go for like a middle sized grain, which is not to be, but not too tiny 700. You do well again. You just have to experiment with it. And I didn't want to go darker than that. We'll just go back in the History Channel, like so to get rid of it. Texture. And we'll just go darker, darker, clearly darker. Anyway, what was a saying is that I will have to experiment with new texture to find that you're most comfortable work full to find they make signs off the texture that you really like, because some marches dio find that refined extra. Some artist do like over a really large green, and I like to do something that is somewhere in the meal. All right, let's work with her hair. I want to be changing the brush size, right? Felt or scholar goods To start you is supposed to be one color sort of operation rage bluish, but I want to look united front. It's pieces to be believe their own separate life. I want all the pieces to work well is a hope Before I tried to use smeller shades. Oh, like for example, if I would be extra rising some escape right now I mean, like natural landscape off the trees and maybe a body of water and a few would be appropriate to use different shades. Protect shirt. You know, nature has so many beautiful colors. I was will not in any tzomet. And for this lighter part, I will. Yeah, I will still use this dark texture but I really used less off it like so. Just a need of it. A texture onto this. We're not too much. Just any lead off it. Look, museum out, but I still want to use the same color for it. Okay, e, just do one week once temp over later and that's it. It's enough. I dont anymore. You know I'm doing it because this is the lighter parts. So you can be heavily extra rised, heavily shaded. All right. And I think that I want to use the same shade protection or her arm and it make it a little darker Here goes in naturally, this place would be shaded. Now it's they don't off her hand and, uh, hand is really small. I will make my brush. I smaller new No, it will be too big. So growth, let's do for it. Yeah, this is this was good late and that you can see now that blends in with her arm. I don't wonder naturally in the hand, because the shade over the arm before you go ahead and change it. I think they studied arm once again and I will just click a couple of times, but more than a couple under the hand grade that shaped. So here we go. Next I will work on the torch. The ravages created off really small details from service. Somersize will work really well here and this birth of Dorsey's lighter. So I don't know texturizing very Hayes media. Just weeks now, the plane revealed its telephone and I can see that it's located and Barbra its shape and should behind it before I selected and I will move it down and she was hidden behind this fact of the shape. Then I also like the flame, and I will add some texture over it and I would sure as it pretty heavily just to make it stand out. I want to visually separate, different of the claim from the rest of the torch make so looking good. 18. Fine Adjustments and More Contrast: and I think that I want to use the same shade of texture for the legal part before I will select it and and what extra arrives it really quick. Next thing that I see that her sleeve is way to dark. I wanted to stand out in front of the buildings in the background, and right now sort of melts in with the building behind it, for Let's Selected by clicking the Net. That's great, a selection around it and let some bow day scholar And next thing that I want to do, I want to go toe age it, then down with you, then select foreground color in the books that hooked up foreground color and Nick. Okay, so this is another way how you can change the color of the shape. Working for the short tail don't wait to change. It is just to paint over it with the brush, too. But, you know, sometimes I and with Rush Tau, sometimes they paint over the shape of the brush to If I want to change its collar, sometimes I just go to a gym. You just depends on how you feel about the moment and what disease There's times wiring in this faster than data, and I will sample the picture from here and you'll extra rise this year. So extremism is one of my favorite part or off my negotiation process, because just something that really brings your artwork to life. I love it. And I want this shape to be lighter as well. Because right now, as you can see, kind of, you know, it just doesn't stand out in front of those buildings in. And it has to has to stand out because this is how the contrast work life things next to the dark ones visit something that creates a beautiful inch. Interest is very important list in my work process. So I want to go for the shape. Yeah, let's like this and I will go to hell foreground color and click. OK, okay, here we go. So as you can see, it's now completely the same as her address and her and drive to something that I don't change in a moment. Let's just because shade for tech situation and I wanted to be a little darker, and I want to make the brush a little bigger. Maybe you 700 work? Yes. Looks nice. And still you can see that this shape looks a little bit better than before. But it still doesn't quite stand down in front of this building. And I want to add a little bit more interest rate by highlighting these upper part of the ship. Euphorically commands it being back this election, and I will sample the white color from the background. And I know somebody paint over the shape with some white picture. Okay, let's get rid of that selection and likely can come on. You knew she was going on. It looks much, much better. Remember, we get back to it in the ah, a little later in microcystis just and some final touches. But for now, let's leave it like this. And let's do this hand. Who just and some just a little bit green. A little bit of grain Just that it I think I have to exercise this video shape of more. Just make the hand stand out. So let's do it. Wow, this to Dirk. Control that to get rid of it, let's stumbled this color and just paint over just that bit. Okay? Yeah, this is great. 19. Finishing Touches: all right, and now it's attention to this being part of the dress like soul. I wanted to them white. I want the texture to be white, so just simple. The white coming from the background and lead sprained over it. I don't want to texture to read too much texture to it, just a little bit next. Looking good. The last two things that are left is her face and her neck. So let's do how face first, because I want to use white assuring before Just do that whilst my colorist wiped. So this size off the brush is kind of big, so let's make it 400. Yeah, this was better, Let's say just a little bit of a picture on the left part. Her piece all right, and lens and the texture defend neck. And since her face just a shadow under her neck with one should be darker, for example, a is likely their color from here that said, some texture on her neck like stop. All right, let's see what it looks like. Looks nice. I won't be 18 minute lecture under her non sir mouth because those are really small details . And as they didn't better. They will be characterized. But what I want to do I want to make this legal piece off up even more because I don't feel like it stands out right now. And so is it. I will get back to Texturizing this building right here and what I want to do. I want to add some more texture to these little part of the shape before I will serve. Act at once again will create a selection around it. I will great a new layer over the previous texture layer right here. As you can see, it's the previous sexual layers here. E really like the picture that is there right now, and I don't want to mess it up. It's very safe to great their Iot Sample this the texture from here. And I'll just add it a little bit more dark picture right here and let's see what it looks like. Looks very nice. Yeah, he folks up better right now and I really like it. And to finish the administration Oh, at some texture to their sky until the sequel quality here. So I will click on described to subject that I go create a selection round it, and I think I will create anywhere. Dexter and I will stumble white from the background for the shade of the picture. And as you can see, the sky ex quite a little space. So the size of this brush is way too small. So how you increase it by dragons lighter right here. Up. Do more than 100 big Celts. Yeah, this were extremely well. So let's add a little bit of texture as you can see it, Uh, like it missing that it doesn't make any difference, but and let's and a little bit off doctor texture to the top part off the sky just to sort of fraying the whole thing. And let's sample this collar right here. And I don't want upper part of this kind to be held in the texture. So I will just please a couple of pence and and satisfactory result. Next, I will add a touch of picture to this right here. We'll select it and great selection lot around the last game. No sample white from underground, and they make a couple tens of three times over the squad. You re gold it see how it looks from the distance was great. I just noticed that this it helps to Samantha much is that I missed until detail to texture . It's this part of the seat. You know what I want to do? I want to make the stop art darker. So let's selected Let's sampled Scholar and true Something darker of mythic J. And now I will need to make my brush smaller, like soul. Just add some texture. Okay? The administration is company. I hope you enjoy this quest. 20. Conclusion: I really love texturizing because, as you can see it, bring your artwork to the next level and use it and more finished and foolish. Look, now you can take one of your illustrations into photo shop and texturizing. And if you will please, you're free to share your project with me. And I will be more than happy to give you a feedback. If you have any questions, please. Great. A discussion on the cross and I will be happy to get to all of you. So this is it for today seeing in my next class.