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Getting Started With ChatGPT: Tips and Best Practices

teacher avatar Dan Prizont, Photographer & YouTuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. ChatGPT Signup

    • 3. Understanding the Interface

    • 4. How to Use Prompts in ChatGPT

    • 5. Tip 1: Changing the Tone

    • 6. Tip 2: Changing the Style

    • 7. Advanced Prompts for Better Results

    • 8. Example: Job Application

    • 9. Example: Creating a Script

    • 10. Best Practices

    • 11. Class Recommendations

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About This Class

Do you want to learn how to get started with ChatGPT?
Are you wondering why everyone is talking about it? This class is for you!

In simple terms, ChatGPT is like a smart computer program that you can talk to like a person. You can ask it questions, have conversations with it, and get answers in natural language.

But that's not all: it can even help you write blog posts, code for websites, give you ideas for a YouTube channel, create a storybook, and the list goes on!

What you'll learn:

  • How to create an account
  • Understanding the interface
  • How to use prompts in ChatGPT
  • Tips, examples, and best practices
  • Creating a storybook from start to finish
  • Creating a cover letter to apply for a job
  • How to generate video titles and scripts
  • How to write a full blog post with on-page SEO
  • Advanced techniques explained step-by-step

Why should you take this class? By learning how to use ChatGPT, you'll be able to automate tasks such as customer service, content creation, and more. You'll also be able to create more engaging and personalized experiences for your audience.

Natural language processing and AI are becoming increasingly important in today's world, so now is the right time to take advantage of this tool.

Who is this class for? This class is designed for anyone new to ChatGPT, but experienced users can also benefit from some of these tips.

  • Content creators
  • Marketers
  • Social media managers
  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Business owners

Whether you're one of the above or simply curious about AI and machine learning, this course will provide you with a solid foundation.

So, let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dan Prizont

Photographer & YouTuber


Hi there!

I'm Dan, a portrait & travel photographer who also manages 3 YouTube channels.

Sharing everything I know about content creation and the tools I use as a digital nomad.

Feel free to follow me, more classes coming soon :)

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone and welcome to this class where you're going to learn how to use GPT from start to finish. For those of you who don't know, chat GPT reach 1 million users in five days. So this is the next big thing in technology and you probably wouldn't want to miss out as someone with a couple of websites and YouTube channels. I've been using GPT to generate fresh ideas and new content. In fact, I've also used this tool as inspiration to create the introduction for this course. It doesn't matter if you've never used that CPT before as we're going to cover everything step-by-step, from creating an account all the way up to using advanced techniques. I'm going to share with you different tips, examples, and best practices. So hopefully I'll see you on the other side and thanks for joining. 2. ChatGPT Signup: First things first, we're going to open our browser of choice. In this case, I'm going to use Firefox. And here in the search bar I'm going to type check GPT, and I'm going to select the first option. This is the URL open, and this is the main window that's going to load up. So I can either come here to try to add CPT or press here and try, which is the same thing. So we're going to click here and we're either going to login or sign up. And in this case we're creating a new account. So we're going to click sign up. And as you can see, this says, Please note that phone verification is required for sign up. You need to have an email and a phone number, and you can either continue with a Microsoft account or a Google account or use another email address. So I'm going to write my email address here and I'm going to create a password and it must contain at least eight characters. Once we've done that, we're going to click Continue again. And as you can see, once that's done, I need to verify my e-mail account. And as you can see, I can find the e-mail here. I'm going to open it and I'm going to click Verify E-mail address. This shows up. So I'm going to click here, and now my email has been verified and I'm going to refresh the page. And now it's going to ask us for our first and last name, organization name option. Now, continue. And now they're going to ask for a phone number. You're going to get a code on your phone and then you'll be able to finish the sign-up process. So I'm going to show you what it looks like once you've verified your phone number, we're going to add to Google, type in chat, GPT. Select the first option from here to try. And we're back here at the login window. And instead of sign up, we're going to choose login. We're going to type our e-mail address, or Microsoft account or Google account. And my case, I'm going to use my Microsoft account. And this is the main window or IGBT once you're logged in. Now we can move on to the next lesson where I'm going to show you how the interface works. 3. Understanding the Interface: Before starting to use chat GPT itself, let me show you how things work. Here to the side we have this button which says new chats. So obviously this will start a new chat. We can also come down here to upgrade to a plus. So right now we're using the free version and check GPT has free for everyone, but you can upgrade to a plus. So if you click here, you can see what's included with the free plan and also the advantages if you want to use chat GPT plus. So in my case, if I paid $20 per month, I could use chatty pithy all the time. The response time will be faster. I would also have priority access to new features in my case. And for this example, I'm going to use the free plan. But if you wanted to upgrade, That's how you would do it. We can also toggle between the light mode and the dark mode. We can come here to the Updates and frequently asked questions. You can come here and search for different articles. And you can also read these different articles and updates about the platform itself. So let's go back. Here. We have a preview, so to speak, about the examples, capabilities, and limitations of Chad CPT. And we also have this bar here, which also starts to chat. So typing in something here or clicking here is exactly the same. So here in the first column we have three different examples of things you can ask chat, GPT, explain quantum computing, creative ideas for 10-year-olds birthday, or how to make an HTTP request and JavaScript. So you could use these examples as a starting point to type something down here. Or if you're interested in quantum computing, you would simply click here. And Chad CBD would start typing. These are some of the capabilities. So it remembers what users said earlier in the conversation and I'm going to show you how that works in a bit. You can also provide corrections for the chat and it's drained to decline inappropriate request. So sometimes it has some errors, but usually if you ask Chuck GPT for instructions and malicious content, it won't answer you. So that's great. And of course, some limitations. It's telling you it occasionally it generates incorrect information, which we're also going to talk about in a future lesson. And the most important one probably is this one here, limited knowledge of world and events after 2021. So if you're going to ask questions or you're writing a blog post for a news website, e.g. on events that happened after 2021, chat GPT, either won't know the answer or it's going to provide you incorrect information. So just keep that in mind. Now that we've covered the basics, we're actually going to start using GPT. So we can move on to the next lesson where you're going to see how this actually works and how to use different prompts. 4. How to Use Prompts in ChatGPT: We're going to start giving some prompts to check GPT so you can see how it works. So obviously we can come down here to this bar and start typing. Or we could also click here on new chat. I'm going to show you different examples. But for the first one, we're going to use this one here in the first column. So I'm going to click here, and I'm going to click this arrow here. And as you can see, chat GPT starts explaining quantum computing in simple terms. If you hover your mouse up here, this icon shows up. So I'm going to click here. And I can either cancel and leave the response as it is, or I can come in and change my prompt. So instead of quantum computing, I'm going to type in quantum science and simple terms and save and submit Chat. Gpt is going to start explaining quantum science in simple terms instead of quantum computing. And it takes less than 15 s and it gives me a detailed for paragraph explanation in simple terms. If I'm not satisfied with the response, I can always come down here and click on regenerate response in chat GBT is going to give me a different explanation. Now, if I wanted to ask something else related to this question, I would come down here and start typing, or I could come up here and start a new chat. So I'm going to click here and begin a new chat. Let's say instead of using one of these examples, I want to give it my own problem. So for this example, let's imagine you have a food blog and you want some content ideas for new blog posts. Come to the bar and type in, give me ten titles for a food blog post. And then you click on the arrow. And as you can see in a matter of seconds, chat GPT is going to show you ten different potential titles for a food blog post. So actually if you had a football, you could write an article for each and every one of these titles. But now I want to show you the true potential of Chad GPT. I could come down here and I'm still in the same conversation. And let's say I'm interested in creating an article for number five. So how to make homemade pizza from scratch? I could come down here to the bar and tell chat GPT. Give me more details about number five, X band number five. And as you can see, chat GPT will give me an introduction, some ingredients, and also the full instructions on how to make homemade pizza from scratch. And now let me show you even more. So I could keep asking chat GPT, and let's say you want to make homemade pizza, but instead of using these ingredients, are going to tell chat GPT, make it a vegan pizza. And now it's expanding version of Tidal number five, but this time for a vegan pizza. So in the previous list of ingredients, we had two cups of shredded mozzarella cheese and toppings like pepperoni or sausage. But if we come down here, we have two cups of shredded vegan cheese and there's no sausage. We have another ingredient like artichoke hearts and vegan pepperoni. You could keep asking chat GPT sinks based on this conversation or give it a different prompt and start a new chat. If we come here to the left column, we can see that chat GPT remembers the previous conversation. So quantum computing and this conversation as well. If we want to erase these, we just have to come down here, click on Clear conversations and confirm clear conversations. And we're going to start from scratch once again. Now let me give you another example. I'm going to give chat GPT a new prompt. In this case, give me a title for a storybook for kids in chat. Gpt gives me this title. Let's say I don't like it. I can come down here and regenerate response. And now it's changed the title to the magical adventures of sparky and friends. Let's imagine, I do like this title. I'm going to come down here and type in, what is it about? An IGBT is going to tell me what the storybook is about. So it's a story about the Avengers of a group of animal friends led by sparky, which is a mischievous rabbit and some of his friends. So an hour, a squirrel. And how they embark on a series of magical journeys through enchanted forest and soaring mountains and so on and so forth. If you wanted to write a story book for kids, you would already have the title and a small explanation about the storybook later on in another lesson, I'm going to show you how to expand on this story or any other kind of story or blog post, as well as other examples anybody can type, give me a title for a storybook for kids and also, what is it about? So now let's move on to the next lesson where I'm going to start to give you some tips to help you create content that's actually a bit different than what everybody else does. 5. Tip 1: Changing the Tone: Let me show you the first step. We already know what's the storybook about, but I can come down here and tell chat GPT to write the first chapter of the storybook, I could simply come here to the arrow, click on it and tell GPT would start writing the first chapter of the storybook. So how can we make it a bit different and stand out from the rest? We can give it a more detailed prompt. We can tell chat GPT to write the first chapter with a certain tone. It's obviously a storybook for kids. It's not going to be too technical or too detailed. But in this case, I'm going to add the following to the prompt in an edu occasional tone. And I'm going to click on the arrow and type GPT is going to create the first chapter of the storybook. And whenever I want and I could click, stop generating, or I could allow chat GPT to keep on writing. And as you can see in a matter of seconds, techy PT has created Chapter one for my storybook for kids in an educational tone, you can pause the video and read it yourself if you want to. But let's take a look at the first paragraph. Spark a rabbit woke up early one morning feeling especially a curious, he hopped out of his cozy burrow and went outside to explore the world around them. They stumbled upon a strange and mysterious map lying on the ground, and then it goes on. It's a full chapter. And of course, I could come down here and they'll charge APT to write chapter two and 3.4 and so on. This is extremely powerful because I can write a whole story book for kids in a matter of minutes using different prompts. And in this case, given the text a certain tone to make it sound one way or another. Now let's try a completely different topic. Let's come here and erase this. And clear conversations, confirmed clear conversations. Come down here to the bar and try with a different example, create a blog post about mac and cheese and IGBT, as always, it's going to start creating a blog post about this dish. I'm going to stop generating. And as you can see, it gives us an introduction and a brief history of mac and cheese. But I can come down here and as IGBT to write a different post with the tone that I want to create a blog post about mac and cheese in a satirical tone, e.g. let's click the arrow. Gpt is actually creating a blog post in a satirical tone. So if we come here to the article and read it, Let's take a look at the second paragraph. It says, first of all, let's talk about the origins of mac and cheese. According to some accounts, it was invented by an Italian chef in the 14th century. Now, I'm not sure about you, but I have a hard time trusting any food that's been around for that loan is like eating a dinosaur, except instead of bones are consuming carbohydrates and cheese powder. Obviously, this is a joke, but GPT actually understands the prompt and gives me a completely different blog posts depending on the tone I've requested. Now let's move on to the next lesson where I'm going to show you a different tip on how to create unique content. 6. Tip 2: Changing the Style: Now let me show you the second tip. Let's erase this whole conversation. Clear conversations, confirm. And as usual, we're going to come down here to the bar and give a new prompt to check GPT. In this case, I'm going to tell chat GPT to give me five titles for a YouTube channel about traveling. And these are five names for my YouTube channel about traveling. Now I can come down here to the bargain, and this is the second tip. I'm going to change the style. I'm going to tell chat GBT to give me ten video titles for this channel. But in a creative style. And GPT will create ten, create a video titles for a Travel Channel. And the first one, e.g. lost in translation, navigating Japan's language barrier, or the second one off the beaten path, discovering hidden gems in Europe. Or number four, chasing waterfalls, exploring the natural beauty of Costa Rica. So as you can see, you can change the prompt by giving it a certain style. And ten GPT will give you different responses taking into account the style that you asked for. But we can also change the style once more and give it a more unique touch. And instead of creative video titles, we're going to tell Chuck GPT, give me ten video titles for this channel in a honey style. And GPT will give us ten different video titles instead of a creative style, a funny style, e.g. at number three, my worst travel fail the time I got stuck in a tiny European bathroom, or number eight, lost luggage, the epic journey of my missing suitcase. So obviously the style changes everything. If we compare these ten titles with these ten titles, they are completely different. And now we can move on to the next lesson where I'm going to show you more advanced prompts and different topics. But I'm going to explain everything in detail and I'm going to show you how I use them to get the best results. 7. Advanced Prompts for Better Results: Now let's take a look at some more advanced problems. First, I'm going to tell chat GPT, the topic of the blog post. I'm also going to write down for which type of audience. Then I'm going to tell chat GPT the exact content I want for that blog post. So in this case, how to plan a course, how to record the content, and how to market the course on social media for an audience of yoga teachers. And as we saw in a previous lesson, I'm also going to choose the writing style. Now, I'm going to click the arrow here, and IGBT is going to start creating the blog post with all the instructions I've given it. Obviously I can stop generating whenever and I want to, but in this case, I'm going to let it finish writing the blog post. And as you can see, if we double-check, we have an introduction. We also have a breakdown of the steps. So step one would be to plan the course and a couple of paragraphs explaining how to do that. Step two would be to record the content and it's telling us to use our smartphone to get started or a camera, which obviously makes sense. It's also telling us that regardless of the method we choose, we have to make sure the audio and the video quality are good, which also makes sense and it's true. And once again, it's taken into account what we wrote down. So step three, market your course on social media. And to wrap things up, we have a conclusion paragraph here. For this example, chat GPT has created a full blog post following all the instructions and less than 1 min. And of course you can come up here and rewrite your prompt and add as many columns as you want. If you want content that's different to everything out there and stands out, the more specific the better. Now let's try with a new prompt. We can clear these conversations here, come down here to the bar. In this case, let's say we want to write a blog post about how to grow a YouTube channel. We're going to tell it to write a blog post on the above topic. And now we're going to be more specific and use an advanced prom by telling chat GPT to use H2 tags to ask questions and also to give examples. We're going to click here on the arrow. And IGBT is going to start to write our blog post following the instructions of the prompt. Now we can take a look at the blog post. Let's add CBT has written. So we have NH2 here, how to grow a YouTube channel, tips and strategies. So this will be the title. We have an introduction paragraph here, and we have six different paragraphs explaining how to grow a YouTube channel. Remember, we talked about GPT-2, ask questions. So here e.g. we have, what is your niche? Who are your ideal viewers? What topics are you going to cover and your videos? And we also told Chad GPT-2 give examples for the topic. In this case in paragraph three, we have examples like use tools like Google Trends Keyword Planner, and do buddy Teresa keywords and optimize your videos for a search. And I'm a YouTuber myself. I own and manage three different YouTube channels. And I've actually used Google Trends, Keyword Planner, and Tube Buddy to create content for my YouTube channels. So this is true and it actually makes sense. So it's a great example. Also, if we take a look at number four, promote your channels, social media. It's telling you to share your videos on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And this obviously is common sense, but IGBT is doing what we told it to. It's giving us examples on how to promote your channel on social media. So once again, if you want to change this, you can come up here and rewrite the prompt or simply clear the conversation. Or you could also regenerate the response if you don't like the content or come down here to the bar and e.g. delta GPT rewrite number six. In very simple terms, an IGBT will do exactly that instead of using more complicated words like CTAs, call-to-action, or prompt viewers to like comment and share your videos. Now we have a new paragraph with a very simple terms like don't forget to hit the like button or tell me in the comments what you think. So as you can see, the possibilities are almost endless. And now we can move on to the next lesson, where I'm going to show you even more prompts for different purposes. 8. Example: Job Application: Let me show you more examples of what chats EPT can do for you. In this case, let's say you want to apply for a new job, but you're not quite sure how to write a cover letter. So we're going to write down the following prompt. First, we're going to tell chat GPT to write a professional cover letter for a product manager position at a company called Alphabet. Obviously, you can change the position to whatever you want and the name of the company. It doesn't have to be alphabet either, but the prompt doesn't end there. So we're also going to write our name and we're going to say we know all the basics required for the job. And then we're going to click the arrow as usual. And as you can see, GPT is writing a cover letter for us in less than a minute. We have an introduction stating We are interested in the product manager position at the company. There's also a second and third paragraph explaining why we are suited for the job. And then the fourth paragraph, there's a brief response to the common question. What can you bring to the company? To finish it off? It says I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further and learn more about the product manager role at Alphabet, I believe this is the proper way to close a cover letter. Not only you are showing interest in the product manager role, but you're also letting them know there's more to your qualifications. And you can demonstrate this if there is an interview. 9. Example: Creating a Script: Let me show you a different example. As I said before, I have a couple of YouTube channels. So in this case, I'm going to use chassis PT to help me write the outline or the script for one of my YouTube videos. So first, as always, I'm going to come down here to the bar and I'm going to type, give me five video titles for YouTube channel that reviews photography and video related gear. And I'm going to click the arrow here. And chat GPT gives me five potential video titles. So in my case, if I wanted to use number five as an example, I would come down here and tell chat GPT to give me a hand with the outline or descriptors, the video, write, the script for number five, which is a comparison between Sony A7, S3 and the Canon EOS R5. These are too high end cameras that are very popular amongst YouTubers and amateur filmmakers. So we're going to get a script for a video comparing these two. As always, I'm going to click the arrow here and let's add GPT, do its magic. And once again, that CBT starts writing down the script for the video. It even tells you to create the intro with some music. It also shows when I'm supposed to start talking, it's telling the viewer that this is a comparison between both cameras. It also tells you when to cut and introduce some B-roll. It's giving some specs of the first camera, some specs of the second camera. Then it's explaining a bit of the pros and cons of each camera. It asks a legitimate question that many YouTubers asked their viewers. And it has a nice touch because it's telling the viewer that it really depends on their needs. And it's telling me to say what every other YouTubers says, which is quite clever. Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more gear reviews. So as you can see, chat GPT has many uses and is extremely powerful. But now you can move on to the next lesson where I'm going to show you what I believe are the best practices and what works for me. 10. Best Practices: The first tip is don't copy and paste everything. Check GPT has reached 100 million users in two months. So unless your prompt is hyper specific and nobody else on the planet, right? So the same prompt as you. There's a possibility that you get very similar results to other people. So my recommendation is used chat GPT as a baseline or as inspiration. If you're writing something, maybe copy and paste the first paragraph or paragraph two, the last paragraph. Or you can also copy the whole answer, paste it to another word editor, and then change things into your own words, change some sentences, change the writing style or the tone. Of course, you can ask tag GPT-2, create five video titles for your YouTube channel and use them while I do use IGBT to get video title ideas or content ideas for my blog post. I don't copy and paste everything word by word. And now when it comes to the second tip or the second best practice, please make sure that you double-check everything. Although in the majority of cases the answers are great or good enough, sometimes they're not. One of the uses for that CPT is writing code to LGBT, isn't a software developer, it's not a human. It's based in artificial intelligence and it gets data and feedback from many different users. But that doesn't mean it's always right. So if you're going to use this tool to write a code for your website, always double-check and make sure it's actually right. And my third and last step, or the third best practice, is to try to be as specific as possible. We've already seen some examples in the previous lessons as I've shown you before, if you're writing for a food blog, instead of just asking chat GPT to write a recipe for a pizza. And that's it as far as something more specific and narrow it down so you can get better results. Now let's move on to the last lesson of this course. 11. Class Recommendations: Before finishing this class, just a quick reminder, if you check out my profile on Skillshare, you're going to find more classes on video editing, photo editing, and other topics like content creation. So if you're interested in website design or thumbnail creation or YouTube SEO, please feel free to follow me as I will be uploading more classes soon. Thank you very much for watching this class and hopefully I'll see you in the next one.