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GoPro Hero 8 Camera Fundamentals: From Beginner To Filmmaker

teacher avatar Joshua McGuigan, Take The Road Less Traveled.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. How To Operate Your GoPro

    • 4. Filming With Your GoPro

    • 5. Tips And Tricks

    • 6. More Tips And Tricks

    • 7. Using The GoPro App

    • 8. Filming Time Lapses

    • 9. Taking Photographs

    • 10. Transferring Media

    • 11. EXTRA: Webcam Mode

    • 12. EXTRA: GoPro Hero 9 Vs. GoPro Hero 8

    • 13. Course Project

    • 14. Course Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn the fundamentals of the GoPro Hero 8 and start your filmmaking journey! 

This class provides an overview of the GoPro Hero 8 action camera – a handy camera which has made filmmaking more accessible than ever and has allowed me to document my travels around the world. The aim of the class is to walkthrough the fundamentals of the action camera in order to give students the foundation to go out and start creating their own films. The GoPro Hero 8 is a versatile tool and by correctly using it, the user will end up with excellent footage. Whether you're a complete camera novice, or a film enthusiast wanting to get into action cameras, I hope you can draw some helpful advice, tricks and value from these lessons on the GoPro Hero 8. 

Class Layout:

Introduction - A short trailer on what to expect when getting into this course on the GoPro Hero 8. 

Getting Started - An easy-to-understand start up guide, to prepare users for filming with their GoPro.

How To Operate Your GoPro - Insight into the fundamental features that make up the GoPro filming experience, with a particular look into the adjustable filming settings. 

Filming With Your GoPro - A brief look into filming with your GoPro and a dive into three great-looking transitions: the zoom, slap and slide transitions.

How to create the zoom transition in post-production:

Tips And Tricks - An overview of the essential features on the GoPro Hero 8, in addition to useful advice in order to make filming smooth and enjoyable. 

More Tips And Tricks - Additional necessary features are covered, from restarting your GoPro, locking the exposure, to being able to maximise the camera's battery life. 

Using The GoPro App - A guide for GoPro's app for mobile devices; highlighting the most important features of the application. Download the GoPro app here:

Filming Time Lapses - A deep dive into the time lapse mode on the GoPro Hero 8, covering the three primary settings: Time Lapse, Night Lapse and TimeWarp. 

Taking Photographs - An overview of the photo mode, explaining the important features and settings.

Transferring Media - A step-by-step guide on how to transfer your footage onto your laptop or computer. Download the GoPro Quik desktop application here: GoPro Quik

EXTRA: Webcam Mode - A look into the webcam functionality of the GoPro Hero 8. Download the GoPro Webcam desktop app here:

EXTRA: GoPro Hero 9 Vs. GoPro Hero 8 - This lesson compares the GoPro Hero 8 with the newer GoPro Hero 9. This video is meant to inform purchasing decisions as it highlights the main differences between the two action cameras.

Course Project - A course project to encourage students to start filming with their action camera. 

Course Conclusion - A brief conclusion, wrapping up this course on the GoPro Hero 8. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joshua McGuigan

Take The Road Less Traveled.


Hello everyone, I'm Josh, a journalism graduate from London.  

I love throwing myself into new challenges and environments, as well as learning new skills. 

I wish to use SkillShare as a platform to share the knowledge and skillsets I've gathered over the past few years, in addition to connecting with like-minded individuals. 

If you'd like to connect, don't hesitate to follow me here (or on Instagram) and drop me a message. Enjoy my classes!

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1. Introduction: My name is Josh and I Magellan student from London over the past few years of an opportunity to practice filmmaking through trial and error up, unable to teach myself how to produce quality video in this online course, Are we teaching you how to fully utilize the GOPer Huet action? Come alongside a few useful tips and tricks? This camera is the perfect solution for filming your adventures worldwide. So what is being able to document your family vacations? Eagle Way. It's hard to argue against picking up this camera. Things course will take you through the fundamentals or filming with your GoPro from setting up your camera to documenting your travels around the world. Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy this course. 2. Getting Started : Let's get started with saying up our go pro. It is important to note that this camera is a waterproof to for a free feet deep and as video stabilization, of course, order of its video loads, which will allow for smooth and great looking footage. The hero eight can be mounted on a range amounts for the use of these mounting fingers. The's fingers can be folded up like so here I have it on GoPro's own mini extension pole. Here is how to attach your GoPro to melt, not to be able to record footage on your go pro. You need a micro SD card. I recommend the SanDisk Extreme Pro 80 to 128 gigabyte or 256 gigabytes. Micro SD card. Make sure your card is at least 128 gigabyte, especially if you're going to be filming a fair amount. It is important to get a car that can keep up the large files you're going to be creating while out film battery and SD card are fitted on the left side of the camera. You lower it a notch on the bottom. Do you see the red tab then you just lift the door. You can also be removed like this. It is made to come off so you can easily put it back. Like so. Yeah, insert the micro SD in first of the writing. Facing the camera. Here is the card in Do you hear the small click? Insert the battery specifically designed for the hero camera, with the GoPro logo facing you, inserting the blue side in. You also noticed that this is where you charge your girlfriend as a USB C port is here, too. Connect a year specie cable into the camera, unplugged the opposite end of the cable into a war charger or your laptop for computer. On average, the GoPro here It should take around two hours to charge from a war charger while charging from a laptop or computer will take closer to four hours. Their red light you see on your GoPro indicates that the camera is charging. It turns off once the camera is fully charged. Once your camera is very charged, make sure you properly locked the door of your GoPro, as that is what will keep your GoPro waterproof and damage resistant. And finally, make sure you download GoPro's up in order to keep your camera updated with the latest software. Let's get started filming 3. How To Operate Your GoPro : now we can actually get into operating our camera. First, let's turn on our go pro by holding down the power button on the left side of the camera. The first thing to know of the GoPro here a is that there are free modes. We're currently on the video mode. If you want to change modes, you simply need to swipe the touch screen. To the right is the photo mode. What to the left is a time lapse mode. You can also alternate between modes by pressing the power button. Let's go through the interface on the top, right? We have this battery life icon, which indicates how much power is left in your battery. On average, the battery last between an hour and 1/2 to 2 hours, depending one which settings are enabled on the top left corner. We have an icon, which tells us them out of recording time left on the micro SD card, which depends on the current video settings, different video recording settings take up a different amount of space to keep in are and how much is left on your mark arrestee card across the bottom of the screen. We have the video setting presets, which have a wealth of adjustable settings to fill your video recording needs. Presets are available across all free camera Moz, top of the current preset, and you'll be able to view the other presets available for filming tap on any of the available presets to use it for filming. You can even create our own custom preset to customize already available presets. Just tap on this pencil icon here. You can also directly edit the settings by holding down on the preset on the left and right side of the preset. We have some on screen short cuts, thistles, the digital lens. When filming, you can adjust the digital lens like so here we have our own wide, but it can be adjusted like this. We can zoom in using the magnifying glass short cup, and the snail icon will allow you to shoot in slow motion. While this setting is called boost, it relates to video stabilization on. By activating it, your footage will come out very smooth and stable. There are a whole range of on screen shortcuts, which can be swapped in and out by holding down on the shortcut. You would like to swap out. If you want to compose your shot without all these icons, just have the screen to clear them away. Now let's take a look at the front screen, display their screen displays, the battery life. How much more video can be recorded, adds the current preset. And when filming, you can see how much time has passed. This is especially useful one of logging or taking selfies. Now that we know how to operate our camera, let's start filming. 4. Filming With Your GoPro : it is time to learn how to film with your GoPro and create great looking videos. After holding down the preset, we can adjust the video settings by tapping the resolution and frames per second icon. Here, you can adjust your video size and quality as well as the frame rate. It is good to know that 24 frames per second will create a cinematic look to your footage, as it is the start of frame rate for feature films and television. To start filming with your GoPro, simply press the top button. A red dot icon will appear here it once you are filming and red light will start flashing in the front and back. The GoPro here a automatically stabilizes your footage. But if you want that extra level of stabilization, make sure to enable boost mode transitions between shots by an important part of filming. So I'm going to go over some great transitions. You can utilize your films first. We have the zoom transition. This'd transition should be used sparingly and is applied in post production. Zoom transition creates a sense of movement and float and should therefore be applied to clips that are related for example, here I am about to board a plane, and now the plane is taking off. The next transition we are going to be talking about is the popular slap transition, which looks a little like this one is important in this transition is the slap into the camera on one shot and slapped out of the camera in another shot. It is a great looking transition that it's simple to execute, perfectly suited for use with a GoPro. Next transition we're going over is the slide transition. You have your camera and something that blocks the shot. You slide your camera around what blocks the shot, and in postproduction you cut where the blocker is transition to the next shot. It should look something like this. If the cut is done right, you will be able to create a smooth motion between the video clips, which will take your films to the next level. Now that you understand the basics, it is important that you go out, start filming, get to know your GoPro. That way you will come to understand what works best for you. Let's continue to dive deep into the go pro with more tips and tricks 5. Tips And Tricks : it is time to go over some essential tips and tricks to keep in mind. Went out filming with your GoPro. First, let us take a look at this clip. Yes, went out filming these kinds of physical activities, it is essential that you have a respond connected to your GoPro. Otherwise, it is easy for your camera to fall out of your hand. The same principle applies when filming on the water, as your camera can easily get swept away if you do not have your GoPro strapped to your arm . For these reasons, the wrist strap accessory is an absolute must went out filming. It is good to know that your camera has what GoPro calls the quick capture feature. This feature allows you to start recording footage even when you're GoPro's power down. Simply press the record button to start filming while your camera is powered down. When you start filming, your GoPro will automatically power back down. You could also go into a time lapse using the quick capture feature. You can do this by holding down the record button while the GoPro is powered down on the time lapse will start recording quick capture will record in the preset last used, but this can be edited in the general preferences. Quick capture can be turned on and off by swiping down and topping this rabbit icon. This next tip is useful for when you are framing shots. Three. Here eight gives you the ability to use grid lines, which you can access by swiping down from the top and tapping the bottom left icon. Grid lines are important when lining up shots, for example, in taking time lapses and getting a straight horizon. This next feature we are going over is the screen lock. This will help you avoid accidentally changing your settings when you are out, filming swept down from the top and tap the lock icon. Now the screen is unlocked. This feature is great one of logging off filming on the water. If we touch the screen, nothing will happen, which is what we want to unlock the screen, just swipe down and tap to unlock. We can change the behavior off the hero eight to suit our needs. Features like the beeping and led is can be adjusted to adjust the beeping, swipe down and tap this music icon, which will turn off all the beeps off the camera. If you do know what the beeps fully off, you can go into preferences than general and going to be Pavol you. Here we have high, medium low and mute sound settings. When we scroll down in the general settings, we see the settings for the LAPD's Here we have the option to have the led is all on all off our only the far ladies off. Let us talk about filming Orientation The Hero, a Cannes film on a nine by 16 orientation by rotating the screen. As you can see, the buttons will change their position. This can be useful when filming for Instagram, but generally you will not be filming in this format. You can also film upside down, which is useful when mounting your GoPro can unusual positions the buttons orientate themselves like before. Once you film upside down, your footage will not be upside down as the camera automatically flip it around to be the right side up. Occasionally, you will need to lock your orientation black when filming nine by 16 Tokyo orientation swiped down and tap this icon. It will show you that the orientation is locked, which means that even when you rotate your camera, the format that you looked up will remain. I'll knock it by tapping the icon again. The last feature algo Over is using the front screen menu. This feature will allow you to change your preset using the front screen, which is useful for when you can access the touch screen, like when filming on the water. To access the front menu, holds down the power button and pressed the record button. Press the power button to scroll fruit of presets and press the record button to select which preset you wish to change, too. Now go and apply some of these tips and tricks, which is sure to help when you are out filming your GoPro videos. 6. More Tips And Tricks : let us continue. One of this course with more tips and tricks went out. Filming it is good to keep in mind is that you can restart your go pro if your camera is not responding or the screeners frozen press and hold the power button for 10 seconds there . So restart your GoPro and there will be no changes to your settings. Additionally, you can also reset your presets to the default settings. To do this, swipe down to access the dashboard preferences, then reset, then reset presets. Now remember the black platform that came with your hero? Eight. You may have been tempted to throw away, but it actually works like a tripod except without the legs. It is useful as it can be used in many situations, and it's easy to carry around. This next tip is on knocking the exposure, which can come in handy in a number of different scenarios. To do this simply press on a screen and these icons will pop up wherever this central icon is is what the camera is exposing to. It can be moved around to other parts of the screen when you want to lock their exposure, press the icon and a lock icon will appear. Hits the tick box and go ahead and film without your exposure changing. To get rid of the exposure lock, just tap the lock icon way are now going to be talking about saving battery power on your Go Pro hero eight, Which is necessary when filming over longer time periods. First, you're going to want to tone or voice command and turn off camera beeping. So I down to the dashboard and tapped the voice command and camera beeps icons off. Secondly, you need to tell off your wireless connections from the dashboard, going to preferences Temple connections and turn your wireless connections off and then scrolled down the preferences tub and tap regional and turn off GPS. Enabling GPS allows your GoPro to record the location of where your photos and videos were taken. It is up to you whether you want this future enabled firstly from the Preferences tab, go into general and tap water power off. This feature determines how long it will take for your camera toe automatically power down when it's his idol. If you want to save the most battery power set auto power off for five minutes, which is the lowest setting. And finally you can save the most battery power fruit of brightness setting to adjust the brightness from the dashboard, going to preferences, then into touch screen, tap brightness and adjust accordingly. The lower you said the brightness of the more battery power you will say. Remember to keep on filming with your GoPro on. Naturally, you will become a better filmmaker onto the next lesson. 7. Using The GoPro App : it is time to go over GoPro's app for mobile devices, which has a range of uses, and update your camera with new features and optimal performance. The GOPer at for mobile is free and available for IOS through the APP store and for android fruit agu placed or keep in mind, the GOPer uses its WiFi connection to connect to your phone or tablet. The first step is to connect your GoPro to your device on your GoPro, go into the dashboard, then into preferences on connections. Tap on, connect device and then go pro up. Your camera will then enter into repairing load from your app. Tap at a camera and your GoPro should come up tap. Connect camera telling Cure two devices. It will give you the option to change your cameras name, which is useful if you are using multiple GoPro's. You'll know if you have successfully connected your GoPro as you will be able to view a live preview from your camera, tap the GoPro image on the APP or control your GoPro to view the preview. Now you're two devices are paired together. Now I want to highlight an extremely useful feature that you can only enable from the APP. This is the locate camera feature which you can use to find your GoPro when you have accidentally lost or dropped it without filming from the APP. Tap this top right wrench icon and scroll down to the bottom. Here. Enable the locate camera feature and your grouper will start beeping. Therefore, making it easier to locate it is good to keep in mind that the apse range is between 35 to 50 feet, depending on the wireless interferences in your area. Also, you cannot connect to the APP while you're GoPro's on the water. Has WiFi signal cannot travel through water? Essentially, the GoPro up works like a remote for your go pro, allowing you to remotely control your camera and it's settings remotely turn on your GoPro by tapping the camera on the APP will control your go pro remote seapower off by tapping the power icon on the top right wrench icon allows you to remotely adjust the settings that have been previously discussed in this course, from the brightness to camera beeping on the LAPD's From the main preview, you can access all the necessary functions, like which mode to shooting what precincts enable and, of course, being able to start filming remotely. It is good to know that your GoPro is not reliant on the app when they are connected. For example, if you start recording a video on the APP, but then close it, your camera will keep on recording. When recording horizontally on your go pro, you can rotate your device to view a larger image of what your recording fruity app. When viewing a recording from your device, it is important to remember that the preview on the APP is not the same resolution on your GoPro camera. Don't worry if it is coming out blurry on the preview as once you download the footage, it will look much better now onto viewing and transferring media using the GoPro app to view and save media First Hap View media to say footage or photos onto the APP. Tap even this icon on the lower left or tap here and tap downloads toe up. Saved media is stored on the disk icon. Once your media is saved to the up, you condense. Save onto your device by tapping this icon and then saved two photos when going through your media on the APP you can grab and save a frame of a video as a photo. You can do this by tapping this bottom icon, selecting the frame you want and Eva saving the frame to the APP or your devices, photos, fruit, a GoPro app. You can update your cameras firmware wirelessly. When a new update is released, your APP will prompt you to download the update. The update will download onto your device, which can then be downloaded onto your go pro, and that covers their central's off the GoPro AP Ah, handy application to use went out filming with your camera. 8. Filming Time Lapses : in this lesson, we will be going over the time lapse mode. A time lapse is a series of photos taken at regular intervals, which had then combine into a video. Because of the GoPro's wide angle lens, you can capture great looking time lapses, which are short and hard to your videos. Time lapse recordings are perfect for showing the passage of time from sunrises and sunsets to clouds roiling fruit of sky. Within the time lapse mode, there are free, different types of time lapses, the standard time lapse, the night laps and the time warp. Now, when talking about settings for time lapses and ni elapses, the most important setting is the format setting. First, tap the pencil icon. Under the format setting, you can choose between time lapse video and time lapse photo. If you select time lapse video, your camera automatically creates the time lapse video for you. Alternatively, time lapse photo takes a large number of photos, which you have to edit into a time lapse yourself. Using editing software using time lapse video is more convenient as the file size will be much smaller than why using time lapse photo as the large amount of high quality photos will naturally take up more storage space. However, because the individual photos taken using time lapse photo of our higher quality, they have more editing potential. I can therefore look much better. My recommendation is to stick to time lapse video if you're a beginner and used time lapse photo. If you're more experienced using cameras. The next setting to keep in mind is the interval setting, which determines how often you go protects a photo. When shooting regular time lapses, you can go from 0.5 2nd intervals up to 60 minute intervals. The basic principle to remember with intervals is to choose shorter intervals for quicker activities on long intervals for extended activities. I want to free second intervals work well for fast moving clouds. Crowds of people moving traffic drive lapses as well. A sunrises and sunsets. 12th to 32nd intervals work better for slow moving clouds, moving shadows and capturing the sun moving across the sky. Five minutes of 15 minute intervals work well for construction projects or fast growing plants. Unfortunately, there is no set interval for filming each and every subject, so it is essential to experiment with time lapses. Shoot for a few minutes to test your settings on that will show you ever you need to increase or decrease the interval setting. Getting the interval right is key, for example. Here you can see the interval is set too high for the subject matter. But when the interval is lowered, the footage comes out better as the shot is smoother and the detail of the clouds can be appreciated. Now. My recommendation when shooting any type of time lapse is to use the highest available resolution, which in the Hero eight's case is four K on to deny lapse mode, which is optimized for low light conditions and for taking time lapses during the night. An extra feature off the night lapse mode is being able to control the shutter. This setting lets you control the exposure, which allows you to determine how much motion blur Passing cars will produce, the darker the subject matter the longer the exposure time should be, the exposure time must be set according to the interval setting, for example, and exposure time of 10 seconds requires an interval off at least 15 seconds now. Wanted a time warp mode. This mode allows you to capture stabilize time lapse videos while you're on the move. The setting to highlight in this mode is the speed setting. This setting determines how fast your video is sped up. The higher the speed the few photos are taken and the more stable your video will be. Choose a lower speed for shorter activities like times two or times five times five also works best for Dr Lapses and choose the highest speed for longer activities like times 10 times 15 and times for tea. Times 15 is also great for exploring and hiking or just taking a picturesque Ron. Alternatively, the automatic speed also works well. The final point of Highlight is that when recording a time warp, you can tap this bottom icon to switch to a normal recording speed, meaning you can seamlessly switch between the time warp mode on the normal video mode during our recording, which allows for some creative filmmaking. And that is an overview off the time lapse mode on the GoPro hero eight 9. Taking Photographs : In this lesson, we will be covering the photo mode on the GoPro Hero eight. While most people primarily used a GoPro series of cameras for taking videos. Because of the wide angle lens and waterproof body, you can take great photos that would otherwise not be possible with regular cameras. Once we switch to the photon mode, we see on the left this timer icon, which will give you either a free or 10-second interval before taking a photo or useful feature to keep in mind when out and about. On the bottom left, you can select the Digital lens. You can choose between Wide, Linear, and narrow. I recommend using why's the most as the fisheye lens is what is unique about the GoPro series of cameras. On the right side, we have the shortcut for the output of your photos. We have four options to choose from. The standard processing mode. Takes a photo without any special processing. If you want to edit your photos yourself, then use the roll mode. Raw files contain much more information and detail, which in turn allows for more editing possibilities. In HDR or high dynamic range mode, you will get more detail in the light and dark areas of your photos, but sometimes the resulting image will look unnatural. In super photo mode, the GoPro will automatically decide how it will process your photo. This mode is perfect for those who do not want to edit their photos. Azure GoPro will effectively do the job for you. The downside is that you have no control over what affects applied. Upper setting is arguably the most important feature in the photon, as it will greatly impacts the photo is you'll end up with. Within the photo mode, we are four main photo settings. We have just covered the standard photon mode. So let's take a look at the live burst mode. This mode captures 1.5 seconds before and after you take a shot, which results in 90 photos or frames. This mode is perfect for those situations where you want to capture that perfect moment. In this mode, you can choose between eight megapixels and 12 megapixels. Well, megapixels will result in higher quality images, with the downside being more storage space will be taken up. Once you take your live burst, you can use the GoPro app or desktop application to select the perfect photo, save the selected frame, or save the live births as a free second video clip and then you can share your photo or video. Keep in mind that this mode drains. You'll go pros battery, so only use it when it is necessary. Next up is bust. Whether GoPro takes several photos, one after one another in a quick succession. This mode is ideal for action sequences. Again, this mode will help you capture that perfect shot. The sensing to keep in mind here is that burst rate. Here you can set how many photos per second ago approach should take. The first number relates to the number of images, while the second number relates to the number of seconds. Ten over one means ten photos will be taken in 1 second. The optimal setting depends on how long your action sequence loss. There is also an auto feature which would take up to 30 photos in 1 second depending on the lighting conditions. The last mode to go over is the night mode, which as expected, is optimized for low light conditions and longer exposure times. When shooting in this mode, I recommend using a tripod, otherwise, your photos will come out blurred. And that's an overview of the photo mode for the GoPro Hero eight. 10. Transferring Media : I will now go over how to transfer your media onto a laptop or computer so you can start editing and sharing your footage. We previously discussed how to transfer media to your mobile device. Fruit. A GoPro app. If you are using Apple devices, you can transfer media using the airdrop feature. You can also transfer media directly fruit of Micro SD Card. You can do this for using a mark arrestee car adapter. First, remove your micro SD card from your GoPro and so your micro SD card into the adapter and connect the adapter to your laptop or computer. You may have to connect your card for a separate card reader. Some card readers may already support micro SD cards, and then you'll be able to directly access your footage. Click on this folder to access your footage. You can also transfer media by connecting your GoPro to a laptop or computer fruit. A USB C cable. First install the GoPro quick application onto your laptop or computer. Next Project GoPro camera into your computer using the USB C cable, Turn on your go pro and the GoPro Quick desktop application will detect the camera and display its details. Then you're going to want to confirm the camera import location, which means where you want your footage to be important to, and then click on the Blue Import Files button to begin transferring your footage. The media will then copy from your cameras micro SD card to the computer. A progress bar will indicate how long the process will take. Click here to access the camera settings where you can adjust whether you want your footage toe automatically import onto your computer when your GoPro is plugged in. Once the import is complete, you can view your media on the media and recent tab on the top left corner, and that is how to transfer media from your go pro. 11. EXTRA: Webcam Mode : In this lesson, we will be going over how you can use your hero eight as a webcam. This usual feature can be used on both Windows and Mac OS operating systems. By using your GoPro as a webcam, you will most likely have better image quality than when using the webcam built into your laptop. This is because your hero eight will work as a high-definition webcams are able to share wide angle perspectives. The first step in setting up this webcam mode is to make sure your camera is updated with the latest firmware. If not, go ahead and update your countered food a GoPro. The next step is to install and launched a GoPro webcam app onto your laptop or computer. The computer app can be downloaded from slash webcam. Once you launch the computer app, you will notice a GoPro icon being added to the status bar. Next, stop. Power up your GoPro and connect it through a USB cable, computer or laptop. Then wait for the webcam modes to initiate on the front screen. If you have successfully connected than the GoPro icon on the status bar will display a blue dot. Keep in mind that using a USB 3 port on your computer will provide you with the best results in order for you to maintain battery life. Up. Next, launch your webcam application of choice. All the popular web cam applications are compatible, such as zoom, Skype and this code. Once you have opened your webcam application, select GoPro camera as your camera of choice and you'll be good to go. You can also preview your webcam sets up before you go live, which will help you understand your wide field of view. To do this, click on the arrow icon on the status bar and select show preview. You can also adjust your resolution fruit ago probe icon. Again, click on the GoPro icon and select preferences. You can choose between ten ATP to 720 P. Keep in mind that when you are recording, the GoPro icon will display a red dot. When recording, you can also change the type of Digital lens from wide, narrow, and linear. Before we wrap up this lesson, here are all of the webcam applications compatible with your hero eight. And there you have it. Now you can use your GoPro Hero eight for all your webcam needs. 12. EXTRA: GoPro Hero 9 Vs. GoPro Hero 8 : In this video, I'll be comparing the GoPro Hero nine with the GoPro Hero eight. This is going to be less of a lesson or more than informative video melted form your purchasing decisions. And if you already own one of these cameras than this video, we'll get you up to speed on the main differences between these two GoPro. So before we get into this video, it is obvious that the human eye nor be an upgrade over the hero eight, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad camera. Far from it. The hearer eight is an excellent action camera and still viable despite the hero nine being available. To begin, Let's go over the basics. First up price. At the time of making this video, the here-and ion goes for three hundred and twenty nine and ninety nine, or the hero eight goes for two hundred and seventy nine ninety eight. It is not a massive price difference or can potentially swing you one way or the other. Now the hero nine is roughly 10% larger than the Huron ate. It weighs 158 grams, or the hero eight weighs 126 grams. So you can feel the difference when you pick them up. However, the nineties still pocket double and a size difference has been justified. Here, nine has a bigger a touchscreen and the previous two iterations of the GoPro, the nine sports or 2.27 inch screen competitor aids 1.95 inch screen, which is a 16% increase. I think this increases excellent and much needed. Fingers crossed that Go Pro, will go even bigger for their next camera. Something I will mention though, is that the screen on the nine can be slightly laggy and unresponsive. But GoPro should be releasing a firmware fix soon. So hopefully when you are watching this, it won't be an issue. Next up, let's talk battery size. This is one of the major differences between the two cameras. I would say the weakest aspect of the hero eight, the poor battery life, which the hero nine fixes with a battery that delivers 40% longer battery life. The humanized sports are 1 five hundred seven hundred twenty MHz battery while they ate sports, or one hundred and two hundred and twenty MHz battery. If we look at recording in full HD here, nine will last for over two hours, while the eight, we'll just about manage one hour and a half. This goes without saying, but the humanoid batteries cannot be used with the hero aids and vice versa. Now, one of the most noticeable differences is the addition of the front screen display on the hero nine. The here eight has a monochrome front display which shows useful information such as the shooting resolution, frame rate, and remaining battery power. This information is also displayed on the nine. The majority of people will prefer the front screen display as it makes framing shots effortless. But for some people, it may be a feature that isn't all that necessary. Now as can be expected with a camera upgrade, the hero nine has more resolution to play with it both at 23.6 megapixel sensor, competitive two hearing aids, 12 megapixel sensor. This means that the Huron ion can capture up to 5K video and 20.2 megapixel photos. While a higher resolution does not necessarily mean better image quality, you will notice extra detail on the hero nine, but it is nothing to write home about. On the other hand, the heroic shoots in 4K and can capture 12 megapixel stills, which gets the job done, especially if you are shooting for social media. I've Next, let's talk lenses. When it was released, the hearing aids, digital removable lenses from the hero line of GoPro cameras. However, the hero nine brings them back. This means that LEDS modes, and filters can be swapped in and out of the hero nine. It is interesting to note, however, that out of the box, the hearing aid actually has a wider field of view than that of the hero nine. Bear in mind the extra lens modes and filters do not come with the humanoid and have to be purchased separately. The final thing to mention is that both the hero nine and here eight and make use of mounting fingers. Mounting fingers were introduced with the hero eight and now carry over to the hero nine. This means that the majority of Mounts will be useable with both versions of the GoPro, which is of course a positive. And there you have it. The Gerber here-and I, and, versus the GoPro Hero eight, I hope I was able to break down the key differences between these two great action cameras. 13. Course Project : It is time to go over the project for this GoPro Hero eight Course. The course project is simple. Go out and start filming with your GoPro and edit together the clips using some of the transitions towards in this course, practice by experimenting with different video recording settings and even tried to capture a timelapse or to the only way you're going to understand your GoPro and its features, are they actually using the camera? So go ahead and start filming. And that's the project. Good luck. 14. Course Conclusion: you have now Come to the end of this course on the GoPro Hero eight Action camera. Over this course, you have learned how to set up and operate your GoPro, let how to film and set up transitions and have come to grips with their central features off the camera. Now that you have a basic understanding off the fundamentals of the hero eight it is important that you go out, start filming and applying what you have gained for this course only fruit practice and real world application. Will you truly be able to maximize the potential off the GoPro hero Eight. So get out there and start filming. Once you are able to maximize your filmmaking potential, you will be able to capture moments that will last a lifetime. If you have enjoyed this course, feel free to leave a review. Follow me on instagram and share your own GoPro videos. Thanks for watching and good luck on your own GoPro filmmaking adventures