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Google Ads: Learn how to bid

teacher avatar Margaux Rouault, PPC Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Introduction to bidding strategies

    • 3. Introduction to match types

    • 4. Set a Max CPC with Manual CPC

    • 5. Bid on match types

    • 6. Bid adjustments essentials

    • 7. Going automated: what you gain vs what you lose

    • 8. Focus on Maximize conversions

    • 9. Focus on tCPA

    • 10. Maximize conversions vs tCPA

    • 11. Maximize conversion value vs tROAS

    • 12. Focus on target impression share

    • 13. Final thoughts

    • 14. In a nutshell

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About This Class

In this 60 minutes class, you will learn how to bid on Google Ads.

Are you scared of bidding strategies on Google Ads? Do 'Maximize conversions', 'tCPA' and 'tROAS' make you equally curious and scared to try them? I'm answering all the questions you could have on automated bidding strategies on Google Ads, aka smart bidding strategies. And if you want to learn about bidding with Manual CPC, this class is for you too!

I'm putting my five years of experience as a digital marketing consultant on Google Ads to good use by helping you decide which bidding strategy you could use on your campaigns. The way people bid on keywords has changed widely in the last two years, so it's normal to feel a little bit lost. I went through the same process.

By the end of the class, you will be able to differentiate each bidding strategy and to know which one you should select for each campaign on your account. You will know about the traps you shouldn't fall into and you will also learn about all the other bidding adjustments you could make, because keywords are not the sole element here.

I would say that you need some intermediate knowledge of Google Ads to enroll in this class, in regard to the talk about KPIs (CPC and CPA, mostly) but if you are a beginner wanting to get off with a good start on Google Ads, welcome to you too!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Margaux Rouault

PPC Expert


Margaux is a French, Google Ads certified professional since 2016. She is certified in Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping Ads and Analytics.

Margaux will continue this profile section by using first person, as this seems very wrong.

In the past, I have worked with businesses in education, real-estate, travel and overall ecommerce (beauty, flowers, technology, etc.). Managed budgets went from €500 to €50,000 per month.

My expertise starts with understanding my client's business and their market. Every business is unique and I provide the best tailor-made solution to reach their goal.

Since early 2020, I've decided to help small business owners and marketing professionals improve their skills on Google ads to grow their business.

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1. Introduction: way you how to be. If you think you need to know about a fresh marketer and working five days now for smaller and larger boats with my special drink, you can buy agency nine glasses. I saw about the last step by step videos, which is interesting but won't explain to you why, James. Why base? That's what I want. By the end of this class, you will be able to select the best leading strategy for each other campaigns with confidence, and you would also be able to manage the the restaurants at any of it. The other view of the crosses, this one we were talking about your city. See how to be depending on much types and learn about big adjustments on other elements, such as against his. Then we detailing your tomato biddings rotation that exists on the let's when to use them and how to everything to ensure that they work. This last is for small business. Owners want to brother business thanks to cigarettes off the market. Professionals who want with skills on this platform so it gets you. And if you just kill us off crossing Lincoln's, I feel like reading strategies are already in advanced a big. So even if trying to make it to technical, there's some talk about KP ice, so better be comfortable with that sort of language. And speaking of the bridge, I hope they have a very strong prevents too fresh. We should be said to have a very festive send off this guests. 2. Introduction to bidding strategies: Hey, welcome to this process in which we serve as an introduction to building strategies as the title safe. So let's make it quick so we can move on to the most interesting part of distress. There are seven bidding strategies on rillettes. Six of them are automated, all smart as well. Let's called them. And then there's the manual city see which is not not smart, but just manual as its name stays. If I had to break down this building strategies, I would find four categories. Manual, which is a category on its own. Please, with only maximize fixing it, which I don't find very relevant. So I won't talk about it. Here is one thing to do. We are in 2020 so just bringing the most traffic to your website is not enough. It was very early two thousands, and we want to sell. We want needs when this strategy does, is that God's only tries to get the most clicks on your ads every day, in a sense, on Bridgette's. And how did they can look at the cost per click in your industry lately? It is scary. Let's move on to performance with force my breeding strategies maximize conversions, maximize conversion, but you TCP a. And to us, which we will talk plenty about during this girls. And finally, it is a beauty to you with dog getting person shad that I'm you know. So today NATO on the blood from you find bidding strategies in the settings inside each company. If you know what you want already, you can just see like the name of the bidding strategies you like. Otherwise, when you click on it, there's a short definition off what it does all the rights. But if that is gross, you won't need it. In more case, everything goes with Berger asks us to suggest to get guidance, selecting a bidding strategy, and when you click on it, you don't get to, say the strategist per se. You just choose what to focus on. And Google decides West strategy to choose for you. Depending on match. Ipic care for conversions. It will select maximize conversions, but if I had targets inspection, it will switch to TCP eight again. By the end of disk less you will be able to select a beating strategy on your own. The next reticence we focus on the mechanisms around manuals to PC, and then the remaining of the class will be about automated bidding shortages. 3. Introduction to match types: reacted to contribute about much types. How many are they and what it means for he was bidding? Because when you being belong keywords, for sure. But to be more precise to be don key words in a certain much type, therefore much types. And let's start with Ramesh Room. Match allows everything misspelling sooner names relevant and irrelevant variations. I don't neighbor martial arts. Why? Because the keyword he wanted to be known was women's hats. And yet here is what the algorithm, much to to accessories could be. That's be bags. Anything closes in general. Ex central When you specified huts, I prefer to go broad match too much time. Few years when you forget to put a symbol in front or around your keyword, because that's how it happens nine times out off them. So, as I said, brought much is the different much types. So you just take your keywords. Nobody and you will be able to bid in the match, I said I didn't like him, but it's possible to use it if you commit to adding negative keywords every day. And I was nice cause I personally would do it every how our If I could, so you better have some free time on your hands. The advantage is that once most of the ugly is excluded, you will find yourself whisky worth in a much time for which Prosper Creek is often less expensive than the others. So there's an interesting strategy to pray here. But in the time it takes you to clean the traffic, or if you don't do the chemo explosion correctly, you will find that it might cost you more money than your like. So be aware of that brought much money. Fire, which I call B A man from now, is much tight. That forces the system to respect the fact that she wants disk you worlds in particular to a pair in the user's query. In the case of the Cuba Plus women's Bless hats, you would force the algorithm too much. The keywords with such is, such as women's cows and huts or winter has for women. As you might have noticed, the Yemenis returned with a plus in front off every word. Compared to match, there is less risk because you're forcing system to use your keywords in the user's query. But those keywords can be used out of order for it to work well, usually off to determine us and licking world such as and for the etcetera. The next much site is freeze much. You put quote marks around it so it allows you to be Donna. Next pressure. A group of words still in the case off women's hat as a phrase much worth would be able to be added before the expression or after. So you have blue humans hut by humans, huts, women's huts also you. So to sum up friends much is the match types that allows you to be on a group of worlds from Charlie to be an M. The key words have to be used in that exact order, but you are loaded system to Edwards before or after your group of keywords. And finally, no need to add linking words unless you need them to understand the sense of your group of keywords. So if you induct, try both and then later opposed the end up a Saanich words in your country and finally exact much you put square brackets around the world or group of worlds. The algorithm isn't supposed to look only for this group of world or Chris Variations. It's much time that allows for the most control, but careful that it doesn't seem issue impressions, it works a little bit like phrase much, except that it doesn't know any other work to be added to the user search issue. Ah, kosher, frequent much types. This used to be goes because he would be on flower shop me a meeting exact match, and it would only trigger if the user times flower shot nearly and fortune. Ethnic girl lets us open its way of dealing with that match. So now it also includes close violence and buy clothes science. It means that if your keyword is flower shop, nearly the system could look wary, such as flower store around me. It might not seem like much, but it means that you're not bidding on exactly where the anymore, which is a shame, because that's what it was supposed to be. That's it for this introduction. Too much types. Now, if you want to know which much type is the best and what strategies you could use on your complains, I'll see you in the next listen 4. Set a Max CPC with Manual CPC: Hello and welcome on this lesson on how to set your max a busy. You've created a structure. You're positive that Dicky Wells you have chosen of the group keywords. So now or that is left to do is to set your max it is it. So what is the maxim pieces? Max Ypc is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for your ads to show. So basically, when I said such, um, exhibition, it means the same as setting your big. It's different from the effort CPC, which is the average amount that you have to pay another for your adds to a pair. So if I had to find an analogy, I would say that Max Ypc happens upstream. You set it in the beginning, and then on this river you will find apps. Take your standing in the way and ever CPC happens downstream. So it's the consequence of everything else. But let's continue with the real example, shall we? This is you, but since you're never alone on Glatz, let's make some room for just one computer. You said your maximum bid at formed around your competitors said there's at $0.80 so if you had only one click, your CPC would be just what it needs to be a above your computer. So 0.80 wanderer and your computer would pay the maxim pieces. So 0.80 now, to be fair, what I just explained is called real CPC by galex. So it's the real amount that you have to pay against the computer in order for your ad to appear. But imagine that this is exactly what's happening every time you beat on a key world, and then you go and make an average of this and the average citizen on the screen. I mean all campaigns at group. When I launched a campaign, I tend to pick a wanderer Max yPc, unless I know from past experiences that it will be way more than in the first year. Wells of checking on the campaigns I addressed it, for example, here would like to change the Max CPC for all my bids in the real estate of John California , I'm just going to click on the pen and type three inside that group at the world level. I can see that all my max idiocy were changed to $3 but you can also manage bids. At Cuba Louisville, for example, you get lower than first page bid even a $3 so you decide to rise the beads. But just for this key words, you re click on the pan and do it's the same goes if you want to decrease a bid for one key word, of course. Now let's admit you want to change the max idiocy for all the keywords in this and group again, you go back to the group tab and change it to one bigger for, because when you check what he did in the Cuban section, you realize that all your Macs idiocy has come back to $1 except for turkey words. And those two key words are the one for which you had changed the max it easy Acura level previously. So that's the lesson to take away from this. Once you change the max idiocy actual level, you can't go back to changing it at a group level. So if you want to go back to the start school, you need to click on. The pain will turn for each of this world and just leave the field blank. And just like that, it magically returns to wander a lot as a max ypc again. Please excuse this way for the shipping of that, as I couldn't share we once, so I had to imagine something. Let's start with the keyword on the first line. My average CPC is far from the first position bid. It's $5.25 Google at sustaining me that the estimated bid to appear in first position is seven points $49. It probably means that my ad is rarely showing in first position. This you can see, thanks to the impression share on the suit up. It's the colon before last. So for this keyword, my adds a pair in the very first position 70% of the time. It's not much, though. It's not a disaster, either. You should aim at 85% minimum unless unless you're getting excellent results in terms of conventions and customary position, it's all about finding the right balance over roll. My ads show between position one and 4 77% of the time, which began is not bad but could be better. So in this case, I would adjust my beat up in the maxim physical and not at 7 49 but I try it at $6 for starters and watch how my impression sharing proves key. Word number two. My average two pieces not too far from the estimated first position bid. It means that there is a high probability that my ad appears offering position one. That's what the impression share on absolute talk is telling me. My ads show up in position one almost 95% off the time. That's excellent. Overall, my eyes appear between position wanting for almost all the time. So for this keyword, I wouldn't do anything. Keep in mind that right now I'm only looking at big mechanism. If you have to do the work Foreal. You would also need to look at your results in terms off conventions. Compassion value city A ex cetera in other to know which keywords to prioritize. When should you immediately rise a bit? When Google it is giving you a bill for space status, you might see impressions and clicks on this key words. But here's the thing. You will be able to be for higher positions when your competitors are not there for values reasons. Example. Competitor has an interest efficient budget. By four PM they can't up animal, so there is a chance that you can compete them or a computer has created a bigger just met at some point in the day. So bids being lower at this part, you might be able to beat for higher position. But that's it. You are bidding by betting on your competitors. Witnesses and mistakes and mistakes don't happen that often. So if it's an important you worked for, you raise your beans. 5. Bid on match types: So I talked about setting your bid when using when U. S. A PC with the max CPC. But I haven't explained to. You have to set Bill depending on the much types you're using, there are several schools. It's a very friends thing to say. So the several ways to go I get the much tech column so you could understand better. This is the same two words in three different much types. One method is to say much types are funeral. You start at the broader level, which allows every much type by their go with them and wants your which exact much. It's the closest you can get to your key work. So that's why this much type should have better be it because it's more precise and relevant. In that case, you would have $3 for exact much to the last for freeze much and $1 for good match modifier . Now the beginning. It may seem like a good idea, but I like to look at the big picture. The big picture is telling me that the best you were is indeed the exact much Why? Because it gets me the most conversion. Seven And because the CPI a that rascal, the cost per compassion is not the lowest. It's still very close to the $81 that Vienna makes and finally, condition rates is ridiculous. Second, Boesky World is being men with the lowest C P A and a reasonable amount of conversions. Yet the conversion rate is bad, less than 2%. So it's really not much to be true. It should also get impression shot everything. But this would be the tough for another coast. So what should we do here? Exact much has the best KP I over world. So should give the ads more visibility, toe higher bids and then check on the c p. A. B m n is before. Yeah, but the conversion rate is bad, so I would hesitate before rising bid. And instead of trying to focus on the landing page or events to try and improve disk compression rate before doing anything else, Fresh match is bad on the C p. A. And a conversion rate. Lebed's. So for this one, I would definitely over just a bit to make it simpler. You could start beating depending on the level of precision for each much type. But in the long run, you need to adjust your bids based on the performance you see on your complains and on your websites, which is the best. Much days. So much is not suited for Emmanuel citizens strategists, but if you choose the right smart building strategy, it could give you good results because it's the only much types that they agree with them. Enough freedom to look for more opportunities. And you can keep control for as long as you continue to add negative keywords every day. Marketer stand to work only with good much money. Fire a k a B M n frieze much and exact much because there is less risk, so it's also spots. But remember, I'm glad as you are not alone. If a lot of advertisers bid on keywords using freeze much, this key words will be voice Mincy. I'm sure you're wondering which is supposed to do right now, So try to make so much site use. The Yemen used exact match use phrase match and try to adjust to be on her key wells, depending on which type brings you the most convention in which time is the cheapest, and you will find that these much types works for Manu OCBC strategy and also work for a smart building strategy. What you need to remember is that exact much doesn't allow the system as much freedom. So if most of your keywords used this much time, it couldn't limit the results you would have with an automated bidding strategy. 6. Bid adjustments essentials: bidding on keywords. Check. Adjusting your beads is the next step. You can do it at different with Bess. And here are the most interesting audiences on Google s audience. Just can be retargeting lists from Google Analytics or, from your regrets tag. They can be in market agencies or custom intent agencies. Remember this, but that's not the topic of this class, so I won't use myself in use less days. What you need to know is that you cannot just your beads based on your audiences. Let me show you in a live example. So I added a few in market audiences to one of my campaign at a meeting that one of them is getting more conditions. I might want to increase the max bead I would normally pay. Oh, I might want to decrease it if it's not getting me a lot of results, but it's still and interesting audience to follow, and that's why I use himself a shortness of targeting sitting. By the way, I don't bid specifically on this agencies, but what I can do is that I can observe that here, based on who other users that seem IUDs, demographics, works the same euro if we don't have the hustle income section as it was forbidden back the Neil. But you still can interview safe in that room. If you know that you're protected trucks, retired people, mostly you might want to want exclude some in troops or to increase off. Decrease your max CPC with the percent age and the same goes for gender if it's an important criteria for our business. Looking shells are also an interesting element to adjust. You can target by country, state, county, city or even a regis, so it's a very, very powerful, too. And if you realize that one's own in particular, doesn't get you asthma tree, those feel free to try some reading adjustments. For example, I worked for beauty products retailer that was very well known in sometimes. So even if it was targeted, we read used to be in this city because it didn't make sense to have such a high max. It is it that's kus. Help usually adds at times of the data matter. For example, you will be to the business and finance advice. Most of your leads are generated by our four on early stage and your employees economical plans back from Monday to Friday, so you might want to limit your bid during the weekend, not structuring your eyes are together, but it's not being as aggressive, Let's say, because there is a slight eating or, if you know that most Cezanne relax happen between five and 7 p.m. You might want to increase your bid at this time to improve your visibility. Finally, my favorite part devices, devices, means computers, tablets, mobile phones or even TV screens. Force Martelly's marketers have very different opinions when it comes to being adjustments on the Nice. So I encourage you to look for other and self been mind if you want to make your own opinion about its. What I've seen is that traffic on the bite has been growing exponentially these past few years. Yet with you not at the point where it's as good as computers in terms off conversions, maybe it's because of the website. Maybe it's because, depending on the products, all the service people are scared off doing anything on the smartphone Independence. But here, here is an example of a ditch that I met for company ever symposium. We're by far was the most expensive. Total conversions one of the best and the C P. A was way more expensive on this device. From what I saw, running time almost right was good, and the content was also rather well organized, with bigger phones and some sections that would change to make the city a more visible. So maybe it was just the service in itself that brought the conversion rate down. Because for website Buta, you might want to see what it does all the bigger screen. But then again, it's not the Rita big off today's listen. So what I would do in this particular case with this particular that I would be to reduce the bid on mobile phones by 25% meaning I would only be willing to pay $3.95 compared to the 5 $26 for that. Let's I would reduce the beads by 60% so that I would they folded us Max. As you can see, I get the computers as yes, because it's my stomach based so they can still run with my normal back. Citi Z. You should always keep one device for your best device as you stop that base, so don't make any adjustment on it. That's it for understanding what type of with adjustments you could make, when and why. So what you need to know The vice adjustments can be made prior to watching your campaign, but for all the others, you will need some that are to make the right decision. If it stresses you out, start with Wallaby the adjustments plus 20% or minus 20%. See what it does if it doesn't give your results, the more received in your bid adjustments. 7. Going automated: what you gain vs what you lose: Hey, again. So let's give this one shot. Well today, with a small building strategy up, possibly better results. And I'm saying passively because it's good as and nothing is official. Second advantage. You still have to spend some time monitoring your complains because it's not magic warm, but you would also have more free time that you could use for interesting improvements. Work on your landing page design. It's loving time benchmark. What completes those? Do try other advertising press forms, etcetera. All of this because you're serving time by not modifying your max CPC manually. What you use control. It's the first and most important exhibits. Once you choose an automated bidding strategy, it will be about to modify your max CPC anymore. You won't be able to choose a threshold bid or anything, so when the strategy is giving good results, it's fine. But when it's not, it can be frustrating. No sauce. My beating don't always work. It's especially true when the oppression share under campaigns is already close to 100% because it means that they are not a lot of opportunities algorithm can look for. It's also true if you keep modifying the target to reach oiled any budgets, but when it works, it works well 8. Focus on Maximize conversions: Hi again. Let's start to say stop by focusing on one small bidding strategy could maximize conversions. Maximize conversions. Try to get you the most conditions by only using the daily projects. Use it if there are opportunities it wants, try and reach for them, so it means that you are in total control of your budgets. This note that since 2018 2019 Google ads can decide to double your They project it one day if it fears that you could get more conversions. But by the end of the months, it can go higher than your daily budgets time something 0.4 days, which is the official number of days that they got animals. The drawbacks of the smart strategy are that first, it doesn't care about your over to see if it has to double or triple your baby to which school it will. I remember a time when it was still very new and Michael training for his retailer clients who was a rich basket Waas 30 euros. And with this strategy, ever CPC went bust 25 euros. So it was pure madness, thanks for its not like that anymore. But be prepared for you ever citizen to rise by at least 30%. If you ever CBC is low, it won't be much of a problem, but still. But imagine advertisers who already have to pay $40 per click it tax. It doesn't care about your CPI. I her. It's as I said, You need to read it. Cost. $10 Max if this small bidding strategy can get you 100 conversions, but each of them cost you $50 in the bank. And finally, he doesn't care about your condition that you think that's my colleagues. Example. What it cares about is conversions. So according to the BLS, you should only care about the competition stolen. But that's not true, right? So that's why we created TCP eight. But that's for the next lesson. 9. Focus on tCPA: Hey there, let's talk about TT A target construction. It's the second small building you could use if you're trying to work on your lead generation, so Disappear works in a way where give brats target cost a conversion to rich, and it's supposed to rich it simple. So in a way, it works is big, like maximize conversions, but with limits City eight. But there is a major difference that you have to know about. It is possible, depending on the opportunities that Google ads will ask you to increase your daily projet. Sometimes my spraying it by two or three over. So it's very scary, and above all, it's a lot of money. But then again, this my betting strategy supposed to work, so we shouldn't have to worry, right? Just like for maximize conversions, the major drawbacks are lack of care for every city See which will rise, be sure of it and compression very. But in that case, TCP A also doesn't care about conditions if you get a $20 target too rich and it does with only one convention in the months the system will consider that its job is done So according to relax. Once you choose this marketing strategy, you should only care about the Casper conversion column. Because yeah, though it's called Jesse pH, you won't find a c p A column on grads. It's called crisper ambition. Don't ask me. I don't know why. So to sum up Mississippi, what's a little bit like maximize conversions? But with limits? City A. It can be very costly, and it can't work if your budget is limited, it really counts, because the algorithm what understand how it's supposed to reach its target? If you didn't give it enough money, it's like a car running out of gas. You know you want to drive for 100 nights, but you only have enough gas for 50 Nice. So it's like asking your car to do the embassy. As of 2019. All such campaigns are eligible to use TCP A from the beginning. But that's not what I recommend in my opinion. Disappear. What's well, once you have reached develops, didn't testify against eight once you know that each months you get the same results on your campaign, Wallace without deviations. So let's say that you've waited two or three months to make sure that this campaign was steady enough. Now you can go on the platform and change your breathing strategy. If everything goes where Google X, we recommend a target rich that shouldn't be too far from your currency. If that's the case, you should start by selecting the recommended STIs API eight and the Let it run for assist three weeks to one month to see a terrorism is capable of reaching the target. Then you would be about to change it. Make sure to not make big increase or decrease in the target. To reach it should be plus 20% max for minus 20% max and then let the algorithm ran for just three weeks. Any time you make a change, for example, Villette recommendation Waas $56. After months, she realized that the city is closer to 50 $2. So you change the anticipated too rich to 50 to the last, and then you go to cheat for least three weeks. You should also know that this strategy text seasonal changes into account because it uses machine learning and because of rising amount of other thyself are using it. It has more and more that. So that way you understand. For each industry, what are the important times off the year? That way, you don't have to make changes every week on your get because the problem would be the younger with them. Doesn't have the time to try. And I just what it does that you already changed the targets. It's like when your boss is asking for the playoff. A report it ASAP and then in the afternoon tells you that clients be is not the priority. Oh, if you're working in the supermarkets, you're stalking products on the shelves, and the manager told you to do that, comes by and tells you that you should stop everything and do the other Section two under bayonets. You don't want to be that manager. 10. Maximize conversions vs tCPA: Okay, so now you know about maximize conversions and about Mississippi. So why they do very different things. The longtime objective is to help you generate small. It's so I feel like now is the time to compare them and to explain to you when to use either of these two strategies. If you have an unlimited budget, use disappear because it will allow you to get for more opportunities. Besides, though, it's so first from the same problem as maximize conversions, which is that the ever CPC we rise, I feel like T p. A. Is well cautious because it understands that it has a certain time, yet it has to reach. So as long as you didn't get too crazy without a get compared to work grads, we commend it. You should be fine. If you have a limited projet, choose maximize conversions as you keep complete control over your budget. Aside from the days where Good Night's can double on your daily budget, it means that if already you start with a limited budget, even if your custom condition is stable, you we want to use maximize conventions. Oh, if you're already using TCP A on the campaign and one find money. You realize that the budget is now limited and can't go higher anymore. You would want to switch this campaign to maximize confession. Oh, if you've just created a new campaign and you want to start with small building right away , well, you would choose maximize conversions because for now, you don't have a good idea of what is your real cost? A condition yet? And Mississippi eight needs good results and study results beforehand if you want to work about. 11. Maximize conversion value vs tROAS: Welcome to this. Listen on, Maximus. Conversion value. That's just iwas. And I'm very sorry for the accent. I won't do a specific focused on either of these two strategies because you know them already? Yes, Do they are Maximus Conversions and Mississippi A. Before retainers or businesses That recalled the condition that you so maximize condition. But you works the same as maximized conversion, except that it focused on provisioned by you has the name stays. The system stays the same. So predetermined budget. The algorithm tries to get you the highest conditions. Value a revenue. If the opportunity is outside the soccer, it's won't try and reach for it. So you keep a complete control over your daily budget. But it says the same drawbacks as maximize conversion, which all that he doesn't care about your efforts. CBC. It doesn't care about your c p. A. It doesn't care about your number of conditions, and it certainly doesn't care about who Us A. K return on that spending. If you are a flower shop with average basket off $30 this strategy doesn't care that it's making you pay 50 the last for just one click that we learn you only $10. So in the end, this math strategy will make use $40. I hope nothing ever as bad happens. But just to make you understand, I have to exaggerate some things to us means Target return on that spendings. And maybe that's the definition that I should explain. So we'll turn on that spendings is a synonym for profitability and brilliance. It's the result of a simple gang creation condition that you divided by coast. And that's actually the name of the column. This marketing strategy focused on when Wasiq was one. It means that you are not turning anyone. He know losing it, because for $1 that you spend, you wondered up when it's the low one, it means that you are profitable because for $1 invested you 20 cents. If I saw her back to my previous flower shop. Example, when it's above one, it means that you are earning money in the high eighties the better. For example, if your Hawass is for the US, it means that for $1 spent, you folded us. Now, if that could happen when you're betting it would be nice within its but Unfortunately, she off. Fortunately, actually, what is the results of a carefully crafted strategy? So that's not about to happen. Jim Last needs food, budget and more to reach its target and to get more opportunities. So again, it's simple. Don't know committee it if you wanted to give some results. I feel like Iwas is the most complicated automated bidding strategy to use because who has also happens to be the most complicated? Take EI to improve. It doesn't only depend on the performance of your campaigns. It so sure that's your average basket, which depends on your offer, which depends on the products you selected soil campaigns. So yes, big complicated. But then again, the theory stays the same. I know it may seem weird to say that a strategy based on perfectibility doesn't care about from the Nuba. That's true. Us doesn't Cabot compression value, as is if won't say of $1000 is enough to reach your target. Hawass where then it doesn't care about the rest? I could even say that it doesn't care about spendings, so, for example, if one saying gives you the US of 100 but you only stand to to turn off tenderness where it doesn't matter if you have an unlimited budget, just you us. But if you have a limited budget, Jules, maximize conversions. Oh, and remember the thought Iwas to you should avoid big target adjustments. So only plus 20% for minus 20%. Then let the system sometimes we ran X testing failures. 12. Focus on target impression share: Hi again. Let's finish the big talk about bidding strategies by talking about Stargate InVision share . But before I explain what it does, I should probably explain what is in person share in case. And not everyone is on the same page. So in prison, share is the percentage of pressures your has received compared to the time number off impressions that they could have gotten on. Definitions are always so tricky for such thinking collusions. Okay, so Impression shot is the result of a calculation. The number of impressions that you recorded, divided by all the impressions you could have had and all these illegible impressions are estimated using manufacturers budgets, targeting settings, upriver status and quality school. The Great Depression share is a small building strategy that automatically sets bids with the goal of showing your ad on three placements, the absolute top of the page on the top of the page or anywhere on the page of search results. So if you decide that you want your toe apparel, actually tuck, which is the very first position 90% of the time, you could try to reach that girl. But I wouldn't recommend it, though, because this position is not our US for being very costly as people click on your ads without really reading them. I used this building strategy for my running completes, especially when my competitors are buying my clients Brown as a key world. So that way I can ensure that much visibility for my breath because this bidding strategy is all about visibility. 13. Final thoughts: work out to this final thoughts section, where I ask myself questions that you could have. So first went automated bidding strategies don't work, I think I said somewhere in the first list sense. But smart bidding strategy is Don't make magic happen on your campaign. So here are a few reasons why it's might network. Firstly, your campaign is not a good candidate. Results of all the time, all they are not great already. And you believe Romney, that smart building. We magically fix everything it wants. Secondly, there's not enough discipline on our site. Yes, I'm Loki, accusing, If you want to freshen up your memories. I talked about it in the sun, remember eight, which was focused on Mississippi eight. And to sum up the problem in the case Waas that you were impatient and it's kind of normal . To be fair with my your CPC, we have got in the habit that in a few seconds we can change the bid and see the results an hour later. With smart beating, it doesn't work that way, and this sort of habits can actually harm her campaign. Besides, if you feel the need, 25 lots of EUR targets or your settings to might mean that this campaign is not a good candidate. You don't have enough budget and you want to use TCP A off divorce. Not comfortable. Not a good idea. Try and maximize conversions are maximized. Conversion value first, finally, last point Where? X Probably not an exhaustive list. There are not enough opportunities on your campaign. Many. The impression share is over the accident, so the algorithm won't help you. That merchant finding more about in it is, or it won't help you that much in improving the copy I that you have selected. So in that sense, you might be disappointed. The US observations and one of them is to open your much types by using Yoki Wells in broad match modifier, if that's not the case already, or even by using broad match, but only if you add negative keywords every single day. That way you might see some increment our opportunities. Other solutions include opening your tag education. If that makes sense for the product, all service your city don't go in that investigation that you can sell. Some would say that you should also remove all beating address mints on devices, but I find it very risque personally. Even if you have a breathable Beijing, I don't think I'm ready to go open. Burn off later. Things to know about the sector because TJ Central sent for each campaign individually so you can use TCP A on campaign A with $20 target and TCP A on campaign big with a $50 target and maximize conditions on competency. Nothing is stopping. You were nothing except the tips that I tried to give you on. Google lets you can adjust bid on audiences. That's what I talked about in the center of mystics, with some breathing or your bid adjustments will be forgotten except bigs on the bases. It's not recommended to make adjustments on anything when you use my being given the nice, but you know what we much she So if we want to begin, so I encourage you to limit the bids on move I because it tends to drive a lot of picks. But the conversion rate tends to be lower, so since my building is over history, the new off a lot of control or various settings, I would take this opportunity to better control my digits 14. In a nutshell: it's time to some of exhibit. Well, when using Manual City See, you can modify the max CPC at any time at a group level. All key weather. You can start by reading differently, depending on the level of precision off each much type. But I recommend we needs, depending on the re performance you see in the long run disip EA and give us our strategies that can be used once your campaigns are giving you steady results. So I'd say that's when you've been getting the same results, more or less for 2 to 3 months. If you're better, it is unlimited growth for Mississippi A or a zero strategy. If it is limited, this won't work. So use maximize conversions off. Maximize condition that you remember to not change your targeted two days, all the system one for properly. And remember that they do what you tell them, and that's where the action is limited. If you pick targets a pH, it will only care about C P. A. Small building strategies already handle seasonal changes, so that's something you don't have to worry about, meaning that when life really happens, they understand that they need to be more received with these. But if you need to create a special seasonality adjustment, if you're running a 70 permission, for example, you can add it on your account to inform the system. So two cents the things you go to bidding strategies than advance controls you can them to be relate and shows the starting and inundate Well, then seven days is not recommended, as the system would understand that something is up on. So then you need to tell the system what you expect for your conversion rate. You expect sales to rise because of your 20 years on USA permission you get. There's a report about your business on TV, so you're expecting a lot of visits, but not a lot of states. You can inform the system that you expect your conversion rate two drops likely during this period. Finally, if you used to see P A. All to us, you can use the performance planner also in tools and settings. It will try to forecast what will happen to your campaigns for the next months. That way, you know, if you need to increase or decrease that I get you want to reach, there's probably a lot more to say about bidding strategies on contracts, but I feel like you have a strong base. And for those who have watched my first last created perfect structure on Google, let's your leaders from base to manage my accounts. And we have reached the end of this class. Thank you for watching. I hope beating strategies don't seem so scary anymore and that you even feel confident enough to try a small building strategies. It will be complicated for me to create a class project about this specific. A big So what I like is for you to share your experience with small bidding on Willis. Did it work? Did not. Do you know why? What were decisions? You try? I'm always very curious to hear about other people experiences. So if you're willing to share your testimony here, it could lead to interesting discussions. In the meantime, thank you. And I hope to see you soon.