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French for Beginners. The complete Method. Level 1

teacher avatar Peter Hanley, The non-stop SPEAKING Spanish course

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (3h 39m)
    • 1. Introducing LA MÉTHODE

    • 2. Guidelines for following LA MÉTHODE

    • 3. Bonjour!

    • 4. Je voudrais une bière.

    • 5. C'est très bon.

    • 6. C'est important.

    • 7. Je suis désolé.

    • 8. Vous voulez?

    • 9. Vous avez?

    • 10. Je veux.

    • 11. Je suis ici.

    • 12. aujourd'hui

    • 13. Comment allez-vous?

    • 14. Je voudrais savoir.

    • 15. je ne peux pas

    • 16. bon, mauvais

    • 17. une petite bière

    • 18. vous pouvez

    • 19. pas maintenant

    • 20. vous savez

    • 21. vous êtes

    • 22. Ne le faites pas!

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About This Class

About This Class

The complete, non-stop SPEAKING French course: Mastery of the basics for BEGINNERS - in a matter of weeks, not years.


Level 1 of the complete, non-stop SPEAKING French course: Mastery of the basics for BEGINNERS - in a matter of weeks, not years.


Learn basic communicative French with the easy to follow, carefully graded method for complete beginners.

The method allows you to:

► Speak French, non-stop, from the very start.  

► Produce thousands of practical frases for daily use. 

► Painlessly absorb grammar and vocabulary at basic level.  

► Progress without effort, without the need to memorise or "study" in the traditional sense.


"Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn ." (Benjamin Franklin)

LA MÉTHODE will allow you to use and understand basic French in a matter of weeks, without the need for memorisation or lengthy explanations. This is achieved through a carefully designed method that builds up the language in your mind, step by step, until you are able to form relatively complex sentences with ease.

From the very start, you will be forming your own sentences, effortlessly absorbing structures without even realising it. The method guides you through basic French in a motivating and stimulating way.

LA MÉTHODE does not teach you theory, it teaches you to speak French and helps you achieve this in much less time than traditional methods.


In LA MÉTHODE, as in real life, learning is a continuous process, not a series of separate topics. Each new word or structure is preceded by a clear and precise introduction. The process continues as you use the new word in a variety of different contexts. Repeated exposure to new words and structures over time, in a wide variety of situations and associations, means that these are acquired for life.


LA MÉTHODE, level 1, consists of 20 video lessons of spoken French. After every lesson there is a series of written exercises.

We will engage you in a spoken dialogue that requires no pen and paper. Just talk, talk and talk. You won't stop speaking French from start to finish. This is the ideal system for beginners to learn French. 

My goal with LA MÉTHODE is for you to become "hooked" on the method thereby mastering basic French as quickly as humanly possible.

Best of luck! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Hanley

The non-stop SPEAKING Spanish course


Hello, I'm Peter.

After twenty years teaching languages in France, Spain and U.K it quite clear that the traditional methods used by the majority schools and language academies do not produce good results. Most of the students finish their courses with a very poor command of the language and this, at times,  after thousands of hours of study!

As a result, I have created EL MÉTODO, a new and different approach to the teaching of Spanish for beginners that will provide one with a solid base and a practical usage of the language as quickly as is humanly possible, without the need for laborious memorisation or "study " associated with conventional Spanish courses.

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1. Introducing LA MÉTHODE: If you want to master basic French within the next few weeks, you certainly can. But you will need the right method high on Peter, creator of La MITAD. And for 25 years, I've helped tens of thousands of language students using accelerated learning techniques. Now I'd like you to experience the same results. A proven method dramatically reduces the time it takes to get the basics down. By the end of the four levels of this course, in as little as eight weeks from now, you'll have a full understanding on a practical usage of basic French. But what makes such an effective method on white in most language programs fail so miserably? Well, most language courses actually apply no method at all. They overload, frustrate on, demoralize you with long winded explanations, boring lists, tables and tests. And before too long, you'll have given up entirely. Those of you who started a language for years and years at school with little to show for it will know exactly what I mean. Now. A strong method instantly gives you that thrilling sense of rapid progress. It's designed to take full responsibility for your learning, relieving you of all the pressure of trying to memorize it quickly and painlessly constructs a solid foundation using simple building blocks and never allows you to forget them because they constantly repeated on relentlessly recycled in new contexts and combinations. This way, French doesn't just become easy for you to remember, but impossible to forget with Lummi thought you immediately start forming and speaking your own phrases just in life. Learning is a continuous cumulative process, not a series of random, unrelated topics. Are students report feeling energized, triumphant and driven forward by the rapid results. They experience the report craving Mawr and Mawr as they sail through the lessons and levels, soaking up the language with ease with convenient audio lessons. It's easy to fit plummeted into your daily routine, along with my native co presenter Mallya. You can join us wherever you like in a continuous spoken dialogue of thousands of perfectly constructed phrases. By the end of the four levels, you'll be raring to go ready to start exercising your new skills amongst the natives. Now, just to mention that this course is utterly risk free as it comes with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee you can take the free preview of the first sessions, or join us on the other side, where limit God is waiting to get to work on you. 2. Guidelines for following LA MÉTHODE: Hello, everyone on a very warm welcome. Or as they say in France, bienvenue should be Avenue Elementary French course for beginners. I'm Peter. Just repeater on along with my friend. Marignane will be providing the authentic native touch. We both wish you every success on your journey into this most beautiful of languages before jumping in here. The important guidelines for following the method. Firstly, a new word or structure is introduced in the blue Speech bubble prompts you to repeat it out loud, really. Focus on imitating the sounds and don't let the written word throw you off. Whenever the little red bubble pops up, you must produce a phrase in French yourself. There'll be a fairly generous space or gap for you to think and produce your answer. But do feel free to hit Pause whenever you need more time. After you've produced your phrase, I'll provide the correct version, and you should repeat it, comparing with the answer you gave. Mariaan will then give the phrase again, and you should repeat it once more, imitating her beautiful pronunciation to the best of your ability. As soon as you get started, you'll see that the whole procedure is perfectly straightforward and intuitive, and again, if it any point during the process, you feel you need more time to think, or just to get your mouth around a word. Press pores and give yourself a much time as you need. So the key is to take everything at your own pace and not to feel under pressure or stressed at any point. Just before start, Lammy thought. Please read through these general course guidelines, and we'll see in a moment for Lesson one. 3. Bonjour!: way to start is with the greeting. Hello, which in French is bull jewels? Literally Good day board. No rituals. This is used up until about six. In the evening, you'll notice that the pronunciation is born so we don't actually produce. An end has written, but rather the typical French nasal all sound. Oh, this sound is released simultaneously from the mouth and the nose bull. Repeat, please boom bull. You'll also notice that the are of bond rule is very different from an English are. It's produced by very gently passing air over the back of the tongue that's gently touching the top of the throat to produce an extremely light and delicate gargling effect. 1,000,000 please. More tools. Potential way to say it in French, for example, a coffee, a dog, a tree, etcetera is just like with bull. You'll hear that the end is not pronounced in this nasal sound. Oh, up the way to say coffee in French is Calfee Gaffie? How, then would you say a coffee on coffee on Gaffie? The French way to say please is silver play seriously? Literally. This means, if you please, or actually if it pleases you. But Let's just learn it as it is without analyzing it at this stage. Silver play. Seriously. So how do you think we would say a coffee, please? On Cafe Silviu play. Thank f E c rupee. And now try. Hello. A coffee, please. Boo Cafe Silviu Plea push off and catfish rupee in French announce. That's to say things and objects are considered to be the masculine or feminine. Coffee happens to be considered masculine. So we say, Cathy, if a word is considered feminine, we use Eun instead of Yoon in this'll do sound which doesn't actually exist in standard English is produced through pursed lips the same mouth position you'd use for whistling Une you know, the word for beer is one of these feminine words Beer Be a how then do you think we would say a beer? You know, be a India So can you know Try to say hello A beer please Boo. You know, be a see through play potential in DRC Rupee, The's word for on and in French is simply a You can hear that the t at the end of this word is silent. A eight. So then how do you think we would say a coffee and a beer on coffee, you know, be a ankle feet and yeah, And now trying to say hello. A coffee and a beer, please. Bharu on cafe una bse roupoli mortal on caffeine A BSC roupoli a Coca Cola and French is considered masculine for some reason. So we say in Coca Cola, Coca Cola. So can you try to say hello? A Coca Cola, please? Bushels. Coca Cola Si roupoli Peugeot Uncle Kokoro she rupee. And now try to say hello. A coffee and a Coca Cola, please. Boru on Cafe and Coca Cola Si roupoli Usual and caffee and Coca Cola. Si ruutli. And now say hello. A Coca Cola and a beer, please. Born on Coca Cola Una Be a see through play Boudreau, Coca Cola in a BRC rupee. The word for the number two in French is Do do now The vast majority of words in French ending in continents dropped their final continent So the x of do is not pronounced. What we have then is the letter combination. You think sound is close to the neutral English sound, as in about, but with slightly rounded and protruding lips do does. So how then do you think we would say two beers? Do be a do BF And you can hear that the last letter the plural s is also silent. Do be a how do therefore say two coffees Do cafe do Calfee? And how about two coffees and a beer? Do cafe una beer do caffeine? Yeah. So can you now try asking for a coffee and two beers on coffee Doobie air on caffee Duke there. And finally can you say hello? A beer, Two coffees and a Coca Cola, please. You know, be a do Coffee and Coca Cola Silver play Marshall India Do Coffee and Coca Cola, said Rupkey. 4. Je voudrais une bière.: welcome back to limit order. Welcome to listen to and before starting a quick reminder of the procedures and guidelines for following the course and way to say I in French is thing is very similar to the second syllable in the English word. Pleasure, pleasure. The speakers of American English must stay away from the are at the end. So not pleasure but pleasure. Joe is your In the first lesson, we practiced asking for various drinks. So here's a useful formula. Meaning I would like I'd like Judy. Dramatically speaking, this is known as conditional verb form there. Let's not bother analyzing of this stage, but learn it simply as a useful formula for expressing what we want. Basically, in any situation, Judy do try to pronounce a soft French are by likely passing air between the very back of the tongue on the top of the throat. Judy, how, then do you think we would say I would like a beer? You know, be air. You're Budarin? Yes. And now trying to say I would like a beer and a coffee, you know, be a cafe. I would rename very and catfish. And what about I would like a Coca Cola and two coffees, please, Uncle Coca Cola. A do cafe, Silver play, Judo grand Coca Cola. It took at face. He rudely okay, There are. Next word is thank you, which you might already know is messy to say thank you very much. It's messy. Baku Baku. Meaning a lot of very much messy. Baku. So don't let your pronunciation be thrown off by all the letters in Baku. Just like English. French is not always pronounced as it's written. You'll see that the combination of two or even multiple letters produce simple sounds. The combination E a U is always Oh, and close to the English. Oh, in story and O U p at the end of a word is simply do as if you're imitating the monkey. Who? Cool. Cool. Okay, vocal. So how did we say hello? Boo! Mortal. Hello. A coffee and a beer, please. Bushel on cafe. You know, be a silver plate. Usual on cafe. You know, beer, Civil plea. Thank you very much. Messi! Baku! Merci beaucoup. Way to say possible in French. Just like many other French words. It's just the same as the English in all but the pronunciation possible way to say it is or its is. I see. See. So then how do you think we would say it's possible? Se placebo Suppose Siebel Impossible is pacy blue. I'm possible. The letter combination of I am in French is a nasal sound close to the are in man or cat but with some of the sound released through the nose. Ah ah poor CIB to be sure not to close the lips to produce the em but wait for the P to make contact. Placebo. Um, proceed. So how therefore would we say it's impossible? Sit on possible. Sit down, please. Stephen. You'll notice here that we actually articulated the tee off. Say sit down. Possible. Sit down. Possibly. This is because the next word and placebo begins with a vowel, so the two words are kind of linked together. Sit down, placebo. You'll get the hang of this as we move through the course with many, many more examples. Sit on possible. Sit down, please, Stephen. Okay, then to say for me it's cool for me. Boom, war more And for you it's pull full moon. How therefore, would we say it's for me simple, more simple. More. And how about it's for you seppuku. Simple. Now try saying it's possible for me se possible for more simple syrup or more. And now it's impossible for you. Sit on possible Porvoo. See Tom Perceivable on what would be the French for? Ah, coffee for me on Cafe Pumar. Uncaf people more and now try a coffee for me. Onda, Coca Cola for You on Cafe Put More and Coca Cola, Porvoo on Cafe Palmar and Coca Cola up over a Coca Cola for you and a beer for me Uncle Coca Cola. Pull through una beer. Pull more Uncle Kakuta poo poo in a coma. Way to say it's not or it isn't is soon EPA. Knippa. That's it. French usually requires two words to form a negative phrase. These are new, and but they're added either side of the verb in this case, a Sunni. So Knippa. How do you think we would say it's not for you? Soon A pop soon a purple. Okay, it's not for you. It's for me. Say pull more Sunni. Pappu. See Poma. It's possible se placebo, suppose symbol, and I'll try to say it's not possible for you, Schnipper possible Sunni papa syrup over. It's not for me. Thanks, Messi. Sunni problem. What message? And finally, it's not a beer. It's a Coca Cola. Schnipper, you know, be a set on Coca Cola. Soon EPA in a beer sit on Coca Cola. 5. C'est très bon.: Hello and welcome back. Welcome to the third class of La Mitad. Let's jump right back in with our next important word, which in French can be the lure or lack, depending on the gender off the following word. Masculine or feminine, It followed by a masculine noun. It's look and if followed by feminine noun, it's last Lou la Live love. Now we've already practiced a couple of masculine and feminine words using or Yoon. So how do you think we would say the coffee look cafe? Look, a fish? And what about the beer? Libya. Libya. Good not to say it is, we used say so to say is on its own. It's simply a it. Try saying the beer is for me. Libya. April More library. Pull more. Now Have a goat saying the beers for me on the coffee's for you, Libya. A poem or a cafe? A pull through library. Puma. Erica People. We also saw it isn't shown it back. So if you want to say isn't on its own, it's just neighbor Nipper. So try to say the Coca Cola isn't for you, Lou. Coca Cola Naper. Pull through local Corcoran in purple the Coca Cola isn't for you, it's for millions. Look, Coca Cola Nipah poo poo. Support for you, Lou. Coca Cola. Any papo staple? Marium. What about the coffee? Is not for Mario. It's for Peter Look. Cafe Naper. Poor Mario. Support Peter the caffeine. A purple Maria Si popeater. Now try saying I would like a beer, please. You know BFC through play River Drina, their civil plea. And how about I would like two coffees, please? Jude Red Do Cafe. Several play. Who would read a cafe? See roupoli? Way to say Good as we saw before in the word border. Hello. Meaning good day is born Boom. So can you try to say it's good? Say, boom symbol? And what about It's not good or it isn't good. Sunni problem. Sunni problem to save Very. The word is okay. Three. What would be the French for? It's not very good. Should a part table Sunni Patrick Boom. And how about the coffee? Isn't very good. Look, a fake Nipah Tribune Look at any bad trouble. Coca Cola isn't very good for you, Lou, Coca Cola, Naper Tribune, Lou, Coca Cola, Andy Petree Bump. The word important is another word, which is exactly the same in French. In orbit. Pronunciation on port on important. How do you think we would say it's important? Sit on proton, sit on Proton? It's not important. Shouldn't a person portal soon as important? Now try saying it's not important for me. Shouldn't a person put don't pull more soon? A person part more. And what about? It's not very important for you. Juniper trees Ampato, Uvu Senator Patrick Sample. 6. C'est important.: welcome to the fourth lesson of Limited, and here's a quick reminder of the important guidelines to observes. You work through the course. How did we say it's important? Sit on pot, sit down. And how about it's very important. Se trays on proton se trays on proton. Now to ask questions in French. There are several ways of doing so, all of which will be practiced extensively during the course. The very simplest way to former question is merely through intonation, leaving the phrase as it is so with a phrase such as sit on pot on, it's important in order to ask, Is it important? We simply have to apply a questioning tone with the voice rising at the end. So we get, sit on, pop down, Sit down partum. How, then would you ask? Is it good Sable, Siebel and try to ask, Is it for me? Siple. More simple. More. And how do you think you would say, Is it good for you? Se bump simple Who? And try to ask, Is it a beer citrine? A beer sitting of yet Theo? Okay, then word for bad in French is movie movies. Try therefore to say It's bad. Same movie. See movies? Can you say it's very bad? Said three. Movie See time Always it's very bad for you, said to remove a Porvoo c PE movie pool. And how do you think we would say the coffee is very bad? Look Cafe. A tame movie look Cafe time movies Way to say Excuse me either to catch someone's attention or to give a quick apology is bottle. Try to say, Excuse me. I would like a coffee about on June on Cafe Baron. Nausea would round catfish. Excuse me. I would like two coffees and a beer. Do cafe balm. You would redo caffeine. Bia The way to say a glass, as in a glass of water or glass of wine is of air. Are there a glass of wine? Is a very different Val duvan. So here we have the word off. Do and wine event. Ah, there, Devon. Val Duvan. Can you try to say excuse me? A glass of wine, please. Very driven silver play. Belgium on bail develops Yahoo Plea. Now, I'd like you to say the wine is good. Bearing in mind that wine is a masculine word. Live on a boom viable. And how about the wine is very good. Liver a treble. Provide people. I'm not trying to say Excuse me. Two glasses of wine and a beer. Please do Very d'oeuvre. A una beer silver play paddle Do very driven in avfc rupees, Theo. A glass of water is a very do. Who is water? Very do Is a glass off water? Very do are available. I would like a glass of water, please. Their dough silver play you would Really? Where does he roupoli A glass of water for me? And a coffee for you ofher do more and caffee pull through. I've Eraldo Pumar younger people. The way to say a bottle in French is in the boot day. Yeah, in booty You What do you think a bottle of wine would be? You know the day you Devon in booty Devon. And how would you say I would like two bottles of wine, please. Drivel. Do Buday, Devon, See through play driven radio Booty doo Vancil abruptly and I tried to say I would like a bottle of water drivel in boot dough. I have a dream potato and finally have a goat saying the bottle of water is for you. On the bottle of wine is for me LeBoeuf. Dough a poor Jew l A Booty. Devon April more lab potato people. Who L a beauty, Divine Puma. 7. Je suis désolé.: welcome to listen. Five of limit orders. Lesson five of the initial 20 lessons that make up level one on. I do hope you're getting the hang of these crucial elementary building blocks. The foundations for all further progress towards mastery of the French language. Our first word in this session is goodbye which in French is no avoir which translates roughly to until we see each other again over four. How then would we say goodbye and thank you very much avoir a messy Baku Overwatch. Emerson, The way to say I am is just three verse you now If you wanted to say I am important, what would that be? Just reason Poto reversed. She's on portal. The way to say I'm sorry is just three days early, just three days early. The extra optional e at the end of the word there in brackets is the feminine form of the adjective used by girls or women. But the pronunciation is not affected Just three days early to say, but in French is may for me. So then trying to say I'm sorry, but it's not for you. Just three days away, Mr Nipah poo poo. Just read is already missing the pop over. I'm sorry, but it's not possible. Just read easily. May soon A possible Bruce three days earlier. Mr Never possible. I'm sorry, but it's very important for me. Just read is really miss. It is important for more. Just read easily. Miss, it is important for more. And how about I'm sorry, but the wine is very bad. Just read easily. Mel, over a movie Chris Judiciary Miller vied for movies like that is a useful expression that you might have heard before in French bombs. So I'd like you to try to say It's not like that. SinoPac Ahmsa. Sunni back. Um so and now I'm sorry, but it's not like that just three days early. May soon a pack Ahmsa Just read easily. Miss Juniper comes. I'm sorry, but it's not very good for you like that. Just three days early. Mission. A part Tribal poo poo comes up. Just read easily. Mason apart. Trey Bohn poop comes up now the way to say, to speak in French, to speak the infinitive form or in English. The form with to to speak in French is just one word but early Farley and the language of the nationality. French is false. E Fonsi. So putting those two together, How do you think we would say to speak French? Barley? Francie para, leave Halsey. I'm not trying to say I would like to speak French. Jude, Repair IFRC now as we saw before Like that. Is Hamza like you would be Goma. Vou come. So now trying to say I would like to speak French like you. She would report if once they come Theo possessive would My in French is more really try to get that nice nasal French sound Monk, My French isn't very good. More Fonsi Naper Treble move Hostin a part heaven. And what about? I'm sorry, but my French is very bad. Just read easily. Memo for, say, a tree movie Just read is remove Hosea three movies 8. Vous voulez?: Welcome back. Welcome to listen. Six of limit. Our first important word is with which in French is a vic Vic. How would we say I would like to speak French with you? Dr Dre Parle francais, AVIC she would repair if Jose Avigdor The way to say English is on Lee only just like with the wood French fall. See, there's a nasal ized on sound Onley Fonsi This is close to the of bone or more as we saw before, but slightly more Open. Listen to the difference. Oh, repeat please. False e Only I would like you to say I would like to speak English with you. Probably only a big group ribaldry, Polly. Only a big not trying to say I'm sorry, but my English is not very good. Just three days early. Memo Longley. Naper Treble Just read easily me more long lean a part cable You remember the way to say to speak is badly with the e r infinitive ending. If we want to say I speak, we removed the are and we get Pol do you, pal? How therefore would we say I speak English and French? Zhu Pao Longley If we'll see Japan only if Kansi The question do you want is fully. Would it can you trying to say? Do you want to speak? Voula? Parley, Foodie. Polly, do you want to speak with me? Rula? Parlay a bit more foodie. Polly. A bit more. And how about do you want to speak French with me? Voula? Parley Francais, Avik more. Who would be positive for once having more? And now try. Do you want a bottle of wine? Well, you know about a do over boudin Buday duvan. Way to say. I don't speak as always to form the negative. We used little words. No. And to surround the verb. And we get juniper. I don't speak Juna Barrel Juna. Palpa. Try to say I don't speak English. Juniper Albar Only from the Barrel Pound Lee. And how about I don't speak French like Mario Gina, pal, Before go memorial from the pomp of Fonseka Marilyn. And what would the French before? I don't speak English, but I speak French. Juna pal pal Only measure Parle Francais. Jenna palp only measure pal forces and now have a goat saying I'm sorry, but I don't speak French. Just read easily measure Nepal Prophecy Just for dessert. Emission. About half Kansi's. Now the question Do you speak? Is Rupali Rupali? No se. Do you speak English? Probably Only who? Probably only. Excuse me. Do you speak French? But don't really fancy panel Will body foresee to address someone politely as sir is Monsieur Monsieur, you can hear that The pronunciation of this word doesn't follow the way it's written. So it's not Morse you. But monsieur, I miss you. And the way to say madam is Madam Madam, How would we say Excuse me, sir, About almost you. I'll miss you. Excuse me, madam. Hello, madam. Parable my them No. Can you say Excuse me, sir? Do you speak French? About almost. You probably foresee paradigm issue. Will barley foresee? 9. Vous avez?: first new word of lesson seven is a car. You know what? You invite you to ask the question? Do you have it's Mousavi. So how do you think we would ask? Do you have a car? It was a beautiful to you, Mousavian. What you and what about Do you have a beer? Was a view in beer was having deaf. And can you trying to ask? Do you have a glass? It was a very There was a Vietnam vet. Excuse me, madam. Do you want a glass of wine? No, madam. Rule a A very driven Faldo, madam. Who? Food. And they live on now, bearing in mind that vote you're in French is feminine. How do you think we would say the car? Love what to you love? What you No mosque. Do you have the car? Was a real of what you're reserve A that white. True. Do you have the bottle? Who's available is available today. Way to say I have is J J. What would be the French for? I have a car, Jay. You know what? To you, Jeanne. What true And how about I have a car like that? Jane Jane What? Your cancer. I have a glass of wine. Jail Jail. Devon J. R. Very Duvan. I have two bottles of water. J w Tedo do potato Now to say I don't have as usual, we use no and part on either side of the verb. So we get juniper. I don't have juniper juniper. A slight complication to this is that when a verb in the negative is followed by or une known as the indefinite articles, the article or une becomes due. So for example, I don't have a car. Would be June the bud of what to you, June. A part of what you you journey part of what you How do you think we would say I don't have a bottle? June the Bader Booty June a Potter bouquet. I'm sorry, but I don't have a glass. Is your street Disraeli measure in a Padova grocery? Disraeli emission the powder there. I have a beer, but I don't have a glass Jane beer measuring the butter. Very usually India Mission. A Padova. And how about I have a glass, but I don't have a beer. Jail. They're measuring it Better be a John. Very mission a paddle. Jeff Theo Computer in French is an Aldi. Not on that. Would you not? So try to ask. Do you have a computer? Mousavi? On a routine data, I have two computers. Jean Dujardin. That Ah, I usually do is Artie Natto. The word for a telephone is almost identical on telephone until a phone Have a go It saying I have a telephone, but I don't have a computer. J and telephone measured a Pardo de Nata Jayanti defund mission a patina. I don't have a telephone like that. June, a part of telephone comes our Johnny Petitti Fun comes up, and finally, it's not a telephone. It's a computer. Shiny Pesenti refund. Sit on our team Schnipper as Auntie Refund. Sit down or not. 10. Je veux.: we've seen the way to say that is when the following words starts with a vow We use an apostrophe So we have look telephone But lordy natto blue Terry Fun Lord in a tow can you know? Try to say I have the telephone but I don't have the computer Jailer Telephone measure Naples Hadinata Geritol Refund Mission A penalty Not I have the bottle, but I don't have the glass. Jayla Bouquet measure in a part Louviere Jenna Boucher Mission A pad over I want which is likely more direct than I would like I want is Juve. How would one say? I want a computer like that over a Norden Otto Hamza driven ordinator Cancer. I want to speak English. Juve properly only preserver, Probably English. In order to say the negative I don't want as usual, We just surround the verb with Nopa. So we get June over Pa You never epa have a goat saying I'm sorry, but I don't want to speak with you. Just read easily. Measure nerve up A parley Voo, Just three days already Measure Nouveau peppery A big I don't want to call like that June of a part of what you come, sir. She never part of what you're comes up. I don't want to. Coca Cola. I want a beer. Genova Paddock, Coca Cola Over. You know, beer Genova, Pado, Coca Cola, Reverend. Yet I don't want a bottle of water. I want a bottle of wine. You never had a potato. You never potato, potato driven boot. A do over. Okay, Important verb to do is fair. Now the way to say the little word it when it serves as the object of the verb, for example to say it to do it tohave it toe Want it? It is blue. Look, unlike English in French this pronoun luke meaning it comes before the verb. So in order to say to do it in French it's loaf a loof If can you try to say I don't want to do it? Genova, Pa Lu Fei Genova Peru Fair. And how about I don't want to do it with you? You should never loof a big group June of a part of fabric and now ask Do you want to do it room? Would it affect now then to say I have it? You'll need to use an apostrophe. How would we say I have? It is your leg usually to say I don't have it. It's generally lepe junior leaper. I'm sorry, but I don't have it is your street. There's only measure? No Lepe. Just read easily. Missioner Lipa. And how about I'm sorry, sir, but I don't have it. Just three days away, Monsieur Measure, leper. Just read easily. Miss your mission, your Lipper. 11. Je suis ici.: Welcome back to the ninth lesson of la mitad. I do hope you're finding the program fun, interesting and stimulating and above all, productive. So let's jump right back in with the next important word, which is here in French. Here is E C E C. How, then do you think we would say I am here? It's just so easy. See? Just really see, I'm not trying to say I don't have it here. General, EPA, you see generally prices. And what about it's here. Sit D c, Citi Z And can you trying to say I want to do it here? Jovel affair. You see the river affair? The way to say there as in over there is Le la So try to say it's there. Scylla, Scylla. It's not there. It's here. Paula CTC, Sunni Pala City to say, or as in one thing or another for is try to ask the question. Is it here or there? D C Mullah City Sula. Do you want to do it here or there? Full affair. E C Lula Valero Fairy Sula. Is it good or bad? Said Boom movie, Sable movie. Is it a computer or a phone said on telephone were no Dean utter. Sit down to the fun one often. ETA way to say in French is off Halsey off Halsey fancy and in English is on only I'm only how do you think we would say, I want to do it in French Jovel affair reverted fair Kansi. And how would you ask the question? Do you want to do it in French or in English? Vilela Affair off. You're Longley. We would eat Afacan force a womanly. Do you want to do it with the phone or the computer? Volin Loaf, a Avik Lou telephone who have a loading that Ah well, you know, fair. I've recruited. Refund where the cruelty. Netto. I don't want to do it like that. June of Obama affair Gums are June of about a fair comes up. I have it in French, but I want it in English. Usually on francais. Measure liver on only Julian from same issue liver on only Thea Objective Big is gone, and small is booty. 30. What would the French be for? It's very big Se Trigana, sit figel, and now try. It's not very small. Cenepa Trip beauty. Sunni Patrick Beauty And how about the question? Is it big or small? Se gyeong pootie singalong booty? The way to say the big one is quite simple. In French we just say the big So we have Liu Gong, blue girl and in the same way a big one is just uncalled a big uncle Uncle the small one is liberty blue Pretty A small one obviously would be un petit I'm pretty So how do you think we would ask? Do you want the big one or the small one of Ole Logan Lulu Pity Would it go home or a British? The big one is there but the small one is here Liu Gong Ella Maaleh Pootie 80 c Lucroy HLA Mirror pretty 80 c The small one is good but the big one is very bad Pretty a boom Mel ago A time movie Liver table middle going three movie How do you think we would say I want to do it with the big one? Voula Fair Avik Logan Driven affair. Have a crew go home and now I would like to do it with the small one Jude Rain affair Have a clue pretty Reveal the real affair. Have a crew pity's. And how about I would like a coffee, please? Judah and Cafe Silver play dribbled around Calfee, said Rupkey, and referring to the coffee you've just ordered. The waiter might ask, Do you want a big one or a small one? How do you think he or she would ask, Do you want a big One or a small one? Fully and gone? One party, Tiangong one pretty. 12. aujourd'hui: welcome to lessen 10 of limit. Today's first word is today. Usually try to say, I want to do it today is your villa fair? Is your vote so fat? Oh, shoulders. And how about it's not here today? Senate by sea Soon a PC or Georgia? I don't have the car today. What you Georgie, using the power of what your shoulders? And how would you say today I'm here for you? Or jewelry? Just released People Eat Biology is what's known as an e R verb in French. Thes the verbs, which have the common ending E. R. Another word we've seen is barley, and you'll notice that they are is not pronounced a the end of these verbs. So have barley and Margie Mongie. Margie, How do you think we would say, Do you want to eat volley? Mongie. Who would emerge? A. Another common verb is to come, which in French is veneer Vineyard. Unlike Margie on barley, you'll notice that the are off. These ir verbs is pronounced, so just listen again. Veneer vineyard. Try to say, Do you want to come with me? 5 11 year Africa More. We live in your Arabic, more now if we wanted to ask, Do you want to come and eat with me in French? We wouldn't say calm and eat or come and do something but come to do something So we'd be saying, Do you want to come to eat with me? So how do you say that? Do you want to come to eat with me? Veneer? Montreal More would even your more genetic more. And how about do you want to eat here? J. C I M a J C. I don't want to eat there. Jennifer Mozilla Gen of Nausea. Now the verb to go is another e r verb, Ali. Be sure not to pronounce that are Ali Ali. How do you think we would ask? Do you want to go and eat with me? You've really Ali Mongie having more movie at emotion. Arabic more Theo. Question. Would where is who? Identical to the little word, Or but this time with an accident to distinguish it. Who to form a longer question with, For example, where do you want to go? Or perhaps where do you live? We need to add the little formula A school. This is a question formula that literally means, Is it that so? We're literally saying, Where is it that you live? Or where is it that you want to go? So just repeat, please. Where? School Who? A school. So, using this formula, how do you think we would say, Where do you want to go? Wesco! Volley, Alicia! Now try to ask, Where do you want to go? To eat? Whisker Whisk of really Moses. 13. Comment allez-vous?: Welcome back. Welcome to listen 11 of Limited to say this evening It's suit sua suit meaning this and swat meaning evening. You can also use so soir to mean tonight as in the period of time during the night when one is still Arpin active So sua this evening or tonight Su sua So how do you think we would say Where do you want to go to eat this evening or tonight? Whisk of Ruli alimony Wesco Really more j suits. Watch now trying to say it's for this evening Sua simple, So suave And how would you say it's not for today? Soon, soon a pop war shoulders. It's not for you, it's for me, Sunni, Papa said. Put more Cenepa Pota. Simple more. And how would you invite somebody? Do you want to come with me this evening? I believe any more Vinnie Ravic. Mascis. Watt. Remember how to say thank you very much. Merci beaucoup. Merci beaucoup. Now to say I eat We removed our from the infinitive. Monetary on we get June German Book means very much or a lot. How therefore, would we say I eat a lot? Is your book your most book. And likewise. How do you think we would say I speak a lot? Japan will boo boo Giampaolo Baku have dinners. A similar word in French. Dini toe have Dinner is just the one word in French. Dini, try to say, Where do you want to have dinner tonight? Whiskered west coverage initial sua. Where do you want to go today? Wesker? Voglia Lee Who risk of Julia Leo? And how would you invite someone? Do you want to come and have dinner with me tonight? 11 Yardena. A big monster. Sua move. Would even Yardena Vic marks a swat. And how would you say I would like to have dinner here? Red in a sea. Vivid red in a sea. And how about I don't want to have dinner there? Vision of a Bardina June of a pad. Danila, I would like to go and have dinner with you this evening. Javad. Really? Gina. Big juices. Wa Okay, Splendid. Now the greeting Good evening, which is generally used after about six o'clock, is bonsoir. How would we say? Good evening, sir. Good evening, madam. Most well, Monsieur Bowl. Swell, Madam. Most Thomas, You both Some of them. The question. How are you? Is Gaumont Olive? This uses in another form of questioning. But let's not bother analyzing the grammar at this stage. But just learn it as a set phrase. Come on, leave! Come on, Telly. So how would we say good evening? How are you? Bonsoir, Montolivo Commentary! Now try to say hello. Peter, How are you today? Marshall? Peter Montolivo Movil, Peter Commentary Volume, Shoulders And the response Well or fine is beyond Yeah, How would you say? Fine, thanks. BUE messy. Yeah. And what about Very well thinks Tribe. You will see Prib Thomas. And now try. Very well. Thank you very much. Caribbean messy Baku. Very well, thank you very much. And you Tribuna Messy Baku Problem. Merci beaucoup. 14. Je voudrais savoir.: Hello again If you're watching this in the morning or the afternoon bushel on If you're watching in the evening Bonsoir. It's nice to have you back again for this 12th class of limited. The important verb to know in French is savoir. Think of the English words savvy meaning knowledgeable savvy Savoir savoir. So how would we say? I would like to know Savoir Judaize have war now Adding little pronounce it How do we say I would like to know it? Giavotella Savoir Jude trailers have Ah now what would the French be for? I would like to know where it is. Juve Reservoir, you say Rueda Reservoir See now try to say I would like to know where you want to have dinner As you think out some of these longer phrases do take your time by hitting pause and also break them up into segments Basically the little chunks of language As they were presented to you I would like to know where you want to have dinner Reservoir Now try the question Where do you want to have dinner? Whisk of a late dinner whisker Theo Would ISS in French is C C. So how do you think we would say? I would like to know if it's here. Joe Sava. See CTC you would reservoir See CTC. And what about? I would like to know if it's possible. Reservoir si se ProSieben you would raise at work sees a possible. And now I would like to know if it's possible like that. I would like to know if it's possible like that Joe Reservoir. See, Possibly you would always have works He supports Hebrew comes home. I want to know if it's for me or for you. Juice of Works is a Puma. Jurors have works is simple. No poo poo. I would like to know if you want to come with me. Joe Reservoir Seafood. 11 more Joe would raise Sabah civil even you have a more And how would we say? I want to know if you want to do it today. Juve savoir faire Druva sidewalks He Would it affect those shoulders? Now try. I would like to know if you want to speak French like Mario Jude Reservoir Civil rule. Apart from Mario, we would reservoir civil, really paralyzed from second Marium. To say you have as an information is just the same as Do you have a ZA question? How would we state you have? How therefore would we say I want to know if you have the big one? Savoir mousavi drivers have work. She was available. And how about I would like to know if you have the big one or the small one? Joe Reservoir, See was Avella Gong she with race have works. He was a very grown up it. So as we've seen the big one is just look wrong on the small one is Lou pity? How do you think we would say the good one? LeBoeuf Boom. And what about the bad one? New movie? No movie. So then can you ask the question? Do you have the good one or the bad one? Who's available? Blue movie? There's every reboot movie And how can you say I would like to know if you want to have dinner with me? Jude Reservoir Seafood Dinner You would raise I work cheap Moody Genie a bit more I want to know if you speak French. Juve Savoir seafood drivers have won a civil barley fancy. I don't want to know Genova pass avoir June of a possible way to say you don't have as usual, we just surround the verb with new and power. So we get how therefore would be saying you don't have it. Who knew Love EPA winner Love EPA The negative question Don't you have? It requires no change to the phrase in French but simply by adding a questioning intonation A rise of the voice towards the end We get the question Don't you have it from the love iba ? Repeat, please. Vanilla Veba Gonna love Iba. So how do we say, Don't you have the big one? Have it wrong? Never a paragon. Okay. And how about you don't have very much or you don't have a lot. 15. je ne peux pas: hello and delighted to have you back for less in 13 of limited lesson 13. Not bad at all, because if you've managed to make it this far and you've been following our guidelines diligently, you'll inevitably be making great progress and slowly but surely consolidating each step by constant revision and reaffirmation of these crucial basic structures that form the foundations of this lovely French language. So diving straight back in the first word today is because because in French is in fact two words back. Sudoku. How do you think we would say, I don't want to know because it's not important. A vision of a bus avoir prosecution a possum one of the best have worked execution a present bottom and now have a goat saying I would like to know because it's very important for me. Jovel Reservoir past, present Judaize have walk past present, for example. Trump more way to say I can in French is And as you might expect, the way to say I can't is Juniper junior Papa, try to say I can't do it, John. A pople affair, Jennifer para affair and now say I can go with you if you want I can go with you if you want. Je veux dripper area they will civil Woody, I can come with you this evening. Proven food proven food And what would the French be for? I can't go today because I don't have the car vision A pope I Leo Chaudhry Pascoe Juniper Love to you should prepare your jewelry. Pass Christian Ibarra. What? You I can't do it because I don't speak French. Juniper pal Affair Juniper Peru Fare Best questionable prophecy. I'm sorry, but I can't have dinner with you tonight. Just read easily measured Pardini. A big group just read is OD Mission of Papa Tenia Big forces. And how about I couldn't do it very well but I can't do it like that. Joe Pool Affair Trivia mission of Peuple affair comes up Drew Peru for Tribune Mission of Peru for cancer I couldn't do it today If it's important for you Pull affair Jupiter If they're usually very seasick Now ask the question Can I do it for you? Jpoole affair Uvu trooper of Apple How would you ask? Where can I do it? Remember the structure here is Where is it that I couldn't do it us cause you pull affair us guys. You pull affair No like you to ask Can I come with you today? Porvenir! Vu Porvenir! Vu Theo! Next new word is easy in French. Easy is facile. How then would we say it's very easy? Said Try facility Citra Facil Difficult is very similar to the English defence sealer Diffie sealer. Try to say it's not very difficult. Shown a part ready facility. Sunni Patrick Dificil I couldn't do it if it's easy. Pull Affair CC facility Deborah Feyerick is a facile I want to know if it's difficult. Va savoir c C. Difficile Rivers have worked C. C. Difficile The next word is too as in too big, too small, too easy, too difficult. T double o talk. Don't be tempted to Prince the P at the end. Justus in the word book who The final P is silent talk. It's too difficult for me, said toe difficile. Pour more, I said. What if he simple more? Now? How about Is it too easy for you? Cito Facil? Porvoo Sudhoff acid boo Ever got saying I can't do it because it's too difficult. Is your papa low fare Basque Aceto dificil juniper para fair, Pascoe said. Hot dish. It's too big, said Toby Young Sithole. Girl, it's too small for millions. City property. Poor Mario Sithole. Pretty poor Maria. And finally, it's very big, but it's too small for me, said Craig. May say property citric omitted, hoping people more. 16. bon, mauvais: Welcome back. Welcome to another edition of limited class 14 which starts with the pronouns he and she l repeat, please. He'll Ella Ella Now you'll remember. It is as in it is possible. Was sick Sipo Ceiba to say he is And she is. We say l a l e l a l a So how do you think we would say she is here? L a t c l e t c and I'll try. He is French. Really fancy, really fancy in French adjectives, that's to say, describing words such as big, small English, French, old, new etcetera change depending on the gender, masculine or feminine of the now Nothing they describe. So for example, gone describes masculine things or people and gone describes feminine things or people Likewise Pootie would describe a man or a masculine noun and petite would describe a girl, a woman or a feminine noun Suggest for people is gone. Gone, gone gone Pretty petite, pretty pretty. Okay. How do you think we would say she is big Ili gone elegant. He is small, really pretty. The liberties He's big, but she is small. Ilagan May l a petite you take home Mary Bridget. I'm sorry, but she is too big. Just three days away. Meili, toe beyond dress read, is already married. Holcomb. How do you think a woman would say I'm big? But he is small. Is your street dawned? Mail it. Pretty sure it's we gone merely pretty. He's not small. He's big in Nipah, Pootie Ilagan in Nipah, Pootie Ilagan, Theo adjectives Good and bad Bulls and movie. The feminine forms are bone and movies. Notice how the feminine form of bone is no longer a nasal sound, but simply in order with the Dublin actually pronounced bun bull bun boom bun, movie movies, movies, movies. If you're a girl, how do you say I'm good? Is your street bona just ribbon? And what about if you're a boy? How would you say I'm good? Is your Cebull just people trying to say she's good, but he is bad. The Taliban may be Lee movie. Any bun, maybe movie. Then what about? He's good, but she is bad. L a boom maalim Uva's The Day Boom Mary movies. What about The beer is good, but the coffee is bad. La beer, Eben Milica Fi movie. Let the ribbon middle coffee A movie? Okay, she's not bad. She's good. In the palm of EZ l a bona in the palm of EZ l a bona And how do you think we would say she's not English? She's French in the pond Leisure LF francaise in the pond Blaise LF Francaise a small telephone is putting telephone. I'm pretty really fun on a big telephone is our grant telephone Young home. Pity, fun. So how would we say I want a big telephone? Juve on Go on, Telephone driven. Contrary fun. You have a small telephone, but I have a big one. Mousavian. Pretty telephone measure. Wrong reserve amputee Terry. Fun measure Angle. How would we ask, Do you want a small Coca Cola or a big one? Volume? Pretty Coca Cola one. Gong Moody and pretty Coca Cola Wango. And how about the big coffee is familiar on the small. One is for Peter. Look on Cafe, a poor Mario deputy, a popeater, Luke Han Cafe Palmerino Pretty popeater 17. une petite bière: Welcome back. Welcome to listen 15 little by little. Slowly but surely you're advancing towards your goal of mastery of the basics on I'm confident the on addressing your progress on that. Many of these basic words and structures are beginning to sink in. There's still a fair way to go. But if you remain faithful to our program, four levels keep returning to it every day. You will inevitably be successful at acquiring a solid knowledge on a practical usage of all the basic structures of the French language. I've seen it happen many times over the 25 years or so. I've been teaching anyway, going on from what we were practicing in lesson 14 a small beer is, you know, pretty to be a you know, put it to be a onda large beer Uganda Bjerre Uganda Beer. So try to say excuse me, I would like a large beer, please. You know, gonna be a see through play parable through with the rain gone BRC rupee, Do you want to small beer or a large one movil in a pretty beer? Winogrand? We wouldn't put it. They're going home. I would like a large beer on a small coffee, you know? Go on The beer and Petit Cafe Woodring home Jerry and pretty Calfee thieves have in the infinitive form. That's to say the verb with two. We could refer to this as the name of the verb to have is avoir I work. How did we say I want to do it? Juve Lu Fei Travolta ff So now I try to say I want to have it. Juve Lavoie Driver Lavoie I want to have it today. LeVoir Trevor Lavoie Oh, Chaudhry's I want to know if I can have it this evening. I've just noticed there are three rhyming words in that phrase seizure pool of Wa wa Juve's have works usually love works. I want to know where it is. Juve Savoie will say, Don't be tempted to use us school in this case is not a question. It's a statement. I want to know where it is. Juve Savoie. You see Riverside Uasi I would like to have a big car. Juve Andre avoir in a ground of what you Judy have working Convert you theater active fast or quick is vite. It may help to think of vitality or vitamins I need some vitamins. Quick vit heat. How do you think would say it's very fast. Privett se pivot. It's too fast for me, said Torbit. Pumar, sit Horvitz More. Remember the verb to speak in the infinitive form to speak. Probably I would like to speak French with you. Fancy of a group? True three Party Francia. Big. Now the question Do you speak? Do you speak English? Do you speak French? Was Rupali to make this statement on the information you speak? It's just the same without the questioning. Inflection. Barley. So how do you think we would say you speak too fast for me, Rupali? Tove it for more? Well, Barrett, Who of you? Two more. You speak a lot. Bali Bujku! Barry Book. Now you'll remember the verb to go. What was the to go? Ali Ali, How would we say you go? Or indeed you are going usually rosary. And now try saying you're going too fast for me. Usually, Tove it more resided. Hold it for more. How do you think we would say you're going to have dinner? Was that a teeny? So you can see we already have a way of expressing the future. Rosalie. Dina, you're going tohave dinner. How do you think we would say? Therefore you're going to do it this evening. Rosalie Lu Fei, Rosalie Lu Fei. And what about you're going tohave it today. Rosalie Lavoie. Sally Lavoie. I would like to know where you're going to have dinner. Dribbled reservoir over Zerguini. And how would you ask the question? Where you going? Whisk of Rosalie Wesco. Visually and finally. Where are you going to eat today? Who ask of Rosalie Monetary Wesker Was that emotional shoulders? 18. vous pouvez: again another class class number 16 which starts with a reminder reminder of how to say I can, which I'm sure you'll remember is your poop. What do you think the correct French would be for? I can do a lot for you Japan Yakupov Now if we want to say you can, it's a movie Rupe movie. So how, therefore, would we say you can do a lot for me? A group of a fair book group of a favorable Cooper more. And how would you say you can do it of approving Buffet a group of air affair? You can speak English with me if you want. Par Les Anglais of Morsi's Move group of a parody. Only a big, more Savuti. And what would the French be for? You can do it because it's not too difficult of approval affair. Bhaskar. Soon a potato dificil will prevail Affair Pass Christian a part. And how would the French ask, Can you have dinner with me? Prove it, Gina Avik More movie, Ginny. A bit more. No try. Can you speak French with Marion? Please prove it properly. Francais! Avik! Mario! Prove it! Parlophone! Savic! Mario! Theo! Negative! You can't. You cannot Is so I'd like you to say you can't do it because it's impossible You wanna prove Apollo affair? Poskus it on ProSieben gonna prepare affair pasok receive some possible. And how about you can't speak French like Mario of unapproved properly Fonsi, Come Mario, When you put it back probably from second volume Now you'll remember the French for goodbye is ofwar This luxury means until re seeing you Or in other words, until we see each other again. So voir means to see to see voir watch. How would we say? I can't see it? Papa! Lavoie! Juniper Padova Now could you ask the question? Can you see it? Approval of Well, a group of it. Of what? And have a good asking Can you do it for me? We will prevail Affair from one Well Bouvet of helping law. And how about can you come with me? Prove it funny having more a group of even your havoc more not like you to say she is here . L a t c every TC. I want to see if she's here. Juve c l A t c. I want to know if he is good Juve Savoie Seeley Booth, Juve, Sahwas he table way to say the possessive. My in French is either Matt, if you're referring to a feminine object or person or month if you're referring to a masculine object or person. So how do we say my car? What you Matt Virtue and my telephone Montella Phone Monetary Fund Have a good saying Do you want to see my telephone approval? Ivoire Montella Phone. Very warm monetary fund. And how would you say, Can you see my car? Who pouvoir my watch you! And finally can you say my computer is not very good? No, no de Nata Knepper Treble No, no de Nata Knepper treble! 19. pas maintenant: welcome to listen 17 Our first word in this class is now Now in French is Manteno Mantegna It may help to think of the English word maintain or maintenance as little memory aid to maintain the now Manteno Montano Try to say I want to see it now. Is your full of wild meant to know Juve? Revoir Montano. I'm sorry, but I don't have it now. Just read easily. Measure nearly part man to know. Just see Desiree Mission nearly pay Montana! I can't come now is your papa Venero Montano shouldn't Potdevin your Montana And now try to ask Where do you want to go now? Wisc You've really meant to know Wesco Very Montano. And what about I'm here now? Just crazy cement! No, just three D C Mtel, I have my computer, but I don't have my telephone. J Mo Norden Otto Measure Napalm on telephone J Mo Norden Otto Measure Napalm on telephone. And how would you say my car is very good? Malveaux Trio A trombone Malveaux Trio A trombone! Wait! So your as in your car is vote. So how do we say your car is very bad? What? What? You Your a time of is what? What you're a time of is no Have a go asking. Do you have your computer? It was every vote. Hadinata. Was that about holding better? Your car is here now. But what? You 80 cement, You know, But watch your idiocy. Mantle! No to say not now. It's simply by Matt. No fan onto No! So how would we say you can see it? But not now if approval of were made permanent. You know a group of air of our Maple Montano. And similarly how do you think we would say? Not for me. Thank you. But who would want Messi? Couple more mercy, Thea Objective Busy in French is occupant. It may help to think of the English. Word occupied. Occupied? I'm busy. Okay, Ochopee, How would we say I can't do it? Purple Affair Juniper Petro Fair And I'll say I can't do it now because I'm too busy is in a purple affair. Manteno prosecutions She top accupay Juniper para fair Manta Non disclosure should hold for Q P. Can I see your car? Japan voir photo of what? You What? You Not now. I'm busy. Tramontano tramontano. Just the interactive Tired is fatty gay. Think of the English word fatigue, fatigue, a fetching you. So how would we say I'm tired? Just the fatigue? Sure. Three fatty. I'm not tired. June is free buffet E g June a sheep a fatted e. And I'd like you to say I'm not very busy, but I'm tired. Genesis report trees. Okay, Measures free fatty gay Jenna She patrons who keep a measure Chief a TV. She's tired because it's too difficult l a fatty gate pass. Kasit told Difficile Any fatty gate receipts? I can't do it tonight because I'm very tired. Gina Popolo failed juniper para faster, sua And finally, how do you think we would say I'm sorry, but I'm busy now. Just three days early measure sees occupant Montano So she disorder. Make sure she's OK. Appear until now 20. vous savez: welcome once again. Welcome back to limit order where we've reached lesson 18. So only three lessons to go in this the first of four levels that make up, I would say the definitive French course when it comes to acquiring a solid and lasting grasp of the basic structures of the French language as quickly as humanly possible. So on with lesson 18 do you remember the verb to know? How do you say the verb infinitive to know someone? Okay, then the way to say you know, is savvy who savvy. So how do you think we would say, you know a lot for severe boo was Have a boo boo. And now ask the question. Do you know over seven Moussavi, Do you know where it is? Over Soviet will say. We said we will see. And how about Do you know where he is of Mousavi? Really? Mousavi Weedy question. Why is literally for what? So do you think you could ask? Do you know why? Who's have a polka? And how about? Do you know why I don't have it? Bruce? Every precaution. A leper? Who said people question arepa? How did we say you have it. Voula v. Roux Levy. And how about you don't have it. Vanilla Pippa. When you love EPA and they'll say, Why don't you have it? Pacquiao, vanilla, vpon, Pacquiao, vanilla, Pippa And now say, Why don't you have your car today? Pacquiao's in every poverty over to you Oh, Chaudhry book was in every paper photo four to you O Chaudhry I want to know why you don't have it for me. Savoie. Juve's have a Polk Avenue Levy Pop more Theo first conjugation I form of the verb to know is just say I know you say juicy. How then will be say I know a lot is your say boo coo Just a book I know. Why is your say polka? Your staple qua, I know why you want to go. Really? Your support Quevilly How do you think we would say? I don't know Gina Sepah Gina Sipah to try to say I don't know why you can't do it like that . Gin is a pop aqua Luna proving Paal affair comes journalist Chappaqua And finally how would you say? I don't know why you don't have it? I shouldn't say Pop, Aqua, vanilla, Vespa, Genesee Papa qua 21. vous êtes: Welcome back. Welcome to listen. 19 little word that, as in I know that it's possible. I know that it's true. That is good. How do you think we would say I know that it's possible your sacred support civil in English? One might say, I know it's possible, omitting the words that I know it's possible, but the is always required in French juicy goose. A possible you can't say. You say, Say possible. I know that you can do it or I know you can do it. Is your sick of approval affair? You're sick of approval affair. I know you're busy, but it's important is your second visit Occupation may sit on you're sick of Was that took you pay Mrs Tom Pato. Do you know that the little one is very good Cervical? A pretty a treble. We serve a cure. A pretty table. I can see that it's not bad. Pouvoir movie jumper Bacchus and EPA movie. Okay, then I'm sure you remember how to say I am just really way to say you are Is Brouzet Brouzet, How would you say? Therefore you are tired. Who was it? Fatigue? A Was that for TV and have a good asking the question. Are you busy today? Was it occupation? Chaudhry? Was it a crippled Children? How would you ask? Where are you? Who? Esca visit Whisker visit. And what with the French before I know where you are. Did you say was it just Who was it? I'm here. But you are there. Just re zc. May Allah just a sec members. Atallah hotel in French is a Nutella. A motel and the hotel would be low. Tele hotel house is unionism in missile and the house would obviously be Lem ism. Lem ism trying to say the hotel is here. Lo, Tell a T c lo Telerj. Easy. My house is there. Mommy? Zoila? Mommy's on Leela. How would you say I have two houses? You do missile. Is she do amazing now to ask the question. Where is the hotel? It's not quite as you might expect. It's not us. Coup. A hotel? It's simply way low. Tell him. Well, hotel. Now try. Where is the house Willem ism? Well, um ism. But how about where is your house? We've optimism. We've optimism. Where is the computer? We're lording that Ah, well, Audie nutter. Do you know where the hotel is? Be careful here. The word order in French is slightly different. In French. We would be asking, Do you know where is the Hotel Mousavi? Well, hotel. Who said we were little? Do you know where your car is? Savaii with what you savaii with what you I would like to have a big house Have We are in a grand A MSM You would have in condom ism not trying to say my hotel is very small. Mano tell a deputy motel a property. And finally, how would you ask the question? Where is my car? Who am of what you Who am I? What you 22. Ne le faites pas!: Okay. Welcome back. It's the last class of the first level, the end of the beginning, for which I salute to congratulate you for coming this far of us. Many of those who started will have fallen by the wayside. In fact, the vast majority won't have made it to this point. That's just the nature of thes language courses so well done. And I do hope you'll take the decision to keep falling. Limiter, come what may until level form. By which point, you'll have achieved a full understanding and a practical usage of basic French. Remember the French Ferb to do se to say you do? The congregation is Rufete. This is actually an irregular vou ending. As you can see, it doesn't end in ease it a but a silent E s forfeit. If it How do you think we would say you do it rule if it will effect? I'm not trying to say I know that you do it. You're sick of Lafayette. You're sick of roof it. I know that you don't do it. Is your sick of Lafitte Jurcic? Ofunato fit body. And what about I know that you don't do it. A lot is your sick of, you know Lafitte Babu. Just sick of no effect. And now try. I don't know why you don't do it. Usually say Papa. Covina. Lafitte. Jonas is a pop Aquafina Rufete. Theo. Imperative. That's to say a command. The command do It is fit, Lou. And you'll notice the imperative form includes a hyphen before the pronoun fit. Luke fed. Try to say do it with me. Sit, Ludovic. More federal epic more And now try do it quickly. Fit! Love it fed to rivet Do it now, Fiddler man to know fit to remount inal the negative imperative or the negative command Don't do it is New Lafayette Bar and you'll notice in this case, the pronoun comes before the verb new Lafayette bar. No afecta don't do it this evening. None if it buster swat? No, If it passes Wa Don't do it this evening if you're too tired. New Lafayette process wa see Was that to fatigue a note If it passes works. He was at 12. 30. Now the imperative Speak when you order someone to speak is simply barley family. How do you instruct someone? Speak French, please. Charlie Francis roupoli Probably four cc ruby And now try to instruct someone. Don't speak English. No, para Lipa only no, Probably probably trying to say Eat it Modular mojito. And how about don't eat it Newly masipa. No more shaper. Don't eat it if it's too much for you. New elementary PARCC Talk no more J. Pasi said. Hopeful way to say I must indeed I have to is how then would you say I have to do it today ? Dwell affair one of those shoulders I don't know why I have to do it now. Jenna say Papa Quanzhou Dwell Affair Manteno Jenna Sipapu Cuadrado Fairmont to know not trying to say I have to go Judo Ali Jude Ouali A little word to, for example, to go to to go to the beach to go to the shops to is so to go to is Ali Ali. How would you say I have to go to the Hotel Jude Ouali Hotel Gwalia Hotel. Now the correct French pronunciation of Paris, as you probably know is Barry probably How do you think we would say I have to go to Paris ? Judo Ali Apart Jude Wiley, A public