Fundamentals of Free Writing: Opening the Floodgates to Your Creative Genius | Aubrey Gail Ferreira | Skillshare

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Fundamentals of Free Writing: Opening the Floodgates to Your Creative Genius

teacher avatar Aubrey Gail Ferreira, lifestyle

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Creative Philosophy


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      Free Write Technique


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      Field Trip


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About This Class

Beat writer's block once and for all by developing a free writing practice to unlock your creative powers. In this class, I introduce the technique of Free Write, discuss the benefits, and provide tips and tricks for an excellent Free Write practice including an invitation to write outdoors.

This course will be great for writers of poetry to writers of emails and everyone in between. Since most of us have to spend energy composing some kind of written work, this practice can benefit pretty much anyone. Plus, it is an effective way of relieving anxiety and working through emotional blocks. So even if you don't consider yourself a writer or an artist, a Free Write practice can help you too. 

What is free writing?

Free Write is a writing practice in which a person sets a time limit and challenges themselves to write without stopping, pen to page, for the specified amount of time. Developing a regular Free Write practice will...

  • provide access to creative energy
  • relieve stress and promote mental clarity
  • strengthen a writer's voice 
  • dissolve emotional blocks
  • lead to deeper more meaningful thinking and better ideas
  • promote heightened awareness and knowledge of self


Meet Your Teacher

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Aubrey Gail Ferreira



Aubrey Gail Ferreira loves old films, doodling, herbal tea and Japanese food. Professionally, she is a writer, artist, dancer and entrepreneur. She graduated from UC Berkeley and started a creative tutoring and mentorship program for young people in 2007 which she maintains to this day. She has also taught Dance and Creative Writing at an alternative high school for teens with learning differences.

Ferreira has performed at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and SF MOMA. She's published writing in literary journals and magazines, and in 2015, Ferreira published an original book of poetry with The Clarel Press entitled Black Daisies.

Currently, she's working on a children's book, her blog, and a film collaboration.

"I'm all about connecting mind, body & breath for ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, everyone. My name is Aubrey Gail Ferreira, and this is fundamentals of free right, opening the floodgates to your creative genius. I am a published writer, artist and lifestyle blogger. Dedication to my writing practice really elevated my life, taking me to that next level and I want to share that with you three. Writing is the ultimate skill all artists should utilize. Frankly, anyone can benefit from this practice as it promotes mental clarity as well as increased creativity. In this class, I will tell you briefly about my creative philosophy. Describe my free writing technique and then we will go on a virtual field trip to the beach . In order, Teoh, get a little bit of inspiration for our project. Take this class. If you're interested in starting a writing practice of your own learning the free right technique or if you just want to chill out and right at the beach for a little bit, this classes for you 2. Creative Philosophy: I've often heard people remark. I'm just not a creative person I can't draw. I'm not a writer, As if artists just popped out of the womb and expert in their craft. Creative arts require dedication just like the development of any other skill. But they also require a unique kind of openness. We are all created beings by nature. We are nature, right, the natural growths of planet Earth. In the Milky Way galaxy. We're constantly creating ourselves regenerating skin cells, pumping blood, forming neurological pathways, growing our hair and nails, and consciously and with a little effort we can consciously create as well. The only thing that stands in the way of this our ourselves, our own will not to do so. People call this artist block or writer's block. In order to fulfill our maximum creative potential, we need to clean out the channels to this inner power source regularly. We need to keep our hearts dedicated, our heads clear and ideas flowing. Creativity is the opposite of stagnation, 3. Free Write Technique: free right is a time to exercise where you generate and record as many ideas as possible. This is the key. You need toe access. That epic inner creator. The object of the game is to spill your guts, as they say right onto the page. My high schoolers always go you when I say that, but I say it like that for a reason. Free writing is not supposed to be pretty. The point is not to create a masterpiece. The point is simply to generate writing and a lot of it in a specified period of time. Many of us don't realize that there are two sides to our personalities. On the one side is the creator. Think of the Creator as a fun loving kid finger painting, scarfing cookies, playing, dress up the works. On the other side, we have the editor think of this side as a stuffy, prune faced direct tress, pointing to a chalkboard with the ruler. You, with me. So far, the editor is logical, she insists on following the rules. Using proper grammar, everything has to make sense Now. There's a time for this part of ourselves to shine like when were meticulously measuring the dry ingredients for a chiffon cake or when we need to pass a driving test even as creatives, we need the editor. After we write hundreds of pages of scribbled cursive the editor has at it, she helps us construct our novel. She deletes and cuts and pastes and odds Commons in all the right places. We love her and need her in these situations. However, we cannot let the editor have her way before the creator can create. Otherwise, we're left staring at a blank page or a flashing cursor on the screen with a pearl of drool in the corner of our mouth, tearing every idea to shreds before it has the chance to see the light of day. So back to free writing. When we free right, we simply tell the editor in advance that we're going to write for 10 minutes and it doesn't matter what comes out. It may all be crop, but there is nothing she can do to stop us when we free right, we lovingly let our little creator create. Now the editor will surely try and stand in the way. So here's the trick. When that editing voice speaks up, we will have our creator right that it's the perfect solution when she says that's a horrible idea will write that when she says I have absolutely nothing to write, We write that and thus we continue to write. Despite this snooty criticism, we allow the ideas to flow, pushing out any clogs straight onto the page before us. So here is a brief recap. When we free right, we write any thoughts that come to mind without judgment. We release expectations of the end result. We focus on the practice, not the product. We don't worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar or any kind of editing. We let it be crappy writing. We love that. Actually, we may be pleasantly surprised we may not be. We feel satisfaction relief writing for the full 10 minutes. So to make things a bit more interesting will be taking a virtual field trip to the ocean to complete our free right projects for this class. Here's why the creative energy of nature inspires our own natural creative spirit. If that's too crystal magic for your taste, how about this? Nature is pretty and fun to look at. We can use this external stimulation to help us move through any blocks, and we can write what we see in here. If our thoughts aren't flowing so freely today before we start, here are a few tips for making your practice enjoyable and effective. Relax by breathing deeply. Actually. Let's take a deep breath together right now. Great as you free right. Jot down any negative thoughts that may arise. Keep your pen moving the whole time. Look around in record observations and lastly, don't take it too seriously. When the 10 minutes are up. Thank yourself for taking the time to complete this task. You did good. Then take a picture of that filled a page in your notebook and posted in the project section below. You may also type what you came up with during your free right exercise and post that or do a combination of both 4. Field Trip: so I'm all set. I have my notebook, my writing utensil. I have some snacks over here for later and I get hungry on. We're just gonna spend about 10 minutes writing down observations. Sounds, sights, smells, textures. There are so many beautiful things to capture now. The trick is so it's not overwhelmed. Don't try to capture. Try to record bite size pieces. Challenge is to write anything at all to connect with nature and to get those writing juices flowing. So 10 minutes let certain. 5. Conclusion: So that's it. I'm really happy to share this free right practice with you. Thanks for sticking with it and giving your inner creator a chance to speak. Now, I want to see what you guys came up with. So take a sec and post your work in the project section of this class for best results Free , right? Every day. It's only 10 minutes and you will see the difference in your life. I promise. I'm Aubrey Gail for era, and this has been fundamentals of free right, opening the floodgates to your creative genius.