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Fun & Easy Watercolour Feathers

teacher avatar Zaneena Nabeel, Top Teacher | Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Welcome to the class

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Color Study

    • 4. Practising the feathers

    • 5. Let's paint the feathers

    • 6. Painting the gradient mountain

    • 7. Mountain - Final layer

    • 8. Detailing

    • 9. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Ever wanted to paint something really quick and easy? What about some playful feathers? This class is all about painting some easy watercolour feathers.

In this class you’ll learn an easy process for painting a multi-coloured vibrant galaxy feathers using watercolours. Each and every material will specified for everyone to follow, the class will be suitable for beginner and professionals. 

Join me to create your own AURORA!

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Happy Painting

Z :) 

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Zaneena Nabeel

Top Teacher | Artist

Top Teacher

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1. Welcome to the class: Hi, everyone. My name is Marina Bill. I'm an artist and an instructor. Watercolor is one of my favorite made him to work with. I'm kind of obsessed with painting Galaxies. If you have seen my other two classes, you really understand that. And today I'm gonna take you through a very fun and easy class off building some bright feathers. Thing is a very big, differently class You don't need to have any prime knowledge was in watercolor. This class can be fooled by anyone and everyone. Okay, so without any to let's get started. 2. Art Supplies: I think this video, I'm going to talk about all the materials that I'll be using throughout the class. I say all these mentioned It's absolutely okay if you don't have exactly mediators that I'm using, try and get something similar. But Don't writes. What do you have? A work perfect for this class? Let's talk about being first. I'll be using a combination of my primo particular confections glass again, tropic inset. You can go with any of said, Do how we just need feel pride colors. The grant really doesn't matter. I will be using only a single brush throughout this class. The spray sheer size number six from Princeton irritate cities. You can go with any of the brush you have. Take a six r four are even eat with Look perfect for this class. Have you seen my cancer? Malan dry, but is 1 40 l B 300 grandpa meter square, and it's 100% quarter in particular paper. Even if you don't have another great particular paper, it's absolutely fine for this class. You can even use your shooting great paper as we're not using Multiple Years award occur the student great Well book find for this class way. Need a mixing pilot really pretty. Use any mixing palette to have. As I'm using my primo Nicholas set. The stone box comes with inbuilt metallic mixing pilots, and I'll be using that turn for this class. You'll also need to jars of water. All this is the dirty winter prints off your brush. The King Juan you need when you use the water at a dialing to medium where you don't want to spoil the sheet but the dirty water you need an eraser, a white to pin on a pencil. And last but not least, you'll also need a people travel to take the excess water from the brush. Okay, so that's in rice. All the material that we require in this class don't get stressed, grabbed him. I didn't. You have, which is nearly similar. I've seen the next video 3. Color Study: Okay, I hope you have your matty. Just really. Let's drive your color combinations before we head to the main project. The first competition. I'm trying, as with green, the colors I have chosen here It's a dark blue dark green light cream and then turning it down with yellow so there's no rules and choosing your shades, you can skip a shade in between. Or, if you want, you can add one at school. - Try to use a minimum off three shades, so this will make your feathers look more playful. Now let's try and blend these close together. - Once you get the blending right, the next trip is to apply the sort of the shape off Vettel. So try and get your blending exercise right before we moved to project. Okay, so that was the combination with Green. Now let's try into a competition with Blue. For this one, I'll be using only two shades, which is a darker blue on a light blue. Let's cry and blend these two blues together, so apply my talk a blue. Then I'll apply my night blue. Then, with a bit of water, I'll turn down the lighter blue to a bit more lighter tone. The next combination. I'm trying as the pink one. Did you see right there? So that is a combination which I'm working on now. I'm going to start with black, and then I will be adding some reddish pink, which is a bit darker color. Then I'll go with my light bank. Then, using some water, I'll turn down the pink to a bit more lighter, too. On that would be this competition. I love how vibrant and bright his colors are. So that's our competition. - The next competition, which were trying, as with the red and orange for this one abusing black right, which is like a reddish orange to scarlet or more 1,000,000. And then I'll lose some orange and then I'll turn it down with yellow. - So we worked on four different competitions. You can go with any off your favorite combinations. The process and the technique is the same, so you don't need to worry about anything. You can go with your favorite sheets, Okay, so decide on your favorite combination and I'll see you in the next video 4. Practising the feathers: Now let's try and do the same. Plenty exercise on a shape of a feather. I always draw a light outline, which kind of makes it easy while painting. - So that's a simple out klein off a factor. Don't make it too dark. Draw it in a very light tune just to act as a guy to run your brush. In the sample exercise, I'll do my feather and the Pink Company shen. So I'm starting from the doctor color and in black on the brush. And then I am drowning my brush through the outline. I haven't applied any water onto the paper. That means I haven't applied on that court. I'm directly applying the paint on the dry paper. Now I'm gonna take my dark coping on and run through the outline, which I have already drawn. - Now I'm moving to the torchy, which is a light bank, and again I'm running that through the outline and then blending it with a bit of border on getting lighter stone. We have the basic shape of the federally about to get a natural look off a feather. You need to have some strokes added to it, So that's the next step while applying the strokes, you go from down to the top and then leave a stroke and a very carefree manner. You shouldn't be putting too much off effort or concentration while doing the sex size, because then I told, looked like natural. So do it in every freeway. Don't put too much off pressure on the paper. Just run your brush in a top Would Moshe Andi, make sure that your lines are no too sharp. - Okay , so that's how we'll be painting the shape of the feather. Now we'll try doing the same with all those color compositions which we tried in the bring in session. Are you excited? Okay. Without any further ado, let's go on to our main project. 5. Let's paint the feathers: - Hello , everyone. I have my outline Treaty. I did four of them. So the same way I did the blending size. I'm gonna do the same thing over the feather shape I have here. I'll start with the green combination using the same shades which we tried and the blending exercise full in the shape of the feather from the top. You start with your dark blue than your charcoal green, then the light cream and then bring it down with the yellow. - We have applied close to the sheep off the federal. Now, the next exercise is to get the airport strokes starting from down T Q British to the top. And then when you're healthy truth and leave your brush free. That's how you'll get your strokes, right? - You know, I'm gonna do the same thing with the rest of the feathers with the same company. Should be tried earlier. Feel free to use any of the competition to like. That is no room. You can't even go out of the box. You can go with any of the color possible. Only thing you need to make sure because we have to draw the mountain. Spend it when you take it down, get a lighter tone off the color that you're using. - Okay , so that's it. We have the shape of the fed us treating now when it's pain, some mountains. 6. Painting the gradient mountain: Okay, so we have a wolf. It does, really? Now let's paint the mountain. So we'll be doing a mountain with three different ingredients. We're gonna do the 1st 1 So all these make sure for the fourth Test mountain, you use a bit darker version off the lightest room you're using. That means where you entered the feather like it would be either yellow or very light blue or a very right wing. So start your fire test mountain with a bit of a docker toe off the last color on this one . Gayla was the last sheep which we used. So I'm going with the green energy. You have that difference off the yellow sky and the cream mountain visible on this one. We used only two shades, which is a dark blue on the light. So I'm going with a light of ocean off the dark blue, which we used then only you get a difference off the light blue sky and the mountain onto the pink win. Now, on this one, I'm gonna use a but dark abortion of the light of being used. So that will be your first layer of the mountain on this one I'm gonna apply directly Orange Mountain because the last shade which we used force yellow So the orange will really stand out to draw the second layer off the mountain. Go with a but DACA color off the first mountain We have painted the 1st 1 We pain to the mountain and I like to green. Now go with a darker green. Always make sure using two distinct clothes for the mountains. Otherwise, the tipped won't be that much of a spoon like on this one. I used a very light mountain for the back row. Now I am drawing a bit Dhaka one wonderful crumbs. So you really can understand the tip that you have got here. If you're using the similar kind of shades, the attempt won't be that possible. Now, on this one, I'm gonna draw a but Darko pink mountain so that you can really see the difference of the one in the background and one of the foreground for the Orangemen. Here I'll go with the Red Mountain for the foreground. 20. Okay, so we have a whole fiddles here, but to Lazov Mountain. Easy, isn't it? Okay, now let's paint the last layer off mountain. I'll see you in the next video 7. Mountain - Final layer: Okay, so we drew our to layer of mountains. Now we're on to the final layer of the mountain. For the final year, I'll be using black. And just like how I did so other ones, I'm gonna draw a mountain with the shape black. Always make sure you're not hiding the at the leaves of mountain. I need to see three differently years off mountain to kind of have that depth on the painting along with the mountain. Now I'm adding some downwards drugs. So this is just like how we did, though a port drugs to have a natural effect to the feather, do the same thing there. You end the mountains along with that, we gonna draw the tip off the feather. I don't know what what is it called to party Lower. But I go like cart. A scientific name. What is Very complicated. So now do the same thing on all the feathers and by bad to be gonna indecision on for the detail in part. I'll see you in the next video 8. Detailing: Okay. Now on to the final step. So I'm gonna use my white Children from Sakura. So I called this three as a combo from a local store. You can go with any of the wide champion you have. It doesn't necessarily need to be sakura. I'm gonna draw a crescent moon on. I'll randomly go here and there and put some dots which will look like the stars. The one I'm using now as number 10 from Sakura. This has got a very poor point and white as highly peak. - Don't worry if you don't have Children, if you have a zero getting fresh and if you have a white paint, you can do the same thing with your zero number brush. The mornings are in place. Now I'm gonna randomly put some dots which will be my stars. - That's to be finished painting feathers 9. Final thoughts: Hello, everyone. I hope you are allowed to my class. I tried my best of wicked simple so that you all can follow. Don't give a try on posted below in our class gallery. I would love to see them. Thank you for watching.