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Gradient Liquid Title Animation in After Effects

teacher avatar Alan Ayoubi, Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

In this course, we are going to create 4 liquid title animations inside After Effects. We will start by creating our liquid backgrounds, for this, we will be using several effects and many techniques to achieve the liquid look, later you can use these techniques for your own projects and use it in different creative ways. After that, we will create our titles by adding text, shape layers, solids and masks, then we will animate our titles with keyframes and camera. 

All you need for this course is Adobe AfterEffects and a computer.  

Meet Your Teacher

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Alan Ayoubi

Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer


Hi, I am Alan a motion graphic designer and a photographer with  11 years of experience. I have worked for many international Organizations and TV stations. During my work, I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and experiences.

Today I have more than 100K followers online, who learn from my online teaching and use my products in their creative project.

Here in Skillshare, I am going to share my knowledge with you. I will teach you from the basic level to professional.


Enjoy every course, watch carefully and please always contact me I am happy to help you in person.

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1. Introduction : Hi, everyone. Amalia, a motion graphic designer and I photographed for almost 10 years in this course I'm going to teach you how to create this mood Ring Liquid looks Titles. First, we'll start with creating our liquid Bagram's For this. We're going to use several effects and many techniques. After that, we're going to the main camp. And here we're going to design our title were using key frames, mast, ALS, layer style and many more. This course is suitable for everyone. No matter your advanced or beginner, I'll be teaching que step by step how to create thes titles. I've had everything that you need in the class project alongside the project file. That'll be aftereffect files for age type of Okay, lets together start, of course. 2. First Title: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you are going to create this title first thing. We'll start with a background. You will create any composition and name. It shapes this background we're going to use in our next listens our next title. So make sure to follow this. We're going to use several effects and techniques and we will be using this background for other One will just tweak it for their other titles. I limit main. Come first, he can emit anything and then you'll bring the color Kuyt's I put this car cause in the class project can find it alongside with the project files, we will begin creating or background with the shape layer ellipse toe I look their color could layer so I don't accidentally select it And no, we will start creating our background. Okay, I'll bring Thea anchor point in the middle. You can do it, man Molly, by pressing why or using the secret motion to buy MTM a graphic and downloaded from the go Go And then we will start applying the fell effect to give it a color and we will pick the color from the color. Could he will give the drop shadow as well. Okay. And change the structure. The color to the same color. No. You will increase the distance to somewhere 1 50 is good. And then we will double IQ ate it. No Medicaid. Put it somewhere skillet. And do you the color. Okay. This time would be Ritz. You'll duplicated again. Put it here. You can put them anywhere. Separate them as you like on put the color that you want. But if you want the similar effect as mine make sure to follow me. Put them in the same exact positions and exact colors. So we will get the similar effect. No, I will speed up the process because it's all the same. And I think I will show you the final result. You can copy it. - Perfect . Now you can do yours. Do just like mine. Put there in the same exact positions on the same colors. Now I will select all of the layers and pre composed them. So let all of them come on shift See or all ships c on the PC and name it Anything that you want All name it all shapes press OK. And now the interesting part, which is adding the effects and making a very interesting background from these boring shapes. First single add their turbulence. This place. Okay, copy my sittings. 20. And this one will be too. And that's it. Their 2nd 1 will be directional blower. Okay. Could be my sittings again. Make it 600. Oh, wow. That's already nice. And then he will add a twirl effect. Put it there and coping. My sittings 190 will be good and this one will be 100. We're actually 90. Yeah, like this. It's good. Now I would create a background you'll created from their soul. It they left click on the timeline and making you soul it. Before I do that, I will bring the car. Kuyt's bring a tear and I will disable the backgrounds. We can see what you're doing. We can see the color coots. I'll go to the Generate Phil effect and I will get the background color from the color codes And now we have the background. I will delete the color coats and yeah, it's already got a different look. Now we will add the final effect, which is C zero ideal blower. Okay, It's Fazlur actually. May get 32. That's perfect. Now we will duplicate our all shapes. So we have the brighter background. And then we will change the blending momento color, touch, classic color, Dutch. Then press tm bring the opacity down. Okay, 35. He's good now we need to Any made our background. I'll go to the main composition. Double click on the all shapes to go to the main shape. Main composition. I mean, I was like all of them and pre composed them. Common shift See and name it shapes for anything. No, I will give the position key friend. I will move them to the right side. Okay, so no, it's going to the right side. But as you can see, we have a very sharp cut. We want to get rid of that. You will give an effect which is see syrup tail? I don't know. Name like this. CC repeat tail. Okay, this one. And increase the expand right. And make the tiling enforced. Perfect. Now if you go to the main composition, you can see it is moving. It is very nice. Very, very nice. Effect the background. Imagine if you just move your shaves differently or change the colors of the shapes. You can have a very big variation of the backgrounds. Okay, What's next is to select all of the layers in the main come first and then pre composed in common Szefc and name it anything, calling them it main perfect press. Okay. And then we need to double ic eight this layer as well. To create our circle public ated control the or common D and then go to the mask tool. We're using the ellipse one great. Your circle. Perfect. Now we need to add some effects. The 1st 1 is magnifying, which is in the distort, I think. Magnifying. And now tweak the sittings just like mine. Make sure that the magnify size is similar to the mask size only with a terror and I will come back later to tweak it more. Okay. Like this, I'll keep it like this. I'll come back later. Now we will go to the layer style. Right click on the layer. Go to the layer style and inner shut. You add the inner shadow and now we will tweak the seedings, increase the size and the opacity bring it down. No. We will change the color of the inner shadow. I will use the color picker and get this purple from the background. It doesn't change a lot. Okay, We'll keep it like this for now. I'll go back to the magnify and increase the magnification. Okay? This should be in the center. Okay. Just could be my settings. So you get the similar glass effect like this is good, but I will get back to the layer style on. Tweak the inner shadow on I will add the bubble embassy as well. First think I will change the color of the inner shadow and increase the size. And at some of the noise, I'm just now experimenting and see what will look nice on it. You can copy my sittings at the end when I finished from this inner shadow sittings. Okay. Like this, I think, is good. Multiply. I'll make it normal. Okay. The blending. What? I put it on the normal in the state of the multiply. Okay, Now we'll go back to their lair style, right click and their style, and will give Bevel in bus again. I'm going to experiment with the sittings. He can cope e it at the end, put the size at the one first, and then I'm going to change the angle. He wanted to be to the top. Left soft turn. Ok, okay. I don't think we need the inner shadow. I'll just disable it. And then I will go to the shadow in the bubble in bus, and I will bring down the past you with their shadow off a bubble in bus because we don't want this black shadow at the right, but, um okay, I'm going to change the angle again. Just like this. Perfect. I think like this we are good. Okay. I think the size of the circle is a bit small and going to make it bigger. I will press M for the mosque, okay. And then co monte to scale their mask like this is good. And then I have to change the size over the magnification to be same as this ice over the mask. I'm just talking there magnification as well. I think like this You're good. The next thing we're going to do is to add our letters, go to the text tool annual at our letters text and I'm using their alleyway front. It's free phone from Google and Extra bold. And then I will increase it. Increase it and I'll move the anchor point up press. Why, too, move the anchor point. Okay, And then we'll scale it like this public ated, and I'm using their word love all capital letters. I want this to behind the circles. I'm going to bring it behind in the timeline and then duplicated, uh, e or via mean then double gated again on we will create he I want l and E to be above the circle who envy to be behind it just like this. Okay, make sure that they're aligns. I think like this we are done with our background animation and also our design. The next thing we're going to do is to any made the circle on the letters, and our animation will be complete or a title will be completely perfect. But one thing before we do that, as you can see, that the mosque and the magnification size are not similar for that I'm going to zoom in and go to the size out press common so I can precisely change the size? No. At the other text, which is love has no rules. I'm just making up thes text. It can have on the any text that you want. And I'm not sure about the spelling. I'm not the English speaker. I mean, I'm not the original English, so my spelling may not be OK. Especially roles. I'm not sure if it's you or I will bring the size down and change the text to the irregular or medium medium is good. And then out separate the letters, put it here on day. Make it smaller. Okay, Now we need to separate the letters even more. Okay. I'll make it also more letters. Perfect. Like this. We are done with the design and the background animation. And now we will Any made the circle and let her and the text You will first start with the circle. I'm going to give it, uh, effect with just turbulence. This place just right. The i s on it will appear for you. It's one. Okay. Perfect. Now we will play with the amount I will make. Get minus 120 something 31 is good. And then I will give it a key frame. I wanted first to be like this. And then at the 2nd 1 it will be the fourth circle. So I'll move this key friend here. Okay, Make it zero, and I will make it easy. Ease and then go to the camps too. Adjust my animation. Okay. Greatly will give key friends for the scale as one press s to bring out the skill. And then they wanted zero of the 2nd 0 on the 2nd 1 It will be 100. I mean, full scale. Oh, I play with the curves. Just like before to make the animation smoother. Okay, Perfect. I'm still adjusting the key frames. Okay, Okay. Like this. It's good. Now what I'm going to do is to select all the text, but I want them to start tearing in the middle of the circle Animation, our sect all off them. Press p for the position. Give a key friend. I'll move this key friend to be the 2nd 1 and the 1st 1 I'll move them down like this, and then I'm gonna select all of them on play with the curves. I'll make it easy is first and then we'll go to the curves and make our animation a smoother okay. Like this. It's good. Now we will give their opacity different All off them. You want to come from nothing. So, Presti and give the key from to the capacity. This one will be the second key friend. And the 1st 1 he wanted passed it to be zero like this. It's good. I'm just going to move the layers in the timeline. I want them to come a bit earlier. Like their letters to come earlier than this. I'm going to move them forward. But this, I mean backwards. Okay. And now I will move these layers and like the letter layers individually. I don't want them all to come together. So I'm going to move them in the timeline so they come like randomly. Okay, this looks better. It is going to move this as well. But now the key frames of the position and opacity are in the same place. I want to move the first key frame of the opacity because I don't want animation over the position and opacity come together. I want the animation of the position to start, and then the opacity will start. So the letters appear in the middle of their way. Okay, The second part of the animation is that we want to these letters to stretch the circle. To do that, I'm going to the circle layer and copy and paste the last the skill key friend. Because I wanted their skill to be the same for some time. And then I will do the same thing for the position. Key. Frame off each letter. I'll just select each of them and copy. Copy and paste control. C Control the control C control movie. Perfect. Now we will start with the scale animation of the circle. You're going to make it bigger. Okay. I'll make it 110. Let me play it with all the animation. Okay. I think it's good. Now I'm going to move the letters away from it. So we should effect as if they are stretching their circle. Okay. Make sure that they're aligned. The terrorists in both sides are in the same line. Perfect. It looks really nice. Now. We don't this we are left with only one text. We're going to any made that as well. I'm going to give it a no Pastie key friend to it. We wanted to come from nothing. With the animation you can do, you can give another animation if you want. If you know how to use after effects, then you have a You have a lot off possibilities. As you can see my opus thes one hair. I forgot to make it zero. You can make it zero so it doesn't appear in other scenes or in the beginning. Okay, let me render it and see the full animation altogether. Perfect. This is almost it. One last think is when the animation of the circle and let her finish, they just stop in their position. We wanted to continue zooming in, so I'm going to create a null object and select all of the layer except the background layer, and I will connect it to the null object and then you're going to give the skill key frame . We wanted to look like it zooming in even when the animation of the circle and letters finish. So I'm going to give the first key from here, and the 2nd 1 it will be at the paint off the timeline. Okay, let's render it and see how it looks. It looks much better now. And one last thing. We're going to move these letters away a bit. Like with the skill animation. He wanted to move away a bit. So just we have some dynamics in the animation, not something static in our animation. This will make it much nicer. Okay, let's render and see. Perfect. We successfully created our first title. Hope you enjoyed and learned something new. The project files are in the class project. You can find them and also the color code and everything that you need for this class or for this. Listen, they are in the class project Hope you enjoyed. And I will see you in this second. Listen. Bye bye. 3. Second Title: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to create this title, okay? So we're not going to create it from the scratch. But you're going to use the previous title. We're going to change the background first, think and then you are going to change other stuff. So we are using the same man composition as the previous one, but changing stuff. I'm living all of the effects because we're going to use them for this title as well. Like they will come back on change stuff. The first thing we're going to go to the main composition of the shapes and Terry will change stuff will change the color on the position of the circles. I'm going to speed up the process of changing the colors and their position at they ain't all show the final result, and you can just could be it. Just not to forget to mention you're going to use the gray and white for this background. - Okay , Now we are done with their shapes. We change their color off them on the position of them. Now the look off the Bagram should be changed. If you check in the main composition you can see. It's been changed already. Now we need toe change the color of the background. So let somewhere black or black on blow Similar like that. Okay, guys, I'm going to use a color. Could I'll just paste it here. You can write it for yourself as well. And I've also added to the class project. You can find it there. Okay, this is the color that we want. No, you're going to change the effects. But first I'm going to remove one of the duplicated compositions, which is all shapes on now will make change on this one. After that, I'm going to duplicate it again. So I'm going to change the turtle effect. They're angle off the term effects. We have a different look from the previous one. We already have a different life because he changed the colors on the position of their shaves, the circles. But you want to change it more so we're going to change the angle. I think like this. It's good. Okay, I'll go back to the main composition and remove everything here. But before I do that, I will go back to their background and public eight. They're all shapes on use color dirge again because I want a brighter background. Okay. Like this. I think it's good. Okay. 22 for me, then I'm going to remove the text from the scope of Sharon, and you're going to create our shape, which is the circle. Very big circle. I'm going to use the shape, tool and dips one I'm using shifts. All of the sites skill together. Not only one side. Okay. Now I will give a greedy int or shape or go to the effects generate and greed young rump. And then this color will be this one. I put the coup tear on. The color code is in the class project. You can find it. No, you will give inner shadow. I'll go to the layer, right click and then go to the layer style. And then in her shadow hair, I'm going to change the color to the same color that he chose for the ingredient room on. Then I will play with the sittings. You just follow me and copy the last two things that I go with. Just bear with me until I experiment on. Go go with a look that I like. Okay, forgot to do something. Which is the blending mood off the inner shadow. It's multiply. You should make it normal. That's why we don't get the car that we want. So I'm going to make it normal. Okay? We're going to the inner shadow on you will make it normal. It's multiplayer will make it normal, As you can see now we got the color. And now you can copy these settings. I'm going to change it a bit more on at the end. Just copy my settings. So you get this seminar look, okay? Perfect. Now could be these sittings, and then we're going to the effects. I'm gonna play with the great and aroma bits. We get the look that you're looking for. Okay, That looks good, I think no. Well, there at the text. I'll write this text. You can write anything I'm writing natural space. Then make it bigger and I'll make it extra bolt. And I'm using the rally way from Google. Okay. Bolt is better, I think. Ok, I'll dedicate it on right space. They wanted to cover the letters. Okay? Added that period. So it gives a nice looked it. We cannot make sure it's in the middle. And then I'm going to change the Balto Extra bold again, and I will remove the space between the letters. I'll make it zero nights 50. I'll make it zero. Okay, Make it zero for the natural and for the space as well. Okay, I'm just aligning the text. I'm going to enable the safe margins. So you know where our objects in different position and align them in. The best way for that, you will go to this icon and then click on the title action. Safe. Now you have the emergence. Now it's time to arrange our object in the composition. Okay. Like this, I think it's good. Okay, Now I'm going to remove the soul It We're going to create it again. Later. I'll make all of my layers three D. If you don't see the three d option clicking the toggle switch, you will find it. And now we made all of the layers three d in a state of the background. Now it's time to any made them. We will A made the position. First, you're going to start with the shape, the circle shape. Then later I'm going to start with that letters. I'll bring their shaped the front of it. We have some space to any, made it. And then at the end, that 2nd 10 I'm going to move it to the place that you want the final look to look like. Okay, that's good. Perfect. Now we have this animation, but I think in the first frame, the 1st 2nd certainly is very close to the camera. I'm going to put it. I mean to push it back a bit. I'll push it back in the first key friend, and then I will go to the last key frame and push it further. But we have that animation. Okay, like this, it's good. Perfect. Now you'll start with the text. There's like them and press p to bring the position. We will see the key for him at the 1st 2nd but I need to push them back up, but first and then in the 2nd 10 or push them further as we have that very smooth animation that they're going backward with this year. But the first frame, I think that Texas very close. I'm going to put them backward a bit. Okay, like this It's good. OK, now it's time to any made the texts. So I'm going to select the natural text during the option down and go to the text You have any major president on position will choose the position. Now you've created on any major we're going to any made the position in the turbine letter . So go to the position and bring the letters down like this and then I'll go to the arrange selector. But before I do that, I will add capacity as well. So I never got that and bring the pressed it down. Now we will go to the range selector when you play with the offset. We have this very nice animation. So all we have to do to give to keep friends to the offset and you will have our for animation. Chris Carey have one key for him here, which is zero and add 2nd 1 it will be 100. So we have this animation for sure. I'm going to select them and make them easy East and go to the cares and yeah, for sure make our animation smoother. Okay, that's very nice. We'll do the same thing for the space. OK, go to the space text. Bring the option down and go toe Any made in the text? That sorry dissertation. Remove it and I will add position. Okay, bring it down and then we will add a pastie. Great! I will bring it down to zero. Then we'll go to the range selector and we will give a key frame first. Keeping will be zero and the second key frame, which is in the 2nd 1 will be 100 just like this. Okay, now I will make these key friends Eazy e's. And then we will go to the Caribs and make our animation very smooth. That's great, but no. With natural and space takes their coming together. We don't want that. I'm going to move the key frames or I will move their layers in the position. So now I'm moving the layers so they don't come together. Anything like this is that's great. The next thing are going to do is to create a new soul. It okay, that's good. We'll go right click. And you saw it. We want the same color. It's already the same color. And then we are going to give the past. A key frame. You want the beginning of our seen to be like this color, and then everything will show up. Just like this, you see will make it more okay. I think even more. As you can see, some of the letters are there before the forcing is showing up. That's why I'm going to move these text layers to the right side. So when we have the full scene in light, we will then have the text animation just like this. I want to add a bit more delay between the text. I'm going to move the space a bit to the right side. So you have more delay between towards Okay, Like this, it looks much better. Okay, guys, this is done, but I am just going to give you a bonus. If we change the background to this color, the one that I put the color put in the class project used throughout this tutorial. And then you want to blend their circle with the Bagram right now it's not blended. We're going to go to their circle on, then go to the inner shadow in the layer style in your shadow. And I'm going to play with the sittings. So he blended with the background. I just increased the opacity in a bit of the sighs. Just follow my sittings. Okay, Could be my settings. And now we are going to change the background a bit. I'm going to make ingredient. You really was the same color. But we want to make a bit like lighter color in the upper side of the background. So I'm going to get this color for the lower part on the report. I'm going to make it a bit lighter. Just like this. I have the same player animation. Okay, that's it, Guys. Hope you injured and learn something new. Don't forget to use the project files and color code in the class project and share your projects with me as well. I'll soon the next one by Why 4. Third Title: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to create this title. You're not going to make it from the scratch, But you're going to use the same composition as the previous one. The previous title. You're going to change the background, and then we're going to the main company. Change everything else is the first thing. We're going to their shape composition, and you're going to change the color off these circles. I'll bring their color. Koot, which is in the class project can down with it alongside their project fire. So I'm going to change age and everyone But first I just looked my color coat so I don't accidentally select it. No, I will, uh, pick up my colors. I assume that remember, we added Phil and drop shadow effecting in their previous listen to these circles. So now we're just going to change the colors to the cars that we want. I'm going to speed up the process and I will show the final results so you can copy it. Perfect. This is it. You can stop the Listen on, do as mine now I will do it. The color could because you don't need it anymore. Now you're in the background composition. As you can see, it's already changed. One more thing we're going to do is to change the color off the solar background. I'm going to bring the color codes. I'm using this color, someone to select my background. So it going back to the effect. You already have the feel effect and I'm using the eyedropper to get the color. Then I'm removing the color coat. If you go to the main composition, we have this now for now, I'm hiding this solid layer. Later. Come back to it. Next. I'm going to remove this base text and now the natural. I will edit it to eclipse. Then I'm going to change the phone to light. It is really way light. Now. Make it a bit bigger and center it. Okay. Make sure that the anchor point is in the middle can also use this secret. It's very nice. Just google it. You'll find it. Now click on the text, press you to bring up the key frames or remove all of the key friends. I'm just going to bring all of their options over the text and I'll remove this any major before we any made the text, I'll make sure that everything is in the middle of the composition. Okay, now the shape player Shipler has the key friends. I press you and remove the key frames because you can see I'm using this motion to secret to put the anchor points in the middle. You can do that by pressing quiet and moved anchor point for the middle, like mentally. Okay, Now our things are in the middle. I think I'll go back to the character and separate the uterus a bit for the text. Now you will change the color and the size of their shape. Let's make it a bit bigger. Now. We will bring all the options off the shape layer. We have the hairstyle on in a drop shadow that you had in the previous. Listen, I'm going to change the color. Some bringing the color koot. Okay, I'll leave it here and now I'll use the I drop to get there the color they're using. This one then moved to the effect control on change their white in the greedy in ramp with this color Perfect. I hope you remember that. We add this cretin romp in the previous. Listen, just a reminder for you. No, I'll change some citizen, the inner shadow. I will speed this up, and I think I will shoot the settings that I used can copy them. Okay. These are the city takes you can now could be them. The next thing we're going to the background and you will change the animation of the background. So I'm just going to a double clicking this main F one. Sorry. I mean, if one Okay, now you will change this. Okay? This letter is doubly, kid. I will remove one of them. I will change the sittings on this one, Which is totally effect will change this one. We're going to give it a key frame and we want our background toe. Spend kind of spin like this. Remember that. We have these effects in the previous. Listen, I just want to remind you again. Okay? That's good novel. Duplicate it. This time I will leave their blending mood at normal, and I'll bring down the apostate to 82. Perfect. Now it's time to any meet their text. We can make sure it's in the meadow. Okay, I'll click on the text. Bring the options in the text. I'll go to the any mate and we'll at tracking. We want to separate the world's and bring them together as an animation. But as you can see, they go with one side, which is left for that. I'm going to add the line anchor here and make sure it's in their 50. No, if you play with the trucking amount is in the middle like a little school by both sides left and right now we will. Any made it? I will give a key frame to drugging amount. Bring it in the 1st 2nd and then at the zero second l may get 19 like this is good Now Our letters are coming together as an animation, but really easy. Is it and good care of to make it smoother. Now, make sure nothing is selected to go to any meat again. And Adler. Now we have another. Any major, which is blur, increased their Blair amount to nine and then go to the range selector and opposite. Now we will, and he made it with the opposite. We will give it to keep friends, the first keeping will be zero and the second will be 100 where we reveal our text. Okay, Make it 100. It's like this. I was like the key frames, right click and easy's them. Then go to the curves and it's more than the animation. Okay, it's good, but it's from one side. We're going to advance to make it, run them, advance on and enable the random on play with the seats until you get one that you like. Okay, this one is good. The next thing we're going to animate the position of the Pakistan. Also, the shape layer, the circle. So you want them in the first frame. You want them to be close to the camera and then with the text animation they wanted to go back, like to the mount. I'm going to give position, key friend, both of them on pressing P to bring their position. So you wanted to be the same in duration of the trucking key friends. I'm going to move them to their second to to make it slower, like this is good. Then I'm going to the first frame and now I will. Any me? The position I'll bring them close the camera. No, they will zoom out with the text immigration, But first I'm going to slick them and make them easy's Okay, Eazy e's and go to the cursed. We want to a smooth and our animation. Okay, I think this is awesome. Looks very nice. There are some adjustment that needs to be done for the animation. I'm going back to it later, but now I'm going to the soul it that we have. Which is this one? OK, I'll just change the color because I've already at the key frame in the previous listen, So I'm just going to change the color. I'll give the fill effect, and then I'll bring my color. Kuyt's perfect go to the effect and choose one with a color. So which is this one? Now remove this, and if you play it, it's just like this. It's perfect. Now the zoom out animation stops at the second to we don't want that you want. There's Omar the animation to continue until they know the animation like the whole title. For that, I'm going Teoh, make a new no object and connect everything in state of the background and the soul it Okay , so it will basically be text and shape. They were going to connect it and then make sure it is three d Praise be to bring the position. Give a key friend, Bring it at the 2nd 1 on the 2nd 10 You are going to move that backward to make the zoom out. The animation continues. So you have this animation and then the zoom out think is still going on. I think we need Teoh. Push it more. Okay, I'll push it More back work. Okay, Now, if you play it perfect. Our animation like this amount and emission is continuous until the end of the title. Yes, that was it. I hope you enjoyed on their something new. Don't forget to check the project well in the class project and I'll see him the next lesson. My by 5. Fourth Title: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this. Listen, you're going to create this title. We're not going to create this from scratch, but you're going to is the project of their previous title. We're just going to change the background for the first thing now arming their shape. Their composition, this time in the state of circles, will create a star before we use the star. I'm them to delete all of the circles. And then he will make our stars. Okay, Now let's create our star. I'll go to the shape toll on, then the startle. You already have it. As you can say, it doesn't look like a star. We're going to the sittings off the shape. But first, I'm going to move the anchor point in the middle. You can use why and move it in the middle. And then I'm going to the content Police star on. Now I'm going. Teoh, increase the inner radius to 70 or 73. I think it will be good. That's good. L clubs the options and gave a color just for now. Later going to change the color? No, I'm going to duplicate it on distributed all around the composition randomly. I'm using common big public eight. Okay, that's good. I'm just going to speed up this process and I'll Sure the final result. Okay, that's it. If you want the same exact result as mine, you can distribute your stars just like my Now I'll bring the color coat. These color clothes are in the class project. Come down with them alongside the file project. Okay, Now we have this other Luckett, so we don't accidentally click on it. Now I will, at the drop, shadow effect and feel effect to one of them are playing with the sitting. And then I will copy these effects and paste it on all other source. Perfect. This time I'm going to the effects here. Generate and feel effect our move it above the drop shadow. Great. I'll changing color. This is just for now going to change it later. Now I will play with the sittings of the drop shadow. I'll choose the same color. Okay. Like this is good. No, I will copy these two effects and paste it on all others. I'm selecting all of them. Holding shift. Okay, now we have. They're both effects on all of them. it's time to change the colors. Sorry. I'm going to choose this one for the shadows of the same color. I'm going to do this for all of them. Now you know how to do it. I'm going to speed up the process and I will show you the final results. So you disappeared. The colors just like mine. Ok, Perfect. I will make one more star double haven of them. This one and put it here. Guarantee the color? No, Actually, I'll make it. Okay. This one. Okay. Perfect. No, I'm removing the color. Could composition. We don't need it anymore. Now, control, I select all off them press are to bring the rotation and give a key frame at the at the 2nd 0 And then at the last second, you're going to rotate it by changing the value of the rotation. Now we have this rotation animation we need also to add their position animation for six, all of them again and crispy this time to bring the position. I'll give it from at the beginning and bring them to their left side. And they don't go to the last second on dividend another frame and bring here to the right side, just like this. Now we have this rotation and position animation. If you go to their bag around the main composition or the background on this one. But this one, you will see this change. But we're still having the animation of the previous title. I'm going to remove it and we have two copies. I'm going to remove one off them and then play with the sittings on. Then I will duplicate it again. I will remove the first time just this one on now will play with the stinks here, the first thing over. Removed that key frame on the total effect and change the sittings. No, Sorry, not this should be 0.266 Okay, that's good. I think I will play more with this. Okay. Something like this. Here we are not only going to change this things of the turn effect, but other effects as well. We will start with their turbulent displace. I'll change the amount to 626. Then you'll come to their complexity. We will make it five. Then directional balloon will make it 42 on turtle. You'll make it to 66 Okay, this is good. If you go back to the main composition, this is what we have. There are many things that we need to change. One of them is if you go to the background composition here, we need to double IC eight. This too. Make it brighter, and then I'll bring down the opacity. Okay. 42 is good. And also we need to change the solid background color. But I will do that later. Go back to the main come first, which is the main composition here. We need to change the title. I mean, the text may get United capital letters. Okay, Are put it in the middle of the composition and then I'm going to play with the shape layer . We're going to make several circles. It's We need to remove the key frames over the position, disconnecting the stopwatch, and it will remove it. Sorry, guys. Here I'm jumping to the battering composition. I need to change their ideo fast bowler to 88. So I'm increasing the amount of 88 and then here I'm going to change their blending Moved to add on in freeze the capacity. Okay, that's good. One more thing we need to do her in the main background composition is changing the color off the Bagram soul. It I'll bring the color coat. Okay, Have it, Terror. I'm going to sit elected on Change it to this one. No. Or background looks much better. Remove the color coots and back to the main composition. Perfect. No. Signed to play with this circle. I'm going to make many copies off this and change the ingredient, rumba and also their inner show. Okay, I'm going to lock the soul it takes and also the background, so we don't accidentally select it. And we can freely manage these circles. Okay, so this is our 1st 1 I'm going to bring the color put hair on. Change the ingredient. Okay, This one should be here. It already looks very nice, but more things within to the layer style and inner shadow. Remember that We gave the inner shadow to this circle in the previous titles. I'm going to change the shadow color to this color. Okay? And then I'll play with these sittings, follow me and could be the final results. I mean, the final numbers will be going to play with the sittings a lot for now. I think this okay, I'm going to delete their car. Kuyt's okay, and I'll position that this to her. No, We need to change the settings again. Okay. Obviously, we need to change the settings of the ingredient room. They forget that. Gave it. Get moving. This one. This one here. Okay, for now, this is good. I'll duplicated control de or common D. Now I'm going toe. Make many copies off this and move them in the three d space. So these shapes are three D. I made them three d the previous title, if you remember, so I'm just going to move them around. I'll be also adjusting the ingredient, Trump and in her shadow. Okay, you see, we changed a lot. I'm sorry for that, but it just could be the final result that I go with now. I will change the settings for this one as well. I need to go to the layer style options for this one. It's here layer style in her shadow. And I need to play with this one. Like this is good. I'm doubling hating it again come Monday, or control D and I'm moving them in the three d space. I'm doing this because later we're going Teoh make an animation and we want to give a three d feel to our title. Okay. I need to change the settings of this one as well. I'm going to the Schaeffler. Selected on the layer style in her shadow. I need to change settings here. Okay? Obviously we need to change the greedy in Trump anchor points. I don't know what you call this. Handles anger points. Anyway, you bring this close, ok? Okay. Perfect. I'll duplicate this again on move it around from bring, get close the camera, make it bigger. And I need to change the greedy in around obviously. And also, I will need to change the Sorry, not this one. I need to select my layer, which is this one and then layer style and inner shadow. Harry, are These are the same things over this one. Okay, now you can copy my savings. Perfect, Mom. Just going to position this again. Make them in the right shape and position them in the three space. I'll turn you the size of the text. It's looked I'm going toe on Look it. Sorry on may get a bit bigger things. Sorry, Kate. Like this is perfect. No, I'm moving these shapes again. I need more shapes. I would dedicate this. Bring it here. You changed the ingredient ramp again. Andi, Obviously, I need to change the layer style, which is the inner shadow. These are the settings for this shape layer. Perfect. Now all wk there's and bring it closer to comrade. Make it a bit bigger. Okay, Perfect boxer. I need to select my layer which this one, then hairstyle, inner shadow on now I can change the settings to sign. I was wrong. Okay, Perfect. Okay. Now I'm going to position them again in right place and adjust the colors. For example, this one I need to change the color of this one. I need to play with the inner shadow. And also they agreed in room. I understand that it's getting a bit overwhelming that I'm changing a lot of stuff. But all you have to do is to follow me and be my final sittings. I need to do this to get the sittings that I want on its apart off design. Good. Okay, I'm going to move this a bit. Make it smaller. Okay. You need to change this as well. And this one, I'm going to change the color and that position. Okay? I think we just need to adjust. The color is not the position. Okay, that's good. I think it looks nice. Now. We need to start with animation. First thing, I'll remove this. No object. And now, if you play it, we have this animation from the previous title. We will keep the same animation for the text. I'll just remove the position. Key friends from it. We only need the trucking animation. Okay. And for the soul, it I'm going to hide it for now. And I will right click and create a new camera. We will create a new Yunel object and you will connect our comrade to it. Sorry, we need to connect the camera. Not that. Okay. And you'll make a three D. Now we are controlling their comer. That's great. Known as creator animation. I'll give a keeper into the position of the no object on. Put it a second to the other key frame will be at the 2nd 0 And I also mean everything on, I'll make it easy. Ease, Mikey. Friends, then going to the curves and make the animation smooth. No, that's render and see how it looks like. Okay, that's nice. I'll just send their the text and then we're going to the commerce sittings on. I will enable the common depth of field. Now go to common layer, expand the options, then camera options and depth off filters off. Make it on. Okay. Now we will play with their Blair level and also focus Distance deception will give a dipped off filter or any mission which will make it more riel on it will give it a three D log. Some object will be in folks and other will be out. Folks. Okay, like this. Just copy my sittings. Let's see how it looks like that looks perfect. Now our animation stops here. We want the resume out to be continues. So I'm going to get another no object. I will connect the other no object to it and make it three. Then I will give key frames to the position. The first keeping will be here and the 2nd 1 will be a day ain't over the animation and I will move everything backward like this. Our animation will be continues. So terrorism out Animation is fast at the first, and then it goes slowly. It looks amazing like this. Very nice looking. Now one listening you're going to do is to enable the solid color at the beginning of the animation, which is this one. You still have the color from the previous title, which is this dark purple. I'm going to bring my color, Koot. Sorry. And I will change. It will change the color, but to the effect on this. Okay, You're using this color now. Remove the color coot on. Let's play or final animation. Perfect. Hope you enjoyed this. Listen and learn something new. If you want to use the project file there in the class project you can find in there. And also all the color code that I use there in the class project 6. End: Okay, guys. Insourced eight off our occurs hope you learn something new and enjoy this course. If you're new to my profile on that scale share, make sure to follow me because I'll becoming with more courses like this. Please don't forget to share your projects in that class project. I'm happy to review them on. Give you my thanks. I'll see another curse. By what?