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Get Started with SQL Server in 30 Minutes (for Absolute Beginners)

teacher avatar Artemakis Artemiou, Awarded Database Expert, Trainer,Author.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to the Course!


    • 2.

      About SQL Server


    • 3.

      Official SQL Server Management Tools


    • 4.

      Official SQL Server Management Tools


    • 5.

      Installing and Using SQL Server Management Studio


    • 6.

      Installing and Using Azure Data Studio


    • 7.

      What we've Learned in this Course


    • 8.

      Thank you for Taking this Course


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About This Class

This class is a quickstart training that will teach you what is SQL Server, how to install it, what are the major SQL Server management tools, and how you can connect to SQL Server using these tools.

Besides from lectures, the class contains live demonstrations that will help you easily acquire new skills that have to do with SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and Azure Data Studio.

More analytically, in this course you will learn:

  • SQL Server and Related Management Tools
    • About SQL Server: What is it and what you can do with it.
    • Official SQL Server Management Tools
      • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
      • Azure Data Studio
  • Installing and Configuring SQL Server
    • Installing SQL Server (Lecture and Demo)
  • Connecting to SQL Server and Working with Databases
    • Installing and Using SQL Server Management Studio (Lecture and Demo)
    • Installing and Using Azure Data Studio (Lecture and Demo)
  • Wrap-Up
    • Recap of what we've learned in this class

After you complete the class, there is a class project which will help you test the skills you've learned in this class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Artemakis Artemiou

Awarded Database Expert, Trainer,Author.


Hi there! I'm Artemakis (Artemis). I'm a Senior Database and Software Architect, a professional Author and Speaker, and a former Microsoft Data Platform MVP (2009-2018). I have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry in various roles and I'm also a certified SQL Server Engineer.

Moreover, I'm the founder of SQLNetHub and {essentialDevTips}. I'm the creator of the well-known software tools Snippets Generator, DBA Security Advisor and In-Memory OLTP Simulator. I'm also an author of many eBooks on SQL Server.

I'm here at Skillshare, to share my expertise with you, in a simple and understandable way. My classes include useful class projects, that will help you test everything that you learn in my classes.

Happy learning!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome to the Course!: Hello and welcome to the course. Get started. Civil server, he said. To meet my Name's as the Max after meal and I will be your instructor for this course, if you worse about me. I am a senior civil servant and software architect. I'm also a certified civil seven. Provisional. I have been in Michael's without a platform and repeat for nine years. Have over 15 years of experience with Super Server and Net development. I'm a provisional bull and tactical author I published after but, for example, or nemesis called Tips Don't Come. Simple taco coding Side is called Shock and I'm the founder off sequel. Net Hap and Take Out would have come, moreover, on the president of Cyprus Lieutenant User Group. And they're in EFTA country there for cycles. Now who's up in this course? This course she attended by people that need a quick start for civil server people that just started using she was ever by people that want to start to using a work leading are the BMS such a super server? And, of course, as always, pack technology enthusiasts that want to learn the very basics off Sequel server, What will you learn. In this course, we will talk about what the civil sever. What you can do is what's ever what are the free and efficient Microsoft sequel Server Management tools. We will talk about installing several seven c live demonstration off. How you can do that also will talk about in starting and using civil, Several management studio and Asia to the studio as well. For all these were going toe see life demonstrations as well. There are no requirements for this course, these courses for absolute beginners in the world of signals, ever. So no prior civil several knowledge is acquired. The only requirements that you have. Their willingness and excitement to learn about sickos ever and the divisions world. Great. Let's begin. 2. About SQL Server: in this lecture, we will talk about super Server in terms off what is exactly so whatsoever and what you can do when using it. She was 17 Mature Relational database management system. It is one of the world's leading out to be a messes, which, via its rich building features related services, allows you to do just about anything with your data. The main civil service services are Civil Service service, that is, a database engine she was ever agents. Will Sarette reporting services take greater services, analogy, services, full text, search machine learning services? And she was, Have a browser. What can you do with your sever? Here? We can see some examples of what you can do when using, see worse ever. For example, you can store, organize and present your data with the use of databases and other database objects. You can't ask for a row data into meaningful insights and knowledge. You can process very large volumes off data on disk and in memory. You can pay for business intelligence operations, for example, set up and there were house you Karan Complex analytics. You can produce sophisticated reports, work with encrypted data, Larry's and force security compliance on your data. Apply machine learning algorithms and operations against your data, set up daylight decorations, its tail processes and much more. Now the next lecture will talk about the fissures. It was seven management tools, that is Super Seven managements to deal and Asia in a studio. 3. Official SQL Server Management Tools: In this lecture, we will talk about the official signal. Seven Marchment whose these tools are integrated environments that allow the user to configure, manage at minister and develop in Microsoft Sequel server there currently to official micro tools for managing, she will sever Asia Secret Database and Asia Sequel Data Warehouse. These tools are Microsoft symbols having Margin studio and Asia the studio. I know that both tools are free. Super seven Margin Studio, also known as SS Emmys, is a well establishing tickle environment for creating queen and managing. She was seven. Deja sequel databases, moreover, can be used for configuring sequel server in terms off security and many other aspects. It is a mess provides many wizards and dialogues for performing different tasks. Easy. For example, you can create databases tables in Dixie's etcetera. Moreover, you can import and export data set up always on availability. Groups around modern ability assessments, set up replication and so won't know that the availability of some features is dependent on the secret. Several version addition that we're using and toe which you're connected via a system is in this creature. We can see how it is a measure look like you can see that they wrote off these three is Super seven Eastern's onto which were connected. Then you can browse and see the databases tables within the did a vicious and many other database and server 11 related objects. Asia. The studios, Microsoft cost platform that at the stool or its on premises data platform led to see what's ever and cloud based in the platforms that these Asia civil deliveries in a just world in the workhouse before we talked about a system is not that this is a mess is a pure Windows tool. On the other hand, Asia the studio is cross platform. Therefore, it can run on Windows leanings In Mark. Always Agent of the studio offers reach customizable dashboard entities extensible as well . In this screenshot, we can see the fast can we get after we're on Asia? Their studio. As you can see, you, can set the connection. The taste for connecting to suppose ever or a just equal deliveries. After you connect, you can see again that's similar to assess amaze. You can get the three off the sequel server instance and deeds, tether basis and the very subjects. This is an example of browsing through a sample databases, objects 4. Official SQL Server Management Tools: in this election, we will talk about installing source ever and see a live demonstration. Let's talk a little bit about She was several additions. It is important to know thes information because it has to do with licensing. There's a developer petition for each version off. See what's ever. That developer vision is a full featured free addition licensed for use. It's a development and the test that are based in a non production environment. Please pay attention to these terms and make sure that whenever you download and use the developer petition, you are in compliance with these specific terms of use. Now, if you're looking for a free through a several addition to youth on production environments , that is an expressive vision. She was server, which is three additional. She was seven idea for development and production for desktop Web and more server applications. How they know that these additional sewers ever always has some limitations. For example, one of the main limitations that their maximum size for each database cannot exceed 10 gigabytes. Also there are paid additional. She will sever where licensing is required. There is the Enterprise edition Standard Insurance and where position the below to Ling's you if you can find more for mention about the available civil sever additions and pricing , billing is for Super 70 thousands and Team, but similarly, by the same documents, you can find information about newer version of super Sever, such as Civil Servant 2019. Now how to Star Super Saver on Windows. First of all, you need to check system requirements to see if your hardware and always confused for installing the specific sequel server version. In addition, then you download or Petraeus a Supercenter vision and addition, and eventually you end up having a nice if I for not to use it for historic sore seven. Then you start and follow and complete the installation with that, which makes the whole installation experience very easy. In the end of the selection, will see 11 illustration off downloading and installing, Sewell said. The 2017 develop tradition for testing purposes. After installation, you need to check that the installed services that have been running in windows. You can do that via either Window services manager or VIAS. He was have a configuration manager at the billowing. You can find more information about installing super server on Windows. Now let's talk about installing Super severely knows no that since he was seven, who has a 17 Later, you can also install Super Sever on Lee knows, and on docking containers that can contain links or mark always open systems. Now the first step when Stallings were several e news is again to check the system requirements. Therefore, we to check if your car after where no parent system version can be used for installing she was server. Then you need to import the public that positive hurry jpg keys. The next day was to register the corresponding repository again in the step you need toe take into consideration possible license requirements and then, after all these completed, you can start follower completely Installation wizard. This relation starts using the shoot early. No command in order to check right after this relation finches that they stole service that happened running. You run the command systems detail statues. Nemesis trail hive him server for more info visited billowing in order to learn more about installation process off. She was ever on leanings. Now let's talk about installing. She was ever in containers. This is his way to get started is to pull and around the container image. This is a demonic sample. What's doing that, then? You around the container image with talker again. These are two ways off doing these things to commands. It is important to know that prior to running their container image, you must make sure that you have the appropriate licenses. Of course, we're Africa. Now let's jump twin demo and see how we can download, install Secret Sever 2017. Develop tradition on Windows again for testing purposes on if you need more information to convince it. That billowing So we were punishing about said. And we said for sequel server $2017. Eventually we end up toe the official website off Microsoft, where we can download She was server develop politician in this example. Then we saved from download this actually installer by which we will be presented with more options whether we want to run on online installation or he will prefer toe, download the ice or in order to have more control or subsequent installations. Okay, we're honest, Olive. Okay, now here we have three options. We can either run in basic installation if she was ever These will start she was ever online. Using different configuration, we can select who performing custom installation. The custom onliest relationship will sever where we will be able tow, select different options. And we can or for evil, like to download the installation meat of Civil sever in order to install it later on a machine of our choice. In our case, I would just know all of the media that it's nice if I and the right after it is downloaded , we would be able to start this town leisure process the actual installation process off supercells. I will save these in C software. A select who dollars intensify and I click on download and download Process begins Now Let's wait for a few minutes in order for the download of the actual file to be completed and that after it's completed, we'll be ableto run therefore installation. Okay, we can see that the I saw off she was served 2017. The very politician has just been downloaded. We can close these wizard so go to see software here we can see that the I so is download here we double click Then the ice was mountain and even were actually on set up. Installation center will be launched is a seven installation center. Here. We can select what we would like to do. He will go to Installation Tab. You can see that you can Performing Knew she was service. Standalone installation. What features to an existing installation You can install super savory party services. Did that whose management tools you can starting knew she was have a failure. Castor installation. Art No. One existing Super Several Fatal The Cluster and so on she is. This is a basic example. We will just perform a new source ever standalone installation. Now we are waiting for this relation with Who's that? Here? We specify that we're going to install develop tradition. Since this is a test here, we need to review the license terms. If we agree to the license terms, we can continue with this relation. Now. Different rules are being validated. The violation was successful. So who we automatically moved onto the next step here who select who use Microsoft after to check for updates during these installation process, it is recommended to use these if you do not have access to the Internet on the server or controller for the installation of Civil Sever. Uh, then you can you can proceed without checking. Are these check box for this example? I want to check this. So let's move on to the next step. He had weekends a message that was ever could not re search for updates. And now let's small toe the installation off the set of fights that are required for installing six or seven again validation off rules. The 1st 3 rules passed successfully. Their fourth rule is a warning about the window firewall that, um, we need to make sure that they're prepared. Parts are open, you know, between able the problem experts evil sever we keep on next here. It is the most important part off the installation process. Here, you select the features you want to include in the car installation of shipper seven, so I will install database engine services. The's after require noted who connect wheat and 38 and used the basis. As you can see, you can also install source of a replication machine, letting services full text search. They call it the services poorly Base query service for external data and many other features. As you can see the men, if it's just to include in this elation off, she was ever in our case, I will just install database engine services and client tools connectivity we keep on next here. You can specify whether our civil servant Instant will be in default instance or named instance. We can only have one different instance off she was ever machine, But we can have many named instances. If we keep this setting that is installing a different distances, sever, we will be connected. Tosi Worse ever by specifying the machine name or I p. If we use in every instance for stocks your server, we will need to specify the machine on name or i p along with the pack slash In the name of instance. In this case, I will install and named instance of sequel server, and I will name it. Seiko took a 70 death. The society for the money that updated based on the name youngsters like you, we click on next. Here we can set the savings accounts that will be used, um, for the different services of sugar sever and the stuff that type a so you can see she was separation by default, he said to manual, I will change it for Tamati. I will keep the different service account. You are in a corporate environment. Most probably will be. You will be using active directory service accounts of his acting director users with specific privileges for an X equal. Several instances. And, of course, it is commended always toe use and domain users for service and cubs. Since I'm starting to a seven on a local virtual machine, I will just use the default counts in this case. In the second type of the correlation top, you can set the correlation for the entire source ever instance. In this case, I will leave the default. This is a lot circulation case insensitive, accent sensitive. You can specify another language if you like. And the correlation means that besides support for the Latino half a bit it was ever was. Also support the languages you are specifying used in relation. Excellent would kick on next. The next step he's toe send a syndication more for civil service windows. Indication more will allow Onley windows users to connect to see whatsoever. Mixed mold will allow windows of litigation and civil servant litigation. That is, secrets ever. Users use their names and passwords. There's a crudely best practices, such as that window syndication mode should be used, however you have on environment that requires there were several against instead off off directory law against you. Consider, to use mixed mode. In this case, I will follow the best practices and leave Windows Indication Mode. I also need to specify she will serve administrators. I will just at my user at the time being. You need to be very careful this step because you need to include at least one person, one looking, that will. After s the service that Mr Deviate. Then you should let the data directors to be used again. And since this is a virtual machine, just have a seat. Dr. Of course, in other larger environments is recommended to use different drives for database data fights in the lock face. You can set these options from here these configurations for the attempted big database and file stream which I will not enable it to this point. Okay, with people next and we get the summary officer leisure whose we are okay with This is the leisure rules we kick on a star and the installation of she was ever starts. Let's wait for a few minutes. Not for this in a Shinto complete, and the humans later, you can see that installation has been completed. So we started a basic services civil browser and civil, a writer who are installed automatically. And we also installed client with connectivity. It's close. There was that and let's check that she was that very seven running. We can do these if you remember using two methods. The fast matters. Check the Windows Services manager. These are super savory instance this in Afghanistan has discussed every year the name is sequel to case and in depth. You can see that she was sort of a service. That is, that every century it is up and running as well as this. He was have a agent. Similarly, we can check the using the superstar configuration merger, whether it's whether the services are up and running. This is a super cervical figuration merger, and here we can confirm that she was server. The database engine she was separation are both up and running 5. Installing and Using SQL Server Management Studio: in the election will talk about in story and using. She was ever management studio. The first step is to check if our operating system is supported by the car invasion offices . M is the currently supported Otpor Resistance. For us, it's a mess. Our Windows 10 Windows Server 2016 in 2018 Windows Server 2012 entrails are two and Windows Server 2008 are, too. I know that all these operate systems need to be 64 bits. Also know that this is a mess around on Windows on Lee. So if you're looking for a smear tool, the Trans on other platforms to, for example, Lee News mark always more. You can try Microsoft Asia to the studio, and we will talk about it later as well. The letters version, offices and this can be downloaded from these link and after dollar in this dollar, just double click on it in order for installation wizards to start installing a system. It is very simple and right after a few more slight, we're going to see a live demonstration. This concert is the first screen we get after we launch system is as you can see that is, ah, connect to several dialogue where we specified connection the taste or connecting toe a super savory instance. For example, you can select sever type in database engine. You can also connect 12 article several services. Using is a semester like integration services. You enter the server name that is I p or name. If it is a name stands for different instance. You inside their property value, uh, in these text field. Then you select the indication mode. You can be windows with indication that is looking you in silver, several using their Windows potentials. Super seven, if indication, are using civil sever user name and password in case you enabled mixed motive indication when installing civil server and some other of indication moments, which you can use for accessing Asia's. You quit in the base right after we look in tow. Our Super Seven instance. You can see that is a preview on the left pane, where you can browse through different that every subjects like that every says tables, security objects and many more. Okay, now let's jump for demo and download. The latest version off estimation started and connected. She was served a notice to navigate through with every subjects. So we open our intent out, sir. And with type, this is a mess. And eventually we end up to the official Microsoft. Ah, we're page for Super 7 March. Missed with you. So as you can see, it is a mess. 17.9 point one is the Cardinali General available version of SMS. We played on the downloading and our download will begin. Let's save these in CE software. Okay? Right after SMS is downloaded, you go through the fourth or where we saved it. And we right click on the Stoller and selector and administrator right after that installation possibly begin. And after a few minutes, this is a mess with being start. So we click on install and installation process begins. Okay, this relation has been completed, so we close the wizard and those time to start a system is we go to programs and let's launch systems for the first time. This is the first screen we have the connective sever dialogue I would be using with this indication. If you remember during this relation off the first ever instance in the previous demo, we gave the names instance, Desecrate took a 17 death. I have added, Mike argues, that s at me, so I would be able to connect this way. Let's click on Connect and would have been successfully connected on the Super Several instance. Here you can see the instance, and now we can browse and see its contents. Their country. No use at the races. You can check system to the bases. For example, has he security objects like bookings? Um, others have objects. And so even we right click on celebrations. We can create a new database that's called testing Be. And now that our deliveries creative, we can create a table. It would click on no query. We can't around queries against our newly created a lapis Great. Now let's jump to our next lecture, where we will talk about in story and using Asia to the studio, which is on internally way off connecting Super seven and working with the lavish objects 6. Installing and Using Azure Data Studio: in the election will talk about installing and using Asia. The studio, which is internally way off, connecting to see what's ever the festive is to again check if your operating system supported by the car invasion facial hair studio below. You can see the currently supporter Perry Systems, Acting Windows, MacOS and Linux. No, the system requirements questionably costumed. He acted it because new versions off Asia, the studio are being released off him, and you can check this information on these websites. Hollande to install Asia last year were just visited, sizzling with downloading stolen for our opening system, and we follow the Wizard in order to complete this relation. These are some screenshots off age, others to go just to get their idea about the look and feel off these tool I can. This is a similar dialogue lie guesses, and that's where you specify the connection type. Ah, server name or i p. The negation type. Use that never password database. And so after you connect to a she was a very stance. You can you have the preview with with the instance name is the root, and the lavish objects has no in these tribute Okay, now let's jump for them on download Asia, the studio, Install it and connected. She was ever to see how we can work with you. What are you using this tool? So again, our in 10,000 we search for Asia to the studio. This is the official website for Asia Australia. She's I'm starting Asia, the studio on Windows. For this demo, I will download the user installer. As you can see, you can download also for Marco ways. And you know, I will save it in See software. Okay, the downloads completed so we can right click on the installer and ran its administrator. The installation starts who have some options and a few moments later, installation is completed. Let's launch age. Other studio. This is the first screen. So, like in this is a mess and demo, we specify the name distance onto which we want to connect again, that we will be using Windows indication. So we don't need to specify anything here, just specify sister's name and we keep on connect and were connected with. You were sever Instance We click here and this way we can navigate again. Ah, so our deliveries objects you can see that tested B database here. They're learning. This is a mess. Now we access it. I Asia, the studio we go to tables, Let's in antiquity by clicking on the nuclear button here. And this is a simple example how we can Where was your several using agent danced with you ? 7. What we've Learned in this Course: Now listen. About what we've learned in this course we talked about, she will sever. We discussed what? Whatever is exactly what you can't. She was were server with told about official Super seven management was provided by Michael for free. That is, he was never management Studio has dismissed on Asia Studio We discussed and demonstrated how we can install solar seven windows as well s we demonstrated life how can install and started using Super Seven Management Studio and Asia Studio. 8. Thank you for Taking this Course: I would like to thank you for taking my course. I would really appreciate it if you could take some time and do this course and provide your kind fit back there. More courses when she was have independent coming shown, stay tuned, wishing you all the best.