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Fun and easy watercolor backgrounds: Part 1

teacher avatar Ayesha Ansari, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Lesson 1 : Geometric background


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      Lesson 2 : Night sky


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      Lesson 3 : Splash background


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      Lesson 4 : Stencil detail


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      Project Part 1


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      Project Part 2


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      Final thoughts


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About This Class

In this fun and easy class you will be learning how to paint super easy watercolor backgrounds which can be used for lettering, borders or for cards and many more fun projects.  

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Ayesha Ansari


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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Eischen. Sorry. And I'm a self toward watercolor and lettering artist. I have always loved art. And growing up, I did oil and acrylic paintings. And then I tried my hand at watercolor and I just fell in love with this medium. In this class, I'm going to teach you some super easy techniques to create some amazing backgrounds. I love creating these beautiful backgrounds. I usually use them for lettering. Watercolors are so easy to paint with and with the right techniques, anybody can paint and create impressive results. So I hope you enjoy these classes. And please do remember to upload your project. I am really so excited to see what amazing things you create. 2. Supplies: for the supplies, you will need watercolor pains, which can be of band steps like these. This is artist loved the very inexpensive and available anywhere in any crap store. These are the cure jacket on site on me, which I use a lord. These have a really good finish, Onda. A really good pigment quality. Then we have the Winsor and Newton pants at the register, travel size, ballot and tube sets. So you can use any kind of water colors that you have a 10 or you can even use liquid watercolors like the line on these air. The ph Martin Concentra watercolors Really concentration Really highly pigmented. Then we have the cure attack a study colors. I love this step. They give you really shimmery result. And I love adding a lot of summer to my art pieces. Um, you could Oh, yeah. Next you will need brunch is you can use any kind of brush that you have for watercolor. Usually we use the around two brushes. These are the Princeton and black, well, with several black covered pressure, which I will be using. But really, you can use anything I in fact, started with really cheap set from Amazon for mixing the colors. You will need a palate. You can use them a lot of plastic pilot or you want a ball is fine. You need a been see and it is it. Some people tell it to clean up. I'm able to be using the's permanent pens for just outlining or adding some ink to my detail to the world. The watercolor paper. We will be using the Cancer Excel watercolor paper, which is 140 poems. We're gonna people really matters because if you're gonna use anything less than 1 40 it's not going to take in a lot of water, so this is really inexpensive, and you can use any size you want. 3. Lesson 1 : Geometric background: This is the first that grounded government making. We're gonna be making geometric shapes askew can see. I have already done a sheet, and this is a perfect background. I love doing this. This is a really good exercise for practicing the technique of blending in watercolors eso for this. Ah, video for this class, I'm going to be doing triangles, so there's gonna freehand draw some triangles. You can choose any shape you like. I'm just randomly enjoying triangles all over the page. And then I'm going to be choosing, um, any colors that I like, and I'm going to then fill it up. Watercolors have this property off. Mm. Blending. And this is only in watercolors. You don't find this an oil and acrylic, and this is a beautiful property because you just don't know what to expect. I mean, they're just going to blend and form this beautiful texture. I have not drawn my jangles, and I'm going to lightly erase them because I don't want any sharp edges we want Once he applied the paint. It's very difficult to raise. You really cannot erase any pencil rock, so it's better to be either use a light pencil or I like to lightly. It is my drawing so that, you know, we have an impression, but not really sharp lines or edges. Once I finish raising them, it is going to make sure that there are no lines. And then you can just start feeling your ships, which is the fun part. So I'm going to be using these liquid watercolors, which is the Ph. Martin and I have the gun sight on B. Um, I didn't want a pink and purple palette, and I like to drop in some gold, so I'm gonna be using my curator. Kaye started colors. Um, I think that's a blue. Yeah, that's a blue gold. So you can start by, um, either feeling your triangles with water or you can just likely use some color and water and start from an edge. And using a round brush for this once have been so word you can just died like them in any direction you warned. So I want my jangles to be pink and purple, using water with your watercolors, you can get so many different hues you can get. Um, if you have more water, you just end up having a larger shade of the same color, and then you can just add some more. Being wind controlling water is the biggest exercise that you hadn't need to practice to get the water colors right? No, I want to drop in some gold once his dries. This looks really beautiful because it just gives a little extra shimmer. Someone's going to continue filling the triangles if you from. If you keep an edge that is wet and you're started dropping the other triangle, touching that it is going to bleed. And I really love that effect. You can just use two shades, or you can even use more than three sheets. You can do circles. The color gist beautifully bleeds into the other colors, and we are done. Look how gorgeous that background looks. 4. Lesson 2 : Night sky: This is the night sky watercolor background that we're going to be creating. I have done it in many different colors on you can just google night sky and you will get a lot of inspiration. So you can just use any color that you want. Ah, stuff or starting off, I am going to, um, flood my sheet with some border are exactly flat. I'm going to apply enough water that the P sheet is wet. I have tabled on using bullshit. They want to my desk so that it doesn't car because watercolors sheet on a plain water tends to cover bit. So we don't want that. I'm starting off with my lightest color that this beach playing it do the lower half of my word a color people in a diving motion. Having this way actually also helps in creating the impression off clouds. So, yeah, we're gonna do this until half of our sheet is gored in beach. After that, you're going to be going into some light pink Onda. You're gonna make sure it blends well because you want to create the greedy int. So just keep doing that until you are happy with the result. Little beach on D pink. Whatever your lighters colors are next will be moving in tow A little darker shade off purple, that is I'm gonna be using my water liquid watercolors. Equal line, purple color. Mostly working in a dorm ship. Keeping the darker colors did the sights. You're to the sites and we can sure the blend. Well, because we don't want to different colors. You want them all the blend well, in look like a sky on drying watercolors. 10 toe lighten. So we're gonna be doing this painting in two layers were gonna dry the 1st 1 and then go back into the same colors. No, I think we're gonna be moving up using our darker be purples. For that, I'm using my your tacky gunsight ambi color the lighter purple in that bans it. Working my way up and keeping this circular don't shape that we want. Now we're moving into the darker purple, the darkest one, and we're gonna ended with the black In the end, after you are happy with your firstly leave it to air dry. Or you can just use a heat tour hairdryer to dry it out, starting with the second live This time I'm applying a little bit more pigment and a little bit less off water because I wanted to be darker. So using more beaned and again in the dabbing motion, I just go around the whole she using the same colors over it this time is gonna look more like a night sky after you. Happy meter, second layer. You can just I can't leave it to air dry or user he to lower ahead, right to dry it out so you can continue it The rest of the painting. Now you can just dive into some black and started and the boredom of your sheet you're gonna be making trees. We will need a few layers of black as well together in dense black color. Make sure to leave some of the light beach now for a second down of the black with some more pigment. This time we can start making the trees making the trees. You just need to use, um a tener brush a size for brown dip and you can just make a straight line and moving in a zigzag motion short round the dog and longer the boredom can create these trees. Very simple. So I'm just ah, leaving some gap and making these trees the they're gonna be at the back, and then we're gonna have Dr Tree in the front just to clear some depth. This is gonna be the first round of trees which are just a lighter, black, like, more off gray. And then you can move and make them darker. Fill the gaps with the darker trees and you can make these a bit larger than the one to make in the first from you can continue zigzag motion onto the black dabs that you had made earlier. I'm just going to continue making a few rounds off the trees, making them darker and darker as they are the ones in the front. You know, after watercolor dries, it becomes slightly lighter. So I'm just gonna go ahead and add some more black to the front, Um on duh. Just continue blending the trees with the mountains that I have you After adding the finishing touches, I'm going to dip my brain brush in some white ink on Ben. Just absence platters through the night sky. Those are gonna be my stars. I'm just using two brushes to do this, Um, on just adding some more. The stars do This nice guy is the last step. After this dries, I'm going to show you what it looks like here. It is another night sky background that I created using the same technique. You can also create no Galaxies. With this kind of technique, you can use any colors, or you can even make little Galaxies inside of different shapes. And you that your life, like I have done here inside of a light bulb. 5. Lesson 3 : Splash background: This is a really fun background for which I'm going to be using the combo deal. Brush pens, um, in any color that you like and the cure attacking inside and be sorry colors just to add in some shimmers. We have our cans and excel £140 watercolor sheet around the brush and a Ziploc bag. Start off with your going to make our world a pillar sheet. Really, we're gonna make sure that it remains were throat the painting that we're gonna dry on the color than one blend into each other very well. So keeping that aside, I'm going to start adding my colors to this Ziploc bag. You can even use some washi tape to tape down the water colors. You don't read your desk, but it's just fine. I want to add the latest better in the middle, and then I wouldn't go around adding the darker shades so yellow in the middle and then orange. You can just add any in any order that you like depends on which color they're using. So I chose yellow, orange, pink and read. Let's make sure that all the colors are on your block bag and then just take your sheet the word watercolor sheet during your Ziploc bag. And president, you may realize that there are some places, some sports where there isn't even enough water. You can always go back, dip your brush in water and at the World War two of the to make it right again. Read the paint around on the cheat as you like. I like to keep the site bed. That's all right. You can just move the clock back around to blend the colors and then using my brush again and using the leftover paint on the Ziploc bag, I'm gonna clear some splatter around to give it splash. Look, the dispatcher on the site, this really messy and nice. So that's how easy this background is. Do you can use any color that you want? I also like to add some shimmer to this. So I, um, did my brush in some gold and splatter once again all over the sheet Once this dries is gonna look social media and nice, perfect place Guard named guards. After this, you can I deliver to air dry or user. He too, like I have used it. And here we have, and you can see how shimmers in the light. It's a beautiful It looks, um the second background is also a splash background, but we'll be using our liquid watercolors for this. So I'm gonna be using the equal line purple and blue turquoise on the juniper green and because blue in, um, ph. Martin, uh, Concentra watercolors, I'm going to start by adding droppers off water all over the world regular sheet. Since I'm not making over it, um, I'm not going to add water with my brush and was gonna add droplets of water to the she'd And then I wanna add purple drug herself. He clean water cooler to the sites more towards the corners. And but then when I use blue in the middle, he's gonna they're still being mended that you don't really need a lot of them. Just a few adopters do the job, and then the juniper green and some big blue. These colors tend to stain. Um, if this burden on your desk or hands, So I need to make sure you cleaned up quickly, and then the trick with Ziploc bag, press it down and spread. Make sure they all blend. You can move the bag around. There's so much pigment in them is gonna be so intense or it. And then you can add some splatter off the color of her choice. I'm going for purple here and then you can air dry or user, he told. I have been here so many background using this and they look gorgeous, someone in different colors. 6. Lesson 4 : Stencil detail: to add some detail to the earlier splash background that we made. I'm gonna be using some Stansell's You can use any sense of your choice here. I have used the stencil on a similar background on I got the student stencils from India, these small square ones and this is the time holds collection, um, off least stencil. Which I'm gonna be using today. Ah, on this bedroom, these stencils or any kind of stencils can be used and sensors so easily available in any craft store. So you can really use any kind of pattern that you want. I'm also using the Ranger distressing, uh, to apply this, um, ink onto the stencil. These give a really nice distressed look and, um, the colors really bland. Well, so I'm gonna be using the blue and pink. So when the mix, they're going to give a nice purple using standard really hard. Some of the details to your pieces so you can just where were you, like, Just have fun with it. I'm just using a small piece of sponge here. You can even use the blending tool that is available at craft stores that is usually used for blending distressing. But the Spaniards find for me and I went in and added some lodging, using my bleed proof white on a little spatter for all the good for magic. 7. Project Part 1: for the project. We have to make a watercolor frame by frame. I mean something like this, where you have, like, a watercolor background so you can use any of the techniques that you have learned in the classes. And, um, apply to this frame. You can use the middle area to let or something, or to add a photograph or anything off your choice. Ah, for that will be using a pencil and a scale toe. Make a border off around five centimeters around my watercolor sheet. You can do the to frame kind of thing that I have done, or you could just do a single, like one frame. Um, so, yeah, let's get done with drawing the frame first. Now, using some washing tip, I'm going to mosque the area that I don't want being to get on. You can use the 10 1 like this so you can use a tick one. Or you could just get down a tick. Um, date that you have, you can just use the tick one just to create one single frame. I like to use this one so that they're not going to start drawing. So I have decided law butterflies, and I'm gonna be doing the blending technique. I thought off blending, and I thought of shapes and the night Ah, I was like, OK, butterflies gonna be a really cool project. You can look up shapes of butterflies and there are so many different shapes of replies You can do the simple ones or the complicated ones. I'm just during the simple one here because afterwards I'm going to use some ink to draw the outlines. So I'm really relaxed about the shape that's okay. And where our detail using ink later. If you decide to do the blending shapes, there are so many shapes that you can do. You can do hearts. It's going look really nice. You can do hexagons. You can freehand paint like directly. You don't need to draw the outline. So there's basically any kind of shit. Did you warn I'm drying my butterflies in a way that it covers both the sires off my friend . So I'm gonna create a really cool effect, and you're gonna have, like, a single strip off lang space in the middle. I'm done drawing my butterflies. No, let's start bending them 8. Project Part 2: former butterflies. I'm going to be doing a pistol palette, so I'm going to be using pinks and purples Meant blues and ah, yellow and, um, colors like, which are really soft. Ah, you can really do any colors that you like. Oh, while blending, we should keep in mind not to use complementary colors together because complementary colors basically are those colors which fall opposite to each other on the color wheel. Ah, for example, purple and yellow or red and green. Using these colors together will just they just cancel each other out and create a very muddy color on our sheet, which is know what we're looking for. So using analog a scullers which are basically those color that fall next to each other on the color wheel like, um, you know, reds and oranges are thinks with purples. Ah, dig, blend really well. And, um, and really look good ones. They're dry. So for this butterfly, I'm using pink and purple, and I'm just going to fill in the whole ship. Um, making sure my most areas which I have must using my washing tape. Ah, don't have any paint on them. So I finished painting my butterflies that using some water and very little pain, I'm going to fill the spaces between the butterflies using a dabbing motion adding the same colors as out of the butterfly near it. So right now I'm gonna be adding pink and purple. Then I just add some mint and blue to the burn to the space between the better players that are meant in blue and fill all the gap because I don't want to leave that empty space. Um, I just want to give it like a very washed are kind of look. Looks very nice. And watercolors? No, for the splatter. I'm going to take some pink paint and using another brush up and sell to splatter some paint all around. Any color you warned. I have chosen pink, and I'm going to remove my washi tape to reveal my beautiful frame. Oh, that looks beautiful. Now, using my woman and Ben, which is the big mama grown in size three or five. Whichever you prefer. I'm just going to old line my butterfly. Just I'm not gonna be perfect with the outline. Just add it Freehand. You can deal with that. I'm going to add some extra sports lines and just make my butterflies more detailed. You can even use a brush, Ben, for ticker strokes like I'm doing here. Just a fill in and give Tigger lines. There it is. I hope you were able to create something beautiful today. I can't wait to see. 9. Final thoughts: thank you for watching my classes. I hope you were able to learn something new and had a lot of fun along the way. Please to upload your projects and activities because I really don't want to miss out on any of your progress. I am sure you'll do a great job. And if you have any questions or any doubts, please feel free to ask me. I'm always here to help you. Until then, goodbye.