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Gmail Zero Inbox :The GTD Optimized Email Workflow. The Ultimate Strategy To Getting Things Done

teacher avatar Paul Tilley

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Thanks You & Welcome


    • 2.

      Understanding The "Getting Things Done" System


    • 3.

      Overview of GTD with Gmail


    • 4.

      Setting Up Multiple Inboxes


    • 5.

      The Star System


    • 6.

      Filter The Inboxes To Match The Stars


    • 7.

      Keeping It Clean


    • 8.

      Keep Your 'To Do' Lists In One Place


    • 9.

      Email Batching - You Need To Do This!


    • 10.

      Batching With A Little Free Help


    • 11.

      Getting Inbox Zero Introduction


    • 12.

      Easy Unsubscribe From Everyday Junk


    • 13.

      The Holy Grail of Zero Inbox


    • 14.

      How To Filter Your Gmail Like a Pro


    • 15.

      On The Way To Zero Inbox


    • 16.

      My Account at Zero Inbox


    • 17.

      How To Sort Out Your Labels


    • 18.

      A Few Helpful Folders


    • 19.

      What Is IFTTT


    • 20.

      Canned Response


    • 21.

      Apps Search


    • 22.

      Unread Message Icon


    • 23.

      Undo Send


    • 24.

      Google Contacts Hack


    • 25.

      Set Gmail As Your Default Mail Client


    • 26.

      Strip Your Emails of Annoying Text Formatting


    • 27.

      Host Files in Your Email Inbox for Easy Access


    • 28.

      Keep Track of Your Home IP Address


    • 29.

      Copy and Paste Images Directly Into Messages


    • 30.

      Sort Gmail Messages by Size and Get Rid of Data Hogs


    • 31.

      The Grand Conclusion


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About This Class

What you'll learn

  • Your emails will be organized into a clear-cut system
  • Your appointments will be organized so that you'll never miss any event
  • You can get more things done
  • You will have ZERO inbox
  • Your gmail account will be clear and clean.
  • You will be more productive
  • Have greater focus

Who this course is for:

  • If You Want A ZERO inbox At The End Of Each Day
  • People Who Want To Increase Their Productivity.
  • From The Gmail Novice To Expert.


Your Gmail Inbox Can Be A Messy and Unfocused Place! Or You Can Tame The Beast And It Can Be A Place Of Focus, Calm And...


In this course you are going to learn how to tame the Gmail Inbox beast for productivity by using David Allen's Getting-Things-Done model. We will:

  • Get Back To Basics: A Getting Stuff Done Overview

  • Turn Your Messy Gmail Inbox Into Your Ultimate GTD Inbox

  • Get Zero Gmail Inbox...On Automation

  • The Best Gmail IFTTT Recipes

  • Gmail Labs and Features You Should Enable

  • Clever Tricks Built Right Into Gmail

At the end of this course:

  • Your emails will be organized

  • Your appointments will be organized

  • You can get more things done

  • You will have ZERO inbox

  • Your Gmail account will be clear and clean.

So by the end of this course you will be a Gmail Guru, an email whizz and productivity god! Well... maybe not all that but you will definitely be Getting-Things-Done in Gmail. It will no longer be a crowded mess every time you log-in but a place a calm and serenely just waiting for you to put it to work.

So let's go... every second you wait could be a second where you could be Getting-Things-Done in Gmail...Enrol now!

Meet Your Teacher

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Paul Tilley

Level: Intermediate

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1. Thanks You & Welcome: first of all, thank you so much for by this course for joining this course for partaking in this course and start in tow. Watch this course for the course. You can contact me thru twitter, if you like, and tweet me, they'll be grow to hear from you again on or you can email me for something more specific you want to ask me on. As you can see in my email address, I've got the plus g t d. That means that will go to a specific folder in my Gmail that you'll find out more about later as we go through course. Have to do that on. Then I'll know this from you. So I really hope you enjoy the course. I'm a real look forward to gauge review and find out how you getting on. So how do we go from this type of Gmail account? When you log in eagle tons and tons of emails that face you on the left, you can see it's quite chaotic, the background really chaotic, that just it's so busy. How do you focus on one specific e mail as time and really feel as though you're focused you're engaged and you're ready to to have a clear mind when you come to answer these of emails and get stuff done. How do you go from that to this system? And this is a system that I I'm gonna walk you through step by step. Why we use the system. What did this systems based on and how we actually implemented? As you can see on the left is just a few folders on the main ones are business and personal . I'll explain all about that and how you can get your emails to automatically go into those folders you can see in the middle that there's no emails or is an empty, um in box on the right. We have these sub folders which are marked by stars which have to do away to reply, delegated, scheduled on important news. Okay, so how do we go from that's to that? And it's not actually that difficult. That's basically the majority off his course and one I'm gonna walk you through on help you to understand. So first we're gonna look back to basics where we're gonna have a look at getting stuff done, which is an overview based on a famous book, talked about that, getting stuff done, getting things done, never going to go, how to turn a Gmail account into the ultimate getting things done in box. And that's what we've just looked at. Those two examples from there we're gonna look at, how do we keep How do we get and keep our inbox at zero on? I love this stuff. We're gonna put on automation so we don't need to go through every single email on Put it Somewhere. I love this stuff we can put in automation from there. We're going to go a little bit more broad where we're going to look at some recipes, which is based on a website called If This, then that will explain more about that. It's a very powerful what we call recipes that will do a lot of automation before he even reaches your inbox in some cases. And then from there we look at Gmail laps on some of features. You should enable in your email, some extra little tools and then finally some clever to accept a very servant on really that will know some things that can really do under the bonnet off Gmail. So at the end, the course you'll have such a breath of knowledge off Gmail on how to use it much more efficiently. How to save time, have to get stuff done. 2. Understanding The "Getting Things Done" System: overview off Thebe getting things done. System on, then how that witnessed. Okay, so this is a very brief overview off the getting things done system. And then later in the course, I will explain how we interrogate. Okay? It's a very brief overview off the getting things done System on, then the rest, of course, will explain how we put the getting things done system into G mail and email that our account online. So the basically getting things done comes from at this book and this offer. David Hannan, If you haven't come across the book or read the book, I strongly if I used to do so, but I'm gonna explain the basic system. Obviously, there's a lot more in the book to what I can explain, but this is a very brief overview, as I said So first we have to collect all the stuff, all the things that cloud day to day lives, from picking up milk from the shop to reply into the boss's email to do the presentations. Whatever it is, all these things that basically all the stuff off dated a week to week month, um, stuff that we have to get done so the first thing we do is collect that stuff. So we gather everything that enters your world that might represent something that we have to do. OK, there's a sense that that could be anything. Then we keep all the open loops that appear in your life out of your head. So the point is is that we have all this stuff that we have to do rather and trying to remember everything from picking up milk to changing the oil in the car, tow whatever were collecting this in some sort of in box. And that can be e mails as we're obviously talking about two physical pieces of paper on our desks, whatever is, whatever system works for you. But obviously we're talking about Gmail. Instead, they will be systematically collected into your inbox where they will reside until you process them. Then we'll look at that. So now you've got all the stuff together. Somewhere in an inbox we processes the process stage is to empty the inbox. Okay, so if you think about email again, we can think about a Gmail inbox or if we're thinking about a physical basket on our desk, we can think about a pile of papers that we need to process. It doesn't mean that we have to do all the possible action straight away. So, for example, in our inbox we have Can you do the presentation for Wednesday for the CEOs or whatever? It doesn't mean to get that out of our in box. We have two foot. We have to do the presentation. It means that we have to put that on item that's in the inbox into some sort of system, which will explain later, instead draft that, analyze each item you have collected and decide what you have to do with it. That's what going to look at now. So first question I ask. We got a piece of paper. We got that email and we say, Is it actionable now? If it's not actionable, we're gonna come onto what we do with that in a second. But let's assume it is actionable. We can do something with that piece of paper. We then asked what is a successful outcome? What will have to happen for the to do list or for that piece of paper, is going to be in, or whatever is what is successful. How come what is the next action? What is the next thing that I can possibly do with that thing? And if this was the only thing that you had that had to get done, what is a very next physical thing that you have to do? So the presentation, it might be simply sitting down. Andi doing it's getting keynote or PowerPoint? Or it might be that you that you need to some more information from another person, so we can even do it if it takes less than two minutes. This is This is an interesting little thing. So the email comes in, or the peace PayPal. The phone call on it requests you to dio an item. If you think it's okay, it's gonna take me less than two minutes to do this email to response and to get it off the to do list. Then you do it. Do it straight away. Um, are you the best person to this? So someone's ask you to do a presentation? Are you the best person to put together a presentation, or could you delegate it to someone else, someone that works for you or appear or even a bus. Hey, but you can get it off that to do list or defer it to be done. It's a specific day, or or simply as soon as possible. So this is where you may get your calendar out and you say, OK, next. Next Tuesday. I'm going to block out the afternoon to to do the presentation so you haven't done it or you've done is deferred it to a specific time. But that still means that you can take that off your to do list on changes to do too. Choose afternoon. Okay, so next we've got all these piss paper. We've decided whether we have to do straight away, wherever we have to delegate it or where we have two different. The last step is to organize it. And this is where email particularly, and Gmail is very, very powerful. And I'm sure the system later, as I said, so just go back to the nose. First of all, though, So if it's a no, that we can't do anything with it, we hear river hereafter. Bennett. We have to do a so someday maybe type of list. All we reference material now in e mails. What we do with this on with this system is basically, even obviously just to delete it, or we can file it away or on what we do is basically archive it. So we just throw out there. But it's not visible. It's not in front of us Cloud in a judgment or constant being, basically just thrown it away somewhere where we can always search for it another time. If it is actionable that we've gone through all this system, we even file it into projects. So that's obviously something that takes more than one step to do so. The presentation could take several steps on way, organized as a project, we schedule it. As you said onto our calendar, it could be a next action. So let's say with the presentation on extraction is to find a really good image, for example, that could be the next action or were awaiting a reply. And that's particularly relevant when we delegated we were waiting for someone. We can't do an extraction until that person comes back to us. So that's a very brief, very brief overview, and I'd really advise you to, um to get the book to read a book or two just to go online and to research this system some more, and then he'll be really integrated into you. And you're thinking when we next when we then go on to Gmail, we look how to put this system into Gmail setting. 3. Overview of GTD with Gmail: Okay, So what we're gonna do is have a look at the getting things done on Gmail system, which quite mouthful. Basically, at the end of this letter, you will have really idea how to implement a really effective strategy for keeping your inbox empty on. Also also being really on top of emails and all those messages that come in. So let's have a little overview. No. So it's basically and easy to manage, usually empty in box at the end of the system or your to do's are in the first box all emails that are waiting a reply or in the second all delegated emails in the third on all emails relating to meetings, flights, concerts, whatever are in the fourth on. All this is gonna be done without any external plug in. So you can work this on any browser on any computer. Let's have another overview of how the whole system works together. So basically your email comes in on the first thing you wanna do is can I do this task? Whatever this emails asking is due in two minutes or less. If so, do it straight away. The 2nd 1 is you can mark. The email has to do so. You might want to do that particular thing tomorrow morning. So your markets to do and you use Yellow Star, the next one you have. It's a really important to do. So this thing you must prioritize. And so you have that we have a red star. The 2nd 1 is that you're waiting a reply. So someone sent you an email. But you can't really effectively answer email until another person gets back to you. With replied, You might, that was purple. It's not very good with the background being purple on. And finally, you mark one has delegated on That's green. Sorry there with those those two particularly away to reply, delegated before the whole system. You want to keep track off when you reply, so you mark them as awaiting, reply or delegated. Then you can always quickly find them again. This will make more sense as we explain the system for Ron on. You can mark as scheduled. Their scheduled is basically a zay said. If you're if you schedule something that's a meeting concert, a meal flight, and you want to keep some receipts or some information about that particular scheduled event in a separate folder. Basically, the thing that's gonna keep this your inbox empty is your archive. It's not gonna go into more detail now about how you can implement this system on keep your in box empty. 4. Setting Up Multiple Inboxes: so we looked at a basic overview off the system. Now we're gonna go step by step through the guide on how to put in a getting things done system into your emails on subsequently having an empty in box at the end. So let's go through this step by step guide Now, on how to do that, The first thing we're gonna do is add multiple inboxes to a Gmail account. Now, here you can see that I have a Gmail account. This is basically a sort of a spare account that I use for sign up to various things that I don't really want to hear from them again. So it's it's very rarely used. I've just looked into it on a Z. You can see our appear. I have about 5000. Just about 5000 emails. Um, that I need to sort so basically, whatever you see on here, this is thistles. Just a blank email account, really on. What we're gonna do is implement system into this account, and so you can then put that into account. That is, that you use on a day to day basis and you see how powerful it is. So, as I said, we're gonna put him multiple inboxes on the way that we do. This is you go to settings to go to this lot from here. It's settings on. Then we go to lapse Labs aunt. He can see multiple inboxes, and all we do is just enable that andi save changes. So I just switched on the multiple inboxes on Where you need to do now is you cannot you can see. Obviously there's nothing here. However, if we look in here, you can see there's actually plugged in, so pick on their on. I just want it right side of the box. That's where I prefer it. Say that, but what you need to you can still see There's nothing going on, but you need to do is basically get rid of this, which I find annoying. Anyway, it's pointless. So you could settings on you go to inbox on This is that taps section Just Huntley goes that goes away. Andi Um se There now you will see as if by magic we get the I think they're inside theme multiple inboxes on an ex section on the show You exactly what to do with that 5. The Star System: case of the next step is to implement or called special stars into the system a Z talked about. Previously you have the Yellow Star, which is for your to do's The Red Star, which is for important to do's purple stars. This is email for awaiting reply. Green Star is items that you've delegated on Blue stars are for events. This will become more apparent as we go along. And also you'll get so used to using these stars specific things he'll become second nature . Now, here, I'm gonna explain how to implement the stars into the system. So here we are, back at the in box. You see, nothing's really going on here on as you probably seen these before the past. You probably know about these. You just start things. It goes yellow or blank and often how I've used these in the past. It just told you that's really important. Also that later we can obviously implement a lot in a lot more effective on a deep away. So all you do is go to the cock will again get to settings, and then you're in general and you scroll down. You can see stars here that All we do is when you want to use him. We have But the red, purple, green, blue. Of course, you can choose whatever colors you want or whatever system you want, but this is just the one that I used so to do. Important to do, etcetera. It goes on. Okay, let me schools the bottom. Save changes. I want you. No. If I just show you these, they look very, very pretty early. So you got all the stars there, but they don't really do anything yet. Your battery box, you'll see it comes up there. But it's just this big, uh, list. There's no sort order. Always says that his results been start what we're gonna do. The next section is put these into different categories for us to use. 6. Filter The Inboxes To Match The Stars: So the next step is to match the stars up with filters that will ultimately put the emails into the correct box on the right outside. On that, you wanted to go in. So let's go over now on find out how to do that. So here we are, on the normal inbox, as we've seen or long without the pretty cool it start on their on. What we want is toe have several boxes down here that corresponds with the assigned actions for stars. So the way that you do this is quite simple. You go to settings, you got two little we're getting it settings on. You go to the multi in boxes on here. We can see her current searches for multi in boxes, and it's got some some there that you have, they putting for you, and we're not really interested in that on. We're gonna fill these boxes on the writer here. I've got the actions for the on the labels that go into these boxes on. You'll find this attached to this electricity can do yourself. So I'm just gonna go put the's in hair like this. Okay, I've put it all that data into their if you want to. But there's also a list of other things you can do. You could also do stuff like this we put on and then you'd have a question mark if you want to do that so you can get fairly technical. But for our purposes, we just going to do that. So what we do is safe changes. Did you see straight away that the corresponding stars have put it in their corresponding folders? So to do important, Teoh awaiting reply delegates scheduled they know is pretty cool, isn't it? The only trick to the system, of course, is that you have to learn the stars. You don't spend ages going now. What's what's the Blue wants yellow, but eventually. So just get in that you saw No. Which star is appropriate for each email? Okay, so, uh, if you will go ahead into that and then go to the next course next lecture where we'll talk about smuggle little tips and tricks you can do to really make that inbox look easy. Andi on empty. Eventually empty 7. Keeping It Clean: okay, just to finish off on this particular section, we're gonna look at how to make the overall Gmail platform mawr user friendly A more fluid in the way that we approach it. So as you can sell changed a few things here that's on purpose. So first thing is, if you have a ridiculous theme like this, it may look very pretty excited. But it's really destructive, as you can see with this one. And, you know, it's really hard to focus in on one particular thing. So, you know, you got these stars. Imagine what happens when you start to get, you know, so several of the stars come in town And how is sort of confusing and messy that can start to look So first things do if you don't know how to school. Teams basically pick something very, very basic. I quite like high contrast. I need so see that how that looks That looks really neat. Tidy. Um, he may also like this one. So similar. Okay, so you want something like that just to keep it clean and crisp. Everything you want to do is to go to inbox have already changed their so this should all be off. You don't know you want to put No Marcus on May sure turned over. Roy Filters. Um, say that you won't see it faster. Minutes difference. But basically what? That there's it just stops on automatic filters being put in place by a Gmail because you want to control what's going on. Finally, the very last thing you can do this is uncomfortable. That means quote wide. Did you want it in compact? They can no nicely. So go through all this because eventually this you can't be empty anyway, So you want to see all this, But this will be what will be filled up. OK, so I hope you find helpful. Just a few little tips. There aren't making cleaner Gmail platform. 8. Keep Your 'To Do' Lists In One Place: so enough. A really interesting little tip that you can do with this system is to basically have your to do's that unnecessarily email related. So you have to do is go to come compose and you put something like today. Cool Mom re dog, I don't know. And then you close that, and then basically, it's in drafts. Andi, just go click on their Ugo today. Call Mom about dog. There's nothing I say email related. But if you're primarily working within this environments, that could be quite a helpful little drop down to do system. 9. Email Batching - You Need To Do This!: Okay, I will explain to you the art off batting, which sounds a bit odd, but basically, batch ing is in a nutshell. When you choose to deal with your emails only it's certain times junior days he may do to as Leonard Clark on four o'clock. Well, that rather than go to emails constantly on why there is advantage to batting is simply it save time. Because you know that, Kate. 11 oclock. I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna put aside on our on going to get through all my emails and get clean him box rather than don't your emails. Check him responding. Get your emails. Chicken responding throughout the day. This obviously reduces destructions. You haven't got that little annoying bell that goes ding. You have a new email. Now, if you have got that or any notification system, turn it off right now. Okay, stop the video and turn off right now because first of all, they're totally unproductive. I'm really annoying and just distract you. So what it does is it reduces these destructions. We can focus on the job in hand. You know that you've got emails, you know that you can deal with it later. You know that you do with 11 o'clock or four o'clock or whatever time on this ultimately reduces anxiety because you're not constantly going back and forth back and forth between emails interrupting himself, allowing other people to interrupt you. So you're having control over there? The problem is, go to your emails is always tempted because you get a little bit bored. I think I just see if some SOS text me with e mailed me with those funny pictures of cats again. And so you it's really it's a discipline. So in the next video, I'm gonna show of you. Hey, free online tool that will help you with batting. 10. Batching With A Little Free Help: Okay, so here you are on patched inbox, patched in box on Just to reiterate what I said in the last video, they talk about saving time. Schedule your email around your workflow, not your workflow around your email. Processing your emails in batches is faster on means more time for real tasks and distractions. We can stop continually checking. You can stop continually checking your inbox. You only receive emails at chosen times in the day on better workflow compose email search . Manage your inbox without getting sidetracked by new emails. So they go so that you know, I never some more reasons why you really need to Battery map on e mails are not continually have them picking you. Hey, let's get started. Okay? So once you've connected your do you now accounts to patched in box your various options, every irony are or certain times I'm just going to every hour now for now. But you can set it certain times that you choose to work out on then, obviously times Oh, no, I'm in Greenwich meantime, in case it brings up this page. If you don't know about filters, um, we have some electors in this course, bio filters, but it's quite simple. You can just cook that will take you to a page that and in your settings and filters, and we have through school right to the bottom and create a new filter, she says. Here, create a new filter and they'll give you basically walk through on how to do it and then has the words label course simple. Let me just press great. And he tells you some of the things to do with in the Philippines. So you got there. Skip inbox. Apply the label. We call this patched in box. There we go, craze, that filter, and those tend this toe to hide the inbox. You find that close click saves, so changes. There we go. 11. Getting Inbox Zero Introduction: Okay. We've looked at a system for setting up efficient a platform for your emails. Look to filter in those emails, having them in sections for two DUIs and important do's and all that type of stuff. So now when it's clear that in boxing is that get it to zero. So when Ugo and log into a Gmail account, it's crisp, clean, work efficient and you feel it. So your attic getting stuff done the way that we're gonna do that is, by first of all, I'm subscribing from junk emails that we don't really need, then archiving your emails and finally using a robot to filter your e mails without you even knowing about it. So let's go to the first lesson on un subscribing from your junk. 12. Easy Unsubscribe From Everyday Junk: So here we are on this fabulous websites called unroll dot me on. It's the ultimate tool for just one subscribing to tons from tons off e mails that kept fruit every day. Now, if you're anything like may, I'll sign up to a newsletter or a website or something I'm interested in on. Then I'll probably never even open a natural newsletter itself. And so it just keeps coming into my inbox on clogging up my inbox. So this website is just such a clever and easy way Afternoon. You're probably guess what the point of it is. But I'll show you a demo anyway, Song going to use this My camera I very rarely use. So there's lots of junk and newsletters there, So let's go, he goes. I know. I just connect to this on. We're currently scanning your inbox. So far, we've found zero subscribers. Now I come back to this in a second and show you that the Oh, here we go. It's done. It stays already. I was gonna pause it and let it carry on. That's it. We're already go now. Go Finish building your rollup. Continue to next step. So here we are. Here's there's not many on here. When I did it with my account that I use every day, I mean, these absolutely hundreds that I didn't even realize him so proves that uses count that much. So all you do is you can even just press unsubscribe. But this you have unsubscribed to have isn't setting coach all you can add to roll up. And what, roll up those. It just sort of gives you a a sort of daily or weekly or whatever summary and off newsletters that you're a part off. So, for example, if you're part of, say, five newsletters, that is to do with poodles. Poodle training, which may be offering rather than having to open five different users from five different bloggers or websites, it will give you one big, long email. We just sit there, catch up on your latest poodle news. So I'm just going to a few more that you just show you how simply is so. I mean, it's a sign of uses homebuilding, right? What I why I'm even get sent there? Who knows? Night Astronomers have no idea how these things, of course him From there a Z could see it. You have to share it or else you then have to. I think it gives you lots more times describes, so I'm not in love with that. So how continued. Continue about sharing. Okay, your whole signed up. So fortune emails one on a description. Her outfit especially. It's I mean, it's pretty. Come back and you can read the that sort of poodle emails. If you want to roll up, they call it her son here. Or I feel there is a way off again. It sent to your inbox. But this sort of no point is a so they go. That's unroll me on. It's a great website that you really need to you. So go there. Nail. Basically, just clear out your inbox. That stuff that you really want to know that much about. Obviously, there'll be some stuff that's probably important to your particular industry or interest that you have on. We'll show you how to filter and keep those out of your inbox as well 13. The Holy Grail of Zero Inbox: so have loved her once, describing from e mails that were not interested in reading or putting it in some sort of system where we can read it in bulk at a later date. Now archiving is really the piece de resistance off off having an empty inbox because your archiving it was your you're putting out of sight, but you still know it's there if you need it to seek and always filter search for it. You know, it's that you don't need to see it on a constant basis clogging up your mind. So we look at archive in filter in on ways of basically starting together, empty and in box. So we are on with our inbox have been working on for the last few sessions on You can see some of these were actually unsubscribed from, but they're still there that we haven't got rid of them yet. But within subscriptions, you may remember her sums describing from that with the websites unrolled off me. So imagine. First of all, I want to get rid off. These are not interested in midnight astronomy. I have no idea how it ended up being on that mailing list. um, very So we can do. Click on it on, then simply go to filter messages like these on its called with the from website on. As you can see, straight away, you know that 66 e mails. So what I can do is allow these filters here. I can search for various good to search for the word astronomy or midnight astronomy. But the email address is absolutely fine. So what I do is create a filter. Well, I could either. I know, basically that I found subscribe to it. So leave it. Just click on this and delete more Robin created filter because I know off unsubscribed or I have to go back or created the filter that will basically make sure that whenever you're anything from them can it could automatically be archived. Why don't I'll never refer to it? I'm not interesting. Archive it. Um I can just skip it, but don't that I could just put it in deleted if I wanted to so automatically deleted. I would never have to think about it. Only the delete on also apply filter to matching conversations honed. That's eight by with magic. I never sold on The next thing I could do is imagine that I want ours and services, which may be important. I may want to refer to it in the future. So again I can use a filter. From there on, I could basically used that filter again, like I explained previously. So it felt these messages on again same store parameters, but this time, hold to archive it. Okay, I'm not interested in being in the in box. I'm not interesting, really ever seen it? But I do want it just there, just in case I need to search for something are played to the five conversations I know as you can see, it's not that I do have other things from Amazon, so gain I could simply to exactly the same create fills up. And that sometimes happens where you you know, it might be a slightly different email address for a big company like ours in but again just filters on. I know what it's called different one. He's imagine that you get on email from your boss, for example. She's an example on your thinking. I can't do much about it, so you basically put it into waiting for you're personal assistant to get back with you about this since going. I'm waiting for a reply on, but they think it on Kim, my inbox clear because you go in there and you go there. You don't need it to place your soul. You do? He's just archive that. And then we come onto inbox and we can see still there. He's still got that puts no longer in your inbox. So one ghosted. Here's pauses. Now I'm in the clear my inbox off. Um, the how many did you say I have 5000 e mails on? I'm gonna see how long it takes me without being distracted on Get back to you and show you my nice, crispy, clean inbox. 14. How To Filter Your Gmail Like a Pro: So the final piece off getting your inbox to zero final piece of the puzzle is to put automated systems in place. I mean, called robots, but alternative systems. So we'll show you how to this very simply on. Yet it's very, very powerful if you want to go to more advanced levels with him. So here I am, my inbox no is actually had zero. But amp, I can show you using all male how he can implement these filters. So, for example, imagine you wanted to filter anything from Facebook. So you're on your Facebook email. You just go to, um, filter messages like this case that those are all the ones update with a block. But imagine I actually want anything to do. Wave Facebook so you can go into subject such I think you see lots and lots from Facebook. So do I. Gain. Just go there chills up. I want subject Facebook on. Then go ahead. I won't skip the inbox because Kim, we're trying to keep the inbox totally clear. But we want some indication, a folder with thes e mails in so he applying a label. We have got any labels who on a new label. It's gonna call. It's Facebook. Just keep it really simple. You can nest it. So, for example, if you want to have social media, twitter, facebook, Pinterest, you could we keep it simple on my misuse? Andi, create filter? No, they can see straight away. 400 messages in the Facebook full that, um coughing is what I like with this. You can second you from there you have. You want to little thing? No, larger and then show if I'm red, so what you can do this is quite interesting. You can or have it always on display, But again, we try to keep the system really clean. So you want to hide this? Um, if if there's unwrapped messages, it will show it. Sorry. Here. That's right. There's unrest message. You will show it her. If if all the messages are read in that folder, it will hide it away. I get to keep it nice and clean, and you got various of a options. You can go through there so you can potentially have you know, hundreds of different file on systems on here. For example, you can have all of your social media going to one folder. We could have every message from your boss. A message from family on have quite a elaborate system going on there That can I get the point was really confusing. Speaking to the point that you can always keep this clear. Everything you can do is put in lots of words. So, for example, was stolen. This the notion of social media on you put in all these social media words Andi use. We'll see what comes up. He wants from different See YouTube, for example. So then you can just simply create hey, filter from these. Just so you know, why is it just doesn't get to be upset with very Cem Curtis, That's fine. And then so you play filter on again. You could have applied the label. Um, sexual media creating filter on a There is 19 that though he may not always want it to So say 400 in there, for example. So if you go back to your filters, which can be found and settings filters, Facebook makes one. I mean just ended that Andi, it's in you and you want to just markers red flights, war. I hope they filter. And then you disappeared to Facebook right down there because there's nothing unready there . Every the mail that comes in Facebook in the title of them, automatically marked as reds who will never disturb you. We'll just be hidden away. But you always know that if you want them. No, never really helpful drink is to have the word call or you can have on. So you have Twitter or Facebook or John Smith at gmail dot com. Fred Blog's Hughes would Ondas? Well, so if that is from Twitter and Facebook, obviously it's hole, and then you can use goes filters. Um, has another way. So, for example, if you have a line manager on the bass and you need to constantly down touch with various emails, that can be quite helpful. Little a little trick as well. This is one that I really like. If you basically go to a website where you want to receive something, we don't wanna be on their medalist continually, you can simply put in your email address. But just after the end of your human address, you put a plus sign and then you put in, for example, that's a from whatever side, and then you basically use that as your filter. You basically says it fills up skip inbox, and you could delete everything from there. Or you could just felt that way so you won't have to read it again. So if you go to a side that looks a little iffy, they're not quite sure about. Simply add something like that and they just simply filter and you'll never know. Oh, hear from them again. So they go. There's several tips and tricks for using labels, so really, there's no excuse for you to know have a nice empty in box at the end off the day. 15. On The Way To Zero Inbox: So as I'm sharing this demonstration quickly going through my my inbox, this is my main account used day today on, you know, starts off over 1000. Andi want to demonstrate to you how you can effectively, uh, go through your everyday inbox Onda, we get hurt and I want you just to show you this is I'm going fruit. I get emails from the Guardian newspaper about job. So I was like, No, it's in the job market on. I just want to show you how effective this could be. So keep is number 596 This is the email from the Guardian. Just about jobs. Don't really need to see. I couldn't describe, but I want to show this. So you just obviously, as we've already demonstrated, you filter messages like this on this pops up as we've already seen. You can see here that my inbox is just absolutely full off these demons. So 596 remember? Go great filter. I just How could unsubscribe or I won't do that? Skip inbox on. I have a label that I've I got four jobs credit filled 596 to 556 That's a significant a reduction. Have the the emails in my inbox, and then we'll go straight jobs. Andi know when I've got time or inclination, I can then go free. That's folder. 16. My Account at Zero Inbox: So this is my inbox before I have started to implement all very strategies that I have explained over the last few sessions. So one of the Dewars pauses now on the time myself and see how long it takes me to get this my inbox totally clear. Now I will had this sort of caveat. Is that of course, this is a junk accounts that I use on. So obviously I haven't got emails from family for work colleagues from your important meetings, that type of stuff, which I know would take a little bit more time. But I still think you can still get the general idea from her. What to do. So if you have, What's the previous videos makes you do that to understand how, no clear my inbox. Okay, so there is a beautiful, beautiful sight. As I said before, it's a very simple account because it's mainly full of junk emails or newsletters on that took me eight minutes, makes it clear that account basically to go through archive lots or delete lots or put filters that were automatically delete all whatever the message is. Of course, if you're gonna count that it's an old account of that is your primary care. It's gonna take a lot longer. It's good fruit. So hopefully that gives you some encouragement off that it can be done. Andi, just look what a beautiful, beautiful thing. That, of course, if I was really counts, you'd have lots of things there to follow up. But they So go and do that Now, to on account on in an X session, I going to teach you a few more tips on automating the process that will make your inbox hopefully stay empty. 17. How To Sort Out Your Labels: So in a previous video, I talked about labeling and have, in this part of my labeling system a lot more tidy. Andi, just generally easy to manage. Had to keep that sort of nice, clean flow going. So long do is basically as a city before is tidy all this up and show you how I do that. So you go to settings and you go to labels There. You can see all the labels here that I've got in place on we can do is go through on work out the ones that you really don't need to even see. Show if on red hired or show. Okay, which one of these? You re needed place. So, for example, um, drafts. I like to sort of be up to see my drafts, but then chats and I never use chats, So I basically hide that. And spam, I don't really need to see my spam folder. What's the point of that? My being I don't mean you see that? So that's sort of go through those things. He can tight start to tidy up already. Think of categories where we've hidden categories don't so don't need that circles are never really use. Circles have hidden that. And then we get obviously to label. So we're gonna do is go through here on put in The first thing I've done I've done one already. I've put in business and show you how I, um, do that. So basically I went Teoh. So where they got a new label create new label on by putting business. Sorry. Personal. And I just created labor. I didn't put it under, lest in So I created that on. Then I went Teoh personal categories on I basically and I went to so got here Children, obviously this is also to my kids schools play that other thing and then I click on there on my go personal click on personal save they can see under here should be Children. I've also got money. So my money, emails and then I've got stuff like 02 for mobile PayPal. Bt I could put banking under their itself. So I'm gonna do pose a video now. I'm gonna go through all of this will probably take me. Put the house on. I will Then come back and show you the finished product. Okay, so I'm back on bond, you can see looks at lots Nieto talking about 10 to 15 minutes on. All I've got is inbox sent mail I find sent mail quite helpful. Sometimes from the point of view are just if I'm paranoid that I haven't sent an email or something like that, just like it's a security blanket All my own, which I will talk about another video on, Um see, I've got business, So pull it down. I've just got various ones. They're not too many folders. Smith and I probably could get rid of all merge, but up that's on formula. And then personal Children just I belong to family friends, etcetera on. Then all my other ones are various of a things like boomerang and stuff like that once describe it is so quite helpful. I'll talk about that in a video as well, but they go so is really you can see that it's now very, very needs very basic and yet very powerful lots of filters behind there. But it's quite a nice layout as a platform for dealing with emails 18. A Few Helpful Folders: I wanted to just highlight a couple of folders on here on as we sort of come to the end of this section. Just to be aware off the 1st 1 is unsubscribe. I quite like this because everything that really I don't need to focus on if if it's got the word unsubscribe in it, that means that I It's not for me personally on all I did to build this one was privacy calling unsubscribe. But I searched for anything I heard at the word unsubscribe in it or anything like, don't receive this email, you know, certain something around that. But those filters on, uh, I've got that so I can just ignore that if I want to, or if I wanted to, I could delete pretty much all of those I don't need, um right. The other ones is, um, social networks is similar, and that's anything from, um, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. And again, I did a filter for that. Not for me. That's another helpful one. Things have been forwarded to me, things that have attachment. So these folders that have built up with filters on the last one, I always do so if I go back to the system here. Thanks. Diesel. Clean. My work flow is generally I'll go for my emails. Use this system user files on, then just the end. When I think. Okay, I've got everything done. I may you could argue. It sort of defeats the object. I like this. We're goingto all emails and then just have one last check. Just make sure that basically, nothing's been buried, like away down here of just just missed it on on all of the or just go this of the last today on. Then Just have a little check and make sure there's nothing that Oh, my gosh, you know, told almost missed That gives me a comfort blanket. I guess you could argue, Like I said, that it almost defeats the object of the whole system. But it's just a back up to make sure that I haven't missed anything. Eso they? Yeah, that's pretty much the whole thing 19. What Is IFTTT: if you've never come across. If this then that that's what that stands for, then you're a forever treated. This is a really powerful website on national. When it can be quite addictive, you can end upset in loads of these little if this, then that's be a little bit inundated. Best to what it is is if, for example, that you do want action, say you start an email in Gmail, then it will automatically and do a are following action. So, for example, it may send that email to Evernote, for example, and it's absolutely thousands off these. So it's worth coming over here, Onda and just, you know, having a look around us and see what what there is. So, for example, you know, if I do something the Instagram, then it will send it to Google docks. If some breaking news from NASA then tweeted post, there's hundreds of them. So, of course we're on here, and we're talking about Gmail specifically. So what you do, if you've not already done so, sign up and then you go to channels, then in channels you would just find Gmail. Click on that I knew activated, So you basically have to connect if this and that's to your Gmail accounts to do that, so you want to do is create a new recipe. There can be a little bit overwhelming. So what I think will do first has ever look at some of the recipes that are already in place for Gmail. So let's go look what is popular with female. So then had recipes. Orders send Jim attachment to Google drive. So, for example, if attachment is in your email, it will automatically be sent to Google, drives it back up. Got something here about Amazon order confirmed emails, and you're specially you get that sense to I have a note so you can see this absolutely hundreds of house on further on in the course. I've also shared some recipes that you may want to test itself. I'll show you very quickly how to do Hey, your own one. You may have very something very, very specific that you want to do so you're great. A recipe on you click on If this aunt female. So you got all these various options? No. So a new email from, for example, let's click on that. So if there's any her email from only use one. My other email addresses create a trigger. So if I was to email myself, then I've got a lot these options. So I could, um, have a never note. For example, if I had a email from myself, I could send something to my Facebook group. So if that email was specifically about, um, some sort, some things do with a Facebook group, it's always what some of these I have no idea. I mean, what? I have no idea what categories, For example, maybe you do read it Twitter. So a kid se I just got an email could be famous person, for example. I've got an email from someone so isn't great just making these. You get the point so that perhaps the hundreds of options you could be a bit overwhelming. As I said so far, Veron, in the course I've shed some really helpful Gmail on if this, then that recipes that you may want to use your own productivity 20. Canned Response: So I've got this text here. So imagine that I was send in this text repetitive Lee over and over again because someone because people kept asking me the same question So you guys can response and you go save new canned response. Call it. I just called a test for now. And then you and then someone sends me an email saying, Hey, what's this canned response on your beauty me? Course I found out or that. And you go well, so quick it is test and send on, ibid. That's can response. How brilliant is that? So to get canned response, you go up here to settings, click on there on, then settings again. Click on that on then you want to find laps? Okay, click on maps and the great thing about labs loves got lows. Really interesting. Little experimental. Perhaps. I guess you call it that you can really waste your time with some of them. A great And some of them I've enabled or really used anyway, Can response is just there can response by chappie Kids have enable that that school you do thing you'd save on Then the next time you compose Hey, email. As I said, it's just should be just that. If not, you may have to close Gmail and then re sign in a cane. So if you use Gmail, which I hope you do, because you're if you're watching this video assed point as you watch me, if you don't use email. But you do use Gmail, you may have come across filters. You may have a few filters on your Gmail account already. If you haven't, you are missing a trick. As you can see here, I have tons and tons are filters, Andi that I've done over the years. So I've got one specifically for Children, for example. So if an email comes through from any of my Children's schools will go straight in their on its hidden until there's something in there, then it'll pop up here and show me, Um, I've got filters from close friends so friendly. So when every he emails may, it tells me so. I don't miss one. Andi Lows owners have other all sorts of things going on on. If you don't know already, you go to sorry, you go to settings here, a, uh, settings again on use, click on filters on. As you can see, I've got an awful lot going on. I'll show you a couple, and if you do see a line over any part of my demon account, it's because you stuff that I don't want to see. And so, um, some of these I don't actually know that, you know. It did then and so long ago, for example, that some here for there was a job I apply for years ago on. I want to start it because as soon as he came free or wants to be able to respond to it, another one there, which I think was a job here is any images will go to here. Testament image documents go to there and be free attachments. Go to this father on dso on. Some of them have put deletes. So, for example, if you get an email come through on a regular basis and there's no way I'm subscribing to the email, your spam filters not picking it up, you can just put an email into pay. Um, filter on. It will go straight to your bin, and you'll never have to think about it again. Filled filters are a great way off, just automating on arranging your inbox. So basically clears out your inbox. So you to click on inbox on. Do you know that, for example, things to do unsubscribe on things to do that is just junk. It just automatically gone and you can focus on your in box, which hopefully on. The point of this is that it's only important emails that you have to respond to there and then. So the next few clips are all about some of filters that the I've included on. I'll put those in the notes to do with this video. So one filter, for example, that you may find very helpful is when you are carbon copied into hate around robin type of email. And so, for example, if you want a list where people send, you send its 20 different people about a meeting that's coming up, for example. So if you type in C C. Me or capital letters BCC me, they see what comes up. So all these here I'm sort of hiding it a little, but that's why you can't really read it. So, for example, a place where I go, I'm on a music group list it's given to. There's about 20 people on this list on most of time. I don't need to read the email so you can see a lot of CC's going on that there. The good thing is, I could put a filter on these. Create filter from subject includes It's still there on then I could simply create a filter from all these. Are could say, skip that. Sorry. Skip the inbox on, Put it as a label, which could be see seed or not important or whatever is now Imagine if you get it from your work, for example. So if you add it from your work, you would use something like this from that's Domain CC that did it that so this put in one example Mac. Let's imagine. I worked the mac dot com, and these are some of CC's that have included that Mac in that. But if you're you know, if you work for a new Toyota something dot com and you want to filter out some of those messages that could be quite helpful or if it's another organization that a charity, for example, that you volunteer it, whatever it could be so they could create a filter there again, you know, you simply go to more create filter, sitting there, close his words, skip the in box and I put a label for for example work. See seed, something like that. So there's another little thing that could help your your in box. Now, one of the most helpful filters, however put on my Gmail account has got to be unsubscribe. So this is what you put in label. Then whatever those are on and I'm sober. Okay, now, if I click search here, you can see that that brings up 1164 emails that basically will get filtered out off my inbox. So no, it doesn't like this too much. But if you put it in there, you also up it sort of shouted you a little bit, gives you all this blab. But if I click OK, you can still still still felt is it out? So again, you skip your in box on, Then you go to label, which I've got a label which is basically unsubscribe. So when I need to look at my inbox for personal emails, I'm not going to get e mails from Amazon or you know, where eBay or something like that It will go straight to my unsubscribe. And then if I want talking, simply give it to all my are on. Then I will show me everything. Organs go to inbox and I will miss they 1000 something on subscribes. I never helpful one his documents So you could have whatever documents he used regularly on a scenario. Could be You're waiting for a narrative hours Important documents to be sent through so you could have a filter on there. As you can see now it filters up these RL documents that have been sent to me. And I could simply put unfold there on say, for example, on work documents. Another one could be where you want images. So to do that you put in this code has Tuchman fall. Is that how you can see? There have include images within sometimes with an Andi or touch mints must filter That I want to share with you is social media. If you're anything like me, you're signed up to lots of social media and I get a ton of emails now. Luckily it would just unsubscribed to those. But because I'm lazy, I don't. That's one of things I should do pretty easy just to create a we filter like this, Andi. Well, go so sexy from on then. Those little squiggles at and then all social media's that I use Now, it might be that some of these you wouldn't use some of these you may use. And I haven't got on here, so you have to sort personalize it. You can see if I search. I get tons and tons of emails and come up. And so again, you know, you simply just create a filter from that. Uh huh. Such then critical from that. So I had this helpful. So all these filters, and probably some more I'll put in the notes for this video. I hope you find this helpful. 21. Apps Search: But if you use Google docks, then this is a really helpful little up for you. So app search and you just enable that save it to the bottom on. Then what you'll see is basically got your inbox, which, of course, is nice and clear on a few type ins and something to search. I'm gonna put my surname in because of course, they'll be lots there. You can see all your mail there, your surname, but as you scroll down, you can see docks and sites. So then you can search within your docks with our Google docks with ours have invented log into Google docks eso It's really helpful feature. If you're working on a project on you don't want, keep flipping between the two searches on CSO enable that one 22. Unread Message Icon: very simple little lumps. But Sutton is a new red message icon here. Now, what that does is, like, is here. And as you can see, that it has a little number showing you how many on read messages you have in your tap. Now, remember, our goal is toe have zero. Oh, keep a zero inbox so that can be helpful in that respect in that helps us to keep that zero is the gold at the end of each day or each week depend on how you attack your emails on. So that's can be helpful that respects. However, this shouldn't be a distraction if that keeps distracting you. So you know, you're in a tab here and you're working the way you see a one suddenly appear and you feel it, you automatically have to go there on as the email. Then that's not very productive, because the gold is not continually answer emails. The goal is to AZR emails at your own convenience. But to keep them that zero of the end of the day week, as I said so can be helpful on. So test it out and see how you get on 23. Undo Send: Okay, So here's another simple one that you really should enable. And that is undue. Send Find out in labs. Andi scrimmages says on the box If you've hit send and suddenly you think Oh, no, I forgot to make this touch mint. Or tell them the date or whatever it is You've got just a few seconds just to cancel it. Andi, undo it. So go to understand. Enable it save on. Away you go. 24. Google Contacts Hack: whether you've bean to Gmail contacts recently. It's a feature that I have not used that much, to be honest, but recently they didn't overhaul on. You can see here it looks a little bit different toe how you may remember it. So you sort of it's nice. Lower introduction, um, explaining the new features and then one of things I really like about it is that you can find duplicates. So if you click on pits, well, basically, go through all your contacts. Andi, find out where there is a duplicate emerged them together. So you just click on merger a vacancy that is all sort of connected under one name. But everything I really like about this is that you can click on a name and he will show you on the conversation that you've had with that person recently. So, for example, if I click on this one here, you can see there is a conversation had. So then you could just click on one of those and you'll take me to my inbox and show me that email, which is really convenient if you're so going through e mails had to do with contacts on do you decide to use Google Gmail contacts that your primary contacts and address mailing list , so I hope you find that helpful. 25. Set Gmail As Your Default Mail Client: Sometimes when you click on an email address, you will get sense to different program than Gmail. And if your Gmail is your primary email address and the platform that you use for emails, you wanted to be sent there. So here's ways to make your Google chrome on Firefox defaults to Gmail crew. All you do is simply type in chrome dot dot adobe call it slash slash sitting slash handles on. You'll get this coming up. And, as you can see, mine's already set to mail in google dot com. Because of course, it's It's chrome, and it's owned by Google, but you can remove this and never won. But why would you? So it should be set of this anyway. And in preferences, you will see this come up and you go to applications on. All you type in is male and you'll get mail to on. Then what you want to do is make sure that this is on use Gmail. Use email. Click on there on, then that's it. You just close that on your automatically now will be opened in Gmail. Quite simple. 26. Strip Your Emails of Annoying Text Formatting: So you've got some text that you need to send you copy it from and of website or documents , but it's all formatted wrong on you needed just to send a very plain and simple way. So here's your text. You can see that is really quite formatted in a bad way. So you want to send this to your boss or whoever you don't want It'll these sort of stupid colors and highlighted on this little bits in here will remove all the formatting and send it just nice plain text. And they dio So that's ah, quite helpful little button to be aware off. 27. Host Files in Your Email Inbox for Easy Access: a lot of this probably used a couple on. We use services like Dropbox or copy dot com or on the Apple version, which I can't remember off the top of our iCloud that it But a clever little use for Gmail because because you get about 15 gig is he can really quickly back up a centre. Self proposals on user as a cloud computing. So So you simply have composed on. Then you drop a file to it. Say this logo here, you don't put anything. The two you may call it something like you logo, too to use on. Then you don't even have to send it. He just close it like that on in drafts. You Now have you're back up there. Of course, this is really helpful. For example, if you're traveling abroad and you just want to back up a few files without having to log into Dropbox and all this types of you just simply got it or again in Gmail. So that's using Gmail as cloud computing 28. Keep Track of Your Home IP Address: another health tip can be to go to a Google security on to see the devices on places that your Gmail account have bean access? No, of course. If in as I do in the United Kingdom on your Internet. So your demon account over the night has bean access saying China, you know, you've got some security issues, but another interesting little, um, trick that you can do is to go your current device like mine here on. Do you confined your I P address? Then why would join your I p address? Well, some websites and so T services like to know your i p address. Nasty. Ask for it. Eso That's a really quick way for you to get access to your current I p address and music. But also more importantly, is just to be aware off what devices and locations are accessing your Gmail account. 29. Copy and Paste Images Directly Into Messages: another one is if you're using Google Chrome or is if you're using five Fox or Google chrome instead of needing to G O to insert photo. If you want to touch a photo, that is, you can simply drag and drop it. So you go. You have this incredibly funny picture here off cute cats. Getting married personifying and I know you have to do is copy the image. Put it in there, paste. Andi, You can just send it as straight in the email rather than its attachment. And, of course, everyone that you can do is simply drag and drop it, and it will send it as an attached file within the man itself. 30. Sort Gmail Messages by Size and Get Rid of Data Hogs: there with Gmail. Eventually you can run out of space. When you relate to space, you can buy more space. But a way of trying to save that money is simply to go back and to get rid off emails that are hugging your space that you don't really need to keep those emails anymore. So, for example, on here, I'm gonna show you a way off finding some of the biggest emails that you have in your Gmail account on. Do you look at them and decide where Let's get rid of them. I ran this little script earlier on on found lots of these emails and you can see one here , for example, 2012. That's taking up 20 to 22 a half a megabyte. If I click on that, you can see that it's a some documents that I said to myself in 2012. For whatever reason, I have no idea why on their take up quite a lot of space. So all I could do with that if I want to simply delete them on, that would start to save that space on what I could do. He is go through each of these emails. Andi, I probably saved good two or free gigabytes off space from emails. I really don't need to keep anymore. So now I'm gonna show you how to run this script. So the script I'm going to use comes from this block on Harper Link to this block. Broil. So copies from the information office he come running yourself on. All you have to do is to get your Google docks on. Download this sheet. When you click on the sheet, you do. You click. Make a copy on once this. So loaded you'll see at the top here. Gmail, click here. So click on that. And then what you want to do is to what school is reset canvas. Click on that and he asks you for an authorization request. This happened needs authorization to run there. The thing is, it's actually fine, because all in Google, he's our third parties, not someone outside of Google. So you're basically allowing Google to speak to itself on. Then it will ask future click arm one of your Gmail accounts. So I click on this one. Then what you've done that will come in this little box here. He could back up here again. Scan, Mailbox. Now, this could take a good few minutes, so you just let it run on so the results will be so that's basically it. And that's how you run the script on bond. Get rid off lots off junk e mails that have taken up all your space. 31. The Grand Conclusion: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for taking this course means a lot to me. Every single student comes on takes when these courses it's very special on it gives me a slight, warm, fuzzy feeling that people are asleep. Hopefully learning something from my limited experience of the world a way I really hope you have enjoyed the course on. I love to make contact with you. Please feel free to connect with me on Twitter. Similar tweet. Say hi on DSO conversation and be great just to have some interaction there. If you have got any suggestions, criticisms, thoughts, feelings, opinions on world hunger, then feel free to email me as well. You can see my email address there if you put the plus g t d. Then I'll know that these to do with this course on I'll have a little folder which you know all about, of course, from the course. Andi, I'll know that it's from to do related to its course, so feel free to contact me that everything you can contact me if you are not 100% happy with this course. If something's really grinded you Hey, didn't talk about that or we talked about that. Too much of a problem here. There's a problem now. I didn't understand e mail me Andi. Let's see how I can resolve the situation. If there's something that I made them to told you, unaware off, then please contact me or tweet me on and I'll try and, you know, improve that and work on that and make the course even better. There is on if you're really disaster for over the course. If you absolutely hated it and use a pile of old whatever, then contact me again and we can work out a refund. But, you know, tell me what the issue is, so I can work on it on. And finally, finally, I really, really love to get your feedback. Now, hopefully, it's good feedback. Hopefully, you give me five stars, but you know you may not on. So if you can give me feedback and honest feedback, then I love toe. Have a review buildup reviews. So other people who were looking around for courses can benefit from that. They feel like may I always look on Amazon reviews, and if something gets bad review, I don't buy it to some think it's a good review, are more likely to buy it. Hopefully, this will get a good with you. So thank you again. Thank you for taking the course. Give me your feedback. Give me your thoughts, Your feelings. Let's start dialogue on. I hope you have a very productive email getting things done. Gmail life. Okay. Thank you. Bye.