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Fun Ways to Create Beautiful Watercolor Textures

teacher avatar Diana McDermott, Digital Designs + Tools:

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Applying the Paint

    • 4. Creating a Gradient

    • 5. Creating a Wash

    • 6. Lifting

    • 7. Soap

    • 8. Masking

    • 9. Salt

    • 10. Rubbing Alcohol

    • 11. Inking

    • 12. Your Turn!

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About This Class

This class is perfect for watercolor beginners or students wishing to explore some fun modern watercolor techniques! 

In this class, we'll cover the basics of watercolor painting and explore how to create beautiful textures using simple techniques and common household items. No fancy supplies or previous experience is necessary!

All supplies used in this class are linked in the Class Resources Guide and also listed below.

Grab a paintbrush - let's go!



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diana McDermott

Digital Designs + Tools:


Hey, there! I’m Diana of MyMcDoodles. Boymom, artist, & craft addict - living in Austin, TX. I love creating whimsical digital art and am excited to help you level up your skills!

Join the free Doodle Squad at or come say hi on You Tube to check out more tutorials, artist tips, and fun art inspo! 

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1. Intro: I'm buying an impairment, and I create whimsical art out of beautiful Austin fixes. In this class, you'll learn how to add texture to your watercolor hurt the basics of watercolors and how to create something unique that expresses your individuality and your perspective. You don't need fancy supplies for a special studio. I create Mr my Heart, leaving my kitchen people on you need are a set of Russians. For one brush will deal a set of paints in watercolor path. We use household supplies you can find in your pantry and medicine cabinet to create beautiful textures in your watercolors. Also wearing a lot of fun techniques that you can use when creating here. Individualized heart, Some other European Kiner Are you played around with water coming before? You just wanna jump Afghans and just Indians your skills. This class is really for everybody. Scrapping brush cramps and pains and let's get started 2. Supplies: So that lady wrote on the class, This is gonna be so much fun, and the thing is uniquely exciting. Delivered from easy get enhance your artwork and make these refund textures in your water colors. So it's not about civilising aids. First thing admonition you is paper using the cancer on watercolor paper for this class today, it's a nice problem because you get 30 sheets and calm 12 to the nice, a large for you to practice with. And it's £140 keepers, so it holds the water will, and you could block your mistakes back up. So I really like. This time it was about five bucks on Amazon. This one isn't a slender arches parent. This is really heavy. He can spare a few extra dollars. This one is worth it. This is a whole press, so it's kind of like texture. And this is the scene band and hot trust, which is, if you want to be making the more serious army would suggest the heavier we fever an artist that is great for that. Next, let's talk about brushes. So this is the one I live in. Resource coming. It's been really great from the every land like these pressures and work out a stoical looking and hold it in the tip Really well in this so back up from the people making to be removed I really like piece of started brushes. If you want to spend a little bit far on a race fresh, I really just these ones there. The silver black film. It and I have a couple of breast sizes that those that comes in like a little pack. You could get the money. And then this Princeton. That tune is really nice, fresh, too, so these ones were a little more pricey. If you want to just start out with, like, day several stuff Crayola brush on, it's just these these links in the resource guy. You need a palette to fix your people. You can. You just like trying Philippine whatever kids, child just with Mr Allen. But it's been a dry like, really choppy. So when you take your hand and you rub it over the keeper, your pink is gonna come up off the paper. You'll see it like so if you want to create our work that you want to be lasting. Then I was just using a little bit better that I got this one. It's really she Still, it's like your box resource guy, and you get 24 colors. You necessarily from the just in this room. If you want to search a little bit, you can get seven grams. And these women's clinics they trying out your palate stays moist. So thes really higher following paints that you want to make something to give us a gift or if you're selling your artwork for whatever you could use these thistles what you want to use and go for, we're going to create different textures using except from around the house and then the patriot, the medicine cabinet, not show you with you. For that, you do a logical masking, which is just covering here papers so that when you remove the paper, many this completely white and then the pain is around it. So it is this PM easy. Was this really crest plate layer underneath? Use peanut on and you're trying and then you paint your picture and then you brought this back off with like a racer. It kills. Another option is rather someone if you don't have this. Use rubber cement and distributed when your people strike or a wake up. So probably for another your kids, our box and put it down doing it. So if you have cast yourself our X three or if you just like old, that's fine, too. You need serene wrap, paper towns or sponge you can use. Any of those are also right he needs, so use this. Kosher salt makes like victor first texture waken. You see salt so it just depends how your 1st 1 your extra duty rubbing alcohol. If you have a dropper, that would be good. If people don't worry about it, there's all their efforts. If you want todo, you can grab a waterproof you can use micro lender. Just make sure whatever pain you're using is water group. You want to test like a little area and the peat over it. Crime with highly just that's you don't do life. It's beautiful, inking and painting over and steered, so definitely make sure which everyone's get he in a way, so everything are you ready to get started 3. Applying the Paint: so that you've got all your supplies gathered out who go over how you are going to apply your paint on the paper. Always have two glasses of clean water. Want to wash your brush and then you wash it again in the 2nd 1 so you don't contaminate your color palette? Then I've chosen my colors here. We're gonna mix them up nice and juicy in a sec, and people tells I always keep these nearby. So if you make a mistake, you quickly have your pupil caliber blotted out. Otherwise, you're like running to the kitchen is drying on your paper and it's a disaster. We're gonna use the's in our techniques to so you need the nearby anyway and sharper to suck up water, hand criminal drizzling here, attending separated my colors. Um, do palette leave like open spots in between so that I can make winds of the different colors. So I'm gonna put a little water in there, put a little bit in the mean colors, too, so just get these a little swirl. Here, you can just add more water if you need to you to make it is like Monory and loses you want the more water here. I feel like it's a little bit easier was there when get all your colors ready. If you want to make blends, then go ahead and do that and you can take that a little purple little blue and put it in in the well between them to make different variations. But for now, I'm just going to use my purple. The first method is called dry brushing, so you'd your brush to be moist finale, super duper Web. Do you need a damp crash? You can kind of blot it out on your paper towel. I am a little bit of paint disquieted, so it's pretty, pretty dry. You don't want your brush to be like drippy or it's not going to give you the effect that you want and then hearing company put it on dry paper so I'll just make a little area. Here we go through each step, you're gonna put the brush really lightly across the paper so that kind of like skips see it's coming, creating texture. Just do like his lane is. You can you can see how he leaves like these white yaps. This will be really pretty free Lake, um, and ocean to leave, like the sparkles on the water, Our A league or whatever were poems you wanted you for your hair grass. You see, it makes he's really flying mine's so that's culturally brushing. The next one is on a wet entree, so it's kind of exactly what it sounds like. You, um, you took your brush into the paint that's pretty saturated here with water already, and you don't have to blood about this time. It's just completely what? And then you just fresh paper and it makes a really solid, pretty color like that's friends really smoothly and get to know a lot more coverage, as you can see. And then the last one is called wet on Wet. So I'm gonna release my brush off here, and you can see how my water has gotten so dark. So that's why I have another glass of water to rinse it again, because you might still have residual color around your brush. So if you see, see how it's like turning a little bit purple. E. You don't want that to end up on your painting. If you're searching, color's gonna contaminate here you're next. You're saying that you're working up, You're gonna put clean water on your fever. Just create, like, a little wash getting pretty wet. Their cause your paper's gonna absorb some of the water, See one and give it like a good soaking. And then we're gonna pick up some of the color from your palate and contentiously shark it in. See how pretty that IHS. You can see how it likes friends across. You could do this with different colors to create, like a nice, pretty blend when you can just kind of do with your one color and it won't go beyond the area that's wet. So if you're painting something, any color in first with water and then you drop your color and it won't go beyond the border of the water and it gives you this really pretty the fact that I feel like is well, stop on what you think of when you use watercolors rather than like this dry technique, and this is pretty too. But I really like this one. I'm gonna drop some more color in there. That sounds a little just so you can see how you can blend a few colors together. It's been a job simply from this side, and it'll spread this direction. Do you wanna make sure a dual this one? Your paper is still pretty wet. Well, two starts trying. It's not gonna have the same effect that it will be like you're painting your new color or your second code on top of the first coat. They won't spread like this. So incredible. This be, quite simply, is. I'm just gonna find a little water, kind of like blend them together here in the middle, and then you'll see what it looks like when it's trying. Its gonna be so pretty. 4. Creating a Gradient: we're gonna create ingredient. So what you want to do is charge your brush with your color. You start at the top. Can you put a solid wash of color there on your gonna blend it down until it's almost completely faded out. So you did progression A little bit of water. You kind of hold this color down. It began. Did you pull this town? Just keep going like that until I got it. Almost takes quickly. Feed it out. A lot of water that time. Justin, get it clean so I can get out of here. I kind of wanted a little bit. Just kidding. That's pulling. Trying to get it for the side. You don't wanna mess around too much for else. It's not like a greeting anymore. Really? Like splotchy and stuff. So I think I'm gonna leave that alone. We're gonna let it dry and see how it looks when it's dry. 5. Creating a Wash: So this is a wash. It's just, um, a flat section of color. So you let your brash choose your color purple. It's exactly what it sounds like. You just do a walk of color. There's no reading anything like I just tried to make it as uniform as possible. It's pretty West kind of work as quickly as possible before it starts drying with the search trying, you're gonna it's easy to start messing it up. You're gonna be adding paint on top of what's trying again. And it'll lead like starting in the first Turk so openly but alone the dry. And that's a pretty it's pretty consistent. And then you come around here edges. You'll have, like that dark, um, variation, that it's really pretty. Woman's the reasons why I think water is so pretty. 6. Lifting: another friend Technique is home lifting. So show you if you mean you could do that. So we put a pretty wet washing color there. I'm gonna add a little of my purple so you can see you could cool colors in drops A late are blue like let it be wrinkly It's OK and kind of press it down You're like smush it around your fingers And then with that dry, you're impatient. You going to use a hair dryer or just we patiently and let it dry And then you lift up your serene at another. We know dripping IHS was paper towel. So you do like a little And then governor, people tell you can just kind of block here. You paint that up. I think this is thanks for making, like quails or just like you want, like a pretty fucking components here chair. I don't see how it pulls the paint back off the paper. OK, Do you see how this works? Like pretty little clouds now starting to trying. So obviously that alone just like that. So this is also something you can do if you make a mistake. Sale age were going across you picture, you dropped your pain on it like groups, and we're sick of being thought. OK, you don't want that blue dot You're gonna grow McLean brash. Dip it in your cleaning water and quickly with it, and then you're gonna blot it up your paper towel. I would normally grab a clean, super tell you wouldn't be using the one you just did the lifting with him and see how it removed the pain. So that's when the waiting to fix If you make a mistake. As all of you have a cloth nearby anywhere quickly, you can usually remove it and also depends on your paper. So this one is pretty thick. Zone 300 grand paper. So it removes mistakes pretty pretty well. So maybe for using like a center, people are lower quality keeper. He might not get what elliptic latest as well. Another way to with your pain in Swiss. Put your brash. So, you know, I had a little squashed color here and then use a clean brush and dip it in clean water. Blood it out, and this becomes a thirsty verse. So then you just have it where you want the pain toe live, and it sucks it back up into the bristles, and you can just want it on your paper towel in between. That is another way you could have Churchill's. So let's remember this cling wrap and see what it looks like under there so pretty you could see how it has. Like the different extra tube. It looks kind of like most geometric shapes and there. But if you conceivably squish it around as little or as much as you want to get into a list the way he wants, I think that's a really pretty get back if you wait to see how you use that love. 7. Soap: this isn't really fun. One. We're going to use soap to see how we can add some texture to our painting. You can just use whatever kind of soap you have on hand. So whether it's Castiel soap or dish soap or just like a bubble wand, anything is fine. Describe what you have and let's go. Look how the effect varies depending whether you tap here. So to the people were happy blow bubbles over top and, hey, you had a good excuse to blow bubbles today. 8. Masking: for this technique will be using masking fluid. The link to it is in your resource guide if you wanna go back and reference it. So what you do is you're just gonna peanut read onto your paper and it's gonna leave white area behind wherever you peanut it. So you want the area to stay perfectly weight, then this is a good option. Paganese Common old brush. So I grabbed this This one and I didn't put soap on the tip. So even though it's an old brush, it's gonna ruin your brush if you don't protect your brush. So I put it just just dish. So what kind of likes smooth it across the tip of the brush? And I've never ruined a brush. When I've done that silly, you should get out of it in, and this is great like a little squiggly thing. This is tinted, says companies. You see where your painting it so you can get your design. Only one. This is cute for leg border or something like if you don't make a cool edge or you want to do like a letter or something, you get painted around the edges to protect it and any fill in the center. And then when it's dry, you peel it off. And it is It's really green white paper on journeys no show you some things you can do with it besides just squiggles. So I'm gonna let me scribble drying he and go wash my brush before it dries on my brush. Even though it's an old, crappy brush, I'm still gonna use it next time for my masking fluid, So I'm gonna go wash it. So my liquid mask is trying. I'm gonna paint over it to show you, actually for something, put it another masking method right underneath of it. If you don't have masking fluid, you can use rubber cement. You're going to do the same method you kind of like drizzle it on. And then when it's trying, when European history, you can peel it back off when it leaves like the white paper showing through. So I prefer masking fluid. Just because it's easy here is like Sen. Is it easy to paint on? I just I really like it, So that's what I would or commitment, but if you're in a pinch, you don't have it Thin Charlie were first men and see how it works for you. You can also use awake rams just one of your kids Crayon box and the chicken. The poem just John you're designing and many paint over it. It repels the pain shows. So first I'm gonna paint with them asking flu. Just make sure it's completely dry before you paint over it. It's gonna feel like little bits. Tacky, but I can tell that's completely dry. So just check it before you start painting over Are pretty, um so much I'm just gonna put a wash of color over talk. I'm just gonna continue it down over the crayon. Didn't even see how those look in comparison to each other. What that tried another way you can mask is masking t. So if you want a nice, clean edge around your picture, um, you just you could mask it off with masking tape. Just put it around the four sides or if you want to, like, strange or whatever your design is that you're imagining, you just put your teeth down, and when you peel it up, it'll leave, you know, like the white paper showing yours. That's another method we'll wait till that's completely drying. Then I'll show you how to remove it. So the masking fluid is drying out. You can see everything's trying, so it's time to remove it. So you just from a river, you racer and you kind of get it started here. Ivan Edge and it comes, read up, and then you have this really crisp white paper shining through once reviewed, your mask, What's left behind. So this is really a Kuwait, A mask off like a shape. Or you could mask off like a certain shaper like a letter, and then fill it in with flowers or leaves or something. And then you have, like, this nice. And you have to be careful, though, that you don't do it before it's completely drying. You don't want to be like smearing it or ripping up your peepers. Used to put a suddenly here when you apply it enough. So has a cool coverage, but you don't want to put like trans air global to really rub it into the paper. You don't want your people to rip up after you remove it, so that is a fun way to mask it. Your fever and then up here is the crown. You can see it Didn't, um, leave as good of a white Chris flying on these ones were good. You could press harder or you could just kind of play around with the different kinds of crowns that are more waxy. Might work better so you can see how it's kind of shining through. But you still have, like, a little bit of the blue overlapping, which might work for depending what you want your artwork to look like. In the end, I kind of like it. But if you want, like a really crisp white line, then I was just the masking fluid. Or you could practice with your cryonic just coloring in really dark, competing over and seeing what works for you. 9. Salt: this one is still really wet from when I did my blood on that thing. So I'm gonna handsome salt when it's jarring, it leaves us that really pretty specially texture. This is just kosher salt in the pantry. You just Sprinkle a little bit on. Then you let it completely journey. And once it's drying, you can brush off yourself in and leave like this pretty texture in the pain. So this one is drawing. You could see how the salt has soaked up the feet from the paper, and then we'll go ahead of us straight it off. Once it's trying like this, you can just scrape it off into the same going to the trash cans, and you could see that house is like pretty little crystals. Look behind. I just found something interesting to you. Thinking another thing I love about this technique is that the salt leaves behind, like all this sparkling so, and it looks so pretty 10. Rubbing Alcohol: bismuth. It is really fun. So we're gonna use roaming alcohol. Teoh make a pretty texture and our color here in the way you do that IHS paint on your washing color pretty wet. And then you can use just my Tsukamoto a local to make these pretty spots on here. Maintain where the people repelled the alcohol issue Any they used the back end of your brush. I think this and just dropped Drop it on here or you can use a dropper. Remember that truck for from earlier mazes to sucked a little bit of that up and I just dribble it on their pretty that is, before you can make spit into your your water So a little bit into my clean water Here they want to change your water out If you don't want all your colors to be like this Perfect. So we're gonna dio one area So you put your pains to look at that coming under. Watch how it works, Teoh. If you want to add more, you just send future brush. What was here? Alcohol. Water. You could see how much previously Different effects depending how you work with it, You know that your water it leaves. He's like swirls. Oh, when you journal it on, it's gonna create like this fish eye effect, and you can also put it in your mixed pain and create just a pretty good back there. 11. Inking: so far our last one. Let's use, um, think you can get micro liners at our water resistant or waterproof. Just make sure that whatever pin you're using is going to hold upto water. So you want to test the little area first. And just make sure before you start like drawing something in painting over, and it's starts smearing it all over your paper. So this one is on. So this water resistant And if it is 0.6 millimeters, it's worked really involved for me. I never have. It's near something on the case here but won't paint over it once the ink is dry, so you just want to make sure it's tried on your paper before you start beating. So this one's pretty dry and say you can do to a liver top. All right, you can, you know the draw. And if you were painting like a messy like like this example, terms of the messy legs glossy think you could do deliver top making love with a flower, whatever outline and just make it fun. So this is pain. Think is trying. Now let's pin over top of it and see how it looks just kind of a fun way to add accents to your picture. So if you wanted the draw, something in something fun and then like, how are the sections with the water color? Just have it looked like that cute prime opportunity outline or I'm just like a fun doodle . Then this is the way to go. We're gonna let that dry, and then actually you have it looks, but you can see how the ink is not smearing anywhere. You have to make sure you have your waterproof ink and that it's completely dry before you start cleaning over top of it. Another method I love are these white gel pens. These white gel pens are nice because you can think over top of your drive pains in even add little accents so they show a pretty good on door colors. Doesn't show that great online colors, but it can still be a cool effect, depending how you wanna have your picture turnout, but you see how you could have just like little high lanes. There's gonna do like a few little waves in here, and it's kind of a fun way to add that white back in that you've lost when you've painted over top of your paper. Also, if I make mistakes and come back in and kind of like lighten it up with this is just a little bit to add that highlight that I missed. But it's just kind of fun to use these to do the little top, so just make sure your Penis Charlie and your doodles let your gel dry and you're good to go. 12. Your Turn!: I hope you enjoy the class. And you had fun learning different techniques that you can use to enhance your beautiful watercolor artwork. Don't forget the post your class project in any l'm action shot stir attempts or progress photos that you took leading up to your final piece of art. But we can't wait the scene what you've created. If you like this class, leave me review and let others know what you think. Don't forget to follow me on skill share so you'll be in the loop when I upload new classes . Happy painting.