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Juego que hace personajes Part 02 - Modelado de tela en un diseñador maravilloso para principiantes completos

teacher avatar Nexttut, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 10min)
    • 1. Introducción

    • 2. Visión general de 30 MD

    • 3. 31 Opciones de visualización de la ventana de la prenda 3D

    • 4. 32 Creación de conceptos básicos de patrones

    • 5. 33 Creating T shirt Pattern

    • 6. 34 Creating Sleves para camiseta

    • 7. 35 crear patrones para pantalón

    • 8. 36 Exportar todos los objetos para esculpir

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About This Class

Hola. Te damos la bienvenida a la modelización de traños en un diseñador maravilloso para la clase completa de principiantes.

Esta es la parte 2 de la serie Game Character Making y la parte 1 fue en la creación de malla base en Maya. Aquí está el enlace para comprobar que

En esta clase te llevaré a través de los conceptos básicos de Marvelous Designer.

Los temas serán tratados son

  • Visión general de la interfaz
  • Opciones de visualización de la ventana de la ropa 3d
  • Crear patrones conceptos básicos
  • Creando camiseta
  • Haciendo el pantalón

Después de completar esta clase, puedes crear fácilmente ropa básica para tu personaje. Así que eso se dice se inscribe en la clase y comienza a aprender esta poderosa aplicación para crear un diseño de ropa realista alto.

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A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

We love you and your feedback. Please give us feedback on how we can make better courses for you and how we can help you in any ways.

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome you to pluck Morning in Marbles, Designer for conflict Beginning class. This is the second part of game character making cities are those. Designer is a robust application to create high, realistic clothing for video games. Movies are living professor designing pupils in this class. I'll take you through the best six of Marvel's. The topic will recover our overview off empty inter fest display of sons are pretty common to indo getting pattern basics. Getting teaser for our character. Finally, making the band for the gag after completing this class can easily clear basic trolling for so that being said, let's get enrolled and start learning. This powerful applique isn't to create high, idealistic clothing design. This is Nell Incan Jenna signing out. 2. 30 MD Overview: in this lecture, we're going to see the overview off marvels designer. Let's talk about the interface a bit. So this is the interface you get when you start more bushes and for the first time. So here's the off the window off the editor. This is called and this is on top of the interface, actually. So from this window, we can choose different of that here in marbles. Geno, we say off guard for a character so you can see the different characters off that on their have some hair styles you can choose from. And there are some su styles as well. So it's just a little click and it will object here just like this. Let's see, I choose this character, the street on that Andi will get the character here. It may take some time. Okay, you will see it has been changed here, Andi, then see the has there no hair style for this guy driving. Let's go back to our character. You can choose like male character or child character. The main thing is, if you like creating a cloth for child can choose this character as well. So let's go back to our character. Okay, You can also choose different hairstyle. For example, let's sue. Let's say this has turned to split in debt. I didn't see the hair style is changed now. So then let's say we like this so so we can, like, combined these things and creating a new after which you like and these are not. The important thing is the important thing is you choose perfect character here so that you can clear it. I'll get applaud a bring to that feet or, if you are always you don't choose this characters because most of the times we like do blow this for three D characters, which we we have to create. Maybe in Jibril's admire in those cases with that kind off goto file men one import our own visit characters here. You know he's a former so that again, again create clothes on for that character. You don't have to choose these characters always. If you have a character like you you have created in Myer Orgy Bra's. You can bring that character here as well as an opt out Tokyo. Bring that character. You have to actually export that in a visa form. Walmart on. You can go to the file men when you can open no visa for markets Gonna import it in a visa form here. So this is off the window. And let's let me show you how to turn off this window. The daughter of stuffed area Ditto Indo Goto after men, one will find after editor Here, Just click on that. So now you see the actual interface off. Marvelous Zanna. There are few things we need to look at right now. The first thing is you can see there are two men windows Let right. This left window is called Predicament Window. It can see this world through the government, although, and this right You know, it's called Judy Pattern Window. I can see you. So we have two men window. Then you can see the left. It's live ready? You can collapse it by the speaking. And this little yeah remark there displayed to collapse that and again against splitting here to expand their Let me go last it. Then you can see the right say to have object browser and property Editor. So you have just to sex in there on property? Editor is blank now because we have not selected anything. If I select by dragging here, just let more drug. If I select my patterns, I can see a lot of properties. Everything to that split two to select. Okay. Okay, then the Amenabar is here. If you want a maximum age one window, the the way you do is just click on this tree icons. You can see the three Aiken tear so the first icon is displayed view. Then the agency. It's already like reading there and just click on that. Now that review into is there on Congar 02 to doing Go on, maximized Back when we were like walking on creating patterns for a long time. You can just be in this window or you can go to treaty or just come back to this plate window. Andi, there's a little like you can see here. It's a winter fest on Do I can if say, for example, I have I want to hide object browser. So to hide after bother you go display em in one. Go to windows in this area. You can see that they're all the U elements like object browser property. Erica, just click too high. If I want that object browser back, I don't have to go again. And don't that, although I can do that. But the quickest way to do is just do the interface chance here by clicking on the second. What a great off sent to just under your interface chins. Let's say five messed off your interface like, for example, to split on this I gone. Do what it does is if you click. It makes the that window 14 window. You can see, for example, that you made off on Do you want to go like, for example, let's let me just truly messed off, and now we want to go to the by default interface. In order to do that, just go to display and windows and choose that is said to default lower the other way. The other reason for floating is if you have a second monitor, you can just like. For example, you can put that inside the second monitor by tracking, so let me just look like here to bring the two split window. There, you can see the pretty government window had its own tool, but which is called ready told by this area. All these tools are belongs to this view. Only the only works in this thread the government window with the sending Here you get the two D tool. But under Toff off to become attuned to actually see all these tools are toe create our 82 through the patterns on all these tools are toe man of Let our simulate the city government governments like you on you see these absence dessert display absence for this window again . For example, If you go and just creek on this one of the cycle, you can see the changes here. So that's it. Let me back. Okay. And if you go to menu, get like if you got file menu, you get the best. It functions like new getting a new scene or opening a file elderly common filer present file on again like importer or visit from here. And if you go to different men, when you can see the sort guards as well. So it's a great way to find memorized sound cards. So by just going and check the sort cut of this off photographs and you can right click on the treaty government view on, you can see yet they're different. Camera. A camera absence if you click here, are just praise the sort God you can see here. We'll get, for example, if I take care if I am in the front on If I click here on the bottom, I can memorize the circus like two or 301 foot 1/4 field. Okay, Andi, you can also turn off the saddle from your soul. Treated several. I didn't see Mother Designer is in similares and more. There are two more actually on you can choose from like, for example, the simulation and medicine. If you click Anonymous in on just so, click OK. Now it's anonymous and more. You can see different U Y elements there on. You can use this for animus in if you get toe has animus in and you want to like Jacob brought when it's animated, so it's a great way to do it in this morning. But when you create clothes on and you simulate to get the fall and the gravity and things , you can go back to similares and more there and the last is like ready, you can squeak. You can choose by default governments there like the desert and band here you can make them as a starting point. Used them as a starting point. Or like for example, we're using this right now. Is the by default we can go here and you can again choose off our fear. Onda poses different protest. They have just so is the library. I'm not losing this right now. Just glass it. So this is the overview off Membe on. In the next lesson, we're going to see a little bit about Predicament Window and all this off since what they do on some basic basic treaty tool but things here. So let me stop this. Listen here on. See you in the next lesson. 3. 31 Display Options of 3d garment Window: can this lecture We're going to London Avigen Seuin On the display Absence off Pretty government window. Let's start from the navigate ism. If you hold old on left mouse, you're going to Juman or Jamaat. If you just told right most button and drag, you kind of floated in your view. Or if you middle mouse drag, you're banning or dragging off you. So this is the default navigates an inside empty. But what I like is mambas designer ofour Suplee said. Some presets like Meyer and Max. If you are used to those software, it's then you can choose those absence inside settings. Andi user settings go to view controls, and you can choose from here. Now you can see it's d follicly here in. That's a drop down list. You can choose Meyer in this case, I'm choosing Maya because I'm more comfortable. Maya Next say that this display of Since Over here the first thing is, if you multiple here, you get a lot off off sincere. Just click. To activate one, you can see there is a little orange dart. Which source, which is active, always is reactive or desirable. Just darling brighter, and this active. Just renew you. Um just click this to hide her soul. The government here, it has a sort casual. You can see if you goto display on Did you goto through the government? Yeah. You can see that on the so government. Sepp. See, you can just check that out of this iptc. Okay, The next option is the best point on. Yeah, so in this case, we can see anything. There are a lot off up. Soon you can see right now, because maybe we have not selected something is, um, like that? So in this case, I'm just going over view. This is the same line can see if you look at closely, you can see on the same line is there's take me Okay on. You can choose a multiple absence here. It's not either. All you can choose multiple absence on DNA. Now, this option is the internal lines. And obviously we don't know what is on internal in line in the future lessons. We're going to see these things. And this is the same trade lines and so so on so forth. There some obscene. You don't move right now. That's fine. We can cover letter on in the second category. It's all about data you can see. Just let me go back here. You can see for the first leg. It's like so high, Doctor said, Is the circle undergoing? Select this absurd images Arraignment points we use this element points to a rinse a pattern bay quickly. Onda Tara Thompson is the bounding box there, Andi, for these extra joins so kind of things and the last one off the MSM India. So you condone off the measurement to measure visual. Here on third is all about maps. If you click here, just let me go back to the just don't off all these ups, um on it is like, for example, stained math. It saw you had the Gladys Tite or lose the greenest lose the reddest died on the in between is loser semi diet or something like that, or you can choose from here. It's a without color, Claude, and you can choose with little miss and see or transformed. And so it doesn't affect your clothes. It's just a display. Epsom and the third Upson is again. You can just don't off the exit moored on journalists so polygons there or this is the texture. So these are different. This lump sums regarding on this three d government to endure yah on the next lesson are going to see the to the government and some of the way to get governments before that, Let me so you if I select through the government to the government and abacus in this same except the dumbbell are Odette because it's a totally you cannot rotate this view on. We have the toolbar here to the tool, but it has a lot of off centre, create and edit different patterns. So we're gonna see all those things in the next lecture and let me stop this lecture here and see you in the next election. 4. 32 Creating Pattern Basics: when this was not going to learn how to create patterns inside this view, which is the to the pattern in the So let's first deal it. This was a patent by litmus dragging when it selected, concedes yellow highlighter and just he delicto delete those patterns. Now again, see, this sero here always is. Actually, this is there for measurement all you can just eyeballing the MSM in there. So although there are some different, very good techniques on receive how to create widened first in this view you can again, darlin Dolly out all you can just ban like Meyer. So because I have said that my place it there Phyllis, start from creating the pattern By using this three Upson, you can use this tree Upson to create baton. So let's first start from this upson which allows you to create by this clicking a point. If you want to go straight, hold, sift. Ah, winning Whole saved. You can see this line started lines which allows you to move either off. Words are like in a diagonal angle or in a horizontal manner. So it has to go off my holding sipped. I didn't see it's going stretched to split their Andi just again your league. Andi, Click on Let me periodically so you can create like this on. Just let me click on this to clear the pattern. Now the pattern has been created. You can see that covers it. This waited young and seeing the three d view. We had the pattern here as well. So let's see how toe more defend this park in first. Once you created the baton, you can modify the points But using this aided patent or if you hope for miles there can see the sort card as well. It's dead. So let's see now. By using this tool, you can move this points again. You can hold sit toe constraint those lines. So right now I'm happy with this on If you want to move the whole pattern, you can use the transform Julia. It allows you to select in a one selecting a click. And you can move that Begum here. If you move a button here, it doesn't move here. So you don't know this If you want to move in three d view than you can use this gizmo here which is actually now oriented worth of you because it was the screen. You can see it's rotating with the screen, so I don't found this useful. What I do is I contains that the while access which they can do by right. Clicking on the view on Does that from here is mine gizmo on and you can choose out of these three uses. I like Wall co ordinates the school and didn't see. Now it's oriented to a while access, nor did the screen. And now we can move. Yeah, well, if I move here that it's a one piece of plant on how to duplicate did this side not to duplicate the selective pattern by using the stance Mountbatten here on this right click on you can copy it or in this case, actually do Is this Copy it? Andi, Right. Click on you can choose meter best or symmetric best here in this case. So what is the difference between middle based on submitted? Best is who knew? Middle best. You can see it's perfect. Nicely middle can hold against seeped to align this with this pattern on if you best this I didn't change one of them. He doesn't dance the other one right For most of the cases we want this to chance. So in order to change that, let me undo this. So in order to chance with decide So I don't want actually meet a button this copy it best as symmetric best. So this is the same as meter. But in this case, if I change, first thing is you can see the blue highlight back background there. So just know, move any any of the points here can see it's working bold side. This is very helpful in patent making like this because most of the time we create one side and the other site is usually the symmetric best. Let me under this This is the front. Toby's here. In this case, I wonder. Smooth round is there? So do you create that wrongness? Take this cough it covered So on Korea and just right together Go via now we have done with the first the front cert on this Copy this tool straight. This is on and can control C, which you can use the control say sod card copy and control veto best are rightly toe best as well. Just this guy's I'm best normal. Best using. Okay, you can see it's here in this because I want to actually move this to us. The character on got the back as well in this case right now. So once you created the pattern here, you need to a new position. You got patterns here again. This case you can see the pattern has to has two sides. You can see one side is darker than the other. The darker side is usually the inner side of the globe. The inner side should always inside. So in this case, the foot front patterns are perfect. And but the back burner in wort So in this case, wanted to is just select this backside patterns once it selected right click here in this treaty, government view on choose flee for is entirely so You should said your fight perfectly there. And see the in aside is inside right now. Now we're ready to see this patterns before you sue before going to actually create the handed here. So let's see how to create that. So I need a point here, So let's take this our point stool. This one on. Let's create one point here to GNC. It does already creating this side as well. Let's do the same thing here. So it's tryto take same amount. You can see if I just let me go to this. If I place city jail, I can see the length of this patterns are lines in between 28 year to 20 nights, almost very close. We're ready to go, then this whole sit there again. Toe dislike that before I see Let me sway with the arrangement points in this situation. Let's go here and choose DiNozzo. Arrangement points in this article. It is Sit deaf now. It's a great situation to use this. Just click this and select here one of the point here, for example, in this Citrus. And I'm selecting this point on, let's select. You can see what it does is it moves on. Just deforms a bit toe. Magister. Bodies. Whose is in there? Okay. You can do with one. You don't have to be precise with this. Just move on. Let's see when we actually see them. What happened to seal the select the stool? Here is this segment seem tool. Andi, select How you see you is just click here. This line should go toe this line. So click here on this land should goto the back, which is if you confuse between days, you can. What you can do is just click Here you get a blue point always in the guest that we side Is that so I'm the decide. So I need to actually Klay here. Find out. What is that? Just click me. Yeah, so So I need to see you. This one with this one. So it's select here When you click you can see I might have off that Yes, the stone off down on this obscene riches the segments on so absent you can see the lines is that the Sioux organs like you can imagine Like the gardens of the used to see you like this those things And now you can see it's perfect If I let me just undo this If I, for example, click here in this side of the outside agency on in this case, if I click inside, you can see the reverse of reports off this scene. Lines on. If you see this. So be careful of this. It's it's gonna actually flipped one side of the cloth It's makes, you know, difficult toe actually connect. So just avoid this Soto over this, but you can do is try to if you if you put outside or inside instrument and that with the side as well. Five foot outside I need to put outside as well Okay, to do the same thing year this click, for example. In this case, I'm putting inside You can put any side but just meant in that on in the scarce support inside again to get the stolen correct. And then let's suit side side of this one on this one. This one not to simulate this creek in this cycle, Slick unto again Just don off Dobson UNCF photo sealed his back lines So let me do that. Just creek And I need to connect this to And it took one language to as well. Now it's you can see the plot has been changed to again late breaking Bring the by the four poses under this you just select here Everything is good. Right? Leg here on just trading management. Yeah. So again, we're back again clicking at this time. I see. Obviously our brought is very loose right now. The cool thing is, when it's simulating, we can just you can see this hand like I can when I put my mouth. And about this, you can dry here. Now you can see the best points because you have actually turned off that absences. Let me don't off that with 5. 33 Creating T shirt Pattern: in this lesson, you're going to learn how to bring your own model into MD as a laptop from any other treaty . Applicants answers as mine on Max or something like that. In this case, I'm going to bring my own more than so that we can create the decide for their character. So let's start. Let me go back to my Let's see, this is the Disney character on before actually export this model. I want to smoke it because if if I take this model in this month's off low Polly mode, when I cleared the desert on that collided, this object that decide will, like get these kind of saves and I don't want that. So I wanted this motor object as a collide objector has enough that there. Let's move it to goto maize and smooth. Here you can give one or two live isn't here this because I'm giving to on this is perfect . They left, select and exported in no visible. You don't find obesity here, so just goto difference and settings setting for friends on program manager and find it. Find all these export dot mll. It should be loaded and are deluded on. Then you get that here exported. Excellent. And choose that and given them in this case, let me have actually already said that just to like and over right up. Okay, then let's go back to him. He and in this case, stop. That is still there. Just to clean this off. Go to file a new when you create a new scene. Actually, we get up that they're on the God is gone. This guy's I don't want this up there to what I do is good off Thurman. One deal it all of that from here. So now we get a totally empty sin on. Let's go on. Important, um, object by good file import or visa and select the or Beazer object. Okay, We don't click. You get this dialog box now you just reset it. And that's that. Things are very important here. You're going toe import that as avatar. So this absence of protect Andi here the scale is a member fault which actually don't want We won't see him because my as by default unit set up to see him. So he's a centimeter. So if I important Amen. Let me show you what happened. You can see you get a very dining object until which is not true with Maya scale, it's now like very small object here. If I take this again to my eye, it would be like very small on Do it all mass that so just go and delete it. Delete all of that. It's imported again on this time with those settings off Centimeter and let's see what have been your So it's lower as up there and see him. OK, now it's concede it's pretty, pretty much like Maya. The scale is exactly the same. So that you, when you again take back this object, take the cloud to Meyer that that imagine there. So that's very important. So once we bring our own model, let's start the crease and process of the baton. You can see as well the Cerro easier. The corrector saddle. We can use that to Stribling. And just just as a basic measurement, let's start from the rectangle selects India on Let's Created a general pattern by dragging it my lip mo struggle, you can see on driving from the neck, and I'm going to the basic the leg or something. somewhat there on you can see the wit is part viewing. The body said with so that are decent will hang on the body. Just three of them. Okay, so this is my battle rectangular pattern. Then let's see how can create the neck hole on the hand holder by using this point tool. Let's give one point here to Jamal's on the line anywhere, frankly, and give it clean. Hallelujah. Like, for example, 25. No, I didn't see exactly. Divide this. Going to this points 25 distance on to the same thing here. That for the handle right click on. In this case, it's close to 104 so I can give one to your fight. Okay, so you got the point, then Goto edit pattern dool on select the point. And then this move move for tickle down while we're holding. Sit by holding civic and see I can't constraint the point here Screw bitch like this. And let's move this as well. A little bit down one. But just like this, like this. So we actually wanted angle there on the soldier like this. Okay, then let's see. We want around color here, so I used this car ferry tool A did curve. It's a tool to get that take that tool and go to is and just drag it like this to get a car . Beautiful car on. In this case, I wanted good, but not as a wreck like this. I want a cough like like this, which is which is a little downward cough in this case. Actually, it's not useful. It's not that they usually fight. Try to create that. You can see a wagon somehow do that this case, but it's not. That useful credit card point is useful in this case because I can put the point on I can move that point and I can put another point, and I cannot just so you can use. You can create more complex carved by using this eight Corvettes. It'll in this guess this is pain. Let's let me illustrate this a little bit like this. So this is hop of the pattern of half of the front pattern. So I will do is just to move this as well a little bit so together on behalf to select this segments and right click on unfolded. You get the other have there. Okay, on. And we don't need this point. Select and delete it on can keep this point But I don't believe anything just related. If you take that, you get a straight line on again. You can use this curvature to created that cough. Yeah, What it cannot took Give that golf. Let's duplicate this pattern as a back. So goto the transform transform on selected right click copy and just right click on best it whole saved to align it with that line on boating to the right side. After creating this pattern, I need to put this pattern behind the character there before actualized to you are similar . It there when I put that there can see the normals are not interconnected Exxon here in the back. It's perfectly perfecting the front because the moment inside is actually the bright side and the riverside is the backside in the dark side. Should always praise to us. The body in this gets its not doing that. So what I can do is just like this. This pattern and right leak just flee for presently. You can see now it's perfectly facing to ask the body. Now I can just see you district the segment serene tool here. Let's start slowing you. So from decide to decide So this please on this top India and clean on the top areas Well, here and see the Syrian line here. If you don't see makes your you had this absolute or non this is too serious. Um okay, um let's do this side as well. Fleet there like there if you If you don't understand, we side you need to click. You can do one thing by clicking on the view You get a blue dot If you can see this brew dart here on If you click here, get the blood out here. That means you need to connect this side with this side. Get is a little trick to get after. Knew that on this suit, The stop line as well. So let's agency like this again. If you don't understand this creek here, you can see this The This is the side they're on. Let's see, this is a sigh. So Eigen said went like pick on click. You're wanting you You need to this Mexico, but they give you pick the outside of the camera If you see the two connects perfectly here , I need to play in with this side. Exactly. Symmetrical Vac Click Opposite it will like. Let me so you on do effect like suppose outside and in discuss I click inside Actually, it revolts the ceiling. You will get a reverse effect here on this is not good. Pursuing our if you evaluate are similar dis it'll clear problem. So in this case, if you if you did this, you can't just go toe the selection Editing tool disease on you can select the you can select on this right leak Reversing. Okay, go back to again. This to this side as well. Do you have all cover All the things we don't need to see This idiot, the Nicole and Handhold Once we have sealed, the next thing we're going to do is simulate Here simulator. You can see it were handed down because it was too far from the body in this guy's stopped the symbolism and select goto the Cilic pattern to window and select. And to go back to that 47 just right click here. Select right click on Jews who separately Allen spent. You get there this time. What I do is just moving them close to the body there on this side. If you don't get that gives more exactly pointed towards the exist there the school go to preference gives mourns Just change that stream co ordinate toe one Cornett Then move it back. Hello. You select this one only Move it. So now it's close to the body. It's makes you don't like they don't go down there just next you close there and then it no conceal Now it grabbed the body. Okay on let's you can see the right now The cloth is very lure is to get high this club Select your old pattern, Sillitoe Live pattern on. Let's go to this area which is the property? Alitalia. Andi, Let's watch for practical distance and said it responds to a lower number, Stan. So what it does is it creates more polygon If their numbers lawyer, then the distance off its vortices is lawyer that when small polygons. So let's again, Logan, See, have a bid that you got better falls and looks nice over okay, or you can also create a color. You can give a color to this video. If we checked up on him, it's You can see this border. Let's do that. Buddha. To clear the border. I need to actually a measure these area this to Nicole area to measure these areas. That's right. Click here on Donald So line length. I can see the every line measurements there. Ah, no color line is 80.93 on a T bone into the same. So let's take it 80 and a deal is equal to 1 60 Let's create a square this time. I'm not going to drag it. I'm just going to click. Click. So when you let live with this Upson, it gives you a ballot box to create. Get this rectangular with the value. Let's put 1 60 year, which is the some off the color on this. Put the height off Kenya. Okay, so this colors wrap around this year. What I can do is this time I'll use just hold your litmus on the Syrian to this time. I used to want to end segment touring, So what it does is it allows you to sue one sex and with multiple sex and multiple segments here because we have just one segments here on. We want to see you in good both of this color idea. So let's select the one segment first. And then he'd end up so that a computer knows you have selected already that then to let the 1st 1 select the last one. He had the selection, others very important. So as they left off this one far. So it kind off starting from here. I'm going there and grab around there. So let's enter this to complete. You can see the segments there against this. Health just heads the lots. And no lesson by this placing it in a proper Lucas and close to the body. Okay, let's simulate it, Logan. See? Is perfect. And then I just need toe sue these two lines, which is seeing do yourself. So let's take pickle normal segment shooting on, then clear here to here. So I'm just seeing its to itself that no seal here like that. Okay, let's create a different fabric color. So goto favorite area on this click are getting a new fabric. You can choose a different color here by clicking on this on just liberals check. So it's not important because we're not taking this Dexter to my Bibras just to see you on once you created the texture and then just tried on drop in the club. Yeah. So this is it for this lesson in the next lesson are going to do the slips on bond. I will complete the dissect in that Lexan. So see you there. 6. 34 Creating Sleves for T shirt: again this lecture. We're going to do this, Lee, for the teaser. Let's start from the eternal doom on this amazing this area. Music reject this. Yeah, Lydia was just 90 year on 19 year someone Sony's 1 80 So let's just click here on foot 1 18 year Andi Next sport one on dread here. Behind is this. Move it a bit. On the hand of sleeps would be a positive You pay nothing particularly reverse to you. Let's do that by using this insert point this right click on the lane. So just select a date on smooth, that logically beholding Sit on. I actually wanted around this year, so that's right. Click and jeans. He took our point. Get this up on. Let's take this up. Some loses the arbiter that is called Brian on our some point to you too kindof read this if a little slant type of sir on we conard one here, one here. But try to get this safe here. Have you create the sleeve? Just that was is on this your unloaded it so that it like six on the hand there and with the help like this smooth beach like this unless you this with that. Hold your mouse on this icon on. Jews want to in segment chewing because in this case, actually we're going to see a Su once said men with two different segments. So let's fast struck from the first single segments. Click here on breast ender, then click here, which is the phone side of front side of the desert on. Let's go to the back side of this. I select here on presenter and see this two lane I can see this. This storyline is revulsion. I can definitely see this is reversed to go to the pink of Alit color su line by just to use this aided Syrian tool on goto the follicle suing to selected it on rightly anniversary . OK, but then again, just let it I think this on. We need to suit this too as well. So this go back to that segment showing on this issue this itself okay, on this drug, this public toe, these slips, unless duplicate this toe, decide. So just select a transponder over here and select it right? Click garbage on Brantley. Good to meet a best decided we get, then we need to do the same thing by using that same toe. Mr. Goto, One Korean segment click here on guest mentor and then this trying I'm going to use this which decided so just freaky year. And then here presente it can make sure the seem line is not only crushed by just removing it on Been check. The green line is robust, so you can go back to this. It's see lying on. Go to the real line. There just makes you select and rightly because string Onda and selected 40 Senate on breast vestal Similar. You can see the bodies too tight There by you can use this to do check. Didn't see the son. She lawyer was just quite a bit of brightness. Go back to okay. In this case, I want a little bit loser. So let's choose this. This tool is Britain And this selected on Just move it on. Right Click. You're exactly mud because we need to move this side as well. That exceptional Selectric Ingle, right click. We give that exact because anything here remained in the proportion. This is important, I think Keep the same number. Bring clinks it. Listen. Listen Button topic. The plot Americans see drinkin Suck on. No, you good off less Lincoln. You can again. This is cloud while you're simulating to get your dessert. In fact, then the last thing I want to do is select everything. I'm giving a preset, so select it on Goto Sutra. Frederick. I'm Gloria to physical properties. Presents weaken the cycle. You'll get a lot of reserves off denim cotton. I guess I'm choosing. Like could you on its duped by the distance of pain. Pardon understands there, Stine. Cute John as well. They stopped it. So that is That is done in the next. Listen, we're going to through the plant. 7. 35 Creating Patterns for Pant: okay in this. Listen, we're going to do the plant. So let's first move this this whole pattern a little bit off because I can't see the West of the character there so we can save this. Actually, if you if we sleep this off by selecting hole and just move them by holding sipped, it doesn't affect here, so you can easily move, are put wherever you want. You don't have to put on the character there. Okay, so after Durbin said, Just let started and doing the plant for the band's let's create by using this Polident all here by using that truly, actually can draw by clicking points. So let's start from the western west line toe go straight line can hold sift, then go down there, Andi And so, uh, did the needs. Maybe on bond this goes, I'm going past this line and it's moved there. And if you see a band pattern, actually, it's kind of like this and then click on the first point. Okay, so good. The basic basic said there. We need to actually carved this ideal orbit so select this point and can convert that took off by right clicking convert a point. You can see the car office. Not actually. We want it will come straight and carve a little bit here. So let's use this this tool and let's move that a bit tryingto tried to create the safe like this. If you can control this land, you can also use this tool, which is cough point to Lucan out a point and then you can move that point to where you want. By this, you can clear, complex able You're more controls to create a car. So next I would like to do this back said that it's a very a little bit wrong in there. It has to be. And this and let me fulsome. And of this on This is our first Parton then then you can actually copy and just best symmetrical, select rightly compete on right click and best symmetric Best on hold saved to align, although it's not necessary. But you can just organize it. Okay, now it's whenever you see this blue. That means both are symmetrical are like media. Its position this to in the treaty government view Select Those can select in this bill and then Posey. Sandoz almost right approaches and those close to the body. And don't keep them far away when you simulate, because when it's the millet far away, it can go down there. So just make sure it's it's very close but not penetrating there on both the peace student penetrate either just moved them away from each other there like this on. We can then select board them and copy for the backside to select. This time I'm doing copy and normal based right, like normal best on against If rightly you can see all my behind pieces are right toe my front possess you can you can put lips. I It's not necessity, but I follow on order. That's important. Just move them back Water And what we need to do is flipping them horizontal because, as you know, proper normal side should be outside on the backside, should be inside the select those and had to flee few conflict horizontal like this and again just to keep them close to the body as much as possible and make sure both the pieces are in line with the front as well so that they can simulate easily there. Okay, so after copy This is the time to seeing them assimilating them before actually do those. I need to freeze this, Saad. Because if I just simulate the pant, what happen is the sudden be similar as well? This bottom is for the interpreter government window. Andi, if you don't want to change the sort, if you can freeze it. If you don't want it to be simulator in this guy's I want that. Just select all the Spartans you want to phrase, then right click on the three D government view and been Frasier. When you freeze it, Dunn's white it normals its design off for, like, a freeze object off these governments there. Okay, then let's see you on Similar does to see you. Let's use this normal seeming to segment during Let's yes, you decide toe to say if you're confused to see which side with with side, you can just click on the site you want toe sue. You want to see the side with this side. So, for example, if you want to see the inside of the like there you can see this one should go through this one. So this is a very helpful way to move this quick. Anything where This symbol and goes to the symbol and And you can against a click here and click here. It's not necessity. You don't have to do this always. It's just there to help you. But if you know we said we said you can just go on Sue Sue, Those okay on this side goes decide. I also just look at these lines. It should go straight to that line. Insurgents cross like this orange. You don't go from here to other piece like this. So just look at those lines there as well on a day. And we need to sue these lines as well. So a school once you split here, two here again. When you see you just try to put same area late. If I put on the staff here, I should put here. I shouldn't put here. If you put here, it will reverse. If this happened to use a straight this tool, which is the edit, Assume tool on. Just select on. Right. Like this creek on that the makes you select. Yes, right. Click and revulsion. You can do that, but make sure you select proper soon line Andi, Let's suit this actual. So the searing is done. It's same to same elect springing this icon to simulate. Let's see. Okay, great. We got out band here. Obviously it's been busy on in this case. Actually, this hurts. Are the panties on top of the CERT? What do you actually do is select a whole to stop the similar sin and select this tool here and select all the battle which contents the band, right? Click it here. You can see that it three options superimpose under superimpose off. Also superimposed side. In this case, I want toe actually put this under the third so choose under here Andi again also choose Select the side here on right leak on Freeze it Now it's economic back to normal on Do what I do is just select and make it over Okay, Now the similar boat again You don't have to similar boat on in this case. I Nittel in this case we can just lose the side a little bit Decide is too tight to the body. We can just make the satellite bill loser on. We can bring that to the top of the pants or to make the start A little bit loser you can do is just select this idiot its pattern tool on goto You could go to this is and just remove it a little bit. Whole sipped you can if you want to exactly move the other side as well. What you can do is just rightly on You can put a value here any value 15 or relax e 15 Do the Centene year rightly 15. So that rig it just move a little bit holding safe. Then don't Don't let the lip mosque right click there on just for the value again, right? Think I didn't? No can see Decide, isn't it? Comes out there don't affect to this Pull it out a little bit more so that it's like totally comes out of the band there. So that is destroy again. Just put under there like this is pull them out. Yes, it works. Dont Africa bull It's not gonna deal just on we lose some interesting wrinkles as well in this process, just I'm tryingto get back some wrinkles there. So in order to do that again, we need to We might need to just are a little bit car veers that the Western years will be a little bit little bit tighter. So in order to do that, just played this tool and make the little bit go there. And then these things are not know, compensated again. Go straight there. But if I'm trying to get a little bit off wrinkles there on DFO bubbly, probably just to move on and because that with there as well disturb it, we can. You can just move them up for, like this so that the full down and creates and wrinkles like this, that's great. And the last thing is, select all the pattern there and go go to this particular distance safe and make this a little less value. Like Lex poor five. What it does is when it comes down, the values less. You get more details because this is the distance between two vortices this thing about like that except distance between two vortices. Here it's same particles, so if you put bigger value here, you will see less details because their billions bodice is or less particles whose makes talk a lot there so you can see we get a very good, good looking details there. So just after changing that, it is simulated. Andi, give it some time. Because if you if you see closely a nurse there on you can see when you when you decays their value, your system, and take more time or because it calculates more particles, they're more vortices there. So be basis with that. And when you get the proper result like this to stop this similar son and you're ready to go, you don't have to simulate again. Andi, In the next lesson we're going to do, we're going to export this in no visa for March so that we can take that Ah, model to Devereaux's. And we can sculpt on that. We can bring all those details to the pant like the pockets and maybe seem line somewhere. We'll see those things in the next section. Everything is this lesson. Yeah, I'll see you in the next lesson. 8. 36 Exporting All Objects for Sculpting: When this listen, we're going toe export all the messes we have done in all these lessons from Mt. And from my actual. So let's start from MD. So to export this sudden parents select everything on good file export. Choose either or bizarre or visa selector. So obvious if you too, so bitter, it'll take everything from here. The respective off your selection on if you choose up is a selected. It will take only your celestial object. 20 B. J s transport object. You don't contents the column from us and the Texas things. It will only take a modern. So that's click here or was a selector. And let's save this in our Project folder Creative folder here in the name off, a busy on Let's put the for the name. In this case, it's Claude to save when you exports. This makes your select all patterns. That's perfect on, and just make sure you're still is. Alexis CM can't just so that the say poor sites would be same there on its right. Okay, so it's done. Let's go back to my on. Okay, he'll in my out. So now let's actually export the body or the character and the on the skateboard separately . So what I'll do is possible. Let's duplicate dies because we don't have that side. I just make sure you have grouped. Desires is select. This tool is controlled, the to duplicate and if it by what is at the center, then you're fine. But in this case, not so. Let's group it by going every 10 growth so that the Bible it comes to the center on. Let's put minus one in the X skill toe. Flipped it on already on. Then let's let's select the outside. I don't I don't need this. Let's hide it by going display. I denied selection. Okay, so I sit down and let's see if we have everything in north everything in polygon because we cannot take north species. In this case, I have toe have some north genital. This less is a billet knobs. You can take those to select. All right, click here. You see nerves component here, or you can just go to So are you going to select known and so nervous surface to see whether or no spaces like this? Let's first convert this north to polygon so that we can take this object, go to modify on gun foot Here. The first option is north to Polygram. So just go to Dobson Box. Andi, let's select the cord. You can choose. Just listen matter any of them. In this case, count 1000 would be anything will work for us. Let's see a play. Andi again again Go and saw all you can see. We have the polygon and the north species on top of each other. This guys I do want wasn't, uh, like, slightly slightly more elegance than I actually needed to undo that. Let's put maybe 300 or 400 member. It's poetry under Just let it, okay, can a bad. But still I don't want that much. Just goto comport, not polygons. Let's dry 200. It's hard to satisfy me actually. Okay, so let's go and again. So non and so not surface is a select north surface and delitos let's go back to all. So now we have everything in polygons so that we can actually take now we can export does to select all the pieces of the character except this skateboard there. Well, actually, it's called it in in different. Jeepers as it's different stool. So let's take this character as a whole basis. Andi, I think I said it didn't move the school a little bit to the postseason. It's not in the proper partisan, so let's move the sue first. Yeah, you can see it's quickly in the wrong position and it's the Sioux is no totally, perfectly straight. You can see that from the problem. It's perfect. Is dead. Group it go to modifies in the Bible and distorted the whole Sioux outside a little bit. The front of the source of going outside a little bit. This is the actually normal 40 son of the legs of food. Put them back a little bit. Okay, now let's duplicate to the other side. So control the again on controlled. The to duplicate what? Minus one there, minus one. That's fine. Yeah, that's great. So let's take the whole character. Select everything. The Sioux it's in the but okay to select this skateboard I don't need that right now makes you you're selecting as your ways are. You don't select anything you don't want. Like this is very difficult to select right out. They actually go to its groove and select everything and hide those first. Okay, So that I can select these things easily. OK, so now let's go to file export selection on you couldn't go to Dobson bars and choose the files for my tear. This expert selection and you can also choose to here. But if you don't see office export in this list, you have to go to the indoors Men will setting for friends. Program manager here on in this blogging man is that you have all the Floridians. Just check for the obese export plug ins since said it should be by default there or which expert on it, so be loaded. But if don't just lord it and just down in the order, Lord, so that it can arto loaded by automatically just close it. You could file export selection on just just the appropriate find form rtf on. Yes, let's see. Oh, character. You can put any name. Just make sure you are putting those in the orbiting folded there character or his export exports. Lexan. Okay, so, like that just lets export the skateboard. Actually, just being that back go to displace so last even on Let's select everything. Life, everything. Everything of the skateboard, the next port that but exports. Election, uh, sports stand more. Okay, so you about to finish their on. And so this is the last pupils later up the sex on. And in the next six, son, we're going toe through the whole sculpting part inside zebras. So that will be very That'll be fun. My favorite part. Let's go jump into that Saxon.